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Excerpt from the previous chapter:

"I am afraid that I will hurt you, Chrissy," Matt replied. "I don't ever want to hurt you."

"Adam told me it hurts the first few times," Chris replied, "but then he said it is awesome!! I want to feel you inside me. I want to be your lover, forever."

Matt promised his little lover that he would put his penis inside the little boy, but only after the adoption was final, and then only after Chris was ready. Matt wished that his eight-inch dick were only the size of Chris's, so that the anal sex would be easy and painless. Wishing would not change the facts that the man was endowed, and the boy was tiny. It would take a long time for Chris to be able to accept the large cock that wanted desperately to poke inside the little boy.

Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 21

Chris and Matt sat on the couch in the family room. They were both nude, and enjoying the feeling of each other's body as they cuddled and kissed. Both of them were erect, and Chris was ready for more intimacy.

Matt was expecting the boy to want more sex, but Chris surprised the man by asking if they could draw another question each. Matt agreed.

Chris grabbed for a question that Matt had written, and read it aloud.

" Tell me about what happened after mommy and daddy died?"

Chris was ready to respond to this question. The boy had asked to draw another question, and Matt realized that the first two questions and answers had not scared the boy away.

Chris spoke softly, as he relived the experience of waking up in the hospital. He told Matt that he was unable to speak, and that his friends from school had visited him with their parents, but he could not even say the word "hello". Some of what Chris said to Matt was a repeat of what Chris had told Matt in answering the first question earlier that day. Chris explained again how much coach Harper had helped him come out of his depression. Chris again expressed that he missed his coach, and wished that he could see John Harper, and thank him for not giving up on him. Chris continued talking about going home with Aunt Mindy, and how bad she had treated him. Chris told about the beatings at school and the times he was sent to bed without dinner by Aunt Mindy. Chris told Matt about the forged receipts that Aunt Mindy created on her computer to get money, especially about the dog that she had claimed she had bought for Chris.

Matt listened to the little boy open up and share the anger and sorrow that he had experienced. Matt made a silent promise that the boy would never feel those emotions again. Matt was very well connected, and Matt knew that he could make one phone call and Aunt Mindy would be dead. Matt had enough spirituality in his life to know that he could never accept responsibility for murder. Matt did not want to do anything that could result in divine intervention in the love he had for the little boy who was pouring out his heart and emotions to Matt. Matt knew that, with Barney's guidance, Matt had paid Mindy McClure off. Matt trusted that evil would be punished without Matt making that phone call.

Chris continued with his description of his problems adapting to different schools. Chris was ashamed when he told Matt how he had used his martial arts skill to beat up other boys. Chris told of all of the events that led the little boy to refuse to speak, and refuse to let anyone touch him. The dialogue continued for over 20 minutes, far longer than the 10 minutes that were allowed, but Matt let the boy vent all of his anger and frustrations. Chris paused, and then continued with a detailed description of the relationship that Chris had with Adam.

Matt listened. He was especially surprised at how Adam had not tried to seduce the little boy, but had protected Chris and helped Chris come out of his shell. Matt finally realized how important Adam was to Chris. Matt thought hard, and then realized that Adam was not an adversary trying to seduce Chris, but was a loving big brother who was truly in love with the little boy, and wanted Chris to be happy. Matt's opinion of Adam had just changed drastically.

The little boy seemed exhausted from reliving his past. He asked Matt if he had any questions about what Chris had just said.

Matt said, "No", smiled at the boy and hugged him, thanking the boy for sharing with him.

Matt reached over and picked out a piece of paper. He read aloud the question that Chris had written.

" Tell me about your family?"

This was going to be hard on Matt. In the many discussions with Bill Martin,Matt's psychiatrist friend, Matt had finally opened up and voiced his deep-seated resentment of his father. Matt had told his father that he was gay, and his father went into a rage. Matt's father demanded that Matt see a psychiatrist, to fix his mental deficiency. Matt told Chris everything, including his desire to please his father by getting married. Matt told Chris how much he loved both of his parents and wanted to please them. Matt told Chris about his physical love with Ron, and the sex that they had shared.

