WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult males and minor boys. Please do not continue reading if you find this offensive, if you are underage or if this type of story is illegal where you live.
(M/M, M/b con, anal, oral, bi, bear)

  Country Ways
Chapter 20

As I opened the door to my truck and stepped up inside of it, I couldn’t help but think that every once in a while a man finds himself walking a fine line somewhere between the blurred edges of reality and a fantasy world of his own making.

As soon as I pulled out of the parking lot of that motel, I finally allowed myself to think and wonder about what all I had experienced last night. To be honest, I didn’t know if I had just been dreamin’ half of it or not. The only thing I was a hundred percent certain of was how mentally and physically relaxed I was.

I felt so at peace with myself, I didn’t know what to think. I felt almost sedated I was so calm, and I was grateful for the fact that when I turned on to the main road that led to the fairgrounds, the traffic was backed up for the better part of a mile.

It gave me some time to come to grips with myself because I was feeling pretty certain at the time that I didn’t know fuck all about nothin’, and I sure as hell knew I didn’t know nothin’ at all about fuckin’ after what I had experienced last night.

I swear I was already wantin’ that big ol’ cuss to fuck that huge fuckin’ dick of his back up in me right then and there. I could almost feel the fucker pushin’ right on through my pucker-hole and I felt my butt squirm on my seat the more I thought about it. I shook my head in disbelief at what all I was thinkin’ and feelin’ and then just drifted away deep in thought.

I was completely changed and I knew it.

I thought back to when I first laid my eyes on his dick and I realized that I’d never lusted after a dick in my life in the way I had his. There wasn’t any comparison at all to how I loved feelin’ up Bull’s perfect manhood or the sheriff’s fat cock to what all went through me once I got my hands on his huge fuckin’ hog. . .

And those giant, fuckin’ testicles of his. . . . I felt my jaw drop open and just shook my head back and forth as I recollected just how much of his hot, thick, spunk them fuckers actually packed.

I thought back to when I first laid eyes on that wide, hairy groin of his and how it seemed so fittin’ for the man and what all he had hangin’ down underneath it. Them huge fuckin’ balls of his could only fit right on a man with a groin as broad as he had, and they fit him to perfection much in the same way that huge, fuckin’ dick of his did.

But I guess in all truth it was the man himself that had me so preoccupied. He had such a strong, inward masculinity about him that it seemed as though he consciously held much of it in check. I sensed it when I first met him and even though I had now experienced much of his man-ways, I couldn’t help but think that there was a whole lot more of it in him that he hadn’t yet revealed to me.

I couldn’t believe how perfectly beautiful it had been for me just seein’ and feelin’ what all that big man went through with himself to where he could finally pass his seed along to me in the way that he did, and it got me to thinkin’ about his son for a moment and remembering what all I felt at the time I got to witness the things he went through to get himself worked up to where he could fuck all of his seed out for that young, spunk-hungry bull who had caught his eye.

As I thought about that all over again, I realized that I’d never forget that experience as long as I lived, but it wasn’t nothin’ compared to what I’d seen and felt when his own dad had fucked me full of his thick ropes of spunk.

I never appreciated being a man more in my life after I saw and felt what all that big old cuss went through to get that huge fucker of his worked up the way he needed to reach his final moment of release. That alone was something to behold, but when he finally did and I felt that first powerful blast of his hot, thick spunk hit my insides like a sledgehammer and saw that grimace pour all over his strong masculine face in a way I’ve never seen on a man before, I knew right then and there that huge hog of his was makin’ him feel things that only he would ever know.

It looked like he was carrying a ton of weight on his shoulders right before he let loose with it, and it was so fuckin’ beautiful to see him in that state, I felt my own self shoot off like I never had in my whole life.

My own orgasm felt so fuckin’ good to me I was literally forced to close my eyes and soak it all in for myself, and he fucked me so right and just at the right moment when I shot my own load off, I just knew he had to of been holding himself in check so he could stay in time with my fuckin’ orgasms.

All I knew for certain was that he sure as hell got me blowin’ off the best load I ever let loose with in my entire life, and the more I thought about that and how I just knew by the way he was handlin’ himself afterwards that he hadn’t gotten himself off near as good as he had wanted, the more beholden to him I felt.

I promised myself the next time around, I’d do everything I could to make sure that he got his fuckin’ load off just the way he needed.

I felt I at least owed him that much, but I knew it wouldn’t be easy.

For one thing, I knew from my experiences with the sheriff that what those two men carried around under them weren’t just for show. . . and his testicles were well over twice the size of his grandson’s.

The only thing that made me think it might even possible to help the big man blow off all the spunk he carried around in him at once was the fact that his huge, fuckin’ dick blasted the stuff out in streams damn near as thick as a garden hose.

In a way, I was disappointed I had been so taken away by the powerful orgasm he produced in me, that I didn’t get to fully appreciate what all he went through himself as he let loose with all the spunk that he did.

I drifted off a bit as I got to thinkin’ back to what it felt like each time he blasted my ass full of his spunk and I almost rear-ended the truck in front of me reliving it all.

That got my adrenalin going to be sure, so I sat up tall in my seat and tried not to think about it any further, but after a while, I felt myself slump back down in my seat as my thoughts drifted back to what all I’d felt each time that big man chug-fucked me the way he did.

There was just something so fitting in how he went about fuckin’ with that huge fucker of his I felt myself go flush just thinking about it all over again.

He sure as hell didn’t show any sign he any longer had any doubts, or inhibitions about his participations in man-sex, and yet I could tell that the man wasn’t born to it any more than I knew I was.

I guess that was what truly intrigued me the most about the man. I knew we had a lot in common from our past experiences, but I also couldn’t help but feel as though the stories his grandson had told me about him only revealed a very small part of his life and how it had shaped him into being the man he was today.

When we woke up this morning, he sure enough did have a good piss-hard goin’. He was still pretty sound asleep when I first felt that big fucker of his poking me down at my thighs, so I just lazily spread them apart and let it slip on in between them.

I was still pretty sleepy headed myself at the time, but it wasn’t all that long before that ol’ hog of his was throbbing good and strong and tight up against my nuts. That woke me up in a hurry, but it kept throbbin’ good and strong for quite awhile before it ever woke him up.

After he came full to his senses and realized what was going on, he fucked himself deeper in between my thighs and and made that huge fucker of his throb good and strong then chuckled and said, “See. . . I warned you about this.”

“Yeah, you sure as hell did, but you didn’t warn me about everything else you had in store for me.”

He chuckled again and said, “Well if I remember correctly, you asked for it.”

“And you was all too willing to oblige.”

He chuckled some more and said as he rubbed his hand all over my butt, “Yeah, I sure as hell was. As soon as we caught one another’s eyes yesterday, I knew I was gonna have to check out your hind quarters, and I wasn’t a bit disappointed when I did. Then last night, when you said you was willin’ to share a bed with me, and naked to boot, well. . .   I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but I couldn’t help but think perhaps it just might be my lucky day.”

“Well it sure as hell was my lucky day. . .”

He rubbed my butt more vigorously as he chuckled deep and lustily, then he looked me square in the eyes and said, “You don’t know how good it makes an old man feel to hear that. I hoped that you wouldn’t be too disappointed.”

“Fuck, are you kidding me? You have no idea how much all this means to me. . .   I can’t even begin to explain all the things I’m feelin’ inside.”

He just smiled and nodded as if he could read right through to my soul, then he caressed me a while without saying another word before he gently patted me on the butt and said, “Well I’ve got to get up and go take care of this business and you need to get yourself cleaned up and out of here. It’s already awfully late in the morning and you’ve got a long day ahead of you. . .”

I knew he was right, and after he got through taking a piss, I got busy with my morning constitution and took another quick shower, and then hurried to get dressed and on out of there.

I did take note that after he got through taking his piss, that huge hog of his was as soft as could be. I found that hard to believe to be honest with you because I knew how damn much blood he had to pump into that fucker to get it hard, and I remember last night, it took quite a long time before it got back down to being fully soft.

As I thought back to that, it made me all the more certain that he hadn’t gotten himself taken care of the way the man needed, and it made me all the more determined to make sure that he did the next time around.

He had his boxer shorts on and was busy reading the morning paper when I got out of the shower and while I was getting dressed, I noticed for the first time the trails of my spunk all up on the wall behind the head of the bed.

He caught the fact that I’d finally noticed the mess I had made and he chuckled and said, “I think I remember you telling me that rifle of yours couldn’t shoot any further than a foot or two.”

I walked around the bed to get a closer look at it all and couldn’t resist running my finger over some of it. “Fuck, I ain’t never shot off a load like this ever.”

He smiled and shook his head in disbelief and said, “How come I have a hard time believing that? Anyway, don’t worry about it none. I’ll clean it up. You need to get goin’.”

I couldn’t resist taking one last look at his crotch right before I left. Just the way all of his man-stuff nestled down in between his huge thighs and the way his shorts fit all around it all as he sat in that chair reading the morning paper was something to behold.

The head of his huge, fat fucker was partially showing through the gap in his fly, and I wanted so badly to walk right over to him and rub my hand all over his stuff just to find out how the hell all of it could fit down in between his thighs the way it did, I couldn’t believe it in myself.

