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Chapter Eleven

The miracle upset was close at hand. The score was tied 27-27 with two minutes left in the game and we had the ball 1st and 10 at our own 40 yard line. If State got 25 yards or so we'd move into field goal range with a chance to win.

After our 7-0 lead we ended up going up 17-0 by the middle of the second quarter. Tech scored 10 towards the end of the half to give us a 17-10 lead. We scored first in the third quarter and then added a field goal to again boost our lead to 17 at 27-10. However, since that point Tech began to look like the #3 team in the nation, roaring back and scoring the tying touchdown just moments ago. A good kickoff return got us to this position and we still had a chance to win what may be the biggest game in our history.

Cole and I were exhausted. Luckily we had put sunscreen on otherwise we'd both have been burnt to a crisp. The sun finally disappeared behind the press box in the third quarter. Both Cole and I agreed each other looked at least a shade darker and we both were sweating from the heat. Being in the student section with all those bodies was hot as well. My hair was matted to my head and my shirt plastered onto my body.

Cole looked hotter, his hair all damp and ruffled like we just had sex. By now his drunkenness had worn off and he was completely sober. I bought him a bottle of water and made him fill it up at the fountain a couple of times, not wanting him to have a hangover or get dehydrated. Both of us were losing our voices, not able to scream like we could at the beginning of the game, but we made up for it by stomping our feet and clapping our hands.

Our throats hurt and our bodies ached from three and a half hours of standing and jumping but we could have cared less. Nobody in the stadium had sat down since the opening kickoff and now it was crunch time. The sky was a brilliant burnt orange color as the sun set. The stage was set for a classic finish.

A loud buzz rippled throughout the stadium as our team approached the line. Many in the student section frantically motioned for the crowd to quiet down. Across the way on the other side of the stadium the entire red Tech section was standing and cheering loudly. They had to be somewhat shocked at how this game was going. You expect rivalry games to be close, but to be down from the get-go against unranked State when you are third in the country... that is unexpected.

Our quarterback took the snap, made a play action fake and then looked deep before heaving the ball down the field. Our fastest receiver was able to out jump their corner and safety at the twenty yard line and come down with the catch.

The stadium exploded. EXPLODED. Both Cole and I screamed with what voices we had left. I was high fiving everyone around me, some guy even hugged me for a brief second. This was unbelievable.

"I can't believe he threw into double coverage," Cole screamed, his voice raspy.

I just nodded. That was a risky pass but it worked out.

Now we were in field goal range and Tech only had one timeout so we decided to milk the clock. With two seconds on the play clock our quarterback took the snap and handed to the running back. He got about two yards to the eighteen yard line.

The clock continued to click. Everybody was standing nervously. Our kicker was decent, hitting on about 75% of his kicks last year, but he was only a sophomore. I don't think he had been tested quite like this before. We needed to get a few more yards.

The clock ticked under one minute. Back to the line our offense went. On the snap the quarterback pump faked to one side then set up a screen to the running back. He took it up the middle to the thirteen yard line, gain of six. Another roar came up from the crowd, every yard making us feel better about our chances.

"Timeout, Tech. That is the third and final charged timeout," the referee boomed over the PA system.

Cole and I turned towards each other.

"This is it," I grinned, my voice hoarse.

"Yeah," Cole said. "This is awesome. I am so nervous though."

"You're not alone," I said, my stomach in knots. I couldn't believe we had a chance to knock off the third ranked team, our heated rivals.

"All hell is gonna broke loose if that happens," Cole smiled. He got nervous quickly though, jumping up and down and rolling his hands around.

"No matter what happens this has been one of the best times of my life," I said, looking at Cole deep in the eyes. For being so tired and worn out looking his eyes still had so much energy and life.

"This is the greatest day of my life, bar none," Cole said. "Well, if we win of course. But it was gonna be great even if we lost cause I got to go to the big game with you and hang out with college kids."

"Yeah, we're pretty cool huh?" I smirked, sticking my tongue out.

The action on the field was about to resume, the broadcast coming back from timeout.

"Third and three State from the Tech thirteen yard line," the PA announcer said dramatically.

We snapped the ball and handed it off to the running back. He ran towards the middle of the field and got stopped in his tracks, no gain.

"That sucked," Cole said, disappointed.

"No its smart," I said, "they centered the ball on the field. We're close enough already."

Murmurs were echoing throughout the stadium, the result of people having discussions probably similar to ours. It was eerily quiet for such a big part of the game, I just think everyone was so nervous they couldn't even hardly speak or move.

The clock ticked down, under twenty seconds now. The play clock was only one second less than the game clock, meaning we could run the time right down. We called timeout with three seconds left.

"Timeout, State. That is their second charged timeout."

