This story takes place in a medium sized southern city. David Miles was your typical kind of guy, working Monday thru Friday from 9 to 5. Being 33 years old, single and already divorced twice, David rented a small house right next to a trashy mobile home park. The park had only 10 mobile homes on the property, but they were all extremely rundown and in very poor condition. Here is where David's story takes place. Though be it he has been married two times, his secret fetish has always been with boys...younger boys. Now, David was a looker for those who's eyes strayed upon him. Standing a good 6'2", and weighing a very solid 220 pounds, David had his fair share of female sexual endeavors.

His hair is cut short and is a very light brown. David kept his goatee neatly trimmed and though he was not a gym freak, he did have a set of weights at his house which he always worked out on. So, with that being said, the time now is summer and David is outside washing his car wearing nothing but short shorts and flip flops.

David was just finishing rinsing off his car when a voice behind him startled him almost out of his flip flops,

"Hey mister, nice car!"

When he turned around to the direction of such an angelic voice, David nearly collapsed from the beauty his eyes were now directing to his brain. The boy looked to be around 11 or 12, sitting on a pathetic make shift kind of bicycle. The boy was wearing baggy blue jean shorts and tennis shoes and the rest of his perfect body was saturated with a gorgeous tan. The smile dashing across this gorgeous creatures face was simply amazing. Without a doubt, David had never seen such beauty. The boy's hair was blonde, cut just above the ears with the back flowing down his tanned neckline flowing ever so easily from the light wind. His eyes were deep blue and sparkled as the sun displayed them with profound royalty.

Putting the hose down and walking the few short steps to where the boy was, David held out his right hand and chokingly said,

"Thanks...names David and you are?"

The boy smiled an ever so radiant smile as the two small dimples glowing on his hairless cheeks darted inward as his angelic voice responded,


As their hands collided, David's knees literally buckled as the electricity of all his demented fantasies controlled his brain. They spoke for a little while and David discovered that Peter lived in the park next to him and lived in the last one on the road.

Saying their goodbyes, David adjusted his erection as he watched Peter ride away. All he could do was focus his eyes on what had to be the most prefect pair of mouth watering butt cheeks known to mankind. No sooner than Peter was out of sight, David basically ran into his house, hauled out his thick 7-3/4 inch cut cock and pounded his thick man cream all over while fantasizing about Peter.

As the days passed, Peter began stopping by David's more and more. David even met Peter's father several times. Peter's father and David were close to the same age, and he was a construction worker who preferred to go to the bar after work, then to go home and spend anytime with his gorgeous son. If there was anyway to describe just how Peter looks, it could only be said he looks 10 times better than a 12 year old Aaron Carter.

In less than a couple of weeks, as soon as David pulled into his drive, Peter would be pulling up on his bicycle. By now, David knew that Peter's father didn't care where the boy went, just as long as he didn't give him any problems. That basically came from Peter's father's mouth when he and David spoke previously.

Peter began going with David to the grocery store and David quickly noticed Peter's excitement each time they went. David would always let Peter pick out things he wanted to eat and drink, though no alcohol. David began fixing their meals each night when he came home and Peter always helped out with the dishes. When David found out that Peter actually didn't have much clothes to wear, the two of them went out and David bought Peter an entire new wardrobe.

On one hand, David felt sorry for Peter, on the other hand, Peter was the primary fantasy he jacked off to every day. By this time, David found himself sniffing the seat wherever Peter planted his butt. David couldn't explain why he did, nor did he even think about it, he just did it. To him, it just seemed to be the natural thing to do. Each night, Peter would take a bath at David's house as David sat around milling the thought of walking in on him. David wanted so badly to see the envy of his fantasies as naked as the day he was born. His mind played tricks on him, questioning the color of Peter's pubic hair, or whether or not he even had hair. The more he thought about Peter in a sexual manner, the more sexually frustrated David grew.

After seeing Peter wearing nothing but shorts, David had already made a permanent mental video of the boy's absolutely perfect body. Peter's nipples were extremely small and was a pale pinkish in color. His stomach was not in the shape of a six pack, but the boy was in perfect condition. David did see the makings of light blonde wispy hair forming on each of his slender shins. Not once since they first met did David get the opportunity to take a glance at Peter's underarms. However, David did come to note that Peter only stood 5'4" and weighed a slender 84 pounds. He also found out that Peter was 12 and would be 13 in two days.

On the day of Peter's birthday, to which just happened to fall on a Saturday, David's day off, he took Peter to a bicycle shop and let the boy pick out whichever bicycle he wanted. Naturally, Peter picked out a bike that cost over $400.00. David saw the glow in Peter's eyes as he ogled over the bike. Looking down, David whispered,

"If we get that one, then I should be entitled to give you your birthday spanking!"

Peter was all smiles, melting David's heart in the process as he softly and ever so angelically replied,

"That's okay with me...just don't do it hard!"

David purchased the bike and stopped off at a clothing store just before going home. At the store, David bought Peter some new underwear to which Peter picked out some really tight ones, being that they were designer bikini briefs and sorted in various colors. The two arrived at David's house and Peter was too excited to do anything but go show his drunken father his new bike. As soon as Peter rode off, David got back in his car and retrieved the birthday cake he had ordered.

About two hours later, Peter came walking in and planted a long hug giving his thanks for his new bike. It was hot and muggy and David could see the boy's wondrous sweat as it glistened from his perfectly tanned body. David cleared his throat, then brought out the cake that had 13 candles already lit while singing happy birthday. Peter blew out the candles and it was then that David smilingly said,

"It's time for the birthday boy's spanking!"

They were in the kitchen and David slid a chair out from under the table. Without having to be directed, Peter walked up to the back of the chair, stepped back and spread his legs. David reached out, holding Peter by the hips, adjusted the boy so that his perfect little butt jutted out a bit more. When David got Peter in position, Peter looked back and said,

"Remember, not hard!"

David replied,

"You got to count em or they don't get counted. Oh yeah, you can't look back either...just keep looking straight ahead."

Just as David was fixing to deliver the first swat, he stopped in midair and said,

"This really isn't fair. You got blue jean shorts on. You wont feel anything!"

Peter stood up and David began drooling as he watched the object of so many endless jack off sessions pull his shorts down. Peter kicked out of his shorts and got back into position and was wearing nothing but a pair of white bikini briefs. David could clearly see the outline of his tiny crack and the two solid little mounds causing his mouth to water in increasing feverish delight.

I don't think I have to mention that David's cock was already rock hard, but now it was spitting pre cum out by the gallons. David's eyes watered even more now as he looked upon the back of Peter's slender well tanned thighs, straining desperately to peer under the material confining such true treasures as only Peter can be blessed with. He placed his left hand ever so gently on Peter's left hip, making sure a portion of his palms graced the boy's left butt cheek. That feeling alone almost caused David's cock to explode. Peter's cheek was so firm and his flesh burned an everlasting impression into David's own now shaking hand.

Without having much thought process left, David lowered himself to his knees and instinctively stuck his nose directly into the middle of Peter's crack. Whatever it was David was hoping to smell, it sure didn't offer anything close as to the area he actually was smelling. All his nostrils sent to his brains was the fresh scent of some form of fragrant soap. As his right hand delivered a mild swat, Peter counted out loud. The sound of his voice, the texture of his angelic skin, the vision of Peter standing there all hiked over in his bikini briefs was all too much for David to encounter. Almost blatantly, David shoved his ass sniffing nose onto the material covering Peter's jutting crack. The more he smelled, the more David became addicted.

Peter liked the way David was spanking him and had no idea that the man behind him was actually smelling his butt. With that being said, they finally reached 13 and David stole the opportunity to dig his fingers into Peter's crack and deliver a pinch for growing up. Peter quickly put on his shorts never offering David a glimpse of his frontal view. While Peter was fastening his shorts, David took the time to shove the fingers that had just dug into the boy's crack and smell them like some glue addict. Still, just some fragrant soap aroma was all he could detect.

As their time together dragged on, David became totally and completely infatuated over Peter. He began smelling the boy's shoes every time he came over and still never once, at anytime, was there ever anything remotely close to a foul odor. If Peter used the bathroom, David always came up with an excuse to go in behind him. David sniffed the toilet and roamed the lid, and still, nothing. Peter was ticklish and as they sat on his sofa watching the television, David always managed to get Peter in a position that offered him another chance at sticking his nose up the boy's crack.

To say that David was sexually frustrated would be making the understatement of a lifetime. He even went so far as to drilling a peep hole into his bathroom, but thanks to his inability to think straight, the hole he drilled only offered him to see the top of Peter's head. This too, only added to his already frustrated frustrations. David wanted nothing more than to see Peter stark ass naked so that he could masturbate to his reality, and not just his fantasy.

As if the heavens above smiled down on him, the nearby Laundromat burned to the ground. Peter's father asked David if they could wash their clothes in his washer and David didn't have to think twice about allowing them to do just that. Peter was the one who had to wash their clothes and knowing that he would be bringing their dirty laundry over at least once a week, merely added to his demented thoughts.

Just as predicted, Peter came walking up with a clothes basket filled with dirty clothes early the following Saturday morning. Knowing how much Peter liked to watch television, especially wrestling, David told him just to set the basket down and he would do their clothes for them. Peter certainly didn't have a problem with that as he literally ran into the living room.