I was distracted as hell by all of my thoughts of it, and those thoughts kept weaving in and out of my mind throughout the entire day.

I did finally manage to get it out of my head for a little while once I finally got parked and got busy tending to my bull, but once I got everything tidied up, I was back to thinking about it all over again.

I couldn’t believe how fuckin’ dick-crazy I’d become.

As the crowd of people gathered around us, I caught myself staring at some of the men’s crotches until the crowd got so large and intense, I was afraid they were gonna trample all over one another just to get a look at my bull. The general reaction to my bull surprised the hell out of me, and fortunately, he never tired or grew wary of all of the attention he was gettin’.

The day went by so fast, I didn’t realize how late it was until the crowd of people just seemed to melt away as they all headed on down to the dining area at once. I got busy cleaning up and preparing the berth so my bull could spend the night in as much comfort as he could there, and by the time I was done, the sheriff’s grandpa was once again standing with his foot up on the first rung of the berth, pettin’ my bull.

I couldn’t help but notice right off that the pair of overalls he had on fit him a whole hell of a lot more snug in the crotch than the ones he wore yesterday. That huge fuckin’ hog of his was pulled up snug underneath of his raised up thigh, but it was hanging so heavy down against the fabric, it was easy to make out practically every ripple and bulge of it.

It sure as hell wasn’t any problem seein’ the full shape and the sheer size of its bulbous head, and it wasn’t any problem at all seein’ the way his huge fuckin’ balls were hangin’ down the other leg of his overalls he supported his big self on.

They were pressed tight against his other massive thigh by the taught fabric and the big, bulbous bulges of them all squeezed together the way they were was just beyond belief.

There was so damn much man-meat to look at down there it was all I could do to tear my eyes away from it and pay attention to the man who possessed it all.

He sure as hell looked far more youthful and invigorated than he had the evening before, and I felt good inside knowing that I surely must of had something to do with that.

We just made some small talk as we headed on down to the dining area, but once we got seated, he directed the conversation more in a personal sort of way. He asked me if I’d ever been married, and when I told him I had been and told him I had a son going to the university, he smiled a little smile to himself and nodded as though that somehow affirmed some of the thoughts and intuitions he had in his own mind concerning me.

I could tell he was wanting to talk more, and knew it wasn’t about the kinds of things the two of us would ever discuss in public, so when he asked me if I wanted to take a walk around to see some of the sights after we finished eating, I told him I was pretty tuckered out from the day, and I’d just as soon go back to the motel and kick back and relax.

He just smiled and said, “Well let’s go on back then”, and by that quick response, I knew he was wanting to do the same as much as I did.

I figured all along that we’d end up having some kind of heart to heart talk, and I was a little nervous about it because I didn’t know where it all might lead - especially concerning any association between me and him and his grandson. Little did I know that would be the first thing he would bring up once we settled in on the bed beside each other back at the room.

We went through the same routine of him showering up before I did, and by the time I got finished folding up my clothes and straightening things up, he was laying in bed on his back with his right arm spread out waiting for me to get in beside him.

He never offered to move his arm as I got into bed with him, so I went ahead and laid my head down on it after I got myself tucked in comfortable beside him. He took a deep breath and then turned some on his side to me and gently rubbed my chest and belly, before he said, “I don’t know how well you know my grandson, but I suspect you know him a bit better than you initially let on that you did,”

“What makes you think that.”

“Well a couple of things actually. For one, I know that you’re the type of man that he would want to get to know better, and then there was something you said to me last night that got me to thinking that you and he might be a lot closer than you let on. . . a hell of a lot closer. Either way, I’d appreciate it if you’d not ever tell him about any of this.”

“You needn’t worry about that none. This is all just between you and me and no one else as far as I’m concerned. . . So what was it that I said last night that got you to thinking he and I were so close?”

He chuckled and said, “Awh it’s nothin’ really, it was just when you called my dick a ‘hog’. . .   That got me to thinking later that he might of told you about some of the things that went on between us when he was young. . .”

I’d forgotten about saying that, but then again, I knew that if I’d never heard any of his grandson’s stories, I would of called that fucker of his the same damn thing after seeing it. Hell, I couldn’t think of any other word that summed it up better than that.

I kept quiet for a moment debating with myself what to say next, and then I realized that I had waited so long to respond, that nothing I could say at that point would ever belie his initial suspicions. I didn’t want that between us. It simply wasn’t right. So I made up my mind to fess up to it all.

“Well as a matter of fact, he and I have become quite good buddies, and he’s told me things that went on between the two of you that only two close friends would ever share with one another.”

He just nodded without offering to say anything, so I went on to say, “But I’ll tell you what, even if I hadn’t known him at all, I still would of called that big, beautiful fucker of yours a ‘hog’. Hell, there just isn’t any other single word to describe it!”

He chuckled a bit then said, “Yeah, I guess maybe that’s true. . .”

I could detect a hint of remorse in his voice so I rubbed my forearm over his belly a few times and said, “Well the same sort of thing happened between me and my son. In fact, it was he who had to inform me of how much bigger my cock was compared to what most other men had. I hadn’t ever seen another man naked outside of the family at the time, so I know a lot of what you must of gone through with him.” 

He chuckled softly to himself and said, “I’m not at all surprised to hear that. When you told me you had a son, I somehow knew the odds were damn good that you’d probably gone through some of the things that I had. It wasn’t just the size of your cock that got me to thinking that, it was also just something I sensed in you personally.

I think I felt this strong connection with you not long after we first got to talking to one another. There was just something about you that reminded me so much of myself when I was your age. I couldn’t help but get the feeling you and I had shared a lot of the same experiences in life, and in fact, it was also my own son who first made me realize the effect of what I had between my legs could have on another man.

He demonstrated his interest in it to me not long after he started high school. It all came about one day while we was workin’ together in the barn. I could tell somethin’ was up with him, so I finally asked him what it was that was bothering him and he just flat out told me how fuckin’ horny he was and how every time he jerked himself off the only thing he ever thought about was my fuckin’ dick and how big it was and all.

The next thing I know, he was literally beggin’ me to let him get his hands on it for himself and just kept carrying on about how fuckin’ big it was and how he wanted to see it all full up and hard for himself. I was so shocked by how he was behaving and hearing him say all he did, I didn’t handle it right with him at all. . . not by a long shot.

It’s a long story in many ways, but the short of it was that I flat turned him down when I shouldn’t of, and less than a year later, he ran away from home.

I’m sure my grandson must of told you his dad had been a professional wrestler for a number of years, and considering all of the close physical man to man contact there is in that sport, I couldn’t help but feel that had I of handled things differently, he might never would of gone off in that direction. . .

I’ve always wondered about that and what all he might of done with some of the older men who were on that circuit. The more I thought about it, I eventually didn’t question that at least a few of them must of let him satisfy his curiosity to both their benefit.”

He grinned at me then chuckled some and said, “Of course a lot of water has run through the dam since then, and my attitude about it all has obviously changed considerably, and now I can’t help but hope for his sake that he was able to explore that side of himself with a man older than him. I’ve come of the mind through the years that that’s the right and natural way for a young man at first. . .

He was awfully young at the time, but he sure grew up fast after he ran off the way he did. Why I remember the day I saw a picture of him on the cover of some wrestling magazine at the general store. It was only a year or so after he left the house, and I was taken back by how much he’d matured in such a short period of time. . .

I guess that’s when I somehow knew. . .”

He rolled over on his back and gazed up at the ceiling as he let out a deep breath, then he turned his head to me and said, “I’ve never told anyone this story. I’ve just kept it to myself all these years because I’ve never met anyone in my life who would ever understand it all until now. It’s just something no man would ever be able to understand unless he’d walked in my shoes for himself.”

I could tell how relieved he was to be able to finally talk about this part of his life with someone he felt would fully understand it all.

I wasn’t sure exactly how to best respond to him, so I just patted him on his huge arm and said, “Yeah, I’ve felt the same way myself ever since my boy came after me for the same thing. I was sexually frustrated as hell at the time, and he knew it, so to make a long story short, I actually let him go on through with it even though I was awfully rough on him at the time about it and said things to him I shouldn’t of said. . .

I’ve always wondered a whole hell of a lot about exactly what all of his motivations were for doing it. That is, how much of it was him just wantin’ to give me some pleasure, and how much of it had to do with the size of my cock and his own desires for it.”

“Yeah, I understand exactly what you’re talking about because that’s a whole other issue that I myself have struggled with at times. I too was sexually frustrated when my son came after me for it, and I’ve often wondered if much of his motivation didn’t have to do with the fact that he knew exactly how sexually frustrated I was.”

I turned to him and rubbed my hand all over his broad, hefty chest and said, “I have to say that not long after we met I suspected you and I had a lot more in common than from what little I knew about you through your grandson.

When I first laid eyes on you there was just something about you that got me to feelin’ as though we had a lot in common. Although I have to say that at the time I couldn’t imagine what it might be other than the fact we were both big men.”

He smiled and looked down at his large self and said, “Well there’s a whole lot of a man’s body here, that’s for certain. At times I can’t help but feel as though I am a freak of some kind, but I’ve taken some solace in learning through the years that there are other men who seem as though they wished they had the all of me that I have to carry around.”

