This story contains graphic descriptions of activity of a sexual nature involving a man and a minor boy. The story is not true; the sexual acts described herein derive solely from imagination. It is not intended to promote illegal acts with/to/by minors, nor does it condone child abuse of any sort. If you object to the subject matter, stop reading. If your reading of this material violates laws in your place of residence or where you are currently located, stop reading. Thank you.

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For the most part I see my stories as fantasy, though especially with this story, I hope there are elements that ring true. For those of you expecting extended scenes of torrid sex, you may be disappointed, though you will find—I hope—sensuality and eroticism. This perhaps reflects my own journey and what I feel is important about this story. (And for those of you who do want more graphic encounters, you might visit some of my earlier tales.)  will1599s@yahoo.com.



Coming to Terms

Will S

Chapter 10

I'm not sure how long we stayed like that. Eventually, I felt Eric stir. He lifted his head, and I opened my eyes.

Running Bear was moving his hand up and down Eric's back. "You had goose bumps," he said softly.

"Thanks," Eric said softly.

"Eric, I think I gotta' move a bit...I love holding you this way, but I got a wicked cramp." I shifted my position, and then, when the cramp only seemed to worsen, I stood, and moved about a bit. There was another "problem" as well, and I walked off into the nearby brush to relieve myself.

"Jason's a cool guy, huh." Running Bear said. I turned back and in the firelight could see Eric nod. "Yeah, he is."

Running Bear continued, "If my uncle'd been here, he'd have done it with you."

Even from a distance, I could see Eric redden.

"Yeah," the Native American added. "He's pretty awesome, too." Eric shifted uneasily and then stood. Running Bear stood also, and moved up behind him. He touched Eric lightly on the shoulder, held it for a moment, then let his hand trail down Eric's arm. Eric stiffened. The Indian boy ran his other hand down the other arm, then moved both hands back up, and down the sides of the white boy.

Eric didn't move.

"I really like feeling you," Running Bear said softly. He held his hands on Eric's hips, just resting on the beginnings of his firm, smooth, uplifted butt. "Is it okay?"

"I guess," Eric mumbled.

"Mmmmm," Running Bear breathed. His hands lifted and explored Eric's chest, toyed with his nipples, and then trailed down to his stomach, rippling with rounded hillocks. Eric was rigid - in more ways than one. He sensed something he'd only dreamed about was about to happen. He was filled with anticipation and uncertainty all at the same time. I knew it was with me, he had imagined having his first sexual experience, but now the other boy was urging him in a different direction, and his body was responding. He trembled as the Indian boy's hands moved across his skin, sensitizing it. Running Bear stepped closer to him, then closer still. His chest rested against Eric's back, and ever so gently, the Indian eased his boyhood up against Eric's ass. Eric was a bit taller, and Running Bear's tool slipped in under the white boy's cheeks. Eric could probably feel the tip caressing the back of his ball sac.

Eric trembled when that contact was made. Now Running Bear wrapped his arms around Eric's chest, and nuzzled his shoulder. "Eric, Jason is right: you are beautiful," he murmured. Eric's boyhood stood at a 45 degree angle pointing up into the night sky. I watched it throb like a metronome marking the beat of his heart.

"You know," Running Bear said after they had stood that way for a time, "You can touch me, too." He turned Eric to face him. "If you want." Their two lances of almost equal size poked the other in the groin. Running Bear pulled his hips back and giggled once. "Your hair tickles on my prick."

"Yours, too," Eric responded. They stood gazing into each other's eyes; Running Bear kept smiling, reassuring. Eric continued to shake and wore a look of utter concentration. Slowly, tentatively, he reached up and touched Running Bear on the arms. His hands traced upward, trailing along the Indian boy's neck. Their eyes met, and they stood there in silence for a long while.

"Go on," Running Bear said finally.

"What?" Eric whispered, his mouth dry with anticipation.

"Go ahead, do it."

"Do what?"

Running Bear grinned. "What you're thinking. I know you're thinking about it." He flashed a look down at Eric's mouth.