Standing at the washing machine, Peter began sorting out their clothes. Peter's father had the bulk of the clothes, but David was more interested in sorting out Peter's worn underwear, which he did. One by one, David turned Peter's used underwear inside out and sniffed the lint right out of them. He even went so far as to stuff one of the boy's underwear crotch into his mouth. If he wasn't already frustrated, he was more so now. Somewhere in his demented perverted mind, he had hoped that he would wander across some sort of foul scenery or smell, but that didn't happen, not in the least.

Once the clothes was in the washing machine, David went into the living room where Peter was in front of the television laying on his stomach with his legs hiked up in the air. David lay down on the sofa in total admiration of the way Peter's butt danced as his legs moved about. David would have given anything to have been able to lay in between the boy's legs and dine on his spectacular butt, but he resorted himself to just remain on the sofa and ogle at such a marvelous view.

David was wearing a flimsy set of blue shorts and as he lay there watching Peter's perfect ass, his cock grew to its hardest state. Having no underwear on, David's hard cock forced the baggy material upwards to offer his boner more breathing space. David thought about hiding his erection, but he tossed that idea out the window, hoping Peter would see it and say or do something. The way David was laying and the way his cock was jutting alongside his right side, if Peter would just glance his way, he knew that the boy would have to see his one eyed monster. So, David began talking to Peter who continued to watch the wrestling taking place on the television.

Finally, Peter turned his head and from the look in his young heart stealing eyes, David knew that the boy saw his proud manhood on display. Peter never said anything about David's cock as David could tell the boy was burning his eyes onto his cock.

Peter was doing his best to play things off as he peered sharply onto the man's protruding cock. It was big, way bigger than his as he looked directly at the huge mushroom shaped cock head looking directly at him. Peter didn't know whether to mention to David about his cock poking out or just simply say nothing. Peter picked the later of the two and tried to force his eyes off the man meat proudly out for his viewing.

Naturally, David was playing it off as to having no clue that his enlarged cock was tenting itself out for Peter's young eyes to witness. He lay there for sometime before Peter got up and said he had to go home. No sooner than the door closed did David stroke his cock into a sperm spewing frenzy.

David mowed his lawn and had taken a shower and it was early in the evening when Peter returned. David had already begun making a meal for the two of them as Peter mentioned he was going to take a bath. Once again, just the mere vision of the boy caused David's cock to rise to the occasion. David was inadvertently stroking his erection through his shorts as Peter walked in. Peter asked David if they could watch the wrestling pay per view later that evening. David just told him that he would think about it. Peter went on in the bathroom and took his bath. Peter had been in the bathroom for a rather long time and David went into the living room to watch some television.

Peter entered the living room and pleaded his case for the wrestling event. David's only defense was the fact that it was coming on late and he didn't think his father would allow him to stay over that long. Peter grabbed the phone and called his dad, explaining to him about the wrestling event. Peter handed the phone to David to which Peter's father, already in a drunken state, informed David that Peter could stay the night to watch the show. The two spoke briefly before David hung up the phone.

After hanging up the phone, being ever so mentally frustrated, David looked at the beauty standing before him and said,

"Peter, I do a lot for you and never will you hear me complain, but don't you think you owe me something? I mean, after all, this pay per view costs money! I haven't agreed to it. You arranged this with your father without my permission. So, what would you be willing to do to watch this event?"

Peter was still offering his breath taking smiling, replying,

"I don't know...what do you have in mind?"

David took a deep breath, then tossed up,

"I don't know. I'm not the one who wants to watch this show, now am I? I make sure you always have something to eat. I do your laundry, heck, I do everything for you. Not once have you offered to mow my lawn, clean the house, or do anything for that matter. So, you tell me what you would be willing to do to watch your show, and let's not forget, a show that I have to pay for?"

Peter sat down on the sofa near David's feet who already was laying down. All Peter could do was beg David, but never offered to do anything in return. David held his ground and didn't give in, though the better part of him already had. David got up and fixed their plates and returned handing Peter a plate of freshly cooked food. They ate, nearly in silence, as Peter continued begging, but those fell on totally deaf ears.

When they finished eating, David took their plates into the kitchen and stuck them in the dish washer. When he returned and sat back down next to Peter, Peter began pleading for him to let him watch the show. David kept on denying Peter making Peter the one who was now a bit frustrated. Peter stood up rather angrily, looked down at David and stated,

"I don't know what you want me to do. I could clean your house or something...shit, David, just tell me what you want!"

David fired back,

"Use your imagination! Anyone can clean a house, but what's important is how they clean it, now isn't it?"

Peter nodded his head in agreement, still somewhat confused on what he should say or do so that David would let him watch the pay per view event.

Peter was pacing a few feet back and forth, then stopped in front of David, smiled a devilish kind of smile, then said,

"Well, I could always bring up the fact that you like smelling my underwear. Before you act surprised, I've seen you standing in front of the washing machine and smelling my underwear. Hell, I've even seen you stuff them into your mouth. Let's bring up the fact that every time we wrestle, you always are stuffing your nose into my crack. I can feel it for God's sake...I'm young, but I aint stupid! So, what about that?"

David knew he had been stone cold busted and could only sit there frozen in place. He thought he had been so careful, but was so wrong. His face turned four shades of white looking into Peter's entrancing eyes. His heavy beating heart was making the sounds of a hundred drums lodging themselves deep into his dry throat. There was nothing he could, nothing he could say that would explain his actions. So, he just sat there in total shame, not to mention fear.

Peter sat back down next to one very stunned David and placed his right palm on David's left thigh. With the gentlest of squeezes, Peter softly whispered,

"David, you've been too good to me. Believe me, I would never tell a soul as to what you did. Look, I'm sorry for blurting all that out, but I don't honestly know what you want me to do. I could clean your house naked, but to me, that seems sort of gay, and I aint gay. Speaking of gay, David, are you gay?"

David felt as though his body was melting into the cushion of the sofa and he could feel the heat radiating from Peter's hand as it caressed his lower section of his thigh. Looking for the first time since he was stunned into Peter's mystical eyes, his voice cracked as he spoke,

"Peter, I am so sorry. The last thing on this earth I would ever want to do is hurt you and I hope you believe that. I don't honestly know if I am gay, bisexual, or just one sick mother fucker. Oh God, I am truly sorry Peter, it's just that there is something about you that ignites some strange perverted sickness within me. I can't even begin to explain it, but it just happens. I would never ever ask you do to something you don't want to or feel uncomfortable in doing. I don't know what else I can say other than I hope that what I have said here today, stays here."

Peter took a deep breath, stunned as to what he had just heard spew from David's shaking mouth. His own life had been screwed up, moving from city to city, and town to town at a moments notice. His father was a drunk and he had no clue where his mother was. Here, he sat next to the only person who had shown him any sort of affection and friendship and for the very first time in his life, came in contact with someone with gay tendencies. True enough, Peter was a virgin, but his ears definitely were not. He had heard a lot of talk about homosexuals, blowjobs, and various other sorts of sexual implications, but this was his first real to life person who admitted he was gay or something closely related to being gay. Through it all, Peter never could figure out why David liked smelling his underwear, much less his butt. Finally, the air of silence was broken by Peter's angelically soft voice,

"Don't worry, I wont say anything...I promise!"

As if their conversation never occurred, Peter grabbed the remote, lay on his stomach in front of the television, and began watching a movie. David's once teary eyes now once again zoomed in on the boy's taught little butt. No matter what David tried to do or think of, Peter and his perfect body was all that his mind could concentrate on.

A short time had passed when Peter got up and indicated he was going to take a bath, leaving David's eyes to follow the boy down the hall, mystified over Peter's dancing delicate little butt cheeks. David's cock retaliated from the scenery and became impressively rock hard as he lay there and desperately tried to focus on the movie at hand, but that was nothing more than a complete failure. After nearly an hour had passed, Peter entered the living room wearing nothing but a pair of his new bikini briefs. They were white with blue diagonal stripes. David's eyes strained to see the perfect little belly button that appeared to be nothing more than a tiny indentation that was offset by Peter's hairless well tanned stomach.

Before David could react, Peter scooted on the sofa and slid in between David's legs and rested his back onto David's chest and stomach. The shampoo aroma steaming from Peter's freshly washed hair shot harshly into David's rapidly inhaling nostrils, forcing his erection to throb with his every heart beat. David was sitting with his back against the armrest of the sofa and the boy's steaming legs were pressed against his, igniting more fuel to an already rapid flame. Peter's arms rested on both of David's bare legs and Peter's palms rested softly on the area just above David's spread legs, just above his knee caps. Peter's right butt cheek trapped David's hard cock and David knew that the boy would have to feel the chunk of iron throbbing from its deep burning pleasure.

To David, this was true torment. For Peter, this was just comfortable. Peter could feel the man's cock as it pressed against his butt. While he was soaking in the bubbly water, Peter thought of all that David had said. This was the closest he had ever came from having actual sex with someone. He didn't know what David would like to do, that is, in a sexual manner. Peter was more curious as to how a blowjob would feel more than anything else. As he sat in between the man's spread legs, Peter desperately fought for the right words to ask David if he would like to suck his dick. David on the other hand, had he know what was on the mind of Peter, would have already been sucking the boy's cock for all he was worth, and then some.

Nearly twenty tormenting minutes had passed when Peter hopped up, placing his feet on either side of David's legs, bent over while ramming his little butt straight into David's face, then teasingly said,

"Go ahead, smell my know you want to!"

