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Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 4

Life for Adam and Chris became very busy, as they went to the daily choir practices and worked on their homework. The music teacher, Penny Gentry, was thrilled at the sound of the beautiful soprano voice of the little blonde haired boy. Penny quickly decided to change the program for the pageant to include two songs featuring Chris's voice as lead singer, and a solo performance with Chris singing the last song of the pageant--"The Little Drummer Boy". Penny was very pleased with the efforts that the boys in the choir were demonstrating, as the miscues and sour notes vanished with each daily practice. Penny had never heard a voice so pure and sweet as the one coming out of the fragile body of a ten year old boy.

Chris was changing. He was more talkative with Adam in their room, and seemed more interested in going to other parts of the academy with Adam. One evening the boys were walking the halls of the academy when Chris stopped in front of the Computer Lab. Adam figured that the boy wanted to go in, so Adam opened the door and led Chris into the lab. The computer lab had just been set up with 25 brand new computers that had been donated to the academy. Adam was a computer whiz, and he was eager to show Chris how to surf the internet. The computers were so new that the academy staff had not installed software filters to prevent access to erotic material on the internet. Adam smiled as he booted up the computer at the back of the room and motioned for Chris to sit in the chair in front of the keyboard and monitor. Adam whispered instructions to Chris, speaking softly so that the other boys playing games or doing homework on the other computers could not hear his words.

Chris learned fast. It seemed that he was born to use a computer, as his mind absorbed all of the instructions that Adam gave him. Adam leaned over Chris's shoulder and said "Watch this".

Adam brought up a screen with a search engine and typed in "Nude Boys" in the box. The computer flashed and soon Adam had selected a favorite site that contained full frontal nudity of boys of all ages. Chris's eyes almost popped out of his head when he looked at the images of boys of all ages, some circumcised, some uncircumcised, like Chris was. When Adam realized that Chris did not object to the nude pictures, Adam changed the site to one of his favorites. This new site was hot, hot, hot. Instead of merely showing nude boys at some sort of nudist colony walking around with friends, the new site showed boys of all ages with erections. Chris swallowed hard as he drank in the images on the monitor. The pictures changed from ones of a lone boy standing and undressing, to pictures of boys with other boys, or boys with men. Every possible sex act was depicted. Chris stared at the images of boys and men kissing, sucking cock, buttfucking, and eating cum.

"Did that man pee in the boy's mouth?" Chris whispered, as he pointed to the image of a boy with grayish white liquid coating his face, open mouth and tongue.

"The man just shot his cum" Adam replied. Adam realized that Chris was too young to produce any semen, so Adam told Chris he would explain it further when they were in their room. Chris clicked back and forth on the pictures, making a mental list of all of the questions that he wanted Adam to answer. From the instant that Chris had seen the first nude picture of a boy, his boycock had been hard as a rock. Adam had noticed the bulge in Chris's school shorts, and Adam was able to stare at the little tent without being noticed by Chris, who was focused on the monitor. Adam told Chris that they had to get off of the internet before one of the academy advisors caught them and gave them detention. Chris reluctantly agreed, and Adam showed Chris how to delete the files and clear the "history" of the sites they had surfed. "This way, no one will know" Adam told his little roommate. "When the academy finally gets smart, they will install a program so we can't get to the good stuff on the net" Adam told his young roommate. "But I know how to hack most of the programs, just like I did at home on my own computer" Adam added.