Eric was breathing harder now, and stuck that beautiful tongue out and ran it across his lips. Then, haltingly, he leaned in toward Running Bear's soft, inviting face. Deliberately, Running Bear leaned in, and brushed his lips across Eric's. The white boy sucked in a breath. Running Bear took his head in both his hands. Eric knew this was the moment. Maybe it wasn't exactly what he planned, but he would be fulfilled. That soft, red tongue darted across his lips once again. They looked into each other's eyes. Running Bear slowly raised himself up; Eric sunk down. With the gentlest of pressure, their lips brushed again. Their bodies were warm and moist. As I watched, I could almost taste him. Again, their lips circled lightly over each other's. Eric sighed a long, deep sigh of sublime and utter contentment.

This time when their lips touched, Running Bear settled in, and they kissed - really kissed. Eric trembled under the bronze-skinned boy's touch. They broke their kiss, then, gazing into each others eyes, leaned into each other again. Running Bear nibbled on Eric's lower lip, tasting its sweetness. He let his tongue ease in between the younger boy's lips, and he opened up to him. I watched as he explored Eric's hot, wet, mouth, then Eric's tongue danced with Running Bear's. It seemed to spark some deep-hidden energy, and now Eric forced his velvety tongue into his friend's mouth. The Indian relented as Eric's tongue explored every part of his cavern. Eric's breathing had become more intense. He showed an almost desperate need to continue - to get on with it.

Breaking away from him, Running Bear again looked into his eyes for any sense of doubt. He saw only a raw, urgent hunger. He stepped back away from Eric, and guided him to the sleeping bag. Eric's eyes flashed across Running Bear's body. He was full of expectation, of long-suppressed desire - feeling a need only a horny young man can know.

"Hurry," he moaned. "Please."

Running Bear wanted more than anything to please him, but I knew he would not be hurried. He leaned over the initiate, and lightly kissed his mouth, then quickly moved around his face, fluttering with soft kisses, visiting his brow, his eye, his cheeks, his nose with kisses. He tasted him, smelled him, and luxuriated in his softness. He nibbled on his ear, and then revisited his mouth. Eric was eagerly waiting, and his kisses were intense and desperate. He moaned once when he sucked the Indian boy's tongue back into his mouth. That surprised me; this normally shy boy suddenly seemed overpowered by an unquenchable passion. His actions were unpracticed, but he was, I realized, simply responding to his suddenly unleashed sexual energy.

I guess I'd forgotten how overpowering that drive can be in a young boy, but now, it was all too clear! Running Bear eased his way down along Eric's neck. He felt the blood pulsing up along the veins in his neck, and he found that small, shallow valley, centered below where Eric's Adam's apple would form, just at the top of the rib cage. The Indian boy dropped further, finding eventually his nipples, first his left, then his right. He traced around them with the tip of his tongue, he suctioned them, he lapped at them. They were as hard as b-b's, erect as they could possibly be. Eric was taking deep, rapid breaths, and tensing his body to press his chest harder against his young teacher's mouth.

After five minutes of teasing the white boy's nipples, Running Bear dropped lower, allowing his tongue to trace out the ridge of his ribs, then down onto the plain of his abdomen. His muscles were firm, and lean. No fat on this boy. And such smooth, soft skin. No roughness...no hair...just pure, innocent youth.

When Running Bear touched down on his abs, his stomach flattened even more, and he quickly found his in-y belly button. He used only the lightest touches here, and was rewarded with a series of shivers that seemed to emanate from Eric's navel. Meanwhile, his fingers continued to explore his nipples, hopefully keeping him on the edge. Running Bear was skilled in the ways of love, and I crouched, watching in awe as he led Eric to a place he'd never been before. In slow motion thrashing, my young friend's head rotated from side to side, and groans tore from his throat to periodically punctuate their shared movements.

The Indian lifted away and glanced down. Eric's cock was stretched so taut it almost looked painful. His modest but growing balls were pulled up tight to his body.

"Do it, please," Eric moaned. "Please."

I could see Running Bear considering his request, but he seemed in no hurry.

"Trust me, my friend," Running Bear said. "You do, don't you?"

"Yeah," Eric breathed.

