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Excerpt from the previous chapter:

It took several minutes for Chris to regain his voice. The boy was still so weak that Matt told him not to speak. The fluids leaked out of the boy into the hot water and bubbles of the hot tub. Matt continued talking softly to the boy, telling Chris that he had just given Matt the most priceless gift of his life: the boy's virginity.

They stayed in the hot tub for about 30 minutes, until Matt noticed that Chris's eyes were starting to close, begging for sleep. Matt carefully lifted the boy out of the hot tub, and dried Chris off with a large fluffy towel. Matt was especially careful as he dried the boy's still throbbing anus. Matt laid the boy down on the cushioned seat next to the hot tub, and gently applied the soothing salve, both inside and outside of the boy's opening. Chris moaned as Matt continued to add more salve to the swollen red hole and ring of red marks that looked like a circle around the bull's-eye of a target.

Matt gently carried the boy back to Matt's bed, and the boy grabbed for his stuffed puppy and quickly fell asleep. Matt looked at the little boy and marveled at the beauty and peacefulness of the boy sleeping, still holding the stuffed puppy. Matt cuddled next to the boy, turned off the music, and drifted off to sleep.

Author's note:

This is the final chapter of Christopher Robin. I have received a ton of email encouraging me to finish this story with a happy ending. I had never intended the story to have a tragic or sad ending in the first place. I hope that some of my special readers will recognize how they helped me complete this story.

Having Aunt Mindy get wasted was one of the suggestions that I used. Another was to bring John Harper, the football coach back into the story. I liked the suggestions and used them.

I have received email from all over the world about this story. It is amazing to me that so many people read the nifty archives, and that so many readers will take the time to email me.

There is no way that I can reply to every email message, but I have taken the time to write to certain people because of what they have written to me about the story and their personal lives. I have made new friends by writing this story, and that is kewl. I have even received electronic greeting cards from readers!!!

It seems weird that reading my own words in this story has affected me emotionally. Yup, I have even cried myself!!!! Maybe the story was a little too intense, but I tried to develop the personalities of the characters, and not just repeat long drawn out dialog of moaning and groaning during sex. The authors that copy and paste the same boring collection of words to fill up my computer screen with drivel need to "GET A LIFE!!!!"

At the end of this chapter, I will briefly describe how the lives of Matt, Chris and many of the other characters head into the future. I have no intention of carrying this story past this last chapter.

I am working on a new story called "Land of Charta" that will be very different from the story of Christopher Robin. I hope that you will like my new story too.


Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 31

It was early on a Friday morning when Chris woke up. His eyes opened to see the smiling face of his daddy, Matthew Cameron, who was looking at his son and gently caressing the boy's hair.

"Good morning, son," Matt said to Chris.

"Hi daddy," Chris replied.

Matt loved hearing the little voice call him "daddy". Matt cuddled his little boy, and kept telling Chris how much Matt loved him. The little boy kissed Matt on the cheek and told him how much he had enjoyed making love to Matt last night. Chris moved to get closer to Matt and the little boy winced in pain, as his body reminded him of the events of the previous night.

"Can you please put more of that stuff on me?" Chris asked softly.

Matt retrieved the jar of salve, as Chris painfully turned over onto his tummy. Matt was extremely gentle, as he spread the cheeks of the little boy's butt apart. Chris moaned as Matt applied the cream inside and outside of the boy's tender hole. The ring of bruises was already darkening. Matt knew that it would take a few days for the boy to heal enough so they could repeat their intense lovemaking.

Chris tried to get out of the bed and walk to the bathroom to relieve his bladder, but the boy felt his legs give way, and he started to fall to the carpeted floor. Matt was ready, and scooped up his little lover and gently carried him to the toilet. Chris sat down painfully, and let his urine flow.

"God, it hurts!!!" the boy said, as Matt tried to comfort him.

"I'm sorry that you are hurt, Chrissy," Matt said, as he hugged his little boy. "I think you need to get in the hot tub again. It will help the pain."

Chris nodded, but knew he could not walk. His entire body was sore. Matt could only reflect on the memory of his own first time being taken anally. Matt knew that this little boy had been filled with lust, and had demanded to be "fucked", but Matt felt guilty for hurting the boy.

Chris sensed that Matt felt guilty, and the little boy told Matt that he loved him, and wanted to do "it" again soon. Matt was relieved that Chris was still in love with him. Chris had seen the scratches on Matt's back, and Chris was ashamed that he had hurt Matt.

"I'm sorry that I did that to your back," Chris said softly.

