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Excerpt from the previous chapter:

Barney's phone didn't complete the first ring before Barney had seen the caller ID and knew it was Matt returning his call.
"Matt," Barney said, "I hope you are alone and sitting down."

Something was really wrong. Fear rushed through Matt's mind, as he was afraid there was some legal problem with the adoption. Matt's fear was quickly felt by Barney.

Matt did not know that two young boys had tiptoed up the hall to eavesdrop on Matt's phone call. They were standing just outside the door to Matt's office as Matt's call began.

Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 22

Barney was talking very fast as he gave Matt the important news. "Mindy McClure is dead!!", Barney said.

Matt was shocked. "Mindy's dead?" Matt repeated, questioning Barney.

Barney told Matt as much as Barney knew about Mindy McClure being found dead in her home on Christmas Day. Barney had pulled a lot of strings to find out a great deal about what had happened to the nasty bitch who had made life miserable for the little boy named Christopher Robinson.

"It looks like she was trying to leave town on a trip and someone didn't want her to leave," Barney told Matt. "When they found her, she had been pistol whipped and shot several times. The house had been ransacked, and a bunch of traveler's checks were taken. One of the guys tried to cash one of the traveler's checks and was arrested. He is a thug who works as an enforcer for a loan shark. I bet the bitch was trying to run away without paying the loan sharks what she owed them."

The two boys froze in the hallway, as they heard several key words from Matt's side of the conversation. Chris had distinctly heard Mindy, dead, murdered and loan sharks. Adam turned to hug Chris, as they continued to listen. Chris heard Matt talking about giving Mindy $200,000 to give up legal guardianship, and Chris's little mind raced.

"He bought me!" Chris wailed. "He bought me!"

Chris pushed Adam away, and Chris ran into Matt's office. Chris was screaming at Matt.

"You bought me!! YOU FUCKING BOUGHT ME!!!!" Chris's voice was crackling with emotion as he continued screaming at Matt. "NOW YOU OWN ME, JUST LIKE ANOTHER ONE OF YOUR FUCKING CARS!!!"

Matt dropped the phone. His face drained as he realized that Chris and Adam had heard his side of the conversation with Barney. Matt tried to reason with the little boy, but Chris's temper was frightening to Matt. Chris spun around in the office and grabbed a priceless Ming vase. Chris threw the vase at Matt, but missed. The vase shattered against the wall.

"I thought you loved me!!" Chris sobbed. "I fucking hate you!!!"

Chris ran out of the office, screaming, as he ran to his room with Adam following closely behind. Matt picked up the phone and told Barney that he would call him back later. Barney had heard the screaming, and knew that Chris was furious with Matt. Anna Wroblewski had heard the screaming and had come to investigate, just as Chris and Adam ran out of the office. Matt walked past Anna and headed for Chris's room.

The door was open. Chris was sobbing into his pillow, with Adam stroking the boy's back to try to calm Chris down. Tears were running down Matt's face as he tried to talk to Chris.

"Get the fuck out of here!!" Chris sobbed. "I want to go back to the academy. I don't ever want to see you again!!!"

The words were like a knife that cut Matt's heart into pieces. Matt had to explain what Matt and Barney had done to free Chris from Mindy McClure, but Chris would not listen, and kept screaming for Matt to get out. Matt decided to say what he wanted to say to Chris, even if the boy wouldn't listen.

"I didn't BUY YOU, Chrissy," Matt yelled. "Mindy was stealing from your trust fund. She would never let you go as long as she could steal from you. She was a nasty bitch. I love you, and wanted you to be free from her, even if we were not going to be lovers. I BOUGHT MINDY McCLURE, NOT CHRISTOPHER ROBINSON !!!!"

Chris refused to talk anymore. Matt had said what he wanted to say, and Matt turned, left Chris's room, and closed the door. Anna was waiting in the hallway. She came up and hugged Matt and tried to comfort him. Matt had very few secrets from Anna. She knew Matt was gay, and she accepted Matt, just like Anna had accepted the youngest of her four sons who was also gay. Matt sobbed into the shoulder of the housekeeper that had been a mother figure for him.

Chris had finally stopped sobbing. He got up off his bed, and put on his Nike tennis shoes. The little boy grabbed a gym bag and stuffed his favorite toy, the stuffed golden puppy inside the bag along with some clothes.

"Get me out of here!!", Chris told Adam. "Take me to your house, or back to the academy. I don't belong here!!"

Chris's words echoed in the hallway. Matt was sobbing as he realized that he had lost the boy he loved. Matt could not live without the little boy. If Chris left, Matt would blow his brains out with the pistol he kept in his desk. All of the love he had for the boy was being rejected. Matt was ready to collapse.

Inside Chris's room, Adam took over. Adam stood in front of the closed door and refused to let Chris out of the room.

