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Chapter Three

A deal was struck. Max was fine with me not living with him, a little disappointed, but he seemed to understand my desire to live with Cole and help his family out. I had been over there basically everyday for hours and hours so it only made sense. He had a lot of friends and had no problem finding someone else to live with him.

Things were a little bit tougher with my parents. I ended up having to make a compromise; the first month of summer I'd spend back home with them and then after that I was free to return to Cole. If I booked it back I could make it in time for the second summer term and take a class. My parents either wanted me to be working, which would take me away from Cole too long, or take a class. During my class I figured Cole could just hang at home or with friends and maybe even come to class with me once in a while.

I had a tearful goodbye with Cole at the airport. He was pretty distraught at the thought of me leaving for an entire month. All I could do was give him a big hug and let him know before he knew it I'd be back. His mom and I had the same cell phone carrier so we could call each other for free every night.

My first week back my parents took me on a roadtrip around the state camping. It was fun, I'll have to admit, but I did miss Cole. It was really good to see my parents though, I forgot how much I missed their love and company. Cole and I talked every night but had to keep it toned down because my parents were often in a tent right next to me and could hear. I'd break the conversations off after twenty minutes or so because I didn't want my parents to think I was obsessed or anything, but I clearly was.

Once I got back from the trip I helped my Dad out at his office. They had me doing all sorts of random stuff; one day I'd be moving boxes from one corner to the another, the next I'd be compiling a database about each department's efficiency. I didn't mind the work too much, I was making money and it didn't follow me home like school did.

I still missed Cole though, especially after our late night conversations. I'd have to wait until after midnight to call him since he was two hours behind me. His mom would go to bed and then he'd sneak into the garage to talk to me. I'd often lock myself in the downstairs bathroom far away from my parent's bedroom door.

At first the conversations would start out innocent enough, asking each other about their day and what was going on halfway across the country. Cole found a lot of humor in the random jobs I did each day. Since college was released for summer break before the public schools the first two weeks Cole was still going to class. The final two weeks of our separation however were his first two weeks of freedom. His mom signed him up for a day camp through the YMCA the first week and a sports camp the next week. I knew they were expensive and I felt bad for his mom, but it would still be way cheaper than paying for a whole summer of daycare for him.

Cole had also started classic soccer practice. It was his first year of classic and it sounded pretty intense. He had practice four days a week, Monday through Thursday, and the games would be starting in early August. He had about thirty games in all, way more than the ten or so you would find in recreational soccer. He often had games both Saturday and Sundays of a weekend so it was quite the commitment. I would be able to take him to the games though if he mom needed to skip town to see her mom, so there were no worries.

By the time Cole was done talking about his soccer practice, and all the hot boys he was ogling while there, we both would get pretty horny. We'd tell each other over the phone what we'd do to each other, gently stroking our cocks and dirty talking. I could often hear Cole's heaving breathing in the phone and the moans when he would cum. He always beat me to orgasm but the sound of him doing so always put me over the top too.

Once that was over we'd always get sappy and tell each other how much we loved and missed each other. By the time the conversation finally ended it was often two hours later. On weekend when Cole didn't have school the next day it wasn't unusual for our conversations to last over three hours, the cell phone burning hot against my ear. I just hoped nobody had heard us or saw that we talked on the phone for three friggin hours, which might seem just a little bit unusual.

I said goodbye to my parents on a Saturday morning, hoping to get back to Cole's on Sunday afternoon. My mom was crying and my dad seemed pretty sad too, and I had to admit the tears were welling up. But I knew I'd see them again and their love would always be there for me. For now couldn't wait to get back to Cole.

My car was packed with all the clothes I had taken home and some other stuff I brought along now that I had my own room. The office in Cole's house wasn't too big though so I really only had room for my bed, my dresser, and my desk. My dad had checked my engine to make sure it would run well for my sixteen hundred mile journey. My mom was worried at the thought of me driving halfway across the country, but I kept reassuring her it would be okay and I'd stop when I get tired. Since it would take about twenty four hours, I just figured I'd drive twelve hours a day and stop at a hotel halfway there.

After my final goodbyes I pulled out of the driveway and waved to my parents as they got smaller and smaller. I was glad I went home but was more than eager to get back to Cole and his mom. I knew the drive was going to take forever knowing Cole was waiting there for me, but it sure as hell kept me motivated as I flew down the interstate.