It was deathly silent as the fans waited for the timeout to pass. Cole and I didn't say a word to one another, just staring blanky ahead. It was a pretty quick timeout, I don't think TV went to commercial, because before you knew it State was back at the line and ready to try to the game winning field goal.

"Oh Gooddddddd," Cole squealed, almost unable to look. He grabbed onto my arm with his hands and hung on.

I wished I could comfort him but I was too nervous. I felt like I was about to wet myself. My heart was beating so fast and my whole body became rigid.

The line got set. Noise was coming from the Tech rooting section but other than that the stadium was completely quiet. Everyone held their breath in anticipation. This was it.

The long snapper snapped the ball back to the holder. He set it down as the kicker approached the ball. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion. The kicker swung through the ball, sending it end over end high into the air.

Oh God, this was it. Shit. Please, Lord, please. Just this once.

The ball sailed gracefully through the uprights, right down the middle, tumbling into the backstop net and falling to the ground.


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Cole screamed.

"YESSSSSSSS!!" I yelled at the top of my voice.

Cole and I turned towards each other and hugged, jumping up and down screaming at the same time. People were tumbling into us as they celebrated as well, the student section a wild mass of humanity. We did it! We beat Tech! I continued to squeeze Cole as hard as I could, unable to believe what just happened.

"Final score, Tech 27... your State Bobcats 30!" the announcer boomed.

Students streamed onto the field. Cole turned towards me and looked me in the eyes. Everything around us slowed to a stop, the incredible noise inside the stadium seemed to be put on mute. I grabbed his hand.

"Don't you dare let go," I said seriously.

"I won't," Cole mouthed, more aware that we really couldn't hear each other. The noise faded back into my perceptions, the roar still deafening.

Cole and I took off running down the stairs, leaping over the three foot wall and into the field. We joined the mass of blue on the field, running until we hit the pile of people. Jumping up and down, we held hands while using our off hand to make the #1 sign. My throat hurt and I could barely speak but I was still able to make noise as I bounced up and down. Cole looked like he was having the time of his life bouncing all around and screaming joyfully. God he was cute.

We continued like this for some minutes, the celebration continuing to ensue. The stands were still nearly full, people just taking in the sights. Even the Tech section was still pretty full, many stunned alumni unable to believe what just happened.

The SkyCam from the national broadcast began making low, swooping shots of the crowd. An idea popped into my head.

"Get on my back," I instructed Cole, bending over.

"Piggyback?" he asked, lurching forward as he was hit from behind from another student.

"Yeah," I said. Cole was getting a little big for this, but I was still able to hold him up there for a few minutes at a time.

He leaped onto my back as I stood up.

"Wow," he grinned. "The view is awesome. Jason you wouldn't believe how many people are on the field, the entire thing is covered in blue!"

"Crazy," I said, hardly unable to feel his weight. This was almost too good to be true, I was so happy.

People were giving Cole high fives and he was soaking the entire thing in. What a special memory this was going to be for him. He looked up to me so much being a college kid, wanting some day to be just like Jason and go to school. And here he was, getting a taste of it and witnessing the biggest win in the program's history.

I saw the SkyCam start to swoop towards us.

"Cole, do something cute and get on TV," I yelled.

Cole saw the camera coming. I could feel him bounce around and yell as the camera passed, I couldn't see what he did but I could tell he put on a little show.

"I wonder if I was just on TV," he yelled.

"Probably," I said, knowing they'd have extended post game coverage of a game and upset of this magnitude.

Finally the weight was too much and I had to ask Cole to get down. He hopped off my back and onto the ground once more. By now the students on the field had stopped jumping around like crazy, instead they were now yelling chants and singing the fight song.

"I think that's the first time I gave you a piggyback without you popping one and digging it into my neck," I leaned over and told Cole, teasing him.

"I think this was the longest I had gone without thinking about sex for years until you said that, thanks a lot," Cole retorted, sticking his tongue out at me.

"Oh yeah, and how long was that?" I inquired.

"The last timeout," he grinned.

"Wooooooowww," I laughed. "You're too cute."

Cole just smiled before yelling "whoooooo, go State!" and jumping up and down again.

Eventually Cole and I worked our way back to the edge of the field and climbed back into the student section. Thousands were still milling around on the field, it was quite the site to see. By now the game had been over for almost a half an hour and we were ready to go home.

Filing out with thousands of other elated State fans, Cole and I went hand and hand down the street. The tailgaters were alive with people once again, boisterous and loud. I felt bad for any Tech fans that had made the journey, the result was tough and I'm sure the treatment by the fans would be equally as rough.

The two of us walked drunk with happiness back to Cole's house. It felt good to be back, it had been a very long day. Linda was there waiting for us, the smell of a freshly cooked dinner in the air. The TV was on the football game, the commentators now talking about the game back in the studio.

"Hey guys," Linda smiled. "I saw you on TV Cole!"

