Corey in the Morning, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Daylight was just starting to peak through the clouds when the youngster slipped out of his house, but Corey could hardly tell. He went out through the side door in the garage bypassing his bike this morning, though he would have liked to ride it. Instead, he walked across the wet lawn in his back yard toward his fence, then he opened the gate and quietly shut it again. There was a thick morning fog that would eventually burn off, but at 5:55am, it was too early for that.

The boy was still in his pajama bottoms, but had taken care to put a sweat shirt on so that he wouldn't get too chilly. As he hurried through the alley, he felt a thrill run through him, knowing that his destination would make whatever punishment he faced at home if he were late for breakfast worth it. When he was almost at the end of the alley, he stopped and peaked through the planks of the fence, into a familiar backyard. As he peered through the space between the boards, a smile spread out across his face and he felt a strong shiver run through him. Needing to get into the yard, the 11 year old thought on his feet, commissioning a garbage can to stand on. With the added four feet of height, the youngster reached over the gate and opened the latch.

When he was in the yard, he quietly closed the gate again, then he made his way across the grass, which was slick with morning dew. His eyes were set on the patio, where a man in his 20's lay passed out in a lawn recliner. He was snoring heavily, telling the ambitious little brunette that he was sleeping off his drunken stupor from the night before. There were beer bottles and used plastic cups strewn all over the yard, as well as several discarded pizza boxes. What Corey was most interested in, though, was the hard package that lay just beneath the man's jeans.

Grateful for morning wood, the determined boy knelt at the man's side and worked to open his fly. When the man's pants were unbuttoned, he very carefully reached in and placed his small hand between the teeth of the zipper and the man's raging hard on. He felt another strong shiver go through him as he felt the hot, throbbing erection in his hand, and he quickly pulled the zipper down so that he could reach into his boxers and pull it out. As soon as he pulled the hard cock out of the opening in the front of the passed out drunkard's boxers, he moaned softly and licked its head, then he quickly took it in his mouth and felt his young body catch fire.

The boy was incredibly horny this morning, just like he had been when he left the man the night before. His hard little dick was throbbing with passion as he ran the eight inch shaft in and out of his throat. His tongue was working diligently to bathe the underside of the hard cock, and he was using his soft hands to fondle the man's warm, hefty ball sack. He let his gaze travel up to the man's face, taking note of the fact that the benefactor of his cock sucking was starting to stir. He responded to this by increasing the suction with his tongue and his lips, eager to pull the pleasure from the man's balls.

When 26 year old Ronald started to come around, it was because he had a magnificent, carnal feeling that was starting to build in his loins. As he felt the cobwebs clearing out of his head, he felt a warm, wet sensation around his dick and blinked. When he looked down toward the foot of the lawn chair, he realized that the little cock hound who had been at the party the night before was back. He heard the little boy moan and smiled, knowing that morning was just starting to break and already, the youngster was hot for it. He saw the boy's plump rear end filling out a pair of blue pajama bottoms and nearly shot his load on the spot. Instead, he composed himself and reached out to fondle the supple rear end through the thin cotton fabric.

As soon as he ran his hand over Corey's bubble butt, the boy let go of a horny moan. He instinctively swung his rear end so that it was pointing at Ronald, though he never took the man's dick out of his mouth. In reply, Ronald used his finger to push the boy's pajamas and underwear up into his crack, then he rubbed the boy's puckered entrance through his clothes. Once again, Corey let go of a moan, this one much needier than the ones he had been letting go of since wrapping his lips around the man's cock. Ronald knew for sure that the boy's cock hunger was insatiable, especially after the sheer number of blow jobs and ass fuckings he indulged in the night before.


When Corey arrived at the party, everyone knew why he was there. The boy had been coming to the house for months, eager to have sex with the three men who lived there. Ronald and his two house mates, Connor and Matthew, were all successful young professionals in the IT world. They shared a love of beer drinking, pot smoking and gay sex. And while they were happy to have sex with any good looking guy they could, they took the most pleasure in having sex with the horny 11 year old who lived on the next block over.

