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Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 8

When Chris woke up the next morning, he was still in Adam's bed. At first Chris wondered if what had happened last night was a dream, but when he saw that Adam's eyes were looking back at him with an expression of love, Chris knew he was not dreaming.

"Good morning bro" Chris said.

Adam leaned over and kissed Chris on the forehead. "Good morning, yourself, you little sex god" Adam said.

Chris giggled. Adam started tickling the little boy, and Chris squealed with delight. Adam continued tickling Chris until Chris begged him to stop.

"Stop or I will pee on your bed" Chris yelled.

Adam let go of the boy, after giving Chris another kiss, this time on the cheek. Adam pushed the boy out of the bed, with Chris landing hard on the carpeted floor of their room.

"Ouch, you asshole" Chris yelled. "You are trying to kill me!"

Adam laughed and got up out of his bed. Adam forgot that he had a piss hardon, and quickly turned around so Chris wouldn't see his boner.

"You got a woody!" Chris exclaimed.

"Well, you had one most of the night too" Adam responded.

"How did you know that?" Chris asked.

"Cause I had my hand in your briefs most of the night!" Adam replied.

"You pervert" Chris joked.

Both boys were laughing as they started a pillow fight. Chris was no match for Adam, and soon Adam had Chris down on the floor, pounding the little boy with the foam pillow. Their play was interrupted by the voice of the dorm advisor telling them to knock it off. Adam let Chris up off the floor, not wanting both of them to get detention for rough housing in their room. Chris walked to the cabinet, and grabbed two towels, and turned to face his roommate. "Let's hit the shower, dude" Chris yelled.

Adam was surprised, as Chris had never showered in the main shower room with him. For almost a year, Chris had gone up to the second floor to shower alone in the private stall. This was a major change. Adam caught the towel that Chris threw at him, and Adam followed the cute buns of his roommate out of their room toward the showers. Inside the shower room, there were other boys trying to wash away their sleepiness. Adam was surprised as Chris peeled off his white briefs and stood in front of Adam, totally nude.

"You gonna stand there and gawk, or are you gonna get in the shower?" Chris asked.

Adam dropped his boxers, and stood in front of his little brother, letting Chris get a full view of his teenage genitals. Chris made no effort to hide the fact that he was gazing at Adam's cock and balls. Chris wished that his dick were as big as Adam's and that he had hair above his boycock like Adam did.

"You gonna stand there and gawk, or are you gonna get in the shower?" Adam mimicked Chris.

They both laughed, and headed into the shower area. The other boys were surprised to see Chris nude. Chris had never allowed anyone to see his dick, and all of the boys were checking out his package. Chris ignored their attention, and playfully pushed Adam toward another boy. Adam responded by pushing Chris into Eddie, who jumped back and told Adam and Chris to knock it off. Chris and Adam finished their showers and walked back to their room.

"I love seeing this change in you, Chris" Adam said. "You are finally coming around".

"Talk about cumming" Chris teased. "Did you cum last night when you were feeling my dick?"

"If you have to know, Yes I did" Adam confessed.

Chris was squealing with joy as Adam again attacked the blonde haired boy. Chris was giggling and struggling as Adam gave him the attention that Chris cherished. The boys wrestled and fought with each other, as the dorm advisor again told them to knock it off.

"I love you" Chris said to Adam.

"I love you more" Adam replied. He gazed into the bright green eyes of his buddy, and loved the changes that were taking effect on Chris's life. Adam again vowed to himself that he would protect this boy with his life if necessary.

The boys separated and got dressed for breakfast. Chris looked at Adam as Adam slipped on his boxers.

"I wish I had some boxers like yours" Chris confided. "My aunt won't give me any spending money to buy anything".

"I'll get you some" Adam replied. "I got some money saved up, and you need to get out of those 'tighty whiteys' before you hook up with Matthew".

The mention of Matt's name hit Chris hard. He wondered if he would ever see Matt again. Last night was the best night of Chris's life, and he missed Matt more than he could even try to express.

Adam saw the change in Chris's face, and regretted using Matt's name. If the man did not return to see Chris, Adam would find the man and kill him. Adam wanted Chris to feel the same love for Matt as Adam felt for John Eldridge. Adam's anus itched for the feel of John's cock. Adam wanted to feel the cock ramming in and out of his butthole, and feel John cum inside him. Just thinking about John gave Adam a throbbing boner. He turned around, but Chris had seen the erection.

"Jesus, do you always have wood?" Chris teased.

"Bite me, little brother" Adam replied, as he stuffed his erection inside his boxers, promising himself that he would try to find John Eldridge as soon as possible. Adam wanted to dump at least two loads of boy sperm in John, and also wanted to beg John to help Chris hook up with Matthew Cameron.

