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Chapter Nine

Over a week had gone by since we had gotten caught and talked with Linda and things were slowly going back to normal. The first few days were extremely awkward and uncomfortable, any time Linda was home I felt out of place and guilty. I didn't even want to be caught looking at Cole knowing Linda was aware of how I saw him.

Most nights I'd just go to my room or out with friends. Even my friends could tell something was a little askew, asking me if everything was alright. I played it off as well as I could but they could tell something was on my mind.

Things between Cole and I were far from normal. When Linda wasn't around it wasn't so bad, I wasn't afraid to talk to him and give him a hug. Kissing or anything of a sexual nature was out the window though, as it still felt too weird. I think we were both happy to just have each other again.

Whenever his mom was around though I found myself constantly analyzing how she would see and interpret my actions. It still felt very weird to think she knew of our relationship and was trying to be okay with it.

At the moment my goal was to not make Linda start to second guess her decision. I felt pretty comfortable she'd keep our secret safe and she seemed to like me a lot, but you never knew. Cole was her baby and the only child. He was a precious person and I hoped she knew I realized that just as much as she did.

Slowly as the week went by I got more and more comfortable with things. I was able to talk with Linda looking her in the eye and she seemed to have returned to normal. I wasn't quite sure if she really felt that way or was just a really good actress, but I could tell she wasn't going to change her mind about what she said. She still seemed to like me and smile at me as much as she used to, so just maybe everything would be okay.

I still had to get over the sexual hump. I was just afraid Linda would hear us, find a stain, or come home and walk in on us. Plus, I wasn't very horny as my body was still on edge from the past week's events.

Thursday night, however, would test my newfound celibacy. Skyler's parents were going out on a dinner and movie night and asked if he could stay with us until ten or eleven when they were done. We were more than happy to accept, as Linda had to be out of the house for her company's annual awards dinner night. It started at seven and she wasn't home until nearly midnight the year before.

It didn't take the Pre-Algebra these boys were taking to figure out that this left a wide open window when it would just be me and the boys at the house. I saw Cole's eyes light up immediately when these plans were forming. Linda gladly allowed the play date to happen, trusting that I wouldn't do anything stupid. I think Cole and I had reassured her this was something just between the two of us and trusted my judgment enough not to get tangled with Skyler as well. Even without Linda knowing our situation I didn't want to get involved with Skyler; I didn't love him like I loved Cole and his parents were very religious.

After soccer practice that evening I drove them home, Cole talking very openly about how they were going to try anal sex for the first time tonight. Skyler seemed eager but apprehensive at the same time knowing it would probably hurt a good deal.

Skyler was a curious kid and did want to explore, but I think his cautious side got a hold of him often. You could see it when he played soccer as well, he was a smart and creative player, but sometimes he was too timid or thought a little too long and get the ball stolen. Plus, his family being deeply religious likely caused some internal struggles. If anybody was going to push him past that it was Cole though.

The boys piled out of the car and into the house as soon as I pulled into the driveway. They dropped their clothes in the hallway and went into the bathroom to take a shower. While I wished I could join them in there, I instead went to the kitchen to make dinner. Linda had bought all the ingredients for burritos and precooked some chicken, so it was really a matter of setting it all up.

It was a good twenty minutes before the boys finished showering. Nothing funny went on because I knew Cole like to save himself and have one good orgasm, plus I could hear the shower running the entire time. After drying off they waltzed into the front of the house and started building their burritos completely naked.

Considering his mom was at a dinner with a variable end time this whole nudity thing probably shouldn't have been going on. However, I figured we'd be safe until at least nine o'clock considering what time it started and the fact she got home at midnight last year. Plus, I was human and horny so how could I pass this up?

"Forty five seconds on high is normally good," I told them, getting up from the couch to make my own burrito. My eyes worked over Skyler's body as it had been weeks since I had last seen him in the buff. He was cute as I remembered him; his long uncircumcised penis and tight ballsack, plus that tiny, wispy bush of pubic hair directly above the base of his penis.

We sat down in the family room, the boys on the couch and myself on the recliner, and watched TV while eating. A part of me felt guilty for allowing this to happen. Nonetheless, as long as I didn't touch Skyler or force him to do anything, what was I doing wrong? I mean, it wasn't illegal to watch was it?