"You gave me the best sex in my entire life," Matt replied. "My back will heal faster that your butt hole will."

Matt helped Chris stand up, so that Matt could relieve his own bladder in the toilet. Matt lifted the boy up and carried him to the hot tub. Anna was in the kitchen making breakfast for them, as she saw Matt carrying Chris toward the hot tub. Anna smiled at the two nude lovers, and knew that they had completed the most intimate bonding that a man and boy could ever achieve. Anna kept busy in the kitchen and let Matt and Chris enjoy the soothing warmth of the hot tub.

Matt and Chris talked about the birthday party that they had been planning for the next day. They had agreed that they would invite a bunch of friends over to celebrate their birthday, and their new status as daddy and son.

"Daddy," Chris began, "can we call each other daddy and son all the time except when we want to make love?"

Matt quickly understood what Chris was asking him. They would call each other daddy or son until either of them wanted to have sex, and then using their first names would be a signal to each other that they wanted to have sex. It was a great idea. Matt quickly agreed, and they held hands in the hot tub until Chris said to Matt, "Daddy, will you put more cream on me?"

Chris was able to stand and get out of the hot tub on his own, as his little body was rapidly feeling better. Matt dried Chris's body, and the boy bent over so Matt could apply the cream. Chris moaned at the mixture of pain and pleasure, as Matt spread the cream inside and outside of the bruised opening.

Chris held Matt's hand as they both walked nude to the kitchen to have breakfast. Chris was still in pain, and staggered, but Matt helped keep the boy from falling as they walked together.

Anna looked up and smiled, as she saw the two nude bodies sit on the stools of the snack bar. Chris winced as he sat down, and Anna knew why. She said nothing, as she busied herself making the final preparations for their breakfast of waffles, juice, coffee, and sausage links.

Matt saw Chris's eyes flicker with the special sign that the boy was ready to act like a boy again. Chris grabbed a sausage and pretended that it was a penis that he was sucking and licking. Matt started laughing, and Anna did too as she realized what Chris was doing. Chris giggled. He was back to being a little boy again, and his giggles were contagious. They talked about the plans for the party that would be held the next day starting at 1:00 p.m. Matt had several surprises for his son. They had decided to have their birthday party on Saturday, so that boys from the academy could attend without missing any classes, and their adult friends could attend without missing work.

Matt and Chris spent the rest of the day walking around their home nude. They took a break from their fun only long enough to eat grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. They spent time in the arcade room, hot tub, and even went skinny-dipping in the pool. Chris had regained his strength, and was really enjoying his time with Matt.

They ate a supper of steak, salad and fried potatoes, and then watched television together until it was time for bed. Chris got Matt's attention, and told him, "Daddy, I am too sore to do 'it' tonight."

Matt understood, and softly told Chris, "Son, don't worry about it. Let's go to bed and just cuddle tonight."

Chris was relieved that Matt understood how sore he still was. Matt picked Chris up and carried the boy to their bed. Chris grabbed his stuffed toy, and fell asleep quickly. Matt stayed awake looking at the beauty of the little boy, and then cuddled close to Chris and fell asleep.

Saturday morning, they both woke up at the same time. Chris was feeling much better and got up out of their bed and told Matt to "get his old ass into the shower with him."

Matt got out of the bed and joined Chris who had already got all four-shower heads flowing with warm water. They got into the shower, and both of them relieved their full bladders by peeing on each other. Chris squealed with happiness, as he aimed his little cock to pee on Matt's dick and chest. The shower room was filled with giggles and laughter. Chris told Matt the he wanted "another poke" real soon. Matt quickly agreed, as they washed each other in the shower.

Anna had demanded that she be included in the party, even though Saturday was one of her normal days off. The first guests to arrive were Anna's husband and two of her four sons. They were all eager to meet Chris and share in helping decorate for the party. Penny and Ron arrived early to help too. There was a fresh coating of five inches of new snow on the ground, and Sam had cleared the driveway and sidewalks. At exactly 1:00 p.m., a school bus arrived with a load of boys from the academy. The house was filled with the sounds of young boys running and screaming around the house.

Adam had ridden in the bus with his lover, John Eldridge. Adam quickly got Chris aside to ask if Chris and Matt had made love. Chris giggled as he told his big brother the details of the loss of his virginity, and the beginning of his physical love with Matt. Adam was thrilled that things had gone so well for Chris. Adam whispered that he wanted to use Chris's room for a while to "take care of his itch" with John Eldridge. Chris giggled and said that was cool with him, but not to leave a big wet spot. A wet spot on Chris's bed would not be a real problem, as the boy knew where he would be sleeping for the rest of his life when he didn't have friends visiting.