Back in Fenton, Matthew Cameron was just waking up. His head was throbbing from the effects of the many glasses of scotch that he had consumed the previous night. He staggered into his elegant bathroom and drained his bladder while he reeled with the hangover that he had caused by overindulging the previous night. Matt looked at his reflection in the mirror, and saw an old man. A man who was a pervert for the thoughts that had flooded his brains ever since he saw that boy. That boy. What boy? The boy of his dreams. Matt was jerked back to reality, as he tried to kick the fogginess out of his brain. He had met an angel. He had heard an angel sing, looking only at him. The angel's name was Christopher Robinson. He had called the boy "angel" and "Chrissy" and the boy had freaked out. The boy had hugged and kissed him, and Matt was confused about his feelings. Matt knew that he loved that little boy more than anything in the world, but Matt wondered if the boy could possibly love him back.

Matt staggered into the shower, turning on all four shower heads at the same time. Matt dreamed of having the little boy in the shower with him. He wondered what it would be like to wash the boy's body, and touch his little cock. Matt had seen the bulge in the front of the boy's gray shorts, and he wondered what the cocklette would look like. Matt imagined feeling the softness of the boy's chest, his belly, his scrotum, and the cheeks of the boy's ass. The blood surged into Matt's penis, and it inflated to its full eight inches of hardness. For the first time in his life, Matt wished that his cock were tiny. Tiny and thin so he could shove it up the cute boy's ass without hurting him. Matt was lost to the world in the shower, as he grabbed his rock hard cock and stroked himself to a thundering climax. As his semen splashed against the wall of the shower enclosure, Matt pledged to find a way to be with the boy. Matt rationalized that he would not have to have sex with Chris, but he wanted to hug and kiss the boy on the mouth. Matt wanted to taste the boy's tongue, and shower the boy with love and affection. Matt could not let go of his cock, and he pounded his meat until he shot another massive load against the wall of the shower. "Jesus" Matt thought, "I've never been able to double cum like that".

Matt got out of the shower, and walked nude into his office. Ever since he had moved into this home with five bedrooms and four baths, he had considered one of the bedrooms his personal office. Matt had a cable modem, and he was connected to the internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Matt clicked on his email, praying that he would see a message from his little friend at the Hartland Academy. Matt had 16 email messages. Most of them were spam, but three were from business connections that he wanted to read. Matt was just opening the first meaningful message, when the phone rang. Matt looked at the caller ID, and knew it was either Ron or Penny calling him. Matt thought about letting the call go to his answering service, but finally decided to pick up the phone just before the fourth ring.

"Hello" Matt said.

"It's me, Penny" the voice replied. "How are you feeling this morning?" Penny asked. Penny was on a personal mission to get inside the mind of her husband's best friend. Matt had been the best man when Penny and Ron got married, and Penny knew that Ron and Matt had a very close personal relationship during college. Penny always wondered just how close the two guys had been. Penny and Ron had talked last night about how Matt had fawned over the beautiful boy in her pageant. Penny realized, maybe more than her husband that their friend, Matt was in love. She wanted to help Chris find happiness in his young life, and she wanted Matt to finally settle down and enjoy life. Penny had no reservations about playing "match maker" between the young boy at the academy and Matt.

"My head is killing me" Matt answered. "I think the Chinese army ran down my throat last night" he quipped.

"You are in love, and I know it, you jerk" Penny joked. "You did everything but fuck that boy's brains out last night".

"Jesus, Penny, do you have to be so graphic?" Matt asked.

"Sorry, friend, but you got hit by a truck of love last night, and the truck has the name of Christopher Robinson painted all over it" she replied.

Matt knew that Penny was right, and that he was in love. He wondered if the boy could possibly know how much Matt loved him, and if the boy could ever love him back. Matt decided to be honest with Penny, as she and Ron had never been dishonest with him.

"I can't stop thinking about him" Matt confessed.

"I'm not surprised" she replied. "No one at the academy can believe how Chris acted last night. It was the first time that the boy had ever opened up to anyone, and he seemed to adore you".

"Penny, you know I can't lie to you. I am trying to find out as much as I can about that boy. He is so special to me that I can't even try to put my thoughts into words," Matt admitted.

"I know, Matt, and I am going to help you as much as I can" she replied. "He has been hurt so bad in the past, that he may be beyond reach. He may never let another person love him like his parents did. I read his file before, but I am going back to the academy today to read it again. He is very fragile, Matt, so please don't hurt him" she said.

"I would die before I hurt that little angel" Matt replied.

"I know you are telling me the truth" Penny replied. "Let me call you back later after I have read his file and asked a few questions."

"Thanks, Penny" Matt said. "Please help me understand him so I can love him."

The phone call ended with Matt wondering if he had made a mistake by being so honest with Penny. Men go to jail for a long time for doing what he was thinking about with the young boy. Matt would lose everything if he were ever caught acting out on his thoughts and feelings for the young boy.

