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Chapter Six

Summer continued its unrelenting campaign, boiling the city day after day. It never was this hot for this long back in my hometown. You wait all winter for good weather to finally come, and then once summer rolls around, at least here, you were praying for winter again. Cole and I would often just sit in the front yard under the shade of a tree, eating popsicles and staring out into the street, distorted from the heat being reflected off it.

By now it was late August, a week before Labor Day weekend. It was a Friday, which didn't really matter anymore. Summer school had been over for a week and Cole and I spent most days slobbing around the house and going to and from the public pool.

On this particular day we were meandering back home after a late afternoon at the pool. It had been an absolute madhouse, packed with kids and their parents alike. Normally most parents sat in chairs on the sidelines for a majority of the time, however on a day like today most couldn't resist the water. Cole and I mostly just clung to the side of the pool and talked, not really able to play any of our normal pool games. Afterwards in the locker room Cole was having a field day but I didn't dare peek, there were way too many watching eyes for my liking.

Walking home, the two of us made sure to be on the side of the street that was shady. The days were getting shorter and it was evident by the length of the shadows already this early in the evening. There was no particular hurry, the sun had drained us from our energy and the slight breeze felt good anyways. I couldn't believe how tan I had become; I bet my parents would hardly recognize me. Back home I never was outside enough during the summer to get too tan, however this summer with Cole was completely different.

Finally we wandered around the corner onto Cole's street. I remember making this walk almost a year ago, freaking out because Cole just showed me his junk in the pool shower. How things had changed since then, I wouldn't have believed it if you told me back then.

"Hey boys, how was the pool?" Cole's mom greeted us as we tromped in the front door.

"Good," Cole said, flipping his flip-flops into the corner and throwing his bag with his wet swimsuit to the ground.

"Go hang it up in the shower," Cole's mom told him, Cole sighing lightly before picking it up and heading down the hall.

"It was packed," I said, joining his mom in the kitchen. It looked like she had whipped us up some tuna fish sandwiches.

"I'll bet, it was dreadful today," she smiled.

"You all packed?" I asked. Her sister's wedding was on Sunday and the rehearsal was tomorrow. Linda was leaving tonight since it was a four hour drive and she had a million things to accomplish tomorrow. Cole had a soccer game at four thirty in the afternoon so we were going to head up Saturday night.

"Yeah, I'm just about ready to go," she smiled. "I'm so nervous, my little sis is getting married!"

"It's wonderful," I said. "She's been dating Dave for what six years?"

"Maybe seven," Linda laughed.

"It's about time then," I mused.

"For sure," Linda sighed. "They both are proud working professionals and never really found time to settle down."

"You think they're going to have kids?" I asked.

"I think so," Linda said. "Anne was talking like she was ready to cool her jets and have a family. She'll be thirty five this fall, so the clock certainly is ticking."

"True," I said.

"So anyways, you know how to get there right?"

"Yeah, I Google mapped it," I said. "Pretty much straight shot up the highway."

Cole wandered back into the room, immediately moving towards the sandwiches.

"Yeah," Linda confirmed. "Anne booked a block of rooms at the Best Western. It's right off the highway, you can't miss it. Anyways, we have two rooms, each with just a queen bed. She tried to get rooms with two queens but they only had the singles left."

"Oh, that's okay," I said. Cole had perked up and I knew why.

"So I figure you boys could share a room since I'm on a completely different time schedule Sunday morning. Is that okay?"

"Yes," Cole shot in.

"Okay then," Linda laughed. "So when should I expect you?"

"Cole's game is at four," I thought, "meaning it should be over at six or so... we'll head home, take showers, have a quick dinner, load the car... will probably be out of here by seven?"

"So eleven o'clockish?"

"Most likely," I said.

"Okay call me when you're close, I'll meet you out front with the room key," Linda informed us.

"Cool," Cole grinned.

"Well, the car is all packed, I just wanted to make sure you boys got home safely," Linda smiled.

"We're fine and we'll be safe tomorrow," I assured her.

"Good," Linda smiled. She walked over to Cole and gave him a giant kiss. He responded by pecking her softly on the cheek.

"Bye mommy," Cole said softly, biting into his sandwich.

"Good luck at your game tomorrow," Linda told him, before walking over and giving me a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks for driving Jason, I'll see you guys tomorrow."

"Bye," we both called as Linda disappeared into the garage and started the car. Once the car was out of the driveway Cole turned toward me and gave me a giant grin.