Peter had smashed his little crack into David's face who was already sniffing like a mad man. His nostrils felt the heat piping from the hidden treasure as he took deep breaths, in and out. Peter was gyrating his hips causing his little butt to dance on David's face. While David's twisted nose graced in the heavenly feel between Peter's divine butt cheeks, his hands were busy sliding up and down Peter's legs. His hands could feel the tiny, almost transparent, little hairs gracing the boy's shins.

David forced his tongue into the boy's cloth covered crack, snaking up and down, and drilling away at the area he knew Peter's love chute would be. This activity went on for sometime, when Peter stopped and got back into his original position, but this time, grabbing David's hands and placing them on his stomach. Once Peter got David just the way he wanted him, he leaned his head straight back, turned his face at an angle with their lips nearly touching, and whispered,

"So, what did my butt smell like?"

David fired back,


The soft minty breath of Peter's hit David like a ton of bricks as he fought the desire to grab the boy's head and force his tongue down Peter's throat. Peter's hands were on top of David's hands which were slowly caressing the boy's lower stomach area. With both hands on Peter's stomach, David's hands covered the area of the boy's belly button and the area just below the belly button. Peter's soft skin felt like a pure sheet of satin as with each slow circle, David's already tormented mind, got tormented that much more. From the angle that they were in, David could not see the boy's crotch at all, though he wanted to so very badly. David's stomach soothing right hand lowered itself to the point that his pinky was now resting on the very edge of the boy's tight fitting bikini briefs.

With David's right lowering itself, Peter's hand resting on top of David's followed. David felt no resistance as his pinky traced the top portion of the boy's underwear. David could feel Peter's breathing become much more crisp and heavier now as he continued rubbing his pinky back and forth over the boy's searing hot flesh and the top of his underwear. Though his finger traveled blindly, it was sending a message, loud and clear, to David's bewildered, perverted brain.

Just as David built the courage to lower his right hand, Peter slid off the sofa and quickly darted into the bathroom. His actions were so fast that David barely had time to peek at the boy's juicy little butt. Absentmindedly, David began stroking his pre cum spewing hard cock through his shorts with his right hand. A few short minutes passed, when out of the corner, Peter leaned into the living room, exposing just the left side of his upper chest and precious face and stated,

"If I clean the living room, can we watch the pay per view tonight?"

Being ever so sexually frustrated and mentally fatigued, David replied,

"Sure, why not!"

David was still sitting flat on the sofa with his right leg angling off the sofa onto the floor and his left foot resting on top of the cushion. When Peter reappeared into the living room, David almost had a heart attack. The boy was nude, bare assed naked holding a cloth and cleaning polish in his hands. Peter walked over in front of David, standing between the sofa and coffee table and began cleaning the table. All David could do was stare at the most perfect ass ever gracing the planet earth. As Peter was bent over rubbing the polish onto the table, David began drooling as those two perfect little creamy white mounds spread, but not to the point revealing the treasure hidden between them. With each twist of Peter's body, his solid little butt danced before David's twitching eyes. The tan lines were clearly visible, for David realized that Peter must be laying out in the sun in just his bikini briefs. The backside of the naked boy was beyond description, other than the mere fact that no price tag could ever be placed on such a miraculous mystical sight.

Peter edged his body to the far corner of the table and gave David his first view of his frontal perfection. David's eyes quickly fell onto the boy's flaccid circumcised cock. It swung free from his body about an inch or so and the brilliant pink helmet displayed its distinct profoundness as if his crown belonged only to a king, and in David's eyes, Peter was far more than just a king. His eyes traveled upon the two tiny nuggets, contained in a sac which was completely void of any hair. The two golden nuggets were about the size of a quarter, perfectly round, and hung down in their hairless sac about three inches from his groin area. David had just enough sense left in his trembling body to notice that Peter had just a few sprouting blondish brown hairs growing from the base of his eye watering cock. The boy indeed, was everything, plus some, than David ever dreamed of.

While Peter was polishing the table, he darted his eyes up to greet David's, smiled a heart warming smile, then with the grace of all graces, whispered,

"There's not a whole lot to see now is there?"

David swallowed hard to find his vocal chords, and his cracking voice replied,

"My God Peter, you are incredibly gorgeous! Everything about you is so fucking perfect, I uhhhhhhhh!"

Peter interrupted,

"I wish I was perfect. My dick is too small, for Christ's sake, I'm all together too small. I honestly don't see what you see in me!"

David ogled over the nude boy cleaning his table. If his cock wasn't already hard enough, now it was to the point of explosion. David hesitated, then fired back,

"What my eyes see is pure beauty...breath taking beauty at that. To be honest, you'd have to prove to me that you are even capable of taking a shit. That's how gorgeous you are and that's all there is to it!"

Peter forced out a chuckle, but their conversation caused his free swinging cock to react. Within seconds, David's eyes marveled onto Peter's proud teenaged boner. The boy's hard cock extended from his perfect body a good 4 inches and was about as thick as the base of a decent sized carrot. Directly in the middle of the proud shaft, it had a slight upwards curve. David stared directly into the tiny piss slit as it was tightly sealed. The boy was only standing about three feet from him which gave David a perfect view of the most perfect vision God had ever created.

In a short five minutes of cleaning the table, Peter looked at David who was frozen in time, ogling and basking in the boy's perfection, and said,

"The table's clean and I will vacuum now!"

Peter walked away and David's jittery eyes followed, melting in the view of the two little creamy orbs jutting up and down as the boy took each and every step. Peter returned with the vacuum and began vacuuming with David's eyes following his every step. Unknown to David or way beyond his clear thinking self, his thick erection slipped out from his shorts a good two or so inches, taking in the show as well. Though David was too far gone to feel his erection on display, Peter certainly didn't fail to see it. His teen cock danced and throbbed as he snuck several peeks through the corners of his eyes at David's man sized cock. Just the head alone was at least four times thicker than his own.

With the last of the carpet cleaned, Peter turned off the vacuum and returned it to its proper place, then walked back into the living room, still with his erection on proud display, and walked directly in front of David, who was in total awe of the boy with his mouth nearly wide open. Peter looked down at David, then politely asked,

"What else would you like me to clean?"

Before David had a chance to think about the boy's question, his cock sent the message to his mouth as he blurted out,

"I want to clean that hot ass of yours!"

The words that bellowed from his mouth startled even David for he couldn't believe he blurted out such a thing. Peter gave a disgusting look while smacking his lips, then replied,

"Yuck, ewwwwww, that's sounds soooooooooo gross! You want to put your tongue (Pointing at his butt) back there?"

David's response was short and simple,


Peter looked down on David offering the most disgusting of looks across his priceless gorgeous face, then whispered,

"Why would anyone want to put their tongue into someone's butt hole? That's where poop comes know that, right?"

David smiled as he continued to unknowingly stroke his aching erection, then replied,

"Yeah, yes I know what it's for, but believe me, it can offer pleasure you never dreamed of as well, and remember what I said'd have to prove to me that you are even capable of taking a shit!"

Peter was grinning from ear to ear as he shot back,

"No matter what, I still say that's a bit on the gross side, but if that's what floats your boat, then I'm game. Hey David, can we get in that same position we get in when we wrestle, you know the one we get in when you smell my butt...I'd like to at least see what you are doing down there (pointing one more time at his butt)!"

David's butt never came off the sofa as his frustration caused him to reach out, grab the boy and place him into a pile drive position. Within a flash of a split second, Peter was on his back with his back on top of David's thighs, looking straight into David's eyes, and his knees were nearly touching both of his ears. David however, was in a deep trance as his eyes zeroed in on the boy's never before seen hidden treasure, and oh what a treasure it truly was. By no expression of the word could this marvel be called a little brown eye, for there was no brown anywhere between the boy's spread creamy crack, not to mention no signs of any hair life whatsoever either.

Both of David's shaking hands began caressing the soothing satin mounds of Peter's jutting spread butt while his eyes watered from the priceless view he was now seeing. Not in any of his dreams, could he have ever possibly dreamed of such a marvelous little boy bung hole. This one by far was extraordinarily unique. As David's eyes peered on, his only words describing Peter's love hole could be exemplified by just a creamy colored indentation between the boy's lovely breathtaking crack. From all that he could see, and David now had a birds eye view of Peter's so called butt hole, he was amazed to see that it was nothing more than a tiny speck that was the same color as his creamy non tanned butt.

With the instinct of a hungry lion, David's inhaling nostrils found their way straight to the object of David's temporary insanity. Peter looked on as he watched David lower his head and he could hear the man's deep inhales as he smelled his spread upright butt. Each time David exhaled, his fiery hot breath struck Peter's flesh, sending chills racing up and down his spine. He still thought it was sort of sick to be smelling a butt hole, but with each explosion of the man's breath on his bare flesh, Peter resorted to just laying back and watching David do his thing. David, on the other hand, only detected a soft fragrance spewing from the most marvelous speck of a love chute known to mankind. With the heavy inhales sounding like a bear awaking from a long hibernation, David sniffed and moaned as the aphrodisiac delicacy gracing his lungs overpowered his already dazed and bewildered mind.

Far from his cock jerking dreams, and now deep into reality, David snaked his tongue out and began slowly, ever so slowly, slithering it up and down the boy's tiny ass crack, making sure to hover over the boy's tiny speck of a so called asshole. Initially, Peter found David's tongue work on his crack to be rather ticklish, forcing out some laughter and causing his nude body to wiggle to and fro, but within seconds, the ticklish feeling ended and now his body felt nothing but pure excited pleasure. Each time David's tongue lapped at his asshole, Peter grunted and moaned and his cock twitched and jerked in pure ecstasy.

