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The usual disclaimers apply.This story contains descriptions of sex between an adult and minor. If such material offends you or is illegal where you live, then DON’T READ IT!!!! It is entirely fictional, and is written as a fantasy, not a true life experience


I was lying back in my favorite sun trap in the bushes behind the dunes as I slowly stroked my eight inch throbber. The sun was beating down and the combination of sweat and my dick lube let my skin slide easily over my knob. I wasn’t aiming to get off or even to get to the edge. I was just relaxing and enjoying the feeling I get from playing with myself.

Then he appeared.

I estimated about eight or nine years old. Still some baby fat, snowy blond hair and the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen. Altogether as cute as a button. . . and as naked as a jay bird.

“Hiya, kid.”


“Aren’t you a bit young to be wandering around here by yourself?”

“I’m eight and a half almost. . . and I’m here with my Dad. My name’s Josh”

“Well, hello Josh. Then where is he?”

“He’s back there” he said indicating somewhere outside my suntrap, “fucking Gary.”

“And who’s Gary?”

“He’s my little brother.”

“How old is Gary?”

“Him and Jessie have just turned six. They’re twins.”

“And your Dad fucks him?”

“Yes, and he fucks Jessie and Karen and me too.”

“Who’s Karen?”

“She’s my big sister. She’s nine, nearly ten.”

“Are there any more that he fucks?”

“Only Mom at home.”

“So how often does he fuck you?”

“A lot. But not a lot now because he says Gary and Jessie need more practice than Karen and me. So he fucks them more.”

“Where are Karen and Jessie?”

“They’re with Mom. They’ve gone to get some work clothes for Jessie.”

“Work clothes?”

“Yeah. Mom knows a lady who makes them. Sorta like party dresses. They’ve got ribbons and things on them and she makes panties that match them. Only when you lie down and open your legs there’s a hole where you can see her pussy. These are the first for Jessie, but Karen has lots of them and other clothes like shorts that open up the same way.”

“And they’re work clothes?”

“Yeah. Sometimes men come to our place and Karen puts on her work clothes. Then the men play with her and put their fingers in her pussy and then they fuck her. Jessie hasn’t done that yet with other men. She just sucks their dicks. But when we go home from our holiday she’s gonna start doing it. That’s why Dad says she needs practice and Mom is getting her some work clothes.”

“And you and Gary do the same thing?”

“Sorta, except Dad takes us to parties where there are lots of men and they play with us.”

“Do you have work clothes too?”

“No. We just go naked. Gary hasn’t been fucked before except by Dad and he’s going to start when we get home too.”

My dick was starting to twitch from hearing Josh’s candid explanation. He noticed.

“You’ve got a nice dick. Do you want to fuck me?”

“I think I might be a bit big for you, kid.”

“You’re about the same size as Dad. You can fuck me if you want.”

Josh moved over to me, straddled my waist and lowered his butt to my meat.

“Don’t you want some grease?”

“It’s OK. Mom greased me and Gary before we came down here, just in case we got a chance to get fucked. Well, she knew Gary would get fucked, ‘cos Dad told her, but she said I should be prepared.”

“You like getting fucked then?”

“Mmmm. I love it. I like sucking on dicks too, ‘specially when they squirt their juice in me. I love the taste of men’s juice. And when they squirt in my pussy I can’t taste it, so I like sucking best, but I love it when they put their dicks in my pussy.”

“You always call it your pussy?”

“Yes. Dad says it’s my boy pussy, just like Karen and Jessie have their girl pussies.”

As he said this my cock stretched his little hole and he slid down till he was sitting on my crotch. He wriggled around a little, settling himself in, and sighed.

“You feel real good in me.”

“You feel real good too Josh. So tell me. How often to you go to these parties.”

“Most weeks, on Saturday or Sunday. Sometimes on Saturday night, but mostly in the afternoons.”

“And what happens at the parties?”

“Well we get there and take off our clothes. And we play with the other boys who are there, and sometimes some of the men take their clothes off too. There’s one place we go to where the owner has a pool and we swim in the pool and some of the men get in the pool with us and while we’re playing they play with our dicks and put their fingers in our pussies.

“Then we might get out and lie on one of the couches around the pool and I’d suck their dicks or they fuck me. And sometimes a lot of men will stand over me and squirt their juice all over me. Gary likes that ‘cos he comes and licks it all off me. Gary likes juice same as me.

“When we go back home, one of the men is having a special party for Gary, where he’s gonna get fucked for the first time by another man, prob’ly the man who’s having the party. He’s real excited about it ‘cos he loves it too, and he’s always asking Dad to fuck him again.”

While he was telling me this Josh was slowly raising and lowering his cute butt on my shaft. He was bringing me close to a mammoth eruption, so I grabbed his hips and held him still.

“Hold on there a while, kiddo. You’ve got me close to cumming.”

“Don’t you want to squirt in me?”

“Fuck yeah. But I want to enjoy your little “pussy” a while longer.”

“OK. I like sitting on your dick. It feels just like Dad’s.”

He squeezed his ass muscles round my shaft, making it jerk in him and probably juicing him with more of my man lube. He giggled.

“Dad does that when I do it to him too. He taught me that.”

“Well he’s a fucking good teacher. How long have you been getting fucked?”

“Since I was six. Karen started when she was six too, and now Gary and Jessie are getting started. We started sucking dicks for a year before Dad started fucking us.”

“So you were going to parties when you were five.”

“Yes. First it was just Dad, then he let me suck some of his friends, but I didn’t go to a big party till I was five and a half.”

“Does your Dad fuck you at parties?”

“Not much. He says he can get enough of my pussy at home, so he lets the other men fuck me at parties. But he fucks some of the other boys. He likes fucking boy pussy. Do you fuck girl pussies?”

“Nah. I only like boys and men, mostly boys.”

“Dad fucks boy pussies and girl pussies. Karen and me watch him some nights. We hide in his closet when there’s a man coming to visit and watch while Dad and Mom and the man fuck. Sometimes the man fucks Mom’s girl pussy and Dad fucks Mom’s boy pussy at the same time, and sometimes Dad fucks the man’s boy pussy while he’s fucking Mom’s girl pussy, or he fucks Dad while Dad fucks Mom in her girl pussy or boy pussy.”

“Does the man know you’re there?”

“No. We have to be real quiet so he doesn’t know. And when he goes I get to lick Mom or Dad to get the juice the man sqirts in them.”

“You really are a cum hungry little one aren’t you.”

He giggled. My urge to shoot into him had faded so I let go of his hips. He started sliding up and down my prong again, and I got that wonderful feeling you get when you’re shaft is encased in a tight smooth boy hole.

“You should come to one of the parties. There’s lots of boys you could fuck. A lot of the men like to take photos of us getting fucked too.”

“I’d love to come to one of your parties, but I would have to be invited by one of the men.”

“Dad would invite you. He’s got lots of friends who he invites.”

“Are there girls there too?”

“No. It’s only the men and boys. I think the men only like fucking boy pussies.”

“I’m sure they do.”

Josh was bouncing faster on my cock. and the urge to blow was building.

“I’m gonna cum soon. You want it in your “pussy” or in your mouth?”

“In my pussy. Then Gary can suck it out, can’t you Gary.”

“Having a good time Josh?”

“Yeah, Dad. His dick is almost the same as yours.”

“Shit. I didn’t know you were. . . . Steve?”


“Fuck. This little slut is yours?”

“Yeah. One of the brood.”

“Fuckin’ hell!!!”