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Chapter Two

Cole burst from the couch and ran to the garage door at the first sign of his mom. I flipped the television off and stood up, suddenly becoming much more nervous. Living with a new family halfway across the country was a major decision in my life. Did Cole's mom really want me or did Cole somehow convince her and swindle his way into this arrangement?

"Hey Jason," Mrs. Mason said smiling, setting a bag of groceries down on the counter.

"Hey Linda," I said. I had been calling her Mrs. Mason until a month or so ago but she insisted I was more informal with her. I guess if I was going to live here I couldn't act like she was that much of a stranger.

"Are there any more groceries?" Cole asked, always eager to help.

"No, that's it," his mom replied, "I just picked up a few things."

"Cool..." Cole said, trailing off.

"I suppose he already spilled the beans to you Jason?" Linda laughed.

"Just a little," I said, winking.

"Well, we can talk about it now if you all want," she continued.

"Yeah!" Cole said excitedly.

"That would be good," I agreed, "I have to meet some friends for dinner in an hour or so."

We all walked to the family room, Cole turning to smile at me numerous times as we headed there. Once there Cole and his mom sat on the couch while I sat in the recliner and twirled until I faced them.

"First off, remember that this is just an idea," Linda cautioned. "I know you might want something else and that's completely fine. You are in college. And you might already have plans, I don't know. It's something I've been tossing around in my head for a while and I probably should have said something sooner but I knew Cole would freak out so I put it off."

"Ah," I said. "I'm eager to hear about it."

"Do you have any plans for living somewhere next year?" she asked.

"Yeah," I said, "With my current roommate and some friends. We already put some money down but I could probably get out of it."

"Don't feel like to have to accept this offer," Linda warned. "Living with friends in college is a lot of fun."

"I was looking forward to it," I said, "But that was before this came up. Now I don't know."

"This is what I was afraid of, I didn't want you to back out on something."

"Oh no, it's fine," I said, sensing Linda was getting cold on the idea. "He has tons of friends and could find someone. He's a cool guy."

"It's fine Mom," Cole said impatiently.

"You were going home for the summer weren't you Jason?" Cole's mom asked.

"Yes," I said softly, knowing it upset Cole but my family really wanted to see me. Cole and I tried to avoid talking about this summer and tried to act like everything was okay. But being away for ten weeks was going to be hard.

"Well you're free to move in once school starts up in the fall then," she said.

"Noooo," Cole moaned.

"What?" his mom asked, confused.

"Why can't he stay with us during the summer?" Cole pouted. "I don't want to go to the daycare thing again."

"Jason has a family Cole," his mom explained.

I loved my mom and dad, but I didn't really want to spend two and a half months with them. Maybe I should stay here for the summer. Just thinking of day after day alone this summer with Cole... we would have so much fun.

"Well I do want to see them," I said, "but I don't have to stay there the whole summer. If my being here prevents Cole from being at daycare during the day I think that's worth it."

"I don't want our needs to affect on your family," Linda said, still worried. She was very considerate of other people and how her decisions affected them.

"No, its fine," I said. "They think it's great that I'm on my own and away from home. Finally getting my wings and starting to fly you know? They'll probably be okay with it just as long as I come home for a little bit."

"Well, if everything works out we'd love to have you whenever," Linda said.

"I'm sure my parents would be willing to pay you the same amount as an apartment," I said.

"That's not necessary," Linda replied. "With the amount you'll save me in day camp and whatnot it's no problem."

"Please," I said. "I'll be happy to pay."

"Not for the summer," she said. "Because it would honestly cost more to send him to something during the day that it would to have you. I'll think about the fall."

"My parents won't let me not pay," I laughed.

"I'll talk to them," she chuckled back.

"He's going to sleep in your office, right Mom?" Cole inquired.

"Yeah," she replied. "I don't really use it all that much and the computer can go in my room. It's a little small, I know Jason."

"No, it's more than fine," I said. "Bigger than the dorm room."

"That thing is tiny," Cole laughed.

"So anyways, we'd love to have you," she said. "But I completely understand if you have other plans."

"I need to think about it," I said, "But I'm pretty sure I'll take you up on it. I just have to make sure it's cool with Max and my parents and everything."