David hooked his thumbs on the very inside of the boy's ass crack, and with the gentlest of pressure, forced the boy's already spread crack to spread that much further. David's exploring tongue worked the boy's crack from the very bottom to the very top, ensuring to make tongue love to the boy's rapidly tightening ball sac.

With pure lust and a burning fire building deep in his groins, David concentrated his tongue worshipping effort directly onto Peter's mind boggling bung hole. Peter was moaning like crazy as the tongue drilling away at his asshole began to send his mind far away from his body. His hands squeezed David's thighs as his angelic soft moans danced throughout the room, then his soft heart stopping voice bellowed,

"Yessssssssssssssss, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh God yessssssssssssssss! It, ittttttttttt feeeeeeeelsssssssss sooooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooodddddd!"

David fought against the super extra tight seal and was just barely able to get the very tip of his tongue inside the boy's love chute. Being more aggressive, David desperately tried to push his entire tongue up the boy's rectum, but no matter how hard he tried, the boy's anal canal was simply just too tight for that to happen. The tip of his tongue was greeted by the fiery hot oven building inside Peter's anal oven and he could feel the anal muscles as they collapsed onto his tongue, fighting the fight of its life to prevent the slippery intruder from invading.

The more Peter's asshole fought his tongue, the more determined he was to taste the boy's interior, so the battle between the slithering tongue and the muscle crushing virgin asshole continued. Nearly ten or so minutes had passed, and by this time, David had applied gallons of gallons of his saliva to Peter's unwilling and uncooperative asshole when something happened. Using as much force as he could muster, David's drilling tongue penetrated the resilient fortified fortress.

With the girth of the man's tongue traveling inside his anal canal, Peter cried out,

"Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, Ummmmmmmmmm!"

David felt like his tongue was inside the ass of a pissed off anaconda as the boy's anal muscles attacked his tongue with fiery vengeance and bone crushing aggression. David grunted and moaned as his tongue reached its deepest point. Peter's young body was bucking like crazy as the tongue inside his rectum began lapping at his convulsing anal walls, sending his mind further and further away from his thunderously shaking body.

David's time consuming anal venture finally panned out for he was now giving Peter the tongue fucking of his young, never before experienced, life. David's head bobbed back and forth as his tongue dove in, then shot out of the boy's vacuum suctioning asshole. From time to time, David had to brush Peter's hands away cause the boy wanted to jack his cock from the pleasures his ass was sending his entire body. In no way, shape, fashion, or form, did David want Peter to spew his load, or at least, not just yet. He still had a whole lot of ass to eat and wasn't about to stop until he got his fill. The more his tongue dwelled inside Peter's ass, the more he became addicted...more like intoxicated. The feeling, the texture, the anal muscles, and the unexplainable five star delicious taste only made David want more and more.

A long time had passed and David was still dining on the most gorgeous boy any eyes could befall upon when he carefully added his right middle finger up the boy's chute, exploring in rhythm with his ass drilling tongue. When David added the middle finger, Peter felt it as his walls stretched with a fiery gut turning passion as he screamed,

"I, I feeeeeeeeel ittttttttttttttttttt! Shitttttttttttttttttttttt, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Davidddddddddddddddddd!"

Within seconds of adding his middle finger, David began pumping it in and out of the ever so mystical anal canal that had already had his soul on fire. Hearing Peter's grunts and moans only added fuel to an already out of control blaze. David could feel Peter's ass as the boy was now doing his best to hump his spread ass onto his thrusting finger and ass dwelling tongue.

Sensing it was time, David added a second finger. Peter felt the new addition and it immediately felt like someone had shoved a fiery hot poker iron straight up his ass. Though he tried to cry out, the words were buried somewhere deep inside his heavy breathing lungs. David's eyes peered upwards to see the boy's priceless beauty and saw that Peter had his eyes closed and his precious little mouth was now in the form of a perfect circle as he puffed the air out at a rapid pace.

As in the case with the first finger, Peter quickly adapted to it and was now thrusting his ass while clinching his anal muscles onto the fingers fucking his asshole into oblivion. David timed the boy's thrust and forced a third finger inside, causing Peter to blurt out words unknown to any English dictionary. David's tongue had long since been removed and he was now enjoying watching his fingers as they savagely attacked the boy's anal canal. With each outward retrieval of his fingers, David noticed that they were as clean now as before ever entering the boy's virgin asshole.

Wanting to taste Peter ever so badly, David pushed the boy's throbbing rock hard cock towards his mouth and he quickly swarmed all over the boy's erection. Peter was screaming his head off, but none of the words spewing from his mouth made any sense at all, none whatsoever. Peter's slender cock slid easily into David's mouth as David began milking the boy's perfect cock while using his left thumb to caress the boy's tightly withdrawn nuggets. Just as David figured, Peter's cock swelled up and he knew he was getting ready to taste something no man, no woman, no other person had ever had the privilege of tasting before...Peter's sperm!

Peter's body was thrashing about and the boy was greeting David's ass plunging fingers with a force of his own as his cock erupted...more like exploded! The first wave of watery cream blasted and coated the top of David's mouth, followed by a rapid succession of sperm missiles, powerfully jetting out and into David's mouth. David didn't count, nor did he even care to, but it must have been at least ten powerful shots of boy cream. Once the rapid fire ended, Peter's cock oozed out some more cream which happily rested inside of David's mouth. To David's bewildered surprise, the boy's cock expanded one more time and several more jets of watery boy cream shot harshly into his sperm storing mouth.

The boy's once bucking body was now lifeless as the last of his youthful seed was lovingly sucked into David's mouth. Knowing that there was no more cream to be offered, or at least, not at the present moment, David began sipping down the boy's love juice like a wine connoisseur judging a world class contest. Far better than he dreamed of, Peter's sperm was nothing close to being bitter, nor did it have even the slightest hint of salt. It was hot, slippery, and flat fucking delicious. In David's mind, the boy's cream tasted better than melted chocolate as the last of the delicious cream slid down his throat with only the remnants of the most tastiest after taste remaining inside his watering mouth.

Peter was absolutely lifeless with only his heavy breathing indicating he was still alive as David reluctantly removed his ass plunging fingers from the boy's rectum. Once removed, David raised his fingers up to his nose and he began inhaling. Still, his sense of smell did not give him ANY indication as to where his fingers just had been. There wasn't even a hint of a foul odor...just the purity of Peter and all of his perfection.

While Peter lay still...motionless, David lovingly caressed the boy's thighs and lower stomach while keeping his eyes rotating on the boy's gorgeous face and speck of a sealed bung hole. Several silent moments had passed when Peter opened his watery glassy eyes and peered into David's seductive eyes. Peter's soft cock lay ever so limp, aiming itself to the boy's left side. David saw Peter's tongue swipe his lips as the boy softly spoke,

"Holy crap, that was awesome! I, um, I aint never shot that much before!"

David kept on rubbing his hands on the boy's body, and replied,

"I'm glad you enjoyed it...I know I did!"

Peter rolled from his position onto the floor. With shaky legs, he staggered down the hall towards the bathroom. David watched the boy's butt cheeks as they swayed up and down with each precious footstep. With Peter out of eyes view, he began stroking his aching cock while scooping up the tons of pre cum that had already dripped down his thigh onto the sofa's cushion. David's mind replayed everything he had just done to Peter as his sperm shot out of his cock and into the palm of his left hand. He knew it wouldn't take long, but he didn't know it would only take a few short strokes either. His cock fired off round after round, forming a large puddle of sperm into his hand. His mind went blank as his cock erupted his built up long over due cream. Having shot his load, David wearily walked into the kitchen and washed his hands free from his sperm.

Once his hands were clean, David walked back into the living room and sat down on the far end of the sofa, patiently awaiting Peter's return. Peter came back in after nearly thirty minutes had passed wearing the same thing he had on when he left the living room previously, and that was nothing. David was more than just a bit excited to see the vision of perfection enter the room bare assed naked. Peter sat down in the middle of the sofa, hiking his heels up to his ever so sweet ass cheeks. Turning his head to the right, showing off his pearly white teeth with the sweetest of smiles, Peter softly spoke,

"I figured since you've already seen me naked, there was no need to put any clothes on, that is, if you don't mind."

David didn't have to give that statement a second thought as he replied,

"No, no, not at all! Besides, for you, clothes don't give that perfect body of yours the true justice you deserve!"

They sat on the sofa for sometime without either saying a single word. David excused himself and went inside the bathroom to soak in the soothing hot water, not just for his body's sake, but more so for his mind's sake. As David took his bath, Peter remained on the sofa reminiscing about what had happened between he and David. The thought of the man's tongue lapping at his asshole, then sliding into his anal canal only brought back the unknown pleasures he had experienced. With his mind in deep thought, Peter began rubbing his right finger around his butt hole, pretending it was Peter's tongue instead. Peter remembered the short lived pain as the man's fingers darted in and out of his rectum, but somewhere inside his inner being craved for the pleasures he had cherished that sent his mind racing into orbit.

Without the need having to mention this fact, but while Peter was playing with his asshole and reliving the pleasures he had previously enjoyed, his boy cock grew to a rather aching erect state. David had unlocked an unknown secret passage, and now Peter, more than ever, wanted to experience more...a lot more! His right finger toyed with his asshole while his left hand gingerly massaged his erect cock. Periodically, Peter inquisitively placed the finger rubbing his asshole up to his nose forcing himself to sniff. No matter what, he still couldn't figure out David's fascination over his poop hole. His finger didn't smell or anything, but Peter instinctively puckered up his nose to the finger that caressed his poop chute entrance.