Back at the Harland Academy, Chris and Adam had finished breakfast, and Chris asked Adam to go to the Computer Lab. Adam thought that Chris was interested in surfing the net for more nasty porno files, but Chris had other desires. Chris wanted to send a quick email to Matt, and see if Matt was still interested in being his friend. Chris wanted Matt to be more than a friend. Chris wanted Matt to make the dreams come true, and love and kiss and lick all over Chris's body. Chris thought that Matt would want someone older than he was. Maybe Matt would want someone like Adam, who had a big dick, hair, and could cum. Chris prayed that Matt would like him and accept the fact that Chris was still a boy, and had a tiny dick. Chris also worried that Matt would not like the fact that Chris was uncircumcised. Chris had noticed in the shower room that most of the boys were circumcised. Chris wished that his dick was like theirs, and that his would not have the extra skin that hid the knob of his dick.

Adam walked with Chris to the Computer Lab, fearful that the boy would again be hurt if he made contact with Matthew. Adam figured that Chris was going to send email to Matt, and Adam silently prayed that Matt would not reject his little brother. Adam booted up one of the computers and logged on to hotmail to set up an email account for his little buddy. Adam helped Chris select a new email account with the log in of crobinson.

Chris pulled out the business card that Matt had given him, and typed in the email address. Chris had limited experience with computers, so Adam helped him with every step. Adam told Chris to type in "hello" for the subject line, and then left Chris to type a personal message to Matt. Chris was shaking as he started to type with his slender fingers. Chris had no typing or computer skills, so it took him a long time to type his message to Matt.

"Hi, this is chris robinsson. I don't know if you rember me, butt I met you lats night. I want to be your frind, and hope you will rite to me. Please write backk soon. Chris"

The email was full of errors, but Chris was so nervous that he couldn't even spell his own name. Chris had clicked on the "send" button before he realized that he made so many errors. Chris was ashamed of the message, and called to Adam to help him cancel the message. Adam stood behind his little brother, and told him that it was too late, that the message had already been sent. Chris was ready to cry from embarrassment over all of the errors in the message.

"Relax, little buddy" Adam said. "You just need more practice on the computer. If I know Matt, he will love hearing from you". Silently Adam was praying that Matt would accept the errors that Chris had made and respond to the email.

"How long before I get an answer?" Chris asked.

"It might take days before he checks his email and answers" Adam answered. Again, Adam prayed that Matt would answer the boy's email. Adam was afraid that Matt would just delete the email. Adam prayed that Matt would reply, even if it took several days.

Back in Fenton, Matt was still at his computer reading an email message from his broker about a new stock offering. Matt had the chance to get in on the initial stock offering (ISO) for a company that had developed and patented a new drug for the treatment of cancer. Matt read the email and was ready to reply with an offer to invest several million dollars, when his computer flashed saying that he had new email. Matt was ready to ignore the new email or delete it, when he noticed the email address of the sender "crobinson@hotmail.com.

Matt's emotions soared, as he opened the email to see that it was from his young friend from the Hartland Academy. Matt read the message over and over. Matt ignored the errors in the typing, and fantasized about the meaning behind the words that Chris had typed. Matt was choked up with emotions, as he hit the reply button and started typing.

"Hi Chrissy:

This is your new friend Matt. I was so surprised that you sent me email, and I am happy that you remember me. You are a very special boy to me, and I would love to be your friend forever. You may think that I acted like an ass last night, but I was so impressed by your singing that I could hardly speak. You are a beautiful boy, and I want to come and visit you at the academy. Maybe they will let you out to go to McDonald's or some other place for lunch. I really want to be your friend. Please write back soon. Tell Adam Hi for me. Your friend, Matt."

Matt had tears in his eyes as he thought of the little boy sitting at the computer that Matt had paid for. His donation to the academy was now justified. If only the little boy could realize how much Matt loved him, Matt would be willing to donate millions instead of thousands. Matt was ready to delete his answer to Chris's message, as he thought that no boy could ever love a man the way Matt dreamed about. His fingers trembled, as he hit the "send" button and the email flashed to the internet.

Back at the Hartland Academy, Adam was trying to prepare his little buddy for a long wait for any response from Matt. Adam figured from the way that Matt had dressed, that Matt had a lot of money. "What would a rich guy see in a little orphan boy?" Adam asked himself. Adam was ready to shut down the computer and take Chris out to play basketball, when the computer flashed that Chris had new email. At first, Adam figured it would be some sort of spam, because Chris had just set up a new email account. When Adam saw the address of the sender, he screamed at Chris. "It's from Matt!!!! He sent you email back!!!"

It was hard to tell who was more excited. Chris didn't know how to open the email, so Adam shoved him out of the way, excited that his little brother would be able to read a message from Matt. The two boys both were excited when they read what Matt had sent back to Chris.

Chris was so excited when he read what Matt had said in his email, that he was shaking all over. He wanted to send another message back, but didn't know how to do it.

"For a genius, you are a dumb shit" Adam joked.

Adam showed Chris how to hit the "reply" button, and then Adam left so Chris could have some privacy in writing back to Matt. Chris's reply was very short. "I love you". Chris hit the "send" button and wondered if he had just offended Matt. Chris wanted to retract the email, but he knew it was too late. In a matter of seconds, Chris saw another message that he had new mail. Chris was a fast learner, and he quickly opened the new message. The message was simple. "Call me, collect" followed by the phone number that was on the business card that Matt had given Chris the night before.