Chris was shocked when he heard that Ron and Matt had been lovers. Some of the intimacy that Chris had seen when the men were together now made sense.

Matt continued telling Chris about his life, his struggles, his successes, and how Bill had finally helped Matt accept the deaths of his parents, and his desire to find a boy to love. Matt continued to explain how he had decided to share his wealth by establishing the Cameron Foundation, and the many gifts the foundation had made to charities, including the Hartland Academy. Matt told Chris that he would trade all of his wealth for true happiness.

The little boy realized that Matt had just told him things so personal, that no one else on earth knew what was really inside Matthew Cameron. Chris hugged Matt and kissed him. It was the only way that the boy could think of to show Matt how much it meant to Chris to have Matt share his life with him.

Matt wanted to end the session, as he felt drained and wanted to go to bed and sleep. Chris knew that they were not only sitting together without clothes, but that they were not hiding anything from each other. Chris wanted to read the last question that Matt had written. Matt refused. Chris insisted. The little boy was in control again, as he wanted to know everything about the man that he was more in love with now than ever before.

Chris grabbed both of the last questions and read them aloud.

" Why do you love me?"

" Tell me why you love me?"

The questions were the same. Matt realized that the boy would not be denied the answer to his question, and that the boy wanted to answer Matt's question too.

"Do I really have to tell you?" Chris asked, as he brushed the hair away from his green eyes.

"I can't tell you how much I love you, Chrissy," Matt said softly. "You are all that I want for the rest of my life. I want you to be happy."

"That's all I wanted to hear," the little boy replied. "Let's go to bed and cuddle."

Matt picked up the little boy, and carried him to Matt's bedroom. Matt laid the little boy on the bed and kissed him. Sex was no longer important, as the they had shared their intimate secrets with each other, and they cuddled and fell asleep, drained by the bonding experience that they had just shared.

Both of the lovers woke up at the same time the next morning. Both of them laughed at the piss boners that they both sported between their legs. Their relationship had achieved a new level, where sexual release was no longer essential for them to prove their love for each other. They laughed and teased each other as they relieved their full bladders at the same time in the toilet, and playfully grabbed each other's penis to aim the flow of urine.

Chris headed for his room to dress, as Matt placed a call for a special limousine to take them to pick up Adam. Matt owned the limousine service, so Matt could ask for any limo he desired. Matt decided to surprise Chris as he selected the vehicle he wanted to pick up them up and take them for breakfast at the Coney Island, and then take them to pick up Adam.

Chris was thrilled as the stretch limo arrived at the front of his new home. The limo was a modified 1957 Chevrolet Nomad station wagon that looked almost identical to the Nomad in the garage adjoining his new home. Instead of being white, like the stretch limo that had picked Chris up at the academy, this limo was turquoise and white. The interior was all leather that matched the interior of the vintage Nomad that Matt owned.

Chris loved this limo and begged Matt to use it every time that they needed a special ride. The limo dropped Chris and Matt off at the Coney Island, and they walked inside as several people remarked how beautiful the limo was. Chris was met by the beaming face of Helen, who opened her arms for a hug from her little friend. Chris jumped into Helen's arms and gave her a big hug and kiss. Helen beamed at the other waitresses, and told them, "this is my little friend, Chrissy."

The service was exceptional, as Chris and Matt ate their breakfast. Helen told Matt and Chris that today was her last day at the Coney Island, as she had been offered a fantastic new job with a catering company. Helen was bubbling over as she told them how she had been shocked by the huge increase in her pay for working for the catering company. Helen did not know that Matt owned the catering company and had told the manager how efficient and pleasant Helen had been. The manager knew that Helen would be a favorite for the many special dinners that Matthew Cameron booked, and had hired Helen immediately.

