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Excerpt from the previous chapter:

Chris quickly rolled over onto his back, begging Matt not to lick him again. The boy was still shaking from the effects of the orgasm, and Chris knew he could not take more licking right now.

"No more," Chris pleaded. "Please, Matt, NO MORE!!!!"

Matt laughed and reminded Chris that Matt owed Chris 57 more licks. Chris giggled and told Matt to give them all to Adam. Matt paused, and thought about the idea of licking and fucking Adam. Adam was cute too, and already had been fucked by John Eldridge. It sounded very appealing to Matt.

Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 24

Matt thought about Adam. The teen was cute and seemed very eager for sexual contact. Matt decided to ask Chris about the sex that Matt knew that the boys had done earlier that day. Chris told everything. Adam had told Chris that Matt was handsome, and that Adam would love to be licked and fucked by Matt. Adam had been very graphic with Chris, when Adam told him the details of wanting to suck Matt's eight-inch cock and eat Matt's cum. Matt realized that he had two boys in the house that were full of raging hormones.

Matt's cock throbbed as he thought about Adam, and the open invitation from Adam to suck and fuck. Matt made an important decision. Adam was cute, but Adam was not Chris. Matt wanted to bond closely with Chris, and wanted to prove how much he loved his little boy by only having sex with Chris. Matt decided that Chris needed to experience sex with Adam, but Matt was going to be monogamous. Matt was going to spoil Chris and indulge the little boy, but Matt was going to save all of his semen for Chris and Chris alone.

Matt was drawn back to the present by the touch of a little boy stroking the front of Matt's pants. Chris was horny again, and needed to "suck Matt's brains out" just like Adam had told them to do. Matt looked into the green eyes, and saw them sparkle with that special look that warned Matt that the little boy was going to do something unexpected again.

"You were mean to me," Chris said, trying to sound forceful. "You scared me, and now you have to be punished. Stand up and take off all of your clothes."

Matt smiled, and decided to play along with the game Chris wanted to play. Matt got up and took off his shirt, pants, and boxers.

"The socks too," Chris demanded, mimicking what Matt had said to him earlier. "Lay on the bed on your tummy, and spread your legs."

"How many?" Matt questioned, as he followed Chris's orders.

"50," was the reply.

"50?" Matt questioned.

"Make that 60," Chris said firmly.

Matt smiled, as Chris's memory of exactly what had been said earlier was perfect. Matt put his head down on the pillow, just as Chris had done. Matt felt two little hands on his butt cheeks, forcing them apart. Matt was eager for the feel of a little pink tongue that would be probing and licking all over his body. Matt felt the bed move, and the little hands left Matt's butt cheeks. Matt's cock was so hard he was sure he would poke a hole in the mattress. Then it happened.

Whack!!! A little hand had slapped Matt's bare ass. The shock of being spanked hit Matt's mind, as the little hand continued spanking him. Whack, whack, whack. With each hit, the little boy was counting out the number of the spanks. Chris used both of his little hands to spank Matt, and the initial shock of being hit on the bare butt was replaced by lust pouring through Matt's body. The sounds and feels of being spanked became very erotic. Matt LOVED it!!!!

Chris was a small boy, so the slaps did not really hurt Matt, but the accumulation of repeated slapping gave Matt a very red ass, and his butt was starting to hurt. The hurt was making Matt even more aroused. Matt had never been into physical pain during sex, but the man was so aroused, he felt like he would cum without the boy even touching his cock.

Chris's hands were getting sore from spanking Matt. As the boy got to 35 swats, the spanking stopped. Instead of more spanks, Matt felt a little tongue licking the red cheeks of his ass. The tongue licked all of the red spots, and Matt moaned loudly. Matt felt the bed move, and two little hands spread the cheeks of Matt's ass, and the little tongue found Matt's carefully shaved anal area. Matt moaned, as the little boy licked an anus for the first time in his young life. Chris was surprised at first that they was very little taste, but the aroma of man scent, and the moaning from Matt encouraged the boy to lick even harder. Matt's senses went into overload. He couldn't stand any more. Matt flipped over on his back so fast he almost threw the boy off the bed.

"SUCK ME!!!," Matt screamed. "I'M GONNA CUM. EAT MY CUM, NOW!!!!!!!"