"After the game on Jacey's shoulders?" Cole said excitedly.

"Yeah," Linda grinned. "It looked like you had a blast."

"It was amazing," I said.

"Greatest day of my life," Cole grinned.

"Your voices are all hoarse," Linda commented. "Yell too much?"

"Just a tad," I laughed.

"Well, you boys must be hungry," Linda said. "I made tacos."

"Great," we said in unison, rushing over to the kitchen. All the cheering sure did work up an appetite.

"How was work Mommy?" Cole asked, shoving his face full of some of the chopped chicken Linda had set out.

"I got nice and caught up," Linda replied. "So that felt good."

I gently slapped Cole's wrist. Now he was digging into the shredded cheese. "Leave some for the tacos," I whispered.

Cole playfully stuck his tongue out at me.

"What time are we going to ThrillVille tomorrow Mom?" Cole asked, now having a plate with two giant tacos.

"Whenever you want to get up," she laughed.

"That is the trick," I agreed.

"Nine? If we leave at nine we can get there at ten," Cole said.

"You sure you can get up that early?" Linda asked.

"For roller coasters I can," Cole grinned. "Plus, I can sleep in the car. What time is your training Jace?"

"One," I said. "I think it's gonna last a few hours."

"That sucks," Cole mumbled before chomping on his taco.

The two of us munched happily at the kitchen table listening to the post game show. It was the story of college football for the day. They would be replaying the game in a little bit, sending me scrambling to find a blank tape to throw in the VCR.

Cole came over to help me set up the recording. Hopefully they'd show the celebration on the field afterwards as well. I really wanted to see me and Cole on the field.

By the time Cole and I were done eating it was nine thirty and Linda headed to her room for bed. We loaded our dishes before assuming our usual snuggling position on the couch, both of us on our sides with me spooning Cole. He turned toward me and kissed me gently on the lips.

"I love you Jason," he said softly, his voice still raspy. "Thank you for the best day of my life."

"It's gonna get better," I winked, gently slapping him on the butt.

"You pervert," Cole teased, sticking his tongue out.

"Do that again," I dared.

As soon as he did it I went in for the kiss. Needless to say we spent the next five or so minutes tongue wrestling, passionately swapping our saliva. Linda could walk back into the room any minute but at this point I wasn't too worried. I loved Cole too much and had to get used to the idea of Linda actually being okay with our relationship. I mean, we'd stop if she walked into the room but I didn't want to have to continue to pussy foot around her scared.

The post game show finally ended and they showed a two minute compilation of today's game set to music. Sure enough at the end they had the clip of the camera swinging over Cole, sticking his tongue out and doing the "hook'em Horns" sign with both hands.

"Cute," I gushed out loud. He looked so adorable on TV, all excited and cute in his jersey.

"God I bet everyone I know saw that," Cole blushed.

"You looked good," I assured him, "don't be embarrassed."

"I'm not," Cole smiled. "It's pretty cool I got on TV."

I gave Cole a big hug. We continued to spoon, the game now starting over from the beginning. We both were amazed at how good the stadium looked, completely filled with blue shirts. The camera was shaking because of all the noise when Tech was on offense.

By the start of the second quarter my hands were fully in Cole's pants and he returned the favor by gently gyrating his butt against my crotch. This was standard fare for us, if we snuggled on the couch for more than thirty minutes it either ended with us both asleep or fooling around.

Our gentle play continued until halftime. We could do this all day, it was never really enough to bring us to orgasm but enough to feel really good.

"Let's do it," Cole whispered, turning towards me.

I leaned in and gently kissed him on the lips. Looking into his eyes I nodded slowly. I was ready to put everything that had happened behind me and move forward in our relationship. My love for Cole reigned above all else.

We wandered down the hall towards Cole's room, hoping to get back in time to watch the final minutes of the game. As soon as we entered the room Cole ripped off all his clothes, standing naked before me, his erection pointing high towards the ceiling.

"Hey cutie," I smiled. "I've got a surprise for you, be right back."

"What is it?" he called eagerly as I disappeared down the hall. I grabbed the bag from the sex shop last night and walked back with it behind my back.

Coming back into the room, I shut his door gently and sat down on the bed with him next to me. I brought out the black bag. Cole just looked at me confused.

"I went to the adult store last night after you went to sleep," I said. "So I bought a few little surprises..."

"Coooooool," Cole grinned. "Whatdya get?"

I slowly removed the first item from the bag, a bottle of Astroglide.

"Real lube?" Cole burst excitedly.

"Yup," I grinned. "It's the best for anal."

"Awesome," Cole said, examining the bottle.

"You gotta let me keep it in my room though," I told him. "Your mom doesn't need to find a bottle of Astroglide in her 13 year old son's room."

"Eh, she knows I'm a dirty boy," Cole laughed.

"Still," I said. "Just so she doesn't feel uncomfortable."

