Gee Whillickers

Chapters 16 -- 20

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** 16 **

"Mom, Dad, where are you?" Ray yelled as he entered his house. "We need to talk."

"What is it Ray," his dad asked, looking up from the game he was watching on TV and muting the volume. His mom entered the living room from the kitchen, having just hung up the telephone.

Ray flopped down on the couch and made himself comfortable. Craig and Karen looked at each other, they couldn't help but notice their son's changed demeanor.

"Phone Dr. Mills. I'm getting the treatment. I'd like to start right away please," he stated matter of factly.

"Honey," his mother began, "have you had enough time..."

"Yes," interrupted Ray, "I have. I've decided."

"Ray," his dad said, "are you really sure you..."

"Yes. Yes, yes and yes to the next 15 questions. Yes I've thought about it. Yes I understand the consequences. Yes I know it'll be unbearable. Now can we skip over this and get to the part where you pick up the phone?" Ray stopped and reddened slightly. "Uh, please?" he added.

Craig and Karen couldn't help it. They looked at each other and burst out laughing. It was so refreshing to have a glimmer of their old Ray back. Craig walked towards the kitchen. "I'll get the phone."

A few minutes later Craig hung up the phone. "I've left a message on Dr. Mill's voicemail. Hopefully we'll hear back soon."

Ray, brimming with confidence, announced, "Great. Now. Let me explain about Patrick."

Fifteen minutes later the atmosphere was considerably more subdued in the Huntley home. Ray was adamant though. "I don't care. I want him there. I need to have him there. I will have him there. Come on mom. He's not some weird guy in a trenchcoat. I'm the one who went to him. And it's not like we're having sex or anything." At this Karen visibly became anxious. "I've only kissed him."

"You kissed him," Craig said in amazement. "Oh god." He put his face down into his hands and shook his head. "I'm having a tough time here Ray. I don't know if I can deal with this right now. And here you are actually asking for permission to spend time with him!"

Umm, no." Ray replied. "I'm actually not asking permission. More letting you know what I'm planning on doing."

"Raymond Huntley!" Karen said, "You, young man, are eleven years old. How dare you think you can make this kind of decision on your own!"

"The exact same way I made the decision about my treatment," answered Ray.

** 17 **

"I've got you!" yelled Ray as he slid around the kitchen doorway in his socks and grabbed his sister into a hug and began tickling her.

Kimberley Huntley giggled and screamed in delight, obviously happy that once again things seemed almost normal around her home.

Craig came out of his bedroom and announced, "All right you two. It's Saturday morning! Can't a guy sleep in here? Who can sleep in this unholy racket with you chasing each other around like elephants. Ok, I'm up. Let me get the waffles on." With this he shuffled into the kitchen and began clattering pots and pans around.

Ray was almost ecstatic. He had won. Somehow he had won. His parents had agreed to allow Patrick to be there during his treatment to support him. Pending, of course, them meeting him and their approval of him. He had received a lecture on stranger danger, a lecture on internet safety, a lecture on parental respect and, he remembered with embarrassment, a lecture on safe sex. He assured his parents he didn't need that last one, keeping to himself the 'not yet anyway' caveat he was thinking about.

Before going to bed he had talked with Dennis on the computer and filled him in on everything, including Patrick. Dennis was happy for him but seemed a bit distant. He did promise to be there as much and as often as he could during his treatment however.

The phone rang and Ray heard his dad answer. Ray moved into the kitchen to eavesdrop on his father's side of the conversation.

"Hello. ... Oh, hi Dr. Mills, thanks for calling back. ... Yeah, I figured you might be there on a Saturday, with the treatment starting. ... How did the first day of the treatment go for the other kids? ... Great, great. ... Oh really?"

Oh my god, thought Ray. Get on with it!