"It will be, won't it?" Cole asked, his doe eyes looking hopefully at me.

"Pretty sure," I assured him, tussling his soft hair, "But I gotta make sure first."

"No rush," Linda said.

"Well thanks again for the offer," I said. "Hopefully it will all work out."

"Yeah," Cole said hopefully. I knew he was going to be crushed if this fell through.

"Well, I should get going," I said, heading towards the door. "I've got to meet my friends soon and have a lot of homework to do."

"Thanks for stopping by," Cole's mom smiled, heading towards the kitchen.

I turned toward Cole, an anxious but hopeful look on his face. He leaned in towards me and wrapped me up in a giant hug.

"I hope you can live with us," he said softly.

"Me too little buddy, me too," I said, gently sniffing his hair.

We finally broke our warm embrace and I headed for the door, scooping my backpack up along the way. I'd like to pin him to the couch and start frenching him right about now but couldn't because his mom was in the house. Hopefully tomorrow we could have sex after school before his mom came home. I had already promised the guys I'd hang out with them at night. Had to keep up appearances, with it being a Friday night and all and hanging out with Cole might make some people think.

Cole and I kissed each other lightly on the lips at the door, making sure nobody could see. He looked at me sadly and waved goodbye, almost like a puppy whose owner was leaving. I just gave him a smile and reminded him I'd see him tomorrow.

I'd have some time to think to myself as I walked back to campus. Dinner with my friends wasn't for another hour or so, but I acted like it was sooner because I wanted this time to ponder my situation.

Deep down I really wanted to live with Cole and his mom but I couldn't help but wonder if it was the best thing. Would we get tired of each other? Right now we couldn't get enough time together, the couple hours a day I usually spent with him were hardly ever enough. The only time to have sex was in the afternoon before his mom came home so from three until five in the afternoon we were usually engaged in some sort of sex play. If we went out to a movie or something it was fun but we never had extra time to relieve our urges. If I lived with Cole, we could have sex in the afternoon and then hang out at night. Who knows, maybe even after his mom went to bed, which she did early, we could quietly engage in something.

The fear was we'd get tired of each other. I had heard too many stories of best friends being roommates in the dorms only to hate each other by the end of the year. Then again, those were friends, same sex friends who had no interest in each other. That was a far cry for me and Cole... we were boyfriends and we loved each other. I mean, boyfriends and girlfriends move in after a while right? So it should be similar with Cole... I mean, we had been together eight months.

The two of us had never fought... hell, I don't think I've ever been mad at him. Annoyed at him for being too risky with showing his affection for me at times, yes, but that was about it. Spending more time with Cole didn't scare me in the least. I wanted to spend every moment I could with him, he was too cute and too special to lose interest in his company.

Our mutual love and desire to be together might get us in trouble though. Maybe once I was living with him I wouldn't feel the need to appreciate him all the time. Whenever his mom was around I always had to restrain myself from stroking his hair or patting his ass. If I lived with him and started to get comfortable around his mom, who knew, maybe I'd slip and reach into his pants or something. Cole might even do the same, the little devil liked playing with me as much I did with him.

Another thing I had to be concerned about was my image. Moving in with a random family whose thirteen year old boy I befriended? I knew once I lived with the Masons I would hardly hang out with any other friends. People I'm sure would find this a little odd, I just didn't know how they would take it. Would they suspect any "funny business"? Or would understand that I had become close with the family and took advantage of an opportunity to live comfortable despite being fifteen hundred miles from my home?

Thoughts kept running through my head as I approached campus. In the end the pros severely outweighed the cons and I was set on living with Cole. We could work through most anything that went wrong, but I couldn't live with myself if I passed on this opportunity. The hardest thing was yet to come though... convincing my parents.

I dialed home on my cell phone, nervously waiting and listening to it ring. I didn't know what I was going to say, but I figured I'd just tell them the truth, minus a few details. If I had been more open and honest about him from the beginning it would probably have made things easier.

"Honey!" my mom said excitedly into the phone.

"Hey mom," I replied. "How are you and Dad?"

"Great, how are you sweetie?" she asked.

"Oh, I'm good," I said, still trying to figure out how to bring it up.

