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Chapter One

Buzzzz. My cell phone vibrated in the pocket of my shorts. I took it out and looked at the caller ID. It was Cole.

"Hey babe," I cooed into my cell phone.

"Jason, dude, holy shit dude you have to come over!" Cole said excitedly.

"What's up?" I asked, making my way across the main quad on campus.

"I have the best news ever!" Cole squealed.

"Tell me!" I laughed, loving to hear Cole so excited.

"Just come over! Pleeeeease," Cole whined.

"Aw come on, give me a hint," I begged, a few people starting to give me weird looks. It was quite unlike Cole to act like this on the phone, normally he was calm and collected even when we were alone and talking dirty.

"See you soon," Cole said mischievously before ending with, "love you."

Luckily my school day was over and I was free to head over to Cole's house. That wasn't out of the ordinary as I spent at least six days a week seeing Cole in some capacity. Tonight I had planned to come over after dinner and watch a movie, but apparently Cole thought whatever he had to tell me was too important to wait.

I was finishing up my first year at State University. By all accounts it had been the best year of my life; I had met amazing new friends, loved the school I was going to, and most importantly, met Cole. Finals would be in a few weeks and then I'd be heading home for the summer. It was something I fought over many times in my mind as I didn't want to be away from Cole but also missed my family. I was moving into an apartment next fall with my current roommate Max and some of his friends and didn't have a place to live over the summer. I could always have stayed in the dorms and gone to summer school, but after 9 months of reading and tests I was ready for a break.

My relationship with Cole had blossomed over the course of my freshman year. I had met him through the Bobcat Buddies program, basically the University's version of the "Big Brother, Big Sister" program. Students who wished to participate were assigned a child they were to hang out with, befriend, and help them through whatever was troubling them.

The fact I got paired with Cole is still something I couldn't quite believe. His father had died recently and he and his mom had moved to a new town. He was a shy boy and didn't make friends easily, so he wasn't having a great time in his new location. His mom worked hard to try and earn enough to keep their modest one story house and keep Cole happy. She was an amazing woman who unfortunately couldn't spend much time with her son.

That's where I came in. The moment I opened the door and saw Cole, it was love at first sight. We instantly bonded and became great friends. He was so much happier and started opening up more in school. At the time I was still struggling with my attraction to him. I had realized my attraction to younger kids before, but always pushed it aside as some sort of random occurrence. Once I was paired with Cole however, I could no longer deny my feelings for him. Sure, I liked guys my age too, but none of them could ever match up to Cole. He was my dream boy sent from heaven and I couldn't have been happier.

Over the weeks our attraction grew. Turns out he was gay as well and had experience with some boys his age. At first I resisted his advances, it was too dangerous and I was scared of being caught. But eventually I broke down and our love was able to flourish. By October of my freshman year we had gone all the way.

Since then everything had been going great. Going back home for Christmas was hard at first because I had to be away from Cole for three weeks. Thankfully his mom's cell phone carrier and mine were the same so we had free calls to each other after 6pm. Almost every night he'd barrow his mom's phone and call me, our conversations sometimes lasting hours.

At first I didn't tell my parents about Cole at all, but eventually let them know I was his "Bobcat Buddy" and he and I had become good friends. They were proud of me for making a difference in his life but reminded me to have fun doing "college things" as well. I'm pretty sure that meant chasing after girls and getting drunk at parties to my dad but I just agreed. If they knew the scope of our relationship; well, I didn't even want to think about that.

Leaving for the summer was going to be even harder. I'd fly home a few days after finals ended making sure all my stuff was boxed up and in storage. The plan was to drive back to college at the end of the summer so I'd have my car with me next year. I was excited because I would be able to drive Cole to his sports practices and other events. The car would unlock a whole new world for us, no longer be restricted to walking distance from campus and our respective bedrooms.

Cole and I now officially considered ourselves "boyfriends," although I made Cole promise me he wouldn't limit himself just to me. I remember being gay at that age and being afraid of expressing that in any capacity. I knew Cole could probably have any gay or bi-curious boy in his school and didn't want our relationship to cause him to miss out on those opportunities. He promised me he wouldn't turn down any opportunity out of feeling obligated to our relationship, but I would be the only one he loved. If he had a chance to get some action, he would, but it would be just that and nothing more. I loved Cole with all my heart and knew he meant what he said.

