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Chapter Ten

Knock knock.

I tapped lightly on Rose's door in the Bobcat Buddies office.

"Come in," she called.

"Hey," I smiled, looking around her office. This place held a lot of good memories for me. It was where I gained enough courage to sign up for Bobcat Buddies and where I learned I would be paired with a certain twelve year old named Cole.

"Jason!" she exclaimed. "So good to see you, how are you?"

"Good, how about you?"

"Great," she smiled. "Was just preparing some materials for the Club Fair this year."

"Whatever you had worked with me," I winked at her.

"Well, what do you suggest?" she laughed. "How do I get busy college kids to want to commit to this? We've got twice as many kids this year looking for a buddy."

Find the students that want to have sex with the kids?

"Play up the free stuff angle of it," I joked. "College students love free stuff. And if the kids are as sweet as Cole is, they'll come back."

"He was such a sweet boy," Linda sighed. "I remember signing him up, poor kid was so shy and just moved here. How is he doing now?"

"Great," I said. "He's really come out of his shell, very self confident, still a very good kid all around."

"Glad to hear," she smiled. "How often are you seeing him?"

"I actually moved in with him and his mom this summer," I laughed, realizing Rose wasn't aware.

"Oh wow," she smiled. "Looks like we found a really good match."

"Yeah," I chuckled. "His mom is the nicest person in the world, I just love the both of them and apparently they liked me enough to get rent money out of me."

"Well that's great," Rose smiled. "Glad you guys matched up so well!"

You're telling me, I thought sarcastically.

"Well, I have good news," Rose said, rummaging through her desk.

"What's that?" I said, waiting in anticipation.

"I talked with the Athletic Department and they allot a certain amount of tickets in the student section for recruits to see the game," Rose said, "Turns out they had three extra and were going to raffle them off at the soccer game tonight, so they gave me one and will raffle off the other two."

"Awesome," I said as Rose handed over the ticket.

"You already had a student ticket right?" she asked.


"Alright, we'll this should get Cole in, he'll have to sit in the student section though with you," she continued.

"That's fine," I smiled. "He goes to public school, I'm sure he's heard it all before."

"Yeah, I hear it can get pretty nasty in there," Rose laughed. "Now you've been to a football game before right? Its first come, first serve in the student section, so get there a little early if you don't want to be stuck way up."

"Will do," I smiled. "Thanks again Rose, Cole is going to flip."

"Glad I could help," she smiled.

"Now we just need a State win," I said, tucking the ticket into my wallet and opening the office door.

"For sure, and Jason?" Rose said.


"If you know anybody interested in being a Buddy, send them my way."

"For sure," I assured her. "Cole and I can't thank you enough."

"Have fun at the game!"

"Thanks!" I smiled, gently closing the door behind me. I couldn't wait to tell Cole the good news. This was the biggest game of the year and this year it just happened to be the first game of the year. It was being broadcast nationally and had been sold out for months. I hadn't developed a hatred of Tech like many of the locals, but I loved football and knew this would be a great game.

I exited the Bobcat Buddies office and started to walk across campus back to Cole's house. He had been at a friend's house all day so I was eager to get home to him.

"Hey Jason!" I heard a voice call. I turned around.

"Oh hey Max!" I waved. Max was my roommate as a freshman and my best friend at college.

"Still coming to the party tomorrow before the game?"

"Oh right," I said, remembering. I had been invited a couple of weeks ago but it hadn't crossed my mind lately. Could I drag Cole along? There was going to be a lot of drinking.

"Yeah, gotta get ready for the game tomorrow," Max smiled. "Get as drunk as you can as long as they still let you into the game!"

"I'm actually taking Cole to the game now," I said.

"Sweet, the dude can tag along," Max smiled. "Cole's cool."

"Alright, we'll stop in," I smiled. To be honest the behavior at the game was likely to be way worse than anything we'd see at this party.

"Don't eat, we're going to have hot dogs and hamburgers," Max informed me.

"Sweet," I grinned. Nothing like feeding the kid for free.

"Well, I gotta run but I'll see you tomorrow," Max said, waving.

Man was Cole going to be excited. The big rivalry game and a college party.

When I got home later that afternoon Cole and his mom were pulling into the driveway. They had gone back to school shopping for the new school year starting in a couple weeks.