Running Bear drew his hand down along his abdomen, and found the shallow valley where his belly met his leg. With the lightest touch he could muster, Running Bear traced along this path, carefully avoiding his genitals. Still with just his fingertips, he explored Eric's firm thighs, down along the tops, then back up on the inside. Now the white boy's moans shifted to actual squeals, as it seemed he was trying to suck in enough breath to keep his body supplied with enough oxygen.

"Oh - ohw...ooww..."

Again his mentor shifted his position lower and planted a soft kiss on that valley at the very bottom of his torso. He tongue-bathed his thighs, being absolutely sure to avoid contact with his penis.

"Please," Eric moaned. He wanted it over. He was ready. Running Bear gently blew across his uncapped glans.

"Ahhgh." His body grew more rigid, and he gulped in more air.

Now the Indian youth shifted his position yet again. "Now, Eric," he urged as he opened Eric's legs, knelt between them, and folded them back and out. "It is time." Running Bear glanced down at him. It was all there, that bold five inch piece of living marble, those two tightly packaged balls, and below that delicate crease that led to his sweet, unblemished, tight, smooth pucker.

Despite my refusal of Eric's request, my cock jumped when I feasted my eyes on that; I felt myself oozing precum. And Eric was too.

A single pristine drop welled up at the tip of his penis. Running Bear placed his hands under his butt and lifted him to his mouth. Then he leaned down and nuzzled all around. He savored Eric's newly-sprouted bush, downy-soft and fine as a spider's web. And it was like a spider's web, for it was as if the sparse patch were holding the Indian boy captive. Now his only movement was toward the center. Eric was nearly wild with aroused frustration. He thrust his boyhood upward, trying to make contact, but Running Bear's hands on his smooth, firm butt, helped control his movement. I was growing more excited by the moment as I watched. It was as if Running Bear were urging himself to slow down, to savor the perfection of the muscled orbs he kneaded in his hands.

As I watched, I was filled with odd sensations. It was probably the most erotic scene I'd ever witnessed in my life. Then, as I watched, I felt some measure of guilt; this was their moment, and in some ways I felt like an intruder. But almost in the same instant, I also felt blessed to be watching such a moment of transformation. Running Bear crouched down, and licked/kissed the initiate's inner thighs, coming as close to his organ as ever. He inhaled his pubescent aroma, reached out his tongue and let it explore the sensitive space between his leg and scrotum.

"Huhhhhh." Eric drew in a desperate breath when he felt that, and Running Bear now seemed determined to close in now to unleash this virgin's orgasm. I wondered if this boy knew what was about to happen to him. In a way, it didn't matter; the youngster would know soon enough. Running Bear drew his tongue around his balls and savored the tightly ridged texture of his almost man-sized sac. He pressed in more, and nibbled gently around his nuts, finally coaxing one, then the other into his mouth. The Indian master had lifted Eric even higher to further expose his genitals and to give better access. Running Bear greedily sucked his testicles like a vacuum. He savored them, exploring the firm, inch long orbs. Eric was moaning uncontrollably, but Running Bear clearly wasn't ready to finish him off. He would take him just a little further before the end...to where he completely abandoned all control.

After sucking down his balls and pressuring them as hard as he dared, Running Bear released them, and moved to the warrior's lance above them. He licked with just the tip of his tongue from the base straight up, as if it were a popsicle - a hot, hard Popsicle, just aching to melt.

My hand found its way to my manhood, which was aching with need as the scene unfolded before me. My heart pounded, knowing the great mystery which was about to reveal itself to my young friend.

Eric shuddered when Running Bear's tongue began its journey upward, and he shuddered again, more violently, when the Indian boy's tongue discovered the rim around his head. That drop of pre-cum grew a bit larger, threatening to ooze down his smooth, perfect glans. But it didn't have time. Running Bear's greedy tongue made contact, and he slurped it up, sweet and syrupy. Now, he let his tongue explore Eric's glans completely. His tongue dropped down maybe three-quarters of an inch, found the rim again, and traced around it. Again Eric's entire body seemed to respond, and he actually whimpered, as if in sublime agony.