"What else you got?"

The next item I bought specifically for Cole, a small black butt plug, about two inches long and three quarters the width of my dick at its biggest.

"Cool, what's that called?" Cole said, mystified.

"What do you think it's for?" I asked playfully.

"Well obviously I put it in my butt," Cole retorted, showing me he was no dummy. "A butt dildo?"

"Basically," I said. "It's called a butt plug. You can pop it in there and because the ways it's shaped, all tapered and stuff, it stays in there until you take it out."

"Awesome," Cole grinned. "And it's mine?"

"All yours little buddy," I smiled. "You're such a whore for anal you need one. I want you to find a place to hide it in my room though okay? I don't want your mom to know I bought you a sex toy."

"Fine," he said, too excited to care.

"And there's one more thing," I said, reaching into the bag and pulling out a box of condoms.

"Condoms!" Cole exclaimed.

"I know we've tried them before but the normal ones are always way too big for you," I explained. "At the store though I found this box of extra small ones and thought they might fit you."

"The person ringing you up must have laughed," Cole grinned.

"I acted like they were for use with the butt plug," I winked. "But again, I'll keep them somewhere in my room but you're free to use them anytime, they're yours. So if you want to use one with the butt plug, try using them with Skyler, lube one up and fuck between the couch cushions; whatever, feel free."

"Sweet," Cole exclaimed, leaning in and giving me a hug. "Thanks so much, I love it all."

"I knew you would," I said, hugging him back.

Cole leaned over and gently helped me to take off my clothes. Pretty soon we were both naked on the bed, admiring each other's bodies. I don't think the sight of Cole naked would EVER get old.

"So how do you want to do this?" I asked. Cole always had some routine in mind and I liked to just go with whatever he felt like doing. It involved me fucking him in the butt 99.9% of the time so who was I to complain?

"I want you to ravage my asshole," Cole said mischievously. "But really, fuck me. And I wanna get close to the end but not over and once you're done I want to finish in you real quick."

"Sounds good," I agreed.

"And tomorrow night I want to give you a super good blowjob," Cole continued. "Once we get back from the park. I haven't had the chance to give you a good, long one for too long."

Nodding in agreement I reached for the bottle of Astroglide. Cole squealed in excitement and assumed the usual position on his back, legs in the air. I started to object, motioning for him to be on top since his butthole was tighter than usual.

"Oh man, Jacey can't you just pop it into me when I'm tight for once?" Cole whined. "You know I'm a slut. And it's not like my asshole can't take a dick."

I thought for a moment, Cole's tight, pink anus staring at me. How could I resist?

"Okay, but only because we have the best lube ever," I joked.

"Yes! Thank you," Cole said, his dick swelling with blood and noticeably bouncing in anticipation.

"And you have to let me eat you out first," I grinned.

"Let me think about that..." Cole teased. "I guess... if you insist."

I started to move in, placing my hands on Cole's thighs, pressing him out to spread eagle just a little bit further. Taking in the sight, I took a deep breath and inhaled his aroma.

"Oh Jace," Cole interrupted, "Am I clean enough down there?"

"Yeah, you're good," I said, looking up to smile at him. He looked perfectly clean plus I wanted to smell and taste his natural aroma, not the fruity soap we had in the shower.

I lowered my nose into Cole's ass until the tip of it made contact with the soft wrinkly skin of his anus. Taking a deep breath, the smell of Cole's butt flooded my entire system. It was almost like a drug, my brain felt like it was saturated with some mind altering substance. God he smelled good. He didn't smell dirty, not like poop or anything, but he didn't smell fresh as a daisy. It was somewhere in between, the butt of a boy who kept things very clean down there but hadn't showered for a bit. Whatever it was I couldn't get enough, inhaling deep breath after deep breath, trying to bury my nose even further into his crack. Cole giggled as I rubbed my nose around in there enjoying his boyish stench.

After a minute or two of enjoying his smell I took my nose out of his anus and replaced it with my tongue. I did a few straight up and down licks at first, almost like licking a lollipop. He tasted very similar to the way he smelled and again I couldn't get enough. My tongue lapped all around his asshole like a dog trying to lick peanut butter off your finger. I could tell from the way his sphincter felt that the little ring of muscle there was much tighter than usual. Definitely not as tight as this summer after not doing it for a month, but other than that we had never gone this long without having anal. It wasn't unusual for us this summer to be doing it twice a day, so the effects going an entire week without could be seen.

My tongue tried its damnedest to open up Cole's hole but it simply wasn't strong or rigid enough to break through. I removed my hands from the soft, hairless underbelly of Cole's thighs and used them to spread apart his cheeks instead. It opened up things more for my tongue but I still couldn't break Cole's seal. Giving up on that idea, I just continued to lick and slurp all around Cole's anus. He was groaning in pleasure, his eyes closed and his toes twirling with delight. At first eating out Cole caused him to giggle quite a bit, but by now he had adjusted to the very unique, pleasurable sensations it provided.