"Hey guys," I called.

"Jason!" Cole exclaimed. "I have good news."

"Me too," I grinned.

"What?" he asked excitedly. "The surprise? Ohhhh, Jason what is it?"

"You have a surprise?" Linda asked curiously.

"You guys have to tell me your good news first," I winked.

"Mom's taking us to ThrillVille Sunday!" Cole said excitedly. I didn't know too much about it, but I knew it was a theme park about an hour away.

"Cool!" I said. "I've got training for my new job in the computer lab on campus though Sunday afternoon."

I had applied for a computer lab assistant job last week to fill some of my time during the school year so I wasn't always with Cole. Now that we were starting to get over the weirdness I kind of wish I didn't, but it would be nice to have the extra cash.

"Oh man," Cole frowned.

"You and your mom will get some quality time though," I smiled at the two of them. "Plus, now she has to go with you on the scary rides."

"Oh wow, thanks Jason," Linda laughed. "Bummer you can't make it."

"Yeah, but I'm going to be stealing Cole from you all day Saturday so it evens out," I said, hinting at the surprise.

"Doing what?" Cole grinned. "Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell-"

"Woah there sport," I laughed. "Easy buddy."

"What is it?" Cole whined.

I slowly reached into my pocket and pulled out the tickets.

"Two tickets to the State vs. Tech game tomorrow!" I burst out, handing them to Cole.

"Oh my God!" Cole screamed. "No freaking way! In the student section too? They are right by the field!"

"Yup," I smiled. "I asked the guys at the Bobcat Buddies office and they were able to hook us up."

"Oh my," Linda said, looking genuinely surprised. "I don't know much about football but I know there are hard to come by."

"Yup," I nodded. "Got really lucky."

Cole was done examining the tickets to make sure they were real and ran over and gave me a giant hug.

"Thank you Jason," he said into my shoulder.

"You're welcome," I said, patting him on the back. "We got to get there early though if we want a good seat."

"Whatever it takes," Cole replied.

"What time is the game?" Linda inquired.

"Four," I answered.

"Okay," she said, thinking. "Looks like I might have to go into work tomorrow, I'll probably make you guys lunch and then head out for a half day."

"Do you have to?" Cole said, pouting. He hated to see his mom work so much.

"If I don't want my Monday to be terrible, yeah," Linda smiled, rubbing Cole's head. "Mommy will be okay."

"Actually, I got invited to a barbeque before the game," I mentioned. "My friend Max remember?"

"A nice boy," Linda recalled.

"Yeah," I grinned, knowing she wasn't imagining him drunk. "He invited the two of us over before the game for some hot dogs and hamburgers, so you don't have to worry about lunch."

"Great," Linda smiled. "Sounds like you two have quite the day tomorrow."

"As long as they don't lose," Cole reminded us.

The three of us finally walked inside the house, stuffy from a day of roasting in the sun. We opened a couple of windows and chatted excitedly about the weekend to come. I was glad Cole and his mom would get to spend some quality time together and I knew we'd have a blast at the game tomorrow.

I promised Cole I'd fuck him sometime this weekend and was nervous and excited about that at the same time. While I ached to feel my throbbing cock inside his bowels once more, I wasn't quite sure where or when we'd do it. His mom would likely be home when we got back from the game and I still felt weird about doing it with her in the house.

That night was pretty low key, we rented a movie and slobbed around eating popcorn. Cole and I ended up snuggling on the couch, initially sitting up on either side but slowly moving together and leaning on one another. It was the first time we had shown affection like that in front of Linda since the incident and she didn't look twice at us. I could finally feel myself starting to get over the awkwardness of the whole ordeal.

After the movie Linda went to bed, leaving Cole and I alone on the couch. As we watched Nick at Nite our hands eventually found their way inside each other's pants. Cole's warm little hands felt so good gently exploring every inch of my dick and balls. I gently rubbed Cole's cock and felt his soft, sparse pubic hairs. It almost came to the point I could have rammed him tonight, but I figured we'd save that for later on this weekend.

"Let's get ready for bed and trade BJs," I whispered softly into Cole's ear.

Cole flipped around on the couch and looked me in the eyes to make sure I wasn't joking.