"What you dork?" I joked.

"Our own room!" Cole squealed. "I thought we were going to be stuck with my mom!"

"Yeah," I laughed. "That's nice. She has to leave early Sunday, we would have been alone either way."

"Uh, Jason, duh... Saturday night," Cole said, bopping me gently on the head.

"You little jackrabbit," I laughed. "You couldn't wait twelve hours?"

"No," Cole grinned, sticking his tongue out at me.

"Plus, we still got tonight," I said seductively, moving in towards Cole.

Our lips touched, his soft, wet lips feeling so good against my own. We didn't insert tongue, both knowing a tuna fish kiss wouldn't be very hot.

"What's this?" I joked, reaching my hand down Cole's shorts and grabbing his boner.

"Hey," Cole giggled, jumping at the sensation. His laugh was so adorable, still very boyish.

"We'll have to do something about that later," I told him, getting up from the table to get my own sandwich.

"Where do you wanna do it tonight?" Cole asked.

I thought about it for a moment. Nights when Linda left us alone were always the best because Cole and I got to do it kinky places other than his bedroom.

"The backyard. In the grass. At midnight."

"Yeah," Cole nodded, a sheepish grin slowly creeping across his face.

There were places in the grass where you'd practically have to peak directly over the fence to see us. The houses to all sides were single stories as well, so there were no worries. Plus, the back light would be off and we'd be in the dark of night.

"Wanna snuggle and watch a movie after eating?" I asked Cole.

"Yeah," Cole smiled. "Sweat `cause of each other's body heat and stick to each other?"

"Sounds good to me," I laughed.

"Me too," Cole grinned.

The rest of that night was perhaps one of the best this summer spare my first night back which took the cake. After dinner we spooned on the couch and watched a scary movie, both in boxers, just enjoying each other's company and cuddling. We watched TV until it was time to make love, creeping outside into the dark and hearing nothing but the overpowering sound of crickets.

I set Cole gently down in the grass and slipped his boxers off, his body gently illuminated by the moon. He was looking at me with horny eyes, pleading for me to get the show on the road. I kissed his tummy gently as I peeled his legs back and gently rubbed lotion around his asshole, slowly entering his anus with my finger and making sure everything was lubed up.

After a minute I quickly coated my cock in lotion and moved into position, on my knees in the grass. Cole was on his back, legs peeled back, exposed to my mercy. I tenderly pushed my cock into his anus, Cole moaning with pleasure as every inch disappeared into his colon. Gently fucking him in the grass, a light breeze whirled around our bodies on this warm summer light. I mumbled to Cole how much I loved him, my body bent over and my head to the side of his, gently kissing his neck while I thrust into him.

Cole was furiously masturbating, his breathing rapid and shallow. After a while I couldn't take it anymore, exploding violently into his backside. Cole took it like a pro, moaning with pleasure as my cock vibrated on his prostate. My dick slowly slipped out, still rock hard and covered in semen.

"Let me fuck you real quick, I'm almost there," Cole mumbled, rolling me onto my side. He pushed my top leg towards my chest, exposing my asshole. He quickly lubed up my hole and his cock and slipped in, rapidly humping my behind. His soft body pressed against mine, it only took a minute of Cole's hips gyrating to produce a monumental orgasm. His dick spurted semen as much and as far as his age would allow.

Afterwards the two of us rolled onto our backs and just stared into the stars, relaxed, content, and sleepy after our escapade. You could see thousands of stars in the sky, glimmering from millions of light years away. Nothing in life could have been more perfect at that moment.

Finally we found the strength to get up and head back inside, showering before falling asleep together in a pile.

My eyes fluttered open. Cole was facing me, the lower half of his body tangled with mine, one leg swung over my hips, his package pressing against my side. His angelic face was asleep right in front of me, his hair a mess and his mouth cracked slightly open and breathing softly.

Not wanting to wake him up, I remained still, just taking in the sight of my lover. Words couldn't even describe how much I loved this boy, but I was thankful for every minute we got to spend together. How could life get any more perfect? Spending a summer with the boy of my dreams, living with him, getting to spend intimate moments every day together. It all seemed too good to be true.

Finally, after an hour or so, Cole's eyes slowed opened. He looked around for a second before smiling at me, almost as if he was trying to remember why him and I were naked in bed together.

"Hey," I said softly, ruffling his hair.

"Hi," Cole said, closing his eyes again. This boy did not like to wake up.