David finished his bath and thought best to put some baggy shorts on. Though they were somewhat baggy, they were a bit on the short side. He knew that if his cock acted up, the length of the shorts would be no match for his snaking wand to make its grand entrance. With that being said, David walked back into the living room and saw Peter holding his erection and rubbing a circle over his tiny speck of a pucker hole. David's reappearance startled Peter who rather quickly retreated his hands from his boy cock and bung hole. Looking up at David, Peter tossed the man a priceless smile, then softly asked,

"David, I was sort of wondering...What did my sperm taste like? I mean was it gross, real, just what?"

David smiled back while still standing at the edge of the sofa, then tenderly whispered,

"Your creamy delight has got to be the sweetest thing known to mankind. It was far from gross, certainly not nasty, but it does have the unique and distinct ability to make one's mouth water in utter ecstasy."

Peter listened to the man as he spoke, knowing all to well that his raging erection stood proudly for David's eyes to view. Thinking of the precise wording, Peter hesitantly asked,

"So, howww was my, my uhhhhhhhh, how was my butt hole? I mean uh, did it uh, smell or anything?"

David had to inwardly laugh at the boy's inquisitive question, then answered Peter back,

"Believe me, you have nothing to worry about. Everything on you and about you is absolutely flat fucking, mouth watering, spine tingling, hair raising, cock stirring, heart stopping delicioussssssssssss!"

As they spoke, David's cock twitched itself into a rage, and was on the very edge of becoming rock solid hard. David quickly raced by Peter, taking in the site of the boy's beautiful erection, tightly withdrawn hairless balls, and that utterly magnificent speck of a butt hole as he flopped down right next to Peter. Their legs touched flesh on flesh and caused both man and boy to shutter from their exchange in body heat. David placed his left arm around Peter's neck and shoulders, leaving his fingers to dangle directly over Peter's left tiny nipple. By now, Peter had placed his feet on the carpet, but their legs continued to touch one another. While they watched the television, it was all David could do to restrain himself from not slamming his mouth on Peter's cock created from the mold of pure perfection.

In time, as the television played, David began rubbing his fingers over the boy's responsive left nipple. David could feel Peter twitch and tremble as the electricity coursed through the boy's inexperienced young body. Peter tried in vain to focus on the show, but the feeling his nipple was sending his brain was much too powerful. Leaning his head back and closing his eyes, Peter found himself gradually falling into a newfound pleasure. David reached over with his right hand and began giving Peter's right nipple the same attention that his left nipple was getting. Without a doubt, David knew that Peter was enjoying the sensations running throughout his entire quivering body. The boy's soft and eloquent moans told the confirming story of the pleasures Peter was now experiencing.

David's erect cock had long since snaked its way from the baggy shorts and Peter could now see it through the corner of his right eye. Straining his young eyes to see the man's cock a bit more clearly, Peter figured that about 5 thick inches had protruded from David's shorts. Having no clue, Peter tried to guess just how much more of David's thick cock remained inside of his shorts. Not knowing what to do, and before Peter could think clearly, the next thing he knew was that his right hand was now holding David's thick cock. David let out a low bear like growl as the boy's hand fell onto his throbbing pre cum spewing erection. Just the heat alone from the boy's hand caused David's entire body to fall into a split second convulsion.

With David's cock now in his hand, Peter felt the hardness, yet velvety texture. The man's pre cum dripped onto his hand as he began rubbing the palm of his hand over the man's, what he felt, gigantic bulbous cock head. Peter's small right hand roamed freely, up and down, and along the thick shaft at free will sending mind shattering mini explosions crashing through David's already spinning brain. With Peter's head resting peacefully on his chin, David stretched his neck to the right and quickly shoved his saliva drooling tongue into Peter's right ear. Peter let out a whimsical shriek as David's tongue bathed the inside of his ear. Peter moaned even louder now as the man's tongue slithered all around his inner ear canal while he still maintained a loving grip on the man's massive boner.

Many times within mere seconds of one another, David had to brush Peter's cock stroking hand away from his soon to be erupting cock. David was panting like crazy as if he had just completed a 10 mile marathon. The more Peter touched David's cock, and the longer David continued to tweak his nipples and ravish his ears with his tongue, the more Peter tried to convince himself that he truly wanted to feel the man's cock inside his mouth. In a flash, Peter slid off of David and stood proudly before the sexually intoxicated man. Looking down at David and David's cock, Peter caught his breath, then softly announced,

"I um, I want to uh, I want to suck your uh, your cock!"

David didn't have to think of a response for that one, but before he could utter a single word, Peter angelically spoke,

"When I do that, would you uh, you know, finger my butt again?"

David smiled, then asked with all the love in his heart he could muster,

"So, you must have liked my fingers up your butt then, huh?"

Peter was shaking his head up and down while smiling from ear to ear, then replied,

"Uh hum!"

David got up and placed his right arm around Peter's shoulders, saying,

"Let's go into the bedroom where we can be a bit more comfortable!"

Peter walked side by side with both of their erections leading the way. Once inside the bedroom, David retrieved his arm from Peter's shoulders and in one stealth swoop, slid his shorts off and slung them to the far side of the room. As David lay on the bed, inching his head to the pillow, all he could do was marvel at the dream standing before him as naked as the day he was born. As the back of his head landed on the pillow, David looked at Peter, then said,

"I've got to lube your butt up first, so come over here and squat right over my face! Don't be afraid, just sit right on top of my face and let me eat that sweet ass of yours to get it properly lubed up for my fingers!"

Peter hopped up onto the bed, stood, then walked over to the sprawled out man on the bed, turned around and lowered his butt onto David's already erect tongue. Peter was facing David's cock and David watched with intense pleasure as the boy lowered his super fine ass onto his tongue. David wasted very little time in swarming the boy's asshole with his slobbering tongue. Peter cooed and moaned as David's tongue slithered all around his widely spread butt cheeks, darting all around his little pucker hole. This time, unlike the very first time, David's man sized tongue conquered the boy's anal muscles and snaked its way up the boy's anal canal with very little resistance.

Peter's hands lay flat on David's stomach as he began humping his ass onto the tongue pile driving its way in and out of his poop chute. David was overwhelmed with mind boggling disbelief as to the boy's natural breath taking aroma. His tongue was completely inside the boy's rectum, and no matter what he did, or how hard he tried, nothing remotely close to a foul odor or a disgusting taste exited this boy's mystifying ass. David used both of his hands to gently spread the boy's taught butt cheeks so his tongue could dive a bit further up the boy's coiling anal canal. Peter was gyrating his hips, humping his ass up and down, and moaning like a free falling water fall. The boy's mind went blank as to the pleasures his ass was sending his brain.

David dined on the boy's tasty treat of an ass for nearly thirty or so minutes. When his tongue slipped out of the boy's ass for the last time, David had no choice but to let out a long and very loud moan. Peter slid off the man with his body shaking like a falling leaf trapped in a wind storm. With both knees just to the right of David's body, Peter grabbed the man's pre cum dripping cock and pushed it towards his mouth. Peter's tongue struck the bulbous cock head and his mouth quickly filled with David's gooey pre cum. David cried out as the boy's fiery hot breath struck his cock, causing his entire body to shake in convulsions. Once the boy's tongue struck his piss slit, David literally yanked the bed covers from the sides of the mattress.

Having his first taste of pre cum, Peter wrinkled his nose as to try and distinguish the gooey substance true taste. It had a little bit of a salty taste, but other than that, it honestly wasn't so bad. Peter ran his tongue all around David's thick cock head, cleaning up the gobs of pre cum which completely had saturated David's cock head. Once Peter absorbed all the man's pre cum, he let his tongue slither downwards upon the thick shaft, stopping just short of the man's neatly trimmed pubic hair, then running his tongue all the way up to the top. While Peter was busy experimenting on David's thick boner, David had already lubed up his right middle finger with his saliva. With one slightly forceful push, his finger slid all the way up the boy's muscle clinching rectum. Peter groaned as his ass muscles stretched to accommodate David's finger. It hurt just a bit, but the feeling of having something up his ass one more time was far more pleasurable than the slight discomfort of the initial entry.

David began ramming his middle finger wildly in and out of the boy's ass as Peter moaned from the joy and continued licking all over David's cock. Peter's left hand clutched the man's somewhat hairy balls and began caressing them as Peter's right hand held onto the base of David's cock for control. Just as Peter opened his mouth to take the thick cock in for the first time, David pushed a second finger up the boy's ass. Peter cried out as David bucked his hips high into the air. Immediately, the man's cock struck the boy's mouth and Peter instinctively locked their fate by closing his quivering lips around the thick man meat, sliding his mouth as far down before gagging. Peter could only handle three, maybe four inches of David's cock without gagging, but for David, the feel of the boy's mouth on his cock was pure heavenly.

Scooping up some of his own dripping saliva off of David's rather thick shaft, Peter dipped his saliva coated finger straight up David's asshole. David's body locked up as soon as the unsuspected invasion of his asshole occurred. The slender finger offered no remorse as it began plummeting hard and heavy, in and out, of his shocked asshole. David was slinging his head back and forth while clinching his teeth, grunting like never before. The boy's mouth bobbed up and down while his finger ravished David's bung hole and his soft luxurious left hand massaged the man's cum swollen balls.

