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Excerpt from the previous chapter:

The boys played for hours in the arcade. It was close to 11:00 p.m. when Matt yelled for the boys and told them to get ready for bed. If Adam had any concerns about where he was going to sleep, Matt quickly dispelled them, as he told the boys to have fun, and reminded Adam to have a pillow ready to stifle Chris's screams. The two boys giggled, as they ran nude to Chris's room. Matt wished that he could join the boys, but realized that they needed to be alone. Matt took a shower, put on clean boxers, and went to bed alone, wishing that he had a little blonde haired boy lying next to him.

The boys stayed awake for about an hour, as they chattered softly to each other about what had happened that day. Both boys realized that the day had been both horrible and wonderful. Wonderful seemed to occupy their minds the most, as Adam gave every detail of his sex with Brent. The discussion of sex aroused both boys, and they quickly decided to "69" and take care of each other. Matt was already asleep as the two boys achieved the orgasms that they needed from each other. The boys cuddled together, and drifted off to sleep.

Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 26

Adam was originally only going to spend two days with Matt and Chris, but Adam begged to stay longer. Maybe Adam wanted to be with Chris, but just maybe Adam looked forward to the daily visits from Brent to "service the pool". Matt, Chris and Anna enjoyed Adam's visit, and wanted the boy to return soon. Each time Adam had been in the hot tub or pool area with Brent, Matt and Chris had gone to Matt's bedroom for some intense male bonding.

Matt continued to teach Chris new ways of enjoying sex that included the use of blindfolds, covering each other with sugar water and licking it all off, oral sex underwater, and even some light bondage. Chris didn't like the bondage, so it was eliminated from future intimate sessions. Adam was returned to his home, but Adam and Chris stayed in contact every day with email and frequent phone calls. Things had settled down after Adam returned home, and Matt and Chris slept together each night. Both Matt and Chris loved sleeping together, and never wanted to sleep alone again. The sex was frequent and loving. Nothing could be better for the two lovers than the days they spent together for the rest of the two-week holiday break.

One evening as they lay in bed together after pleasing each other with oral sex, Matt reminded Chris that he would have to start a new school soon. Matt knew that starting a new school in the middle of the school year would be tough for any kid, and he tried to prepare the boy. It surprised Matt when Chris sounded confident that he could handle a new school and making new friends. The social interactions that the boy had experienced since living with Matt had torn down all that remained of the wall that used to surround the boy and shelter him from the rest of the world. Chris was ready for new experiences in his young life.

Matt drove Chris to the elementary school where he would start classes the next day. The school was already in session, but Matt wanted to register Chris, and walk the boy around the school before he started classes. Matt and Chris entered the office area of the elementary school, and began the registration paperwork. The school had already received the necessary documents from the academy, and the registration was more of a formality than Matt had suspected.

The elementary school principal had asked that a boy in the same grade as Chris take Chris on a tour, instead of Matt walking with Chris and the principal. The principal knew that having a parent walking with his child could be embarrassing, as children Chris's age didn't want to be seen as a "momma's boy". The boy that took Chris on the tour was named Rafael Smith, and he was black. By the time the boys came back to the office, it was very evident that Chris had made a new friend. Raf, as he liked to be called, was very friendly and had a nice smile. He and Chris were already teasing each other, and Matt knew that Chris was going to fit into the new school just fine. The registration was completed for Christopher Jonathan Robinson to enter the school on the following day. The registration would be revised after the adoption was completed to reflect the change in name that Matt and Chris both desperately wanted.

As they walked out into the parking lot, Matt asked Chris if he wanted to visit the middle school that was across the parking lot. Chris said no, but Matt insisted. Chris told Matt that it would be at least 1 1/2 years before he entered the middle school and he could wait for a tour. Matt insisted, and they walked to the office of the middle school. Chris did not know that Matt had made an appointment with the man who had just recently been named as the Assistant Principal of the middle school. They entered the office area of the middle school, and Matt asked to see the Assistant Principal. The secretary remembered that Matt Cameron had an appointment, and she pointed to the door marked "Assistant Principal". The name of the former assistant principal had been scratched off of the glass door. Chris did not even notice, as Matt went to the door and knocked. A voice responded, "come in" and Matt opened the door and pushed Chris inside.

