Columbus Avenue
Chapter One

By John Yager

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 "No," Tim moaned.

Iíd thought he was asleep.

"No, please, Martin, donít pull out, donít leave me."

"I donít have much choice, Babe, Iím getting soft and natureís taking its course."

"I donít want you to leave me," he moaned again. "Just stay still and let me get you hard again."

We were lying on our left sides, me behind him. Tim was spooned into me, his cute young ass pressed into my crotch. I felt his sphincter tighten around my cock, sending a jolt of pleasure through my body. It came again, then again and I felt myself becoming aroused, revived. I had fucked him twice and that was just about my limit. After all, I reminded myself, I wasnít a randy teenager anymore. Tim, not yet seventeen, seemed to be able to go on for ever.

But despite my fatigue, I felt Timís magic working. I was harder now, hard enough to press into him again.

"Yes," he moaned, "yes."

"Anything for you, lover, even if you kill me in the process."

"I wonít kill you. Iíll revive you."

"Iíd say it was working," I whispered as I nibbled his ear.

"Donít move. Just let me keep you hard like this."

"Can I touch you?"

"Oh, yeah, but donít try to get me off. Just stroke me a little so I stay hard too."

I reached around his magnificent body and found his penis, almost fully hard on its own, but still glad of a little attention. I stroked it slowly as heíd asked, not trying to bring him to climax, just keeping him aroused. Could he come again, I wondered. He had come three times to my two, but he was insatiable.

"I just feel so empty when you pull out," he said, his voice soft and yielding. "I wish I could have you in me all the time, day and night, all the time," he went on, almost like a chant.

"If we fall asleep youíll stop clenching your ass and Iíll go soft again," I said, pointing out the ultimate futility of his intent.

"I know, but I want to stay like this for a while. Talk to me, keep me awake."

"You talk to me," I said, "finish telling me about my two horny nephews."

"I canít remember where I stopped."

"You told me about the weekend you spent with them last month. You said youíd given Dave his first blow job. I guess you did it twice."

"Yeah, first in their room on Thursday night and then the next morning at Daltonís Tower."  I told you  about going out to Luciferís Leap and how all three of us got naked and ended up together in a kind of three-way orgy."

"You didnít say that."

"Yeah, I did. I told you how Dave landed on top of me, sort of wrestling I guess. Then he kissed me. That surprised me a lot, that heíd kiss me like that right in front of Monty. When he realized his brother was staring at us in complete shock, he pulled Monty over against us and then all three of us sort of got into a little lust fest."

"So you ended up having sex with both of them?"

"Well, yeah, sort of." he whispered as his ass contracted again, sending new bolts of pleasure through my penis to my brain. "When I realized what Dave was doing, getting Monty into our play, I joined in and we just pulled Monty over against us, not wanting to leave him out, I guess."

"Generous of you," I commented, "and he joined in?"

"Yeah, Dave was moving against me and I was moving against him. Then Monty was lying on his side next to us and it was as if his cock just sort of joined ours."

"You and Dave were pressed together, your cocks pressed together," I repeated back what heíd said.  "Frontage,"  I added.

"I remember. I told Dave you called it that." He was silent for several minutes, concentrating on our collective erections and trying to keep me stimulated by the skillful use of his sphincter.

"So how did Monty fit it?" I asked.

"Well, when we pulled him over against us he was already hard. I was lying on my back and Dave was lying on top of me. Monty ended up lying on his side, pressed against us and his penis just naturally enough sort of slid into the gap between my stomach and Daveís. I put my hand on the small of his back and began to press him into us in time with our rhythm. As our stomachs got slicker with our pre-cum, his dick just pressed into the space between us and started ramming up against our own cocks."

"And he came like that?"

"Oh, yeah, he came. Big time."

"Well, mark up another one for Luciferís Leap."

"You know the place?"

"Sure, it was where guys took their girls to make out when I was a teenager. I should add, where a few of us took other guys."

