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Excerpt from the previous chapter:

"I love hearing you call me Daddy," Matt said as he smothered the boy with kisses. "That's the nicest word I have ever heard you say."

Anna was the one to start breaking up the impromptu party, as she told everyone that Matt and Chris needed some time alone. Anna was right. Anna was always right. A final round of hugs and kisses and words of thanks were shared, and Matt and Chris were alone in their home. Anna had prepared a special dinner just for the father and son to share. All Matt had to do was pop a broiler pan into the oven to cook the main dish. The round table in the kitchen had been carefully set and decorated by Anna during the socializing of the special friends.

Chris was thrilled as he saw the table with a beautiful Irish linen table cloth, candles, and the finest china and crystal glasses that Matt owned. Two metallic balloons had been tied together, and were floating above the center of the table. One balloon had "Dad" on both sides, and the other had "son" on both sides. The two balloons signified the union of a man who was 40 today, and his son who was now 11.

Note from the author:

I hope everyone realizes that I slipped in a tragic end to this story towards the end of the previous chapter for "shock effect". If the shock effect got you worried, kewl. I guess I wanted to see if you were really reading the entire story, or just scanning for the sex scenes. Heheheheeee

Some of the emails I got from readers said they expected a tragic ending. I wanted to show the readers how some authors try to end their stories with some tragic event that punishes the man and boy for being in love. Maybe these other authors want to send a message to their readers that man/boy love is a sin. To those authors, I politely say "GET FUCKED!!!" This story will not end that way!!!!!!

This is the chapter that everyone has begged me to send in to nifty. It is the chapter where Chris gives his virginity to Matt.

Get some kleenex ready. If I have written this chapter the way I intended, you will be soaking up something besides tears!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WooooHoooo!!! "pants will drop. Dicks will pop!!!

Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 30

Matt asked his son to light the candles, and wait at the table for him. Matt brought out twice baked potatoes, one of Chris's favorite vegetable dishes, a bowl of fresh tossed salad, and steamed green beans. When Chris saw Matt bring a platter heaped with broiled African lobster tails, the boy squealed with joy. Anna was a genius. She had prepared Chris's favorite foods for the celebration of their birthdays and their new status as father and son.

They ate the delicious meal, and kept repeating things about the beautiful day that they had shared.

Chris looked up at Matt and said, "Tonight I want you inside my butt."

Matt smiled at his son, and let his mind fantasize about taking Chris to bed and claiming the boy's virginity. Matt had been secretly preparing for their first time sharing anal sex. Matt had consulted his close friend, Lonny Nichols, to get very personal advice about anal sex with the little boy. Lonny Nichols was the vascular surgeon who had helped save Matt's life after Matt cut his wrist and hand with the broken scotch bottle. Lonny had even made up a special container of cream that was a mixture of a local anesthetic and salve that would reduce pain and aid in healing any fissures that might develop.

Chris had been preparing too. The frequent emails and phone calls with Adam had helped Chris understand how his little body was going to be affected by pain and bleeding from being stretched by Matt's large cock. Chris had even had a secret talk with Penny to learn more. Penny had been thrilled that the little boy would confide in her, and ask for her advice. Penny had secretly slipped Chris a squeeze bottle of Astroglide, a clear liquid lubricant used for sex.

As soon as the physical examination had been completed, Chris began doing as Penny had suggested, using the Astroglide lubricant and a variety of clean objects to stretch his anal muscles. When Matt was busy in his office, or had left the home to run errands, the little boy was in his room inserting different sizes of objects in his anus. Anna had helped too. When the little boy meekly asked her where the candles were stored, Anna quickly realized what the boy was up to. Anna had not only shown Chris the drawers and cabinets where the candles were stored, but she made a special effort to buy tapered candles of a variety of sizes for Chris. The tapered candles would enter the boy's anus easily, and the tapered length would help Chris stretch himself for Matt's initial entry into the boy.

Anna had even taken Chris to the bathroom, where she explained how to use the enema kit. Chris was embarrassed when Anna explained how to give himself an enema. Anna explained that getting rid of his poop would allow Matt to enter the boy easier, reduce pain, and would avoid any unpleasant accidents. Chris had been a little embarrassed at how much Anna knew about what Chris and Matt had planned. He had thanked Anna for being a great friend.

Chris and Matt both smiled at each other, and realized that they would be joined together tonight for the very first time. Chris was impatient to go to bed and make love with Matt. Matt insisted that they let their special supper settle, so that the boy would not be sick when his body was filled with Matt's eight-inch cock. They played in the arcade room and watched television together.