By the time they were done eating Cole already had a raging hard on. Skyler was still soft, but you could mistake his two incher for being semi-hard. I preferred Cole's dick, which was smaller when soft and made his erection that much more striking, however Skyler's penis had its merits as well. One thing was for sure, he'd never have to be ashamed in the locker room when that thing flopped out.

After dinner we sat back in the family room and watched a soccer match both boys wanted to see. Within about five minutes however they were on top of each other on the couch, grinding wildly. It reminded me of my childhood when I would grind naked all the time with my best friend. Unfortunately, it stopped before we figured out how to progress it further and he was too afraid of "being gay".

The look on Skyler's face and the fact he was grabbing each of Cole's butt cheeks with his hands led me to believe Skyler might not have been so straight. If he was gay I hoped his parents wouldn't make it difficult or painful for him, but for the moment he had to enjoy what was happening and he was one lucky son of a bitch.

Eventually Cole was sitting on top of Skyler, hands on his shoulders. I could see the tip of Cole's cock glistening with the precum I loved to lick off so much.

"Are you ready?" Cole asked, looking Skyler deep in the eyes.

Skyler simply nodded. He was nervous about the whole deal but deep down really wanted to try it.

"You guys should probably move to the bedroom," I cautioned. "Your mom isn't supposed to be home for a while, but if she does get home we don't want to be here."

"Yeah," Cole agreed.

The boys got up and headed to Cole's bedroom. I called to Cole to stay behind for a second.

"What?" he asked.

I waited until Skyler disappeared around the corner before dropping to one knee and licking the clear cum off the tip of Cole's dick.

"There," I grinned. "You're ready."

Cole just gave me a goofy smile and headed towards the bedroom. I stayed behind, wanting to follow but knowing it probably wasn't a good idea. Again, it wasn't wrong of me to just watch, but at the same time I just escaped a bad situation and didn't need another to arise.

Within seconds I heard my name being called down the hall.


It was Cole.

"What?" I asked, settling down on the couch.

"Come in here," the voice pouted.

"This is between you two," I told him.

"Skyler wants you," Cole called.

"Please?" Skyler chimed in.

Well, couldn't argue with that! I stood up and walked to Cole's room. The two of them were sitting criss-cross on the bed.

"What's up?" I asked.

"We want you to be here," Cole said.

"You and Cole do this all the time, so I figure you know what you are talking about," Skyler blushed. "Besides, it will remind me if it hurts that Cole normally does it with someone a lot bigger."

"And Skyler thinks you're hot," Cole grinned.

Skyler turned beet red and slapped Cole playfully.

"Well, if you insist," I laughed.

I decided to sit upright at the head of Cole's bed, propped up against the headrest with a pillow. The two of them settled down in front of me.

"Okay, so who goes first?" Skyler asked curiously.

"You've gotta let me fuck you first," Cole directed.

"Really?" Skyler asked, wide eyed and looking frightened.

"Yeah, and your reward will be getting to fuck me," Cole smiled devilishly. "Otherwise you fuck me, have a gigantic orgasm, then get all sleepy and happy and chicken out."

Cole definitely had this figured out and was going to get what he wanted.

"Okay," Skyler said nervously. His penis had gone soft, his long slender cock resting gently on his balls.

"It's not bad," I reassured him. "You're gonna love it, trust me."

"Okay," Skyler said, grinning.

Cole reached under the bed and got our bottle of lotion out. I wonder if his mom knew it was there and what it was used for. She would now obviously.

"So you've never done anything with your butt?" Cole asked.

"Nope," Skyler responded simply.

"Not even poked a finger up there?"

"No," Skyler said, a pensive look on his face. "But in the bath sometimes I'd rub it cause it felt good, never put my finger in though."

Cole's face lit up. "This is going to be amazing," he grinned.

I had to admit I was pretty jealous. Tapping a completely virgin thirteen your old butthole? Why couldn't I be that age again? Cole after abstaining all summer was pretty tight and that felt amazing, but I knew this was like a whole other level.

"Okay, I am going to rub lotion on your hole," Cole explained to Skyler, "to loosen it up just a little bit and make it so my dick slides in easier."

Skyler nodded, not quite sure on how to let Cole have access to that area.

"Here," Cole directed, "just lie down on your back. Now bring your legs up to your chest... there you go. Jason, can you throw me a pillow?"

I tossed a pillow to them and Skyler put it behind his head so it was propped up. He was watching Cole intently.