I called Cole real quick late that Saturday afternoon to see what was up. Turns out he had a special soccer practice that night for an exhibition tournament his team was participating in tomorrow afternoon. This classic soccer stuff was way more involved than I thought it would be, probably his mom as well. Good thing I was coming back and would be more than happy to drive him around to the various activities. I couldn't wait to see some of the players on the team he had been telling me about.

Twelve hours later it was ten o'clock at night and I was looking for a place to crash for the night. I had stopped briefly to gas up and get some food but other than that I stuck to the road. I found a cheap hotel, a national chain, so it wasn't too scummy. Couldn't much beat $39.95 a night though, especially on a college student's budget.

Cole was only an hour behind me at this point so I took a nice long shower before calling him. I got out of the shower and dried myself off deciding there was no reason to put my clothes back on. I walked over to the sink and grabbed their little bottle of lotion, knowing I'd probably need it later on.

I flung the comforter over the edge of the bed, knowing the hotels rarely washed that. Besides, it was the dead of summer and hot as hell anyways. I was perfectly warm buck naked in this hotel room.

I could feel my phone vibrating across the room in my pile of clothes. I ran over and flipped it open, seeing that the call was from Cole. A cute little picture of him I took always popped up when he called, so I admired it for a second before answering.

"Hey ‘Cole'io!" I said cheerfully.

"Jason!" Cole's voice beamed through the cell phone.

"How was your soccer practice babe?" I asked.

"It was good. We didn't run too hard or anything, coach wanted us to be fresh tomorrow. Just went over strategy and stuff."

"You gonna kick some ass tomorrow?"

"I hope," Cole laughed. "It's our first game against another team."

"But it doesn't count in the standings right?"

"Naw," Cole said, "just for practice I guess."

"Ah neat," I said. "Can't wait to see you hotties play."

"Where are you?" Cole pouted, his voice as soft and boyish as ever.

"About twelve hours away," I said. "I drove about halfway today, so hopefully I'll be to your house sometime tomorrow night."

"Ugh, I can't wait," Cole moaned. "I've been so horny all month without you."

"You would have been horny if I was there," I laughed.

"I know, but at least I could relieve it," Cole mumbled. "Jacking off just isn't the same."

"So what's the latest on Skyler?" I asked, curious about the teammate he was trying to woo.

"Oh yeah, pretty sure he's gay," Cole laughed. "I've been testing him out and crap, he seems to like me."

"How so?" I asked.

Skyler was a boy on Cole's soccer team that went to a private Christian school. That was the great thing about his classic soccer team, the boys were from all over the city and from different schools, public and private. Cole told me he had the most beautiful brown eyes and hair, was well tanned, and didn't have a hair on his legs.

"Well I've been pretty much talking to him all the time and being cute around him," Cole said mischievously through the phone. "I'll sit next to him and make sure our legs are touching and crap. He doesn't pull back and lots of times just smiles at me."

"Are you guys gonna hang out other than at soccer?" I asked.

"Yeah, tomorrow after the scrimmage thing he's coming over for a few hours. I think you're going to miss him though."

"Ah, that's cool," I said. "He's all yours."

"Yeah, I think he likes me cause I've caught him checkin' me out and crap," Cole said.

"Kinda like how you figured out I liked you?" I asked. Cole did the same things with me, intentionally touching our legs together, sitting so I could see his crotch, being naked around me and seeing how I reacted. I'm sure he had done a number of things to Skyler to gauge his interest.

"Yeah," Cole laughed. "It's pretty easy to tell sometimes."

"Well you're such a flirt, it's hard not to react," I exclaimed.

"I'm just too cute," Cole joked. "Anyways, he seems kind of bashful though. Not like ‘oh shit he caught me' like - "

"Like me?" I laughed.

"Yeah, you got so uncomfortable," Cole chuckled. "With Skyler it's more of an ‘I shouldn't be looking' and then looking guilty and staring at the ground."

"Well, I mean he goes go to Faith Bible Middle School," I said. "How serious is he?"

"Not very much I don't think," Cole mused. "I mean, he acts all annoyed about having to go to church before our Sunday games and hated church camp earlier this summer."

"It's probably his parents," I sighed. "They are obviously religious enough to pay money to put him in a private school."

"Yeah, they have the money," Cole said. "I dunno, I don't think he wants to disappoint them or something..."