Finally I had to pull myself away from Cole's butt, his pink asshole shining with my saliva. If I didn't stop myself I could eat him out for hours on end. My mouth tasted like Cole's butt and I ran my tongue around my teeth to taste it even further. If this was anybody else I probably wouldn't find this hot, likely even gross. But with Cole, my one true love in life, it couldn't be any better.

"Damn Jason, we don't even need the lube now," Cole laughed.

"How was it?" I inquired, getting a pillow for him.

"Felt so good," he sighed. "Your tongue is like magic."

Cole lifted up his hips and slipped the pillow underneath. This put him at the perfect angle for my entry when we did it missionary style. Despite being called traditional and boring this was far and away our favorite position. For me, you couldn't beat the view. Not only did you get to watch Cole's face respond to the fucking you were giving him, you get to watch your dick penetrate his anus and had his nuts and balls right in front of you as well. It was also easy to lean over and kiss him, sometimes we'd make out the entire time I fucked him. Cole also enjoyed being on top, especially just for a few minutes during any sex we had. Sometimes we'd just go all the way like that, Cole setting the pace and riding me to his heart's content. Once in a while I also liked to do him doggy style, mostly if we were trying to have a quick one. This was Cole's favorite position when he did me, mostly because he liked to lay on my back and just thrust his hips in and out as fast as he could.

"Ready?" I asked Cole.

"More than ever!"

I squirted some of the Astroglide onto Cole's anus. He pleaded with me not to even slip my finger in. If that's what he really wanted I would let him have it, although I was going to be extra careful when I slipped my dick in. If Cole had never had anal sex before this would be out of the question, but his asshole was more receptive to my cock due to the hundreds of times we had done it. I would just press gently in, going a millimeter at a time. I know Cole would like me to just ram it in there and make him squeal but I couldn't bring myself to quite do what he wanted.

Once Cole was properly lubed up I greased my own cock. The lube definitely had a different texture than the hand lotion we always used, much slicker. I could tell it would make things slide a lot easier and would probably greatly help out in Cole's wish to have me shove it up there without stretching him out at all.

Squeezing the bottle over his asshole I put a small dollup right in the middle of his anus. I then got myself into position on my knees, lining my throbbing hard cock up with Cole's boy pussy.

"Do it," he told me.

I ever so gently pressed my cock against Cole's anus. The skin was almost twirling beneath my head, as if his sphincter was a bunch of little people and they were all scrambling around to get ready. Leaning in I began to apply more and more pressure.

Cole grunted, the force I was applying not quite enough yet to break the seal. He was trying to his best to aide the process, relaxing his muscles down there as much as he could. I reminded Cole to let me know if he needed me to stop and then continued to press.

The tip of my penis slowly made entry into Cole's bowels. It was just the very tip, not even the entire width of my head, but Cole was slowly opening up. He was moaning wildly, his dick throbbing and leaking precum onto his belly. I wanted to play with his cock so bad but knew any stimulation in that region would make my job even harder.

Eventually the pressure was enough to convince Cole's butt to allow the entire head of my penis in.

"Jason, your head is in right?"

"Yeah," I moaned, the sensations unbelievable. His anus was effectively giving the head of my cock a massage as it tried to poop me out.

"Just ram the rest in please," Cole moaned.

"I'm not going to ram it Cole," I said. "It might hurt you."

It was enough that I shoved the top of my dick into him without even working a finger in there first.

"What if I'm on top?"

I thought a moment. If he really wanted it...

"Fine," I said. I was reluctant to do this because it didn't really bring any pleasure to me, no more than slowly and thoughtfully pushing the rest of my dick in.

Cole and I managed to switch positions without the top inch of my dick leaving his backside. We had become quite adept at switching positions while inside each other. Now I was laying on the bed, my head on the pillow, Cole straddling me on his knees, his rock hard cock staring me in the face. One thing I didn't like about this position was the visual of my cock penetrating Cole's anus was gone, but the sensations were out of this world. Having Cole in control you didn't quite know what to expect and that uncertainly heightened the feelings of pleasure on your shaft.

"Okay here I go," Cole whispered, biting his lip.

"Be careful," I said one last time.

With one quick movement he plunged his body down on my cock, my head shooting five and a half inches up his bowels in less than a second. Cole's balls slapped against my belly, his ass hitting the top of my thighs with a thud.

"Ughhhhh," Cole groaned, a pained expression on his face. All of a sudden his entire body started shaking and shots of his whitish-clear cum splattered onto my belly. He was having an orgasm! His body was having random spasms at a rapid pace, Cole continuing to moan and grunt in a combination of pain and pleasure. I almost shot my load as well just watching, his bowels rippling against my cock with every wave of pleasure in his body. Finally he slowed down to a halt, his eyes closed. He took a deep breath and then slowly opened them, breaking out into a smile as he looked at me.