The door chimes kept ringing, as more guests arrived. Some of Chris's friends from his new school arrived, including Rafael Smith. John Harper arrived with his wife. Chris was busy showing all of his young friends his room and all of the other rooms in the house that was now his home. Chris had taken his former coach and Mrs. Harper on a special tour that included every room of the mansion.

The party was filled with surprises for Chris. With Penny's help, Matt had hired a magician and a juggler. The boys were fascinated by the entertainment and also enjoyed playing in the arcade room. Chris was really surprised when Matt asked Ron, Penny, Anna and her husband and sons to help round up all of the boys, and get them into the family room.

The family room quickly filled with a bunch of energetic young boys who were impatient to go back where they had been when they had been interrupted. Matt had to yell to get everyone's attention, as he told all of the boys to get their coats and go outside with him. Chris was confused, until he got his own coat and walked outside to see a big surprise. A bunch of small snowmobiles had been unloaded on the lawn, and several men were standing there with helmets for the boys to wear. A total of ten snow machines were sitting there for the boys to ride on. The men who would instruct and control the boys as they rode around the estate would drive two bigger machines.

Chris squealed with joy. He begged Matt to let him ride first. Matt quickly agreed, as Chris grabbed a helmet and listened to the instructions from the men who would lead and follow the boys around the estate. The snow machines were small and very agile, just like the boys that would be driving them. They had governors installed that would hold the speed down to 20 miles an hour or less, so there was little risk of any boy being hurt. The first wave of boys drove their snowmobiles around the estate, following a trail that the men had made with the larger machines. An anxious group of boys was pushing and shoving to get in line to be next. The snowmobiles were a great thrill for all of the boys, as Matt waited for Chris to return.

Chris was so excited that he could hardly speak, as he gave up his machine for another boy to mount. Chris hugged Matt and thanked him for this special surprise. Chris begged to get in line for another ride, and Matt quickly agreed. Matt would never deny his son any request.

The snow machines got quite a workout that day. There were a few minor accidents when snow machines collided with other machines or trees. A couple of the boys managed to tip their machines over, but the trailing guide quickly helped the boy right the machine to join the others in the caravan. The stream of machines continued until it was getting dark, and Matt finally had to end their fun to eat. All of the boys were famished, as they dove into the buffet of hamburgers, hot dogs and fries.

Everyone was astounded at the volume of food that disappeared into the boys. It was time to cut the special birthday cake that Penny had specially made for Matt and Chris. Matt and Chris held the special knife together, just like a bride and groom do at a wedding reception. Matt saw the green eyes flicker, and was not prepared as Chris mashed a piece of the cake all over Matt's face. Matt laughed and did the same to Chris. Everyone laughed as Chris and Matt both acted like kids. Everyone was enjoying the party and watching Chris unwrap the many gifts he had received. Chris announced who gave him each gift, and thanked them.

Adam and John Eldridge had disappeared at least three times during the party. Chris had giggled as he watched Adam walk bowlegged down the hall from Chris's bedroom. Adam giggled too, as he realized that his little brother understood how pain and pleasure were linked together when a man made love to a boy.

The party was nearly finished when Ron asked Chris what Matt had given the boy for a birthday gift. Chris was puzzled. He thought that the party was his gift from Matt. Ron insisted that Chris ask Matt for his gift. All of the guests watched as Chris walked up to Matt and hugged him.

"I bet you are wondering what I got you for your birthday?" Matt questioned his son.

"This party was awesome," Chris replied. "This was the best gift ever for me."

Matt looked at Ron and told Ron to take the gift back, as Chris didn't want it. Chris quickly told Matt that he wanted the gift. Matt just nodded to Ron, who went to the kitchen returning with a large gift wrapped box that had holes in it. Ron set the box down on the carpet in the family room, and waited for Chris to open it.

The box moved. Chris was surprised when the box moved, and he quickly lifted off the lid.

"IT'S A PUPPY!!!!!" Chris screamed as he leaned into the box to retrieve a golden Labrador retriever puppy from the box. "YOU GOT ME A PUPPY!!!!!," he continued to scream as he held the puppy up for everyone to see. Tears of joy ran down Chris's face as he held the little puppy to his face. The puppy began licking the tears from Chris's face. Chris had always dreamed of having a dog, and Matt had made this dream come true too.

All of the boys wanted to hold the puppy, but Chris would not let the puppy go. Chris kissed the little puppy and squealed with joy.

