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Excerpt from the previous chapter:

Penny and Ron insisted that they drive Matt and Chris to the courthouse. Ron and Penny tried to break the tension that they felt from Matt and Chris, but finally gave up and the trip continued in silence. Matt was wearing an expensive suit, and Chris was dressed in slacks and the green sweater that Matt had originally wanted Chris to wear on Christmas Eve. They walked to the waiting room outside the courtroom, and saw Barney standing there. Barney did not look happy, as he approached the group of friends.

We got some problems," Barney said. Matt's heart stopped with fear that the adoption was not going to happen.

Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 27

Barney led the worried group into a nearby conference room. Matt and Chris were both shaking with fear that their dreams of being father and son were about to be shattered. Barney had planned everything perfectly to make the adoption proceedings so without a single hitch, but Barney had not anticipated what he had to tell Matt and Chris.

"Everything would have gone fine today," Barney began. "I had everything ready for my friend, Judge Thomas Kelly, to make the formal proceedings final and on record..."

Barney's voice trailed off, and then he continued. "Thomas was returning to the court after having lunch, and he was involved in a car accident. He is in the hospital, but he will be fine. They are running some tests to make sure he didn't have any internal injuries. His arm is broken and he got some cuts, but he will be okay. The problem is that with Thomas injured, the court is forced to select another judge to hear the adoption request."

Again, Barney paused, took a deep breath, and continued. "The next judge up on the rotation was Marcus Harner."

Matt recognized that name. Barney had presented many cases in front of Judge Marcus Harner, and Barney had described Judge Harner as "a homophobic bastard", who hated Barney and always tried to twist testimony around to rule against Barney. Marcus Harner hated all gays, and Judge Harner detested Barney ever since the judge had learned that Barney was gay, and had a legal assistant and lover named Brad.

"The bastard is homophobic," Barney told Matt, Chris, Ron and Penny.

"What does that mean?," a little voice asked softly.

"It means that he hates gay people, whether they are gay males or lesbians," Barney replied. "Harner refused to let me present the adoption documents until he has time to read everything. He talked to me in the judge's chambers, and wanted to adjourned the proceedings for another week. He is demanding that Chris have his own lawyer, and Marcus wants to review all of the documents before he will hear our motion for adoption. I know he is looking for some way to stop the adoption legally."

Matt and Chris both shook with fear. They had both dreamed that they would leave the courthouse today as father and son, and return to their home to make love anally for the very first time.

Barney sensed the fear, and continued talking. "Chris, I am the highest paid lawyer in this county, and I am worth every penny of the big fees I charge all of my clients. I never take a cent from Matt, because he is my close friend. I am going to show all of you why I am worth $2,000 an hour."

Barney sat across from Chris and Matt and told them what had to be done. Barney said he needed a few hours to make some calls and work with Brad, Barney's legal assistant, to collect pieces of the plan Barney had worked out. Barney told Matt to take Chris home, and that Barney would be there by 5:30 p.m. at the latest.

Chris was crying softly. Barney saw that and went around the conference table and knelt down in front of the little boy.

"Matt trusts me," Barney said softly. "You can trust me too. I have a plan that will be a little difficult. You are the key to my plan working. If you do what I suggest, I can promise you that tomorrow you will be Matt's son. I promise."

Barney gave Chris a hug and told him to trust him. Barney told the other adults in the room to trust him and wait to hear the plan. Matt, Chris, Ron and Penny left the courthouse and headed home. The group was silent as they each tried to figure out what would happen that evening and the next day to make the adoption motion acceptable to Judge Marcus Harner.

Matt had used his cell phone to call Anna to tell her the bad news. Anna was very upset and knew that Matt and Chris would be very unhappy when they arrived home. Anna had decorated the home with banners and balloons to help them celebrate coming home as father and son. She ended the phone call and rushed around the house, taking down the decorations and putting them in the utility room. Anna prayed that the decorations would be brought back out soon for a celebration that she wanted for the two men in her life.

As soon as they got home, Chris ran inside and saw Anna waiting for their arrival. Chris ran to Anna with tears pouring down his face. The matronly woman hugged the boy to her bosom, and tried to comfort him. Anna took Chris to the kitchen where she had made chocolate chip cookies for him. Penny had joined them in the kitchen, and Penny and Chris sat at the snack bar, while Anna got a plate of warm cookies for Chris and a glass of milk. Chris pushed the cookies away. He had no appetite after having his dream shattered by some asshole judge named Marcus Harner.

Anna pleaded for Chris to take just one bite of a cookie. "Take just one bite for me honey," Anna said. "Trust me. One bite and you will feel better."

Chris reluctantly took one small bite and swallowed. The cookie was delicious, and by taking one bite Chris realized how little he had eaten that day, and he was starving. Chris pulled the plate of cookies back, and devoured every one of them. He took a big drink of the cold milk and ended up with a "milk moustache". Anna laughed and told him how adorable he looked. Anna and Penny both were giving Chris a lot of attention, and the boy responded like he was five years old, not almost 11. The two women kept fussing over him, and Chris loved their attention.

Matt and Ron talked in the formal living room. Matt seldom used the living room as he preferred the warmth of the family room and the bar area. The Christmas tree had been removed at the end of Chris's school break, and had been replaced with a beautiful statue with a flowing fountain. Ron was comforting Matt, and reminding Matt that he had to be strong for Chris. The door chimes that had been reprogrammed when the Christmas decorations had been removed interrupted their talk. Barney had arrived earlier than expected.