He chuckled then gave me a wink and said, “And I’m not just talking about what all I carry around between my legs. . . Although I have to admit that’s how I first came to realize that there was at least one man on this earth who liked and admired the sheer size of my body.”

“Well now you know two. . . so tell me, how did you ever meet up with this particular fellow?”

He chuckled to himself and said, “Oh, hell, it’s a long story. . .   He and I met in a bar believe it or not. . . but I guess I should backtrack some to give you a little background before I get into it all. . .

My wife sensed that something had happened between me and my son not long after he showed the kind of interest he had in me, but neither he nor I ever told her anything about it. She just knew something had happened and naturally, she blamed me for whatever it was that had put a wedge between us, and ultimately, for him leaving home when he did.

In all honesty, I think she suspected all along it had something to do with what I had between my legs because she always was telling me when he was real young that I shouldn’t parade around naked in front of him.

Not that I ever intentionally did, but at times he and I would cross paths after I got through in the bathroom. We didn’t have any towels large enough for me to wrap around myself, and it was too cramped in the bathroom for me to comfortably put my shorts on in there, so I would walk naked into the bedroom and then shut the door behind me while I got myself dressed.

I always tried to keep a lookout to make sure neither one of them was around when I did, but it was impossible to know for certain where they both were just by peeking out through the bathroom door.

Hell, a lot of the time I would shower up at the end of the day out back of my barn. I’d rigged up a place back there where I could clean up whenever I got real dirty doing a days work, and after a while, I tended to use it more often than I did the one inside. . . especially during the summer months.

I always looked around for him before I did, but at times he’d catch me back there before I had finished showering myself off.”

He paused a moment and looked at me for some indication that I understood why he even got off on the subject, so I just nodded and said, “Yeah, I know what you are getting at. I don’t doubt that this is all part of what you meant when you said it was ‘a long story in many ways’. . .   I’m right there with you.”

He studied me for a moment then smiled and uttered, “Yeah. . . I can tell you went through a lot of the same things I did. . .

Anyway. . . she and I just grew further and further apart after he left until eventually things got pretty uncomfortable between us a year or so later. So we decided it might help if we put a little distance between ourselves, and it wasn’t long after harvest of that year that I put her on the train to go spend the winter with her parents.

I was fine being alone by myself for the first several weeks, but one day, I felt I needed to get out and away from the house, so I took a drive and happened to pass by an old bar that I had heard about ever since I was a youngster. . . and feelin’ a little lonely and isolated, I decided to stop in and have me a beer.

It was just an old roadhouse that had been there forever and there was only one truck parked outside of it, and as it turned out, it belonged to the bartender, so he and I chatted for a while until he got up off his seat and said he needed to go in the back to catch up on some paperwork. Before he disappeared, he poured me a pitcher full of beer and just told me to help myself.

Well, I got up not long after he did and went to the men’s room to relieve myself and since no one else was there, I pulled out all of my stuff so I could just lean back and enjoy takin’ a piss without having to hold on to my dick the whole time because I knew as full as my bladder was that it’d be awhile before I’d be done with my business.

Well no sooner than I did, I heard the outside door burst open and the heavy footsteps of a man walking into the place. It made me stop for a moment because I sensed that he was heading in a hurry back to where I was, but when I heard him stop in his tracks and start talking to the bartender, I just leaned back and closed my eyes and started pissing away.

Well damn if I wasn’t just lettin’ loose with it all when this big ol’ fella about three quarters my size bursts through the door. I shot my eyes open and saw he already had his fly unzipped and had his right hand diggin’ down in it for his cock as he pushed the door open with his left.

It took me so much by surprise that I hadn’t had any time to react and try to cover myself and when he turned and saw me standin’ there leaning back draining my ol’ hog. . . well he jumped back some, but I could tell how he started shakin’ on that dick of his that he was needin’ to go real bad, so he just made a beeline right on over next to me and pulled out all of his stuff and let loose with it.

You know, that was the first time in my life I ever saw another grown man’s dick and balls besides that of my own dad and I have to admit, that I immediately realized that what I had was quite a bit bigger than what he did.

It immediately made me think back to what all my boy had said to me about the size of my cock, but the thought just barely crossed my mind when I heard the big ol’ boy say, ‘Damn! You’ve got one huge, fuckin’ dick there big man.’

He started chuckling and when I looked back over at him, he wasn’t making any bones about the fact that he was lookin’ right down at it. It got me to laughing just seeing how big his eyes were and how he was shaking his head as if he couldn’t believe what it was that he was seeing.

He looked up at me and shook his head and grinned and then turned his head back down to his own business for an instant before he leaned back and looked back up towards the ceiling and kept pissin’ away himself.

I just did the same but I guess after several seconds of us standing so close to one another while we did our personal business and sensing that neither one of us was gonna be done with it anytime soon, he just felt it’d be best to make light of it all and said, ‘Not only that, it sounds like you’re hosing down the place with a fire hose.’

Well we both started chuckling to ourselves and I glanced over at him out the corner of my eye and saw that although he still had his head up, he was looking my way to catch my full reaction to his joke. We both started chuckling harder until it got so contagious, that neither one of us could keep our aim at the trough worth a damn, and that got us to laughing so hard, we both damn near pissed all over ourselves.

When we finally finished taking care of our business and started zipping ourselves up, he winked at me and then pushed out his groin and raised his head up towards the ceiling as if to tell me how funny I looked when he first saw me. I just chuckled and said, ‘You know right when I first heard you bust through the front door and heard your heavy footsteps heading this way in a hurry, I figured you might be a man needin’ to take a piss awfully bad yourself, but after you got to talking to the bartender, I just figured I was gonna have the place to myself so I just let it all hang out.’

He just smiled and shook his head and said, ‘Well you sure as hell have a lot to let hang out there big man.’

I felt myself blush a little and all I could think to say to him was, ‘Well, that beer I drank just went right through me and I was needin’ to piss so awfully bad I didn’t much think about it, but when you burst through the door and I saw you already had that fucker of yours half out of your pants I sure as hell could tell you needed to go far worse than I.’

I started chuckling and he chuckled himself and said, ‘You sure as hell got that right. I’ve been on the road for the past several hours and I wasn’t sure if I was gonna make it here without pissin’ in my pants! Hell I’m just as embarrassed as you are. I’m sure the last thing you was wantin’ to see was my fat ass parading in here with that little fucker of mine in my hands.’

‘Well it isn’t all that fuckin’ small’ I told him, and he gave me an embarrassed little grin and said, ‘Well I guess not. . . for what good it does me. My wife sure as hell doesn’t take much interest in it any longer, so I decided to get the hell out on the road and call on some of my customers. If nothin’ else, it’ll give me plenty of time to take care of the fucker on my own.’

I chuckled and told him it sounded like the two of us were in the same boat cause my wife didn’t want to have much to do with mine as well, and he looked back down at my crotch and shook his head again as if he could still see my cock hanging out of my fly and said, ‘Well that’s a man-sized fucker if I ever saw one. I know if I was your wife, I’d sure as hell think twice before tangling with it.’

I couldn’t help but notice that he squeezed his big, round butt up tight right after he said that to me, and I couldn’t help but get the impression he was thinkin’ what it might feel like to have my ol’ hog up inside his ass. I was a little surprised at myself for thinkin’ that, and even more so when the thought crossed my mind that he had a right fine lookin’ butt on him for a man.

He was stout in the frame and had thick, strong lookin’ legs, and that firm, round butt of his looked quite right on him. I could tell just by his overall build that he’d done more than his fair share of hard work in his life even though he wasn’t dressed like a workin’ man at the time.

Anyway, as we was headin’ out the bathroom door, he said, ‘Hell I should of pulled over to the side of the road an hour ago, but I was wantin’ to make sure I got here before it started snowing.’

When I told him I hadn’t heard nothin’ about any snow, he said, ‘Yeah, from what I heard on the radio, we’re supposed to get at least five or six inches and it’s supposed to come down in a hurry once it gets here, but you never know. . . by the time it gets here, it may just be a few flurries or it could pour out of the sky as fast and hard as that fucker of yours was pissin’ out that beer you drank.’

We both got to laughing again about our antics as we walked on over to the bar and sat down beside one another. The bartender already had a couple of pitchers of beer set up for us and had disappeared in the back to his do paperwork, so we poured one another a glass and just started talkin’ as if we’d known each other all our lives.

He was a few years younger than me and was married and had a couple of kids near the age of my son so I knew he must of gotten married about the same age as I, and the more we talked, the more we discovered just how much we had in common.

I think too, the fact that we were both good-sized men somehow seemed to help bond us together right from the start. We recognized that fact to one another without ever coming right out and saying anything directly to that effect, but we did talk about how hard it was to find decent clothing and especially shoes that would fit men our size . . . just general stuff like that.

Hell, we just talked about whatever came to mind, and I was enjoying his company so much that I told him it was too bad that we hadn’t met around town until then, and he smiled and said he was thinkin’ the same thing himself, but that he did get down my way but about every month or two.

That’s when I asked him more about his business and discovered that he was a regional distributor for a number of small manufacturers who specialized in making tools and equipment for the construction trade.