Matt indulged his son, as Chris surfed the extensive selection of channels that had been added to the cable company subscription. Most of what Chris wanted to watch was cartoons. Finally Chris could wait no longer, as he begged Matt to "take me to your bed and 'make love' to me". Matt knew that it was time for them to be joined. Matt explained how he wanted to set the mood in the bedroom for their first time making love. Chris agreed to shower alone and then join his daddy in Matt's bedroom to make love.

Matt showered and shaved. He put on the cologne that Chris liked the most, and Matt slipped on his silk robe and prepared the room like a honeymoon suite. Matt loaded a music CD of soft instrumental music, dimmed the lights, lit the candles, and waited for his lover to appear. Matt was lying on the bed with a bottle of champagne sitting in the ice bucket, when Chris appeared in the doorway. Chris had flushed his body of waste, showered and was ready to make love to Matt. The little boy was wearing only his green silk robe and clutching his stuffed toy puppy as he walked into the room. Matt looked at the stunning beauty and innocence of the little boy. Nothing in the world could look this beautiful. Chris stopped, and removed the robe. His penis was rock hard.

Matt drank in the beauty of his son. The boy was radiating a glow that Matt had never seen before. The child's natural beauty lit up the room. Matt got up off from the bed and dropped his robe. Eight inches of throbbing flesh stood up from Matt's groin, as he knew that this was the night that he had been dreaming of. They embraced and kissed.

Matt popped the cork on the bottle of champagne and filled two long stemmed crystal glasses, as Chris put his stuffed toy on the bed. Desire was boiling over inside both of their bodies, as Matt offered a simple toast.

"To us," Matt said.

"To us," Chris repeated.

They drank from each other's glass. Chris put down his unfinished glass of champagne, and got on the bed. Matt joined his son, and the lovers began touching and kissing each other all over their bodies as the soft music soothed the lovers. Chris was ready. Matt was ready. Everything was perfect.

Chris turned on his back and lifted his legs wide and high, exposing his pink anus to Matt. Matt gently positioned himself to use his tongue to help relax the boy's anus for what Matt knew would be painful for Chris.

Chris moaned his approval of Matt's insistent tongue action. Matt took in the scent of the boy's squeaky clean body, and continued licking the soft skin of Chris's private areas. Matt grabbed a tube of lubricant and coated his index finger, and entered the boy's anus. Chris tried to relax his body as Penny and Adam had told him to do. Matt continued to probe inside Chris, until Matt's finger hit the immature prostate gland, and Chris jerked back hard and moaned. Matt reached for the lubricant again, coated a second finger, and entered the boy's tight, clutching anus. Matt was surprised that Chris took the two fingers so easily. Matt rotated the two fingers and began probing deep inside the warmth of the little boy's anus.

Matt felt Chris's body tighten, as the boy's sphincter muscle tried to expel Matt's fingers. Chris's eyes were closed, as the boy tried to relax. Matt felt the sphincter muscle relax as the boy moaned in pleasure. Matt was going to try for three fingers, when the little boy opened his eyes and looked into Matt's eyes.

"Please, Matt," Chris pleaded. "Put it in me, NOW!!!"

Matt pulled his two fingers out of Chris hole, and Matt applied a generous amount of the special lubricant to Chris's butt hole and the surrounding flesh. Matt then covered his throbbing erection with lubricant. The lubricant was lanolin based and would not dry out quickly or wash off as easily as the water based lubricants like Astroglide. Matt kissed Chris on the mouth, and told the boy to relax. Chris felt the head of Matt's cock hit his anus, and the boy automatically tensed up, preventing Matt from entering his body.

Matt was very gentle, as he applied pressure against the boy's anus, and waited for the boy to relax. Matt felt Chris's sphincter muscle tighten, and then relax. The head of Matt's cock finally entered the young boy in a quick pop.

Chris screamed as the pain shot through his body. His anal muscles spasmed, and tried to force Matt's cock head out. Matt just held the boy until Chris could adjust to the size of the man's penis. Tears were flowing down Chris's face. Matt was ready to remove his cock from the boy, when Chris forced his body to relax.

"Don't move," Chris pleaded. "Just leave it there."

Matt felt the tension in the boy's body grip his cock and then relax. Matt waited. Chris's green eyes opened. Chris looked at Matt and said, "push it in a little more."

