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Excerpt from the previous chapter:

It was 2:30 p.m. and Matt and Chris got into the Hummer to drive to Flint for the court date that they both prayed would end with the adoption being approved.

In Flint, Judge Marcus Harner was reading all of the documents pertaining to the adoption motion that he would preside over. Marcus detested gays, even though his own son had told him that he was gay. Marcus had thrown the teenager out of his home, and vowed to never talk to the boy again. Marcus had lost his only son to a drug overdose less than a month after Marcus had thrown the boy out of his home. The bile in Marcus's body had filled him with hatred of all gay people, and Marcus suspected that the proposed adoption of a young boy by a single man was based on homosexual urges by the man. Marcus was going to stop the adoption, no matter what.

Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 29

Ron and Penny had waited in the parking lot near the courthouse for Chris and Matt to arrive. They all hugged and headed across the street to the doors of the courthouse, where they all had to pass through the metal detectors before they could enter.

They took the elevator up to the seventh floor, where the courtroom was located. Penny was giving Chris a lot of attention and physical touching, and the boy loved it. Penny loved the little boy as she thought about how this boy was exactly what she had always wanted for her own child. Penny and Ron could never have children of their own, as Penny's body was totally infertile, and she would never be able to conceive a child of their own. Penny and Ron were on several lists for adoption of a child, but the lists were long, and they would have to wait to have a child that they could call their own.

The elevator doors opened, and Chris saw the smiling faces of Barney, Brad, and his lawyer, John Kalandar waiting for them. Barney quickly gave Chris some last minute advice, and then the group entered the courtroom to wait for the judge.

"All rise!" the court clerk commanded.

Everyone stood as Judge Marcus Harner entered the court and sat in his chair behind the elevated desk. Chris squeezed Matt's right hand, and prayed that he would remember what Barney had taught him.

The court formalities of announcing the case number and the names of the attorneys representing both Matt and Chris were completed. Barney stood up and began the legal description of the motion that was being presented to the judge. It was like a play that had been written by Barney, when the judge tried to get Matt and Chris to take the witness stand. Marcus planned on questioning the little boy first, to try and find out any information about homosexual acts that he suspected had occurred. Barney was totally in his element, as he cited legal precedents for not requiring any sworn testimony in cases where no challenge had been made to the adoption proposal. Barney cited the previous rulings, including the most important one when Marcus Harner had been an attorney and successfully convinced a judge that sworn testimony was not required by law for a similar adoption case that Marcus Harner had presented to the court.

Judge Harner was pissed, but he knew that Barney had done his homework. Barney continued his legal presentation, and voiced the reports from the Hartland Academy Dean, John Eldridge, the social worker, the personal letter from John Harper, the Assistant Principal at the Fenton Middle School, and the letter of support for the adoption by the Reverend James Stewart, from a Church in Fenton. Matt and Chris had never heard of the Reverend James Stewart, but quickly realized that Barney was very thorough in his preparations for this hearing.

The judge tried to play another trump card, as he questioned John Kalandar, about his position as the legal representative of the minor child. Marcus Harner thought he had the situation in control, as he was ready to postpone the hearing based on his suspicion that either Barney or Matt had retained John Kalandar. The judge was visibly frustrated when John Kalandar told him that the boy had interviewed him, and had hired him as his personal attorney to be compensated from the trust fund for the benefit of the minor child.

Just as Barney had predicted, the judge said that he wanted to talk to Christopher Jonathan Robinson alone in his chambers. It was like a script in a play, as John Kalandar objected to his client being interviewed without legal representation. Barney voiced his own objection, citing another case where Marcus Harner, as a lawyer, had successfully blocked a private interview of his client. The judge was furious, and was ready to adjourn the case for a month, when a little voice said; "I will talk to you."

The judge smiled, and quickly announced a ten minute recess. Barney patted Chris on the shoulder, but acted pissed as the judge asked Chris to follow him into the private chambers. Things were working out just as Barney anticipated. Chris followed the judge out of the courtroom, as Matt tensed with anxiety. Barney told Matt to calm down, but even Barney was anxious, as the little boy was now in control of everything.