"Some Christian parents are cool, but for others being gay can be a huge deal," I explained. "For the hardcore ones they can even stop talking to you. That's probably not Skyler's deal, I don't know, but most parents would have problems hearing their thirteen year old son was gay, then if you're religious-"

"Why though?" Cole said somewhat angrily. "I mean, I knew I was gay when I was like eleven. Everybody in my grade knows if they're gay or straight or bi right now. Most of the gay ones won't admit it, but deep down they know they are."

"Skyler does," I told Cole. "If you catch him looking back to your flirts and then looking guilty he knows he's gay and likes you but doing something ‘wrong' in the eyes of his parents and stuff."

"Well I don't want him to get kicked out of his house or anything," Cole said, frustrated. "But I like him a lot. He's really cute and really sweet."

"I know babe," I said, sad for Cole. I really wanted him to have someone his own age as well.

"I just don't know what to do," Cole sighed.

"Well little buddy, if you're pretty sure he's gay after the game tomorrow when he's at your house I'd do something to get his attention and gauge his reaction."

"Like what?" he asked.

"I don't know, that's your area of expertise," I joked. "If he's looks like he likes it but acts guilty or weird just be honest. Say, ‘Look Skyler, I really like you.' See what he says."

"What if he acts like he isn't gay or something?" Cole asked.

"He very well may deny it," I said, "Again, I've never met him so I can't even make a judgment on whether or not he really is. It's hard to tell. But if he denies it, just say that you just still want to be his friend; you don't care about the gay part. But if he ever has any questions or anything to ask you. If he kind of admits to liking you to, just work your magic. Talk to him about the religious thing and about his parents though, you don't want to get yourself into something too serious."

Cole pondered a moment.

"Why does it have to be so hard?" Cole said. "Why can't I just ask him out like most guys?"

"It's fucked up little dude," I said. "I tried to deny I was gay for a long time and would cry myself to sleep and stuff. It's changing for the better though and it just makes us stronger people in the long run."

"Yeah..." Cole trailed off.

"Look, if anyone is going to get into his pants, it's you," I laughed, trying to stop the depressing conversation. While he needed to talk about the harsh reality sometimes, I always felt bad for Cole. I just wanted him to be the happy go lucky carefree boy he usually was and not have to worry about external things.

"Oh, I'm getting in his pants," Cole said with conviction. "He's coming over right after the game so we'll have to take showers and stuff."

"Hot," I said, thinking about all the showers Cole and I had taken. If his mom wasn't there and one of us had to take a shower it was guaranteed that we'd both be in there soaping each other up.

"I'm getting horny just thinking about it," Cole moaned. "Just think of how tight he is."

"Oh man," I said, trying to picture a boy I had never seen before.

"And his dick," Cole continued. "I want to know what it looks like so bad! Does he have hair? How big is it?"

"How does it taste in your mouth?" I laughed, rolling my erection around.

"Can he cum?" Cole wondered.

"How old is he?" I asked.

"Fourteen in two months," Cole informed me. "But he looks like he's twelve! He's an inch shorter than me and he has no hair on his legs."

"Yeah, you never know though," I said, opening that bottle of lotion and putting some on my cock.

"What are you wearing?" Cole asked, giggling at the cliché.

"Nothing, you?"


"I should have known," I laughed.

"I stalled a bit to take my shower after soccer until my mom went into her room. Then I got naked, took a shower, dried off, and stayed naked."

"You're too cute," I said, picturing naked Cole reclined on his bed with a boner, talking to me on his cell phone.

"I can hear you jacking off," Cole laughed.

"You are too!" I said, knowing Cole was almost always touching himself in some way, especially when we were on the phone.

"I just can't wait until you get back," Cole moaned. "It's been the longest month ever."

"I know dude," I sighed, continuing to stroke my cut six and a half incher. "I can't wait until I can suck your cock again, you'd don't even know."

"Pssssht," Cole said. "Do you even know how horny I am? I'm thirteen for fuck's sake! I was gettin' it regular and then I get nothing!"

"Sowwry," I cooed into the phone.

"It's going to be so amazing tomorrow night," Cole whined. "I cannot wait until your cock is inside of me. You don't even know Jason."

"Oh, I know," I laughed back, staving off an orgasm. "Every night I fall asleep thinking about our nights together and how much I love you."

"I love you too Jason," Cole said, his breathing labored. "I wish tomorrow I could jack you off, let you jack me off, suck you off, get sucked off, fuck and get fucked... all in one night."