David slid a third finger up Peter's ass, causing Peter to work overtime on the man's body. David was hiking his ass up to greet both the boy's mouth and ass wailing finger, making sure that his own fingers dove harder and harder into the boy's finger fucking ass. Slurping, moans, and heavy grunts filled the air inside the room as the two only felt pleasure beyond either ones expectations. David growled loudly,

"Oh shit, shitttttttt, I'm, I'm gonna cummmmmmmmmm!"

The moment of truth was now at hand for young Peter as he felt the man's cock swell to an already mouth stretching proportion. He wanted to try it...he needed to try...and now, he had made up his spinning mind...he simply just had to do it. Keeping his mouth bobbing up and down David's shaft, the first jet of thick man juice sprayed heavily, coating the roof of his mouth. Several more rapidly firing streams of man cum shot harshly into his mouth, and Peter was forced to swallow some of David's adult sperm to accommodate the quantity of semen flowing from the man's erupting cock.

With the first taste of sperm, Peter almost gagged, but managed to force the thick creamy sperm down his throat. It was hot, thick, and very gooey, but the taste wasn't anything like he thought it might taste like. It wasn't bitter, nor was it all that salty as he opened up his throat and allowed more to slide down in hopes of tasting more and more. To which, David was more than happy to supply, for his cock exploded like never before and his thick cream rocketed out in thunderous waves. The more David's cock spewed its cream, the louder Peter's moans grew as he swallowed the thick cream as fast as it entered his mouth.

David's body shuttered to its final wave of man seed and the boy munching on his cock refused to let go as his mouth continued its oral assault, sending David's body into one hell of a body shaking convulsion. Now, with the man's softening cock still inside his milking little mouth, Peter zeroed in on the fingers ravishing his own ass. With the utmost of backwards thrusts, Peter began slamming his ass onto David's thrusting fingers. With each greeting between the man's fingers and his ass, something inside his ass (prostate) was being struck, igniting a fuse that would eventually force his body to explode.

David's now super flaccid cock was too sensitive to keep the boy sucking on, so he literally had to force Peter's mouth off his cock. Knowing that his fingers were plowing Peter's ass harder than ever, not to mention the fact that he could clearly see, even with watery eyes, that the boy was really getting into it, David used his adult strength to reposition the boy so that Peter's rock hard cock was now within his mouth's reach. His tongue began licking up and down the boy's shaft, moaning in absolute delight at the taste and texture of Peter's cock. David sucked in both of the boy's hairless balls into his mouth, allowing his tongue to bathe both nuggets properly and thoroughly.

Peter was flinging his head back and forth, from side to side while grinding his ass onto the man's anal assaulting fingers. David released the boy's nuggets and used his left hand to guide the boy's cock all the way into his mouth. For Peter, that was the final straw! He cried out at the top of his lungs,


The boy's cock expanded, and soon, David felt the few droplets of the boy's cream as it barely shot out of his cock. As for Peter, his body was telling him under no uncertain terms, that this was his most intense orgasms ever. David relished the few droplets of Peter's cum as he forced himself to only allow a few droplets to glide down his throat in an effort to please and satisfy his taste buds. The boy's sperm still was almost tasteless, but just the simple fact that the sperm he was tasting belonged to angelic young Peter, it made the taste that much more elegant.

David showed no signs of letting his ass plowing fingers to slow down as he continued to hammer the boy's ass with a vengeance. As Peter was coming down from his intense and powerful orgasm, and as his body began to slow its finger greeting thrusts, the boy suddenly yelled,

"Shit, shit, Ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk! David, David, oh fuck, I'm gonna shooooooooooooooooooot!"

The man prepared his mouth for another round of Peter's tasty cream as his tongue swarmed all over the boy's still rock hard cock. The first shot was more powerful than ever before, as it pelted the back of David's throat. Following the first shot, several more rocketed out of the boy's firing cock. This time, the boy's cream seemed much hotter and David was in awe as to just how much cream the boy had left in his young perfect body. This time however, Peter's firing cream was not only hotter, it was a lot more watery. David opened his throat and quickly realized that Peter wasn't gracing him with his seed of perfected youth...the boy was peeing.

Peter had no clue that the juice firing from his cock wasn't his sperm, in fact, by the way his body was convulsing, his long and loud moans, in his young mind, he was going through the ultimate orgasm and nobody at this time could tell him any different.

David had no choice but to do something he had never ever considered...swallow piss. Without a doubt, Peter's piss was fiery hot, but be it in David's twisted mind, or be it a simple fact, Peter's piss had just a hint of salt, but was in no way close to being bitter. David opened up his throat and let the flowing pee rush down his throat. From the amount of pee entering his gullet, Peter's bladder must have been on the very edge of erupting. David swallowed as fast as he could to keep up with the boy's pissing cock.

Peter was literally blind from his exhausting earthquake rattling orgasm. The words spewing from his mouth fell upon deaf ears, cause David was too busy keeping up, swallowing Peter's pee. A short time later, the boy's cock only offered David's sucking mouth a few pearl drops of piss. David kept on sucking the boy's cock even after it had already fell into a deeply sleeping flaccid state. Peter's body gave out and the boy collapsed onto the bed, next to David. By his sudden collapse, David's anal pounding fingers immediately slipped out of the boy's finger crushing orifice.

David was laying on his back and now Peter was laying on his right side with his head facing David's feet. David's right hand caressed the boy's legs as he lay there admiring the boy's perfectly nude body. Just like before, and for no reason known to mankind, David raised his fingers to his nose and began smelling them. As the fragrance filled his lungs, David convinced himself that this heavenly gorgeous boy could not provide any foul odors whatsoever. His visual inspection of his fingers convinced him that much more as well. There were no inner bodily fluid streaks on his fingers that should have been evident as to the area they once dwelled within either.

After spending nearly thirty minutes laying next to Peter, who was now lost into a peaceful deep sleep, David slid off the bed and took a shower. 15 minutes before the pay per view event was to start, David walked into his bedroom and lightly touched the angel asleep on his bed. The boy had not moved a muscle from the position he had collapsed in. His eyes fluttered open and a heart melting smile flashed across his gorgeous face. With the softest of voices, Peter said,

"I don't know what happen. I just fell asleep!"

David was rubbing the boy's side as he spoke,

"Your show is about to come on and I didn't know if you wanted to take a shower first."

Peter rolled off the bed and just as he stood, David had to catch him cause the boy's legs were still a bit too weak to support his weight. David guided Peter to the bathroom and left the boy alone to handle his business. While Peter was taking a shower, David fixed both of them a bowl of ice cream. David had slipped on a pair of cut off sweat pants and was sitting on the sofa when Peter came walking in. The boy was completely naked as he sat right next to David.

The show began and they had finished eating their ice cream and David had taken the empty bowels into the kitchen. Upon his return, Peter stopped him just before he was in the stage of sitting down,

"Why aren't you naked too? It's not like we haven't seen each other naked before!"

Peter was smiling from ear to ear as he spoke and David slid the cut off's from his body and sat down next to Peter, now with both of them being in the nude.

As the show progressed, the two found themselves laying on their sides on the sofa. David was closest to the back of the sofa with his ass impaling the back cushion and Peter's ass was pressed up against David's rapidly growing cock. David's left arm lay across Peter's left side and stomach with the boy's left arm resting on David's left arm. David didn't care about the wrestling event on television, just the fact that the boy's freshly shampooed hair sent chills racing up and down his spine. The feeling of the boy's smooth stomach set his inner soul on fire, not to mention, the pure fact that his cock was pressing up against the boy's tiny crack.

David could feel his pre cum as it smeared in between the boy's tightly sealed crack as he gyrated his hips, forcing his boner to travel up and down Peter's little crack line. On one side of his mind, Peter felt the man's stiff cock riding his crack, but on the other side of his mind, this was pro wrestling at its best. David inched his left hand further south to the point that his entire hand was caressing the boy's growing cock and tender smooth balls. To allow more room to work, Peter raised his left leg up by bringing in his left foot. This gave David more operating room. Now, he not only could feel the boy's cock and balls, but he managed to stretch a finger and was now drawing mini circles directly on Peter's tiny speck of an asshole.

Within minutes, David could feel Peter's body as he began arching his ass upon his steel like cock. David wiped some pre cum from his piss slit onto his left middle finger and applied the slick lubricant directly into Peter's ass. Peter's precious mouth twisted as a soft angelic purr evaded his contorting lips as David's finger pushed its way to its deepest depth inside Peter's boiling hot ass. As predicted, Peter began hunching his ass in rhythm to the finger now fucking his asshole to a mind tingling frenzy.

For whatever the reason, Peter couldn't focus all of his attention on the wrestling event. The finger digging inside his ass sent vibrant sensations coursing throughout his entire body. David's tongue reached out and found the boy's right ear and began swirling around, prodding to explore Peter's entire ear canal. The harder David shoved his tongue inside Peter's ear, the harder Peter's anal muscles coiled around his invading finger. The boy's soft kitten like purrs inspired David to gather more pre cum and add two fingers up Peter's mystifying bone crushing ass. Peter stretched his neck and moaned as the two fingers crawled up inside of him, giving him the pleasures he inwardly craved.

