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Excerpt from the previous chapter:

Barney continued his role playing, asking Chris questions that any boy would quickly answer about school or things he liked to do, when "Judge Harner" asked him "do you and Matt have sex?"

Chris took a deep breath and responded, "you got a dirty mind. I love Matt, and Matt loves me. I don't want to talk to you anymore!!"

Barney jumped up and hugged Chris. "Perfect!!! Absolutely, perfect!!! He will try to trap you with a quick change of subjects, but you have to be ready for him and set the limits for the talk. If you handle yourself that way tomorrow, I promise you that you will leave the court with a new father. Even if you slip and say something wrong, the judge can't use it in court against Matt, because you did not have your attorney present with you during the questioning. I'm gonna trap that bastard with his own laws!!!"

Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 28

The long meeting in the living room ended, and everyone left, leaving Matt and Chris alone. They sat at the snack bar and talked about Barney's plan. Chris was confident that he was prepared for the judge. The little boy was very intelligent, and he realized how the judge might try to trap him. Matt was still worried, but tried not to show it with Chris around. Matt and Chris had to trust Barney. Neither one of them had any appetite for the pot roast that Anna had made for them. Pot roast had become Chris's favorite meal next to lobster tails, but the little boy just nibbled and poked at the pot roast that had been made without cabbage ever since the first time Chris had turned up his little nose to cabbage.

Chris looked at Matt and asked, "Will you take me to bed now? I donít' want to do sex tonight, I just want us to cuddle."

Matt quickly agreed, as Matt was not hungry either, and wanted to hold his little boy. They headed for Matt's bedroom. Chris ran back to his bedroom to get his favorite toy, the little stuffed puppy, and got into bed with Matt. Tomorrow would be their birthday, and hopefully the first day when they would be father and son. They cuddled and drifted off to sleep.

Neither Chris nor Matt slept well that night. Chris had a nightmare that woke Matt up. Matt just held the little boy and tried to calm him down. Matt woke up the next morning, and saw two beautiful green eyes looking at him.

"Happy birthday!" Chris said to Matt, as the little boy kissed him.

"Happy birthday to you too," Matt said, sleepily. "How long have you been awake?"

"About 20 minutes," the little boy replied. "I was just looking at you sleeping, and praying that today would be better than yesterday."

Matt hugged the little boy, and told Chris how much Matt loved him. They got up and took a shower together. They each washed each other, but neither of them got an erection, as the importance of the day was too intense for them to become aroused.

The day dragged slowly, as they tried to share Anna's enthusiasm over the birthday decorations that were all over the house. They occupied their day in the hot tub, swimming pool and arcade. Chris wanted to run around in his briefs, and Matt went along with the little boy's wishes, as Matt paraded around the house in his silk boxers. They barely ate any of their lunch. Chris kept looking at the clock, and Matt decided that he needed to do something different to take the boy's mind off the clock.

"Do you want to see my other cars?" Matt asked.

Chris was excited, as he thought that he had seen all of the cars that Matt owned. They both dressed and got on their coats. The ground was blanketed with at least six inches of fresh snow. Matt led Chris to the path that led to the back of the property. Chris held Matt's right hand. Ever since their big argument, Chris had insisted on holding Matt's damaged hand to show that the boy was not repulsed by the scars and damaged nerves. Chris had often massaged the injured hand, and had covered it with kisses.

Matt knew that the physical therapy sessions, the exercises with the soft squeeze ball, and the constant massages of the little boy were working miracles with his right hand. Partial feeling and use of the damaged hand had already returned, far beyond the expectations of the doctors.

Matt led Chris to the big pole barn, opened the side door, and turned on the lights. The pole barn was heated to 50 degrees during the winter months, and air conditioned to 85 degrees during the summer. The climate control was necessary to protect the numerous vehicles that were stored and got very limited use. If Chris had been shocked when he had first seen the six vehicles in the garage attached to the house, the boy was totally freaked out when he saw what was in the pole barn. Most of the vehicles were covered with drop cloths to keep the vehicles clean. Matt took off each cover and told Chris what each vehicle was.

Matt loved cars, and he had spent a fortune on his collection. Any museum in the country would die to have all of these vehicles on display. Each vehicle was unique, and was a collector's item.

"This is a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. This is a Lotus Ford. This is a 57 Chevrolet, fuel injected convertible. This is a Ford Cobra." Chris liked the name of the Ford Cobra the most, and knew that it was a very special car just by the way Matt uncovered it.

"This is a Hummer, just like the military use. This is a Porsche. This is an Excalibur. This is a Ferrari Testarosa."