"See how that works?" Cole grinned, looking at Skyler's open asshole. "How does it feel?"

"Good," Skyler smiled sheepishly. "I feel so... exposed. It's hot."

Cole had set things up purposely, no doubt, so I was at the perfect angle to watch the two of them get it on. Skyler's asshole looked so clean and tight, his anus all pink and scrunched. Just looking at it I thought there was no way I could ever get my cock in there.

"This the first time you've seen his hole?" I asked Cole.

"Yeah," Cole grinned. "I've felt it in the shower and stuff but it wasn't the same. It's so hot Skyler, really."

Skyler just blushed.

Cole dabbed some lotion onto his finger and started rubbing Skyler gently.

"Ooh," Skyler jumped. "Cold."

"It'll warm up," Cole assured him, gently rubbing the lotion around his hole.

"Feels good," Skyler mumbled. By now he had a raging hard on and was stroking it gently with his right hand.

"Okay, I am going to try to slip my finger in," Cole informed Skyler. Cole put a little big more lotion on his finger before gently applying pressure. Skyler got a concerned look on his face and Cole's finger wasn't making any progress.

"Relax," I instructed Skyler. "Don't tense up and scrunch your butthole, it'll make it hurt."

Skyler nodded at me and seemed to relax.

"I've learned that if you press out real gently, like trying to take a poop, it'll help Cole slide in."

Sure enough Cole finger slowly slid in, Skyler's virgin asshole finally relenting. I can't believe that was the first time he had ever been penetrated.

"How's your boy pussy feeling?" Cole asked.

"Okay," Skyler said. "Kind of hurts."

Man, was he in for a surprise.

"Just relax and enjoy," Cole instructed. He turned to me and said, "You wouldn't believe how fucking tight this is Jason, its amazing!"

"I bet," I laughed.

Cole slowly got his index finger in to the second knuckle. He slowly moved it up and down, trying to get Skyler used to that sensation. Pulling his finger out, Skyler's asshole might a light pop sound, the edges still looking tight but not nearly as much as before. Cole put some more lotion on, wanting Skyler to be as lubed up as possible. He stuck his finger back in, Skyler grunting at the pain. I can remember when I first explored down there with a pen; even something the width of that would cause some pain.

After a few minutes Cole pulled his finger out and looked at Skyler.

"Well, it's your call," Cole said. "I can try to fuck you know, or I could loosen you up more. If I don't it might hurt a little more, but it's going to either way."

"You should just get it over with," I suggested to Skyler. "After a minute or so it's going to feel amazing."

Skyler really seemed to trust what I said. He nodded at Cole to go ahead and fuck him now. Cole looked very excited and began to lube his cock up. I know Cole enjoyed having sex with me, but my nineteen year old asshole was no match to Skyler's tight virgin one. Even if Skyler had sex as much as I did he would be tighter, so Cole was eager to experience that once again.

Within seconds Cole had his entire four and a half inch erection greased up and ready to go.

"Okay Skyler, I'm going to push in real slow," Cole informed him. "Just relax like before and tell me to stop if you need it."

"Okay," Skyler nodded quietly.

Cole gently pressed his cock against Skyler's anus. I couldn't quite believe I was about to watch this cutie get deflowered by Cole. I had a raging hard on in my pants and would need to relieve myself at some point tonight.

Skyler grimaced as Cole slowly put more and more of his weight into Skyler's body, the head of his cock slowly entering Skyler's butt. There was no way my penis would have ever fit in Skyler's butt, even if I pushed my hardest.

"Owwww," Skyler moaned, Cole's head now completely engulfed. If he was complaining now, without even a full inch in, Skyler was in for some more pain.

"Are you okay?" Cole asked.

"Yeah," Skyler assured him. "I'll let you know if it hurts too much, otherwise just ignore me."

"Okay," Cole replied. "By the way this feels amazing. You are so tight."

Cole pressed in further, his cock slowly but surely sliding into Skyler's bowels. Skyler was moaning in pain, his legs flailing gently as he tried to ride through it. After about a minute Cole was fully in.

"How's it feel?" I asked, curious.

"Weird," Skyler said. "Hurts but feels good at the same time. I feel like I have to take a big poop."

"Yeah, it does feel like that sometimes," I told him. "Once you get used to it though everything feels amazing."