Chris had never used a computer before, even though his parents had owned one. Chris's electronic education had been limited to his PlayStation. The academy rules prohibited the boys from having any electronic games in their rooms, but did allow the boys to use the arcade games that had been donated to the academy--only if the boy had been rewarded for exceptional behavior. Being given a pass to the arcade was the highest honor a boy could get at the academy, and any boy that was lucky enough to get a pass would brag about the pass to every other boy around. The academy staff monitored the arcade constantly, and any boy found there without a valid pass was given a week of detention. Detention at the Hartland Academy consisted of loss of privileges such as playing outside, watching television in the lounge, attending any fun events, or being allowed to roam the halls of the academy. Boys who were in detention could attend classes, but had to sit in the dean's office or do menial tasks around the academy, like wash dishes, clean the toilets and shower areas, or empty trash. The academy had a maintenance staff and kitchen crew, but the boys in detention were required to work as part of their punishment. It was very rare at the academy for a boy to be spanked, but when the staff felt that spanking was the only way to reach a particular boy, the punishment was inflicted with a paddle on the bare butt, right in front of the other students. Having to pull down your pants in front of your fellow students and get your ass paddled was the most embarrassing thing any boy wold experience at the academy.

Both Chris and Adam had to rearrange their boners in their shorts before they left the lab. The giggled at each other as they both had obviously enjoyed what they had seen. Chris's brain was filled with questions that he hoped Adam would answer. Jonathan Robinson had told his son, Chris, the basics of sex education, but the pictures that Chris had just seen certainly showed a lot more than his father had explained. As soon as they got into their room, Chris launched a volley of questions so fast that Adam lost control, and rolled on his bed laughing so hard that Adam could hardly catch his breath. Chris became frustrated, and then afraid that Adam was not going to answer his questions, or would tease him about how ignorant the little boy was about sex. Finally, Chris could not take the sights and sounds of his big brother rolling around on the bed, gasping for air. Chris pounced on the bigger boy and pinned Adam's arms over Adam's head. Chris was sitting on Adam's chest, and threatened Adam that he would kick Adam's ass if he didn't stop laughing and answer Chris's questions. Both of the boys knew that Adam could pulverize Chris. Even martial arts training has its limitations considering the size difference between the two roommates, especially when Chris would never do anything to hurt his big brother.

"Stop laughing at me, and answer my questions!!!" Chris demanded.

Adam stopped laughing and stared at the red face of his little friend. Chris was getting madder and madder. Adam was going to answer all of Chris's questions, but Adam was enjoying the game of teasing the young boy. "I'll tell you the answers when you turn 21" Adam joked.

Chris's frustration boiled over. Adam had promised to answer Chris's questions, but now his big brother was teasing him, and Chris desperately wanted to know the answers. Adam was still laughing uncontrollably, so Chris started to get off of Adam, and was going back to his bed to fume. "You fucking asshole" Chris yelled, as he let go of Adam's arms and struggled to get up off from Adams chest.

Adam grabbed Chris before Chris could get away, and pulled the tense young boy back down on Adam's bed. "Okay, you dirty mouthed little brat" Adam spoke. "What do you want to know first?"

Chris started to flood Adam with questions, but Adam told Chris to slow down and take one question at a time. Chris started with the white stuff that he saw all over the face of the boy in the picture that was foremost in his mind. Adam answered Chris's question with both the "clinical" term like seminal fluid, and the "boy" term such as cum, gizz, load, wad, etc. Chris continued his string of questions. Chris was excited to learn so much from his big brother. Most of Chris's questions centered on whether the activities in the pictures were "dirty" or would make someone sick or hurt. Adam calmly answered question after question. Before Chris ran out of questions, he had been educated in everything from French kissing to eating cum and buttfucking.

"Have you done all of that stuff?" Chris asked his roommate.

"That is too personal" Adam replied.

"Come on, Adam, you promised to answer my questions" Chris pleaded.

Adam paused. He wanted to be honest with the boy, but Adam was afraid that Chris would hate him if Chris knew that Adam had experienced male/male sex. After what seemed an eternity to Chris, Adam answered Chris's question. "Yes" was Adam's reply.

"Wow!" Chris exclaimed. "Did it hurt? What did it taste like? Can you show me?

The questions flowed out of the boy's mouth, as he begged his big brother to show him some cum, so that Chris could feel it, touch it, and maybe even taste it.

