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Excerpt from the previous chapter:

The boys decided to play in the arcade and let their food settle. Then they had decided to get in the hot tub and "do stuff" and go for a swim in the large indoor pool.

"I didn't bring a swimsuit," Adam said quietly to Chris.

Anna heard what Adam had said, and told the boys, "My boys used to run around the house buck naked all of the time. I have seen boy dicks soft and hard all of my life, so don't be worried about me. I will stay away from the hot tub and pool areas so you can mess around if you want. I promise to yell real loud if I have to come in that area to give you time to cover up if you are modest."

The boys giggled and headed for the arcade room, joking and shoving each other as they ran down the hallway.

Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 25

Chris and Adam had been in the hot tub for about a half-hour before they decided to skinny dip in the pool. During the time they had been in the hot tub, they had sucked each other off two times each. Adam was thrilled that Chris had learned so much about sex, and that the two brothers had finally become relaxed and open about having sex frequently. Both boys were nude and frolicking around in the pool when Anna yelled that the pool maintenance man was there to check the pool water, filter, and heating system. The two boys giggled and decided to stay nude and in the pool area.

The pool man was actually a young college student who was working part time for the pool maintenance company to pay for college expenses. Brent was 19, and very handsome. When Brent saw the two nude boys, he was pleasantly surprised. Brent had been a swimmer in high school, and had the typical swimmer body: slender and free of any excess body fat. Brent had dropped his coat, and was wearing a T-shirt and shorts, even though it was winter. Brent knew that any pools that required service at this time of year would be inside, and the T-shirt and shorts were more comfortable in the warm humid environment of indoor pools.

Brent was having trouble concentrating on his job duties, as the two boys were in and out of the pool, chasing each other around with their little dicks bouncing as they ran. Brent's cock stiffened in his shorts. Chris and Adam giggled as they whispered to each other. The green eyes twinkled again. Both boys got out of the pool and stood next to Brent, as the young man tried to get a sample of the pool water for testing. Brent was fumbling, as he tried to steal glances at the young penises and still take the sample. The boys pretended to be interested in how the pool water was being tested, but they were both looking at the bulge in Brent's shorts.

When Brent was bent over taking the water sample for the third time, Adam pushed him, and Brent fell into the pool with all of his clothes on. Brent was shocked, as the two boys giggled and ran to the end of the pool. Brent got out of the pool with his white shorts plastered to his body. There was no way to hide his erection from four young eyes.

"You've got a boner!!!," Chris giggled.

"Very funny, you little assholes!!!," Brent said, as he looked around for a towel to dry off.

Brent was soaked and his cock was hard as a rock. Adam was nude and horny. The combination was perfect. Adam whispered something to Chris, and Chris left the pool area, saying that he was going to get some dry clothes for Brent. Adam went into action. Adam's dick was fully erect too as he walked up to Brent and grabbed Brent's cock through the wet shorts. It only took Brent a few seconds to realize that Adam was horny. Brent was even hornier. Adam undid the buttons on Brent's shorts and pulled the shorts and low cut briefs down, exposing Brent's throbbing seven inches of cock. Adam dove for the cock and started sucking Brent like a pro.

Brent was worried about being caught and losing his job. Adam took his young mouth off from Brent's cock long enough to tell Brent to "chill out."

Brent and Adam quickly laid down on the tiled side of the pool and got into a "69" position. Two mouths were working away when Chris came back into the pool area.

"You guys need to get a room!!," Chris joked. "I'll leave you alone to have some fun."

Brent had never dreamed that his work today would end up with his last home call being like this. Brent sucked the teenage dick and pulled on the few pubic hairs that Adam had grown. They continued sucking each other for a few minutes, when Adam pulled away from Brent's nice thick cock.

"Will you fuck me???," Adam begged. "Please. I need to be fucked. NOW!!!!"

Brent wasted no time in getting up off from the tiled floor and removing all of his wet clothes. Adam lay on his back and lifted his legs, exposing his pink anus to Brent's eyes. Brent quickly got down on his knees and began licking the rosebud of Adam's anus. Adam moaned his approval, as Brent deposited a large amount of saliva on the boy's anal opening. Brent wasted little time, as he repositioned his body, and drove his seven-inch cock all the way into Adam's ass in one long determined stroke.

Adam screamed in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Brent pulled back, and drove his cock deep into the boy again and again. The sounds of the two bodies slapping together echoed in the pool area. Adam was getting fucked hard, and that is exactly what Adam had wanted all day. Brent was pulling his cock almost completely out of Adam, and then slamming it back until Brent's pubic hair mashed against Adam's ass. Adam pulled his legs higher and further apart, to give Brent easier access to thrust deep into his ass. They both moaned as their passion peaked. Brent gave a mighty thrust and screamed at his cock shot inside the young teen boy. With just a few strokes of his own hand, Adam shot cum all over his own belly. Adam's cum was thin and watery, since he had recently cum two times in the hot tub with Chris.