When they first met the boy, they thought that he was just a regular kid riding his bike through the alley. He had stopped on his bike and struck up a conversation with the men through their opened gate, and casually, he wound up in their backyard. Eventually, the little scamp steered the discussion toward the topic of gay sex, and the men were caught off guard. Then the four foot, six inch, brown eyed cutie let it slip that he was gay, and that he loved sucking dick. Still unsure of the boy's intentions, Connor and Ronald begged off, but Matthew was keen to test the waters. So in an act of sheer depravity, little Corey dropped his pants, got on his knees and sucked Matthew off in the middle of the men's living room while Connor and Ronald watched with disbelieving eyes. When Matthew warned the boy that his load was forthcoming, the short haired cutie stayed where he was, sucking his lover off until the man blew a load in his mouth that the gay cock sucker swallowed with a moan.

Before leaving the roommates that first day, the little cutie summoned all three of them to mount him from behind while he sucked continuous cock for over an hour. With every load he swallowed, the boy seemed to crave more. And with every butt fucking he received, the youngster seemed determined to take another. When the fun finally ended for the day, Corey left with the promise of returning the next day. Leaving the men in a state of exhaustion, the boy slipped out the back door and got on his bike, eager to get down to the park so he could suck more cock before his curfew rolled around.

Over time, Corey started to spend more and more time at the house. He would spend entire Saturdays with the three men, going from room to room with the hopes of spreading his legs and getting lucky. When he wasn't taking it in the ass, the horny 11 year old was on his knees, sucking the men off while they wrote computer programs at their desks or while they played video games in their living room. When he wasn't with his three neighbors, the boy could often be found in the park restroom, in the furthest stall from the door. He could typically be found sitting on the commode with his pants around his ankles, sucking dick after dick while his hairless little boner stood straight out at a 45 degree angle.

On Sunday afternoon, Ronald and his house mates told Corey that they were planning to throw a party the following Friday. With a look of carnal lust in his eyes, the youngster begged them to let him come over and service cocks. He felt his little body shudder as thoughts of sucking men off at will filled his horny imagination. The men acted reluctant, but were quietly pleased with the boy's eagerness to play the role of the glory hole at their gathering.

As a show of appreciation, the young cock sucker stayed naked all afternoon and evening long, keeping his legs pulled to his chest so that the men could take turns accessing his horny boy pussy. Connor quickly took him up on his offer, and while his yearning bottom was filled with hard cock, the horny little scamp wrapped his lips around Ronald's thick man cock while he used both hands to give Matthew a hand job. As the roommates triple teamed the horny little cock hound, Corey's mind raced, knowing that this was the position he wanted to be in all night at the party. By the time he had to leave for the evening, the cute little boy was swimming with pleasure. He had taken multiple cum loads in his ass that were now oozing into the seat of his white briefs, giving him a thrill. At the same time, he felt the many loads that slid down his throat giving his tummy a soothing burn that he carried with him as he rode his bike home.

As thoughts of the upcoming event filled the boy's young mind, he became even more insatiable for cock. Everyday after school, he went on a sex fueled rampage that took him into the nearby gay district, where he set up a different glory hole each day. He spent all afternoon sucking men off in a gas station restroom on Monday, swallowing load after creamy load in the stall. While he was sucking his first few cocks, he practically begged the men he was blowing to spread the word. Unable to believe how hot the youngster was to keep giving head, the men quickly spread the word online. Word went out that the young cum slut was seeking hard cocks to suck, and he found himself very busy well into the evening.

His sexual appetite had him back in the gay district on Tuesday, eating continuous ass in the back room at a pool hall he'd been frequenting for years. When he first set up shop, a group of cute high schoolers visited his glory hole. The cute boy was incredibly horny to eat some ass, so he buried his face in the hot, sweaty rear end of a blond cutie and feasted. While he was enjoying his feast, he felt someone grab his hips and slide their teen cock in his rear end, treating him to a luscious back door service. When his ride was over, Corey looked around and saw that a crowd had formed. Feeling insatiable for more action, the 6th grader was unable to resist the urge to lay flat on his back and beg men and boys to lower their rear ends over his face. While he feasted on their hot sphincters, his legs were raised and cocks were slipped up his ass, making his body burn with passion as he took load after load. His evening of passion at the pool hall ended when the night manager arrived, so the owners put the young ass muncher in their car and drove him home.