Matt had left a $100 tip for Helen, as Matt and Chris got into the limo to go to pick up Adam. It was a short trip, but Chris managed to push every button on the control panel in the limo, and had chatted with the driver repeatedly. The driver loved the sound of the little voice, and indulged the boy by describing everything that they passed as they traveled to pick up Chris's big brother.

The limo pulled in front of the address for Adam's modest home in Brighton, Michigan. Adam was waiting on the porch, unaffected by the cold of the winter day. Chris jumped out of the limo before the driver could even open the door for him, and Chris flew to hug his big brother. The two boys embraced, as the driver let Matt out of the limo to walk to the two boys hugging and giggling in the driveway.

Adam looked toward Matt and extended his right arm for a handshake. Matt pushed the arm aside, and hugged the boy, and told him how much he loved him. Adam was shocked, as he had expected Matt to hate him for the words Adam had said to Matt on the phone. Adam returned the hug, as Chris watched, pleased that the two people that he loved the most were friends.

"You guys better get a room!!" Chris exclaimed, mimicking the words that he had heard Adam say when Chris and Matt had hugged at the academy.

They all laughed, as Adam grabbed both Matt's and Chris's hands to go into his home and meet his parents and sister. Matt talked to the parents, as Adam dragged Chris to see his room and the gifts he had received for Christmas. Matt accepted a cup of coffee, as he waited for the two "brothers" to return. Matt chatted with Adam's parents, but the little sister of Adam's left the living room, obviously pissed that her brother was going to ride in the fancy limo.

The two boys finally returned to the living room and good-byes were exchanged. The trio left Adam's home and got into the limo, where Chris was bubbling over telling Adam all of the features of the unusual vehicle.

"Where's the champagne?" Chris asked. Chris did not really expect Matt to provide champagne, but the boy wanted Adam to be treated special.

Chris was shocked, when Matt opened the small refrigerator, pulled out a bottle of champagne, and popped the top open. The boys giggled with excitement, as Matt poured small amounts of the champagne into three glasses. Matt told the boys not to drink until Matt made a toast. The boys held their glasses and giggled, as Matt spoke.

"Here's to a special boy named Adam," Matt began. "If it weren't for Adam, Chris would not have been protected from harm at the academy. If it weren't for Adam, Chris would not have learned to speak freely and let people touch him. If it weren't for Adam, Chris would have never been singing in the pageant, and I would have never met the little boy that I am in love with. Adam, I raise my glass to you, and want you to know how much I appreciate what you did, and I want you to know that I love you."

Matt clinked his glass against the glasses of Chris and Adam, and they all took a drink. The boys giggled and chatted. Adam kept looking at Matt's eyes, and smiled at Matt as the teen boy realized that he and Matt had become real friends.

From the time that the limo entered the long driveway, Chris was chattering constantly about all of the decorations on the outside of the house, and tried to tell Adam all about what was inside. Adam was very impressed.

The limo let the trio off at the front door, and Matt unlocked the door quickly as two boys pushed past him to run into the house. Chris yelled for Adam to bring his gym bag and follow Chris to "their room".

When Adam heard the words "their room" he stopped and looked at Matt with a questioning look. Matt just nodded, and Adam's eyes lit up. Adam ran to catch up with Chris, and Matt decided to make some phone calls, and let the boys have fun alone. Matt headed for his home office and smiled as he heard two young voices laughing and giggling. Matt did not want to eavesdrop on the boys, but Matt heard several excited comments like "fucking awesome!!, "Holy shit!! and "you lucky little prick!!"

When the loud voices of the boys hushed, Matt guessed that the boys were either talking about sex or were actually doing it. Matt paused in the hallway, straining his ears for any sounds from the two boys. Matt felt a pang of jealousy run through his body, and he tried to shake it off. Matt had told Chris that he and Adam could "do stuff" but Matt really wanted to be included with either one or both of the boys. Matt knew that Adam had been fucked and liked it. Matt wondered if he would ever get a chance to fuck Adam or Chris or both of them.