"Bet I can guess who went there with you."

"Donít say it."

"JimmÖ" I covered his mouth with my hand.

"Donít, Babe. Thatís all over."

"Iím pleased to know that," he smiled. At times he seemed so much more mature than his age would suggest.

"I guess you know Luciferís Leap was also the ultimate test of manhood for all the guys around Winona."

"You mean climbing down?"

"Yeah, and getting out again. And," I added, "living to tell about the adventure."

"Did anyone really get hurt trying?"

"Not so far as I know. Some bad falls, I guess, but no broken bones."

"Monty took along a lot of rope and stuff when we were out there. He was all set to try it that day but Dave and I talked him out of it."

"Wise," I said as Timís ass tightened around me again. "You need to get a bunch of guys out to help when you really do it. Take along some of your football buddies."

"That might be fun."

"But back to your adventures with Dave and Monty, didnít you say you guys did some playing around later that night?"

"Yeah, that night in the shower we beat each other off. Dave and Monty had been doing it together for quite a while, watching each other, but theyíd never touched each other before. I think that was the first time theyíd touched each other in a really sexual way." He paused and then added, "we did the same thing again that Saturday night, too."

His ass contracted again, causing my cock to harden just that last bit. He moaned.

"Can you fuck me again?"

"Sure, lover, after what youíve been doing you have me ready to go."

"See," he looked back with a grin, "youíre not so old after all."

I pressed into him to my full length and felt my pubic hair press against his cute butt.

"Can I turn over? I want to face you."

"Sure," I said, starting to pull out.

"No, donít leave me." His agile body made a sort of turn, one leg coming around under me and suddenly I was on top of him, my body pressed between his legs and I was facing him. I looked down at his beautiful form and again marveled at how this boy had come into my life. Timís legs came up to encircle me, to claim me, to pull me deeper into him. I thrust again, driving my naked cock into his welcoming ass. It was the third time Iíd fucked him that afternoon and I knew he was tender, stretched, but wanting more.

"Donít worry about me," he said, reading my thoughts. "Give it to me hard, Marty, fuck me with all youíve got."

"You sure?"


"Your poor ass has got to be sore."

"Yeah, it hurts like hell, but I want it. I want to feel you driving into me."


"Yeah, show no mercy."

I pulled back until only the head of my cock still remained inside his sphincter, then pounded it into him full force, feeling his body recoil from the assault.

"Yeah," Tim moaned, "yeah. A few more of those and Iím gona explode."

"Want me to slow down, make it last?"

"No. I want it hard and fast. Then Iíll let you pull out."

"You got it, Babe," I said, giving him what he wanted. I was close, too, and wanted to get us off together. I withdrew again, almost all the way, and then drove back into him full force, out again and back. Tears were pooling in his eyes now, threatening to overflow.

"Donít stop, man, give me all youíve got."

I repeated the action and felt my own climax building, knowing three or four strokes like that and Iíd go over the edge. I withdrew more slowly and then moved back in, one continuous stroke with only the slightest pause between the outward and inward motions. I felt the head of my cock move over his prostate, felt the firm mound of resistance, knew I was pushing him over just as I was also reaching my limit, going into free fall.

"Oh, yeah, Marty, do it like that again."

I did as he asked and felt his body stiffen, as if every muscle convulsed at the same time. His chest arched up off the bed and his head went back. His eyes were wide now, his mouth open and gasping.

"Yea," he said and it came out as a hiss, an animal cry, a primal sound. "Yea," he said again and his cock erupted, sending successive bolts of his seed across his hard stomach and chest.

How can he continue to produce so much, I thought, marveling at the sexual abilities of a teenage boy. His body was a demanding, craving, sexual factory.

I felt my own cock erupt, sending my seed deep into his gut for the third time that afternoon.

"Well," I wheezed as I collapsed onto his chest, "welcome to New York."