"Well, listen, I'm sure you've heard the voicemail I left. ... Yes, we have talked and we are all sure. ... I know. ... I know. ... Believe me, I know it won't be easy. ... Yes, I got your email, thanks for all the information. Did you see my reply? ... Great. ... So on Tuesday then? 9:00 sharp? ... Great. ... Yes, exactly what we were thinking. ... I know, Karen and I talked about it. It sounds like there will be plenty of us to make that happen. Actually one more than we had intended. ... I'll fill you in later, in the meantime I'll sit down with Karen and we'll figure it out and I'll email it to you later. ... Great. ... Thanks Doctor. Talk to you soon." Craig hung up the phone and smiled at his son standing there impatiently.

"Ok, I know you heard. The treatment will start Tuesday at 9:00. Dr. Mills wanted to delay it and send you to a workshop on mental discipline. Something about mental pain management. In the Buddhist Monastery of all things. While I think that would be a great idea Dr. Mills also reminded me that we are getting close to the deadline for beginning the treatment. If we wait too long your illness will have progressed to the point that they can't rely on the results. It's a toss up. So, we decided to go ahead on Tuesday unless you really want that class first?"

"No, I want to start right away. The sooner the better," Ray answered. He didn't see the sense in delaying, especially if it risked his success chances.

"That's what I thought you'd say. The treatment sessions are for an hour and half each morning, for two weeks." Craig's voice hardened somewhat. "The pain will start almost right away though Ray, and won't subside much between treatments. You will stay in the hospital the entire time, and be monitored by your own full time nursing staff, handpicked by Dr. Mills. Your room will be isolated from other patients because, well, uh, because they are worried about the sounds you will make while you're in pain disturbing the other patients." Craig looked pale thinking about it. "Anyway, somebody will be with you all the time. Every minute of every day. They'll be awake while they're with you. Your mom and I will draw up a schedule, and yes, it will include Patrick, pending us meeting him later today. We'll split the time between a bunch of us. Mom and I obviously will take the bulk of it. Your Aunt Katie and Uncle Jerry will be there. Dennis' parents Brenda and Tim have volunteered some hours too, I know they love you like their own. Dennis will be there too, but only for very short periods of time, on Brenda's and Tim's orders. I don't think they really wanted him there at all, but Dennis somehow convinced them to allow it. Also a Mr. Dorian from your school wants to be on the list. And now Patrick too. You have a whole team on your side son," Craig finished.

The reality of the situation began to crash down on Ray. He started to get scared again. He shook slightly as he answered. "Dad? Um, Dad. Thanks." He crawled into his dad's lap and hugged him like when he was five years old.

** 18 **

Patrick was sitting at his computer trying to catch up on some work. The nice thing about having your office in your home was that work was always accessible. The not so nice thing about having your office in your home was the exact same thing, thought Patrick to himself. He sighed and logged in through another client's firewall and began to run his list of updates, logfile checks, and security sanity checks, wondering in the back of his mind when Ray was going to phone.

Patrick's doorbell rang just as he was concentrating on a particularly baffling logfile. Frustrated, he noted the discrepancy, went to the front door, and opened it somewhat angrily, expecting somebody collecting for something. Instead, Ray stood on his doorstep, hopping from foot to foot.

Ray walked inside as soon as Patrick opened the door and began talking in a rush, "Hi Patrick, you need to come over and meet my parents today. You can come for supper. The treatment starts Tuesday. You will still be there won't you? I told my friend Dennis about you. My parents said you could be at the hospital. I get my own room for two weeks, but it's way over by itself. They don't want to scare the other patients. They wanted me to take some pain management course thingy but I said no. Do you have anything to drink, I'm thirsty?"

Patrick just stared at Ray bemusedly.

"Oh shit. Umm shoot. Sorry, I'm kinda tense." Ray took a couple of deep breaths. "May I come in?"

"I think you already are."

Ray looked around and reddened slightly. "Oh yeah. Sorry. And thanks." He smiled cheekily. "I would like something to drink though."

Patrick laughed, "I thought you were supposed to phone me, not show up on my doorstep. And how did you know where I lived anyway?"

"Well, you work at home, your address is on your card. It wasn't rocket science. Um, is it ok? That I came over without phoning I mean?"

"It's very ok," answered Patrick and pulled his boy in for a hug.