The judge tried to get Chris to relax, as he told the boy that he was his friend. Chris walked over to the judge, and stood close, looking into the eyes of a man that he had never seen before. Something in the judge's eyes told Chris that the judge was in pain. Chris did not know about Marcus Harner's guilt over throwing out his own son, and the pain that the judge had been living with for the past four years after the son's death.

Marcus Harner had the little boy talking freely when the judge asked quickly slipped in a question to catch the boy off guard. "Do you sleep with Matt?"

"I got my own bedroom," Chris replied, "and Matt's got his. Mine is huge with a great big water bed and a bunch of stuffed toys."

Just as Barney had suspected, the judge tried to get Chris to relax, and divulge intimate secrets about Chris's relationship with Matthew Cameron. Chris was an intelligent little boy, and he quickly recognized every trick question and trap that the judge laid out to him. Chris never lied, and he appeared to be quickly answering every question truthfully. When the judge asked the question "Have you ever had sex?" Chris reacted strongly, saying the words that he had practiced in his mind. "I'm only 11 today. This is my birthday and I Want you to make Matt my daddy today!!!!"

Chris continued talking, telling the judge that the question was nasty. He told the judge that he and Matt loved each other, and that he was angry that the judge would ask dirty questions like that. It was just like a Hollywood script. The little boy acted meek and immature, but Chris knew what he had to say to convince the judge to approve his adoption. The judge was finally convinced that the little boy standing in front of him was being honest, and was convinced that the adoption was what the boy really wanted.

"All rise!" the court recorder announced.

Chris bounded out of the judge's chambers and hugged Matt. Matt had been so worried that things were not going as Barney planned that Matt was close to throwing up. When Matt saw Chris's smiling face, Matt was filled with joy and confidence that things had gone just as Barney had predicted.

Judge Marcus Harner announced that the court clerk should start the audio tape of the proceedings. The judge announced to the people sitting in the courtroom that he had just finished a personal interview with Christopher Jonathan Robinson, and that he, as a judge of the County of Genesee in the State of Michigan, was ready to make a ruling in the adoption motion that had been presented to him.

"There are many juvenile cases that I have presided over," Judge Marcus Harner said for the court record. "Many have been cases of child neglect, physical or sexual abuse, but cases like this one make my job very pleasant. I am happy and honored as I sign this document granting adoption of the minor child, Christopher Jonathan Robinson by Matthew Alexander Cameron. From this day forward, Christopher Jonathan CAMERON has all of the legal and social status as the son of Matthew Alexander Cameron. I trust that you both will enjoy the benefits of being father and son. This court is adjourned so the new father and son can celebrate."

The gavel hit the wooden block on the judge's bench and the courtroom erupted with joy. Chris looked at Matt, the man that had been his best friend and lover, and the boy cried with tears of joy.

"DADDY!!!! Chris screamed. "YOU'RE MY DADDY!!! The little boy continued screaming as he jumped into Matt's arms.

The tears were pouring down Matt's face as he hugged his son. Matt crushed the little boy against his body as he spun the boy around in glee. This was the best day in both of their lives, as they celebrated their new status as father and son. The celebration continued as Matt held his son closely as they both hugged and kissed Barney, Penny, Ron, John and Brad. On a scale of one to ten, this experience was worth at least one million, as the boy and his new father celebrated with their close friends.

Ron told Penny that he would drive the new father and son to their home. Barney, Brad and John quickly agreed to drive to the home and celebrate the end of a very difficult legal situation that had ended just as Barney had promised. Matt tossed the keys to the Hummer to Ron, as Matt grabbed his son and jumped into the back seat of the Hummer.

Even though it was a short drive to their home, Matt had put a bottle of champagne and glasses in the Hummer. The cold winter weather had chilled the champagne and glasses perfectly. Matt grabbed the bottle and popped the cork, nearly hitting Ron in the back of his head. Chris squealed with happiness, as Matt grabbed a glass, filled it with the bubbling liquid, and handed it to his son. Chris waited for Matt to fill another glass and was waiting for the toast that he knew Matt would make.