"Good?" I asked humorously.

"Fuck yea," Cole grinned. "I wasn't planning on cumming though."

"That was crazy," I said, running my finger through the cum on my belly and eating it up. God his cum tasted good.

"Just don't cum too fast now," Cole instructed, "So I can get back up for another one. By the time you are done with me I'll be ready to go in you again."

"How's your butt?" I asked.

"Throbbing," Cole smiled. "It hurts. It really hurt when I plunged down on you."

I gave him a concerned look.

"Jason, you know I love it," he pleaded. "It was a good hurt. Obviously it was good if I fucking came without even touching myself. It doesn't hurt much anymore so don't worry. It was mind blowing though."

"Glad you liked it and are okay," I smiled. "Now switch back?"

"Yup you lazy asshole," Cole grinned. "Making me do all the work..."

We quickly readjusted ourselves, Cole back in missionary position, his butt elevated by the pillow. My cock was about halfway up him now, so I slowly pulled it out until just the head remained and then gently pushed it back all the way in. My body shuddered at the sensations, his inner tissues so soft and smooth rubbing against the length of my cock. It felt so warm and tight in there, my cock head buried happily deep into my thirteen year old lover.

"Fuck me Jason," Cole moaned, talking dirty while gently playing with his balls.

My hips moved slowly in and out, my cock sliding up and down Cole's soft insides. Every so often I'd find his prostate with the head of my penis and gently poke and prod it. Cole loved it but I could only do it for a brief time or else he might involuntarily orgasm.

I gently rubbed Cole's soft, warm belly with one of my free hands. He proceeded to wrap his feet around my backside, tangling his feet up on my back. We were locked together, my cock continuing to gently fuck him as I rubbed his body with my hands. Cole was ever so slowly jacking himself off and would have to stop often in order not to go over the top. That orgasm he had a few minutes ago sure didn't stop him from getting off again. Back when I was that young I guess my refractory period was that short as well, one of the beautiful parts of being that age.

Both of us were moaning gently, occasionally saying something dirty to the other. The lube was still working really well, making what already felt great even better. Often times with the lotion a slow fuck like this would force me to reapply, but not so far tonight.

Motioning for Cole to untangle his legs from my backside I took each of his feet in my hand and rubbed them gently. Cole was quite flexible, I don't think I would be comfortable in the missionary position with my feet this far back. Enjoying the sight of his cute little feet I just couldn't help myself, sucking the toes of his right foot in my mouth.

Cole giggled at the feelings, his toes tasting salty in my mouth. I normally wasn't a foot person but Cole's were so cute and boyish you couldn't help but be attracted to them.

Letting his toes out of my mouth I continued to slowly penetrate him. I gently began rubbing the area between his balls and butthole, right above were my cock was penetrating his body.

Finally I could feel my balls starting to well up and knew I wouldn't last much longer. I had done pretty well given the circumstances, lasting a good ten minutes or so since the initial penetration.

I pushed Cole's legs back to his belly and leaned my entire body in, my stomach pressing Cole's throbbing cock against his belly.

"I love you," I whispered, my mouth inches from his.

"Love you too," Cole managed to get out breathlessly.

Our lips locked in love, our tongues swirling around each other as my cock continued its slow fucking rhythm of Cole's backside. In and out I went, Cole's backside making a slight squishing sound with each thrust, my balls slapping gently against his backside.

The feelings were finally too much to overcome. My dick couldn't take the pleasure anymore and finally burst, swelling inside of Cole's bowels. I had to break our kiss as my orgasm peaked, my hips slamming into Cole's backside. Hit after hit of mind blowing gratification rocked my body, shuddering wildly as I rode out the feelings. No drug could ever compare to what I was feeling right now, my head might as well have been in the clouds. I must have roped a dozen thick shots of my semen deep inside of Cole, the spasms continuing to roll throughout my body. Cole moaned loudly with me, biting his lower lip as he tried to hold himself back from having an orgasm as well.

Finally my body came to a stop, the waves of pleasure finally subsiding. My cock became extra sensitive and tingled as I slowly pulled it out of Cole's backside. As soon is it popped out Cole passed a large amount of gas, escaping after being jostled around for the last ten minutes. His anus was definitely redder and angrier than normal but looked undamaged.

Kissing Cole once more on the lips I gently kissed all the way down to his body before reaching his cock. It was throbbing, a string of precum attaching his urethra to his belly. I kissed the head gently before kissing his soft balls. I rubbed his asshole gently with my finger and then looked up at him. He was smiling at me, a content look in his face.

"Have fun?" he asked.

"You could say that," I smiled back. "Want to go in me?"

