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Christopher Robin---A Story of A Boy in Love Chapter 9

"How can I call him?" Chris asked Adam, as Adam dragged his young friend out of the computer lab. "You know we can't use the phone here".

"I think I can convince someone to let you use a phone" Adam smiled.

Adam was taking Chris down the hall toward the administrative offices. Chris did not like going to the office area, and tried to pull away from Adam. Adam sensed that Chris was afraid, so he put his arm around his little brother's shoulder and merely said, "Trust me."

Adam knocked on the door to the dean's office, but didn't wait for John to open the door. Adam walked into the receptionist area, knowing that Mrs. Adams was not there, since it was a Saturday morning. Adam burst into the private office of John Eldridge, dragging Chris behind him. John Eldridge was sitting at his desk in casual clothes instead of his normal business suit.

"What is the meaning of this?" John Eldridge boomed at the two boys that had just barged into his office without permission.

"We need to use the phone for a personal call," Adam said.

"You know the rules, Adam," Mr. Eldridge said angrily. "No personal calls are allowed."

"You can change that rule for us" Matt said confidently.

"And why should I change the rules for you?" asked Mr. Eldridge.

Chris was afraid that he and Adam would be in detention for the rest of their lives with the way Adam was talking to the dean of the school.

"This is why you will change the rules," Matt said.

Chris was shocked as he realized that Adam had unzipped his shorts and was pulling his shorts and boxers down right in front of Mr. Eldridge. Adam stood there in front of John Eldridge's desk. Adam's dick was rock hard. Mr. Eldridge swallowed nervously. He looked down at the hard boycock that he loved to suck, but realized that Chris was there, and that Chris now knew that he and Adam were more than just the dean and a student at the Hartland Academy.

"You told him?" John asked Adam emotionally.

"Yes, I told him," Adam replied. "Chris is in love with that man he met last night, and Chris needs to talk to Matt on the phone, right now. Chris loves Matt as much as I love you," Adam continued. "I will do anything that you want if you will let Chris call Matt. I mean ANYTHING!"

"Okay, baby," John said to Adam. "Use the phone in the next office."

Adam carefully pulled his boxers and shorts up over his raging boner, and took Chris out to the reception area. Adam picked up the phone and dialed the number on the business card that Matt had given Chris. Adam did not bother to call collect, as Matt had suggested. Adam figured that the school could afford one long distance call for the little boy. As soon as Adam heard the phone start ringing, he handed the phone to Chris.

"I will be having fun with John for a while" Adam said. "Take your time, little buddy, and tell Matt how you feel about him."

Back in Fenton, Matt heard the phone ring. The caller ID said the call was from Helen Adams at Hartland Academy. Matt's hands were shaking. Fear rushed through his mind. "What if someone found out what he had written in the email to Chris?" This was not a collect call coming through. All Matt could think about was that Helen Adams was placing the call for John Eldridge, and this meant big trouble.

Matt's hands were shaking as he picked up the phone and said hello.

When Chris heard Matt's voice, Chris choked up. Chris couldn't speak, as his emotions overflowed, and he began sobbing. Matt heard the sobbing, and knew that it was Chris on the line. Relief flowed through Matt's body as he realized it was not some school administrator calling him to berate him or threaten him. Matt tried to soothe the boy that he could still hear sobbing on the other end of the line.

"Just say hi, Chrissy" Matt pleaded.

There was a pause, sniffling, and then one magic word. "Hi" Chris said.

Matt sighed with relief. Matt knew that the boy was very shy, so Matt just continued to talk to Chris, telling him how much he enjoyed the pageant, and how beautiful Chris was. Chris listened to the voice of the man he loved, and wished that he were in Matt's arms. From the next room, Chris could hear the moans of heated sex. He had stopped sobbing, and giggled as he thought about what Adam and Mr. Eldridge must be doing in the other office.

"What's so funny, little guy?" Matt asked, surprised at how the boy's emotions had changed from sobbing to giggling.

"Nothing" Chris giggled.

"Something is going on over there that is making you giggle" Matt continued.

"Nothing" Chris giggled again.

"Is Adam with you?" Matt asked.

"He was here, but he's busy right now" Chris giggled even louder.

"What is Adam doing?" Matt asked.

Chris thought a moment, and then decided to be honest with Matt. "He's fucking with Mr. Eldridge in the next office" Chris replied.

You're shitting me!" Matt exclaimed. "Tell me you are teasing me, Chrissy."

More giggles. Matt wondered if the boy was telling the truth. Just hearing Chris say the word "fucking" shocked Matt. The boy looked so sweet and innocent, that Matt was surprised that Chris had ever heard that word or knew what it meant.