Running Bear repositioned his mouth and took a peek up at Eric's face. His eyes were as big as saucers, though unfocused. His whole body seemed to spasm with waves of tremors which alternately tightened, then eased every muscle in his beautiful body. I smiled.

"Are you happy, my friend?" the Indian boy asked.

"Awe..." Eric's voice cracked as he tried to speak. "Awesome," he finally managed. "Is there more?"

I smiled, and my hand grew more aggressive in its self-pleasuring.

"Mmmm," Running Bear answered. Then as he held his gaze on Eric's face, Running Bear lowered his mouth to the tip of his friend's pulsing penis. His lips touched that softest, smoothest, most exquisite part of him. A violent wave of shakes echoed throughout his body, and Running Bear greedily sucked him in. He sucked him hard, collapsing his cheeks. In a flash he had all five inches of him inside. His lips formed a tight seal, and his nose nuzzled Eric's soft hair. I was in heaven, Running Bear was in heaven, and a loud gasp told me Eric was, too, along with those unending waves of sexual tremors.

The Indian youth's tongue swirled like a serpent closing in on its prey. He pulled back once, being careful to let his lips connect as completely as physically possible with the rim of his glans. Another shudder: 5.3 on the Richter scale.

Now Running Bear dropped back down, and began his motion in earnest. "Ahhhh." Eric sucked in a gasp of ragged gasp of air. Impossibly, his cock seemed to throb harder. Suddenly Running Bear felt hands on his head, urging him on. He did not resist. Running Bear's tongue was in constant motion, his head bobbed, and he had formed an incredible vacuum; I could tell Eric was experiencing the ultimate effect - something he'd never felt before in his thirteen years. His head thrashed from side to side no longer in slow motion, as he moaned.

Then suddenly, he seemed to have some kind of massive spasm that made his body go rigid. "What's happening!" he rasped.

"Mmmmmm," Running Bear responded, not wanting to stop, knowing Eric didn't want him to stop. The vibration of his "mmmm" only added to the sensations that assaulted the younger boy. He was close. A few more tongue swirls, another few humps, and he'd give up his virgin's nectar.

Now his body arched, lifting him upward, and he kind of grunted. These deep, guttural sounds seemed to come from the very depths of his being, and they grew more intense with each of Running Bear's thrusts. He increased his action. I knew what was happening now; Running Bear was feeling the tube in younger boy's penis throb and expand, and at the same time, Eric cried out. His hands pressed in on Running Bear's head. The Indian boy went down again, sucked down even harder, pulled back to find his glans once more, and that was enough. Eric shuddered, and his scream of pure, agonized ecstasy echoed throughout the forest.

A massive contraction started across his body, and like a magnet, his penis seemed to focus all that energy, and he erupted. Once, twice; his entire body seemed to go impossibly rigid, as it worked to force out his essence. What sweetness it would be! I knew his juices would thin, with just a few traces of creamy thickness. After the first three or four violent contractions, countless other smaller tremors eased his suffering. Finally, with his last ounce of strength, he held Running Bear's head still.

In silence, I felt the release that I had been needing as well. Massive shots of cum pelted the ground like a hard rain. My heart pounded, and I wanted to rush to my boy and hold him tight while he recovered.

"Ahh...ah...aaaaaaaahhh" All the air Eric had been gasping in, now seemed to flow out of him, and his body eased, truly relaxed, for the first time in many minutes. Running Bear lowered his butt to the tarp, and his legs untwined. He appeared to be unconscious, or at least oblivious to everything around him. A look of utter contentment spread across his face. His chest heaved, and then slowly fell back to a regular, gentle lifting and dropping.

I moved from my place in the shadows and stood by the fire for a moment studying him, then I started for the tent. This was his moment - their moment, not mine - but as I began to move, Eric opened his eyes and lifted his hand toward mine. I reached out and he tugged me to him. I nestled down next to him, and lifted him onto my lap. Still he didn't move, except to snuggle and wrap his arms around me. Then he lay still. I reached out with my free arm and enwrapped Running Bear in a warm embrace. He, too, snuggled into me. I bent down and kissed him on his thick, silky, straight hair.