Meanwhile Cole was slowly pulling his cock back until only his head remained inside. He started to press inwards again, going faster this time as Skyler's hole loosened up.

"You feel amazing Sky," Cole told his friend, gently brushing back Skyler's hair.

"It's starting to feel better, but still kind of hurts," Skyler whispered.

"It will the first few times," Cole said, "But I promise it gets amazing."

"I know Cole," Skyler smiled. "I trust you and Jason. Now fuck me."

"Okay," Cole grinned. "Let me know if it hurts."

"I know," Skyler said.

Cole leaned in, basically laying on top of Skyler. He wiggled his cock all the way back in and then began to fuck Skyler at a pretty good rate. I could tell it hurt at first, Skyler was moaning and his legs were freaking out, but eventually he settled down. By now Cole was fucking him like a jackrabbit, humping him rapidly, his balls slapping against Skyler's ass and making quite the racket. I could hear the squishing sound of Cole's cock inside Skyler, his head poking parts of Skyler that had never been touched before.

By now Cole was actually on top of Skyler, their two bodies interlocked as Cole popped Skyler's cherry. This would be something the two of them would never forget, and me either for that matter. I felt so lucky to even be there to witness it.

There was no fooling around for Cole and at this rate he was liable to blow any second. It did make me feel good he didn't seek out the slow and gentle loving sort of way he and I often had sex. After watching the two of them go at it, I could tell Cole and I did have something special between the two of us. Our time together was never just a cheap fuck, it was always something more even if we were in a rush. To Cole I could tell this was just a fuck and nothing more. Sure he thought Skyler was hot and would bone him all day, but the love and caring Cole and I shared couldn't be duplicated.

I wish I had a microphone, just so I could record the racket. Between Skyler's moaning and Cole's balls slapping around it was quite the symphony. By now Skyler was experiencing mostly pleasure as the look on his face had changed from concern to content.

All of a sudden Cole burst, his hips gyrating wildly as he laced his few shots of boy cum deep inside of Skyler. Both boys were groaning loudly, Cole's body moving in an involuntary fashion as the orgasm worked its way through his system. Eventually his movements came to a halt and he gently pulled his cock from Skyler's ass.

The lips of Skyler's anus looked swollen and red, but his hole managed to close all the way back up. After I was done fucking Cole his hole often remained slightly open for a few minutes, but I guess Cole's cock wasn't large enough and Skyler's butt wasn't loose enough for that to happen.

The whole experience was kind of a baptism by fire for Skyler. Cole wasn't as gentle as he could have been, but probably figured if his friend wanted to have anal he should know what it was really about. Skyler would probably be tender there for a day or so, but I think he understood he just had to get used to it.

Cole slowly sat up after collapsing onto the bed after his climax. Skyler was gently touching his ass with his finger and probably wondered what it looked like down there.

"So how was it?" Cole asked, grinning.

Skyler sat up, his dick still hard as a rock.

"I liked it," he grinned. "It hurt, a lot, especially at first. But by the end I couldn't really feel the pain, your dick in me just felt good. It's weird, I can't explain it."

"Sweet," Cole grinned. "It felt good for me too, you were really tight, it was awesome. You've got a nice butt."

"Thanks," Skyler smiled. "I mean, I'm not going to lie, it hurt. At first I thought I'd never want to do it again, but at the end all I wanted to do was do it again."

"Yeah," Cole agreed, "I felt the same way. I had a friend Chase, and he was the first person I had sex with. He wasn't gentle at all and he had a bigger dick than me. Anyways, at first I didn't really like it so much, but he made me do it a couple of times and then I was hooked."

"And now you take Jason inside of you," Chase said, looking at me as if he was incredulous that Cole was able to handle my cock.

"Yeah," Cole grinned at me, "And it doesn't really hurt. I can take a man-size cock easy. Funny to think Chase's little pecker used to have me scared."

"Can't wait till I'm like that too," Skyler smiled. No doubt about it, this boy was gay.

"Well, now its time for you to give your first fucking," Cole grinned. "I won't be as hard to get into though."

"Probably a good thing," Skyler said.

Cole and I hadn't had sex since before the incident actually. So his hole would be a little tighter than usual for Skyler's enjoyment. All this boy sex in front of me was getting me past the weirdness with the whole Linda thing. At this point I was too horny to care. I mean, she was okay with us being together and having sex, so why shouldn't we?