"Okay," he smiled, kissing me. "Can't we just fuck?"

"Not tonight," I said, gently stroking his hair. "But I promised you by this weekend and you'll get it."

Cole gave me another peck on the lips and got up from the couch. Guess he didn't want to finish the episode of Home Improvement before we did it. Fine by me.

After getting ready for bed we met in Cole's room and got to work. It was my first time tasting Cole's cock for a while and it was just as good as I remembered it. Having his dick in my mouth again was like a drug, I just couldn't get enough of it. I slurped his cock and balls for a good five minutes before he finally burst in my mouth, depositing a few spurts of his precious clear boy cum down my throat. It still tasted sweet and not nearly as bitter as mine.

Cole got to taste my cum within ninety seconds of first going down on me. To hardly have any action for two weeks and then feel Cole's mouth working every inch of my private area; well, it was just too much to take. I didn't mind the quick burst, it still felt slightly weird knowing Linda was thirty feet away and through two walls. At least I wouldn't be so on the brink of exploding when I finally got to enter Cole again.

By the time we were done Cole and I were both lying naked on his bed, arms flopped behind our heads as we enjoyed our orgasm induced grogginess. If we could only cuddle and fall asleep together things would be perfect. I kissed Cole goodnight and told him to get a good night of sleep. He grabbed my head and brought our lips together once more, this time our tongues in each other's mouth. After a minute or so we slowly broke apart, our mouths tired from the lack of practice recently.

"I love you," I told Cole, gently wiping hair away from his face.

"Love you too Jason," he said gently.

"Sweet dreams cutie," I winked, getting up and turning his light off.

My night wasn't quite done however. I went into my room and surfed the internet for a little bit, checking up on my Facebook. Cole normally fell asleep pretty quickly, especially after an orgasm, so after twenty minutes or so I quietly put on my clothes and snuck out to my car. I was going on a little run to the adult store.

I figured I'd buy a couple of things to make our first time back one to remember. Depending on what happened during the game, I could see us breaking the seal tomorrow. If State won the game I could see us riding that wave of joy right into the night. If not, after a day at the theme park Linda would be exhausted and I'm sure Cole and I would be more than ready to do it Sunday night. It really mattered how we felt and when it was appropriate. I just wanted to make sure I was ready.

By the time I got back I was pooped and eager to finally hit the sheets. Cole was going to be so excited and jealous I was old enough to even go in a sex shop. It was my first time and felt a little weird, but hey, I'm sure everyone there did.

Cole woke me up the next morning, gently crawling onto my bed and tapping me.

"Wake up sleepy head," Cole said gently, his hair all ruffled up from sleeping.

"You're cute," I said, squinting at him.

Linda had a full spread prepared for us for breakfast. Turkey bacon, eggs, hash browns, and French Toast. She normally liked to spoil us with a meal like this on the weekends since she felt bad that during the week her meals were thrown together.

Cole and I happily munched, eager for the day that lay ahead. Later on Cole prodded me about the BBQ and I told him it was slightly more than that. He flipped out, so excited to be going to a college party. It was somewhere in between to the two to be truthful, I would never take Cole to a full on party, but I let the kid dream.

We spent the rest of the morning lying on the couch watching college football. This time Cole and I started out watching the game snuggling together. It still felt a little weird but Linda made little note of it. I mean, we used to snuggle like this all the time in front of her before we got caught. The fact that she knew we were sexually intimate now made it awkward, but to be honest most the time it was innocent cuddling. Okay, Cole did have his hands on my balls under the blanket right now, but I didn't have a boner!

Shortly after noon Linda left for work, leaving Cole and I alone in the house. We both admitted we were nervous about the game. Even though we hadn't been a part of the rivalry long they were talking about this game a lot on the other broadcasts. Most considered it to be the "game of the week" so I became even more thankful for the extra ticket Rose got me.

Around one I forced the two of us to get up from snuggling on the couch, something that was always difficult to break, and told Cole to get ready to go to the party. He ran into his room and shut the door while I went into my own and found my "State U" blue tee-shirt.

I walked back into the hall and Cole's door was still shut.

"What are you up to?" I asked.

"Close your eyes, I have a surprise!" Cole called.

"Okay," I agreed.