"Yeah," Cole said eagerly.

I assumed the doggy style position as Cole quickly lubed up my asshole and his dick. He just wanted a quick explosion into my bowels, not the gentle slow fuck I loved to give him. Once in a while he loved to do that with me, but most the time he got so worked up by me fucking him he just wanted to bust his nut as fast as he could.

"Wow this lube is great," Cole told me, finishing up preparing things for his entry. "Can't believe we haven't used it all this time. Ready?"

"Go for it," I said.

Cole pressed his cock against my anus. He was still small enough to where he didn't have to work me open at first, although it did hurt when he popped it in. This pain was very temporary however, as his little four and a half inch pecker felt so good in my ass.

I grimaced slightly as Cole's dick popped in and he slowly pressed the rest of it deep inside of me. Once he as all the way in he laid the upper half of his body on top of mine, his breath gently blowing against the back of my neck. He then began to rapidly fuck me, his dick plowing in and out through the tissues of my bowels. By now I had gone soft but started to get a semi as he continued his rapid movements. I always told him he looked like a little rabbit when he fucked me and it wasn't far from the truth.

Within a minute Cole exploded, his body shuddering for the second time in about twenty minutes. I could feel a spurt or two of his cum hit my bowels but he was starting to run dry. It had been a big day for him, three orgasms in the past ten hours or so.

Cole's dick slurped out of my backside with a pop as he collapsed against the bed. I moaned gently as I stretched my body out, my muscles shuddering almost like another orgasm. I was tired and I could fall asleep in an instant if I wanted to.

Sitting back up Cole looked me in the eyes. We just stared for a minute, appreciating each other and recognizing how much we truly cared for one another. Cole leaned in slowly for a kiss, a nice long one on the lips. Our lust fever was over and we were now in the snuggly companion mood that often followed intercourse.

"Shower?" Cole asked me.

I thought for a moment. It wasn't too late, only like eleven or so. I guess Linda couldn't really tell we were showering together as long as we both didn't talk and make a racket. Plus, she had said she was okay with our relationship so who cares if we showered together. A late night shower always meant one thing though: cleaning up after sex.

"Yeah, let's," I agreed, not wanting to crawl into bed after being in the sun all day then topping it off with a steamy session of anal.

Cole just smiled and hopped up from the bed, waddling down the hall.

"Quack, quack," I teased him.

"Hey, shut up," he grinned. "I've been trying to hold this gallon of cum you blew up me and not unload it all over my sheets."

"My bad," I laughed, rustling his hair gently as we entered the hall bathroom.

I quickly adjusted the shower to a nice temperature and then crawled in, Cole not far behind.

"Watch Jason," he said, squatting down as the water pelted his head.

With one giant fart my cum sprayed from his backside, splattering with force against the floor of the shower. Cole's face had a questioning look on it as a few smaller movements came, my cum dropping from his backside.

"That's the bulk of it," Cole informed me, standing back up, "but some more is probably coming."

"That was strangely erotic," I admitted, turned on.

"Pervert," Cole teased.

We gently soaped each other up, the warm water cleaning our bodies after the day's activities. What a day it had been, probably the best in my life. Things couldn't be any more perfect than they were right now. Our penises were both soft and neither one of us was horny, a rarity when we were both naked. It was moments like these, however, that I tended to enjoy the most because it showed how much we really loved each other beyond the sexual attraction. We gently hugged each other after washing the shampoo out of our hair, our hands gently rubbing each other's backs.

Toweling off, we stood facing one another and smiled. We were going to be okay after all.

Back in the bedroom we each put on our boxers and then headed back out to watch the end of the game. Cole grabbed his new butt plug and the bottle of lotion he hid under his bed. I gave him an inquisitive look.

"What?" he said innocently, "I want to try it. I'm excited."

"You're too cute," I told Cole, who was putting on his best pouty face. He broke into a smile and we walked down the hall holding hands.

The game had five minutes left in the fourth quarter so we timed everything perfectly. I could see the little red light on the VCR still on, the game recording. The two of us settled into our usual position on the couch, my body spooning Cole's.

"Tech is going on their touchdown drive," Cole moaned.

"At least we aren't nervous this time around," I said.

I gently stroked Cole's hair as we watched Tech marching down the field. My mind was at ease with life finally after a very long week. Sometimes I still wanted to pinch myself to make sure it was all true.

Tech scored their touchdown and the game went to commercial. Cole dropped off the couch and scooped up his lotion and butt plug. Rolling onto his back, Cole lathered up the plug with a good amount of lotion and then placed it against his exposed asshole, red and stretched looking from earlier.

With a sly smile in my direction he pushed it in, the plug easily sliding into his anus. Cole shuddered at the feeling, his eyes closing. What else could you say, this boy was a whore for anything anal and couldn't help it if he tried. I wondered once he fully matured if he would continue to be such a bottom. Likely he would, he just got off on the feelings and thoughts of someone ramming their cock up his backside.

