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Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 3

The summer vacation ended in September, and classes resumed. Chris continued to excel in his academic studies, and became more relaxed around Adam. When they were in their room, Chris became more relaxed, and started responding to Adam's friendship. While Chris still refused to talk to other boys in the school, other than a "yes" or "no", he began to reply to questions or comments that Adam made toward him. Adam was thrilled when Chris would speak more than a few words at a time. The wall that Chris had built between himself and the world was starting to crumble. Simple "yes" or "no" responses changed to multiple words, and then to short sentences. This change in Chris gave Adam the encouragement to continue to be a big brother to the beautiful young boy. Each day saw Chris talking more and more to Adam, as Chris started to feel that he now had a place where he was safe and wanted. All of the boys had weekly counselor appointments, but Chris never responded to the counselor during his private sessions. Adam had the same counselor, and during Adam's private sessions, he told the counselor how Chris was starting to open up to him. The counselor liked the progress, and decided to let nature take its course with the troubled young boy.


Things progressed until November arrived. As soon as Adam tore off the October page from the wall calendar in their room, Chris reverted back to his silent personality. Adam did not know the significance of the month of November on the little boy, and questioned the counselor about the dramatic change in Chris's behavior and communication. The counselor told Adam that the month of November was the month that Chris's parents had been killed, and that the entire staff was watching Chris closely for any sign that depression could make Chris suicidal. Adam cried when he heard what the counselor said. Adam was no fucking counselor, but he wanted to help Chris get through this month of agony. On the 15th of November, Adam returned to his room and found Chris sobbing uncontrollably on his bed. This was the day in the month that Chris's parents had been killed, and all of the terrible memories had rushed back into the boy's head. Adam heard Chris sobbing and choking. Adam was afraid that Chris would die of a broken heart, or take his own life on the day that would burn in the boy's mind forever.


Adam softly walked to the side of Chris's bed, and sat down next to the sobbing boy. Adam reached out and touched Chris's shoulder, not thinking that his touch would be rejected, or worse, that Chris would become violent. Chris did not reject the touch of his roommate, and allowed Adam to stroke his shoulder. Adam said words that he could not remember saying as he tried to comfort the fragile boy lying on the bed. Adam could feel the hurt that the boy was going through, and he leaned down and hugged Chris's back. Instead of Chris pushing Adam away, Chris rolled over and grabbed Adam's body and pulled it down on top of his. Chris buried his head in Adam's shoulder and cried until he had no more tears left. The tears flowed down Adam's face as he held the small boy and tried to comfort him. Adam knew no words that could express the agony that he felt for what Chris had lost, so Adam just held the boy and rocked back and forth on Chris's bed, running his hand through Chris's long blonde hair that was matted with tears from both boys.


When Chris's sobbing subsided, Adam tried to lay the boy down on his bed to go to sleep. Chris relaxed enough to lie down on his own bed, but he grabbed Adam's arms and pulled Adam down on the bed beside him. "Please sleep with me and hold me" Chris begged.


Adam relaxed and lay down next to his beautiful roommate, and tried to force the tears to stop flowing from his own eyes. Chris pulled Adam closer to his body and snuggled up to the older boy, and drifted off to sleep. Adam remained awake, questioning how he could ever understand the magnitude of the loss that Chris had experienced. Adam finally drifted off to sleep, hugging the boy that he loved more than the brother that he never had. The screaming of his roommate interrupted Adam's sleep. Chris was having a nightmare about his parents, and he was drenched in sweat and tears as he screamed at the top of his lungs. Adam was holding the young boy as tightly as he could, as the door opened and Jacob Eldridge, the dorm advisor entered the room.


"He had a nightmare" Adam said to the dorm advisor. Mr. Eldridge tried to touch Chris to comfort him, but Chris jerked away from the touch of the adult male. Mr. Eldridge backed away.


"Take care of him, and if you need me, I will be in the hall at the desk. He is a beautiful boy, and deserves more love in his life" Mr. Eldridge stated as he left the room.