Rounding the corner onto Cole's street, the familiar one story house came into view. I remember walking up to it last summer not knowing what to think. Everything was so foreign and scary at first, but now Cole and I were like two peas in a pod. I almost felt weird if I wasn't with him.

I sent a quick text message to my roommate Max letting him know I wouldn't be at the dorm as my plans had changed. He was used to it by now, joking I'd be a good roommate next year considering I'd be spending most my at Cole's house anyway.

Approaching the front door I could hear the rapid patter of Cole's feet as he rushed to the door; finally I'd get to hear what the good news was.

"Jason!" Cole cried, flinging the door open and lunging into my arms. He was dressed in basketball shorts and a tee shirt, a typical outfit for him when the weather was warm.

"Hey buddy!" I said, squeezing him into my body. He was always so soft and warm, I wanted to hug him every chance I got.

"So guess what?" he asked, breaking our bond.

"What?" I asked, curious. Whatever it was, it had to be huge. Cole had never been this excited before over anything.

"Guessssss," Cole whined.

"Your mom gave in and bought you a Wii?" I joked.

"Ha, I wish," Cole laughed.

"What then?" I asked.

"Okay, this is huge."

"I got that. Now tell me!"

"Ok, you ready for this?"


"My mom said you can move in with us!" Cole squealed.

"Huh?" I asked, unable to process what Cole just said.

"She wants you to live with us!" Cole grinned. "So you can watch me and she can go out of town to see Grandma and stuff. And now that you're moving off campus it's perfect!"

"Oh wow," I said, my mind racing. "I wish I would've known this before I got an apartment with Max. And this summer I have to go home, remember?"

"I know," Cole said, "but you don't have to do those things."

I was so conflicted. On one hand it was my dream come true and I wanted to live with Cole more than anything. On the other hand, it was going to be hard to bail out on Max and the guys to move in with a middle schooler and his mom. And how would I explain this for my parents? I told them I was mentoring a boy, but wouldn't they find it a tad bit odd that I was moving in with his family? If anything they'd probably feel threatened by the "new family" I was making halfway across the country.

"There isn't even a bedroom for me," I blurted out, not wanting to voice my other concerns.

"My mom is going to move her office and the computer to her room," Cole explained. "She really doesn't need it and only made it because we had that extra room."

"I don't know;" I trailed off. This was big and I didn't quite now how to respond.

"Do you not want to live with me?" Cole said sadly, his head dropping. Oh God, how could I make him feel this way? He was so excited and I just totally shot his happiness down.

"I do little buddy," I said. "More than anything. It's just going to be hard to arrange and everything."

"But we'll be together," he said, his sad eyes looking up.

I leaned over and gave him a kiss on the lips.

"I know," I said. "That's why we're going to make this work."

"Really?" Cole said, a smile breaking out on his face. God he was cute.

"Yup," I said, starting to get excited as well. Who gave a shit about that other stuff, I was going to be living with Cole!

"Think of all the sex we can have!" Cole said excitedly before looking somewhat embarrassed on what he had just let slip out.

"Heck yea," I grinned back. "When'd your mom tell you this?"

"Just this morning," he said. "She said she had been thinking about it for a long time but didn't want to tell me and get my hopes up. But she needs the extra help and knows you are moving off campus and stuff."

"Wow," I said, still amazed. I always loved watching Cole overnight or for the weekend at his house but never really thought about moving in. Now that I thought about it the plan made sense.

"Yeah, she's gonna talk to you about it once she gets home," Cole said, still grinning ear to ear.

I glanced at the clock. We still had a good half hour until she came home.

"We should celebrate," I said slyly, feeling the blood starting to rush into my cock.

"I agree," Cole grinned devilishly. We never had a problem getting up for sex; once one of us started to get horny the other always quickly followed suit.

"Let's go to your room," I suggested, to which Cole agreed. If we knew we'd be alone for a long period sometimes we'd venture out to and do it in other parts of the house. However, since his mom was coming home in thirty minutes or so we'd need the extra distance of his bedroom in case she surprised us by coming home early.

As we entered his room Cole immediately began to take his clothes off. I put a hand on his shoulder and stopped him, telling him I wanted to do it. Cole grinned and turned toward me, putting one arm back in his shirt.