It wasn't quite noon yet so we had plenty of time. I let Cole have his time to wake up, gently rubbing him on the back and thinking about the busy day we'd have.

After a while I got up and started breakfast, knowing that was one thing that was sure to get Cole out of bed. I slipped into my boxers and headed to the kitchen. Looking around I decided to make a breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and bacon. It would be a pain in the ass but we needed a big meal to start this Saturday.

Once the bacon started to crackle and smell Cole showed some signs of life. I could make out the end of his bed from the kitchen all the way down the hall and saw his legs flipping around. I remember being his age, it seemed like I could always sleep all day if I was allowed. He was growing and going through the changes that came with that age so I understood.

"Breakfast!" I called, serving it up and setting it on the kitchen table. I had started eating by the time Cole walked into the room, still buck naked.

"Wow, looks good," he said, rubbing his eyes and giving me a smile.

"Need to get you ready for your soccer game," I told him, handing him the syrup.

"Thanks babe," Cole said, leaning over and giving me a kiss.

"No problem," I said, flashing him a smile before digging into my own food. This was going to be a busy weekend with Cole's game, two four hour drives, and a wedding and reception sandwiched in between. Not like we had anything better to do in these dying days of summer however.

After breakfast Cole helped me do the dishes. Here it was, one in the afternoon and Cole was still completely naked. He was so cute in this state, I wasn't even looking at him in a sexual way, just an admiring way. Even though I had been with him for as long as I had, I still thought the sight of his soft penis was freaking adorable. It was quite a contrast to see him like this and then see him looking at me with those wild sexy eyes in bed. He looked and seemed so innocent to the outside world, if they only they knew what I did about him.

For the rest of the afternoon until his soccer game, we went outside and practiced some moves. I taught him a couple of moves I used to use to get past people and Cole would try them out on me. He was such a quick learner and before I knew it he was juking past me successfully ninety percent of the time.

"It must be so easy for Sasha," Cole mused.

"Yeah," I agreed. "All he has to do is kick it past the person and then run fast."

"That boy can fly," Cole laughed.

Pretty soon it was time to head to the game. It wasn't quite as hot today as it had been, so that was good news. By this point in the summer Cole was awfully tan although he hadn't been able to maintain the almost full body tan he had at the beginning of soccer. Unfortunately for him, you had to wear clothes when you played soccer. His idea was to have each team wear a certain color speedo, "not only could you get a nice tan, but you could tell who was on your team!"

Arriving at the game, I was immediately approached by the coach.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Could you drive Sasha home?" he asked. "His parents dropped him off but they have an obligation this evening. I can drive him home too but he's more on the way to your house."

"Oh, no problem," I said. "My pleasure."

"Thanks Jason," coach said, patting me on the back before turning to the team and blowing his whistle. "Stretches!"

Turns out the team they were playing today lead the league with an 11-1-2 mark. Cole's team was playing around .500 so they were certainly the underdogs in this match-up.

"Forget their record, forget them," Coach said, his team huddled around them. "This is all about you guys and how well we work as a team. So go out there and hustle for the full eighty minutes and show them what we got!"

"Yeah!" the boys cried, looking determined.

That enthusiasm wore off quickly as they were down two goals within the first ten minutes. Cole looked over to me with a frustrated look on his face and I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders. Great thing about Cole was he was into the game and passionate when he played, but five minutes after it ended he could care less.

The margin was three nothing by the time halftime mercifully arrived, most of the action taking place in our half of the field.

I handed out oranges to the depressed group of boys, encouraging them to keep playing hard. They agreed but I could tell they were discouraged. This team was obviously more skilled than them, but that was little surprise. They came from the wealthiest suburb of the city and from very athletic focused families.

Things got out of hand in the second half, the boys tiring and the other team not letting off the pedal. Coach was swearing at his counterpart on the other side for not pulling his boys back, but they were just playing a simple 4-4-2.

Finally Sasha broke onto the scoreboard for our side, winding through a multitude of defenders before putting his famous rocket shot into the upper corner of the goal. It was amazing how hard that kid could kick it considering his size.

By the time the game ended they had lost by 6, 8-2. The boys shook hands with the other team before coming back to the huddle.

"Well, they obviously played great," Coach said, kneeling in the middle of the circle, "But so did you. I'm proud of you guys, this team is the best in the league and you played some good ball against them. Don't be discouraged. There at the end they just wore us out and it probably shouldn't have been this ugly. But it just gives us reason to work harder, right?"