"So just do everything I did to you," Cole instructed.

"I've never put my finger in someone else's butt before," Skyler laughed nervously.

"It feels nice," I assured him. "And wait till you put your dick in."

"Just get some lotion on your finger," Cole instructed. "Yeah, now rub it around my hole a little before you put it in."

Cole brought his legs up to his chest, opening his butt for Chase. This was probably the first time Skyler had looked at another boy like this as he paused a minute before tentatively putting his finger on Cole's anus.

"It's so wrinkly and soft," Skyler giggled. He brought his finger up to his nose and sniffed.

"Smells good huh?" Cole smiled.

"Just like lotion actually," Skyler smiled.

"Cole keeps himself very fresh down there," I assured Skyler.

"Yeah," Cole blushed. "But if you're gonna go putting something in someone's butt you can't expect it to come away smelling good."

"True," Skyler grinned.

"Girls' pussies smell bad too," Cole said adamantly. "I dunno first hand, but I've read that's what gay guys think. I kinda like the butt smell personally."

"I like yours just as long as you aren't poopy," I joked with Cole.

"Shuddup," Cole said, sticking his tongue out.

Skyler slowly pressed his finger into Cole's butt, his facial expressions telling the story of what he was feeling. It was an interesting mix of fright, fascination, and enjoyment that I couldn't quite explain. Skyler was a virgin in the truest sense of the word.

"It's so warm," Skyler giggled. "It's all soft and slippery."

"Press in a little more and feel up towards my dick," Cole instructed. "Okay you feel that lumpy thing?"

Skyler had a very concentrated look on his face. "Wait, that?"

"Yeah," Cole moaned. "That's your prostate. It makes your cum juice and it feels really good when you rub it."

"Cool," Skyler cracked.

"Yeah," Cole grinned back.

"I thought it was the base of my dick or something," Skyler laughed.

"Nope, just the male G-spot," I said.

Skyler and Cole both turned to me.

"Huh?" they said in unison.

Oops, forgot my audience was two thirteen year olds.

"Nothing," I conceded.

"Whatever," Cole said, getting serious. "You ready to fuck me Sky?"

"I think so," Skyler said softly, a small smile on his face. This would be a moment he'd never forget.

"`Kay, lotion up your cock," Cole directed Skyler.

Skyler obliged, stroking a good amount of lotion up and down his rock hard uncircumcised penis. Despite being hard, his foreskin still covered the head of his penis, forming a reddish tip at the end. While Skyler may have been bashful about the whole deal, his dick sure wasn't, as it looked more than eager to pop into Cole's backside.

"Ready," Sykler said, looking at Cole.

Cole nodded at his friend. "Put the end of your dick right on my hole and then just gently push."

The boys assumed the missionary position, Skyler stabilizing himself by putting one hand on the underside of Cole's thigh while guiding his throbbing erection with the other. He placed the head of his penis on Cole's hole before pressing his body inward.

"Wait," Cole called out. "Gentle. Doing it like that... it might pop in but your dick might also bend or something. Just press ever so gently, almost nothing at first and then gradually add more."

"Okay, sorry," Skyler blushed.

"Dude, you're doing way better than me the first time," Cole assured Skyler. "When me and Chase first did it I jammed my little dick in him so hard he yelped and shot five feet back."

Skyler tried again, this time easing his body ever so slowly towards Cole's, his dick slipping in after some token resistance. Skyler let out a gasp and stopped moving, closing his eyes to try and make sense of what he was feeling.

"Feels good huh?" Cole grinned, his head propped up with pillows.

"Mmmhmmm," Skyler moaned, his eyes open once again and fixated on the action down below. They watched as he resumed pushing, his penis slipping in inch by inch until all four inches were buried in Cole's warm, wet bowels.

"Now fuck me," Cole grinned devilishly. He was hard once again, the refractory period on someone that age seemed to be close to zero. Cole's balls were twirling with delight, his legs up in the air and his toes responding to each movement Skyler made. I never got to see Cole like this when he was getting fucked as I had always been the one doing it, and I had to admit it was almost as erotic.

Skyler slowly began pumping, his breathing heavy and arms on either side of Cole's body as he thrust inwards and outwards. All the muscles on Skyler were tight and rippling as he fucked Cole. The sight of these two tangled together was almost more than I could handle. Nothing in the world was cuter than these two, and nothing was hotter than watching them get it on.