"When you find someone that you truly love, you can experience those things" Adam replied. "Don't make sex something dirty. Sex is supposed to be a special between two people that love each other." Those words reminded Chris of what his father had said to him after Chris had seen his parents having sex on the living room couch.

"I know that other guys here are doing that stuff" Chris said. "I have seen it, and hear guys talking about blowjobs and fucking all the time".

Adam gazed into his little brother's eyes. Chris's face was flushed with the emotions of the long question and answer session. The boy looked even more beautiful than ever when his face was blushed with emotion.

"Do you jack off?" Adam asked.

Chris turned his head and looked down toward the floor. His blonde hair dropped over his green eyes, as he was afraid of Adam's reaction to his answer. "Yes" he replied softly.

Adam smiled. Chris was being honest, and had just taken another brick out of the wall that had surrounded the boy for years. "I knew you jack off. I wanted to see if you would be honest with me" Adam said.

"You knew?" Chris asked, amazed that his secret of playing with his dick in bed was not a secret at all.

"Your bed squeaks, you little pervert" Adam teased. "You whack off so much that I am surprised that you have any skin left on that little thing!"

Again, Chris blushed deeply. "I wish my dick was as big as yours" Chris commented.

"Your dick is perfect. Everything on your body is perfect" Adam replied. "I've never seen a boy as beautiful as you."

The bell sounded warning the boys that there was 30 minutes until lights out at 9:30 p.m. Both boys jumped up and quickly undressed to head for the showers. Evening showers together had become a ritual for the two of them, ever since the time when Chris had the nightmare and had wet the bed. That was the first time that Adam had seen Chris's penis. Chris had been embarrassed to let Adam see his dick because Adam's was so much larger, and Adam had pubes. The fear of being nude around Adam had disappeared that day. Adam had already seen Chris's dick, and had probably touched it, so Chris's anxiety had been removed while he was asleep. Both boys were nude, getting ready to leave their room for the showers when Chris grabbed Adam and hugged him. "Thanks, big brother, I love you" Chris said.

Adam opened the door and swatted Chris's cute little ass, as the two friends headed for the shower room. After their showers and the bell rang for lights out, Chris lay awake in his bed with millions of thoughts running through his brain. The knowledge he had gained today opened a new chapter in the book inside Chris's brain. Some boys would be grossed out by the pictures that he had seen, but new feelings were growing inside Chris. It was like a part of him had been lying dormant, and now it had been awakened. Chris drifted off to sleep, and into a world of new dreams and sensations that would change the boy's life forever.

Chris woke up the next morning with the hardest erection he could ever remember. Adam was still sleeping, and Chris looked over toward Adam's bed. Adam was sleeping on his back with the covers shoved down around his knees. The front of Adam's boxers was tented up, with Adam's thick pubescent cock extended the full 6 1/2 inches. Chris slipped out of his bed and stood near Adam, staring at the bulge and the wet spot on the front of the colorful boxers. Chris wanted to reach out and touch Adam's boner. He even thought about tasting it. The thoughts surprised Chris. These were new thoughts for him to experience. Chris continued to look at his roommate sleeping. Adam had one hand behind his head, exposing his armpit. Chris looked closely, and saw a few fine strands of hair in Adam's armpit. Chris stared at Adam, and then Chris remembered the dream that he had last night. The dream was very strange. Chris had seen the face of a man; a man with reddish brown hair and green eyes. The man's eyes were the same color as Chris's, but the face was one that Chris had never seen before. In his dream, the man was doing things with Chris; things like Chris had seen in the pictures on the internet. Chris wished that he could go back to sleep and have the dream again and again. For the first time in his life, Chris realized that he was different from other boys. Chris was gay. He was attracted to the man in his dream, and Chris wanted the man to kiss, suck and fuck him. Chris shook his head, trying to clear his mind. Adam was stirring, just as the bell rang for the wake up call.