I shut my eyes and heard Cole's door slowly open. I could hear him take a few steps towards me.

"Okay, open!" he announced.

I half expected him to be naked, but for once that wasn't the surprise, instead he was a sporting a very sharp looking State football jersey. It was blue like my shirt and sported the number 1.

"Sweet!" I exclaimed. "I've never seen that before, where the heck do you get it?"

"My mom got it for me," Cole beamed. "Earlier this summer on the phone you promised to take me to a game. I was really excited so mom bought this for me to wear!"

"And you haven't worn it all this time?"

"Nope," Cole grinned. "I wanted it to be special."

"Well, that takes a lot of will power," I joked.

"Pshhht please," Cole laughed. "I withheld putting anything in my butt for an entire month. Me... Cole. This is easy."

"Touche," I winked. "Well, are you ready to go to the party?"

"Yup," Cole said excitedly.

"I gotta admit, you look really fucking cute in that jersey," I said. He was adorable.

"Thanks," Cole blushed. "You should wear blue shirts more. It really brings out your eyes."

"Really? You noticed?" I smiled.

Cole shrugged. "You have pretty eyes."

I gave Cole a kiss on the lips.

"Thanks sweetie. Now let's get our ass over to Max's for some food!"

As soon as we went outside it was like we had entered an outside festival. Blue shirted people were walking everywhere, drinking cans of beer out in the open. Randomly someone would shout some pro-State slogan and everyone around them would scream in agreement. Every so often a red-clad Tech fan would stroll by, eliciting boos from all they would pass.

Last year the rivalry game was at Tech, so while I felt the excitement on campus (until we lost) I didn't really get what a huge deal it was for the whole town. I guess living so close exposed us even more to the gameday festivities.

"Everybody's so loud and excited," Cole commented as we strolled down the street hand in hand.

"They're drunk," I replied simply.

"Looks fun," Cole laughed.

"Not as great as it seems," I replied. Then again, I guess I wasn't the normal college student... Cole was all the fun I needed at night. Plus, I wasn't bar hopping trying to score some drunk chick's pussy.

It was a beautiful day, somewhere in the high 70 degree range without a cloud in the sky. Cole and I strolled through campus on our way to Max's house, past tailgaters packed with excited fans.

We must have been high fived by about a dozen people on the way there. Tech was ranked #3 in the nation, the highest ranked team we had played at home for over a decade. From what I remember reading, State was expected to finish towards the middle of the conference so a win today would be a pretty big upset.

Cole and I finally reached Max's apartment, the place I was planning to live until last spring when Linda invited me into her home. It was a nice three bedroom apartment on the ground floor with a patio opening up to a nice big lawn. The door was slightly ajar so we just walked right in, music bumping in the distance.

"Hey guys," Max called from across the room. "We're just about to fire up the grill, good timing."

"Sweet," I smiled. This party seemed fairly low key, there were people with the famous red cups but nobody seemed out of control.

"Thanks for inviting us," Cole said, smiling. I could tell he was somewhat intimidated by being here as his eyes looked around cautiously. Back when I first met Cole he was so shy he probably would have refused to come, but he had grown so much since then.

"No problem dude," Max grinned.

Cole noticed a group of guys playing video games in the corner, his eyes lighting up.

"Awesome, is that the new Grand Theft Auto?" Cole asked excitedly, running over to the couch where they were sitting.

"Yup," one of the guys responded. "Wanna play?"


I was just smiling watching Cole, my little guy being so brave surrounded by a bunch of older kids he didn't know.

"Hey Jason, wanna help me grill?" Max asked, approaching me. "I figured Cole would like that game."

"Yeah," I laughed. "His mom won't let him get it."

"Bummer dude," Max said, Cole looking back at us and nodding.

"Well, Cole seems settled in," I mused, "let's grill baby."

"Fuck yeah," Max grinned. I could tell he was already slightly tipsy. "We have soda, punch, beer, and some stuff for mixed drinks if you want something."

"I'll probably grab a beer," I said. "Cole, if you get thirsty there's soda in the cooler."

"Got it," Cole responded without looking, his eyes glued to the screen.

Max and I walked outside with plates of raw meat ready to be cooked. It was pretty cool of him to throw this party, it must have cost quite a bunch between all the alcohol and meat. Max was never cheap about money though and loved to throw parties and have his friends over.