I was a little surprised when he told me that because I’d noticed how rough and calloused his meaty paws were. They were remarkable to be honest. They were big and broad and the back of ‘em were all covered with hair even down on his knuckles.

I could tell they were strong as hell and his thick, broad wrist and forearms betrayed the strength and the build of a workingman. He certainly had the look of a workingman. He wasn’t overly handsome, or even ruggedly handsome for that matter. He just had a nice, hard-workin’ manly look to him, but I could see how he might of ended up getting involved in sales, because he did have a gift for gab and his eyes were engaging enough to where I got the impression that he was truly interested in me and what all I had to say.

He asked me what I did and I told him I was just a simple farmer and he smiled and was about to say something when the bartender appeared and said he wanted to close up because he didn’t want to risk getting snowed in there.

Well I glanced at my watch and realized we’d been talking for nearly a couple of hours, but it felt like we’d just gotten started. I could tell he wasn’t wantin’ to break off our talk any more than I was, so when we stepped outside, he turned to me and asked me if I’d be interested in following him over to the motel he was stayin’ at so we could carry on with our conversation.

Just to show you how wrapped up we had been in our conversation, it wasn’t until we were outside standing next to our trucks that we even bothered to shake hands and introduce ourselves. I don’t think either one of us had ever taken to a stranger the way we had one another. I guess once in a while you just click with someone.”

He looked over at me and shyly smiled and said, “I guess it was a little bit like you and I did really. . .”

“Yeah, I felt the same way too. . .”

He smiled again at me and sort of absently patted me on the hand as he went on with his story.

“Well I glanced up at the sky and couldn’t see any sign of any big storm like they was reporting on the radio, so I told him that was fine with me and on the way to the motel, he stopped and bought some more beer, and after he checked in, we settled around the small table that was in his room and just picked up right where we left off.

We kept talking and drinking beer and I have to admit that after a while, neither one of us was feeling any pain. I can’t say that either one of us was anywhere near being stumbling drunk, but we sure were enjoying ourselves and one another’s company, and eventually we got around to talking rather openly about that and why that was.

We both agreed it had quite a bit to do with the fact that we were both good-sized men. We talked about how we saw a bit of ourselves in one another -- how we talked and moved and how men our size didn’t quite fit in the world, and laughed about how neither one of us fit all that well in the chairs we were sitting in and so forth.

I guess we both felt some strange kind of comfort in simply getting to know someone who knew what it was all like to be as big as we both were. That got us to talking about the unlikely circumstances of how we met back at that bar and how we’d both been a bit indiscreet, and that got us to talking once again about our size and how it was harder for men with our build to reach down in the fly of our trousers to get at ourselves, and how we both needed to lean back a good bit to get what we had pushed out in front of us good when we was takin’ a piss.

We were mostly laughing and making fun of ourselves about it and he stood up and once again mimicked how I’d been standing at the urinal when he first burst in the men’s room, so I got up and made fun of how he had been leaning forward fumbling around down deep in his trousers and how he had one of his nuts in the palm of his hand at the same time he was liftin’ up on his pecker with his fingers all the while he was pushin’ open the door with his other hand.

I guess I must of done a pretty good job of it cause he started laughin’ pretty damn hard at my antics while I imitated him, and so while he was still laughing, and I was up on my feet, I decided to go on in to the bathroom and take a piss. Well he carried me high about how it sounded like a horse had been pissin’ in the toilet when I came back out.

For some reason that got me all red in the face and when he saw how embarrassed I was, he made a gesture with his big ol’ hairy hand that indicated I shouldn’t be so embarrassed by what he’d said, and then he chuckled and said, ‘Awh hell, don’t mind me. I just have to admit that I can’t get over how big that fuckin’ dick of yours is -- not to mention the size of your balls. . . I can’t even imagine how big that fucker must get when it’s full up hard. Well that’s not true either. I can imagine. . . Fuck, I have to admit to you, I can’t help but wonder what it must feel like to you when you wrap your hand around that big ol’ fuckin’ hog of yours. Hell, I wouldn’t mind findin’ that out for myself! So don’t mind me none. . .’

Well I couldn’t believe how I immediately reacted to hearing him say what he did. I felt my cock throb hard down beneath me and I don’t know, but hearing him call it a ‘hog’ somehow just seemed to fit the fucker. I looked down at my crotch and saw the shape of the head of it pushin’ up on my overalls, and the fucker throbbed hard again, and I felt my face go flush, and when I looked back up at him, I could tell by the expression on his face he knew how I was reacting to what he’d said to me.

I was embarrassed as hell in a way, but I didn’t want him to get the better of me so I let out a lusty chuckle and said to him, ‘Well if you keep talkin’ like that to me, you might get your chance to see how big my ol’ ‘hawg’ gets when it’s hard.”

He grinned and started lettin’ out a little lusty chuckle himself, so I decided to just keep goin’ on along with the joke and said, “Hell, I’m sure if it gets ends up getting as big as it can get, I might just find myself in a frame of mind to where I wouldn’t even mind lettin’ you get your big, hairy paws on it.”

He chuckled some more and shook his head like he couldn’t believe what I just said, and then dropped his head down towards his crotch, and I could see his face turn flush and then I saw his left arm move in a little towards the middle of his body, so just by reading his body language, I thought maybe I should pay him some kind of complement about his manhood.

I don’t know why I felt I needed to at the time, but I did, and all I could think to say to him was, ‘Hell, I bet that fine lookin’ fucker of yours gets pretty damn big itself when it’s all good up and hard.’

He raised his head back up and I could tell just by how his big belly sucked itself in as he leaned back, that what I had said had gotten to him right where it counted. I saw his left forearm move right over to his crotch as he said to me, “Fuck, my dick isn’t as big hard as yours is soft, big man.”

He leaned further back in his seat and just grinned and shook his head like he didn’t know what to make of me, then he got a little flush in the face and said, ‘Were you just saying all that just to get a rise out of me, or are you really startin’ to get a hard-on?’

I felt my cock throb good up and strong right after he asked the question, so I figured what the hell and said as I pushed myself up off the chair and stood on up, ‘Hell, I ain’t good at lying at all, so I’ll prove it to ya.’

After I got on my feet, I could see that he in fact did have his big ol’ hairy hand down on his crotch, and after he saw my cock was in fact pushin’ out at the crotch of my overalls, he let out a lusty chuckle and started squeezin’ on his fucker ever so slightly and said, “Fuck. Now I’m startin’ to get hard.”

I just walked around the table to him and said, ‘Awh I don’t believe you. Prove it to me.’

Once I got around to him, he lifted his big ol’ paw off his crotch and said, ‘Well it ain’t all that hard yet. I doubt you can even tell. . .’

Well his trousers fit him a lot tighter in the crotch than my overalls did me, so I could see the outline of his fucker, and when I said, ‘Yep, I guess you were tellin’ me the truth’, I could easily see that it got to throbbin’ up pretty damn good.

All of a sudden mine got to throbbin’ right along with his so I put the palm of my hand over it and pushed it off to one side and held it tight against my thigh, and he leaned far back in his chair as he reached back down for his crotch and got that throbbin’ fucker of his adjusted to where it had some breathin’ room. He seemed a little embarrassed by it, but when he looked back over at me and saw me holdin’ on to mine the way I was, he chuckled and pinched the head of his and slowly rolled his thumb over the top of it and said, ‘Now what the fuck are we gonna do?’

Just seein’ how he was rollin’ his thumb over the head of his and watchin’ the fucker still throbbin’ up so full of need got me to doin’ the same to my throbbin’ member, and all I could do was shake my head all stupid-like and say, ‘Hell if I know. . .’

I guess he could see on my face that I was fuckin’ feelin’ it good and was so dumbfounded by it all, that I really didn’t know how to answer that question. Well that got him to chucklin’ all deep and lusty and then he slowly shook his head as he thought about it more himself, but I could tell that throbbin’ fucker of his was tellin’ him he had to do something about it.

I have to admit I got intrigued as hell watchin’ how the man was handlin’ that throbbin’ fucker of his. Just seein’ that big ol’ hairy paw of his holdin’ on to it and workin’ it the way it did just struck me as being fuckin’ beautiful to watch.

I guess what struck me the hardest was the realization that I just somehow knew exactly how that fucker of his was feelin’ to him as his hand slowly worked it over, but I also was struck by the beauty of him and his man-ways. It all got me to workin’ on mine even more and when he noticed how I was gettin’ after my own throbbin’ cock, he looked up at me and said, ‘Well I guess we could jack ourselves off or somethin’. . .’

I chuckled and said, ‘I don’t guess that’d do us any harm considerin’.’

He let out a deep, prolonged, lusty chuckle and just shook his head in disbelief because I’m sure he could hear the need for it in my own voice, and after he got a good eyeful of how I was handlin’ my throbbin’ fucker, he said out of the blue, ‘What the hell does it feel like to you to be holdin’ on to that big throbbin’ fucker?’

I didn’t know what to say or how to explain it, so I just let go of it and slightly stuck out my crotch and made it throb up good for him.

