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Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 7

The excitement of the night was drawing to a close, as John Redmond announced that the boys had to head for bed. Chris was devastated. He could never say goodbye to Matt without breaking down and crying his head off. Chris began shaking uncontrollably. Matt was feeling the same way, as he did not want to let go of the small soft hand that had been gripping his for over an hour. It felt like someone was trying to cut away part of his heart, as Matt looked down into the beautiful green eyes.

Chris was trying not to cry, but having to part from the man of his dreams was more than he could bear. Even when Adam came up and put his hand on Chris's shoulder, Chris would not let loose of Matt's hand.

"Don't leave. Please stay with me" Chris begged.

Adam and John Redmond heard the boy's pleas. They both realized that Chris had found his mate, and the boy could not stand to be apart from Matt. Chris pulled away from Adam and jumped into the arms of the man he loved. Ron and Penny saw everything, and knew that their friend Matt had fallen big time for the little boy with the voice of an angel.

"I'll be back to see you soon little angel" Matt said, trying to hold back the tears from his own body that was wracked with the thought of leaving the beautiful young boy. "I promise to visit you again real soon, Chrissy.

Chris's face drained. In less than a few seconds, Matt had called him "angel" and "Chrissy", two names that his parents had called him. Chris knew that Matt had been sent to him by his parents, and his emotions overflowed and he sobbed into the man's shoulder.

"My parents called me 'angel' and 'Chrissy'" Chris sobbed. "No one else has ever called me that."

"I'm sorry, Chris" Matt apologized. "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings".

Through his sobs, Chris told Matt that he liked hearing Matt call him by those names, and that it was so special that he couldn't explain. Matt choked back his own tears, as he lowered the beautiful boy down to the floor. Adam gently placed his hands on Chris's shoulders and tried to guide the boy back towards their room. Chris pulled away from Adam, and begged Matt to stay. Matt reached into his pocket and brought out a business card that had his name, address, phone number and email address on it.

"Call me, or write to me" Matt said. "I promise to see you soon, but until then, we can keep in touch by phone or email".

Matt had been the one to donate over $100,000 to the school to provide up to date computers for the Computer Lab. Penny had begged him to donate the money so that the boys of the academy could learn important skills that they could use in their futures. At the time, Matt had just made the donation to appease Penny, but now he hoped that Chris would write him every day.

Chris jumped into Matt's arms again, and placed another boy kiss on Matt's cheek. "I love you" Chris whispered into Matt's ear. Matt hugged the boy even tighter, and finally let the boy down on the floor so Adam could guide Chris toward the dorm area. Matt had to turn away from the two boys as they walked away. Matt was choked up with emotion, and he could not bear to watch the little boy walk away. Ron and Penny saw everything, and knew that their friend was in love.

"Let's go before I lose it" Matt told them.

Ron put his arm around his friend and felt Matt shaking with emotion. Ron guided Matt to the coat rack where they retrieved their coats and headed out into the parking lot.

"Let me drive" Ron said to Matt.

Matt tossed the keys to the Mercedes to Ron, and got in the back seat. Penny sat in front with her husband, and remained silent for most of the way back to The Greater Fenton Inn, where Ron and Penny had left their car. Just before they got into the parking lot, Penny turned to the backseat and talked to Matt.

"Are you going to be okay to drive home?" she asked.

"I think so" Matt replied. "When you asked me to go to this pageant, I……."

Matt's words halted, as he could not express the feelings that were boiling inside his brain. He knew he could trust Ron and Penny with anything, but he had just fallen apart right in front of them. The man who had always appeared so strong had been reduced to a pile of mush by a little boy who was not even 11 years old.

"You drive him home, and I will follow in our car" Penny said to Ron. "He can't drive home feeling like this."

Matt stayed in the back seat, as Ron drove him to his home. As Ron drove up the long driveway to the mansion that Matt called his "little shack" Ron tried to talk to his fraternity brother and long time friend. "It's going to be okay, buddy" Ron said. "I can tell that you love him and he loves you. Penny and I will be there for you, and we will help you and Chris find happiness."

Matt got out of the back seat, and took the keys from his friend. Ron pulled Matt close for a hug, and Ron told Matt that he loved him.

"I love you too, brother" Matt replied, as he took his keys and entered the empty house that he called home.