On Wednesday, he spent the entire afternoon and evening taking cocks in the ass behind a high traffic gay bar. He was so horny all day at school that as soon as the bell rang, he hurried down to the alley behind the bar and started offering his ass to any and all takers. He was quickly taken up on his offer, and as the men started to gather, he was ushered into the bar through the back and taken to a room with a bed. With his glory hole back in full use, the cute youngster felt his young body catch fire almost immediately. With loud, horny moans of sheer pleasure, the 11 year old stayed in the missionary position and welcomed cock after dripping cock in his shivering boy pussy while he was kissed deeply. When he sauntered over to the pool hall next door in search of one last cock to service, his rear end was drooling cum and brimming with pleasure. Taking his place in the back room, the boy dropped his pants and bent over. He indulged in 45 minutes worth of additional butt fucking while the owners played stupid up front, then he got on his knees and ate a few asses before it was time to go. By the time he was driven home at 8pm, the boy had lost count of the cocks that had serviced his boy cunt, and he loved it.

On Thursday, he hurried back to the pool hall at the owner's insistence. He quickly set up shop in the back room, where he worshiped hot assholes while men and boys took turns raising his legs and fucked hot loads into his body. It didn't take long for the boy to attract a long line of horny tops at his glory hole. All of the males were eager to take a turn having their assholes eaten while they held the boy's quivering legs in place so he could accommodate cocks in his ass. Before leaving for the night, the boy laid flat on his back with a grin plastered to his glowing face while a group of tops jacked off over his shivering body. When the pool hall closed for the evening, the owners drove the boy home.

When Friday finally rolled around the boy was nearly bursting at the seams with horny anticipation. He stopped off at the gay bar on the way home and treated himself to a split roast between two well hung men in their 50's, then he spent a glorious afterglow licking their nuts and making out with the pair. From there, he hurried home and got his homework done, then he waited for his mom and dad. He knew that they were coming home early tonight, so he hit the books and organized his folders. When his parents got home at 5:30pm, he was climbing the walls in want of a fuck and quickly secured their permission to leave for the evening so he could hang out with friends.

Be home by 11:30, son,” his dad said, and the boy dutifully promised to make it back by his Friday night curfew.

Do you need a little money, Corey?” his mom asked, then she handed him $20 for the evening.

With that, the little horn dog was off on his bike, eager to get to the party and start sucking dicks. When he rode up, the guests had just started to arrive. Corey was quickly ushered into a room with Matthew and Connor, and he was keen to get undressed right away. After a long, tongue filled kiss with both men, the boy stripped his clothes off and offered his lubed up rear end for the men to use. Matthew quickly mounted the boy from behind while Connor eased his prick into the 11 year old's mouth. With two cocks filling him so perfectly, the boy watched the bedroom door open wide and realized that the guests were watching him get double dicked. He moaned hotly, wanting them all to know that he was there to service their cocks anyway they wanted him to. It was strictly their choice, but the pleasure was all Corey's. His little boner was hard as steel as he contemplated a long night of guaranteed cock worship, as well as continuous service at his back door.

Much to the horny boy's delight, the promise of a major rear end service was quickly realized. He found himself being visited by a long line of horny, well hung men who wanted to take a ride in his talented ass. While his ass was accommodating hard dicks, he was treated to continuous cocks being eased into his mouth, just like he'd planned. With hard cock at both ends, the gay youngster couldn't fight the urge to take a dick in each hand and give simultaneous hand jobs. As the seven o'clock hour approached, Corey assumed the missionary position, grinning as a long, thick cock was eased into his boy pussy while the cock that had just pulled out of him slipped through his lips. He reached back out with both hands and stroked the nearest cocks to him, feeling his young body shiver as he climbed to the heights of anal ecstasy.

While he was luxuriating in the continuous strokes of hard dick that his boy pussy was accepting, he lost track of the different cocks that he was sucking. As soon as one pumped a load in his mouth, it was removed and a knew one was eased in. He loved feeling cock after juicy cock erupting with cum in his mouth, giving him a seemingly never ending fountain of cum to swallow. At the same time, he felt hot shots of cum shooting across his horny young body as the hand jobs he gave had their intended effect. Soon, a group of tops gathered around the boy and were jerking their cocks over his body while he inhaled the deep aroma of male musk all around him, making him dizzy with lust.