Well he got the message clear enough that I didn’t mind lettin’ him find out for himself, so he slowly reached for it without saying a word. As he did it, I could tell that he couldn’t believe he was going to do it, or that I had actually offered it up to him like I did, but after he wrapped his big ol’ hairy paw over it and felt of it good, I saw him grab his throbbin’ fucker tight in his other hand and then my fucker started throbbin’ like wild and fuck, I don’t know. . .

I really and truly don’t know what came over either one of us, but all of a sudden I was wantin’ to get my hands all over his throbbin’ cock, so I bent over and reached down for it and he moved his hand away and I put my hand as far under his testicles as I could and lifted them up some as ran my fingers up over them and all over that throbbin’ fucker of his, and he leaned back and put his big hairy paw over mine and slowly growled a breathy, ‘Awwh. . . fuuuck that feels good. . .   fuuuck. . .’

Then he turned himself to his side some toward me and reached down deep under me and felt me all up in the same way I had him, and then lifted himself up out of his chair and looked down at my crotch and started gropin’ on me good.

I put one arm around him and he rested his forehead on my chest as he kept gropin’ at me, and then I reached down under his big belly and started gropin’ on him, and after a while I could feel both our bodies trembling, so I put one arm around him and just held his fucker still and whispered to him, ‘Fuck that feels so nice.’

He put his other arm up around me, and held mine still in his hand and whispered back to me, ‘Fuck, it ain’t nothin’ compared to what you’ve got.’

‘That don’t matter none to me buddy. That don’t make you any less of a man than I’ve already come to think of you.’

He raised his head on up to me and studied me for a moment and then said, ‘I’ve never done anything like this before in my life, but what would you think if we just got naked and played around with one another on the bed? Hell, I guess we could jack each other off or somethin’ . . .’

I could tell he really wanted to give it a try, but I also sensed he wasn’t sure if he’d end up liking it or not. Hell, I was feelin’ the same way about it all myself so for some reason, I wrapped both my arms around him and held him tight to me for a moment to me then I rubbed both of my hands over his shoulders and down his arms and said, ‘Well I ain’t never done anything like this before in my life either, but I’d be honored to give it a try with a man like you.’

He just smiled and stood there for a moment and looked at me as if he was sizing the all of me up, then he raised up both his arms and placed his big ol’ paws on the side of my rib cage and slowly rubbed me there until the next thing I knew, we were holding on to one another in a warm and passionate embrace.

We took our good time getting one another undressed and by the time we fell into the bed together, all of the horny dick-play that had gotten us into all of it to begin with had developed into a passionate appreciation of one another’s bodies as a whole.

We were both damn near shaking out of control. I wasn’t sure if it was due to the realization and fear of what we were doing or if it had to do with the anticipation of what was to come, but whatever the reason, we just held each other for the longest time and ever so slowly explored one another’s body with our hands.

I couldn’t believe all the things I got to feeling inside of myself as I rubbed my hands all over his strong, muscular back and felt of all the hair he had all over it in the palm of my hand. It was comforting to me in a strange sort of familiar way and I could tell by the way he rubbed his hands all over me that he admired my size and build as much as I did his and that he too got a comfort in it the way I had.

We were both still harder than a rock and I could feel our cocks pressin’ hard against the other, but what was goin’ on between us at that moment went way beyond any kind of horny-assed dick play.

It was something more. It was something way more than either one of us ever thought it would be, and I know that neither one of us had anticipated what all it would bring out in either one of us, but it just kept building and building until I just had to wrap my arm tight around him and hold him close and still to me for a moment.

Well he buried his head to my chest and started licking the hair on it ever so gently and kept it up until he found his way to one of my nipples and started suckin’ on it so full of heat and passion that it got my cock to throbbin’ harder than hell.

He let out a deep groan as he felt it push hard up against him and his hairy thighs squirmed around up against mine as if he wanted to feel even more of my throbbin’ dick all over him, and then he started suckin’ even harder on my nipple.

I was surprised as hell at how fuckin’ good it felt to me havin’ the man suckin’ on my nipple the way he was. I swelled my chest up big for him and curled the arm I had restin’ on the bed around his head to press him even tighter to it while I caressed and soothed his impassioned body with the other.

I didn’t even think about where this all might ultimately lead at the time. All I knew for certain was that I sure as hell liked feelin’ his stout, hairy body all wrapped up in my arms as he sucked away on my nipple the way he was.

I just soaked it all in and knew from the way his hand slowly wandered all around on my huge body that he liked feelin’ it close to him as much I as liked feelin’ his next to mine.

My mind drifted off for a second as I took into account that my wife sure as hell never expressed the kind of desire and appreciation for my big ol’ body the way he was, and the longer I laid there with him and the more I realized just how much he truly loved suckin’ on my nipple and gettin’ his hands all over it, it just got to me in a way like never before.

I felt my own appreciation for him, and the fact that he too was a big ol fucker like myself grow even stronger within me. I don’t know. I guess I just somehow realized all of a sudden, especially after what he’d said to me back at that bar, that he probably never felt all that much appreciated for all the man he was by his own wife.

The more I thought about that, I don’t know exactly what all came over me, but at some certain point, I slowly weaned him off my nipple and rolled myself over the top of him and licked my tongue all the way down his big hairy belly and then sucked his stiff, beautiful cock right down in my mouth.

His whole body jolted, and when I felt his cock throb in such a powerful manly way, a flush of cock-lust and desire just overcame me and I sucked that throbbing fucker of his all the way down my throat.

It started throbbing like wild and he squeezed his thick, hairy thighs up tight around his balls and growled and groaned, ‘Oh Gawwwd! Ooo-ooh Fuckin’ Gawwwd . .”

His body jolted again and then he fucked himself deep down my throat and a moment later, his whole body began to tremble.

I held his cock deep and tight down in my throat almost expecting him to let loose with it, but instead, he raised his big self up to get a look at what all I was doing to him.

He pulled his stiff fucker out of my mouth some and then slowly fucked it back down my throat then fell back hard on the bed and growled, ‘Oh fuck. . .   Oh fuck man!’ as he fucked himself in and out of my mouth a few times, then he raised himself back up and placed his rough hands on the side of my head and uttered real deep and full of conviction, ‘That’s the most perfect fuckin’ thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Watchin’ a big fuckin’ stud like you suckin’ down on my stiff fuckin’ dick. . . Grawwwd! I don’t fuckin’ believe it!’

He ran his finger tips lightly over my brow then gently caressed and explored my ugly mug while I continued to suck down on his cock. His touch was so light and tentative, I got the impression that he was afraid that I might break, so I raised my eyes up to him just to see what was goin’ on with him, and I swear I never saw a look in a man’s eyes like I saw in his.

I just knew from the way he was lookin’ at me that he truly thought that what he was lookin’ at was the most beautiful thing he ever saw in his life. I was so struck by his gaze, all I could do was lower my eyes back down to his wide, hairy groin and suck that fucker of his as deep down in me as I could.

Well he bucked and bellowed out, ‘Oh Fuck-in’ God! Oh please. .   oh please. . .Stop right now before I blow my fuckin’ load! Please stop. . . Oh Gawwwdh. . .’

I felt his fucker start to pump up his nut, so I pulled my mouth off it in a hurry and held it off in my hand, and for some reason the thought occurred to me just as I did it that only another man would know just how to hold on his buddy’s stiff throbbin’ cock to prevent him from lettin’ loose with his load, but even at that, he bucked and fucked and bellowed out so loud that I wrapped my other hand tight around his scrotum.

Once he finally regained control over that throbbin’ fucker, he wrapped his hand around mine and then patted it as if to tell me I had done it just right for him, then he uttered under his breath, ‘Fuck, I almost lost it there big buddy. That felt good. That felt real fuckin’ good, but I sure as hell didn’t want it to end that way. . .’

He gave me a lusty smile then gently placed his heavy hand on my head and slowly ran his fingers through my hair as though he still couldn’t believe the beauty he saw in me. Then he let out a nervous chuckle and said, ‘You sure as hell knew how to handle a fuckin’ dick there big man.’

I smiled and gave his cock a good firm squeeze and said, ‘Well I guess I sure as hell ought to. I’ve spent plenty of time off by myself in my lifetime learnin’ how to handle the one I’ve got.’

He grinned and shook his head back a forth as he looked me over, then he chuckled to himself and said, ‘I can almost picture you out back of your barn leanin’ back on some bales of hay with that big ol’ fucker of yours all good and hard in your capable hands, but I would have been disappointed as hell if I’d shot off my nut before getting the chance to return the favor.’

I couldn’t help but chuckle at that picture of me he’d conjured up in his mind’s eye, so I raised up on my knees and grabbed a hold of my throbbin’ fucker and let him get a good look at how I liked to go about handlin’ myself. ‘So you think you’d like to try suckin’ on mine huh?’

‘I sure as hell would. If someone had told me when I woke up this morning that by the end of the day I’d be wantin’ to suck on another man’s dick, I would of punched the sonofabitch out. But hell, I never expected to ever meet a man like you.

Hell I was wantin’ to get down and suck all over on that huge fucker of yours long before you got down on mine, but I. . . well. . . I got it in my head that you might be expecting me to because of how much bigger yours is than mine. . . and guess I was afraid that I wouldn’t be man enough to face up to it later. . . . that I’d always feel less of a man for being the first to give in to it. . .’