"What are you staring at?" Adam asked his roommate.

"Your throbber, dude" Chris replied playfully. "I think you shot in your boxers" Chris added.

"Jesus, what a pervert you are" Adam yawned. "That's pre-cum. I told you about pre-cum last night."

"You're the pervert" Chris replied as he jumped on top of his sleepy roommate. Chris sat on Adam's stomach and then slid back until Chris's butt rubbed on Adam's boxer clad boner.

"Jesus, Chris, get off of me before you make me cum!" Adam ordered.

Adam tried to dump Chris on the floor, but the little boy held on tight and kept rubbing his cute little bubble butt back and forth on Adam's hard meat. Adam was afraid that he would dump a load in his boxers, and there was no time to clean up or take a shower before breakfast. Most of the boys at the academy could recognize the chlorine smell of fresh cum, and would tease anyone who had the misfortune of arriving in the dining room with that special smell surrounding their body.

Back in Fenton, Matthew Cameron had just woke up with a hangover. Matt had been out late with some business associates, and the margaritas he had consumed were kicking his ass. Matt headed for the shower, and hoped that his headache would go away and haunt his ex-wife instead of him. Matt had been married for four years. Kelly had been his secretary, and their office romance blossomed into marriage. Matt had inherited a large fortune from his grandfather. Because the marriage to Kelly only lasted four years, Matt's inheritance had been saved from the claw's of Kelly's lawyer. Matt had become suspicious of the many times that his wife would be away from the home. His curiosity finally led him to hire a private detective. Matt still remembers the day that the private detective gave him a report that included several 8 by 10 color photographs of his wife having sex with her best friend at a nearby motel. The two lesbians had been careless, and had been caught red faced, red handed, and red cunted. Matt's lawyer, Barney had the upper hand in all of the divorce proceedings. Kelly did not want her relationship with Linda exposed, as Linda was supposedly happily married too. It was shortly after the divorce was final that Matt lost both of his parents in the crash of a private jet that his father owned. The loss of his parents hit Matt hard. Losing his wife and then his parents put Matt deep into depression. He was ready to commit suicide, when his old college buddy, Ron Gentry called him. The timing of the call was perfect. Ron came over and stayed with his fraternity brother, making sure that Matt was eating properly. Ron stayed for two weeks, and insisted that Matt see a psychiatrist. Reluctantly, Matt agreed.

Years had passed, but Matt still remembered what Ron had done for him. Matt now had so much money after his parents' estate was settled, that he set up a charitable corporation so he could share his wealth with people in need. The Cameron Foundation was well known throughout Michigan and the mid west for its generosity. Matt's only job was to direct the activities of the foundation. He had a beautiful office, but preferred to work out of his spacious home that was located on 25 acres of wooded land near Fenton.

Penny had insisted that Matt go out to dinner with her and Ron and then attend the Christmas pageant at the Hartland Academy. Matt had tried every possible excuse, but Penny always got her way. Matt had made several donations to the academy but he was not interested in wasting a Friday evening listening to a bunch of squeaky immature voices.

Matt was approaching his 40th birthday in January, and he was planning on a trip to Thailand to indulge in some heavy boy fucking. Matt had been to Thailand before, and he loved the way even the teenage boys had immature looking bodies. He would blast gallons of cum on this next trip. Matt got a full erection just thinking about the boys like Kun and Tai that he had bedded on his last trip. Matt got dressed and left to meet his friends for dinner.

The dinner was too fast for Matt. He had hoped that the service wold be slow so he could make an excuse to go home instead of the pageant. Penny could read Matt's mind. "You're driving" she said. The three of them got into Matt's new Mercedes S500, and rode to the academy. Penny had to be there early to make final preparations, so Ron and Matt stood outside the academy, each smoking one of Matt's Cuban cigars. Penny had reserved seats in the front row for Ron and Matt, so they were in no hurry to enter the small auditorium.