I knew after such an ordeal, Eric's body, especially his dripping wet cock, would soon be cooled by the evening air, so I pulled the sleeping bag over his nakedness. He responded as if on autopilot, cuddling, fitting his body to mine. I felt so privileged, to have been a witness to this special moment, and I held him tight, offering him all the protection I could. He shifted and moaned softly.

"You were magnificent, Running Bear," I whispered.

The Indian boy beamed with satisfaction.

"I am privileged to taste the first spilling of a white youth's seed," he said in a way that would have made his uncle proud. "I am glad Soaring Eagle set me on this journey." He grinned and so did I.

Together, we all lay still for what seemed like hours.

Eventually, Eric's hand glided across my shoulder and neck. Whether he knew what he was doing or not, I didn't know, but his fingers found that smooth hairless spot just behind my ear and was gently letting his fingers learn everything they could there.

"Mmmmm," I sighed.

"Jas..." he began as he shifted slightly. We made eye contact. I'd never seen him so at ease, so contented.

"How was it, Eric with a 'C'?" I grinned and his gentle grin grew into a great, wide, easy smile of supreme satisfaction.

"It was..." I could see his mind racing to find the words. "Awesome...No...it..."

"It *wasn't* awesome?" Running Bear said with mock alarm.

Eric's eyes sparkled. "Well, what's better than awesome?"

"You are," I whispered, and that made him grin even more.

"Is it like that every time?"

I pulled his silky head to my chest and ran my fingers through his hair.

"Sometimes it's better!" Running Bear said, taking the words out of my mouth.

"You'll discover it can be different every time," I added. "Sometimes it hits like a bomb going off; sometimes it's like some kind of ratchet wrench with each click taking you higher and higher and higher. Each time the wrench tightens, you think that unbearable pleasure is going to hit...and then you get taken up another notch. And it changes as you change."

"Like at first, when you start producing cum," Running Bear said, "...it's thin and not a lot of it, and you don't shoot all that far. But..."

"Far?" Eric interrupted.

"Yeah," Running Bear said, smiling. "When I'm jackin' off, sometimes it shoots right up to my face."

"Gross!" Eric said, betraying the sensibilities of a novice.

I smiled. "You have options, you know. Sometimes when I was visiting my Gram, and I had to jerk off, I'd just do it in the toilet."

"Had to?"

"Well...if a couple of days go by," Running Bear interrupted, "...and you can't do it - you know, jack-off - you get pretty horny." He grinned, and Eric laughed quickly, having now just an inkling of what was ahead for him."

"How much can you do it?"

"As often as you want, really," I said. "I mean, not constantly, of course, but every day...maybe even twice a day..."

"Or more," Running Bear added with a sly look. "I did it once and never got soft, and came again right away," he said with a grin. "But, I had help."

I chuckled, and ruffled my fingers through his thick, black hair. "I bet you did," I said. I knew his uncle had often functioned as the young brave's mentor and no doubt aided him in every way possible.

Now, as he had done to me, I toyed with that special soft place behind Eric's ear. "Now, let me give you a warning..." Eric snickered once, thinking I might be kidding. "And I'm serious about this, mister," I said, tickling him along his ribs. He stiffened and pulled away slightly, wearing an expectant grin that said he wasn't sure if I was pulling his leg or not. "If you do it too often you'll get chaffed down there." I brushed my hand along his dick.

"No way," he said disbelieving.

"Way!" I said. "I knew a guy who actually had a place like a scrap there. You ever see someone slide along the gym floor?" He nodded. "You know that raw place where the skin gets rubbed off?"


"Ouch, and then some. He actually had a scab form, so be careful with your little buddy down there."

Suddenly he got a look of indignation. "Little!" he whined.

"Oops," I muttered playfully. "I forgot you've got an anaconda there between your legs."

He giggled like a free-spirited little boy, which brought a huge smile to my face.

"'Course, there are ways to protect against that," Running Bear continued.


"Well, get some lube," the Indian boy stated. Eric looked confused.

"Lubrication," I added.

"Like 10-W-40, you mean?"

"Not motor oil," I groaned amidst laughter. "...although...hmmmm...naw..." He was laughing, too, and the light in his eyes danced delightfully.