Keeping his fingers attached to Peter's rectum, David reached under the cushion where their heads lay and retrieved a bottle of baby oil from its secret hiding place. Peter rolled to his right to allow the man to move, keeping his fluttering eyes on the television while his mind relished the feeling his ass was giving him. With his right thumb, David flicked the lid upwards and maneuvered the bottle in such a way as to not let up on his finger fucking motions. He managed to pour some oil onto his left hand, greasing up his ass diving fingers in the process, then poured some oil onto his right hand. Now, with his right hand forming a puddle with oil, David began smearing the slick substance all over his cock.

A third greasy finger shot up Peter's hunching ass, forcing the boy to groan from pure ecstasy. The pain of his anal canal being stretched with the third finger was sudden, but quickly overcome by the pleasures rapidly crooning inside his head. David pounded the boy's ass while making sure his cock was now slippery from base to the very tip. Though be it that neither one spoke a single word, their body actions indicated their fiery hot passion. After a short ass pounding time with three fingers, David slipped a fourth, his pinky, deep inside the boy's rectum. Peter immediately grunted as the fourth finger was now stretching his anal walls further than ever before. The fiery sharp hot pain crashed through his body like a ton of bricks.

With four fingers up his ass, the pain lingered longer than ever before as David gently eased them out, then ever so gently, shoved them back in. Nearly fifteen minutes, fifteen painful minutes, had passed before the pleasures Peter sought flooded his body. David knew that Peter was now accustomed to the addition of the fourth finger by the way the boy was slamming his ass onto his fingers. From time to time, David would stretch his fingers outwards, stretching the boy's anal walls, causing Peter's body to buck that much harder.

With his cock already slippery from the baby oil, David timed his ass fucking fingers along with the positioning of his cock. Before Peter knew what was happening, David had replaced his fingers with the crown of his enlarged asshole craving cock head. Peter cried out a muffled moan as the man's cock inched its way into the boy's love oven. David's cock felt like it was being crushed as he pushed ever so gently, forcing another half inch or so up the boy's coiling anal canal. With his left hand now free, David snagged Peter's hard cock and began stroking the precious chunk of prime beef up and down.

Peter's ass felt like it was being ripped open, starting from the inside, working its way out. The fiery immense pain was ever so sharp as he now realized that it was David's man sized thick cock diving into his rectum, and not his fingers. Peter shot out,

"Oh shitttttttttttt! It's, fuckkkkkkkkkkk, it'sssssssss toooooooooooooooooooooo biiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggg uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

David stopped pushing his cock any further and just held his cock in place, which was buried in the boy's ass a good four inches. David's left hand was fondling the boy's erection while his tongue lathered the ear canal of Peter's left ear. David worked his right arm underneath Peter's head and curled it around the boy's body so that his fingers could now work their magic on the boy's nipples, loving each one with equal time.

After a few short minutes had passed, the pain inside Peter's ass must have dwindled, cause the boy humped his ass, inhaling a good two inches in the process. Once again, Peter cried out as his anal walls stretched to accommodate the girth of the man's cock throbbing inside his ass. Peter could feel every pulsing action David's cock made. Once again, after a couple of minutes had passed, Peter bucked his hips, forcing another two inches to rip sharply up his ass.

David had remained perfectly still and allowed the boy to take things at his own pace. David could see Peter's left eye as it glistened from the water which was rapidly forming and was in the very beginning stage to start dripping down his hairless dimpled cheek. David slid his tongue from the boy's ear and began placing soft kisses upon Peter's cheek while his tongue would savor the searing hot flesh of the boy's precious face. Peter turned his head to his left and in a flash of a split second, their mouths met and their lips sealed themselves around the others lips. David immediately tasted the minty freshness of Peter's watery mouth as his tongue flickered away onto the boy's not so experienced tongue.

It didn't take Peter long to return the tongue action as his own tongue began slithering away inside David's mouth. For an instant, David nearly forgot that his oven pressurized cock was still inches away from being completely buried up the hottest ass known to mankind. Lost in their passionate tongue swapping, David leaned into Peter, forcing the remainder of his man meat up the boy's chute. Peter felt it too as the remainder of air inside his lungs shot from his sealed mouth straight into David's. David's ears captured the boy's audible loud muffled grunt as he basked in the pleasure of the boy's minty tasting saliva.

Now, with his entire meat lodged inside Peter's ass, David's cock felt like it was being crushed as the boy's anal muscles converged onto his cock in retaliation. It felt like he had just stuck his cock inside a commercial grade vacuum cleaner and the longer he held it there, the more the vacuuming pressure enhanced. Not only did it feel like the flesh was being slowly torn off, but cooked as well, cause the boy's anal canal felt like it was on fire.

David's right fingers played with Peter's nipples while his left hand skillfully massaged the boy's convulsing erection. David knew just when to stop jerking Peter's cock, much to the chagrin of Peter, who was just in the beginning phase of getting used to having a thick cock buried up his once virgin ass. David slowly began to withdraw about 3 or 4 inches from the boy's mystifying chute, then slowly reinsert his aching cock all the way back into Peter's miraculous love oven. Their tongue swapping grew to more of an aggressive state as the tempo of David's cock picked up to a mild fucking manor.

Peter's soft moans told David the truth, not to mention Peter humping his little ass to greet David's inward thrusting cock. For David, it felt like his cock was fucking a tightly closed fist as he had to force his meat out, then shove it back in. Within a few short lived minutes, David began really plowing the boy's ass and Peter returned the favor by hiking his ass to greet every flesh smacking thrust.

David forced his right arm back in between them and fought to curl his right arm around Peter's left leg. Removing his hand from the boy's straining convulsing erection, David was now able to inch himself to his knees, keeping his cock implanted up the boy's churning hot ass. Now, David was in between the boy's legs, on his knees, and scooted Peter closer to the middle of the sofa. The boy was now on his back with his knees easily beyond his ears and his kneecaps impaled the sofa's seat cushion. David was peering straight into Peter's entrancing eyes as he impaled his cock harder and harder up the boy's more than willing chute. David passionately whispered,

"How does this feel?"

Peter was breathing ever so hard as he hoarsely fired back,

"Great, great, fucking great!"

The burning fire deep within his perverted soul ignited, forcing David's body to plunge his cock in and out of the boy's asshole like a runaway freight train. His heavy free swinging balls pounced sharply onto Peter's tightly withdrawn nuggets and precious little taint line. David could not keep his eyes off of Peter's twisting and contorting face, as the boy's facial expressions told the true story of the never before felt sensations racing throughout his tender young body. From time to time, Peter would clinch his teeth and blurt out,


David would always smile down on the boy and softly whisper, not missing a beat of his ass plowing cock,

"Oh God Peter, you are so fucking beautiful!"

Keeping his pile driving cock at a rapid piston like speed, David lowered his lips to Peter's, and once again, their two tongues collided as their mouths sealed themselves shut. Each time David thought he was getting close to firing his wad, he mixed up his ass plowing motion. For all he was worth, or would ever be worth, he wanted to prolong this time being spent with Peter, the most gorgeous boy ANY eyes could ever fall upon.

Peter was doing all that he could to hunch his ass upwards to retaliate each powerful thrust. The feelings ravishing his quivering body was simply mind boggling. It felt as though David was fucking his inner soul right out of his body and he was loving every cock thrusting second. The boy's soft angelic moans and horse like grunts bellowed heavily into David's ears as he continued his ass pounding assault being delivered straight from the jowls of hell.

As their tongues crawled over the other's, Peter's little hands caressed and squeezed David's entire back as the man kept on with his anal ravishing motion. With each and every thrust, Peter felt David's cock strike something inside of him, giving him that much more pleasure he so desired. Peter also figured out that if he clamped down on his anal muscles, the more of the pleasures created a shockwave throughout his already pleased body. David could also feel the boy's anal muscles as they converged around his cock, drawing it in seemingly a bit further with each thrust with bone crushing pressure being added to the equation.

Though his mind was spinning in delirium, Peter had just enough sense to know when to cinch his ass muscles, feeding him the pleasure of feeling every vein on David's thick man beef. No hands were on Peter's convulsing cock, just the rubbing motion of David's bucking stomach area when both Peter and David felt the stream of juicy hot liquid torpedo out of Peter's erupting cock. Several hot jets of boy cum shot out, landing heavily onto Peter's heavy breathing chest. Some even landed on their chins, but that never stopped either of them from milking the other's tongue. David felt a glob of Peter's boy cream as it struck him rather sharply just under his chin.

With Peter's cock blasting off and David feeling it, that was just the added mixture to cause his own anal invading cock to explode. As the first jet of his man cream departed his cock, David actually thought that his sperm had ripped open his piss slit as the burning pain slammed through his body like a rocket. After the first jet of cum shot up the boy's rectum, numerous more extremely powerful jets followed. Peter felt the man's cock swell up inside of him, then the thick globs of man sperm fired even deeper into his already filled ass. With each spurt, both David and Peter grunted like wild hogs as they both were feeling the powerful explosion erupting from David's ass assaulting cock.

David not only fucked his sperm from his cock, but he was now fucking the boy's ass with one super shriveled up noodle. As his hips continued to pump back and forth, David's limp cock slipped from Peter's vacuuming asshole. Out of breath and in dire need of oxygen, David simply couldn't resist cleaning the boy's spilt sperm from the boy's silky smooth chest. Their mouths unlocked their seal and David began lapping at the watery cream which had formed a small puddle in the crevice of Peter's chest. With each and every lap of his tongue, David moaned as the tasty cream slipped down his throat. He lapped up the cream which fired under Peter's chin, running down the boy's neck. David lapped and licked, nibbled and sucked, until every five star delicious drop of Peter's heavenly cream was void from the boy's perfect body.