Ron and Penny were quiet as they drove to their own home. They both knew that Matt had fallen in love with a boy, and that society would never accept man/boy love as a natural and loving experience. Penny had influence at the academy, and she told her husband that she would do everything she could to see that Chris and Matt were together.

Matt locked the door to his home, and walked to his well stocked bar. He poured himself a large glass of Chevas Regal scotch, and drained the glass. He poured another glass and drained that too.

"What the fuck is wrong with me?" Matt asked himself. "I just made an ass of myself in front of a bunch of people over a little boy!"

Matt answered his own question. He had recently daydreamed about a boy with golden blonde hair, and tonight he had met that boy. Not only that, but this boy was special. The boy had seldom talked or allowed anyone to touch him, and the boy had bubbled over with laughter and giggles, and had hugged and even kissed Matt on the cheek. Matt's hand went to the cheek where Chris had kissed him. His mind reeled with the visions of the boy laughing and giggling. Matt closed his eyes and could see the vivid green eyes of the boy, at first hidden behind that golden blonde hair, and then revealed as the boy whisked the hair away so Matt could see those captivating eyes. The dimples….the blush of those cheeks, those full lips that begged to be kissed…. The bulge in the front of those gray school uniform shorts……. Everything about the boy screamed love and purity. Matt drained the third glass of scotch, and finally could not hold back the tears. Matt wept for the pain that Chris had experienced. He wept for the beauty of the boy, and the sound of the voice of an angel. He wept for the emotion that the boy showed when he was singing. He wept for the feel of the boy's body as they had held hands and hugged. He wept for the feel of the little boy's two kisses that had hit his right cheek. Matt was determined that this little boy would never be hurt again.

Matt grabbed his portable phone and called his attorney. Yes, it was late on a Friday night, but Matt would not wait until tomorrow. "Barney, I need you to do something for me" Matt told his lawyer.

"Jesus, Matt, can't this wait until tomorrow when sane people normally conduct business?" Barney said, showing Matt that Barney did not appreciate a call at home on a Friday night.

"Look, Barney, you know you owe me big time" Matt replied. Matt had bailed Barney out of a big financial hole, and Barney had promised to do anything to repay Matt for his generosity.

"Tell me what you want" Barney replied.

Matt told Barney about the boy he had met, and asked Barney to check around and find out anything that he could about a ten year old boy named Christopher Robinson. Barney was surprised, but told Matt to wait until he got a pen and paper. Matt repeated the information that he knew about Chris, and asked Barney to dig up whatever he could.

"Can't this wait until Monday?" Barney asked.

"No. This boy has lost both of his parents, and is in the Hartland Academy where he might be in danger" Matt replied. Matt hoped that Barney would understand the urgency of getting information as soon as possible.

"Okay, Matt, I will get right on it" Barney replied. "I will call you as soon as I have any information".

"Call me tomorrow, or else" Matt threatened.

Barney chuckled, and then realized that Matt was serious.

"I'll start right now on this" Barney promised. "This boy must be something special for you to call me on a Friday night".

"You don't know how special this boy is" Matt said. "I think I am in love with him".

Barney was shocked, but realized that he and Matt had no secrets when it came to their personal lives. They had traveled together to Mexico, where both Matt and Barney had spent a small fortune buying the sexual favors of several Mexican boys.

"Okay, Matt, I understand" Barney replied.

Matt hung up the phone, trusting that his friend would do everything possible to unlock the mystery surrounding the golden haired, green eyed boy that Matt was in love with.

Matt went to his bedroom and looked at the round king sized bed. The bed was empty. Matt wished and dreamed that someday he would see a little angel laying in that bed, waiting to make love to him. The effects of the scotch got to Matt, as he collapsed on the bed without taking off his clothes. His mind was focused on the visions of the young boy who had held his hand and showed him more love in a matter of two hours than Matt had felt in his entire life. Matt drifted off to sleep, praying that he would soon be able to see the boy again.

Back at the academy, Adam and Chris were sitting on their beds, talking about the pageant. Adam was bothered that Chris had openly showed affection for the man named Matthew Cameron.

"What got into you tonight" Adam asked.

"Nothing" Chris replied, hoping that Adam would drop the subject.

"You hugged him and I saw you kiss him" Adam argued.

"You wouldn't understand" Chris replied softly.

