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Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 6

Ron Gentry turned to look at the face of his fraternity and long time friend, Matthew Cameron. Matt was still standing there speechless, as his mind and body tried to process what he had just witnessed from the little golden haired boy.

"I think cupid just shot an arrow right through your heart" Ron quipped. "Your eyes look like a deer caught in the headlights of a truck".

"Fuck you, Ron" Matt replied.

"I haven't seen that look in your eyes since the night when we were both 19 and pledging the fraternity" Ron added. "Do you remember that night? It was the first time that you fucked me, and I haven't seen that look on your face since. Even when you were married to Kelly."

"Leave me alone you jerk" Matt replied.

"Matt, we know you are bi or gay, and it is cool with us." Ron said. "We just want you to be happy, and now I see that you have found what you have been looking for. Let's go meet your new lover."

Because Matt and Ron had been sitting in the front row, they were the lasts to exit the small auditorium and walk into the lobby where the boys were standing to meet the audience. There was a line of people waiting to congratulate the boys, so Matt waited his turn, as his buddy Ron walked around the line to give his wife a kiss and congratulate her on the excellent performance. Ron whispered in Penny's ear, and she looked shocked at what Ron had just said to her.

"Are you kidding me?" she asked.

"No, babe, he is head over heels in love with that boy. We have to introduce them, and let nature take its course" Ron said.

Penny nodded, and then quickly told her husband what she knew about Christopher Robinson. She told Ron about Chris losing his parents, and that he would not talk to anyone except his roommate, Adam. She warned Ron that Matt would have to be very cautious when he approached the boy, as Chris would probably freak out and run away from Matt.

Ron walked back to where Matt was waiting in line to congratulate the boys on the outstanding performance. Ron whispered what Penny had told him to Matt, and Matt listened and nodded his understanding.

As soon as the final curtain had closed, Penny had rushed the boys backstage and around to the lobby to thank the people for attending. Chris stood almost behind Adam, as he didn't want to talk to the people or be touched. Chris had his arm around Adam's waist, and Adam was hugging his little brother. A man and woman approached the two boys, and Adam's face lit up.

"Mom!! Dad!! Adam cried, as he realized that his parents had been there for the pageant. Adam hugged his mother and shook his father's hand. "You didn't tell me you were coming here!! This is Chris, my roommate and best friend."

"What a beautiful boy you are, Mrs. Redding said as she tried to reach out and touch the little boy.

Chris pulled back and moved behind Adam. "He doesn't like to be touched" Adam said for about the 100th time that evening.

"Well, he certainly stole the show tonight" she remarked.

"Adam is my best friend, and he is my big brother" Chris said.

The fact that Chris had said anything at all shocked Adam. Usually Chris only said one or two words to anyone other than Adam. Chris got over his shyness long enough to move from behind Adam and give Adam's mother a hug. The woman beamed, as she knew from phone calls with her son Adam, that Chris was very withdrawn, and avoided any touching.

"If Adam is your big brother, that would make you my son" Mr. Redding said. "Welcome to the family, Chris".

Adam was shocked. This was the nicest that his father had been to him in years. Adam knew that his father loved him, but when Adam started hanging around with the wrong crowd of friends, Adam's father had been very upset, and had turned very cold toward his only child. When Adam had been arrested, his father was furious. Mr. Redding could not understand how the son of a prominent successful stockbroker could shoplift and steal cars. Adam's parents had always given Adam the things that any other boy would have only been able to dream about, but the peer pressure of his friends had taken their son to a life of drugs, alcohol and stealing. The parents had tried to get help for Adam, but the psychiatrists were unsuccessful. Being placed in the Hartland Academy was the last stop before Adam would end up in a Juvenile Detention Center in Grand Rapids. In the past, Adam had not done well at the academy, and it was just a matter of time before he would be thrown out of the academy and transferred to the JuVee life.

"I'm really proud of your grades and the reports we are getting from the academy" Mr. Redding told his son. "When I saw the last progress report with almost all A's, I thought it was a report sent to the wrong address. Your mother and I are so proud of you that we are ready to explode!"

Adam was shocked at hearing his father compliment him. It had been years since his father had been pleased with anything that Adam had done. Adam knew that the arrival of the little blonde haired boy standing beside him had changed Adam's life. Adam was headed in the right direction for the first time in many years. Adam choked up, and grabbed his father and gave him a big hug. Mr. Redding hugged his son so hard that Adam thought he would have broken ribs. He laughed and told his father to ease up or he would be crushed. Chris weaseled his way into the hug and said "He is a great big brother to me, too".