"Right," the boys unenthusiastically agreed.

"Good," Coach said. "Alright, see you at practice on Monday. Remember, next weekend we have a game on Saturday and Sunday as well."

After the group dispersed I walked over to Sasha.

"I hear you need a ride home," I said warmly.

"Yeah," Sasha said softly. He was so shy.

"I can drive you home no problem," I told him. "What street are you on?"


"Right on our way."

"Cool, thanks," he said, flashing me a quick smile. He sure was cute. His parents had moved here from Russia before he was born. They were working class and spoke with a thick accent but seemed like genuinely good people. Sasha spoke English without an accent and Russian as well, so he certainly was talented in more things than soccer.

The three of us piled into my car and drove off, chatting about the game. Both boys agreed that team would win the league without a problem. The two of them were smelly from the game, but it wasn't an offensive odor. Anytime now they'd start to get that pungent body odor that required massive amounts of Old Spice, but for now they were okay. Things used to be so easy, didn't have to shave, didn't have to deal with contacts, didn't have to remember to slap deodorant on every time. Ah, to be a kid again.

"It's this complex on the left," Sasha instructed me, pointing to an older looking apartment complex.

"Alrighty," I said, turning into the driveway.

"It's just right up here on the left, last building," Sasha said. "Thanks for giving me a ride."

"No problem, great play out there today," I said back. "Did you get everything?"

"Think so."

"Later Sasha," Cole called.

"Bye," Sasha said, slamming the door.

I watched to make sure Sasha got inside okay and then headed towards Cole's house. It was quarter after six and we still had to drive four hours.

"Fuck making dinner," I said, "Let's grab our stuff and hit the road. We'll pick up something to eat."

"Sweet," Cole grinned, happy not to be eating the usual, I'm sure.

"Just tell your mom I made you something healthy," I winked.

Arriving home, we quickly threw some clothes into our travel bags and packed up our bathroom accessories. Linda had already taken our nice clothes for the wedding down with her. I don't think she trusted us to keep them unwrinkled as she insisted her car was best because it had places for hangers.

We left the house quarter `til seven, the sun getting low in the sky. The last half or so of the car ride would probably be in the dark, but thankfully I had Cole to keep me company.

"Turn on some tuneskis," he said, reaching over and playing with the radio.

"This is going to take forever," I sighed, merging onto the freeway. Traffic was light and there was nothing but open road in front of us. This would be a lot more fun if Cole and I were road tripping to Disneyland or something, but this would do. Hell, we got our own hotel room, what more could you ask for?

Cole and I chatted as we flew down the freeway, once in a while pausing to sing songs we knew. Cole was so cute in the front seat, bopping along to songs with a giant smile on his face. Eventually, the radio station faded out as we got into the more rural part of the state.

"This is why you need XM dude!" Cole said, going up and down on the dial trying to find something worth listening too.

"Maybe when I buy a new car," I laughed.

"Nothing but country and Mexican," Cole sighed. "Oh well."

"I took my CDs inside since I never drive for more than about ten minutes."

"That music sucked anyways," Cole said.

I looked at Cole, his tongue out at me.

"Joking," he laughed.

"You little shit," I joked.

By now the sun had set and the sky was starting to get dark. There wasn't a car in sight and the only light I could see was coming from my crappy headlights, although they didn't help too much.

"What can we do?" Cole asked, staring into the darkness.

I shrugged my shoulders. If only we could just curl up in the back and cuddle while somebody else drove. This was going to be extra killer on Monday when we had to drive it again. We had the option of going back Sunday night after everything but neither Cole nor I had a reason to be back that early. Cole had practice Monday night, but we could easily leave early Monday afternoon. Besides, we weren't going to give up a night alone in a hotel room with only one bed.

"Let's play truth or dare," Cole suggested.

Sounded fun enough.

"Okay," I agreed.

"Truth or dare?" Cole grinned.

"Hmmmm," I thought. "Truth."

"What's your favorite part of my body?" Cole grinned devilishly.

"Your face," I responded quickly.

"Pssht what?" Cole laughed.

"It's what made me fall in love with you," I said. "You're the cutest, nicest guy ever."

"I thought you were gonna say my butt," Cole laughed.

"That's a close second," I said, turning to wink at him. "And your balls. And your cock. And everything else."

"Haha okay, now you ask me."