Chris did not understand why Matt pushed him inside the office, until Chris looked up and saw a familiar face. It was John Harper, Chris's former football coach. When Chris saw John Harper's happy face, Chris ran and jumped into John Harper's arms, giving him hugs and kisses. Matt walked into the office and sat on the guest chair; to watch the reunion that the little boy had desired, but had never dreamed would ever happen. John Harper had just been transferred to the Fenton Middle School, and had received a promotion to Assistant Principal. John had saved Chris's life, by standing by Chris, and convincing Chris to fight and live when Chris was in the hospital after the funeral of his parents.

John held Chris on his lap and listened as the boy told him all of the things that had happened since they had last seen each other. Chris repeatedly thanked his coach for saving his life. Matt and John had talked on the phone several times. It was John Harper that Matt had spent many hours on the phone trying to contact for Chris. John knew a lot about what the little boy had been through from Matt, but John let Chris tell him all about the good and bad things that had happened. When John heard Chris tell about meeting Matt, and how they were going to be father and son, John was thrilled. John also encouraged Chris to get back into sports, knowing that the boy was small for his age, but had the heart and mind of a true champion. Just before Matt and Chris left John's office, John asked to talk to Matt alone. Chris gave John another hug and left the office to wait for Matt.

"I may have convinced him to fight to live," John said as he shook Matt's hand, "but you are the one who saved his life. He is a beautiful boy, and I am thrilled to see him so happy. You have worked a miracle!!!"

Matt thanked John for giving Chris hope, as Chris might have died without John's perseverance. The two men parted, promising that they would stay in touch and work together to make sure that Chris was happy.

"Thanks, Matt," Chris said as they walked across the parking lot to the Mercedes. "I always wished that I had thanked him, and you found him for me, and it was cool to see him and talk to him. I love you."

Matt smiled as he drove to McDonald's to treat Chris to one of Chris's favorite restaurants. Matt would have preferred Anna's cooking, but she had the day off, and Matt sacrifice a decent meal to see his little boy smile, laugh, and giggle as the boy packed away the junk food.

Chris adapted quickly to the new school, and insisted on riding the bus with the other kids. Matt wanted to drive Chris to and from school, but Chris insisted on riding the bus so the other kids wouldn't call him a "pussy". Matt was like a mother watching her child go to school for the very first time, when Chris grabbed his backpack and walked out the front door to walk down the driveway to meet the bus. Matt had even taken pictures of Chris, and Chris was embarrassed, but allowed the pictures to be taken.

The days passed quickly and the court date approached. The physical examination went off without a single problem. The report from the social worker had been completed, and she had given her support for the adoption. The hearing was supposed to be a formality on January 24th, the day before Matt's and Chris's birthday. Barney had everything covered, and the hearing would last less that 10 minutes in front of the judge that was a personal friend of Barney's. The night before the court date, neither Chris nor Matt could sleep. They hugged and chatted about the change that would happen the very next day. Excitement kept Chris and Matt from getting any quality sleep. Chris kept reminding Matt about his promise to Chris after the adoption was final. Chris was going to feel Matt inside his anus for the first time, the very next night.

The next day was Wednesday, January 24th. Chris and Matt woke up at the same time. As usual, their bodies were entwined together, and both of them had piss boners. They got up and shared their excitement about this very special day. The hours of the day passed slowly, as they tried to occupy their time until the 3:00 p.m. court time. Anna was upset that neither Chris nor Matt would eat much for breakfast or lunch. She knew how anxious they were, so she had planned to decorate the house and prepare a special dinner for them when they returned to the house as father and son.

Penny and Ron insisted that they drive Matt and Chris to the courthouse. Ron and Penny tried to break the tension that they felt from Matt and Chris, but finally gave up and the trip continued in silence. Matt was wearing an expensive suit, and Chris was dressed in slacks and the green sweater that Matt had originally wanted Chris to wear on Christmas Eve. They walked to the waiting room outside the courtroom, and saw Barney standing there. Barney did not look happy, as he approached the group of friends.

We got some problems," Barney said. Matt's heart stopped with fear that the adoption was not going to happen.