* * *

Ray fell into Patrick, loving the feeling of his arms around him, of the smell of Patrick's shirt against his nose. He pulled back slightly and moved his head up and in for a kiss. Patrick returned the kiss, tentatively at first, and then not so tentative at all as the kiss lengthened. Ray felt Patrick's tongue against his lips With a thrill he clued in quickly and opened his mouth, feeling Patrick's tongue on his own. He heard a low groan from Patrick and his heart glowed. He knew it. He knew Patrick felt the same way. Ray pushed his tongue in past Patrick's lips and explored the inside of Patrick's mouth. He moved his arms up and around Patrick's neck and pulled him in still closer. Oh wow! He never tried this with Dennis. He had never felt so aroused in his life. He thrust his very, very hard penis into Patrick's leg and began pushing steadily, his tongue dueling merrily with Patrick's.

Patrick pulled his lips away from Ray's and nuzzled his head in closely beside his own. "Ok, ok, easy there Ray. That was quite the hello, but let's settle down for a minute. We need to talk first. I'm not saying no. But we need to talk."

Ray could feel Patrick's erection pushing against his stomach as they hugged. Oh wow, he couldn't believe the size. He reached down and put his hand over it, exploring gently, feeling the incredible heat even through Patrick's shorts. Patrick patiently allowed Ray's exploration, not encouraging, but not stopping him, even shifting slightly to give him easier access. Ray slowly relaxed his grip as Patrick's words settled into his brain. He's not saying no? He's not saying no! Oh wow, maybe, just maybe, Dreams can come true.

Ray pulled back a bit. "Ok, let's talk. But, Patrick, don't you dare tell me I can't consent."

Patrick smiled at Ray. "No, no I don't think you would really believe that anyway. Especially now. Seriously, we need to talk. About us and about sex, and yes we will talk about it first, but also about your parents, and your treatment and everything. I can't believe your parents agreed for me to meet them, but I suppose I'm brave enough to give it a go. Come on, let's go sit down." Patrick pulled Ray in closer again and gave him another very firm, very wet kiss, and then led him into the living room through the kitchen, stopping to get some iced tea on the way.

They sat down on Patrick's large cream colored couch, with Ray snuggled tightly into Patrick's left shoulder. Patrick had his arm over and around Ray and was gently rubbing Ray's chest and stomach with his open hand as they talked. Ray, in turn had his left hand on Patrick's chest and was playing with his shirt and chest and enjoying the feel of Patrick's muscles.

"Mom and Dad want to meet you," Raymond explained. "They wanted me to phone you and invite you for supper but I decided I wanted to see you instead and have some time with you myself first and invite you personally. I convinced them that if I was able to make the decision about my treatment I should be able to make the decision about whether to have you there. They didn't really want to but it was hard to argue with my logic, especially when they have so much on their minds, so they agreed, as long as they can meet you first. They're doing up a schedule of people to be around during my treatment, and you're on it." Raymond's hand slowly moved southward as he spoke, towards the interesting bulge he could see in Patrick's shorts.

"Ok. Your place for supper. This should be interesting. Ray, whatever time they schedule me in for during your treatment, I'll be there. Probably a lot more too, as long as I don't step on any toes. I admit, I'm worried. I have no idea how your family or anyone else is going to react to me, what they'll think. They'll probably think a lot more is going on between us than there really is."

As if to make a liar out of him, they both watched Patrick's hand slowly circle around Ray's chest and tummy, down his legs as far as his knees, and back up again, perilously close to the prominent bulge showing through his cotton shorts. Each repetition of the movement seemingly bringing his hand closer to its target. Both were quiet now, both watching Patrick's hand's progress. On the third trip down Ray's tummy his hand moved over and across Ray's hard penis, pushing with a steady even pressure before continuing its journey to his knees.

Ray let out an audible hiss and shifted slightly, opening his legs, inviting more. His own fingers once again slowly tracing the outline of Patrick's stiff penis through his shorts.