There were probably twenty people here, about six inside (mostly playing video games) and the rest outside enjoying the lawn partially shaded by a giant tree. I reached into the cooler and grabbed a beer, Pabst Blue Ribbon, which I guess explained how Max afforded everything.

I cracked the beer open and took a sip. "Shit, dude. I forgot this stuff takes some getting used to."

"Yeah," Max laughed, lighting the grill. "Don't drink it very often huh?"

"Just at parties mostly, and I haven't been to any since school last spring."

"Back in the dorm," Max grinned.

"Yeah," I sighed, reminiscing. "We had some good times."

"Yeah, this apartment is pretty dank though," Max said, motioning for me to hand him the platter of sausages. "How's living with the Coles?"

"The Masons," I smiled. "It's great, I'm really liking it. Linda is super nice and it's good to help out with Cole. He's such a good kid."

"He's practically like a brother to you huh?" Max enquired, throwing the sausages on. I placed a couple of hamburger patties on as well.

"Yeah, like younger brother slash son slash best friend," I said, not quite knowing how to explain soulmate or lover without using those words. "I just love the guy to death."

"That's so cool," Max nodded. "I've been thinking about doing that buddies thing but I don't think I'd be the greatest role model."

"You're a good guy," I said. "Although I don't think you could invite him to your parties."

"True, unless it was low key like this one," Max said. "Although I do plan to getting pretty drunk by the time the game rolls around."

"I'll probably get buzzed," I said. "Don't have to drive anywhere, its all within walking distance."

"What will Cole think?"

"He'll think it's funny," I replied, which was true. He visited me in the dorm once last spring when I was tipsy and had a good time. The one bad thing was I became much less careful about what I said so I couldn't drink too much or else the two of us would end up in the closet making out.

Pretty soon Max and I had cooked up a bunch of meat, or our `man meat' as we called it. People dribbled in and out picking up food and refreshing their beers. There was a game of ultimate frisbee going on so I played that for a while. Cole wandered out and said hi as I introduced him to everyone. He went back inside with two hotdogs and a hamburger in hand to keep playing Grand Theft Auto. That kid could sure pack it down when he was hungry.

After a particularly long game I picked up another beer, my fourth by this point, and went in to check on Cole. By now he was one of the few people inside, playing the game with one other person I didn't recognize.

"Hey buddy," I said.

"Jason!" Cole said excitedly. He turned to me. Something seemed off. Oh shit.

"Cole... can I talk to you for a minute?" I asked.

"Sure," Cole said, handing the controller over and standing up.

We walked over to the corner.

"You're drunk!" I accused.

"What?" Cole giggled. "No I'm not!"

"Okay, don't laugh then."

Cole paused for a moment then burst into laughter and stumbled, bracing himself against the wall. I was so freaked out right now, my baby boy was drunk. How the fuck did he get drunk? I wanted to yell at someone for not looking out after him but I didn't want to draw attention to us.

"Don't freak out Jason," Cole said, "I'm fine."

"What did you have?"

"The punch."

"I didn't tell you that you could drink the punch," I scolded. "I told you to get a soda."

"I didn't know the punch was bad," Cole pleaded. "I thought it was like the punch at our school dances."

"Didn't it taste funny?"

"Yeah, but it was still good," Cole said. "And then it made me feel funny, a good type of funny."

"Yeah, drunk," I said, shaking my head. "How much did you have?"

"Not much," Cole said, thinking, "like five cups."

"Five cups!" I yelled, people turning to stare at me.

"Oh my God," Cole said, getting slightly annoyed. "Me and Chase drank his mom's wine a couple of times then had sex. I've been drunker."

My innocent little boy! I never knew.

"How many times did you do that?"

"Like three," Cole said. "His mom started to notice her box wine was less than she remembered. Plus, the last time we did it, we got so drunk we couldn't even keep it up."

"Cole," I shushed him, looking around to make sure nobody heard. You could tell he was slurring his words just the tiniest of bits.

"Jason, I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable," Chase said, sincerity in his voice. "I shouldn't have done it, but I just wanted to have fun and it was a party so I thought what the heck."