"Come on Chrissy" Matt begged. "Don't lie to me."

"I have never lied to you, Matt" Chris chided the man. "And I never will lie to you either."

Now it was Matt's turn to be embarrassed. He had just accused the beautiful boy of lying. Matt apologized, and asked how Chris knew what Adam and John Eldridge were doing.

"Adam said he could make Mr. Eldridge let me use the phone, if he did sex with him" Chris replied.

Matt became angry. Was the dean of the academy forcing Adam to have sex with him?

"Do you think that Adam will be upset about having sex with Mr. Eldridge?" Matt asked.

"Heck, no" Chris replied, suppressing more giggles as he heard load moans and groans from the next office. "They have been lovers for years now."

Matt swallowed hard. John Eldridge was having sex with a cute young boy, and Matt was jealous. Matt did not want to have sex with Adam, although before he met Chris, Matt would have given anything to bring young Adam back to Matt's house and fuck the young boy's brains out. The information that Chris had just given Matt about John Eldridge might come in handy in the future.

"Chrissy, have you ever had sex?" Matt asked. As soon as he asked that question, he wished he could retract it. Matt didn't want to scare the boy.

"No" Chris replied. "All I have done is mastabate". Chris didn't want to use the words like jacking off when he talked to Matt.

"You mean, masturbate" Matt corrected.

"Whatever the word is" Chris replied, embarrassed that he used the wrong word.

"Does it bother you to know what Adam is doing right now?" Matt asked.

"Yes," Chris replied.

"Why?" Matt asked.

There was a long pause. Matt wondered if little Chris was disgusted by the thought of a man and boy having sex. Silently, Matt prayed that the boy would not be disgusted.

"I'm jealous" Chris replied.

Again, Matt's mind headed in the wrong direction. Was Chris jealous that he wasn't the one with Adam?

"Do you wish it was you doing that with Adam right now?" Matt asked.

Another long pause. Matt's head was spinning. He never dreamed that he would be having such an intimate discussion with the little angel. Matt waited for Chris to reply.

"No," Chris said softly. There was another long pause, as both Chris and Matt thought about what was going to be said next. Chris finally continued by saying "I wish it was you and me doing sex right now."

Matt almost dropped the phone. Nothing had prepared him for that answer from the golden haired boy. Matt could not speak, as the words that Chris had just said to him sank in. The boy wanted Matt as much as Matt wanted the boy.

"You're mad at me!" Chris sobbed. "You hate me!"

Matt choked. He had to say something fast, but his voice cracked. "I'm not mad at you, Chris" Matt finally blurted out. "I love you."

"You're lying to me" Chris sobbed. "You think I am a pervert."

"I will never lie to you, Chrissy" Matt said. "I promise to always tell you the truth. I promise, Chrissy. I promise. You are not a pervert, you are a beautiful little boy, and I love you."

Chris sniffed. "I promise to always tell you the truth too," Chris said softly.

"Some day, maybe we can be alone together and do the stuff that John and Adam are doing, but it will be a long time before we do it" Matt said. He was trying to convince both Chris and himself that they had to wait to indulge in the kind of sex that John and Adam were sharing.

"Why does it have to be a long time?" Chris asked. "Why not right now. Today?"

Matt smiled, as he recognized the impatience of youth. The boy sure sounded eager to be intimate, but Matt knew that this was not going to be like the relationships he had with the boys in Mexico and Thailand. Matt wanted this to be a relationship based on love and understanding before any form of sex happened.

"Sex is the ultimate expression of love, Chrissy" Matt said. "People need to be friends first. After they have been friends, having sex is beautiful. It is the most intimate thing that two people can share, and it shouldn't be made a dirty act. It needs to be pure and gentle to be real love."

"My dad said something like that to me" Chris whispered. "I saw my parents doing sex on the couch, and I thought Daddy was hurting her."

Matt chuckled to himself. The little boy had been a voyeur. Matt wondered just how much Chris had seen or understood about sex.

"Would you want to have sex with me?" Chris asked.

"Yes" Matt said.

Chris was so happy when he heard that. Chris remembered his dreams of the man with the reddish brown hair and green eyes. In the dream, Chris and the man did everything. Everything that Chris had seen in the pictures from the Internet.

"Can I tell you something without you getting mad at me?" Chris asked.

"Of course, little buddy" Matt replied. "Tell me anything."