Ray felt Patrick's hand move up again, under his shirt, over his stomach and up around his nipples, rubbing gently. Then back down again. This time, his fingers pushing under Ray's elastic waistband and onto his lower stomach. They stopped there, as if waiting for a signal, oh so close to their target.

Ray was fully grasping Patrick's penis through his shorts now, feeling its hard length, amazed at its heat and size. Ray leaned forward, his mouth open, and their lips met once again with a moan from both of them. Eyes closed, Ray moved his tongue against Patrick's and in and around his teeth. Breathing through his nose he deepened the kiss and then moved his tongue back as he felt Patrick's tongue reciprocate and move inside his own mouth.

That must have been the signal Patrick needed. His hand moved the final inch, closing the gap to its target. His fingers touched Ray's steel-hard penis, sending a genuine shiver through Ray's body. He felt Patrick's fingers close around his penis and gently pump up and down once, twice, before descending to his scrotum and massaging his tiny balls.

Oh wow, thought Ray. If he had any idea how wonderful this all was, and how kissing made sex so much better he would've tried it ages ago, with Dennis. Ray figured what was fair for Patrick was fair for him, so he moved his hand up and under Patrick's waistband, and onto his penis, with considerably less hesitation than Patrick had done with him. Oh my god, he thought as his hand curled around Patrick's penis and he moved it slowly over the smooth hot skin, I'm doing it! I have a man's hard penis in my hand, and he's rubbing mine! And he's the coolest man in the world!

Ray felt Patrick break off the kiss and watched as he moved his head back slightly. His hand still exploring gently, moving up and around Ray's scrotum and back onto his hard stalk, rubbing now in a circular motion. Ray stared into Patrick's gorgeous amber eyes as Patrick looked back steadily. Patrick's hand moved lower again, this time past Ray's scrotum. Ray shifted again and opened his legs wider, giving him access. Patrick rubbed a finger across Ray's perineum and then slightly lower, rubbing gently around the circumference of Ray's rosebud. Ray closed his eyes once again, reveling in the feelings. This was another area he and Dennis had not explored.

Ray moved his hand up onto the head of Patrick's penis now, feeling the slippery precum there and spreading it across and down Patrick's very hard penis, conscious of Patrick's reaction to his motions.

"I thought we were supposed to talk about this first," said Patrick quietly, his hand not slowing its movements around Ray's butt and back up over his very hard dick.

"I think we are." whispered Ray. "Only it's our bodies doing the talking."

Patrick's hands pushed down Ray's shorts and underwear, with Ray lifting up slightly to help. Then Patrick lifted up and removed his own. Both naked from the waist down now, they resumed their explorations.

Ray looked at Patrick's penis, inches from his face. He could smell its pungent aroma, follow the shape of the hard stalk and the widening onto the softer mushroom shaped head with his fingers. It made his own penis all the harder. He knew what he wanted to do. The same thing he had done to Dennis in the shower last week. The same thing he had been thinking about doing to a man for ages. He wanted it, but he wasn't sure how Patrick would react. He could feel Patrick's fingers on his butt, pushing in ever so slightly, maybe a quarter of an inch, somehow the fingers slightly moist now, then gently out and back up and across Ray's penis, rubbing gently, slowly. Oh so wonderfully. Ray moved his head down the last few inches and carefully kissed the end of Patrick's penis, tasting the precum on his lips. Patrick growled and pushed his hips up slightly, bumping his penis onto Ray's lips again. That was all Ray needed. He opened his mouth and allowed the head of Patrick's penis to slide inside, his tongue moving across the underside and around to the sides. Ray began sucking ia bit tentative at first, but then after a moment in earnest, amazed at the feel of Patrick's dick on his tongue, in his mouth.

Patrick's moist finger was half an inch inside Ray now, with the heel of his hand and his arm rubbing deliciously across Ray's scrotum and penis, which caused him to suck all the harder. The taste and smell of Patrick had Ray more turned on than he could ever remember feeling before in his eleven years.

"Ray?... Ray, I think you need to stop. Unless you want me to cum in your mouth."