"Truth or dare?"

"Truth," Cole responded.

"How much did it really hurt when I fucked you the first time coming back this summer?" I asked. "Be honest."

"Like all fucking hell," Cole grinned. "But like I said, I loved it. It was never bad, I fucking loved it, it made me even hornier."

"Well, I'm glad you're okay," I said, patting his thigh with my right hand.

"Oh yeah," he grinned. "Best sex of my life. That whole next day I could barely walk, my butthole was sooo sore."

"Wait what?"

"I made myself walk normal and stuff but yeah, it was sore," Cole grinned.

"Don't make me feel bad," I said, feeling guilty.

"Nooooo," Cole whined. "Don't be so worried. It was great, it just reminded me of how awesome the night before was. And by that night I was completely okay."

"I just never want you to be in a situation where you feel you need to act in a certain way or do a certain thing," I explained. "We could drop all sex for all I care just as long as we had each other."

"I feel the same way," Cole smiled. "But as long as we have each other, and sex, let's have some fun, try new things, find our limits. You only live once."

"That's true," I said, feeling better. Cole was a horny son of a bitch and it was of little surprise he enjoyed that session immensely. I was always clued into his well being though and worried anyways.

"Okay, truth or dare?" Cole asked, ready to move on.


"Top four on the soccer team, ranked in order," Cole said.

"Okay," I said, thinking. "One, you, obviously. Two might have to be Sasha... just something about him turns me the fuck on."

"Yeah, he's super hot," Cole agreed. "If I saw him without his pants on that would help."

"Yeah, but he's just adorable pants off or not," I said. "Three, Skyler, for sure. He's really cute. And then four probably would be Trevor."

"Oh nice," Cole said. "I thought you'd say Seth."

"Him too," I agreed. "Well, everyone on the team basically, just not the coach."

"Ewwww," Cole laughed.

"Okay, truth or dare?" I asked Cole.


"Would you have sex with coach if it meant you could have sex with Sasha?" I said, looking briefly over at Cole looking horrified at the question.

"God, let me think about this one," Cole said, running it over in his head.

I just laughed, passing a semi on the left, the first vehicle we had seen for a while.

"I'm gonna have to say no," Cole laughed. "First of all, that would taint me. Having sex with a forty year old, hairy, fat man. I would never be pure again..."

"Ha!" I couldn't help but laugh. "Pure my ass..."

"Hey," Cole grinned. "I've only done it with hot people."

"So that's your definition of pure?" I asked, amused.

"Yeah, why not?" Cole grinned.

"Whatever floats your boat little buddy."

"Anyways, besides, if I really wanted sex with Sasha I could get it from him," Cole said confidently. "Just work a little bit of my magic."

"I see," I said, laughing at Cole.

"I just don't want his drunk ass Russian dad throwing bottles of vodka and chasing after me with a knife," Cole explained.

"You don't even know him," I exclaimed.

"Just joshin' you," Cole laughed. "He seems like a nice guy. Anyways, truth or dare?"

"Dare," I challenged.

"Let me suck you off," Cole said quickly.

"What?" I said, shocked. "Now?"

"No, later," Cole said sarcastically. "Yes, now. There is nobody out on the roads. You've got a giant boner from all this chat, I can totally see it."

"Cole, I'm driving."

"Every guy wants road head!" Cole tried to convince me. "Come on, chicken?"

"I don't want to crash."

"You've got two lanes to yourself and we're in the desert on a straight road, not rounding some fucking mountain cliff."

Maybe I would let him. If anything it will be a good story and I knew I could keep everything in control until I came at least.

"Fine," I said, my cock getting even harder at the admission.

I unzipped my pants and wiggled my cock thru the opening in my boxers. It stood at attention, ready to be sucked.

"If I tell you to quit, do it right away," I warned Cole. "There might be another car. I won't pass anyone but someone could come from behind."

"That's what she said," Cole joked.

"Seriously," I said. The last thing I needed was to be arrested for getting road head from a thirteen year old.

"Promise Jason," Cole said, knowing I meant it.

I nodded and let Cole come down on me. As soon as his lips hit my dick, my two hands froze onto the steering wheel with ripples of pleasure pulsating down my body. God his mouth felt good down there.

Up and down he went, deep throating my cock, leaning over from the passenger seat. My dick was jumping with pleasure, my head leaning back against the headrest, trying to keep it together and stay safe on the road. I wasn't having any problems keeping the car in the lane or keeping control, but if a deer suddenly popped into view it might take a while to get my foot to respond and hit the brake. My body was so involved in Cole's blowjob at the moment I was basically at his mercy.