Matt had to remind Chris that a puppy was just like a baby, and had to be held gently. Chris didn't want to let go of his puppy, but he also wanted to thank Matt for the special gift. Chris gave the puppy to Penny, as the boy jumped into Matt's arms and hugged and kissed Matt.

"You're the best daddy in the whole world!!" Chris exclaimed, as he continued hugging and kissing Matt. "Is it a boy or girl puppy?" Chris asked.

"You can look for yourself," Matt replied, as he laughed and put his son down. "It's a boy, and now you have to pick his name."

Chris was so excited that he could hardly speak. He wanted a special name for his puppy, and the little green eyes twinkled. Matt knew that it was "boy time" again for his son.

"His name is Matt," Chris announced. "I can't wait to tell Anna that Matt peed on the carpet!! Hey, Anna, Matt just pooped in the family room!!" The little boy was ecstatic, as he giggled and teased Matt.

Matt groaned. He never expected this, but Chris had proven that he was always full of surprises. Chris knew that he was in control again, and the boy was in heaven. He then announced that he wanted to change the name of the puppy to Adam instead of Matt. Matt was relieved, but Adam yelled that he would kick Chris's butt if the puppy were named Adam. Chris giggled. He already had a name picked out that he had secretly called his stuffed animal puppy.

"His name is Alex," Chris announced. "I want to call him Alex".

"Alex is a fine name," Matt said, relieved that the name, Alex did not offend anyone at the party.

All of the guests wanted to pet or hold the puppy, but Chris remembered what Matt had said about puppies being fragile, and Chris only let a few select people hold his dog. The day had passed quickly, and it was time for the bus to return the boys to the academy. Chris held Alex, as he said goodbye to his friends from the academy. Chris got a special hug and kiss from Adam and John. The guests left, and Anna, Matt, Chris and Alex were left alone in the spacious home.

Anna had already prepared a place for the puppy in the utility room. Ron had purchased two cages for helping house train the new arrival. One of the cages was in the utility room, and the other was in Chris's room. Matt suggested that Chris take Alex outside for a little walk. Chris returned holding the puppy, and happily announced that Alex had squatted and peed on the sidewalk. Alex was a purebred puppy from a long line of national champion stock, and the puppy appeared to be very intelligent.

As Anna cleaned up the debris from the herd of boys that had just left, Chris begged Matt to let Alex sleep with them. Matt had already figured out that his son and the puppy would rarely be separated, and Matt agreed.

"If he pees on me or the bed," Matt teased Chris, "you will have to lick it up!!"

Chris giggled, as he knew his daddy was teasing him. The new family got into bed to cuddle. Chris put his head on Matt's chest, and the little puppy crawled onto Matt's chest, curling in a ball right next to Chris's face. Chris kissed Matt and Alex goodnight, and they drifted off to sleep, and into a lifetime together as a family.

The End

Author's note:

I hope you have enjoyed the story I have written. This is the first story I have ever written for the nifty archives, and I felt a lot of personal emotion as I re-read each chapter to try to make improvements and corrections. I hope that you were entertained and stimulated by what I have written. It was a blast for me to read the emails from many readers.

I remind you, that all characters are fictitious. The characters exist only in my mind, and in the words in the archives that nifty offers to readers.

Chris grows up and enters puberty. His orgasms become wet as he gives Matt the essence of his teenage semen. He develops a nice patch of golden blonde pubic hair and a respectable seven-inch cock. Chris tries sex with a few girls of his own age, but decides that sex with Matt is exactly what he wants for the rest of his life. Chris and Matt take turns fucking each other, as Chris develops into a "top" as he matures.

Adam and Chris continue their friendship and intimacy, with Matt joining them for three-way sex on several occasions.

Alex grows up and becomes a registered Grand Champion, and is in constant demand for "stud services."

Ron and Penny finally adopt a little boy from Bosnia, and their family is complete. They continue to be best friends of Matt and Chris.

Chris ends up as a star high school athlete in football and swimming. John Harper takes an active role in helping coach his special boy into becoming a High School All-American football wide receiver. Chris attends college and graduates with honors, but never left home to live on campus. Chris becomes the head of the Cameron Foundation that was enriched by the addition of Chris's personal wealth from his own trust fund that grew dramatically.

Matt and Chris remain as lovers, and enjoy their lives together in their home in the woods of Fenton, Michigan.

I would like to close with a quotation from one of the many emails I received. I will not divulge the email address of this author and hope that he doesn't mind me including his words as my farewell to Chris and Matt and their life of love together.

"You are sweetness and light in a world gone blind with rage..."

Love to all of you,