In Chris's room, the talk had turned to sex, just as Matt had thought. Adam asked Chris what he and Matt had done. At first, Adam was shocked that his little brother had experienced so much in just a few days with Matt, and Adam begged to hear all of the details.

"We kiss with our tongues, we suck dicks, and do some other stuff too," Chris whispered. Chris was giggling, as Adam demanded to hear everything.

Adam asked a ton of questions. The more that Adam heard, the harder Adam's dick got. When Adam heard about Chris eating Matt's cum, and then heard about Matt licking Chris's butt hole, Adam was ready to cum in his pants. Chris saw the bulge in Adam's pants and started giggling. Chris was hard as a rock too, and Chris decided it was time for the two brothers to take care of each other. Chris pushed Adam back on the bed, and jumped on Adam's stomach. Chris wasted no time in giving Adam a very erotic French kiss.

"God, Chris!," Adam exclaimed, as he broke off the kiss. "What if Matt catches us?"

"He said we could do it," Chris told Adam. "He said we could do stuff."

Chris moved so that he was lying next to Adam. The two boys locked their lips together and used their tongues to probe each other's mouth. Chris was unzipping Adam's pants, and Adam was unzipping Chris's. Adam had dreamed about doing this with his little brother, and his dream was coming true. Chris grabbed Adam's cock and pulled it out of Adam's boxers. Chris's mouth quickly covered the head of Adam's cock and took as much of the 6 1/2 inches of teen dick as he could into his small mouth. Adam looked down and saw the blonde head bobbing up and down on his throbbing cock. Adam was so horny, that he lasted only a few minutes, before he knew he was going to cum.

"Chris!" Adam said urgently. "You better stop. I'm gonna cum."

Chris ignored the warning and intensified his oral activities on his big brother's cock. Adam groaned, as his cock shot several volleys of warm cum into Chris's mouth. Chris never wasted a drop, as he swallowed Adam's cum for the very first time. Chris sensed when Adam was done shooting, and Chris got up off the bed and quickly pulled down his pants and white briefs. Chris got back on the bed, and Adam dove for the slender erection of his friend. Adam was in heaven, as he brought Chris to a shuddering, shrieking orgasm. The familiar sound of his little boy reaching orgasm reached Matt's ears. Matt turned and walked to his office, knowing that the two boys would be spending a lot of quality time with their dicks during the next few days.

Matt sat at his desk and picked up the phone. The interrupted dial tone signaled that there were messages waiting for him. Matt pushed the button to call the answering service to retrieve the messages, as Matt heard two boys running down the hall. Chris was obviously going to give Adam the grand tour. Matt called to the two boys, and they ran into his office.

"Mrs. Wroblewski is probably here now," Matt told the boys. "So you have to clean up your language. And, next time, put a pillow over Chris's mouth!!"

Both boys giggled. The both knew that Matt had heard them having sex. They were not embarrassed, as they left the office and ran back down the hall. Anna Wroblewski, the housekeeper entered the office with a fresh cup of coffee for Matt. "They sure are cute and full of energy" she remarked to Matt.

Matt nodded, and thanked Anna for the coffee, and told her to eliminate cabbage from her shopping list and to plan for two huge appetites for the next few days. Anna smiled at Matt. Anna loved to cook, and having two hungry boys would be fun for her to feed.

The first message was from Barney. He had called before Anna arrived at the house, or she would have answered the phone and written down the message. Barney sounded strange, and his voice urgently asked Matt to call him immediately. Matt decided to click on the private line in his office that Matt used for confidential calls. He hit the speed dial and called Barney.

Barney's phone didn't complete the first ring before Barney had seen the caller ID and knew it was Matt returning his call.

"Matt," Barney said, "I hope you are alone and sitting down."

Something was really wrong. Fear rushed through Matt's mind, as he was afraid there was some legal problem with the adoption. Barney quickly felt Matt's fear.

Matt did not know that two young boys had tiptoed up the hall to eavesdrop on Matt's phone call. They were standing just outside the door to Matt's office as Matt's call began.