The line was still long. As soon as Adam's parents walked to the back of the lobby, Chris reverted back to his shy personality. Adam continually had to tell people not to touch the boy, as all of the people wanted to congratulate the little boy and shake his hand. Chris rarely made eye contact with the people, even when they tried to compliment him on his performance. A few times Chris had looked up toward the line of people. Chris was searching down the line for the face of the man with reddish brown hair and green eyes. For a while, Chris thought that he had been imagining that the man had been in the front row of the auditorium. His mind kept saying that the man only existed in his dreams. Chris zoned out, and remembered the dream that seemed to haunt him every night. A man with reddish brown hair and green eyes was holding him, kissing him, and licking all over his virgin body. The man would kiss him and then undress, displaying a cock that could only be described as a monster. Each time the dream had returned, it became more erotic, more arousing, more intense. The last time Chris had the dream, the man sucked Chris's cock and then fucked him in the ass. The dreams had been this intense ever since Chris had logged onto the internet in the Computer Lab at the academy. The academy had installed filters to prevent any of the boys from accessing pornography, but a few of the boys were computer wizards, and Adam had shown Chris how to defeat the filters. Chris had been looking at man/boy pictures and had been reading erotic stories on the net, and his dreams had become more vivid with each time he logged on.

Chris was still standing beside or almost behind Adam as the line continued to move. The faces of the people became a blur to Chris. He wished that the people were all gone so he could go back to his room and sleep. He hoped that the dream would return again tonight. It was great to have erotic dreams of love instead of the nightmares that used to wrack his body when he dreamed of his parents. Chris was looking at the floor with his long blonde hair covering his eyes. He stared at the feet of the people filing past him and the other boys in the receiving line. Chris barely heard the praise that the people gave him, and hardly remembered how many times he had heard Adam tell people that Chris was shy, and didn't like to talk or be touched. The line was almost gone. Chris was still staring at the floor, when he saw a pair of black shoes and gray slacks stop in front of him and Adam. Chris's heart stopped, as he somehow realized that the man from his dreams was now standing in front of him. Chris's eyes blinked, and started traveling up from the floor. Chris saw a dark blue sweater, a white shirt, and then a face. Not just any face; it was the man from his dreams.

Matthew Cameron was shaking as he approached the line of boys accepting congratulations for their performance. Matt saw Penny standing in the middle of the line. Matt's buddy Ron was standing next to his wife. Matt could feel their eyes boring into him as he approached the little boy that had stolen his heart less than 15 minutes ago. Matt looked at both Ron and Penny and gave them a nasty look. They both laughed and nodded to Matt. Matt knew that both Ron and Penny realized that he was love struck, and he sensed that they both approved of his choice of boys. Ron and Penny were very open-minded when it came to alternate life styles. They had friends who were gay or lesbian, and had openly talked to Matt about intergenerational relationships. They both believed that as long as no one is forced, love is love is love.

Matt stood in front of Adam and looked at the face of the beautiful boy standing almost behind Adam. Matt introduced himself to Adam and tried to make eye contact with Chris. The golden blonde hair had fallen down in front of Chris's eyes, obscuring Matt's chance to see the green eyes that hid behind the hair. Without thinking, Matt reached toward the golden hair. He had to pull it aside so he could see the eyes of the small boy that had stolen his heart. Instantly, Adam's hand shot out and stopped Matt's hand from touching his little brother.

"He doesn't like to be touched!!" Adam said forcefully.

Matt jerked his hand back quickly; afraid that he had just blown any chance he had of making contact with the cute little boy. Matt choked and said he was sorry. Matt started to walk away, and hoped that he could control his emotions and not break down crying right in front of everyone. What happened next shocked everyone who was watching the encounter of the man and the boy. Chris looked up at Matt, used his right hand to brush the hair back away from his eyes, and then reached out his hand to Matt.

"I'm Christopher Robinson" Chris said. "This is my big brother, Adam."

Everyone was shocked that Chris had spoken and touched the man. Adam couldn't believe that Chris would act this way in front of a perfect stranger. Chris refused to let go of Matt's hand, as Chris pulled the man closer. The next thing Adam saw was Chris giving the man a hug!! Adam was shocked. Matt was in heaven. As Chris pulled Matt tightly to his young body, Matt could smell the fresh scent of the apple shampoo on the golden blonde hair. The pheromones were blasting out of the little boy. Matt drank in the essence of the young boy, and felt his cock throbbing in his Docker slacks.

"Please stay with me and talk to me" Chris pleaded.

"Jesus Christ, Chris. What the fuck are you doing?" Adam blurted out.

"Adam, this is the man I have been dreaming about. Please understand that I need to talk to him alone. Please Adam. Please" Chris pleaded with his roommate.