"As long as your mom doesn't hear," I joked back. "I am going to cum so fast tomorrow it's not even funny."

"Oh God, I know," Cole exclaimed. "Hey Jason?"

"What?" I asked, continuing to try to hold off my orgasm. I wanted as much dirty talk with Cole as possible.

"Guess what I haven't done all month?" he asked.

"Gotten laid?" I teased.

"Hey!" he laughed, his cute little boy giggle sending me nuts.

"What?" I asked.

"Put anything up my butt," he said proudly.

"Oh yeah?" I said, somewhat surprised. "You're such a whore for the anal though, if I'm gone for one weekend you're shoving a cucumber up there."

"Oh God Jason, you don't even know," Cole giggled, cut short by a gasp as he came close to orgasm. "My mom keeps stalking the fridge with these amazing cucumbers and zucchinis and big ass carrots and shit. She's taunting me!"

"No she isn't," I laughed.

"Oh yes she is," Cole said adamantly. "I swear to God she knows. Anyways, I've resisted the urge to use any of them. I haven't even put my finger or a pen or anything up there."

"You've been a total ass virgin for a month?" I asked, somewhat shocked. I figured when we jacked off on the phone together he had either his finger or something prodding him up there. Even when I was sucking him off he'd often whine at me to finger his prostate in the meantime.

"I know, my favorite, right?" Cole said. "But think of how tight I am! I kind of felt a little bit in the shower the other day, I didn't stick my finger up but I felt around and damn is it tight."

"Awww, babe, you didn't have to do that," I said, getting even closer to orgasm now. I had to stop touching myself for a few seconds in order to keep this hot talk going.

"I wanted to," Cole said. "I can't wait until you shove your cock up me tomorrow night. It's going to be so amazing I can't even think about it."

"Oh God," I said, barely able to imagine it. "I'm going to have to work you open a little bit or else its going to hurt a lot."

"No, please don't," Cole whined. "The first thing I want up there is your dick. No fingers or anything before. I just want you to grease up your fucking cock and pound me."

"Oh Jesus," I said, closing my eyes to concentrate on avoiding orgasm. "I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't," Cole said. "It's going to feel so amazing."

"I can't believe we're going to be together tomorrow night," I said, picturing it in my mind.

"I know," Cole said, his breathing heavy.

"I love you so much," I said, thinking of Cole's naked body. After being with him nearly daily it was still hard to imagine I went a whole month without it. These next few days the two of us were going to fuck like jackrabbits.

"I love you too Jason," Cole said, his breathing very labored now.

I just listened to the sound of him breathing and pictured tomorrow night, peeling those hot legs back and looking at his tight little boy cunt. The feeling of my cock sliding into his bowels and the expression on his face while I did so. Suddenly it was all too much, I started to orgasm wildly, my cock spraying all over my chest and parts of the sheets. At least I took the comforter off.

"Are you cumming?" Cole asked.

"Yeah," I moaned, my body still jerking around.

I could hear Cole's breathing stop before a large moan came through my cell phone. I could hear the phone rubbing wildly against his left ear as he had what seemed to be a monster orgasm.

"Me too," Cole moaned, continuing to orgasm. By this point mine had died down and I lay there on the bed, content with everything in life for the moment.

Finally Cole stopped as well, sounding out of breath as he talked to me again.

"I wish you were here to lick this up," Cole laughed, knowing I loved his cum. "You wouldn't believe how much I just squirted."

"Cute," I said, wanting to give him a hug. "That was the biggest orgasm for me all trip too."

"We're so close," Cole said cheerfully. "It's almost over!"

"I know babe, I can't wait!"

"What time are you getting here?"

"Probably like ten," I told Cole. "I'll call you when I'm a few hours out and let you know."

"Okay," Cole said.

I glanced at the clock, it was almost midnight.

"Look sexy, I should get going," I said, "But I'll see you tomorrow night."

"I love you Jason," Cole said softly.

"I love you too Cole," almost choking up just thinking about him.

"You mean so much to me," Cole said.

"You mean more to me," I said. God I loved this kid.

"See you tomorrow night," Cole said, sighing but seeming content on the fact we'd be together again soon.

"Good luck with Skyler," I reminded him, genuinely excited for Cole.

"Thanks," he said, and I could almost hear him grinning over the phone.

"Love you."

"Love you too."

"Night darling."

"Night Jason."

End of Chapter Three

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