Soon after assuming the missionary position, Corey felt his boy pussy start to burn with the flames of a powerful boygasm. He responded to this by tightening his grip around the cocks he had in his hands and increasing the force of his cock sucking. His rear end started to grab the long shaft that was feeding it strokes, giving him a luscious feeling while he moaned. With the fire now lit in his 11 year old body, Corey laid back and let the flames consume him. His horny bottom throbbed with pleasure all evening long as cock after juicy cock slid deep inside of it and fucked him with luscious thrusts that made him call out for more. His young body shivered with passion every time he was bred, then his top would pull out and a new cock would enter him. The very few instances when he didn't have a cock in his mouth were moments when he had a mouthful of stiff tongue, kissing his top deeply while his sexual cup continued to spill over.

With top after top using him as a cum dump, his naked little cock stayed hard all night long. He would swallow a thick load of cum, then a new cock was eased into his mouth and his dreams of non stop cock worship continued to come true. When ten o' clock rolled around the little boy laid flat on his back in the middle of the living room and begged men at the party to take turns receiving rim jobs from him while he took it in the ass. Unable to believe their luck, the men all acquiesced, giving the horny boy a buffet of assholes to feast on while his bottom was used as a glory hole. With his shoulders pinned under their legs and his tongue lodged deep in the chutes of the many men he longed to eat out, he felt his legs being raised and pushed to the side to accommodate the needs of his well hung tops. He knew that he was a true glory hole, eager to have his body manipulated in any way his tops wanted it to be in the hopes of getting them all off. After eating continuous ass for almost an hour, the boy sat up and opened wide while three cuties jerked off in his face. He moaned with satisfaction when they filled his mouth with their cum loads, then he swallowed with a grin.
It was getting close to his curfew, and the gay youngster felt a longing in his heart to service the men who made his evening of non stop cock worship a reality. So one by one, horny little Corey sought out the three house mates and gave them one more ride in his boy pussy. The first one he came across was Connor, who was seated at the kitchen table drinking shots of bourbon. The naked boy approached his top and planted a long, tongue filled kiss on his mouth, then he straddled the man's cock and moaned into his mouth while he took a fast ride.

When Connor bred his boy pussy, the youngster sought out Matthew, who was on the patio with a group of cute guys whose loads Corey had already taken. The 11 year old made his move, bending over and wrapping his lips around Connor's cock, sucking until it was nice and hard. He pulled off with a slurp, then he bent over in the middle of the patio and took a 45 second butt fucking from his top. When Connor was about to blow his load, he pulled out and shot all over Corey's ass cheeks. The horny 11 year old reached back and parted his buns, exposing his cum splattered hole to the crowd of men who were watching. As the night air fluttered across his exposed hole, Corey let out a moan of desire, eager for one last butt fucking.

Seeking his final reward, he set his sights on Ronald, who was smoking a cigarette on the side of the house. Eager to please, young Corey got behind the man and ate his ass deeply until the cigarette was crushed in the dirt. With a throb of horny desire, he engaged his top in a tongue heavy kiss while he was eased onto his back in the dirt. With his legs in the air, the boy took a satisfying ride on the man's cock that left him well fucked and well seeded.

Corey spent an extended amount of time sucking the man's dick clean, then he was accompanied inside to find his clothes. Once inside, the boy got dressed, then he sucked one last dick in the living room. After taking a fast load, he swallowed with a satisfied sigh. Making his way to the front door, he kissed as many of his tops as he could, eager for any gay romance he might be able to entice. When he finally left, he got on his bike and rode home with a very satisfied bottom that was leaking cum into the seat of his pants.
When Corey got home, he knew that he stank of sex, so he went inside and made a beeline for the bathroom. After a much needed shower, the boy got in his pajamas and joined his mom and dad in their room, where they were watching a movie. As he lay between his parents, the boy could feel the many loads that had been fucked into his rear end seeping out into the seat of his white underwear, soaking right through his pajama bottoms, and he loved it. He let go of a dreamy sigh, knowing that his night was everything he dreamed it would be, and more.

Did you have fun buddy?” his dad asked as the little boy snuggled between his parents.

Yeah, I had a really good time,” he said quietly, watching the movie. He felt his dad kiss the top of his head, prompting him to smile up, then he rested his head on his dad's chest.

I'm glad to hear that, buddy,” his dad said, rubbing his back. “Hopefully, you got it all out of your system and I won't find out that you've been down at the gay bar meeting men, trying to get that itch scratched.”

Corey felt his mom run her hand lovingly through his damp hair while his dad was talking to him, and he let go of a deep sigh.