Once Peter was cleaned to David's satisfaction, David slid next to the boy, once again with his back towards the sofa's backing. Peter's legs fell onto the sofa and his arms rested peacefully, crossing one another over his heavy panting chest. Though the two were breathing extremely hard, David still could not take his eyes of the most beautiful boy in the world as Peter lay there, eyes closed, breathing ever so hard with the faint of a smile darting across his dimpled little face. Peter's mouth was barley open, or barely closed, whichever it may be. David leaned forward and planted a soft luxurious kiss directly onto the boy's lips. Peter had just enough energy remaining to slightly pucker his lips in return, but that was it and nothing more.

David leaned back up and softly asked,

"So, how was it?"

Still with his eyes closed and with one super dry vocal chords, Peter responded,


Peter rolled his head to his left, looked straight into David's eyes and whispered,

"My ass, it feels, well uh, it feels empty! Please David, please tell me we can do this some more. I have never ever felt so alive as the way I feel right now. I could spend the rest of my life with your cock fucking me into oblivion!"

David kissed the boy's lips one more time, then spoke,

"Yes, yes my sweet Peter, we can do this anytime you want. It is I who could live out the rest of my life loving you!"

Their lips met, as well as their tongues, one more time and they lay there with hands caressing the other's body until darkness conquered their passion. Sometime during his heavy sleep, David dreamed of the excitement he had shared with his beloved Peter. He could still feel the burning heat baking his cock inside the boy's butt. As he lay sleeping, David felt the sensations roaming his body as his cock hammered the boy's once virgin ass into total and complete submission.

As if his dreaming had become reality, David suddenly awoke thanks to the feeling of a rather strong, way over due, piss build up. At first, he thought he was already pissing, but as his eyes shuttered open, the vision of Peter bouncing up and down on his hard cock while facing him made him realize that he wasn't pissing, he was being fucked by the boy's blistering hot ass. David tried to force his blurry eyes to clear as he was looking straight into Peter's overjoyed face. The boy was facing him and he was bouncing up and down, impaling his sweet young ass onto David's cock like a bull rider riding one super pissed off bull.

With his breath being fucked right out of him, Peter smiled, then lovingly whispered,

"Uhhhhhhhh, I uh, I fuck yessssssssssssssss, couldn't help it! Fuck, this feels sooooooooooooooooooo damn goooooooooooooood!"

David was still fighting desperately to wake up. Though the ass riding his cock felt awesomely great, his bladder kept on telling him that it was on the very edge of bursting. As David's eyes began to focus, what he saw was the angelic priceless vision of a lifetime. The boy was slinging his head to and fro while literally pounding his ass onto David's rigid pole. The boy's hands were on David's stomach and that wasn't helping his need to piss go away, not in the least. David couldn't help not to notice that Peter's perfect young cock was hard as a brick as the boy impaled himself onto David's man sized love stick at a frantic flesh greeting pace.

Not wanting to disturb the boy riding his cock into oblivion, David scooted both their bodies off the sofa, scooping Peter in his arms with his cock still being hammered by the boy's milking ass, and began inching his way into the bathroom. As he carefully took each step, David humped his hips back and forth to drive his cock hard and fast in and out of the boy's ass. Peter's open moaning mouth was inches from David's own mouth as he inhaled the boy's breath while softly groaning at the freshness entering his lungs.

Once inside the bathroom, David carefully stepped into the tub facing the shower stall, at the far end of the tub. Peter was in his arms as he rocketed his cock, slamming his man sized balls into the boy's widely spread crack. David shoved his mouth over Peter's and their tongue immediately collided. The strong urge to piss finally overcame David, so without missing a pile driving beat, David's bladder opened. He felt his piss blast out of his cock and with their mouths over one another, David could tell that young Peter was now experiencing something brand spanking new.

Peter's grunts and moans echoed down David's throat as his cock fired jets of hot piss up the boy's cock filled rectum. For David, this was something he had never done before either and the sensations coursing throughout his body sent shockwaves crawling up and down his spine. Peter sucked the man's tongue with a vengeance as the piss blasting away inside his ass sent his mind completely into orbit.

The cock hammering away inside the boy's ass, and still streaming fiery hot piss was way more than Peter could have ever imagined as his own rock hard cock began to fire its own wave of boy cream onto David's stomach and chest. No hands were on Peter's cock as it pumped out his delicious cream by the wads. David felt the boy's hot sperm as it sprayed his stomach and chest area. He could also feel his own piss as it slid down his legs as it slowly dripped out of the boy's cock drilling asshole.

Somewhere in time and lost in lust, David's cock stopped pissing, but began coating the boy's rectum with his own man cream. The feeling was so sensational, David honestly didn't know if he was still pissing or having the most intense orgasm he had ever experienced to date. Either way, he managed to assault the boy's ass with thunderous thrusts, driving his cock wildly as hard as he could in and out of Peter's welcoming ass.

Like in most cases, all good things must come to an end. David's cock fell limp and slipped out of Peter's well fucked ass. Still in his arms, his piss shot out of Peter's ass, spraying David's legs in the process. Not only was his piss being shot out of the boy's butt, but his freshly planted seed as well. David tenderly held the boy as he helped Peter to his feet. Peter was so far gone, David held him as the boy lay down into the tub, unable to stand on his own two feet. David held the side of the wall as he looked down at Peter. He could see his own piss as it displayed itself draining from the boy's ass.

David activated the shower and began washing off, keeping a close eye on Peter who was still at the far end, virtually lifeless, with exception to his heavy panting. With his back now facing the shower head, David looked on as Peter's soft cock began spewing a soft yellow trail of piss, showering the boy's left leg in the process. Peter was still lifeless as his cock spat out gallons upon gallons of boy pee onto the floor of the tub.

Remembering the episode when he had swallowed Peter's piss previously, David got down on his knees, quickly crawled over to the lifeless boy, using his left fingers, gingerly grabbed the base of Peter's piss spewing flaccid cock and aimed it to his already wide open mouth. The searing hot liquid shot into David's mouth as he began gulping down the boy's rather delicious, slightly salty, piss. David swallowed as fast as he could as his lips sealed itself around the crown of the boy's cock. Knowing that this was Peter's piss made it taste that much more delicious.

In a very short time, David managed to milk the boy's cock free from all of its pee. Though his lips may have been around Peter's cock, the boy's priceless chunk of beef remained limp. David got back up and continued on with his shower, relishing in the after glow of the boy's piss. By the time David got around to shampooing his hair, Peter regained his strength and the two began soaping up the other's body. Nothing more happened in the shower and nothing was said either.

After they had toweled off and brushed their teeth, they were now standing in the kitchen in the nude. Peter flopped down on a bar stool and whispered,

"David, I wish I could live with you forever and ever!"

David quickly replied,

"Me too!"

Peter folded his hands under his chin, then softly spoke,

"You know, if every guy knew how great it feels to have a hard cock hammering away inside their butts, then every guy on this planet would be gay. Even now, I can still feel the awesome pleasure of you fucking me. David, I can honestly say that I uh, well I love you, and not just for the sex either, but everything you do, and everything about you. I just fucking love you, and that's the bottom line!"

David walked around the counter and draped his right arm around the boy's shoulder, then lovingly replied,

"I love you too, more than you'll ever know! Peter, what started out as my perversion over you, is now an eternal love. Whatever happens in the future, I want you to know that I will always love you no matter what."

Their lips touched and their tongues had just entered the other's mouth when David's doorbell sounded. They quickly ran to the bedroom and put some shorts on. David opened the door and there was Peter's father, staggering from a drunken stupor. Peter's dad looked at David, then at his gorgeous son, then stated,

"I've been thinking...I aint much of a father to this here boy, and well, to be honest, he's more of a burden to me than anything else. I got his clothes here (pointing to a garbage bag on the stoop) and if you, well, if you want him, he's yours. So uh, what do you say?"

David looked down at Peter who was standing to his right, then peered into the man's drunken eyes and replied,

"I'd be honored to take Peter in on one condition."

The drunk staggered then asked,

"What condition?"

David smiled, placed his right arm around the bare shoulder of Peter, then in somewhat of an angry voice said,

"You leave town, never to come back! This boy is a Godsend and you are the one who is a burden. You're nothing more than a fucking drunk who deserves a life of loneliness. So, from this point on, you no longer have a son. All you have is yourself and that aint worth a bucket of stale shit. Listen and listen good you drunk piece of shit. If you ever approach this boy ever again, from this moment on, I'll beat you so bad that God himself wont know who the fuck you are...You go that mother fucker!"

The man was swaying back and forth as anger shot into his eyes. The man looked at his former son and the hulking figure standing next to him. Knowing that he was drunk, he had enough common sense to know that if he hit David, the chances of getting his ass whooped was pretty damn good. Thinking better, he turned his back and as he was walking away, yelled,

"You two pieces of shit belong to one another...fuck you...fuck you both!"

David took a step forwards with every intention of beating the living hell out of the drunk, but it was Peter who latched onto David's arm, smiled his loving heart stopping smile, then whispered,

"Let him go. I am free to be with you for the rest of my life, that is, if you want me!"

His once angered filled heart was quickly replaced with pure love as David looked down into Peter's eyes, forgetting about the drunk who walking away still yelling obscenities, and responded,

"I give you my word, from this day on, you will never live a single moment not knowing just how much I love you!"

The front door closed, shutting out the drunken man forever as their lips passionately met and their tongues graciously bathed deep inside the other's mouth.