"You're not going anywhere," Adam said forcefully. "You didn't even listen to Matt. He told you the truth, and you fucking didn't even listen."

Chris held his gym bag and tried to get Adam away from the door. Adam stood his ground. Chris backed up and ran forward, smashing Adam against the door. Chris was screaming cuss words at Adam. Adam drew back his right hand and slapped Chris hard across the face. The impact of the slap sent the little boy crashing to the floor. Matt heard the slap and was ready to barge into the room to protect Chris when Anna's arms grabbed him and held him back.

"Let the boys work this out," she said to Matt. "Trust me. They might fight like my sons did, but they will work it out. Trust me", she repeated.

Matt was helpless, and decided to do as Anna had suggested.

Chris touched his cheek and screamed at Adam, "You fucking hit me!! You never hit me before. You are on his side. I hate you too!!!"

"Yes," Adam answered. "I am on Matt's side, because he is fucking right!!! You are acting like a little spoiled brat. I am ashamed of you. When you act like this, I don't want you for a little brother anymore."

"FUCK YOU!!!!!" Chris screamed at Adam. "I'll fucking leave by myself!!!"

"If you touch that doorknob," Adam said forcefully, "I'll break your fucking arm. If you try to run away from the best home you could ever have, I will break your fucking legs."

Chris was seething with anger. He looked for something to use as a weapon against Adam, who no longer wanted to be his big brother. Even with his martial arts training, Chris knew that Adam was a foot taller, much stronger, and could pound Chris into mud.

"Now," Adam began, "If you want to remain my little brother, you will sit on that fucking bed, shut your fucking mouth, and listen to me."

Chris was still livid, but he took a deep breath and sat down hard on his bed. Adam took a deep breath, and walked closer to Chris.

"Aunt Mindy was a bitch," Adam began. "You told me how she hit you. How she didn't give you food or money. She was stealing from what your parents left for you. It was their last gift to their only son, and she stole from them and you. She didn't care if you were happy, she only wanted your fucking money."


Chris didn't want to admit it, but Adam was right. The only time Chris had clean clothes was when the social worker was going to visit. Chris remembered the days of hunger, when his lunch money had been stolen. He remembered the beatings at school, and being sent to bed without dinner. Chris remembered being left alone with no food in the house while Aunt Mindy went out drinking or gambling. She would always come home drunk and hit him and cuss at him for not having the house clean.

"Matt is your salvation," Adam said. "He rescued you from her, and from life at the academy. He brought you here and showed you what real love feels like, and now you have hurt him. I am pissed at you for hurting Matt. If I were Matt, I would throw your fucking ungrateful ass out in the snow and let you fucking freeze to death."

Chris started sobbing again as the words sank in. Adam was right. Matt was right. Chris was wrong. To the little boy, his life just fell apart, and he sobbed in agony. Adam knew that Chris now understood what had really happened to rescue him from Mindy. Adam sat on the bed and put his arm around Chris and pulled the little boy to his shoulder. Chris and Adam both cried as they held each other.

In the hallway, Anna and Matt had heard the screaming and threats in the bedroom. Anna told Matt to leave the boys alone, and go have a drink at the bar in the family room. Matt said nothing as he took Anna's advice again. Matt sat in the family room by the Christmas tree, and looked at all of the gifts that Chris had unwrapped, but left under the tree until he decided to play with them. Matt was afraid he would hear the front door open and close as his little boy would walk out of his life.

Chris was calming down. He realized that he had said some horrible things to Matt. Chris felt helpless and alone, even though Adam was still there, holding and rocking him on the bed.

"I have to leave," Chris said softly. "I hurt him real bad. He hates me now. I don't belong here. He is too good for me."

"The only place you are going," Adam said forcefully, "is to find Matt. You are going to apologize, and beg him to forgive you. You are not going to leave the man you love. Matt is the man that you said you dreamed about. The dream has come true, and I won't let you fuck this up."

"He hates me," Chris cried softly. "I know he hates me."

"For a little genius, you are a really dumb fucker," Adam said. "If Matt really loves you like I think he does, he will forgive you, and want you to stay with him forever."

Adam paused to let the words sink into the mind of his little brother. Adam had to reach inside Chris's mind to convince the boy to try to patch things up with Matt.

"Remember when you told me about your football coach?" Adam questioned softly. "Remember how he told you that you had to fight to live??? It is time for you to fight for Matt's love."

"Will you go with me to see Matt?" Chris pleaded.

"No" Adam replied. "You have to do this one by yourself. I bet right now that Matt is wishing that he were dead. He loves you so much that he is kicking his own ass for doing something wrong. Matt only loved you. I think he still loves you. You have to go and find out if you two can work this out. If you talk to him and things don't work out, I promise to take you home with me and back to the academy after the holidays."

Chris hugged and kissed Adam, and walked out of his room to find Matt.