Adam choked and then nodded his approval to his little brother. Chris held Matt's hand and led Matt to the lounge area adjacent to the lobby. Chris pulled Matt down to sit next to him on the couch. Chris's eyes never left contact with the green eyes of the man he had dreamed about. Matt was lost for words as he stared at the beauty of the small boy that had just defied everything that Ron had whispered to Matt about the boy being shy and reluctant to make any contact with another person. Matt just stared at the boy and drank in the beauty.

Chris's eyes were sparkling clear as he tried to commit every detail of Matt's face to memory. Chris could smell the scent of the cologne that Matt was wearing, and his young eyes and nose consumed the essence of the man. Chris felt his little cock stiffen in his pants. He knew that tonight he would be stroking his cock and probing his virgin ass for hours on end. Chris would not even care if Adam were awake. He knew that this man who was still holding his hand had been sent by his parents to take away the pain of their deaths. Chris's eyes scanned down the front of the blue sweater to the front of Matt's slacks.

"You have a woody!" Chris exclaimed.

Matt shuddered with embarrassment as he realized that the boy had now noticed the prominent bulge in the front of his gray slacks. Matt tried to move to hide his obvious erection, but the boy smiled and then giggled. The dimples on the face of the boy captivated the man.

"I got wood, too" Chris giggled. Chris moved on the couch and leaned back, exposing the front of his gray school shorts to the man. Matt saw a definite bulge in the front of the boy's shorts, and knew that the little dude was hard as a rock. Matt and Chris stared at each other and started to laugh. Any tension between them had disappeared. When Matt saw Penny and Ron walking up to the lounge, Matt quickly rearranged his erection to hide it. Matt pulled down the front of his sweater to further hide the evidence that he was turned on by being with the cute young boy. Again Chris giggled, as he knew that Matt was hiding a whopper before the other two adults approached.

Ron and Penny stood in front of the couch and made small talk. Penny was surprised that Chris was still holding Matt's hand and Chris was chattering away like a chipmunk. Penny had never heard Chris's voice, other than when Chris was singing. Penny and Ron marveled at the smile and dimples on the little boy's face as he talked non-stop to Matt. It seemed like they were not even there, as Chris focussed on talking directly to Matt.

"I see you have made a new friend, Chris" Penny said.

"Yup, and he is way cool too" Chris replied.

"Let's leave them alone so they can talk" Ron said to his wife. They both smiled as they left their friend to talk to the boy whom now commanded 100% of his attention.

"I have to pee" Chris told Matt. "Walk with me to the john, please, Matt?"

Matt was like a robot. He would go anywhere this little boy would lead him. All the way down the hall toward the Men's Room, Chris chattered about the school, his big brother, Adam, and the activities at the academy. Matt hung on every word that the boy spoke, and loved the feel of the soft tiny hand that was leading him down the hall. When they got in front of the door to the Men's Room, Chris told Matt to wait for him there.

"Please don't leave me" Chris begged. "I will be right out."

Matt had no intention of leaving the beautiful boy. Matt's erection had finally subsided. He would have been embarrassed if Ron or Penny had seen how aroused he was by being near a boy. Matt waited patiently for Chris to finish his task. Matt had wanted to join the boy in the Men's Room. He was hoping for just the briefest glimpse of what made that nice bulge in the gray shorts that the boy was wearing. Matt still couldn't believe that the boy had not only noticed that Matt had an erection, but the boy had done everything but whip down his gray school shorts to show Matt that he had an erection too. Matt stood in the hallway, reflecting on the sound of the young voice that echoed in his mind. Everything about this little boy screamed out "VIRGIN, PURE, LOVING, ADORABLE!"

Matt saw two other boys approaching from the other end of the hallway, and Matt was relieved that he was not sporting a boner. The boys were talking to each other, and just as they approached the door to the Men's Room, Chris walked out.

"Well, if it isn't the little fairy boy who bawled his head off on the stage" the taller of the two boys said to Chris. "We have been looking for you, you little pussy. We're gonna kick your ass and mess up your pretty little face."

The shorter of the two boys laughed. Matt stepped forward to protect his little friend. "Leave him alone, he is with me" Matt commanded.

"Fuck off, old man" the taller boy yelled. "We will get him right now or later when you are gone back to your slut wife".

Matt seethed with rage. There was no way he was going to let these two boys who were obviously older and bigger than Chris beat him up. Matt was scared, for he knew that he would be able to stop these two assholes tonight, but he could not protect Chris after Matt had left for home.

"Matt, I can handle this" Chris stated confidently.

"Chris, they are bigger than you. Let's go back to the lounge" Matt replied.

"Let's go back to the lounge" the taller boy mimicked Matt.