"Well, I don't blame you, it's partially my fault for brining you here," I sighed. "Plus, I did the same crap when I was your age with my friends, minus the sex part. Just don't do it more than once in a blue moon because it's really bad for young developing kids like you. It can fuck your brain up from developing right."

"I know," Cole said. "I figured once every year wouldn't kill me. I'm not even that drunk."

I glanced at my watch, the game started in about an hour.

"Well, I'm going to go say bye and thanks to Max, you can stay here and keep playing."

"I'll come," Cole volunteered.

"Sorry bud, I don't want him to see you drunk, he'll feel bad and it's not his fault," I explained.

"Oh," Cole said sadly.

"Look buddy, I'm not mad," I said. "I just feel responsible because your mom trusts me."

"I know, I'm sorry."

"Don't let it ruin your buzz," I joked. "This is the only one you're going to have for years so enjoy it."

Cole stuck his tongue out at me as I walked away. It was actually pretty cute the fact he was drunk. I'd love to tear off his clothes and make love to his drunk ass right about now.

I found Max outside and told him thanks for the invite. By this time he was drunk enough he probably wouldn't even have noticed Cole was as well. He gave me a pat on the back and we agreed to see each other more often. Max was a good guy and I was glad to be friends with him.

Back inside, I gathered Cole and we left without an incident. He was walking pretty well, stumbling a little bit but I don't think anybody really noticed.

"Being drunk makes me horny," Cole said out of the blue.

"Probably cause it makes you think about the times with Chase," I pointed out.

"True," Cole nodded. "I just feel so happy right now."

"That's what it does," I laughed, buzzed myself. "And I think we can take care of that horniness thing. There's a bathroom nobody ever uses in the Student Union. How about we pitstop in there really quick, give you a quick BJ, then had to the game?"

"Fuck yea," Cole grinned. "I love the way you think."

"It's hard not to think when you've got a fine piece of ass like yourself following you around all day," I laughed.

"Same," Cole grinned, pinching my butt.

I laughed. "Not in public bud."

"Nobody's watching," Cole said, sticking his tongue out. God he was cute in that little jersey. I couldn't wait to fuck his brains out tonight.

We strolled back onto campus, even more people now buzzing around. In the distance you could see the stadium, some people already in their seats and watching the players warm up. Once inside the Student Union we headed to the bottom floor, better known as the "Basement." Weaving through a couple of hallways we came upon the poorly marked bathroom. I found it as a freshman in a mad dash after getting my ID card a few hallways away.

Pushing the door open we could see that the bathroom was empty, as usual. It only had one urinal and one handicapped stall, which Cole and I quickly entered. Despite all the sex Cole and I had, we had actually never done it in a public bathroom.

"Any thoughts?" I asked. "Incase someone comes in we don't want two pairs of legs.

"I could stand on the toilet and then you could suck me," Cole suggested.

"Good idea, but people could see your head poking over the top of the stall," I observed.

An idea popped into my head. It wasn't perfect, but it should work. There probably was an easier solution to this but I wasn't exactly my sharpest at the moment.

"Sit on the top of the tank," I instructed. "Now I'll just sit backwards on the toilet..."

Cole's crotch now sat perfectly for me to lean over and suck. I gently tugged at his pants and Cole got the hint, lifting his butt off so I could slip them down to his knees. I admired his soft penis, resting gently against his smooth sack. He looked so cute like this it drove me nuts. The image didn't last long however, as Cole's dick suddenly realized it was about to be sucked. It went from soft to rock hard in about one second, the blood flooding into his penis at warp speed.

"Jesus," I said, mesmerized by his ability to get it up. "You get hard so fast."

"Yeah," Cole blushed. "You did back when you were a kid too."

"That's true," I said, remembering my own lightning speed erections.

"My dicks a lot smaller so it doesn't take as long," Cole smiled. "Now suck it."

"Okay," I laughed. "Get off quick okay? No twenty minute marathon like you sometimes like."

"When have I ever lasted twenty minutes?" Cole said, looking at me incredulously.

"Uhhhh," I said, thinking. "Whenever I start eating your bum out as soon as you're about to cum until you calm down."


Down I went on Cole, my tongue gently licking the head of his penis before engulfing the whole thing in my mouth. He tasted so good, a flavor hard to describe. It was different than sucking on other parts of his body, there was something musky or special about it. Those probably weren't the right words but I could almost see the pheromones emanating from his crotch, intoxicating my mind further.