I pulled out of his ravaged body and rolled onto my side. My arms went around him and we embraced, his head coming to rest on my chest. He was still breathing hard and I could feel his pulse where his neck rested against my shoulder. Slowly our breathing and our hearts slowed. He raised up a little and smiled at me, brought his lips to mine and gave me a gentle, loving kiss.

"I love you, Martin," he whispered.

"I know you do, Babe. I adore you, too."

We napped a little, at least I did. Tim may have dozed but I donít think he ever slipped into a deep, restful sleep. When he rolled over and looked down at me, I looked at the clock on my bedside table and saw it was four-thirty. It had been just six hours since Tim had arrived on the morning flight from Memphis. Iíd met him at Kennedy and brought him by cab to my apartment on Columbus Avenue.

"You awake?" he whispered.

"More or less. Sex with a kid like you would kill me if it went on too long."

"How long is too long?"

"Youíre here for a week. I think I can manage."

He grinned and kissed me again. "Can we talk?"


"About Dave and Monty and me."

"Okay, whatís on your mind?"

"Well, for starters, I want you to know I really like them a lot. I think they could become my best friends."

"Good," I said, "Iíd like that."

"But it doesnít bother you that they and I have been having sex?"

"No. I told you last July that I sort of figured it would happen."

"But you know I donít love them, Marty, not the way I love you."

I pulled his head down to me and kissed his willing lips. "Thank you," I whispered.

"Can I say a couple of things about all that?"

"Sure, Tim. Tell me anything you want."

"Well, that was the first thing, that I love them both, but not the way I love you." He paused but I waited, not wanting to interrupt his thoughts. "I donít think theyíre gay, Martin."

"They both have sex with you and you donít think theyíre gay."

"Thatís what I think." He waited again, so long that I thought he was through, then just as I was preparing to speak, he went on. "Did you ever have a puppy when you were a kid?"

"Sure, two, no,  three," I said.

"And you loved them, right?"

"Yep, I loved them, every one."

"Were they male or female?"

"Two male and one female," I responded.

"Did you love the males more then the females?"

"No, I guess I loved them all equally."

"Well, I sort of think thatís how it is with Dave, maybe with Monty, too."

"You mean they could love you if you were a girl."

"Yeah, and it wouldnít make much difference to how they felt about me."

"So youíre saying they are both bi-sexual?"

"I donít know. I have a feeling the labels donít mean much to either of them." He waited a moment, thinking, then went on. "Dave expects to get married and have kids. I donít think Monty has really thought about it yet, but heíll probably follow the same path."

"What about you, Tim?" I said, pulling him down against me.

"Iím gay, Marty, you know that, fully, completely, permanently gay."

"No wife and kids in your future?"

"I hope my future is with you."

"Thatís a wonderful dream, Tim."

"I intend to do anything and everything I can to make it happen."

"You honor me," I whispered, truly touched by his statement.

"In the meantime I guess I have this feeling about sex that Dave and Monty donít really share. I couldnít tell them about it, but if I could I think theyíd be repulsed."

"You canít share it because itís too private, or because you think it would repulse them?"

"Both, I guess. It all has to do with how I fell about you."

"Can you tell me?"

"I want to."


"It may take a while."

"Well, except for getting showered and ready for dinner in about three hours, you have all the time you need and my undivided attention."

"Well, I guess it has to do with wanting to give myself up to you. I donít know how to say it any other way."
He waited a little and then added. "I talked to Dad about how I felt about you."

"Really?" I was surprised, knowing how disturbed Tim had been when he learned that his father suspected Tim was gay.

"Yeah, I figured if he knew about meÖ.about us, Iíd just as well talk with him, get the benefit of his wisdom."
"What did you tell him."

"Well, I told him how much I loved you, that he might think the age difference was a problem, an issue, but for me it wasnít and I thought you were okay with it now, too."

"How did he respond?"

"He said heíd known other relationships which worked despite age differences greater than ours."