"Just don't take too long," he said softly, kissing me on the lips.

I took a step back and admired my lover. My eyes ran up and down his hot thirteen year old body, still not quite believing I had such a beautiful boy in my life. I started at his feet, bare as usual when he was in the house. They were well tanned from the fact he hardly over wore shoes unless he needed to, his cute little toes so perfectly formed and his nails trimmed nicely. Cole wasn't your typical boy as he paid extra attention to the cleanliness and appearance of his body. I think he knew he was hot and wanted to make sure everyone knew.

Up to his calves, speckled with fine blonde hairs. I knew eventually the hair would get coarser and there'd be more of it, but for now I enjoyed the soft, smooth feeling of his legs. His thighs were even softer and completely hairless. They were covered with his shorts right now but wouldn't be in a few seconds once I tore his clothes off. He still had his shirt on, rare for this time of year. He didn't have a farmer's tan at all, his entire upper body was nearly as well tanned as his arms. He had a thin, soft layer of fat, his "puppy fat" as I called it. It wasn't from being inactive or overeating, it was just that soft layer most kids had before losing it to adolescence.

Glaring into his eyes, I was captivated once again. His eyes were dark green and could make even the most hardened person wilt under their gaze. His cute smiling face was topped with a mop of blonde hair, getting darker with age. It wasn't nearly as "dirty" as my blonde had gotten but it wasn't as bright yellow as you saw on younger kids.

What always amazed me was the way it managed to fall perfectly into a cute mess onto his head. He would take a shower, dry off, run a comb through it, and then shake his head wildly. When it all dried it was shaped in a perfect, messy heap. He wore it slightly long, enough to start covering his ears but not nearly the length where he started to look like a girl. When it got too long I took him for a haircut because I thought he was much cuter with it shorter.

Cole giggled quietly and gave me a funny look. He'd often catch me admiring him like this and snap me out of it. You could tell he liked it though, the boy loved any form of attention and me soaking in his cuteness was definitely an approved form. Sometimes I just couldn't help myself, he was just too cute.

Finally I put my hands under his armpits and lifted them up in the air. Cole figured out what I wanted and let me gently slip his t-shirt over his head. I threw it to the ground. Within a few minutes his room would be a mess with clothes thrown everywhere.

I instructed Cole to sit down on the edge of his bed. I pushed him gently back with my hand so he was laying on his back then started to pull down on his basketball shorts. Cole raised his backside in the air and allowed to slip them easily all the way down his thighs until they slid down his smooth legs and onto the floor. As usual, Cole wasn't wearing boxers with his shorts so he was completely nude in front of me.

He was already rock hard, his circumcised four and a half incher painfully erect and begging to be sucked. He had grown since I first saw him although I barely had noticed since I was sucking it nearly every day. Cole would often measure his penis with a ruler however so he would constantly update me on his growth.

In addition, some pubic hairs started to sprout up around his dick although they were very light. I'd bet there was only a dozen or so in all, barely curly and light brown, shorter than the pubes found on my body. Considering he had turned thirteen years old a few months ago it was no surprise the hairs finally popped up. He also had a scattering of longer, really light blonde hairs that I knew would eventually turn. I was glad Cole was a late bloomer because I'd get to enjoy his cute boyish body for that much longer.

Cole had expressed some interest in getting rid of the hairs as he wasn't nearly as enamored with them as I was when I was a kid. I think to him they represented the beginning of the cross into adulthood from childhood where his sexual play was carefree and without repercussion. Once he started to grow up, the questions and discrimination based on his sexuality would begin. I thought his pubic hairs were adorable though and I started to jokingly call him my "little man." Just the fact such an adorable and still very childlike boy was sprouting pubes turned me on.

"Mmmmm," Cole moaned, his dick bobbing up and down and throbbing just based on the anticipation of my lips locking around it. His balls hung loosely in his amazing soft sack, also covered in a light scattering of blonde hairs. It was still yet to be touched with actual pubic hair and I hoped it would stay that way for a while. There was nothing like rolling that smooth pouch around in my mouth and hearing him moan as I massaged his balls with my tongue.

I went down on my knees and sized Cole's cock up. He was laying back, his knees still on the edge with his legs hanging over the bed. I grabbed his dick with my right hand and gave it a few pumps. His head was the dark red color it would always turn when he got horny, a shade that would get only deeper as he neared orgasm.

