COMPELLED- Chapter 5

By Eff Del

I checked my watch and realized that I still had two and a half hours before I needed to pick Dorn up. I refilled my wine glass and decided to try to do some writing. As I sat at my computer and opened up the file for the chapter I'd been having so much trouble with before all of this happened, I was delighted to realize that good ideas were suddenly flowing around in my brain and the chapter suddenly began to pour out and as I typed moreover, I realized it was good.

As I wrote, I kept an eye on the clock. I certainly didn't want him getting angry by being late, but the writing was going so well that I didn't want to stop.

To my amazement and joy, I reached the logical and clever end of the chapter with lots of time to drive over and pick up Dorn. I saved my file and then slowly drained my wine glass before heading down to the garage.

I was early so, I parked my car and waited. In a short time, he walked down the driveway of the complex, spotted me, and smiled.

"Travis, you're doing great at this. I'm proud of you." He smirked as he got into the front passenger seat.

"We were playing poker and I did very well this morning so, I'm going to buy us lunch. How do you feel about ARBYS?...Oh wait! I keep forgetting that you don't get a choice. Just drive over to Kinsley Street that's where ARBYS is and I'll buy us a bag of roast beef sandwiches and some drinks. We can eat them back at your place and then I'll fuck you and then I'll tell you the big news."

Somehow, the revelation of `big news' didn't sound like good news to me.

The standard roast beef sandwiches were almost paper thin sliced meat on small buns; more like sliders than sandwiches but quite tasty especially with the packets of horseradish sauce that were in the bag. I ate four and Dorn ate six. Teenaged boys are bottomless pits as a rule.

He finished his coke, emitted a loud burp, and then smiled at me. It was a wicked not a warm smile. I knew what was coming. I was already naked. Dorn's rule was that I was required to strip when he entered the room and I didn't want to make the mistake of forgetting that a second time, so I took off my clothing as soon as we go into the house.

"Travis, go upstairs and get the lube then come down here and bend over your coffee table. I'll be waiting for you. I'll fuck you and then we can watch TV for a while."

I retrieved the tube from my bedside table, handed it to Dorn and removed the large books and small pile of magazines from my coffee table. With a defeated sigh, I lay myself over the tabletop. As I waited, I heard the snap of his jeans pop quickly followed by the sound of a zipper being drawn down. The soft sound of moving fabric told me that he was shedding his pants and I soon felt the cold of the lube being applied in around my asshole.

He rested his weight on his arms as his hands grasped the tabletop on either side of me and therefore he entered me at a sharp angle. He entered hard and he entered deep and despite the lube, I almost screamed. He wouldn't have cared. This was all about him not me.

At this angle, he was penetrating me deeper than he had any time before and he drove into me with speed and force. There was nothing gentle or caring about the way this boy was using me. Burning tears soon came to my eyes as he jackhammered into me making guttural almost primordial noises.

By divine grace, young boys cum quickly and it was over soon and he collapsed onto my back panting.

"Shit Travis that was so good." He panted into my ear.

Slowly, he stood up and took a deep breath.

"Travis, I need a beer. Go get me one and then come sit down between my legs on the floor. I'll find us something to watch on TV and then I'll tell you the big news.

I walked into the kitchen, opened his beer and brought it to him.

"Sit down on the floor between my legs Travis so I can play with your hair. So here's the big news; I've rented you out for next Saturday."

I almost jumped to my feet in horrified astonishment. This had gone too far.

"What Dorn? Are you absolutely insane? I've gone along with your little game so far but this is beyond the pale. Whatever you have planned isn't going to happen. In fact, all of this is going to end right now. You're an evil boy and I want you out of my house right now."

His grin was positively evil.

"Sure Travis, I'll leave but let's see, my parents know I've been spending time over here for years and then I've got underpants with your cum on the seat and I've got other cum in the freezer that I can use strategically...Travis when I become the boy who cried wolf, they'll believe me don't y' think?

If I were you Travis, I'd go along with this. I'm going to make a bunch of money out of renting you to these four guys and they only get you from ten in the morning until eleven at night and I'll be there to make certain you're safe. We'll go to them because you don't want them to know who you are or where you live and I'll be careful about that."

I sank down onto the floor. He had me because he was willing to lie and ruin my life.

I had no interest in what he was watching on TV I only knew that he'd be fucking me at least one more time tonight.