It wasn't more than a minute Skyler lasted, his pumps becoming furiously fast as he exploded into Cole's bowels, his dry orgasm going through what must have been two dozens waves rocking his body from head to toe. Cole groaned loudly in pleasure, not only from what he was feeling but surely the situation as well.

Skyler finally came to a stop and pulled his dick out of Cole's bowels, making a small squishing sound as it came out. It was clean as could be, shining with Cole's juices. Skyler fell to the bed from his knees, bouncing a couple of times before coming to rest.

"How was it?" Cole smiled, sitting up criss-cross and rolling his erection around. It was probably nice for him not to worry about globs of cum streaming down his bowels and getting all over the sheets.

"Amazing," Skyler grinned. "So awesome. Way better than anything."

"That good huh?" I asked.

"I can't even explain how good it felt," Skyler said incredulously. "It was like my dick was surrounded by... by... happy."

"Happy?" Cole laughed.

I burst out laughing. But I knew the feeling, it was hard to explain all the intense feelings you got while fucking someone.

"I dunno," Skyler blushed. "I definitely see why you guys like doing it so much."

"It's the ultimate," I agreed.

"Just wait," Cole smiled mischievously. "There are so many ways to do it. The person getting fucked on top, doggy style, on furniture and crap..."

"Sweet," Skyler grinned. "Can't wait till my butt gets more used to it."

"It will soon," Cole assured him. "Especially with me, my dick isn't as big as someone like Jason's."

"Yeah I couldn't imagine," Skyler said, looking at me. As much as I wanted to, I couldn't fuck him. I got lucky enough with Cole, no need to press it.

"Wanna go wash off?" Cole asked, motioning with his head towards the bathroom.

"Yeah," Skyler nodded, "I feel sticky in lots of places."

Cole giggled at that comment. "Get the shower warm, I'll be there in a second."

Skyler waddled naked down the hall and into the bathroom. Once he disappeared Cole turned towards me and crawled along the bed until his face was right in mine. He gave me a peck on the lips and then unzipped my pants, my dick still hard as a rock.

Without a word he went down on me, my body shuddering with the feelings of Cole's tongue running up and down my cock. What I had just witnessed put me to the brink and considering my relative lack of action recently it wouldn't take much to put me over the top.

Before Cole could even start deep throating me I was lacing my cum down his throat, glob after glob of it streaming out of my dick. Within a minute I was done and my dick was softening in Cole's mouth.

"It's warm!" we heard Skyler call from down the hall.

"Coming," Cole grinned, winking at me, his teeth shining with cum. He licked his lips and swallowed the remainder, hopping off the bed and down the hall to the shower with Skyler.

Zipping my pants up, I tidied up Cole's room a bit and remade his bed. Those two could make it look like a hurricane went through his room. Their clothes were still strewn in the hallway, so I put them into two piles in front of the bathroom door as a hint to the boys to finally dress.

I went into the front room and plopped down on the couch. The second Harry Potter movie was just starting on Disney, something the boys would enjoy. After about fifteen minutes in the shower I heard brief rustling in the hall as they put on their clothes before they rounded the corner into the front room.

"Hey guys," I smiled.

"Sweet, Harry Potter," Skyler exclaimed.

"I'd do the red head," Cole blurted out.

"Yeah," Skyler said bashfully, slumping into the recliner with a sigh.

Cole joined me on the couch and I got out the blanket and covered the two of us. I spooned Cole as we watched TV, both boys exhausted from soccer practice and what had just happened in the bedroom.

Slowly the three of us drifted to sleep. Cole and I were warm and content, wrapped up with each other under the blanket. It was moments like these that I treasured the most. Nothing sexual, just the two of us snuggled together and content with life.

We awoke to the sound of the garage door opening and Cole's mom entering the house. My instincts told me to jump off the couch and pretend I wasn't snuggling with Cole, but I knew I had to get over that urge.

"Hey guys," Cole's mom said as she came into the room.

"Hey Mommy," Cole said sleepily, squinting at his mom. "How was it?"

"Long," she laughed. "How were the boys Jason?"

"Not a problem," I smiled.

This was really awkward and I wish it wasn't. Cole and I hadn't been really affectionate towards each other since she found out. Before she had seen us snuggling plenty of times and I didn't even feel very weird about it. But now that I knew she knew... it just was different.