"Oh God Jason suck me," Cole groaned, wiggling his torso. He often got impatient with me as I drank in his body. I just couldn't help it; here it was some eight months later and there were times where I was still dumbstruck by his beauty.

"Okay babe," I said, blowing lightly on his cock. He moaned loudly and arched his pelvis up towards the ceiling. God damn he was horny! The possibility of me living with him next year must have sent him over the edge this afternoon. Bah, who was I kidding? This was Cole I was talking about... the little fucker was one big walking horny hormone.

Finally I granted Cole's wishes and took his cock in my mouth. His body shuddered with the sensations, his hands almost automatically finding their place behind my head gently guiding my strokes. When Cole was this horny he often wouldn't last more than a few minutes if I really tried to suck him off. Often I'd tease him and drag it out leading to explosive orgasms that even Cole admitted were worth the wait.

I continued to suck him, leaning over his body on my knees. My hands were all over his body, rubbing his chest and playing with his erect nipples, rubbing his hairless, smooth thighs, and playing with his balls which twirled around in his scrotum in pleasure.

His cock felt great in my mouth. It didn't taste like much, but whatever flavor was there I couldn't get enough off. I couldn't quite explain the taste; it was just what a boy's balls would taste like after being trapped at school in pants for six hours. My mouth was full of salvia as I tried to slurp up every inch of his cock. I could fit the whole thing in my mouth no problem, the sparse pubic hairs tickling my nose when it was all the way in. The girth of Cole's cock was still somewhere between that of a younger boy and a teenager. Let's just say his four and a half inch cock didn't look too thick or thin.

My legs were getting tired so I put my arms under him and twirled him ninety degrees on the bed, his head now resting against the pillow. I crawled onto the bed, still clothed from school, my cock rock hard and pressing against my cargo shorts. I spread his legs apart, his balls flopping down and his cock bouncing up and down shining with my salvia. I went back down on him, his body jumping once more. He curled his legs around my back, locking my body into his own.

"Finish me off," he begged, close to orgasm and not wanting me to play around.

"Alright," I said, patting him lightly on the belly. Since we were on a limited time frame I was more than happy to help power him through his orgasm.

I slid both my hands under his butt until my palms were on his lower back. I lifted him up, bringing Cole's crotch even closer to my face. His scent was intoxicating, filling my nostrils as I pleasured his little pecker. His legs were sprawled open on either side of me, his toes probably going wild as they typically did during any sexual activity. I felt like the luckiest guy in the world to have his adorable little thirteen year old sprawled out naked in front of me, his cock in my mouth.

"Oh God," Cole moaned, his dick starting to harden. I picked up the pace of my sucking, my tongue swirling wildly around his head. I could feel it throbbing as it tried to tend off the inevitable. Cole would try to stave off the orgasm as long as possible, the many waves rocking his body until he finally couldn't hold on any longer.

As he tensed up I stuck my finger in my mouth to get it wet then felt my way down to his asshole. I pressed it gently between his cheeks until it came in contact with his anus and gently slid in. Cole loved when I played with his ass during oral sex and I loved the feeling of his anus clamping around my finger as his body shuddered with orgasm.

The finger may have put him over the top because within seconds his asshole clenched tightly and he let out a loud "ugh" as his hips flung wildly into my face. Wave after wave of pleasure from the orgasm rocked Cole's young body, spurts of his cum shooting in my mouth. It was still a relatively clear mixture although some cloudiness could now be seen. This particular orgasm Cole shot four shots or so into my mouth, a few from his maximum. It was definitely more than he shot when I first met him and I enjoyed every second of it. I swirled his sweet boy juice around in my mouth before slowly swallowing it, savoring it like it was the last of it I'd ever taste.

Cole's body slowly came to a stop. The wild spasms were now gone, his body only twitching now as I continued to gently move my tongue along his shaft. His asshole relaxed allowing my right index finger to escape its trap. I finally let his cock out of my mouth, slapping against his belly half erect and shining with various fluids.

"That was great," Cole said softly, a smile on his face. I don't think that boy could ever get enough blowjobs.

"No problem," I said, lucky to even have the chance to suck him off.

"Your turn now," Cole grinned, sitting up and reaching over to start and take my clothes off.