"Ever since about a month ago, I have been having this dream" Chris began. At first Chris was hesitant, expecting Matt to be upset, or think he was lying. Chris continued on, telling about the first dream, and how the dream came back several times a week. Not hearing any negative comments from Matt, Chris continued, giving graphic details of his dream. He told Matt that the man's face in the dreams was Matt's face. On the other end of the line, Matt had tears running down his face. There must really be a God in Heaven, who had sent this little boy to be with Matt. Matt listened quietly to Chris describe the dreams. Even before they had met for the first time, Matt had been in Chris's dreams. Matt's face had somehow been imprinted in the dreams, as a form of predestination. As Chris continued talking, Matt knew that he had to do everything possible to have this little boy to love and cherish.

"Are you mad?" Chris asked. "You aren't talking to me. Please say something" Chris pleaded.

"That was the most beautiful thing that anyone has ever told me" Matt replied. "What you described is so special. I usually have no problem expressing myself, but I can't find the words that can tell you how much I love you."

"Please come to see me, Matt" Chris begged. "Please."

"I can't today, little buddy" Matt said softly. "I have a very important call that I am waiting for." Matt was waiting for his lawyer, Barney to call Matt and give him some information.

"Is the call more important than me?" Chris asked.

That question cut right through Matt's heart. How could he tell the boy what the call was about? Matt decided to be honest with the little boy.

"I called my lawyer last night, and asked him to do some investigating about a cute little blonde haired boy who is at the Hartland Academy. I want my lawyer to find out everything he can about this wonderful little boy to see how I can be part of his life," Matt said.

"Is it me?" Chris asked, almost afraid that Matt might have seen another boy at the academy pageant that Matt was interested in.

"Of course it is you, Chrissy" Matt replied. "I want to figure out a way that you and I can be together. I want to see if I can adopt you, so that I will be your daddy, and you will be my son."

"Don't say that to me. You don't mean it!!!" Chris screamed.

The words that Chris just heard shattered him. Chris missed his father and mother, but they were dead. Now this man that came out of his dream was saying that he wanted Chris to be his son. It was too good to be true. Chris knew it would never happen, and that he would lose another person in his life that he loved. Chris broke down. He dropped the phone and fell to the floor, sobbing uncontrollably. Adam was in the next room, and heard Chris sobbing and bawling. Adam yanked his rock hard cock out of John Eldridge's ass, and burst into the next office where he found Chris lying on the floor, crying uncontrollably. Without any concern that he was standing in the office with his dick coated in lubricant, Adam grabbed the phone and started yelling at Matt.

"What the fuck did you do to him?" Adam demanded. "What did you say?" "Why is Chris bawling?"

On the other end of the line, Matt was sobbing himself. Matt knew that he had told Chris the truth, just as they had promised, but something had gone very wrong. "Nothing!" Matt sobbed.

"You fucking bastard, I will kill you!" Adam screamed. John Eldridge had quickly dressed, and walked to stand beside Adam, who was venting his hatred at Matt.

"Adam, please" Matt sobbed. "Let me talk to Chris".

"FUCK YOU!!!" Matt screamed. "You will never talk to him again. This is my fault for helping Chris contact you. I hate you for hurting him and I will kill you with my bare hands" Matt screamed. John Eldridge put his arms around his young nude lover, and asked Adam for the phone. John had a hard time getting the phone away from Adam, who wanted to vent more hatred toward Matthew Cameron.

Adam finally gave John the phone and dropped to the floor to hug his little brother who was still sobbing uncontrollably. John turned away from Chris and Adam, and walked as far away from them as he could.

"Matt, this is John Eldridge. What in the hell is going on?" John asked.

"John, I love Chris," Matt said through his sobs. "I just told him that I was trying through my lawyer to find a way that I could adopt Chris and make him my son."

"Shit, Matt," John said. "You just promised an orphan boy the world, and it sounds so good to him that he can't comprehend that it could possibly happen," John continued. "Chris's life has been torn apart by losing the people he loved, and you should have never promised something to him that you can't deliver."

"Help me, please," Matt begged. "I have a lot of money. I have the best lawyer in the world. Please help me, John, I need him and he needs me."

"Okay, Matt," John replied. "I will help you. Let me give you some information for your lawyer. Chris's legal guardian is a woman named Mindy McClure. The bank is currently conducting an audit of the expenses she has submitted for reimbursement from the trust fund established for the boy's care. Chris is a very wealthy young boy. I hope that you realize that I could be in a lot of trouble for giving you this information, as it is highly confidential. I could lose my job and a lot more if anyone ever knew where you got this information."

"Thanks, John," Matt said as he tried to compose himself. "Can you explain things to Chris and Adam for me?"

"Of course," John replied. "Can you come here tomorrow for the family visitation time? I think you and Chris need to talk, and I need to talk to my Adam."

"What time tomorrow?" Matt asked.

"Two p.m." John answered. "Come early so we can talk privately."

"Nothing could stop me from being there. Thanks, John," Matt said. "I owe you one."