Brent emptied his nuts into the tight hole of the young boy. It was the best fuck of Brent's life. Brent leaned forward and kissed Adam on the mouth. They traded saliva and tongue kissed for several minutes, with Brent's cock still inside the warmth of the teen boy.

Chris had returned with some of Matt's clothes, but when Chris saw the hot action at the side of the pool, he smiled, dropped the clothes, and left the pool area. Chris was still nude when he walked into the kitchen, where he smelled a delightful smell. Anna had just taken a batch of chocolate chip cookies out of the oven, and she carefully placed one of the cookies on the counter in front of Chris.

"I'm glad you are not shy about being nude in front of me," Anna said to Chris. "I told you that my boys always ran around nude, and it feels like old times for me to see a cute little nude boy running around again."

Chris giggled, as he bit into the cookie. It was great!! Chris finished the first cookie and begged for more. Anna was thrilled, as she took a plate and put a generous supply of warm cookies in front of Chris. Adam and Brent walked into the kitchen. Both of them were now dressed. Brent had put on the dry clothes that Chris had left, but Brent still had on wet tennis shoes, and was concerned that Anna would be mad.

"Don't worry about a little water," Anna said, as she offered warm cookies to Adam and Brent. "Is the pool all ready for the boys?"

Adam, Chris and Brent laughed. The pool was definitely ready for the two boys, and Brent had promised Adam to return the next day to "service" the pool again.

Matt had returned, and was shocked to see his little boy sitting at the snack bar, completely nude. Matt reached for a warm cookie. Matt looked at Brent and recognized his "pool boy". Matt had entertained the "pool boy" himself on several of Brent's visits. Normally Brent would be the "bottom" as Matt had rammed his eight-inch cock deep into the college student on a regular basis. Matt saw how flushed Adam's and Brent's faces were, and Matt realized that Adam had relieved his itch.

Brent left, but not before he asked if he could return the next day to "check the pool" again. Everyone but Anna knew what "check the pool" really meant, and all but Anna laughed.

Adam and Chris headed for the arcade again, with Adam wearing clothes, but Chris remaining nude. Anna told Matt how nice it was to see the little boy running around nude and giggling. Matt agreed, as he was happy that his little boy was losing his inhibitions.

The rest of the day passed with the boys playing and running through the house. Matt was back in his office making more phone calls in his secret investigation. Anna announced that supper was ready, and everyone headed for the kitchen. Anna had all of the food ready, and she left as was her normal routine each day to go home to make supper for herself and her husband. Chris was still nude, and seemed to be very comfortable that way. After their meal was finished, the boys headed for Chris's room to use the PlayStation2 and to set up email for Chris and Adam to use when they were apart.

Matt sat in the family room and listened to Christmas music by Mannheim Steamroller. Matt was sipping a glass of brandy and smoking one of his Cuban cigars. Matt reflected on the roller coaster of emotions that had swept everyone up and down during the eventful day. Matt heard the boys running around the house, and was surprised to see not one, but two bare boy butts head for the arcade room. Matt smiled, as he realized that Adam was now losing his inhibitions too. Matt picked up the day's paper and saw a small article about a murder in Owosso. The details in the article were very sketchy, not even giving the name of the victim. Matt knew that at least one of the murderers had been caught, but Matt didn't even care if anyone else had been involved or not. Mindy McClure had been paid back for hurting a little boy named Christopher Robinson.

The boys played for hours in the arcade. It was close to 11:00 p.m. when Matt yelled for the boys and told them to get ready for bed. If Adam had any concerns about where he was going to sleep, Matt quickly dispelled them, as he told the boys to have fun, and reminded Adam to have a pillow ready to stifle Chris's screams. The two boys giggled, as they ran nude to Chris's room. Matt wished that he could join the boys, but realized that they needed to be alone. Matt took a shower, put on clean boxers, and went to bed alone; wishing that he had a little blonde haired boy lying next to him.

The boys stayed awake for about an hour, as they chattered softly to each other about what had happened that day. Both boys realized that the day had been both horrible and wonderful. Wonderful seemed to occupy their minds the most, as Adam gave every detail of his sex with Brent. The discussion of sex aroused both boys, and they quickly decided to "69" and take care of each other. Matt was already asleep as the two boys achieved the orgasms that they needed from each other. The boys cuddled together, and drifted off to sleep.