"Yeah, man," Running Bear interrupted, "go order yourself a case of Mobil 1!"

We all laughed, picturing, I'm sure, Eric's cock slathered in thick, golden motor oil.

"So?" he asked.

"So?" I repeated.

"Sooo, what about lubrication?"

"Oh...well, there's Vasoline..." I said, "...or once at my aunt's I used baby oil, but that smells like perfume, and she wanted to know why I'd been messing with it?"

"What did you tell her?"

I chuckled once. "They lived on a farm, and it was summer, and the farm hands were these big, hot studs, and they were practically naked, so I just said, 'Auntie Joan, I was gettin' pretty horny watchin' the farm hands, an' I needed to jack off - you know, beat my meat, stroke the lizard..." Eric grinned at the lewdness of the whole idea. "and I needed a little lube...so I slicked myself up with Julie's baby oil, and oh man, did I shoot a wad!"

He seemed to be hanging on my every word, enjoying every obscene moment of my silly tale.

"So," he summed up, grinning like a fool, "at least, then, she understood."

"Exactly," I said amid laughter from all three of us.

"Actually," Running Bear added expertly, "there are lubrications made especially to 'enhance sex.'"

"Really? You're not fooling now?"

"Nope, no foolin'." It was fun to see him react to the idea almost physically. "Then there are medical products. You may have seen one, maybe at the doctor's?"


"Well," I began, curious about his answer. "Have you ever had a rectal exam?"

He colored slightly. "What, you mean when his sticks his finger up your butt?"

I smiled. "Exactly."

"Well," Running Bear added, "He probably used a lube called 'KY Jelly' to make it easier to get inside you. It's really slick. And it's water-based, not oil, so it cleans up easy."

"Lot'a good that's gonna do me? What? I'm supposed to stop at the doctor's office and say, 'oh by the way, I want to jerk off, so can I have some that gooey stuff?'"

"KY, and not likely...pardner," I said, smiling. "But you can buy it in a pharmacy, or even at Wal-Mart."

He smiled, and his eyes sparkled with his new-found knowledge. Again I could see the wheels turning inside that beautiful head. "So," he said after a pause, "what is it like...being...you know...fucked?"

"Oh, Eric...questions, questions, questions."

"'Cuz I want answers, answers, answers."

"Well, not every guy enjoys that. Some love having someone do it to them, some love doing it to someone else. But that's something you can explore when you're ready. You can use your own finger the way the doctor did."

"But I don't have a glove."

"Mr. Clean," Running Bear said, rolling his eyes and smiling coyly. "Yeah, I know, it's gross," Running Bear laughed.

"It's not terrible," I continued. "Yeah, it can be a little messy, but it's not as bad as you'd think. Have some tissues handy and wash your hands afterward."

I could see he understood. I thought about telling him about other aspects of gay sex - rimming, for example, but I decided I'd be telling him more than he wanted to know. He was, in fact, still young; and despite his sudden curiosity, there was plenty of time for him to learn about everything. I was glad Running Bear let it drop, too; I knew he was all about anal sex, but he seemed to be sensitive to Eric's lack of experience, and I appreciated that.

Now Running Bear leaned into Eric and kissed him again. "You want to do...more?" He took Eric's hand and guided it to his awakening boyhood. He suddenly seemed hungry for attention.

That was my cue. "Ahh...the ol' guy's ready ta' hit the sack." I slipped out from under my two beauties and stood.

Everybody understood what was happening.

"Stay?" Eric looked up, sounding like a little boy.

"Eric, you'll do just fine."

"But I don't know how..."

"Just do what felt good to you. You're gonna be great, Eric. I can tell. Running Bear will remember this night for a long, long time."

I knelt and kissed him, and he grabbed onto me and hugged me as if he was afraid to let go.

"You're awesome," I whispered in his ear. "You're so hot; just think what your buddy's gonna' feel when you go to work on him!" I smiled, trying to build his confidence.

Eric smiled up and me, and I felt his grasp ease. I gave him one final kiss on the top of his head, then moved off into the tent. As I was leaving, Running Bear spoke. "Hey..." he said gently, "I could use a little attention."