Chris was soaked in sweat and was exhausted from his nightmare. Adam pulled Chris's T-shirt over his head and threw it on the floor. Chris had wet the bed, and Adam did not want to embarrass the young boy. Adam got up off the bed and went to his dresser and got a clean T-shirt for Chris. Adam put the shirt over Chris's head and pulled it down to cover the boy's wet briefs. When Chris's boyhood was covered, Adam ran his hands down the boy's chest, hooked his fingers under the waistband of the wet briefs, and pulled them down. Instead of Chris fighting, he lifted his bottom to aid Adam in removing the soiled underwear. Adam lifted Chris off the wet bed and effortlessly carried the boy to his own bed, where he laid the boy down. Adam had never undressed when Chris had pulled him down to sleep with him. Adam could feel the cold wet spot on the front of his jeans where Chris had urinated. Adam covered the young boy with the blanket and undressed. He grabbed a towel and headed out of the room to take a shower. Mr. Eldridge met him in the hall, and understood why Adam needed a shower in the middle of the night. After Adam finished his shower, he got a wet washcloth and headed back to his room. Adam quietly walked to the side of his own bed and lifted the covers to expose his buddy. Adam lifted the T-shirt and for the first time saw the beautiful genitals of his roommate. Many of the boys in the academy were uncut, but Adam never expected to see an uncut penis on Chris. Very gently, Adam washed the front of his little brother, and felt his own penis inflating as he cleansed Chris's boycock and balls. Everything he was looking at was small and soft. Adam could not imagine anything as perfect as the treasure that had been revealed to him for the very first time. Adam finished washing the urine off from the front of his young roommate, and dried the boy with the towel he had used after his own shower. He reluctantly covered the boy with the oversized T-shirt, and pulled the covers up to Chris's neck.


Adam's cock was so hard that it hurt. Just seeing the private parts of the incredibly beautiful boy had put Adam into sexual overload. Adam got up from the bed and stood up, looking at the angelic face of Christopher Robinson. Adam's hand went to his raging cock and began stroking. It only took a matter of seconds, and Adam's pent up load of boy gism erupted out of his cock. The first blast hit the wall of the room, right above the bed that Chris was sleeping in. Adam quickly grabbed the towel and continued pounding his meat to get every drop of cum out of his balls. Adam shuddered with the impact of his orgasm, and nearly collapsed when his knees buckled with the intensity of his sexual release. Adam stood there looking at Chris sleeping in Adam's bed. Adam felt drained. He also felt guilty for losing control by looking and touching Chris's nude body. The feelings of shame were overcome by the need for sleep, so Adam put on a clean pair of boxers and lifted up the sheet and blanket to join Chris in his bed. Chris was still asleep, but he noticed the presence of Adam getting into bed with him, and Chris turned and pulled Adam closer so they could snuggle. Adam drifted off to sleep, holding the most precious thing he had ever had in his life, the body of the troubled young angel.

The next morning, Chris woke up and looked into the eyes of his roommate. Adam smiled at him and messed up Chris's hair. Chris giggled, and then became quiet. "Why am I in your bed?" he asked.


"You had a nightmare and I brought you to my bed to calm down" Adam told the boy.


"I didn't have this shirt on when I went to bed" Chris questioned.


Suddenly Chris realized that he was nude under the oversized T-shirt. He turned his head to look at his own bed, and saw the stains from his own urine. "Shit" he cried. His tears started steaming down his face as he realized that he had wet his own bed, and that Adam had undressed him.


Adam hugged the boy and tried to comfort him. "It happens sometimes when people have a bad dream, Chris. It is nothing to be ashamed of. We can get clean bedding without anyone else knowing" he said softly.

"Then you saw my dick" Chris questioned.

"Yes, and it is as beautiful as the rest of you" Adam responded.

Chris took a deep breath, and realized that there was nothing he could do to change what had happened. In a way, Chris was relieved that Adam had seen his dick, as Chris had not wanted to let Adam see his tiny dick. Chris had seen Adam's dick a bunch of times, and Chris was jealous of the size and the hair that adorned the top of Adam's private area.

