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Excerpt from the previous chapter:

"Remember when you told me about your football coach?" Adam said softly. "Remember how he told you that you had to fight to live??? It is time for you to fight for Matt's love."

"Will you go with me to see Matt?" Chris pleaded.

"No" Adam replied. "You have to do this one by yourself. I bet right now that Matt is wishing that he were dead. He loves you so much that he is kicking his own ass for doing something wrong. Matt only loved you. I think he still loves you. You have to go and find out if you two can work this out. If you talk to him and things don't work out, I promise that I will take you home with me and back to the academy after the holidays."

Chris hugged and kissed Adam, and walked out of his room to find Matt.

Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 23

Chris walked quietly through the house looking for Matt. The office was empty. Chris saw the shattered vase on the floor. He turned to walk down the hallway. Chris stopped in the kitchen where Anna was cooking a meal that the little boy might never eat. Anna saw Chris and came up and hugged him.

"I don't think we have formally met," she said. "Please call me Anna. Can I get you something to snack on before lunch is ready?"

"I need to talk to Matt," Chris replied softly. "If he will talk to me."

"I have worked for Matt for a long time," Anna said. "I know there were some nasty words said between you and Matt, but I know that he loves you and wants you to be happy. Let me give you some advice. If you really love Matt and want to stay here with him, walk up to him; give him a hug and a kiss before you say a word. A hug and a kiss say a lot more than words can. Just hold him for a few minutes before you say anything, and I know things will work out just fine. Trust me."

Adam had followed Chris down the hall into the kitchen area, carrying the gym bag that Chris had packed. Adam stood back and heard what Anna had told Chris. Adam knew that this elderly lady was very smart. She had given Chris some excellent advice. Chris turned and saw Adam standing in the kitchen.

"This is Adam," Chris said softly to Anna. "He is my big brother, and best friend in the world. Adam, this is Anna, my newest friend."

"Hi Adam," Anna said cheerfully. "Are you hungry?"

Adam was always hungry. Before he accepted a snack from Anna, Adam pushed Chris out of the kitchen, and told Chris to go find Matt. Chris hung his head and walked toward the family room, where he both hoped and feared that he would find Matt.

Matt was sitting on the leather couch sipping a drink of scotch and water. It had been an empty bottle of scotch that Matt had smashed on the bar, cutting his right hand. Matt set the drink down on the end table, and looked at the scars and stitches on his wrist and hand. Matt silently wished that he had died that night instead of feeling the grief that now wracked his body. Matt looked up and saw a little golden haired boy looking at him. Chris's eyes quickly looked down at the plush carpet. The little boy was shaking. Matt did not move. Matt was afraid that he would scare Chris into running away from him and from the love that was still burning inside Matt's heart for the boy.

Chris very slowly walked closer to Matt. The boy was still looking down to avoid eye contact with Matt. When Chris was finally standing right in front of Matt, the boy trembled. Chris slowly lifted his eyes to see Matt's face and Chris opened his little arms and held them out to Matt. Matt choked back tears and opened his arms toward Chris. Chris leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Matt's neck, as Matt pulled the boy to him. Chris squeezed Matt harder than he had ever squeezed him before, as the little boy sobbed. Chris felt Matt hugging him back, and the little boy pulled back far enough to kiss Matt repeatedly all over Matt's face.

"Oh, Chrissy," Matt sobbed, "I love you so much!!"

The words of advice that Anna had given Chris had worked. Chris waited and tried to speak, but his voice croaked. The words would not come out. Chris kept trying to speak, but his emotions were so strong that the boy struggled to even moan. Matt realized that the boy was in shock, and Matt covered Chris's mouth with his hand, and told the boy not to speak.

Chris just held onto Matt and sobbed. Matt did the talking for both of them. Matt told Chris how much he loved him, and how Matt had learned about Mindy McClure and how she had treated Chris. He told Chris that Mindy needed money to pay the loan sharks, and that she was in trouble with the trust fund administrator for submitting false receipts to get money from the trust fund. He told Chris that the only way to get Mindy away from Chris was to buy her. He repeated that fact for emphasis; Matt had bought Mindy. Matt told Chris that he would do anything to protect the boy, and would take Chris back to the academy if that is what Chris really wanted. Matt told the boy that he would always love him, even if they parted. Matt told him that Chris's room would always be there for him to return if he left.

"I'm so sorry," Chris began, as his little voice had finally returned. "I hurt you. I said terrible things to you. I'll go back to the academy with Adam. I can never stay here after what I said to you."

"It was our first argument," Matt said softly. "We have to learn to talk and listen before we lose control again. I want you to stay here and become my son, but if you have to leave me, I will be heartbroken, but I will let you go."

Chris sobbed, and begged Matt to forgive him. Matt hugged the boy, and asked Chris to forgive him.

"What did you do wrong?" Chris asked.

"I never told you the truth about why Mindy signed off as your legal guardian," Matt replied. "I should have told you everything, but I didn't."

"Will you forgive me?" the little boy pleaded softly.

"I will forgive you, if you forgive me," Matt replied.

"I love you Matt," Chris said as he hugged Matt tightly. "I want to be your son. I want to live here with you and make love to you every day for the rest of my life."