Matt stepped toward the two boys, just as the taller one shoved Chris hard against the wall. Before Matt could react, Chris went into his "Ninja Mode" and kicked, punched, and spun around with such speed and grace that Matt was astounded. In a matter of seconds, both of the older boys were down on the floor, crying and groaning. Jacob Eldridge, the dorm advisor had just entered the hallway when the older boy had slammed Chris against the wall. Jacob had witnessed the entire altercation, and did not even need the comments that Matt made about whom had started the fight.

"You two head for my office, right now!!" Jacob Eldridge commanded. "You are in detention for two weeks for this."

The two older boys tried to say that Chris had started the fight, but they soon realized that Mr. Eldridge had seen the entire event, and also knew that they were both known for bullying the younger boys at the academy. Mr. Eldridge apologized to Matt for the unacceptable behavior of the two older boys, and promised that he would make sure that they never bothered Chris again. Matt was still shaking at what he had seen, but he looked at Chris and saw that the boy appeared afraid.

"Are you mad at me?" Chris asked.

Matt didn't reply. He just opened his arms toward the young boy. Chris ran and leaped into Matt's arms, wrapping his young legs around the man's waist. Chris hugged Matt and kissed him on the cheek. Matt was in heaven. He would never wash that cheek again, so that he could savor the feel of the young boy's first kiss. Matt wrapped his arms around the slender boy and spun him around several times in the hall. Chris squealed with delight as he held onto the man for dear life.

"What the fuck is going on here?" Adam asked.

Adam had not witnessed the fight in the hall, and was shocked that his little brother was being held and was screaming and giggling without control. Adam was jealous. He wished that he were the one holding his little roommate and making him scream and giggle like a goose. Chris asked Matt to let him down, and the man grudgingly complied. Chris grabbed Matt's hand and pulled him toward Adam.

"Hey, bro, this guy is cool" Chris bubbled. "I just had a little disagreement with Larry and Damon, and they got two weeks of detention".

Adam fumed. He had warned Chris to stay away from the two biggest predators at the academy, and Adam felt guilty that he had not been there to protect Chris.

"He kicked their asses" Matt told Adam. "It was unbelievable".

"No shit?" Adam asked. "Are you kidding me?"

Chris was still giggling as he grabbed Adam's hand. Chris was still holding Matt's hand as Chris led both his roommate and the man of his dreams back toward the lounge. There were a few people still standing around chatting as the three of them entered the lounge. Penny and Ron were talking to Mr. Redmond, the school administrator. Mr. Redmond looked up to see Chris towing Adam and a man toward him.

"This is Matthew Cameron, my new friend" Chris informed Mr. Redmond.

Mr. Redmond was astounded that the little boy that was always so silent and withdrawn was now giggling and chatting like never before. Mr. Redmond smiled, as he realized that the young boy was completely changed from the silent, shy and angry young boy that had entered the academy two years ago. This was the type of event that justified all of the sacrifices that John Redmond had made in his life. He had been offered higher paying jobs in the public school system, but he had decided that he wanted to make a difference in the lives of boys that society was ready to throw away. Many of the boys that came to the academy failed, and were sent to JuVee. For every one of them that failed, John Redmond accepted blame for not reaching the boy. When he had first met Chris and his Aunt Mindy, John Redmond promised himself that he would do anything to take away the pain that the boy held in his heart. Mr. Redmond had read the file detailing the losses that Chris had experienced, and he had picked Adam to be Chris's roommate. No one at the academy knew that John Redmond had been having a sexual relationship with Adam for years. John Redmond loved Adam, and Adam loved him. There was never any coercion used to get Adam to come to Mr. Redmond's office. Adam went willingly, and their relationship was based on mutual respect and love. John Redmond was the one to bring out the first wet cum that Adam had in his young life. John Redmond was sucking the boy's dick in his office, and he savored the taste of the watery cum that flooded over his tongue. Adam was a frequent visitor to Mr. Redmond's office, and Mr. Redmond loved sucking the boy's hard cock and fucking his tight boy pussy. Adam would do anything for Mr. Redmond, so Adam had agreed to help Chris acclimate to the academy, and had promised his lover, Mr. Redmond, to make sure that Chris was never abused by any of the older boys. Adam had kept his promise, and now it looked to John Redmond, that Chris had found a man of his own to love.

John Redmond held out his hand to Matthew Cameron. They gave each other a firm handshake, and their eyes met. In an instant, Matt realized that something was different about John Redmond. There was a way that Mr. Redmond's eyes and smile told Matt that he had just met another boylover. Matt became uneasy with this situation. His attention was pulled away by the insistence of the little blonde haired boy who demanded his full attention. John Redmond looked at Chris and then Matt, and smiled. There was no way that John Redmond could mistake the looks of love that were transmitted from the man to the boy, and back.