"Good man."

"Yeah," Tim grinned. "He and Mom really are great. I guess I appreciate that more now."

"What more did you tell him."

"Well, not tell exactly. I asked him if it was natural for me to feel that I wanted to give myself to you so completely, to sort of lose myself in you, how I wanted you to possess me, own me, master me."

"Wow, Tim! You hit him with some very heavy stuff."

"Yeah, but he handled it. He said he was really at a loss when it came to gay sex, not knowing as much as he wished he knew for my sake. But he said he felt the same way about Mom when they first fell in love."

"But he realizes it can be very different for guys."

"Oh, yeah. He understands that. He said I needed to open up to you about my feelings. He said he trusted you, that he knew you were a good man."

"Heís put a lot of responsibility on my shoulders."

"Yeah, he has. I have, too, Martin. I understand that now."

"You know how much I care for you, Tim. I want the very best for you."

"So far as Iím concerned, Martin, thatís you. Iím yours unconditionally."

"I guess weíre working on it, our relationship, I mean."


"But you want more, right?"

"I want what I canít ask for, Martin. I have to wait and let you catch up with my feelings, I guess. If that happens, it would be wonderful, all I could ever want. If it doesnít happen, then I know you have always been completely honest with me. Youíve never just told me what I want to hear because it made it easier for you."

"Youíre trying to tell me that you need for me to say ĎI love youí the way you say you love me. You want me to make the commitment youíve made."

"I know I canít ask for that. I donít want to force it and I donít want you to say things you donít fully feel."

"Youíre such a wise soul, Tim. At times I feel as if youíre the older one and Iím just some callow kid who keeps bounding from one thing to the next, never knowing what I really want."

He brought his lips to mine and we kissed again. His body, warm and radiant with his life and youth, pressed against me, flooding me with the greatest joy I think I have ever known.

"I want to tell you something, Tim." He was silent and I went on. "You remember my hesitancy to have unprotected sex with you when I was home last July."

"Yeah, I remember. I hated those condoms and Iím really glad you didnít insist on using them now."

"I didnít insist on using them because I havenít had sex with anyone but you since that trip home. As soon as I got back to New York I got tested and I went in again three weeks ago. I feel okay not using condoms with you now because I donít have to worry about it so much. I think itís safe so long as we avoid risky stuff with anyone else."

"Did my playing around with Dave and Monty mess that up? Being safe, I mean."

"No, I donít think so. They havenít been with anyone else, I guess, and you didnít do anything really risky with them anyway."

Tim was silent for a while and then said, "Martin, Dave would kill me if he knew I told you this, but he did have sex with a girl last year."

"Really?" I said, the surprise evident in my voice.

"They used a condom and it was just the one time."

"Does anyone else know?"

"Some of his team mates, I guess, but not his folks for sure, not even Monty."

"Well, my randy nephew! I must say that surprises me."

"He didnít like it, though."

"He didnít like it with a girl. He did like it with you, and you tell me heís not gay."

"He hardly knew her. He was fixed up with the girl by one of his team mates. He said he just felt dirty afterwards."

"Well, maybe he learned some important lessons from it, anyway."

"Yeah, I think thatís really true."

"Well, thanks for telling me and I wonít ever let anyone know." I waited a moment, letting the blast of Timís little bomb subside and then went on. "I didnít mean to get us off on a discussion of safe sex, Tim. The point I was trying to make was that I have made a sort of commitment here."

"I understand that, Martin. Thank you."

"I made a commitment to be with you, not put you at any unreasonable risk, and to allow us to enjoy ourselves without using the condoms I know you hate."

"Thank you," he whispered, kissing me again.

"So I guess the more important thing, Tim, is that I can say it," I whispered as he withdrew his lips from mine. "It scares me, but itís true. I love you."

A single tear ran down from his right eye, along the curve of his cheek.

I drew him to me again and held him, warm and secure and completely mine.

To be continued.