"Okay..." Eric's whispered voice cracked with sudden uncertainty.

Running Bear sucked Eric's tongue into his mouth, and the younger boy became the aggressor, exploring. I could tell he was ready for something, but just exactly what, I wasn't sure. His hand left the Indian's shoulder, and he traced down to his firm, hard butt. But then he moved his hand around to his front. Running Bear still kept his tongue busy, as Eric began to push his fingers through his friend's bush, then lower, he made first contact with Running Bear's spear. I studied Eric's every tentative, virginal move. He was trying so hard to do everything right - to pleasure Running Bear as he had pleasured him.

His fingers drifted up and down along the shaft. When he got to the tip, he played with his friend's slit.

Running Bear released his tongue and whispered, "Mmmmm..."

Eric smiled, gazing on the penis in his hand as if trying to memorize every detail. Eric let his hand slide haltingly down the length of the shaft. "Ahhhh...nice," breathed Running Bear.

After a hesitation, he began to work his hand up and down with halting movements.

"Ooohhh," the older boy sighed.

"Am I...doing it right?" Eric asked, worried to get it perfect.

"Oh, yeah," Running Bear breathed. Now he took Eric's head in his hands and gently guided him to his nipples.

"Lick me there..." Eric did. "Work your tongue around them...Oh, yes..." The Indian boy stiffened and sucked in a breath. "Mmmmmmm."

Eric broke away from Running Bear's two erect nipples. "Am I doing it right?"

"Oh shit, yeah," Running Bear answered. Already he was having difficulty speaking.

Eric resumed his actions, but after a few minutes, Running Bear shifted himself, and then ever so gently guided Eric's head lower.

Eric eyes were filled with uncertainty. Running Bear's expression was one of longing, demanding. He was breathing in long ragged breaths.

Ever so slowly, Eric lowered his face closer to Running Bear's penis. From my vantage point, I tensed. I knew what he was thinking about doing. Eric wet his lips. He went closer and sniffed. He slowed his hand action, and looked up.

Running Bear nodded slowly, and pushed his head downward.

Eric swallowed hard and opened his mouth.

In the firelight, I could see Eric trembling with uncertainty.

Running Bear lifted his hips, pressing his boyhood closer to Eric's mouth.

I could see how badly he wanted this, but I also knew for a novice, it's a big step (even if it's a randy, sex-starved, painfully curious novice).

Eric bit his lower lip; his gaze locked on the tip of his friend's penis, which was oozing precum enough to cover his glans like the glaze on a donut.

Running Bear began a slow sensual massage around Eric's ears. I could tell the stimulation was electrifying him, helping him build his conviction to act.

"Just go slow," Running Bear encouraged, "it's kind'a tough the first time." I smiled. I remember hearing a blow-by-blow description (so to speak) of his first time, and I don't recall any such hesitation on his part, but I also know he'd been groomed for a year or more, growing ever more comfortable with his sexuality - thanks to his uncle.

"Remember," I whispered, knowing Eric couldn't possibly hear, "explore, feel, savor. Take your time."

Eric rubbed his fingertip along the tip of Running Bear's cock. The older boy sucked in a sharp breath. Eric felt the precum that pumped from his slit. "Is that your sperm?"

"Guys call it pre-cum; it's a natural kind of lube. You were making gallons of it," Running Bear said with a smile.

"Gallons?" Eric giggled and then looked, touched it, and rubbed it between his thumb and forefinger. Then he gazed back down at his friend's penis, and I could see him visualizing, the way an athlete would. Tentatively, he lowered himself to the head, and with effort, brought his lips to the Indian boy's glans. It caused an instant and massive reaction from Running Bear. I think he nearly came right then. "Ooohhh..." he moaned, "Ericccc..."

The novice lifted away, and a string of precum clung to his lip. He slipped his tongue out, and tasted it, thoughtfully. Then he lowered himself again. He held himself there as he tried to get himself to take the next step. I could see his resolve. He forced his tongue onto Running Bear's helmet. A shiver spread across the older boy. Eric swept his tongue around the tip, and Running Bear oozed even more precum, and Eric lapped it up. Every touch was bringing Running Bear closer. Now Eric repositioned himself and eased his mouth down over him.