Matt surprised Chris by handing the glass to Ron, who was driving down the snow-covered expressway toward Fenton. Matt filled another glass, and offered his toast.

"Here is to the most beautiful boy in the world, who is now MY SON!! I love you, Chrissy," Matt continued, "more than anything in the whole world. You are now my son, and I pray that I can be a good new daddy to you, and prove to you how much I love you!"

Chris moved his glass so that Matt could not clink his glass against his. Chris had a toast of his own to say.

"Here is to my new daddy," Chris said softly. "I know that my mommy and other daddy in heaven sent you to me, and they are watching over us to protect us. I am the happiest boy in the world right now, and I want everyone to know that I love Matthew Alexander Cameron more than anything in the world!!! I LOVE YOU DADDY," Chris screamed, his green eyes blazing at Matt.

Three glasses clinked together, as the toast was completed. Chris giggled as the bubbles of the expensive champagne tickled his nose. Chris threw his glass down on the floor of the Hummer, as he leaned over and gave his daddy a passionate tongue kiss.

Their trip ended quickly, as a car headed down the other side of the expressway lost control, crossed the median and slammed into a semi truck in front of the Hummer. Ron could not avoid the crash that blocked their path. All three occupants of the Hummer were killed instantly when the Hummer slammed into the twisted wreckage.

Reader's note: that is the way some people who wrote to me wanted this story to end, but now that you have read that paragraph, DELETE IT!!!! Heheheheee Did I get you going on that one???????

The Hummer arrived at Matt's and Chris's home, and the happy occupants bounded inside the home, where Anna was waiting for them. The house was decorated with banners and balloons. Chris ran to Anna and hugged her and screamed "HE'S MY DADDY!!! MATT'S NOW MY DADDY!!!"

Tears of joy ran down Anna's face as she hugged Chris and everyone within her reach. In his excitement over the court proceedings, Matt had forgotten to call Anna with the fantastic news, but Penny, always the resourceful one, had made the call without Matt knowing it.

The house filled with the close friends of the new father and son. Everyone was celebrating in the family room, as Matt played bartender for his special friends. Chris walked up to Barney and gave him another big hug and kiss. Chris tried to find the right words to thank Barney for delivering on his promise that the adoption would be final today. The adoption was the best birthday gift that Matt and Chris could ever ask for.

Chris told Barney everything that the judge had said and asked during the private interview in the judge's chambers. Matt had left the bar to listen to what Chris was saying. Barney was a genius. Barney had predicted every trick and tactic that the judge would try to delay or reject the adoption motion. Chris had handled the judge perfectly.

"I wanted to tell him to 'get fucked"," Chris said, "but I didn't!!" As soon as Chris said "get fucked" he realized that he had used a cuss word in front of company, and the little boy was embarrassed. His green eyes looked at Matt's face as Chris apologized. "I'm sorry, Daddy," the little voice said softly.

Matt grabbed his son and picked him up. Matt was smiling, so Chris knew that Matt was not mad at him.

"I love hearing you call me Daddy," Matt said as he smothered the boy with kisses. "That's the nicest word I have ever heard you say."

Anna was the one to start breaking up the impromptu party, as she told everyone that Matt and Chris needed some time alone. Anna was right. Anna was always right. A final round of hugs and kisses and words of thanks were shared, and Matt and Chris were alone in their home. Anna had prepared a special dinner just for the father and son to share. All Matt had to do was pop a broiler pan into the oven to cook the main dish. The round table in the kitchen had been carefully set and decorated by Anna during the socializing of the special friends.

Chris was thrilled as he saw the table with a beautiful Irish linen table cloth, candles, and the finest china and crystal glasses that Matt owned. Two metallic balloons had been tied together, and were floating above the center of the table. One balloon had "Dad" on both sides, and the other had "son" on both sides. The two balloons signified the union of a man who was 40 today, and his son who was now 11.