I took the entire length of his cock and his balls in my mouth at the same time, bopping his balls around in my mouth with my tongue. Eventually I wouldn't be able to do this `trick' anymore as Cole grew older, but for now it was one of his favorite things. He squirmed on the top of the toilet seat, his hands grabbing my head and gently rubbing my hair.

Groans of pleasure were coming from both of us, my mouth finally letting his balls fall out, wet with my saliva. I gently massaged them with my left hand, knowing that helped Cole to cum quicker. My other hand was gently rubbing his thigh, still so smooth and hairless. The kid was one hot thirteen year old.

Up and down I went, switching from teasing every inch of his cock with my tongue to the rhythmic sucking that would produce an orgasm. Cole moaned and grabbed my head harder, pushing it to and from his crotch as the rest of his body tensed up. I could feel his dick become rock hard and knew it was only a matter of seconds. Cole had become quite good at prolonging an orgasm, especially for his horny age, but there was only so much he could take.

Bam. Cole's entire body exploded, his cock slamming deep into my mouth and squirting a few precious shots of his clear boy cum. While the first few shots may have contained liquid, Cole had about two dozen more dry ones, his legs now wrapped around my back for support and he wiggled and groaned on the toilet seat. Every part of his body was spasming, even his hands which were still firmly fixed to my head. His dick pulsated in my mouth getting harder and softer, raising up and down as the waves of pleasure worked through his body.

Eventually he came to a stop, his dick still hard and in my mouth. I let it flop out, any traces of his sweet cum sucked clean by my greedy mouth. I gave his dick one more kiss on the head, causing Cole to flinch because it was still so sensitive. I reached over and spun out a good amount of toilet paper, ripping it off and then using it to dry up Cole's crotch, shining from my spit. I patted his package gently before getting up from the toilet. Cole groggily followed, slipping his pants up and grinning at me.

"Thanks," he said. "It was awesome as always."

"No problem babe," I said, giving him a hug.

Cole pulled out and kissed me instead, our tongues tangling together for ten electric seconds. After we were done we kissed once more on the lips, looking deep into each other's eyes.

"I love you so much," I said, overwhelmed with what I had once more.

"Love you too sexy face," Cole smiled. "Now let's go watch some football!"

We exited the bathroom; luckily nobody came in while we were in there. Working our way back up the stairs we entered the sunlight and giant tailgate party once again, our little escapade taking no longer than ten minutes. As we approached the stadium Cole grew more excited. Not only was it the biggest game in a long time for our school, it was Cole's first game.

Our stadium held just under 60,000 people and the game had been sold out for months. There was a good contingent of Tech people there, standing out in their bright red getup. Nearly every State fan was wearing blue, a "Blue Out" of sorts, so it would look pretty cool once Cole and I got inside.

"Okay, we're about to go in," I informed Cole. "Don't look drunk."

"I'm concentrating hard," Cole informed me.

The two of us walked up to the turnstile. The lady checked my student I.D. and then ripped my ticket, letting me through. Cole had his Bobcat Buddies card and his student ticket.

"He's with me," I said, preempting her question. "He's my buddy through the Bobcat Buddies program."

Cole just stood there glossy eyed. He was still pretty drunk but was doing a good job of keeping it low key.

"How fun," the lady smiled, tearing Cole's ticket and letting him through.

"Thanks," Cole said happily, bounding into the concourse.

It was alive with people going every which way, an excited buzz humming through the bowels of the stadium.

"Oh my God I'm so excited," Cole yelled. "Woooooooooooooo! Go State! Hell yea!"

"Cole!" I said, embarrassed. A couple of people smiled and laughed at him. I grabbed him and reminded him not to act too drunk.

We worked our way to the student section, in the northwest corner of the stadium. It was already over half full, still some forty minutes from kickoff. Cole and I settled onto the edge of one of the rows, Cole taking a seat right next to the aisle. I knew how crazy these games could get and the last thing I needed was Cole to be jumped all over as people celebrated a score.

"This is so awesome Jason," Cole grinned, unable to control his excitement. "The stadium is so huge! I mean it looks big from the outside, but inside it's even bigger."