He lowered his eyes and wrapped his hand around his throbbin’ fucker and gave it a good feel for himself then looked back up a me and said, ‘You’ll never know how that made me feel. Havin’ a man like you with all that fine equipment you’ve got to be the first to honor me in that way. . . especially after struggling with all of those thoughts like I was.’

That really drove home to me the fact that we were both traveling in uncharted territory. It made me take pause for a moment and think about what affect this might have on us later, but I knew we were both too far gone to turn back now, so I just smiled and nodded and said, ‘Well I can truthfully say that never even occurred to me. I wasn’t expecting nothin’ of the kind from you. Hell, I don’t guess I have to tell you that I ain’t never done anything like this ever in my life, so I sure as hell didn’t have any preconceived notions about any of it other than the fact that I always thought somethin’ like this would be disgusting to me, but I sure as hell found out different once we started in and I got my arms around your big, stout, hairy body.

It just felt so right to me and I loved feeling around all over your hairy backside and feelin’ your stout frame and structure, and I just did what came natural to me from that point on. I guess I couldn’t think of any better way to show you how much I truly appreciated what all of a man you are and I don’t feel any less of a man myself for doing what I did. . .’

He looked away for a moment and then caught my eye and said, ‘Well if anyone had told me that I’d ever be naked in bed with another man and feelin’ all of the things about you that I am, I would of just laughed at ‘em, but I don’t think I’ve ever felt more like a man in my life than I do right now.

This sure as hell isn’t something I’d do with just any man, but it just seems so right doing it with you. I like the fact we’re sharin’ with one another what all we’re made of. . . I can tell you appreciate the man I’m made of as much as I appreciate all the man in you.

That alone has me feeling things I never thought I could feel in my lifetime, but I have to admit, when I saw you suckin’ down on my dick, well I saw a natural man to man beauty in it I never knew I ever could, and I just lost control of myself. . .

I just didn’t want it to end like that - I felt like I owed you a whole lot more than just cummin’ all of a sudden.

Fuck I don’t know how all of this is gonna end up, but right now, I don’t want to even think about that. I just want you to get up here and straddle me and put that big ol’ fucker of yours right in my face. I know damn good and well that I can’t suck it off for you the way you can mine, but I sure as hell will do whatever I can to pleasure you the way you did me.’

Well I did what he asked me to, but I have to admit it felt a little awkward and strange to me as I straddled my way up to him and lowered my groin right down on the man’s face. I got my knees up just below his shoulders, then I stuck my arms out and put my hands up on the wall behind the headboard and leaned over him, and as soon as I did, he grabbed a hold of my fucker with both of his hands.

I made it throb up good and strong for him, and he let out a lusty groan and tighten his grip on it then growled and grumbled his approval of it and told me it was the finest fuckin’ dick a man could ever have before he started lickin’ all over on it.

It felt fuckin’ good the way he manhandled and licked it for me, so I made it throb up again for him and just closed my eyes to soak up all the good feelings he was bestowin’ on me.

It sure as hell didn’t take me long to realize that a man knows far better than a woman how to work on a stiff dick, but I have to confess I enjoyed hearing all the things he said to me about it as much as I did all the good feelings he was givin’ to my stiff fucker.

Hell, the man had a good sized dick of his own and I began to think to myself that perhaps he’d just never seen a man with one any bigger than he had. I sure as hell never really thought of myself as some kind of big stud until then, but the more he carried on about it, the more convinced I became that perhaps I really was far more well endowed than the majority of men.

All I can say was that when I finally took a notion to look down at him just to see what all he was doin’ with that fucker of mine, I just about lost it when it struck me how fuckin’ beautiful it was to see him dickin’ up his broad, handsome face with that fucker of mine.

My fat fuckin’ cock and his manly face just seemed like they belonged together and that got that fucker of mine to throbbin’ like wildfire.

I saw it spew a bit of my pre-cum and he grabbed the fucker tight and lashed his tongue out all over the head of it and it was all I could do to not grab the fucker up and point it right at him and cover his handsome, masculine face with all the spunk I had in me.

Hell, I don’t know how to explain it, but I knew right then that there wasn’t anything else in the whole world that I’d ever see in my life that would strike me the way that did.

It just seemed so fuckin’ right and natural to see a man’s face on my cock, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of it all, just flat-out overwhelmed. . .”

He closed his eyes and shook his head for an instant as if the picture of it in his mind had gotten so vivid, he had to pause and once again admire it the way someone might pause briefly to admire a picture or a painting that they’d secretly possessed for many a year.

I knew exactly what he was going through at that moment. I remember how I felt when I first saw my own son’s face up next to my throbbin’ crank, but I couldn’t help but think that the image in his mind had a far stronger affect on him than the one I carried around with me.

“All I can say is that I got so flush full of man-lust just watchin’ him dick himself up with my fat fucker that I got harder than a fuckin’ rock. My fuckin’ dick had never gotten that fuckin’ hard in all my life, and the harder the fucker got and the more he rubbed it around all over his face, the harder it seemed to get all over again.

He got to strokin’ on the fucker then he slid his face down under my testicles and started lickin’ and suckin’ on them like crazy. It felt fuckin’ good to be sure, but it was the sheer beauty of watchin’ how that big ol’ bull kept dickin’ himself up with all of my manhood that drove me plum fuckin’ nuts.

My cock was so fuckin’ throbbin’ hard, I knew I was gonna blow my load all over the fuckin’ headboard any second, but as soon as I felt that fucker of mine started pumpin’ up on my nuts, he wrapped both his hands around it in a hurry and held it off for me just the way I had his. . .

He glanced up at me to see if I was gonna be able to control myself and we locked eyes as the realization that only two men would know how to do these kinds of things so right for one another struck us both at the same time.

He grinned at me and we just gazed at one another as my fuckin’ hog slowly stopped throbbin’ in his strong grip, and once he knew I was back in control of it, he looked at it with his big eyes so full of cock-lust, then shook his head and said, ‘Fuuuck big buddy. . .this fucker. . . this fucker is everything a man could ever want. I just wish there was some way you could fuck my fat ass with this sonofabitch. That’d be fuckin’ perfect wouldn’t it?’

Well I couldn’t help but chuckle at how he’d said what he did, and all I could say back to him was, ‘It’s already fuckin’ perfect if you ask me buddy. I love feelin’ your big, strong hands all over my stiff fucker.’

He gave a lusty grin and wrapped both of his strong hands around it and shook the fucker all man-like and said, ‘I tell you what, if I thought there was a chance in hell you could get that fucker up inside my ass, I’d let you fuck the shit out of me with it, I swear I would.’

I couldn’t help but make the fucker throb up good and strong for him after he said that to me, and he smiled and just shook his head at it almost the same way he had when he first saw it back in the men’s room at the bar.

Well that got me to thinkin’ back to when I noticed how he had squeezed up his big round, firm butt after he made the comment he did that he’d sure as hell twice before tangling with it if he was my wife, and then I remembered how the thought had crossed my mind that he did have a right fine lookin’ butt on him for a man, and now here I was with him all but offering it up to me.

All of a sudden I wondered if this had all been a coincidence or not, but figured what the hell, I’d give it a try if he really meant it, so I just raised up one of my legs and got both my knees to one side of him, and as I scooted myself back down to his place of business I said to him, ‘Well if you’re serious about that, I sure as hell wouldn’t mind eating out your big round, firm, hairy ass.’

He chuckled and raised up his legs as if he dared me to do it and said, ‘Well have at it if you really want to.’

I don’t think he truly believed a word I’d said to him about his hairy butt, or that I’d actually even dare to start lickin’ on his asshole even as I hoisted his big ol’ hairy thighs over my shoulders and got my face right down to it.

He chuckled again a little nervously as I gave one of his buttocks a good lickin’ and I have to admit that I wasn’t sure for a moment there if I could go through with it once I got a good whiff of his pungent pucker-hole, but I was so fuckin’ horned up after seein’ his manly face lickin’ all down under my fuckin’ smelly crotch, I felt I at least owed him the same, so I started in by lickin’ up under his testicles and all down the underside of him.

Well the man just went fuckin’ wild, and the more he cussed out all the pleasure he was feeling, the more I got after it for him.

All of a sudden, I got all caught up in the thought of how much I was truly enjoying the fact of how I had this big ol’ handsome son of a gun under my control, and it wasn’t all that long before I just buried my face right up in his ass and stuck my tongue right on up in his pucker-hole.

Well fuck, he bellowed out so deep and man-like and then pushed his ass out for more like it was the best thing he ever felt in his life, so I fucked what all I could of my tongue right down in it and after that, well. . . after that, he was damn near putty in my hands. . .

I had no idea a man could love feeling a hard tongue up his pucker-hole the way he let on that he did, but I wasn’t questioning it one damn bit.

I was enjoying it all too much myself. I loved gettin’ to rub my hands all over his firm, hairy man-ass and damned if I didn’t realize that I loved it a hell of a lot more than I ever did playin’ around with my wife’s flabby butt.