"We can't wait to see you," she said, laying on the guilt. I could always just come back for the summer and join Cole in the fall. I wanted to be with him during the summer so much though, we'd have ample time to do fun things and explore each other.

"Speaking of that," I said, my heart pounding in my chest. "You know Cole and his mom? My Bobcat Buddy?"

"Yes, how are they?" my mom asked. "Is Cole opening up?"

"He's much more outgoing now," I said. "He is shy, a lot like I was."

"You sure were."

"Anyways," I said, wanting to get it over with. "I've grown really close to him and his mom in recent months. They are great people and I want to help them in any way. They've invited me to live with them next year and I think I'm going to. They have a spare room and everything."

"Honey, what about your apartment?" my mom asked.

"I already talked to Max, its cool and he has someone else to live there," I lied. I felt pretty sure of that happening anyways.

"Won't that be weird?" my mom asked, obviously unaware of how close I was to these people. I guess I almost felt guilty, like I was replacing my parents with Cole and his mom.

"No, they really want me to stay there," I said. "I can help Cole out by taking him to soccer practice and stuff so his mom isn't so busy. Linda also likes to travel up to see her mom and this way she doesn't have to work around Cole's schedule. I can really help them out and I really want to."

"I see," my mom said. "Well, I don't see anything wrong with it. As long as we pay them some sort of rent."

"For sure," I said. "You'll have to talk to Ms. Mason about that, she seems pretty set on letting me live there for next to nothing."

"Ha," my mom chuckled. "You must plow through three hundred a month in food... at least."

"I know," I said. "We'll knock some sense into her."

"Well that sounds great Jason," my mom said, sounding genuinely excited.

"Yeah," I agreed, and then broke the last bit of news, "and they want me to live there this summer. I don't have to but Cole has nothing to do when his mom is at work."

"But Jason, we were looking forward to have you home this summer," my mom said.

"I know," I said, feeling guilty, "but I have nothing to do there but see you guys. I could come home for a little bit and then head back. I could even take summer classes or something to stay ahead."

"But Hun, your dad arranged for you to work at his office," my mom said. "He got you a job so you could make money and everything because he knew you'd be bored."

"Oh," I said, feeling guilty. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"He wanted to make it a surprise," my mom told me.

"I see," I said. "But I could get a job here. And the Masons really need me, Cole had an awful time at day camps and daycare last summer and I'd save them a ton of money."

"Well," my mom said, trailing off. I could tell she was starting to think it was okay.

"It would mean a lot to them, and me," I said. "I wish I gave you guys more notice but they just asked me."

"Your father isn't going to be happy," she said. "And you are going to come home at some point."

"I really want to," I said. "I need my car too."

"Well, don't expect to just come home for a few days and then leave with your car," my mom said, acting annoyed.

"I didn't plan to," I said. "I'd stay at least a week."

"We'll see," my mom said. "We planned to do some fun stuff this summer with you and not have you halfway across the country."

"I'm sorry mom," I said.

"Maybe you can go back for the last month of summer," my mom suggested. "Save Cole for four weeks at least."

"He needs me more than that," I said, wondering if that sounded weird to her.

"Well, I'll have to talk to your father," my mom sighed. "I don't think he'll be too happy about paying all that money all year and never seeing you."

"Mom, stop trying to make me feel guilty," I said, getting annoyed. "I love you guys and I'll be home for sure sometime this summer. But I'm also an adult now and can make some of my own choices. I feel like the one I'm making is right."

"That's sweet of you Jason," my mom admitted. "To be honest, I'm not all that against it, but I know your father won't be too happy. I'll try to talk to him."

"Thanks," I said, reaching the front door of my dorm.

"No problem," my mom said. "Look, I need to start dinner but I'll call you in a few days and let you know okay?"

"Alright," I said, knowing those would be a long couple of days waiting.

"Stay safe and I love you," my mom said sweetly. "You're a good kid."

"Love you," I said, entering the lobby.

"Love you too, bye sweetie."


I clamped my cell phone shut and gave a sigh before pressing the button for the elevator. I'd have to confront Max about the apartment and the sooner the better. Hopefully when my mom called in the next few days I'd have good news to bring to Cole.

End of Chapter Two

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