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Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 5

The lights in the audience area of the auditorium were dimmed, as the curtain opened and the audience saw the collection of boys standing on the risers on the stage. Matt was disinterested, until he saw Penny walk out onto the stage to address the small crowd. Penny looked out into the audience, and wished that more people would have attended to show their appreciation for the effort that the boys had made in practicing for the pageant. Penny knew that most of the parents of the boys singing in her choir were not in the audience, but she still wanted the people who attended to know how hard the boys had worked to prepare for this single performance. Penny introduced the choir to the audience, and nodded for the music to start.

Matt was unprepared for the quality of the music and voices that rang out from the stage. Matt scanned the faces of the boys on the stage, but his eyes immediately locked on the green eyes of a beautiful boy with golden blonde hair. Matt lost all interest in taking a nap as he used his hearing to search out the voice of the little angel that was standing in the front row of the choir. Nothing could describe the emotions that started to well up in Matt's head and body. This boy was incredibly beautiful, and his voice was beyond description. Ron felt the tension in his friend's body as the performance progressed. Ron looked at Matt, and saw Matt's eyes glazed over, and his mouth open. Matt was totally consumed by the beauty of the sounds coming from the stage, and in particular, from that one boy with the golden long hair. Matt touched his friend's hand, and got only a fleeting glance from Matthew.

The performance lasted 45 minutes, but to Matt, it seemed like it lasted only seconds. The small blonde boy had sung a solo of "The Little Drummer Boy" that tore Matt's heart apart. Nothing could ever describe the feelings that he had for this little boy and the way the child sang that song. Tears were running down Matt's face as the boy finished the song. Matt was the first to rise from his seat, applauding and cheering for more from the little god. The rest of the audience was standing and clapping and screaming for "more, more, more" as the curtain closed. The audience would not stop clapping and cheering, even after Penny had the curtains opened again to honor the performance of the boys. Someone in the back of the audience yelled out, "We want more from the little blonde boy!" and the rest of the audience shouted their agreement. Penny had never had this happen at one of the previous pageants, so she was confused about what to do. She walked up to Christopher Robinson, and whispered to him. "Is there another song that you can sing?"

Chris nodded, and told her the name of the song. Penny knew that they did not have the music for the song, but Chris said he could sing it without music. Penny motioned to the crowd to quiet down, as Chris walked up to stand beside her. Chris for the first time looked into the crowd, and saw a handsome man with reddish brown hair and green eyes in the front row. Chris froze. The face of the man was the same face as in his dreams. Chris started to run off the stage, but was met by Adam, who grabbed him and told him "I told you how beautiful your voice was. Now you have this audience in your hands. Don't give up now, show them what you can do. I love you little brother, and this is your destiny".

Chris tensed up, and wanted to run, but the face from his dreams was there in the front row of the audience. Something inside Chris gave him the strength to return to the center of the stage. Penny hugged him, and gave him a kiss on the top of the head. For Chris, that was the first hug and kiss he had received from a woman since his mother had died. Chris started to sing, but froze. His voice cracked. He choked, and wanted to run off the stage in tears, but Adam had seen his buddy in trouble, and rushed to his side. Adam kneeled down beside Chris and hugged him and comforted him. "It's okay, Chris, you can do this" Adam whispered to Chris. "Just take your time, take a deep breath, and sing like the angel that you are".

Hearing the name of angel, brought back memories of past holiday seasons with his parents. Only his parents had ever called Chris an angel. Adam had hit another nerve in the painful past, and Chris knew he could never sing another note for this audience. Tears ran down his face, and Chris was afraid that he would pee his pants, or pass out. The tears blurred his vision, but he felt the warmth of Adam's hands on his shoulders, and he looked out toward the audience. All Chris could see was a man in the front row with reddish brown hair and a handsome face. The face was mouthing the words "Sing for me".

Chris took a deep breath, turned and gave Adam a hug, and turned to his captive audience. If the audience was captured by the sound of Chris singing "The Little Drummer Boy" they were totally overwhelmed by the sound of the little blonde boy singing "Ave` Maria". There was not a sound in the audience as the small boy poured his emotions into the song. There was no music to cover up any mistakes that the boy would make, and the lack of accompaniment increased the impact on the audience. It was not a traditional Christmas song, but it put the entire audience in a different place where the crystal clear soprano voice took them to new heights of appreciation of the wonder of youth. Chris put all of his emotions that had been bottled up for years into his singing. He focused on the green eyes of the man in the front row, and imagined that he was singing only to him. He didn't even know the man's name, but somehow Chris knew that this man was his savior and destiny. Chris worked the audience with a stage presence that no one could have ever written the script for. He moved around on the stage, fell to his knees, and finished the song in tears.

When his song was finished, there was a long silence from the audience. Everyone was so amazed by the performance of this little boy that they had trouble realizing that his gift to them was finished. The silence continued, as the beauty of the song stunned the audience. Chris took the silence, for disapproval. He turned to run from the stage, but was met by Adam who lifted the boy up into his arms and took him back to center stage as the crowd stood up and cheered wildly for the performance of a lifetime. The one clapping and cheering the loudest was Matthew Cameron. Tears ran down Matt's face, as he clapped and cheered for the little boy with the blonde hair and green eyes. The curtain closed, and the performance was over. Matt stood there unable to move. Ron looked at his friend, and saw pure love flowing from Matt's face. Ron knew that Matt had just fallen in love with a ten year old boy.