I just went fuckin’ crazy gettin’ after it for him and the more I did, the more he ate it all up until I had both my hands wrapped tight around his ass with my thumbs pullin’ out on each side of his pucker-hole until I had it practically turned inside out.

I stuck my face back down in there and lapped my tongue all over that tender flesh and then fucked it all in there as deep as I could and he bucked and growled, ‘Fuuuck big buddy, go on ahead and stick your fuckin’ thumb up my ass and ream it on out.’

Well hell, I could tell he really meant it, so I stuck my thumb in my mouth and got it all covered with some thick, gooey spit and I started rollin’ it all over his pucker-hole, and damn if that fuckin’ butt-hole of his didn’t open up for me like ‘abracadabra open sesame’.”

I started chuckling right after he said that, then got to laughin’ so fuckin’ hard, I could barely control myself. It wasn’t just his words that got to me, it was the genuine way he expressed through the sound of his voice how honestly surprised he was by how that big man’s ass just opened right on up for him.

He just gave me an embarrassed grin and said, “Fuck, that just shows you how fuckin’ naive I was at the time, but I swear, I had my thumb all the way up in him in no time at all.

I wasn’t sure what to do after that, so I just rolled it around up in him nice and slow-like and damned if he didn’t get to moanin’ and tellin’ me how good that felt to him and then he started beggin’ me for more.

Well hell, I hadn’t managed to get this far with my wife in ages and by then I was so fuckin’ enamored with his fine, hairy ass, I felt my ol’ throbbin’ hog start to let loose with my pre-cum in a big way.

I raised myself up and got his legs up in the air to where I could look right down at his pucker-hole, then I pushed my groin out to where my ol’ hog was right above it and I just started slickin’ it up good with my fuck-juice until I had both of my thumbs up in him.

I just worked them around in him like I was givin’ him some kind of butt-hole massage and he just kept mumbling and groaning and tellin’ me how good it all felt to him.

Every once in a while, he’d glance down at my throbbin’ cock as if he was sizing the fucker up, so I got the distinct impression he really was wantin’ me to try and eventually fuck it up in him.

Well hell, after that, I just got to it in a big way. I just kept gathering up my pre-cum and slickin’ up his fuck-hole with it good and massagin’ my thumbs down in him deeper and deeper until I noticed I had him so relaxed, I was pretty damn certain that if he’d let me go through with it, I could at least get the head of my fucker up in him.

The thought of actually getting’ to fuck the man and what it might feel like to me hadn’t occurred to me until then. Hell we’d already gone a lot further than either one of us had ever imagined we’d go, and I have to admit that I wasn’t all that sure about how good it would be for either one of us, but I tell you what, when I saw how fuckin’ relaxed and ready he seemed to be for it, well. . . my fuckin’ hog sure as hell started talkin’ to me in a big way.

It started throbbin’ all needful-like and by then, my pre-cum was drippin’ out of it in a big way. I looked down at my fucker just droolin’ all over his ass and rubbed my hand all over the head of it and looked up at him and saw he knew exactly what I was wantin’ to do to him next.

Hell, I’m sure I must of looked the sight to him by the needful way I was rubbin’ my hand all over my fat, throbbin’ dick. I’d gone through so many emotions and feelings by the time I’d gotten to that point, that I didn’t much give a damn what he thought of how I looked or what I wanted to do to him. I was ready to try and fuck his ass out if for no other reason than to satisfy my curiosity about how it would feel to me and he damn well knew it.

I don’t know what I would of done had he indicated he didn’t want me to go on through with it, but damned if he didn’t grab a hold of the calves of his legs and roll himself right on up to the head of my throbbin’ fucker and say, ‘Go ahead big man, fuck my ass if you really want to.’

Well I just smiled at him and grabbed my fucker up and slicked it all up good and when he saw me lean over him and point the fucker right at his asshole, he spread his legs out as wide for me as he could.

Just seein’ his fuckin’ dick and balls right there close to mine got me mean fuckin’ hard and damned if that fat cock-head of mine didn’t pass right on through his tight pucker-hole as if it had been made for it all along.

We both just fuckin’ growled at one another as we got ourselves coupled up. I could tell it was mighty painful to him, but I could also tell he was as determined as I was to get ourselves good and fucked together.

I tried like hell to go as easy on him as I could, but once my throbbin’ hog got a good taste of his hot, fuck-hole, it just got the better of me and I kept the pressure on until I was about half-way fucked up in his ass.

He bucked and bellowed out a lusty, dick-hungry moan when he felt my fucker throb good up and hard in him, and then he spread his legs out even wider and nodded to me to go on ahead with it, and I just fucked all I could of myself up in him at once and that fucker of mine shot off like a fuckin’ cannon.

I could feel my searing-hot spunk shoot right through my throbbin’ hog, and felt his guts wrench up when my hot load blasted out inside of his ass.

My whole body recoiled and the tip of my fucker started burnin’ so fuckin’ hot, it felt like it had been scorched by it’s own fuckin’ gun powder. He looked at me square almost as if he was pissed as hell at me, but when he saw the painful grimace on my face, his head fell back hard on the bed and his thighs started to writhe around and he let out the most lustful groan I ever heard in my life.

Don’t ask me how I managed to do it, but somehow, someway, I managed to keep myself from just lettin’ it all loose on him at once.

Maybe it was the shock of realizing what I’d just done to the man, and maybe it was the burning feeling I had at the head of my cock, and maybe too, it was the strong determination I saw in him to take all of what I had to offer, but whatever it was, I managed to regain control of the fucker and felt it get so mean fuckin’ hard that I knew that it wasn’t gonna be shootin’ off anymore of my spunk again any time soon.

Well I wrapped his legs up in my arms and looked him right in the eyes as I put the pressure back on until I was plumb fucked all the way up inside his hot ass.

He bucked and fucked and growled and moaned the whole fuckin’ time, but he kept right after it with me until we were fucked as tight together as we could be.

We held on to one another tight for a good minute or so and I just made my cock throb up in him and felt my hot spunk oozin’ all around over it. Just feelin’ myself all fucked tight up inside his super-hot fuck-hole was damn near more than I could bare, but my fuckin’ lust for him was so complete by then, all I wanted to do was to fuck him like I’d never fucked before.

Once he got relaxed enough to where I could dick him good and proper, we fucked like only two men ever could. I thought the fuckin’ bed was gonna go right through the wall we was fuckin’ each other so hard, and the feelin’ I got from feeling his hairy butt and thighs rubbin’ hard against mine got to me in a way I never thought possible.

Not that I needed any more of a reminder that I was fuckin’ a man, but for some reason, feelin’ his rough hairy thighs and ass chafe against mine just drove it home to me all the more, and I could tell he was lovin’ it as much as I did.

Just the way he responded to me each time I fucked and ground my stiff ol’ hog around in him was more than I could of ever dreamed of, but I guess what got to me the most was that I never in my life saw in anyone’s eyes the kind of appreciation this big ol’ hairy sonofabitch had for me and all the man I was made of.

I know this is gonna sound crazy as hell, but we just rode one another off into another world. . . To a man-fuckin’ place where only men fucked, and fucked one another the right way - a man’s way. It felt so goddamn right for me to be there with him, and his fuckin’ ass was so hot and felt so fuckin’ good the way he fucked it around all over my cock that I knew I’d never think about fuckin’ the same way ever again.

I got so fuckin’ lost in it, and feeling the heat of his ass all over my stiff fuckin’ dick that I just went plum-fuckin’ nuts. It was like some kind of out-of-body experience, it felt so good, and I just closed my eyes and could see and feel the perfection of it all that much better.

Somehow I just knew that this place had always been right on the other side of me, but I never knew of it’s existence until that moment. When I opened my eyes back up and saw his grimacing face, and saw he too had been swept away to that place, I dropped my head down to his and kissed his forehead and greeted him there.

He opened his eyes and wrapped his arms around my head and pulled me tight to him and we tongue fucked one another until the heat and passion grew so strong, it felt as though we had all but melted together.

Our bodies writhed together in perfect man-fuckin’ bliss and I could feel his cock gettin’ harder and harder between us until it was pressed firm and tight up against my belly. I lifted myself up high on my arms and looked down the length of our bodies all good and fucked together and rubbed my hairy belly all around over the underside of his throbbin’ cock, then all at once, I felt his trembling knees press tight against me and his hot ass clamp tight around my stiff fucker as his cock got to throbbin’ strong and with purpose.

I fucked him good and deep and kept the pressure on until his whole body bucked and fucked his hot load all up over my belly and chest, then he bellowed out deep and long as his orgasm took him over.

I got up on my knees just to see the full beauty of him in the throes of his orgasm and felt his hot ass clamp even tighter around my stiff fucker then watched as that beautiful fucker of his throbbed terrible strong and blew out a load that shot right up over his head.

The thought that I could fuck the spunk out of a man like that struck right to my sole. I never felt so complete and appreciated in all my life, and when I looked down at myself all fucked good and deep up inside his hairy ass, I just started cummin’ like never before.

I grabbed his thighs and pulled him firm up against my groin and my whole body shook in pure ecstasy as I blasted out a long fuckin’ load that felt like I’d dumped my nuts up in him all at once. It felt so fuckin’ good, my whole body jolted like it’d been struck by lightening right after I finally shot it all out of myself, and I held on to him for dear life and just kept pumpin’ him full of my seed.