I sat up on the couch and patted the seat next to me. Cole hopped up and sat down gently, unsure how the butt plug would respond.

"Wow, it really does stay up there," Cole wondered out loud.

"It's a hands free device," I winked.

Cole stood up and walked around. He hopped up and down a couple of times. He turned to me and grinned.

"Just promise me you're not going to wear it to school one day," I laughed.

"Naw," Cole grinned. "That would be hot but I don't wanna stretch out my butt. I'm only gonna use it if you're not gonna fuck me anytime soon."

"How long is that for you?" I inquired.

"An hour," Cole grinned, joining me back on the couch. We leaned into one another and snuggled as State got the ball and went in for their winning field goal.

During our time out right before the field goal I could feel Cole's body tensing up then relaxing again and again.

"Just what are you doing?" I asked.

"If you clench your butt and try to suck the plug up it hits your prostate," Cole explained. "It's almost like you can fuck yourself."

I peered down at Cole's crotch, his dick making a giant tent with his boxers. I could even see part of his dick through the front slit in his boxers.

"I'm being replaced," I sighed dramatically.

"Noooooo," Cole moaned, leaning in and giving me a giant hug.

We both turned our attention to the game as our kicker lined up for the winning field goal. The ball was snapped and the kick sailed through the uprights. Bedlam ensued, thousands of people rushing the field. It was just as impressive on TV as it was in person, the sheer volume of people being shown better now.

"Woah," Cole grinned.

"This is so sweet," I said excitedly, reliving the win. What a perfect day!

Cole and I just stared mesmerized at the television screen. They transitioned to the post-game portion of the broadcast and the channel hadn't cut the game off yet. Maybe we would get to see ourselves.

The camera started to swoop over the crowd.

"It's gonna be soon," Cole squealed.

To our disappointment they went back to wide angle shots of the field with an occasional close up. All of a sudden it went back to the SkyCam and started a downward scoop.

"I see us!" I said excitedly, spotting a rather cute looking boy riding someone's shoulders.

"Yeah!" Cole grinned.

The camera swooped over us, Cole featured for a good two seconds, his hands doing the "hook'em Horns" sign while he stuck out his tongue. God damn that was so cute.

"You are so adorable!" I said, unable to help myself.

"Adorable and a TV star," Cole grinned. "You lucky son of a bitch."

"I am," I said simply.

The post game show lasted a few minutes longer and then the broadcast ended. An infomercial for an exercise machine came on, your standard midnight fare.

Cole stood up and popped the butt plug out, grunting as the larger part came back through. He put it to his nose and took a whiff.

"Like a rose," he grinned.

"Yeah right," I ribbed back. "Go wash it off, I'll get our bed ready."

Cole looked at me excitedly. He didn't need me to say anything more, he knew what was happening. We were going to sleep in the same bed tonight. Normally reserved for when his mom was gone for the night, I figured why not tonight. It just wouldn't be right to cap the happiest day of my life by saying goodnight to Cole and sleeping by myself.

I tidied up the sheets on the bed, strewn about from sex earlier. The pillow Cole used to prop himself up was still in the middle of the bed so I put it back up top on the side I normally slept.

As I was putting the finishing touches on the bed Cole walked into the room naked, flipping his boxers onto the floor and placing the butt plug back in the black bag I got from the adult store.

Smiling at him I motioned for him to get into bed. As Cole snuggled in I went over and turned off the overhead light, the moonlight guiding me back to the bed. I set the alarm for seven o'clock before slipping off my boxers and into bed with Cole. That should give me a good half hour at least before his mom woke up.

The two of us faced each other and kissed gently on the tops. We were both rubbing each other with our hands, enjoying the other's soft skin. Cole's breath blew gracefully against my own mouth.

"I love you Cole," I said, suddenly feeling emotional. "More than anything in the world."

"I love you too Jason," Cole whispered. "I never want to imagine what my life would be without you."

"You mean everything to me," I told him, embracing him in a hug.

I could feel his heart pounding against my chest and I'm sure he felt the same coming from my body. There were times where our bodies almost acted as if we were one. Our legs were now tangled as we snuggled together.

"I think about you all the time. Every second I'm not with you," Cole said softly. "For a while I thought my life was over. I honestly didn't know what I was going to do."

"Me either," I said. "Everything is okay though. All that matters is that we are together now."

"Together forever," Cole said softly, looking me in the eyes. There was just enough light to make out his complete sincerity.

"Forever," I whispered, giving him a gentle peck on the lips.

Cole gave me a sleepy smile and closed his eyes. Mine shut soon afterward. We quickly fell asleep, our two naked bodies wrapped together in love.

End of Chapter Eleven and Cole II

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