Chris only had a second to cover the head of Matt's cock with his warm mouth before Matt blasted hot, thick cum inside the boy's mouth. The first jet hit the back of Chris's throat, and the boy momentarily gagged and choked. Instinct made the boy pull away from the spurting cockhead, and a large volley of cum hit the boy directly on the face, splattering over his right eye and down his little face. Chris quickly recovered and his little mouth took the remaining cum from his lover's throbbing tool. Matt's orgasm was so large and so forceful that the boy was unable to swallow fast enough to take all of the cum. Some of the cum seeped out of Chris's mouth and down his face.

Emotion flowed through Matt's body. Matt had never experienced an orgasm as strong as this one, and he had tears of emotion and satisfied lust running down his face. Matt finally collapsed on the bed, totally drained of all energy. Chris was being very gentle now. The boy had learned how to prolong the pleasure of orgasm for Matt without causing Matt any pain from the supersensitive head of the man's cock. Chris was finishing Matt off slowly. Chris had to keep his right eye closed, as cum was still coating his eyebrow and eyelid.

Chris took his mouth off from Matt's satisfied cock, and started giggling. It took a lot of effort for Matt to be able to turn to look at the mess on Chris's face. Matt started giggling too. The boy's mood was contagious. Matt leaned over and licked his cum from Chris's eyebrow and eyelid. Matt kept the cum on his tongue, and kissed Chris so Chris could suck the cum out of Matt's mouth. They continued that way until all of the cum from the boy's face had been consumed by the little boy and Matt.

"That was incredible!!," Matt said hoarsely. "That was the best sex I have ever had in my entire life."

"I still owe you 25 spanks," Chris giggled.

"I want you to make that 25 million spanks," Matt replied. "You shocked the shit out of me when you hit me the first time, but I loved every spank you gave me."

"You shouldn't trust me," Chris giggled. "You had me scared that you were gonna spank me and you licked me, so I wanted to do just the opposite."

Matt and Chris held each other close and kissed. The kisses were gentle, not the French kisses of two people lusting for each other. The insistent knocking at the door interrupted their intimate time.

"If you two are done eating, it's time to eat lunch!!," Adam yelled through the closed door.

Chris jumped out of the bed and ran to the door, throwing it open just as Adam was poised to knock again. Adam got a complete view of Matt's semi-erect cock, as Matt got off the bed to get dressed.

"Whoa, dude," Matt exclaimed, "that's a major lethal weapon you got!! Chris's ass is gonna bleed from that club when you finally poke him!!!"

Matt knew that Adam was impressed by the size of Matt's cock. Again, Matt wished his manhood were shorter and thinner, so that it would not hurt Chris when they finally had anal sex. Matt could not change reality. Both Matt and Chris got dressed with Adam watching and making lewd comments about how much his ass itched inside, and that Adam needed a good hard fuck to make the itch go away. Adam really wanted Matt to fuck him.

Matt was finished dressing as he turned to Adam. Matt grabbed his own crotch and told Adam that the meat he was holding was only for Chris. Chris giggled. Adam was disappointed. They all walked together to the kitchen where Anna had made hamburgers and fries for their lunch.

As they sat down, Anna asked, "Did everything come out okay?"

Chris and Matt started laughing so hard they couldn't eat. The laughing was infectious, as Adam and Anna joined in. They all ate together, including Anna, who was telling the two boys about her sons, and how much she loved them. Lunch was finished when Matt told everyone that he had some errands to run. Matt told the boys to behave and mind Anna while he was gone. The boys agreed and started whispering about what they wanted to do. Matt gave Chris a kiss before Matt left the house. Matt had an appointment to get some of the stitches in his hand taken out, and Matt wanted to do some research about a certain person he wanted to make contact with. The name of the person was going to be a real surprise for Chris some day soon, Matt hoped.

The boys decided to play in the arcade and let their food settle. Then they had decided to get in the hot tub and "do stuff" and go for a swim in the large indoor pool.

"I didn't bring a swimsuit," Adam said quietly to Chris.

Anna heard what Adam had said, and told the boys, "My boys used to run around the house buck naked all of the time. I have seen boy dicks soft and hard all of my life, so don't be worried about me. I will stay away from the hot tub and pool areas so you can mess around if you want. I promise to yell real loud if I have to come in that area to give you time to cover up if you are modest."

The boys giggled and headed for the arcade room, joking and shoving each other as they ran down the hallway.