"It's time for you and me to be honest with each other" Adam said.


Chris did not respond. There was no way he could tell Adam about his dreams, and the sexual thoughts that were boiling in his body. Chris started undressing, and hoped that Adam would back off and let the subject drop.

"I know that you have been jerking off a lot lately" Adam said. "You are going to wear the skin off that little thing of yours if you don't stop."

Chris felt shattered. He had thought that Adam was asleep when Chris would stroke his boycock and finger his tiny anus. Chris never dreamed that Adam was asleep and knew what Chris had been doing.

"It's okay, dude" Adam said. "I jack off all the time too, at least when I don't have a better way to get off".

"What do you mean, a better way?" Chris asked.

"Promise you won't tell anyone, and I will tell you" Matt replied.

Chris wondered where this conversation was going, and then told his big brother, "I promise".

"Well" Adam started. He was unsure at first about confiding in Chris, but after what he saw when Chris and Matt were together, Adam decided that Chris could be trusted. "John….I mean, Mr. Eldridge……. He and I…… Well, we love each other".


Chris let the words sink in. Adam and Mr. Eldridge??? In love??? Chris turned to look at his roommate. Chris was wondering if Adam was making all of this up just to get Chris to tell him about his dreams. Chris and Adam looked at each other, and the wall was finally torn down completely.

"Tell me" Chris pleaded.

"John….I mean, Mr. Eldridge and I are lovers" Adam whispered, as though someone else was in the room and he did not want them to hear. "We do stuff with each other, and I love him".

"What kinda stuff?" Chris asked.

Adam thought about ending this conversation right now, but decided that he needed to be honest with his little buddy. "We suck each other's cocks, and fuck each other in the ass" Adam said. "We eat each other's cum."

Chris swallowed, and let the words sink in. He had heard guys talking at the academy about cocksucking and buttfucking, but he never dreamed that Adam would do that kind of stuff. Chris still didn't know that Mr. Eldridge and Adam had protected him for almost a year to prevent the older boys from raping Chris. Chris had seen pictures on the Internet of men and boys in every possible combination sucking and fucking, but Chris thought that all of the pictures were fake, and that no boy had ever enjoyed that kind of act. Chris thought about his dreams where the man with reddish brown hair and green eyes was kissing, licking and fucking him. Chris decided that Adam was being honest. Adam had never lied to Chris.

"I have weird dreams," Chris said softly. "I used to have nightmares about my parents, but lately I have been having this dreams about being with a man. The man has reddish brown hair and green eyes, and he is very handsome". Chris paused, waiting to see if Adam would be grossed out and belittle him. Adam just nodded, and Chris continued. "The man, kisses me and sucks my dick. Then he puts his dick in my butt and I love it" Chris continued. "Tonight, I saw that man in real life. His name is Matthew Cameron, and I am in love with him. When I saw him sitting in the front row tonight, I thought I was back in my bed dreaming, but he is real, and I can't imagine anyone as beautiful as he is" Chris continued.

"I could tell" Adam said. "It was obvious to everyone that you and Matt love each other. In a way, I am jealous. I had always hoped that you would love me and we could have sex here in our room. I have been turned on so much by just looking at you, that I have cum in my pants."

"Really?" Chris questioned.

"Yes, really" Adam replied. "You are the sexiest thing I have ever seen."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Chris asked.

"I was afraid that you would freak out" Adam replied. "I know what you have been through, and I sure didn't want to scare you. I love you Chris, more than you will ever know. I want you to be happy. I will do everything I can to help you be with Matt. I have influence with Mr. Eldridge, especially when I have his dick in my mouth or up my ass" Adam joked.

"You would do that for me?" Chris asked.

"I would give my life to see you happy" Adam said. "You are my best friend, and my little brother, and I want you to be happy."

Chris got up off his own bed and walked to Adam's bed. Chris reached out and hugged his big brother, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Adam smiled at the beautiful boy.

"Can I sleep with you tonight?" Chris asked.

"Yes" Adam replied. "Just don't try to act out your dreams with me, I am taken" he joked.

Chris turned off the light in their room and stripped down to his white briefs. He lifted the covers on Adam's bed and snuggled up against his big brother. Adam kissed Chris on the forehead, and pulled the little boy closer to him. They drifted off to sleep holding each other and basked in the intimacy that they now shared.