Chris ran to the front door and let Barney in. Barney was smiling, and Chris sensed that something good had happened. Everyone including Anna sat in the living room as Barney began talking.

"Okay," Barney said. "I have a plan that will work, but I need to ask Chris some questions and get him ready for the judge."

Barney asked Chris if Chris knew what happened in a court room. Chris answered honestly that he didn't know. Barney asked Chris if Chris knew what taking an oath meant. Chris said "no".

"If a judge asked you to raise your hand and then 'solemly promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God' would you understand him?"

"yes," was the soft answer.

"And if the judge asked you," Barney continued, "if you had ever had done anything sexual with Matthew Cameron, what would you answer?"

"I'd have to tell him the truth," Chris replied. "I'd have to say yes."

"So," Barney continued, "you understand the importance of not lying under oath."

Chris nodded.

"What if you had not promised under oath to tell the truth," Barney continued as his plan was unfolding, "and someone you had just met for the first time asked you if you had ever had sex with Matthew Cameron?"

"I'd tell them, no, and to 'fuck off'," the little boy responded.

There were laughs and giggles in the living room as the little boy was starting to work his mind to understand what Barney was doing.

"Perfect!!," Barney exclaimed. "Absolutely perfect!!! Barney looked at Chris and smiled as he continued. "You understand that you can't lie under oath, and you can either answer truthfully to a stranger, or tell them to "fuck off'. There is a way to not tell the whole truth, but at the same time not lie. Just remember, that telling a judge to 'fuck off' is not a good thing to do."

Barney smiled, and Matt and Chris were starting to feel better about what would happen the next day. It would be Thursday, and their actual birthdays. They both had been planning a big birthday party on Saturday, but tomorrow would be the most important day of their lives.

Barney then laid out his plan for dealing with the difficult judge. Barney told everyone that he had a way to prevent either Chris or Matt from taking an oath and being in the witness stand in the courtroom. Brad and Barney had found several prior law cases that would give Barney the legal precedence to avoid any testimony by either Matt or Chris, since no one had challenged the adoption motion. Barney explained how this judge worked, and Barney was ready to 'fuck Marcus over real good" in his own courtroom.

Barney was just starting to explain more of his plan when the chimes rang again. Anna got up quickly and went to the door, bringing back a man who had never been in the house before. Barney stood up and introduced John Kalendar, another attorney from Genesee County. Barney explained that Judge Harner would insist that Chris have his own attorney, and the judge would insist that if the attorney had been selected by Barney or Matt, the motion would be postponed for at least one week and maybe longer.

"Chris," Barney said, "I want you to take John Kalendar into the family room and talk to him. If you like John, you have to ask him to be your lawyer. You and I both know that you have a trust fund set up by your parents, and the trust fund will pay for you to hire your own lawyer. But, you have to make the decision, and you have to ask John to be your lawyer for the adoption hearing tomorrow."

It did not take long for Chris and his lawyer, John Kalendar to return to the living room. Chris smiled and said he had hired John to be his attornew. Barney smiled, and asked Chris how much Chris would have to pay John for his legal services.

"Two hundred dollars an hour," Chris replied. "Do I have that much to pay him?"

Matt and Barney both laughed. Matt told Chris for the very first time that Chris was a millionaire, and could afford to pay his own lawyer from the trust fund. Barney then told Chris that they were going to play a game. Chris was puzzled. Barney was confident.

The judge will probably want to take you into his chambers and talk to you. During the time in his chambers, you are not under oath, but he will try to get you to tell him things that you do not want him to know. You have to learn how to tell the truth, but not get Matt into trouble that will end any chance of the adoption. Chris said he understood.

"Okay," Barney started, "I am now Judge Harner, and I have asked you to talk to me in private in my chambers. You will agree to go, even though your lawyer, John Kalendar objects. You will agree to go with the judge, even if others try to protest. Just know that he can't force you to stay there, or keep you from leaving his chambers. "Are you with me so far, Chris?"

Chris nodded, as Barney pretended he was the judge. "Judge Harner" was asking Chris questions about school and his parents, and then a quick question "do you sleep with Matt?" came out.

Before Chris could think, he blurted out "yes".

"Wrong answer," Barney said. "The correct answer is, 'I have my own room'. Do you see the difference? You didn't lie, you told the truth, and you didn't get Matt in trouble."

Chris understood. The little mind understood, and Chris knew that he could tell the truth and protect Matt at the same time. The little boy smiled and wanted to continue playing the game.

Barney continued his role playing, asking Chris questions that any boy would quickly answer about school or things he liked to do, when "Judge Harner" asked him "do you and Matt have sex?"

Chris took a deep breath and responded, "you got a dirty mind. I love Matt, and Matt loves me. I don't want to talk to you anymore!!"

Barney jumped up and hugged Chris. "Perfect!!! Absolutely, perfect!!! He will try to trap you with a quick change of subjects, but you have to be ready for him and set the limits for the talk. If you handle yourself that way tomorrow, I promise you that you will leave the court with a new father. Even if you slip and say something wrong, the judge can't use it in court against Matt, because you did not have your attorney present with you during the questioning. I'm gonna trap that bastard with his own laws!!!"