Matt applied more force and felt about an inch of his manhood enter the boy's hot body. Matt looked down and saw that the flesh around Chris's anus was being stretched and pushed back into the boy's body. Matt knew that this was how a ring of bruises would be created on the boy's anal area. Matt waited for the boy to adjust to the penetration. Chris's eyes were closed again. Matt saw the tears, but knew that the boy was not going to let Matt stop. Chris's little hands were white as they gripped the satin sheets on the bed tightly. The boy's erection had vanished with the feelings of pain. His foreskin now completely covered the head of the little boy's cock.

"Oh, God it hurts!!" Chris moaned.

Matt told Chris that he was going to take his cock out of the boy and they would wait for another day to make love. Chris's eyes flashed and became mere slits as the boy screamed at Matt.


Matt stayed motionless, as the little boy's eyes had changed from vivid green eyes filled with youth and love, to eyes that Matt could only describe as wolf-like. The boy was undergoing a transformation from a virgin boy into an animal filled with lust. Chris tried to relax his body, using all of the skills and mind control that he had learned in his martial arts training. Matt could see the pain in Chris's face and feel the little body shake with spasms.

Chris tried to focus on relaxing. His eyes closed as he begged his body to relax. It worked. Matt could feel the tension ebb in Chris's body, and the eight-inch cock started to slide deeper into the boy. The pressure that Chris felt was intense. Chris knew that he would either explode or be ripped wide open, as the penis slid deeper inside his body. Chris was moaning and writhing around on the bed. Each movement of his body resulted in the man's penis sliding in deeper and deeper.

Matt was no anatomy expert, but he knew that his penis would soon reach some point where it could go no further into the boy. Chris was now babbling incoherently. The boy's face had changed from that of a cute little boy into to a being possessed by lust. The throbbing penis continued sliding into the boy until Matt felt his pubic hair crushed against Chris's no longer virgin ass.

Chris screamed in agony. Matt wanted to remove his penis and jack off on the boy, but Chris's thin legs had wrapped around Matt's body, holding Matt tight, and preventing any movement of the throbbing member. Matt was afraid that he would explode with a mind crashing orgasm if his penis moved even an inch. Matt kissed Chris's lips that were contorted in a sinister sneer. Saliva was flowing from both sides of Chris's mouth, as the boy realized that he had just taken every inch of Matt's cock inside his bowels.

"Don't move!!" Chris choked out, as his voice was deeper than Matt had ever heard it before.

Matt waited. He knew if he moved his dick or even concentrated on the heat inside the boy that he would explode inside the tight confines of his lover's body. They waited, and both felt Chris's body relax and accept Matt's presence.

Chris's eyes opened. His little boy cock was now fully erect. The pain that had wracked his body was being replaced by intense feelings of lust. There was no way for Chris to describe what his body was feeling. It felt like Matt had shoved his entire arm inside the young boy's body. Chris's body shuddered. With a look of total lust, Chris looked at Matt's gentle, loving eyes.

"FUCK ME!!!!" Chris screamed. FUCK ME!!!" he screamed again.

Matt had never seen any boy virgin become so demanding. Matt had initiated several young boys into anal sex in his trips to Thailand and Mexico, but never had Matt seen a boy react like this during his first fuck.

Matt started moving his cock slowly out of the boy, and then slowly slid it back inside. At first the strokes were short, only an inch or less. Chris had turned into a raging, lust filled animal that begged and then threatened Matt.

"GODDAMIT, I SAID FUCK ME!!!" the boy screamed in total lust.

Matt responded. The man began taking longer strokes, and increasing the speed. Chris and Matt could hear the sloppy sounds of the lubricant as Matt started fucking the boy as hard as Matt had ever fucked anyone in his life. The sounds of their bodies slapping together was mixed with moans and groans of pure sexual pleasure. Matt was pounding into the boy, driving Chris hard against the bed. Chris's slender fingers reached for Matt's back. The boy's fingernails raked across Matt's back, drawing trails of welts, as the boy was approaching a dry orgasm.

Matt could wait no longer. His body shook as what seemed like a gallon of cum shot out of Matt into Chris's clutching hot hole. Matt screamed with pleasure as he emptied himself into the boy. The feel of the hot cum erupting inside Chris put the boy over the top, and Chris screamed as he dug his fingernails deep into Matt's back. Chris's orgasm was so intense, that the boy collapsed unconscious.