"Just wait till all sixty thousand explode when we score," I told him. "It hurts your ears."

"God I hope we win," Cole whined. "That would be so cool. Could we rush the field?"

"Maybe after the main stampede is over," I told him, and then whispered "if you sober up."

"I think I'll be okay in four hours," Cole said, rolling his eyes.

"I've been drunk when I've gone to bed and drunk when I've gotten up, so you never know," I replied.

Students filed in, many stumbling and reeking of alcohol. They were already yelling terrible things at the opposing players warming up near us. Thankfully Cole had heard, and used, his fair share of f-bombs in his life. Pretty soon we were surrounded by students as the section continued to fill up.

"Your mom's a fat fuck whore number thirteen," Cole yelled at the top of his lungs.

Everyone around us laughed, my face turning bright red.

"Cole!" I scolded, shocked.

"Way to go little dude," a male student said, turning around to high five Cole. It looked like he drank about five beers too many. "You fucking rock."

"Thanks," Cole said happily, enjoying himself.

I just shook my head. He was so cute I just couldn't stay mad at him.

"You suck twenty two!" Cole yelled again, looking at me.

"Better," I laughed.

Cole just gave me a sheepish grin. He was having the time of his life.

We roasted in the sun waiting for the game to start, the two of us feeling the excitement of the game grow. There was a noticeable buzz in the stadium, something that was missing when we played lesser opponents. Today #3 was in the house and everyone was amped. The stadium was basically full ten minutes before kickoff, a sea of blue with a decent section of red directly opposite the student section, by design.

Cannons boomed on the field as the home team ran on, a deafening roar coming from the stadium. I was getting really pumped for this game and it was hard not to, the entire stadium felt ready to explode.

Finally the long wait was over as State lined up to kick to Tech. Cole and I both screamed with the rest of the students at the top of our lungs. Like everyone else in the student section, we were jumping up and down wildly. The noise built to a crescendo as the kicker approached the ball and then with a giant "whoop" the student section seemed to send it on its way.

It was returned from about two yards deep in the endzone by the Tech player, in their road red uniforms. He got to the fifteen yard line before getting smashed on the dead run by the State gunner. The stands exploded and the State sideline was full of players bouncing all around celebrating the hit. Cole and I were busy high fiving people around us before giving each other a little fist bump.

The two of us were screaming at the top of our lungs before Tech even huddled for their first play. The roar inside the stadium was deafening, everyone was standing and I would imagine they would the rest of the game as long as we were in it. Normally it was just the students that stood, sometimes the alumni on big plays, but when a game was this important it was hard to watch from your seat.

On their first play from scrimmage, Tech did a short screen pass that netted about six yards. The stadium quieted for a second before building back up as the offense huddled again. I wasn't even quite sure how good State was supposed to be this year, last year they went 7-5 and apparently they were thought to be around the same this year. They definitely weren't ranked in any preseason polls like #3 Tech.

The second and four play was a draw to the running back that was sniffed out for a two yard loss. Cole and I exchanged more high fives with those around us, cheering as loud as we could. The sun continued to beat down on us but now that the game was going on we didn't care quite as much.

Tech broke to the line for the third and six play. The quarterback dropped into shotgun and took the pass. He scanned the field for a receiver, the student section yelling "pass" to our defense, as if they didn't already know. Finally the pressure was closing in and he slung a pass over the middle towards his tight end. All of a sudden a State linebacker swooped in and intercepted the pass.

"Holy shit!" Cole screamed.

The student section went biszerk as our player wove around Tech players trying to tackle him. He gave a great stiff arm and was into the clear! Someone jumping up and down behind me fell into me but I could have cared less. Both Cole and I were freaking out as our player dove into the endzone.

"TOUCHDOWN STTTTTTATE!" boomed the PA announcer. The band roared the fight song. It was bedlam in the stadium, a mass of people jumping all around and screaming in jubilation. I looked toward the Tech booster section, standing silent in disbelief. Stupid fuckers, I thought.

With the extra point we went up 7-0 and they had a timeout for TV. Cole turned and gave me a hug.

"This is the best present ever," he said, leaning into me.

I hugged back.

"Let's just hope we can keep it up little buddy!"

End of Chapter Ten

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