I didn't use any of the techniques I knew to extend my orgasm. This was a quickie and nothing more, the last thing I needed was a forty minute marathon session.

A semi truck appeared up ahead so I slowed down and merged into his lane. We were far enough back he definitely couldn't see anything. Now just as long as nobody came up from the rear we were okay.

Looking down at Cole, I still couldn't believe he could take the entire length of my cock in his mouth. When it was all in he looked like a chipmunk, his entire mouth filled with my throbbing dick.

"I'm almost there," I told him, sitting up a bit and preparing to explode.

"Mmmkay" Cole said, mumbling the words due to the object in his mouth.

Within a minute it was all too much, the pleasure welling up until it exploded into Cole's mouth. He took the shots like a pro, happily swallowing them as my dick throbbed in his mouth. Meanwhile the car was jerking around a little bit but nothing major. Luckily I put the thing in cruise control because my leg was jumping all around trying to absorb this pleasure.

Cole's sucking came to a stop, letting my dick fall gently out of his mouth. He bent back down and licked up some of the cum that had escaped his mouth, some on my cock and a blob or two on my pants. Twirling his tongue around his lips, Cole looked at me contently.

"Thanks," he grinned.

"Thank you," I said. "That was amazing."

"See, you didn't crash," Cole said, straightening back up in his seat.

"You were right," I laughed. "That was risky though, someone could have seen us."

"And shit could fall from the sky," Cole said. "I'm hungry, can we stop to eat?"

"You just ate," I teased.

"Something good," Cole laughed.

"Ouch," I winked.

Moments later we passed a sign that showed the food options at the next exit.

"Looks like there's a Taco Bell and a Sonic up ahead," I told Cole.

"Cool, that's fine," Cole grinned.

We exited the freeway and I made a mental note to get gas before we headed back out. The town we stopped in had to be no more than 5,000 people, a cute little freeway town with the usual sights: fast food, hotels, gas stations, and a diner named after a woman.

"Is Taco Bell okay?" I asked, having a sudden craving for a quesadilla.

"Well," Cole thought, "do you want my downstairs to be closed for a few days?"

"Huh?" I asked, looking at Cole point to his butt.

"If we eat at Taco Bell..." he said.


"... you won't need lube for a few days."

"Because we couldn't do it?" I asked, confused.

"No..." Cole grinned.

"Oh God," I said, thinking about it. "TMI Cole, TMI. Woah there little buddy."

"So yeah," he smiled.

"Sonic it is," I laughed, turning into the parking lot. "Guess that's your way of being subtle telling me where you want to eat, eh?"

"It gives me diarrhea," Cole continued.

"I get it!" I exclaimed. "Do you ever want me to fuck you again?"

"Oh come on, you've done me when I've been a little dirty before," Cole said, rolling his eyes.

"It's different," I persisted.

"I know," Cole grinned. "I just like razzin' ya."

"I know," I said, turning to smile at Cole. I leaned over and gave him a peck on the lips.

After shoving our meal down in the car, I stopped to get gas before getting back on the freeway. The crap cost half as much when I just started driving, thank God Linda was paying me back.

Full of heavy food, Cole fell asleep within minutes of getting back on the highway. I quietly turned on the radio, finding some AM station talking about UFOs. Honestly I didn't care what they were talking about, I just needed something to keep my mind occupied.

Staring blankly ahead, I continued onward. I passed a truck or slower car every so often and once in a while would get passed myself, but I was surprised at how few cars were out. There were no streetlights and the only thing lighting up the road was my headlights, which weren't very good.

It reminded me a lot of my trip home this summer, long periods of empty road and bored out of my mind. Thankfully this little jaunt was only four hours and not the twenty four hour beast I had to tackle earlier. Plus, this time I got to be with Cole, although he was knocked out in the seat next to me, drooling on the seat belt.

With an hour left to go in the journey my cell phone suddenly rang. The loud ring tone woke Cole up, who looked at me sleepily in confusion.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hey Jason, it's Linda," came the voice on the other end.

"How's it going?" I asked.

"Good," she said. "Just making sure the trip was going well and you guys were going to be on time."

"Yeah, it's been good, we're about an hour out."

"Great," she said. "Any later and I would have had to give the key to the manager or hide it somewhere. I need to get to bed so I can wake up early."