Matt could not believe what had just happened. A little virgin boy had been transformed from giggles and laughter into a screaming, demanding creature of absolute lust.

Matt was drained. His body slumped on top of Chris, as Matt tried to catch his breath and wait for the boy to regain consciousness. Matt's cock was still throbbing, as Chris's eyes opened. It took a few seconds for the boy to realize what had just happened.

Chris was still in pain, but his body was also filled with a warm glow of love. His first time experiencing anal sex was an awakening of passion deep inside his body. Matt had left his cock inside the boy, both out of selfish pleasure, and the knowledge that the boy might feel empty and used if Matt had removed his cock before Chris woke up. Matt's cock started to soften, but he left it inside Chris's body, as some of the love juices started leaking out of the boy.

Matt told Chris that he was going to take his cock out now. Chris could not speak, but his young legs wrapped around Matt and prevented Matt from ending their lovemaking. Matt talked softly to Chris, telling him how incredible the sex had felt for Matt. Matt said he knew that Chris was in pain, and Matt wanted to apply the salve to reduce the pain. Chris just moaned, and prevented Matt from pulling out of his body.

Chris displayed incredible endurance and strength, as he started flexing the muscles of his body around Matt's cock. It was painful for the boy to flex the muscles that were stretched almost to the breaking point, but Chris wanted more lovemaking. Matt's body was reacting, as his cock started to harden again. Chris's erection had never faded after his intense orgasm, and the boy knew what he wanted.

Without being able to speak a single word, Chris told Matt to fuck him again by humping back against Matt. Matt's body normally took several minutes to "reload" but the warmth of the inside of the boy, the feel of Chris's lower body gripping Matt's cock, and the insistent humping got Matt fully erect, and he began fucking Chris again.

This time it was different. Matt could feel the boy's anus contracting and trying to suck Matt's entire body inside the boy's. The speed of Matt's thrusts increased. The wet sounds of heated sex echoed in the room, drowning out the sounds of the music that was still playing. Chris's face became the face of a wolf again, as the boy demanded that the man take him to another orgasm. Chris screamed in total pleasure as the young boy's body throbbed in ecstasy. Matt continued hammering his cock in and out of the boy, as Matt felt his second orgasm take control of his body. Chris did not lose consciousness this time, as Matt emptied his balls deep inside the boy's body.

Matt collapsed on top of the boy, as Matt's cock spilled every last drop of semen it could pump. It took several minutes before Matt regained control of his senses. He slowly pulled his softening cock out of the little boy. Chris moaned as he felt the emptiness from Matt leaving his body and the rush of cold air that invaded his distended butt hole. Love fluid flowed out of the boy and onto the satin sheets. The boy's anus was ringed with a large circle of red that would soon become bruises. Matt looked down at the boy's red and stretched anus, and expected to see blood. All that Matt saw was a flow of his semen and the lubricant leaking out of the boy.

Chris could not move. His little body had just experienced the most painful and then pleasurable feelings he could imagine. Matt got up and carried the boy through the house to the hot tub. Matt's cum and the lubricant ran down the boy's body. Matt gently put the boy in the hot water, and made sure that Chris was strong enough that he wouldn't drown, before Matt returned to his bedroom to retrieve the jar of special salve. Matt got into the hot tub, and held his little boy. No words were spoken, as they looked at each other and held hands.

It took several minutes for Chris to regain his voice. The boy was still so weak that Matt told him not to speak. The fluids leaked out of the boy into the hot water and bubbles of the hot tub. Matt continued talking softly to the boy, telling Chris that he had just given Matt the most priceless gift of his life: the boy's virginity.

They stayed in the hot tub for about 30 minutes, until Matt noticed that Chris's eyes were starting to close, begging for sleep. Matt carefully lifted the boy out of the hot tub, and dried Chris off with a large fluffy towel. Matt was especially careful as he dried the boy's still throbbing anus. Matt laid the boy down on the cushioned seat next to the hot tub, and gently applied the soothing salve, both inside and outside of the boy's opening. Chris moaned as Matt continued to add more salve to the swollen red hole and ring of red marks that looked like a circle around the bull's-eye of a target.

Matt gently carried the boy back to Matt's bed, and the boy grabbed for his stuffed puppy and quickly fell asleep. Matt looked at the little boy and marveled at the beauty and peacefulness of the boy sleeping, still holding the stuffed puppy. Matt cuddled next to the boy, turned off the music, and drifted off to sleep.