"Alright," I said, not one to turn down a blowjob, "but let's try to go fast incase your mom comes home early."

"Okay," Cole said softly, more intent on getting my clothes off than worrying about the time.

Pretty soon Cole had stripped me naked, only my socks remaining. I had gotten more comfortable naked around Cole. At first it just felt weird being naked with a younger boy, but as our relationship grew I got less and less self conscious. Cole loved seeing me naked so I was eager to please him.

My dick flopped around, my head shining with precum from being so horny while sucking Cole off. It felt good to finally be free and I knew Cole's hot little mouth would be clamped around it in seconds. He directed me to lay down with my head on the pillow just like he had been. I obliged, opening my legs up and watching Cole crawl over to my crotch. His balls flopped around as he did so, his dick finally soft for once. It was so cute while soft, probably only an inch and half long, his adorable little head resting softly against his balls. I would never grow tired of that sight.

"Ready?" Cole asked, already knowing the answer.

"Suck me," I groaned, putting my head back and flinching at the anticipation of Cole's mouth. Within seconds his warm mouth surrounded my cock, sending shudders down my spine. I thought I was going to bust my nut right there, the sandpapery feeling of Cole's tongue running around my cock sending my mind to another planet.

His nose pressed into my pubic hair, the full length of my dick in Cole's mouth. At first Cole would only take the first couple of inches of my cock as he blew me, his gag reflex kicking in if he tried to take any more. He eagerly practiced though, wanting to learn how to deep throat really bad. Within a few days he had learned and his blowjobs moved to a completely new level. I could practically feel the head of my penis tapping the back of his throat.

Cole's right hand was running all along my body as he sucked me, his left hand playing gently with my balls. If we had more time both of us probably would have sucked each other's sack, but the nature of this exchange required a little faster pace. My hands were gently stroking his hair, letting him know how much I was appreciating his work.

My dick was throbbing with sensations, Cole continuing to work furiously to bring me to orgasm. I had my eyes open and was watching him, his blonde bob of hair moving gently up and down as he continued to pleasure me. My cock was pretty big compared to his body but the little guy had no trouble taking it all in.

I could feel the tingling in my penis begin to escalate and I could tell it wouldn't be long before I came. I opened my legs even wider to brace myself for the wild movements that were sure to come.

"Yobu didhn't lasht long," Cole mumbled, my cock still in his mouth.

"Oh God," I moaned overcome with pleasure.

I staved off the orgasm as long as I could. My cock would get rock hard and my body would become rigid as I fought off wave after wave of orgasm urgency. Finally I couldn't take it anymore, it was all just too much.

"Ahhhhh," I moaned loudly, my hips thrusting into Cole's mouth. He planted his hands on either side of my pelvis, becoming a shock absorber as my hips bounced wildly up and down into his face. I shot wad after wad of my thick cum into Cole's mouth, my dick so deep at times that I practically shot it down his throat into his belly. When it was finally all over Cole let my softening cock slide out of his mouth, shining with his spit and a few globs of my cum.

Cole sat there with his mouth full of my cum. In the first few months of our relationship he would spit it out, not used to the giant mouthful I provided. He had a boyfriend before me, one his age, and wasn't quite used to that part of the experience. Since that time however he became a whore for my cum, slurping up every bit he could and drinking it down.

He finally swallowed it, licking his lips and bending over to collect the rest that still lay on my cock. I was lying back against the pillow, still taken aback by the massive orgasm I just had. It would be a while before I could get another boner, which was a good thing. I was about to talk to his mom about possibly living with them and the last thing I need to get was horny thinking about Cole while doing so.

"That was awesome," Cole grinned, fully content with the exchange he just had.

"Yeah, thanks little buddy," I said, sitting up to kiss him on the lips. They were so soft and wet I could never get enough of them.

"No problem," Cole said after we broke our kiss many seconds later.

"I love you," I said, leaning in once more and kissing him. Our tongues slipped into each other's mouths as we made out for a good minute or two, our bodies hugging once another while our hands rubbed each other's back. I finally had to break it off because I was worried about his mom coming home and finding us like this.

"Love you too Jason," Cole grinned, not forgetting to return the favor. We both picked up our clothes and grudgingly put them back on, Cole's naked body disappearing from my sight. It wouldn't be long before I saw it again though, that was for sure.

End of Chapter One

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