"That's right, you've got to be out of there by like seven?"

"Yeah, that's the plan."

"Well, you don't have to stay up on our account," I told her.

"Oh no, it's fine. I wasn't planning on going to bed before then anyways. I'm catching up on some work, the hotel has free high speed internet."

"Cool," I said. "Well, you woke Cole up, he looks ready to crash at the hotel."

"Can I talk to him for a second?"

"Sure," I said, passing the phone to Cole.

"Hey mommy," he cooed into the phone.

I yawned loudly and felt tired for the first time. Under normal circumstances I don't think I would be tired, but being out in the hot sun and then sitting still in the dark for three hours changes things a bit.

"Jason made us pasta," Cole said, looking at me with amusement. "Yeah, it's been okay. Really boring. Just wish we were there already. Okay, see you soon. Love you, bye."

Cole clamped the phone shut and handed it to me.

"Pasta huh?" I asked.

"It was goooood," Cole grinned.

"All that pasta in your tummy made you sleepy huh?" I joked.

"Sorry," Cole blushed. "I didn't mean to leave you hanging but I was just tired."

"It's okay," I said. "Just as long as you can go to bed later."

"I can always go to bed," Cole laughed. "If anything we'll just snuggle for hours and hours until we fall asleep."

"Sounds good to me," I agreed.

The last hour or so of the car ride went by fairly fast now that Cole was awake. We paid close attention to the signs to make sure we didn't miss the exit. Finally, we took the off ramp and headed towards the hotel. It wasn't hard to find, the Best Western was right off the freeway and the sign told me exactly where to go.

I parked the car as Cole and I stiffly got out and grabbed our bags. I called Linda, who said she would come down and meet us in the lobby.

By the time Cole and I arrived there she was already waiting, plastic key card in hand.

"Hey guys," she smiled, giving Cole a peck on the forehead. "Glad you made it safe. Did you have a good drive?"

"Good but uneventful," I replied.

Cole shot me a dirty look. I just looked back at him like `what, are you crazy?'

"We're just right down at the end of this hall on the first floor," Linda told us. "This whole wing basically has been reserved for the wedding guests."

"Cool," Cole said.

"There are a lot of kids your age, Cole. They were all at the pool earlier this evening. A lot of second and third cousins you've probably never met."

"Ah, sweet," Cole said, and I could already tell what was running through his mind.

We arrived at our room. Linda showed us in; it was a small room, no thrills but was nice enough. There was a large queen bed in the middle of the room where Cole and I would sleep, a TV, some chairs and a microwave, coffeemaker, and a bathroom of course.

"And the best thing," Linda said, flipping a door open, "our rooms connect."

Cole looked at me with alarm.

"Cool," I lied, immediately scoping it out. There was a door from each room and they could be locked if you wanted. So, really it should be no big deal.

"I'll knock before I come in incase you guys are changing or something," Linda explained, "And please do the same with me."

"Oh God, we will," Cole said pretending to be horrified. He probably actually was.

"Okay, well I have to get to bed," Cole's mom said, giving us each a hug. "I'll be back to pick you up around two. Make sure to be ready. I hung your nice clothes up in the closet."

"Will do," Cole said, playfully saluting his mom.

"Night guys," she said, closing her door between the rooms.

Cole immediately walked over to shut our door, and was relieved to find a lock and hear it click when he turned it.

"Phew," he grinned.

"You were about to shit your pants there for a minute," I laughed.

"Yeah, and not from Taco Bell this time," Cole mused. "Remember in Rookie of the Year when that weird coach guy got stuck between the two rooms?"

"Oh yeah," I laughed. That movie was a favorite of mine when I was a kid.

"There's not enough room between the doors to do that here," Cole observed.

"Yeah," I said, thinking about that. After looking at those doors the walls between the two rooms couldn't have been more than a few inches thick. I could hear Linda rustling around in the other room.

"What is it?" Cole asked, seeing me deep in thought.

"These walls are thin," I said.

"So?" he asked.

"So," I said, starting to whisper, "we can't be loud if we do it. At home we have two walls and a bathroom between the rooms, here its two inches of cheap drywall!"

"We'll just be quiet," Cole whined. "I won't moan, I promise."

"Yeah," I said, "I'm just saying we have to be quiet. Her bed is against the same wall ours is against."

"This blows," Cole pouted.