Ray wasn't sure he was quite ready for that, so he moved his mouth up and off Ray's penis, keeping his hand around it and rubbing up and down while watching closely. He felt Patrick's penis twitch, then throb. He watched in awe as Patrick spurted out onto his belly, dripping down his shirt into his pubic hair and across Ray's pumping hand. Ray felt the hot liquid on his fingers and rubbed them together experimentally. He stopped pumping and looked up into Patrick's eyes. Patrick looked back lovingly and pulled Ray in for another kiss, spreading his semen down his side, onto Ray's own shirt, and across his front onto his penis.

Ray felt Patrick lift him up and set him down gently on the couch on his back. Patrick moved down and began to kiss the area above, around and below Ray's jutting penis. Ray squirmed, turning his body trying to make contact with Patrick's lips. Patrick avoided Ray's penis, teasing, blowing hot air across his penis and scrotum. Licking his lips he then moved his head down and over Ray's penis, using his tongue to explore its length.

Oh, it felt so good! Ray shoved his hips up hard, bumping Patrick's nose with his belly. Oh god. It was incredible. He felt Patrick's hand move around and under, and into his butt crack. Ray obliged by pushing up more and spreading his legs once again. Again he felt Patrick's finger, wet this time, seemingly with some of Patrick's cum, push gently inside. Half an inch, maybe a bit more, then rub and twist deliciously but still cautiously as Patrick's tongue moved up and down Ray's penis and onto his balls.

Ray breathed harder as Patrick pushed Ray's shirt further up, to his neck, using one hand to continue to rub Ray's stomach and chest, paying particular attention to his nipples. Patrick's other hand gently but persistently moving in a rhythmic circular motion slightly inside Ray's anus. His mouth bobbed up and down faster now, meeting the rhythm of Ray's thrusting hips.

Ray felt the beginnings of his orgasm and began thrusting harder. The sensations from his penis, his butt, and even the hand on his nipples blending together deliciously. He throbbed mightily and pushed his pubis hard against Patrick's nose, holding himself there. His orgasm, still dry, throbbed intensely and then subsided and he allowed himself to slowly relax back down onto the couch, breathing hard.

Ray felt Patrick pull him back up gently and they held each other, hugging closely, Ray waiting for his breath to slow to normal.

"Oh my god. That was intense!" said Ray quietly.

Patrick laughed at Ray. "Intense? You have a way with words Raymond Huntley." He leaned in for another kiss.

** 19 **

Patrick struggled with his mixed emotions as he cuddled with his sweet boy, breathing his incredible boyish aroma deeply into his nose. He had never felt so wonderful in all his life. He was going straight to hell. How could anything that felt so good, so loving, so gentle and caring, be as horrible as everybody seemed to think it was. Looking at Ray's satisfied smile he could see that Ray didn't seem to be suffering from any such doubts.

"I think we both need a shower. Come on." said Patrick several minutes later. "And I think I'd better throw these in the washing machine." he continued, fingering their messy t-shirts.

"Ok, let's go. But you're not washing this shirt. Not ever, it's getting hidden away forever."

Patrick laughed. "Ok fine, just don't let your mom find it. Let's go."

In the shower they washed each other thoroughly and pleasurably but despite their obvious arousal Patrick tried to ensure they did not begin any further sex play.

"So, how does it feel? Now that your Dream has come true?" asked Patrick with a smile, his hand washing across Ray's butt, enjoying its smooth texture.

"Well. Mostly came true. There's still a little matter for you to take care of," Ray answered cheekily, bending over slightly and allowing Patrick's hand to rub against his anus and wrapping his hand around Patrick's once again aroused penis.

Patrick looked back at Ray, not as shocked as he would've been a day ago. "Oh no. That can wait for some other time, or never. There's the little matter of our size difference you know. It would likely hurt a fair bit rather than be any fun at all."

"Hurt?" Ray laughed hollowly. "Somehow I don't think that's really a worry." He trailed off, his arousal disappearing after mentioning his upcoming ordeal.

Patrick pulled his boy into his arms and rocked him gently.