Chris was amazed at all of the different names and looks of the vehicles. He was really impressed, as Matt took off more of the covers.

This one is a 1962 Pontiac GTO. This is a 1965 Mustang. This is a Dodge Hemi. Chris seemed to love the names that sounded like snakes and fast animals.

"This is a 1968 Special Edition Corvette Pace Car for the Indianapolis 500. This is a Jaguar." The names became a blur to Chris as he tried to memorize the names of the vehicles that he liked the most.

Matt had only uncovered less than half of the special vehicles in the extensive collection when Chris dragged Matt back to the Hummer, and asked if they could take a ride in it. Matt quickly agreed, as Matt knew that the four-wheel drive Hummer could go through the fresh snow, and any terrain in the world.

"Are you gonna tell me I drive like an old lady?" Matt joked.

"Fuck no!!," Chris replied, remembering how Matt had driven so fast that Chris had wet his pants on the drive in the Viper.

Matt liked that they had found a nice way to spend some time before the court appointment. Matt pushed the button on the large overhead door at the end of the pole barn, and then got inside the Hummer. Chris had trouble getting into the tall vehicle, and was a little pissed that Matt teased him about being so short.

Matt fired up the diesel engine, and pulled the Hummer out of it's parking place in the huge pole barn, drove out of the large door at the end of the pole barn and Matt got out to close the large door.

"Do you want to ride on the roads, or see what this thing can do in the woods around our property?" Matt asked the little boy.

Chris liked hearing "our property" and said he wanted to go in the woods, as long as Matt didn't scare him and make him pee his pants again.

"Tighten your seatbelt," Matt said as he stopped the Hummer to let it warm up. "I promise not to drive too fast, but I can show you why the Army likes these Hummers."

Matt drove the Hummer to a trail that he knew well from previous tests of the vehicle. The trail was covered with snow, and the Hummer slid and skidded at Matt drove around the woods of their estate. Chris was amazed at how the Hummer could go through the snow, the stream that flowed through the property and even knock over small trees without even slowing down.

"Hang on," Matt shouted over the screaming diesel engine, as they headed down a hill, through the stream, and up another hill. Matt floored the Hummer, and at the top of the second hill, the heavy vehicle became airborne, and then crashed down on the other side of the hill. Chris was scared and thrilled at the feelings of being weightless, how the Hummer engine raced, and how the vehicle hit the ground with a crash, and continued tearing up the landscape. Matt expertly handled the massive vehicle with apparent ease. Matt turned the Hummer to head right into the stream of icy water, and drove right down the middle of the stream, with water splashing from both sides of the Hummer. It was like they were riding in a boat, with huge sprays of water flying to each side of the specialty vehicle. Matt drove the Hummer to a bend in the creek where the water was considerably deeper. The Hummer dove into the deep pool, and the water was almost up to the windows. Chris squealed as he was both thrilled and afraid that the water would come inside the Hummer.

Matt knew that the Hummer was built with a high air intake system that allowed the military to drive through deep mud and water without ever flooding the engine or passenger compartment. Everything on the Hummer was water tight.

Chris had never seen anything like this in his life, as the Hummer never slowed down. Matt finally drove the Hummer out of the stream and up to the front door of their home, and asked Chris how he liked the ride.

"That was AWESOME!!!!!!!," Chris screamed. "I love this thing!!! Can we drive it to the court today?"

Matt chuckled, and knew that he had license plates and insurance to drive any of his vehicles at any time. They went into the house, ate lunch, and then went to play games in the arcade.

"You didn't cover the cars up," Chris reminded Matt.

"Sam is our gardener," Matt said. "He doesn't have much to do except clear snow from the sidewalk and plow the driveway during the winter, so I know he will cover the cars."

"I can't believe that you own so many cars!" Chris exclaimed.

"Not, you," Matt corrected the boy, "WE own all of those cars!"

Chris liked the sound of the word "we". Matt phoned Penny and Ron and told them that he and Chris would be driving the Hummer to the courthouse.

It was 2:30 p.m. and Matt and Chris got into the Hummer to drive to Flint for the court date that they both prayed would end with the adoption being approved.

In Flint, Judge Marcus Harner was reading all of the documents pertaining to the adoption motion that he would preside over. Marcus detested gays, even though his own son had told him that he was gay. Marcus had thrown the teenager out of his home, and vowed to never talk to the boy again. Marcus had lost his only son to a drug overdose less than a month after Marcus had thrown the boy out of his home. The bile in Marcus's body had filled him with hatred of all gay people, and Marcus suspected that the proposed adoption of a young boy by a single man was based on homosexual urges by the man. Marcus was going to stop the adoption, no matter what.