I might need to go back over there tomorrow morning,” he admitted, then his dad kissed the top of his head again. “But I'll be home before breakfast.”

Mommy and daddy are opening the pool hall a little early tomorrow,” his mom told him, still caressing his damp head of hair. “We'd really like you to come down and spend all day there so we can keep an eye on you.”

Can I have another glory hole?” the young cutie asked hopefully, and his dad nodded his approval. “What time are you opening?”

Before lunch time,” his mom said, and the little boy sighed. “Does that sound like fun?”

With that, the sexed up little boy nodded his head, then he settled in to watch the movie with his parents. Eventually, he fell fast asleep while they rubbed his back, exhausted by his evening of cock worship. So when the movie was over, his dad carried him down the hall to his room. When he was tucked under his covers, his mom and dad sat on the edge of his bed and talked softly about how proud they were of the little bottom they were raising, making him smile in his sleep. Finally, they kissed his cheek and turned out the light, letting him get his well deserved rest.


Corey was on his hands and knees, grinning over his shoulder at Ronald. The man had moved the fun into the house, where several guests were sleeping in the living room and on the floor in his room. Still, the man was keen to fuck the boy, and the horny 11 year old was itching for a cock in his ass. So when Ronald pulled his pajama bottoms down and exposed the boy's luscious bubble butt, he couldn't resist the temptation he had to give the youngster what he was after. The boy let go of a hot moan when he felt Ronald sliding his dick through his eager entrance, knowing that his day of cock service was off to a great start.

Although it was unintentional on the part of the boy, his horny moans roused a few of the sleeping guests. And as they came to, they saw the cock hungry 11 year old in the doggy style position with his pajama bottoms bunched around his knees. So after taking a sizzling load up his ass courtesy of Ronald's eight inch rod, Corey was summarily mounted and fucked for a full two hours. He spent 20 minutes in the doggy style position, biting his lower lip and grinning over his shoulder as he accepted hot, fast rides from the back. Then he got comfortable in the missionary position, taking ride after shiver inducing ride while he had dicks eased into his mouth. It didn't take him long to seek out a cock in each hand, and soon, he had cum shot all over his face, in his hair and all over his dick sucking lips.

When his morning of cock worship was over and it was time to check in at home, the horny boy was in a state of sheer bliss. Not caring about their morning breath at all, he treated his tops to long, tongue filled kisses and gave his cell phone number out to every cute guy who wanted it. He told them all to feel free to share his number with a few friends, then he announced that he would be setting up a glory hole in the back room of the pool hall. Knowing that his glory hole downtown would close by 5pm, he offered to return to the house and set up a Saturday night glory hole. The three house mates quickly agreed to this arrangement, so little Corey made plans to return later on, eager to have his boy pussy serviced all night.

When he let himself out, he started down the alley, eager to get home before his parents got up. As he hurried home, his supple rear end caught the eye of a lecherous old man whom he'd never met before. The man feigned concern for the pajama clad boy, and insisted that the boy come inside. Knowing exactly what the man was up to, Corey played along, allowing himself to be lured into the man's house. Five minutes later, Corey was tightening the muscles in his boy pussy as he took a quick ride on the man's seven inch boner. His rear end was seeded in well under a minute, but he enjoyed the express service at his back door and showed his gratitude with a long, deep kiss and a promise to see the man daily for more action.

When he got home, the house was quiet and he could hear his father's snoring, so the little cum slut cleaned himself up and removed his sweat shirt, which was splattered with cum shots. Feeling hungry for breakfast, the little cock hound got in bed with his parents, snuggling up between them and basking in the afterglow of his morning service.

Good morning champ,” he heard his dad say groggily, so he rested his head on his chest and hugged him tightly.

Morning daddy,” the cute boy replied, nuzzling his cheek into his dad's chest.

Did you get yourself laid this morning?” his dad asked, and the boy nodded. “I take it you've worked up an appetite.”

Yeah, I'm hungry, dad,” he sighed. “Will you wake mom up so she can cook breakfast?

Can you give us a little more time, buddy?” his dad asked, and the boy thought about it for a moment.

I can wait to eat if you want,” he offered, and his dad responded by opening an eye, encouraging the boy to elaborate. “I'm planning to have a nice, long feast down at the pool hall today, anyway.”

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