I mean, she had to know something went down right? Four hours alone, Cole suddenly befriending the cutest boy on his soccer team, the two of us snuggling on the couch when she got back? It just made me feel weird inside and I wish it didn't. Despite that I planned to keep showing innocent signs of emotion like this. Linda had told us she was okay with our relationship and if we were going to continue it, we might as well be forthright with it.

Within minutes Skyler's parents arrived, back from their date. After some friendly chatter with me and Linda, they took their son and told us we'd see them at the soccer game on Saturday. We all waved as they drove away, Linda commenting on what a nice family they were. Skyler's parents were very nice however I could tell they were a little guarded. I didn't know if that was because we didn't go to their church or that was just their nature in general, but at least they allowed their son to be friends with whoever he wanted.

Linda said goodnight to both of us and sleepily marched off to her room. An entire day of work and then four more hours of an awards dinner would suck the energy right out of you.

Cole and I were tired as well and got ready for bed. After I was done brushing my teeth I was sitting in my room looking over my school schedule, which started in just over a week.

"Hey Jason?" he asked, dressed simply in a pair of boxers.

"Hey," I smiled. "What's up?"

"When can things be normal again?" Cole asked shyly.

"How so?" I asked, but I had a pretty good idea.

"Well today with Skyler," Cole explained. "It was awesome and he's really hot but it just made me realize how much I miss you. I miss us a lot. It just wasn't the same with Skyler."

"I know babe, I'm sorry," I sighed. "Soon."

I really wanted things to be back to normal, but it just felt too weird. Plus, I wanted it to be super special when we finally did it again.

"Hopefully," Cole smiled. "I know you are trying. I guess I'm just needy or something."

"No," I assured him. "You're just thirteen and hornier than you know how to handle."

A small smile cracked across Cole's face, but it soon disappeared.

"Sometimes-," Cole stuttered, "sometimes I wish I was just normal."

"What are you talking about?" I said, annoyed. "You are normal."

"I know," Cole said, "I mean normal like... not looking to get laid all the time."


"Well," Cole continued, "most guys my age, sure they're horny, but they've never gotten laid or even been with anyone else. When they discover jacking off it's like the entire world has stopped. But to me, jacking off is nothing, it sucks, it was killer this summer when that's all I had. I need the real thing."

"That's true," I said, seeing where Cole was coming from.

"I don't care that I like boys," Cole said. "I like that I like boys. But I just wish Chase and I hadn't done so much. I mean Jason, I was having full blown sex regular when I was 11!"

"Yeah," I agreed. "You were my first. And I remember being extremely horny and confused at your age too. It's a hard time."

"Especially when I know how good it can be," Cole sighed. "Sometimes I wish I was all innocent or whatever. I know too much for my age."

"Cole, you'd be surprised of what some of your classmates have done," I told him, knowing the shenanigans that went on in my middle school. "Are most of them at the level you are? No. But they'll be there soon. You get to enjoy your body at a really cool time, I am kind of jealous."

Cole cracked a big smile.

"Yeah, and I didn't care about all this until my mom found out and it became weird," Cole explained. "And don't get the wrong idea, I love you and would never want to give this away."

"I know Cole," I said, feeling bad. "And it's my fault you're feeling weird because I feel so weird and I can't get over it."

"Don't feel bad," Cole said, giving me a hug.

"Thanks buddy," I said, embracing him. "And I might have a surprise for you very, very soon."

I applied to get tickets to the huge State/Tech rivalry football game this weekend. I could get a ticket as a student, but the game had been sold out for months and there was no way I could get one for Cole as well. I talked to Rose at the Bobcat Buddies office back at school and asked if she could help me out even though we weren't part of the program anymore. She said she'd try her best and left me a message earlier today to swing by her office tomorrow. The game was on Saturday so what else could it be?

"Really?" Cole exclaimed excitedly.

"But I can't tell you until tomorrow at least," I winked.

"Ohhhh Jason," Cole whined.

"Now go to bed," I smiled, giving him a peck on the cheek.

"You can't leave me hanging like this!" Cole squealed.

"Be quiet about this and I'll bone you by Sunday at midnight," I smiled at him. I had to get over it sometime.

Cole smiled at me and quickly bounced out of the room.

I really hope I had the tickets now!

End of Chapter Nine

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