Eric was a bit awkward in his actions, but I knew he'd quickly advance. He was a perfectionist with his art, and he'd soon learn just what to do to give his partner the very best he had to offer.

Eric was committed to the act, and he pressed down. He'd gotten about two inches in. He tried moving his tongue around the head. "Try sucking in...Make like a vacuum," Running Bear urged between ragged breaths. "Ahhhh...Easy, Eric. Not too fast." Now the younger boy took more of his friend, and it was too much; he gagged and backed off, startled. He looked up, with a combination of embarrassment and disappointment.

"It's okay, Eric, you're doin' awesome. Really awesome. That happens at first," he said, "at least to me, it did. You learn to control that, and with practice, you'll take a big dick all the way into your throat. For now, just don't go that deep. It's awesome just the way you were doing it before. Okay?" He was an incredible teacher for Eric.

His pupil nodded, then licked his lips, and glanced up at Running Bear again. The Indian boy smiled. "You're incredible," he told him. Eric lowered himself back down on Running Bear's penis. His lips formed a seal around the rim of his glans, and he sucked out the air, and went to work. After a minute, I could see Running Bear began tensing and I knew his cock was throbbing, ready to release all that energy. "I'm close, Eric," Running Bear gasped, though I'm not sure Eric really understood. Now the initiate took his friend a little deeper, then pulled back. He bobbed up and down, each time, Running Bear, I was sure, could feel the back of his throat. I marveled at Eric's ability to adjust and respond.

"Eric...okay...it's about....it's..." Running Bear went rigid, and pressed into him, and violently shot a wad of hot cum into Eric's equally hot mouth. No matter what a novice's resolve, the first time he takes a shot of cum, it's a surprise, and Eric was no exception. He pulled back, but the little trooper still held his friend around the rim of his head. Running Bear spasmed again, shooting another bolt of hot cum.

Eric's eyes watered, and his cheeks puffed out some. Again his friend shot. This time, some oozed out of the corners of the younger boy's mouth.

Running Bear had propped himself up on his elbows to watch, but now he thrust his head backward, and let out a desperate cry, and pumped again.

Thick, creamy semen oozed out between Eric's lips, but still he worked his friend's pole. Finally, the crisis passed, and, Running Bear let his arms slip down and grabbed onto Eric's head, holding him still, and he collapsed, with great heaving breaths.

I was so proud of Eric. He had given so much pleasure to his friend. I sighed, and rolled over, thinking about how far he'd come in just a few days. It was then that the tent flap opened. "Jason, is he alright?" Eric asked. There was a clear note of concern in his voice.

"Why," I asked.

"He's like unconscious," the sweet boy said, and I had to suppress a smile.

Together, we stepped out of the tent and moved to where Running Bear was basking in the best orgasm he'd had in years. "Look," I whispered, "See what incredible pleasure you've given your friend. You were awesome."

Eric had a look of concern on his face. "He's supposed to be like that? He's really okay?"

"He is unbelievably okay! He just needs some time to recover. You drained him good."

Eric giggled softly, self-conscious about such praise.

"You can help him, now," I added.


"Just snuggle down there with him. Hold him close. Your touch will let him know you care."

Eric looked up at me and smiled. His eyes sparkled. "Thanks," he whispered, and lay down next to his friend. In some primal instinct for contact, Running Bear moved closer, and in moments, the two were entwined as one. Eric let his head settle on Running Bear's chest. I watched for a long, long time, then backed away, and slipped into the tent. Somehow I felt I could share in this moment - in preparing Eric to give of himself in this incredible way. I turned, and headed back to the tent.

Several more times that night I would hear to sounds of lovemaking. It was as if some shackles had finally been loosed from Eric's body, and he was free. He was not the same boy he was just a few days ago; he'd set himself on a journey that would lead to manhood. And that what was happening in these remarkable moments. But for now, I glanced out and watched his chest rise and fall as he breathed. He was becoming a man - a healthy, confident man. A tear spilled down my cheek, and I felt an overwhelming sense of pride for this sweet boy.