"Let's just say that we have both forgiven each other," Matt said. "And let's both promise to learn from today, and never hurt each other again."

"I promise," Chris replied softly.

"I promise, too," Matt said.

The tension was broken. Matt and Chris were back together as lovers, and they hugged and kissed on the couch until Adam entered the family room. Adam saw the two on the couch hugging and kissing and knew that sanity had been restored. Adam was a real tease, as he walked up to the couch holding Chris's gym bag.

"You got a choice, little brother," Adam said as he tossed the gym bag at Chris. "Either you take this gym bag and we walk out that door, or you take your man to the bedroom and suck his brains out!!"

Everyone laughed as Adam's joke. Chris and Matt looked at each other and both laughed at the choices they had been given by Adam. Matt tickled Chris until Chris was a helpless little blob on the couch. Matt stood up, threw the little boy on his shoulder, and headed for Matt's bedroom. Chris was giggling, and Adam was laughing.

"Hey, Mrs. Ski," Adam shouted, giving Anna Wroblewski a new nickname. "You better hold that lunch while the two lover birds go eat something special!!"

Matt dumped the little boy on the round bed. Chris did not expect what Matt said next.

"You have to be punished for breaking that vase," Matt said very seriously. Take off all of your clothes and lay on your tummy."

Chris was scared. Matt had never hit him before. Chris remembered how much it hurt the few times he had been spanked at the academy, and how embarrassed he had been. The little boy got up and undressed.

"The socks too," Matt said.

Chris removed his socks and stood in front of Matt. Chris's hands hid his genitals from Matt's view.

"Get on the bed," Matt ordered.

"How many?" Chris asked, wanting to know how many swats he was going to get from Matt.

"50," was the reply.

"50!!!!!," Chris said fearfully. The most swats he had ever heard any boy getting at the academy was 25.

"Make that 60," Matt answered. "Spread your legs apart."

Chris was afraid that Matt was going to try to spank him on his balls or right on his anus. The little boy did not want to protest and end up with 70 swats instead of 60. Chris knew that 60 swats would tear him apart. The boy lay on his tummy, and spread his legs apart as he had been instructed. Chris felt the waterbed move, as Matt got between Chris's legs. Chris felt Matt's hands on the cheeks of his little bubble butt. The hands pulled the cheeks apart. Chris buried his head in his pillow, bracing himself for the first of the 60 swats. The waterbed moved again.

Suddenly Chris felt it!! It was a strange feeling that he did not expect. It was a tongue!!! The tongue swiped from the bottom of the little boy's scrotum up to the puckered ring of the virgin anus. The tongue licked around the ring and tried to enter the tight confines of the little boy. Chris's emotions soared, as he realized that Matt was not going to spank him, Matt was rimming him!!!

Chris moaned as the sensations flowed through his body. Matt left the tiny anus, and licked the entire crack of the boy's ass and continued tracing the boy's spine all the way up to Chris's neck.

"That's ONE," Matt announced.

Chris giggled. Matt had really had the boy worried, but now Chris was squealing as Matt started at Chris's toes, licking the boy's left foot and taking all of the toes into Matt's mouth. It really tickled. Matt left Chris's foot and licked up the boy's left leg to the area that Matt loved the most on the tongue trip, Chris's anus. Again the tongue licked and probed, working it's way up Chris's spine to his neck.

"That's TWO," Matt counted out loud.

Matt repeated the previous trip with his tongue, this time starting with Chris's right foot and leg. By the time Matt got to Chris's neck and said "That's THREE," Chris flipped over on his back.

"SUCK ME!!!," the little boy screamed. "I gotta cum, right now!!!"

Matt laughed at the energetic demands of the little boy, and quickly swallowed the 3 1/2 inch cock into his mouth. Matt used his lips to push back the tiny foreskin, and licked and sucked the boy's slender shaft, concentrating on the exposed head of the little dick. Chris was very close to orgasm. When Matt's finger entered the boy's saliva slickened anus, and pushed against the immature prostate gland, the boy went into orbit. The boy screamed and his body lifted off of the bed in a frenzied dry orgasm. The body suddenly went limp, as the small boy passed out for the second time since he had come to stay with Matt.

Matt held his little lover until Chris regained consciousness. The little boy's green eyes twitched and then opened. Chris looked into the eyes of the man who loved him and had forgiven him for the nasty things he had said. Chris leaned over and kissed Matt softly.

"That was awesome," the boy struggled to say. "I really thought you were going to spank me."

"I told you that I would never hurt you," Matt said. "You didn't trust me."

Matt quickly flipped the boy over on his tummy. "Let's see," Matt said. "I think this next one is FOUR !!!"

Chris quickly rolled over onto his back, begging Matt not to lick him again. The boy was still shaking from the effects of the orgasm, and Chris knew he could not take more licking right now.

"No more," Chris pleaded. "Please, Matt, NO MORE!!!!"

Matt laughed and reminded Chris that Matt owed Chris 57 more licks. Chris giggled and told Matt to give them all to Adam. Matt paused, and thought about the idea of licking and fucking Adam. Adam was cute too, and already had been fucked by John Eldridge. It sounded very appealing to Matt.