"Let's get up and dressed for breakfast" Adam stated. Chris nodded and got out of bed, lifting the T-shirt up over his head and standing nude in front of his roommate for the first time. "It's as beautiful as the rest of you" Adam added. Another part of the wall was taken down, as Chris was no longer embarrassed to be nude in front of Adam.

Things improved for Chris in the remaining days of November. He had opened up to Adam and began talking again. Every time they got into their room, Chris would give Adam a long hug and tell him that he loved him. The words were magic to Adam, as he knew that Chris needed him. It was a turning point in Adam's life, as he became more interested in his studies and started doing all of his homework. Adam's grades improved to the point that all of the teachers were talking about him. Adam responded by trying harder and harder to complete his homework. His grades were steadily improving.

The boys of Hartland Academy always put on a Christmas pageant, which featured traditional Christmas songs. Chris refused to join the choir, but Adam went to every practice. Adam brought a CD of the music back to the room and played it often as he studied and practiced his part of the vocal program.

Adam was headed back to his room from the daily practice session when he stopped outside the door to his room. Adam heard the sound of the CD playing the music for the pageant, but there was something added that shocked Adam. Adam heard a voice singing the Christmas carols. The soprano voice sounded like an angel. Adam stood at the unopened door and drank in the sound of the most beautiful crystal clear voice he had ever heard. Adam leaned against the door and listened to the clear perfect sound of Chris's voice, as Chris sang song after song with flawless perfection. It was when Adam heard the voice singing "The Little Drummer Boy" that Adam lost control and started crying. Nothing in his life sounded so beautiful as the sound of Chris singing that song. It was like the song had been written for Chris to sing, and no one else in the world could do the song justice. It was the last song on the CD, and Adam waited until Chris was finished singing the song before Adam opened the door.

"Chris, that was the most beautiful singing I have ever heard in my life" Adam spoke. "You have a gift that you need to share with the world by singing in the Christmas pageant with us.

"I can't" Chris replied. "It hurts too much for me to sing. My mom and dad and I used to sing together, and it hurts for me to sing without them".

That was the longest string of words that Chris had spoken to anyone since the death of his parents. Adam felt weak as he realized that the wall was crumbling even more. Chris was getting in touch with his past, and Adam had to help tear down the wall.

"You just sang those songs here in our room, and I have never heard a voice as beautiful as yours" Adam replied softly. "Don't say no right now. Just think about it".

Chris remembered the times when he and his parents celebrated Christmas with their family friends. Chris had always been asked to sing solo, and there was never a dry eye in the house when he raised his voice in singing the traditional songs of the season. Jonathan Robinson had always called his son "his angel" and the sound of his son's voice had proved to everyone present that Jon was correct.

Adam let Chris have some space. Adam continued to play the music for the pageant while the boys were studying. Adam sang the songs softly as he worked on his homework. It was two weeks before the date of the pageant when Adam was singing the songs and heard a soft voice at the other side of the room join him in singing. Adam choked as he heard the crystal clear voice grow stronger and stronger. Chris was now singing aloud, for Adam and the world to hear. Adam got up from his chair at his desk, and walked behind Chris, as Chris continued singing the song. Adam put both of his hands on Chris's shoulders and felt the boy stiffen and then relax, as Chris continued singing the song to conclusion. Adam leaned down and kissed the top of Chris's head, as the boy reached up and put his hands on the top of Adam's hands.

"Is my singing okay?" Chris asked.

"It is more than okay, buddy, it is the most beautiful sound I have ever heard" Adam replied.

Chris moved his chair back from his desk and stood with his arms opened. The boy wanted a hug, and Adam was there to give it to him. Chris had decided to sing with the choir in the pageant. Adam was thrilled, as he had told the choir director, Mrs. Gentry about how beautiful Chris's voice was. Chris went to the next pageant practice, not knowing that it would lead him to the love of his life.