His spunk was flyin’ everywhere and mine was fillin’ his ass up completely full, and we were both fuckin’ and buckin’ and cummin’ and groanin’ and bellowin’ completely out of control.

Hell, I had no idea that fuckin’ could ever feel that goddamn good. . . not ever. . .”

He looked over at me and then lowered his eyes and just shook his head back and forth like he still couldn’t believe it all.

He’d gotten so wrapped up in recounting his memories of his first time with a man, and how good it felt to him, I don’t think he was even aware of where he actually was at the time or that he had been fondling himself the way he was.

He still had his palm restin’ on top of his bulbous cock-head kneading the underside of his shaft right up under it with the tips of his fingers, and I knew that burning feeling he was givin’ himself from handling it the way he was.

I hadn’t notice exactly when he’d started doing that to himself, but I suspected it might have been right about the time he started talkin’ about that man-fucking place. Fuck, I was so stunned when he first brought that up, that at the time I felt my eyes glaze over just thinking about it all over again myself.

It became all the more real to me knowing that he’d been there long before me and I remembered how the first time I found myself there, I felt the presence of an older man beside me showing me the way.

I couldn’t help but begin to wonder if it had been him all along, but as soon as that thought crossed my mind, he looked back up at me and gave me a wistful smile and said, “I tell you what, after I fucked him full of all the spunk I had in me, my fuckin’ balls ached so good and right, that my fuckin’ dick got soft the fastest it had ever done.

I’m sure he was grateful for that, because his got soft as fast as mine did.

I fell on my back beside him, and we just groped and soothed on one another’s manhood in silence until we both fell off to sleep.

That experience alone had as much of a profound affect on me as all the rest of it had because it just seemed to reinforce all the thoughts I’d had earlier about how only two men would know exactly what to do for the other.

But I guess in truth, we were mainly acknowledging to one another how much we enjoyed being men and havin’ a dick to hold on to.”

As soon as he said that, he chuckled to himself as he realized the way he’d been fondling that huge fucker of his. “Yeah, I guess I do like having a dick the way I’ve been playing around with mine, how about you?”

I grinned and said, “Well I can’t imagine not having one, but I have to admit I can’t help but wonder what it must be like to have one the size of yours. Not to mention having a pair of testicles as big as yours are.”

He chuckled and nodded his head down at mine and said, “Well I can’t imagine what it’d be like to have one as long as yours is. You know at that time, at that very moment we were fondling and soothing one another’s cocks and balls, I couldn’t help but think about how it had all come about.

I kept going back to that moment he had burst in on me takin’ a piss and how fuckin’ big his eyes got when he saw me standing there pissin’ away with this fucker of mine and how he carried on about the size of it and all.

I suppose he couldn’t quite get his mind off of it once he saw the fucker, but even so, I never once got the impression that he had any notions about getting sexually involved with me until it all just happened the way it did.

I guess you could say we just brought out something in one another that neither one of us ever knew we had inside of ourselves. Hell, I have to admit that I what surprised me the most was when my fucker started getting hard for him the way it did.

I’m sure that had he not been the man he was, that never would of happened, and I guess by then, I just didn’t seem to mind lettin’ him find out for himself once I realized how truly curious he was about how big the fucker got when it was full up hard.

Hell, I don’t know. It’s just one of them rare things that happens, and when it does, it’s damned near impossible to explain.”

He rolled his big self over on his side to me and rubbed his hand all over my belly and said, “I didn’t mean to go off in such detail about it all, but for some reason I figured you’d understand and appreciate it as much on a personal level as anything else. I can’t help but think it must of been pretty much the same way for you the first time you ever got involved with a man like that.

All I can say for myself is that I was a changed man after that. I truly was. When I look back on my life and take into account all the things that occurred, and. . . well. . . the size of me and all, I can’t help but think I was born to it all along. It just took me a good while to figure all that out about myself and come to realize that who I am and what I have to offer seemed to have far more appeal to other men than it ever did any woman I ever met.”

He ran his hand down over my crank and then smiled and said, “And I imagine you’ve discovered the same about yourself. I have to admit I was surprised as hell when I saw how well endowed you were. I just didn’t expect that, but I sure as hell enjoyed watchin’ you cum all over the fuckin’ place.”

“Fuck, I ain’t never shot my spunk the way you got me to goin’ last night. You sure as hell know how to fuck a man, I’ll give that to ya.”

“Well you me to goin’ pretty good yourself there son.”

“Yeah, but I could tell by the way you kept handlin’ that big ol’ fucker of yours afterwards, that you didn’t get yourself near as satisfied as you wanted to.”

He got a little red in the face, then he patted me on my belly and said, “Well, no I didn’t. I’ll admit to that, but figured after the way you came all over the place, there wasn’t any need of me forcin’ myself on you any more than I already had.”

“Well I sure as hell would like to make that up to you.”

“You would, huh?”

I rolled over on my side to face him, and ran the palm of my hand down the side of his mountainous body and said “Yeah, I sure as hell would. I loved watchin’ you fuck and feelin’ that big ol’ daddy-dick of yours up my ass.”

He chuckled and said, “Daddy-dick huh?” then he grabbed my hand and pushed it down deep between his huge thighs and rolled over on me some and said, “Well I’ll daddy-dick you up good tonight if that’s what you’re wantin’ son.”

As soon as I felt all the warm, silken flesh of his enormous cock and testicles smother my hand the way it did, I just closed my eyes and started gropin’ around on it all. I was lost to it in an instant, and my whole body just collapsed from all the lustful feeling it brought out in me.

He softly chuckled all deep an lusty like and made that huge fucker of his throb for me once and I wrapped my fingers around what I could of it and gave it a gentle squeeze and he made it throb again a couple of times then he guided my hand right up under the head of it and whispered, “That’s the spot right there boy. That’s what your daddy likes. That feels real good son.”

Feeling his strong hand on mine as he guided my explorations of his huge fuckin’ dick and hearing him talk to me the way he was got me so weak in the knees I just fucking melted.

I was putty in his hands by the time that huge fucker of his was full up hard and I was so ready to receive the man that he didn’t have any problem fuckin’ me full with it.

He groaned so fuckin’ deep and full of fuck-lust as he drove that huge, throbbin’ fucker up my ass I thought for certain he was gonna loose it right then and there, and that fucker of his was throbbin’ so powerful strong I braced myself for his potent ejaculations, but he somehow managed to fight off the urge to just let loose with it all.

The whole room just seemed to melt away and the only thing I was aware of was him and that rock-hard dick of his throbbin’ strong and full up inside my ass.

I dropped my head down heavy on the bed and whispered, “Fuck me daddy, fuck me good” and he whispered back to me, “I will boy. I’ll fuck the man right up in ya, son” then he made that fucker throb big and strong and dicked me up good with it every which way until I felt so fuckin’ loose and relaxed that I started squeezin’ my ass around it just to get more of it up in me.

He raised up tall on his haunches and grabbed my ankles with both of his hands and then fucked himself up in me good and tight and whispered, “That’s a boy. Get that daddy-dick good and deep in ya and milk that fucker for me. Yeah, there you go. Yeaaah. . . milk that fucker. Get that fuckin’ ass all over it son.”

I just kept fuckin’ myself on it like crazy until I was so fuckin’ hot I was damn near on fire and then all of a sudden that fucker of his throbbed so strong, it damned near ripped through my guts.

He bellowed out, “Yeaaah boy, you got that ass good and hot” then he dropped his huge self over the top of me and fucked me to hell and back. The power of the man was so overwhelming, all I could do was hang on tight while he had his way with me.

There wasn’t any of that chug-fucking like he’d done the night before. He just hammered my ass and kept after it until that huge fucker of his blew off a load that wracked up inside of my guts so hard I almost threw up.

He squinted his eyes and turned his head off to one side and then fucked me deep and hard and growled somethin’ godawful as that fucker of his shot off another load that was longer and stronger than the first, then he looked me square in the eyes and said, “I’m gonna fuck your ass full boy” and I guess that’s when the real fuckin’ actually got started for the man.

It was like a slow motion movie the way that huge fuckin’ hog of his pumped out his spunk and he just kept fuckin’ it up in me so tight and hard every time he blew off some of it that I could feel his huge nuts givin’ up what all they had in them.

It must of taken a full two minutes for him to get it all out of himself and after that fucker shot out the last of what he had in him, he dropped his forehead down on my chest and continued to rock back and forth on his strong arms and jab his huge fuckin’ dick all around in me.

I wrapped my arms around the back of his thick, sweaty neck and savored all of his man-smells then ran my hands over his broad, hairy back and said, “What a fuck-machine you are big daddy.”

He raised his head up to me and smiled and closed his eyes as he slow fucked me good and deep and said, “You bring it out in me son. I haven’t cum like that in years.”

He made that huge fucker of his throb good and strong, then he lowered his head back down and just shook it back and forth as he continued to rock himself in and out of me. I could tell the need in him had been so strong he couldn’t quite give it up, so I just held him tight while he fucked the rest of it out of himself.