"It'll be okay," I said, trying to stay positive. "We have our own hotel room at least. Normally we'd be in the same room as your mom."

"Yeah," Cole said, thinking about it.

"Let's watch some TV or something, we'll have to wait a while anyways for her to fall asleep."

Cole and I stripped to our boxers and turned the television on. While Cole was flipping through the channels trying to find out what station was on what channel I walked over and turned the climate control on very low to cool down the room. Since Cole and I didn't like to wear clothes, we never kept things very cold at all just not so warm that you couldn't fall asleep at night.

Joining Cole on the bed, I flopped down on it, causing it to squeak loudly. Intrigued, I bounced up and down a couple of times, eliciting more high pitched squeks.

"That's not good," I said out loud.

"Too loud?" Cole said, looking horrified.

I got on all fours and simulated humping something. It was definitely loud enough to be heard through the walls, and it would be pretty obvious to anyone on the other side what was going on.

"Shit," Cole said, looking saddened.

I thought quickly, trying to better the situation.

"Look," I whispered. "Your mom is leaving at seven tomorrow and not coming back until two in the afternoon. We can have crazy, mad hotel sex then."

"Okay," Cole agreed, but then whined. "I'm horny now though."

"I'll give you a BJ in like an hour `kay buddy?" I said, looking at Cole in the eyes and gently pushing his hair back.

"Promise?" Cole said, jutting his lip out.

"Promise," I said, brining Cole into my body with my arms.

We took off our boxers and snuggled naked together under the sheets, watching SportsCenter. It was weird to think Linda was mere feet away and here I was naked in bed with Cole and my boner pressed into his back. I guess most nights in his bedroom she wasn't much farther away, but we had a wall or two more between us.

Thankfully, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, a show we both liked for obvious reasons, was on so we were able to settle down and watch that. I embraced Cole the entire time, his warm body comforting me and making me drowsy. We were so comfortable in the bed, curled up together, watching TV. It was the simple times like these that I cherished most.

After two episodes Cole turned toward me and looked at me like a sad puppy. His boner was pressing against my stomach so I knew what he was begging for.

"Alright," I smiled, drowsy. "But cum quick for me, okay babe?"

"Make it good and I will," Cole winked.

I threw the sheets off the bed and directed Cole to lie down. His little four incher bobbed in anticipation, his sack twirling around and his testicles sucking up to his body. Taking him into my mouth, I slipped one arm under Cole's thigh and brought it around, basically scooping him up into my face. He raised his leg to his chest in reaction, his toes curling in and out with pleasure.

My tongue twirled around the head of his penis, my saliva dripping down his shaft. I wasn't going to short him a good blowjob, I just wasn't going to go for all the extra frills I usually did. They were mostly for myself anyways, although I'm sure Cole liked me massaging his sack and licking his ass, I probably was turned on the most by it. Figuring I'd have plenty of time to enjoy his body tomorrow morning, I just wanted to get the little bugger off so we could go to bed.

The bed creaked lightly, but nothing to worry about. Cole and I were basically staying stationary, the only thing that was moving was my head up and down on his crotch. Cole moaned lightly and put his hands on my head and slowly rubbed them through my hair. I glanced over at Cole, his face overcome with pleasure. He was so fucking adorable when he was getting off, looking so content yet so serious at the same time.

I gave him a small smile and then slowly moved my hand to his asshole and gently slipped my index finger into his ass. Cole jolted in pleasure, his dick becoming momentarily hard as a rock. Leaving my finger in there, I pressed in far enough to hit his prostate. Since there wasn't any lube I didn't want to pump it in and out, but rather just poked and prodded at his little sex organ.

Cole was in the clouds, his legs wiggling gently as he tried to fend off the orgasm. He arched his back and closed his eyes, still managing to hold off the explosion. One more up and down with my mouth on his cock though sent him loose, a large moan coming from violently jolting body. Cole's cock pumped in and out of my mouth, spurts of his watery boy cum hitting the back of my throat.

Thankfully, the noise only lasted ten seconds or so before Cole had calmed down to the point where he was gently twitching against the bed. I gently released his cock from my mouth and licked my lips. The taste and feeling of sucking him off would never get old.

Picking the covers up from the ground, I threw them back onto the bed, covering the both of us. Cole smiled at me and gave me a kiss on the lips before collapsing into my arms. The little guy was even more tuckered out than I was. We quickly fell asleep, our bodies tangled together and content.

End of Chapter Six

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