They had dried off and were once again sitting back on the couch. Patrick had pulled on his shorts and a clean t-shirt and had found a much too large old t-shirt of his for Ray to wear. Ray was still trying to get Patrick to change his mind.

"Come on Patrick. You're obligated. You have to finish making my Dream come true. And you promised you'd support me."

"Somehow I don't think me shoving my dick up your butt is quite the same thing as support," answered Patrick dryly.

Ray giggled. "Maybe not. But I still want you to. I need to know how it feels." He tried reaching his hand towards Patrick's lap.

Patrick intercepted the groping hand and steered it to his side, continuing to hold it. He looked at Ray thoughtfully. It just might be the strangest motivator ever used for a sick kid, but... "Ok, I'll make you a deal. You get through this. Alive. And sane. You get through this and once you've recovered and are healthy and showing no significant symptoms, physical or emotional. Then I'm yours. Anyway you want. You want me to fuck you, I'll fuck you."

Ray looked shocked and thrilled at Patrick's offer, and his language, just the effect Patrick was trying for.

Ray answered, "You promise?"

"I promise." He sealed the deal with a kiss.

** 20 **

"Mom, Dad? This is Patrick," said Ray.

Patrick looked around the nicely decorated home. Plants of every kind adorned the living room, mostly green but some flowered plants added shades of pink, and yello, and red. Comfortable furniture, not new but well cared for was placed sensibly around the living room. There was a newer LCD television but it appeared to be much smaller than was popular these days and was placed somewhat off to the side rather than in a central position. Patrick was introduced to Ray's sister Kimberley as she watched curiously from the living room before turning back to her picture book.

Patrick had never felt so awkward in his life. Just how does one handle this situation? He couldn't remember a chapter in any etiquette book for meeting your preteen gay lover's parents.

He reached out his hand, "How do you do Mr. Huntley, Mrs. Huntley. I'd like to support Ray any way I can. That is quite the boy you have there."

Craig shook Patrick's hand slowly, looking at him with a cautious expression. "I have to admit I am more than a bit leery about this. Strangers in the park and all. But, as you know, Ray can be quite persuasive. Come on in and sit down. Let's chat and see if we can figure out how we should act around each other."

Karen just nodded stiffly towards Patrick, looking like she was making an effort to be polite but obviously finding it difficult, and bustled into the kitchen to finish her meal preparations.

Two hours later, the atmosphere felt more relaxed to Patrick. They sat at the table finishing their meal. Craig and Patrick, having found some common ground for discussion, were busily debating open versus closed source software for security use. Ray sat at the table listening quietly, seemingly satisfied that things seemed to be going well. Karen looked more relaxed as well, joining in the conversation and even risking a few jokes.

As the conversation tapered off Karen looked pensive and spoke up. "Patrick, I'm glad we had a chance to meet you. Now, I'll be honest. I am still very concerned about your intentions, and how exactly you came to be involved in my son's life, in his upcoming ordeal. I fully expect you to act in a decent and appropriate manner. However, I can see how important you suddenly seem to be to Ray. To be honest, I'm more concerned about his current health issues right now, and the upcoming treatment than the, uh, friendship he seems to be forming with you."

"Thanks Karen," Patrick answered. "It's all I can ask for. I have to be honest too. I was very nervous about coming here tonight. I had no idea how this would play out, if it was appropriate, if there would be any place for me here." Patrick could see Ray's frown at this, but he continued. "But Ray, as you know is quite the boy. For whatever reason he wants me there and I knew I had to do what I could to support him. It's the least I could do."

Pushing himself back from the table, Patrick knew it was time for him to make his exit. "Well, thank you again for your hospitality. It's time for me to be going. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate your understanding. I very much want what's best for Ray and will do whatever I can to help."

At the door they shook hands once again, this time Karen smiling, still looking a bit apprehensive Patrick noted, and taking his proffered hand. Patrick then smiled at Ray who came closer towards him, glanced towards his parents, and moved in for a hug. Another short glance at his parents and he quickly kissed Patrick on the lips before pulling away quickly and bounding up the stairs two at a time. Kimberley giggled at this exchange.