WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult males and minor boys. Please do not continue reading if you find this offensive, if you are underage or if this type of story is illegal where you live.
(M/M, M/b con, anal, oral, bi, bear)

  Country Ways
Chapter 22
Over The Edge

I shut my eyes and let the hot water pour over me for a good five minutes or more before I began soaping myself up. It had been a long day, and I was still reeling from the fuckin’ the sheriff’s grandpa had put on me the night before.

Today had been judging day, and all the exhibitors had kept themselves busy brushing their animal’s coats and doing everything else they could to make them as presentable as possible throughout the day, and even though I knew my bull probably wouldn’t be considered for any kind of award because of the fact that I hadn’t fully indicated his pedigree, I kept myself busy brushing him up just as an excuse to not have to talk to so many folks about him like I had the previous two days.

It gave me a chance to mull over all of the man’s stories he’d shared with me and the way he reacted when I called that fuckin’ hog of his a ‘daddy-dick’. I guess I just somehow knew that everything he had told me about himself becoming involved with another man all linked back to his son - much in the same way my experiences with my own boy had changed my life.

Ever since I first laid my eyes on the man naked and saw what all he had hangin’ down between his thick, stout legs, I guess I immediately felt like a little boy gittin’ a chance to see his daddy’s dick for the first time. I’m sure any and every man who had ever seen that huge fucker of his must of felt the same way as I did, and ever since that moment, that feeling just slowly kept swelling up stronger inside of me.

So much of it had to do with who he was and how he had taken me in and the way he seemed to approach our relationship, and after he pushed my hand down over his manhood the way he had last night, well I just completely succumbed to all those pent up feelings.

When the big man finally got around to mountin’ me up, I knew I was in for a fuckin’ I’d never forget. That huge fucker of his was stickin’ straight up in the air and looked downright wicked the way it was droolin’ and drippin’ out so much of his pre-cum.

He slowly stroked that fucker every which way and looked me over as though he couldn’t decide which way he was gonna fuck my ass.

I just knew by the look in his eyes what he was thinkin’ to himself, but it wasn’t until he bent that fucker down and started slickin’ up my pucker-hole with all of the pre-cum that was drippin’ off of it that he muttered to himself, “Yeah, well if you wanna learn how your ol’ daddy likes to fuck son, I’ll teach you good, boy. I’ll teach you how a man fucks. I sure as hell will. . .”

I closed my eyes and let the water pour over me as I thought about it all over again. He had fucked me with a purpose I’d never forget, and I had learned my lesson well.

When I finally stepped out of the bathroom to finish drying myself off, I couldn’t help but notice him laying flat on his back in the bed gazing up at the ceiling as he slowly rolled that huge fucker around in his hand.

He didn’t even seem to notice I was in the room at first, and although I could only wonder what was going on in his mind, I couldn't help but get the impression by the look on his face that he was deep in thought about how he was gonna fuck my ass this night.

I for sure could tell he was horny as hell, and after I hung up the towel and walked around the foot of the bed, he let go of that fucker and looked up at me and gave me a lusty look like he had more or less decided on what sort of lesson he had in mind for me.

I just stopped in my tracks and crawled up between his legs and rubbed my face all over his huge fuckin’ dick as I wrapped both my hands around it and held it straight up and kissed the head of it.

A warm rush of pure cock-lust raced through me powerful strong like a freight train at full steam when I felt that huge fucker throb and swell up in my hand, and I just instinctively rubbed my face all over it some more as I reveled in the sheer perfection at the all of his manhood.

I finally looked up at him and said, “Gawwwd, I love your fuckin’ daddy-dick”, and he chuckled deep all full of fuck-lust and made the fucker throb for me again as he rubbed his big ol’ paw over the back of my head.

“My grandson used to crawl down between my legs and play around with it damned near the whole night long. I never discouraged him from it, even though it made it mighty difficult for me to get sound asleep.”

I kept one hand on the fucker as I crawled up beside him and said, “Yeah, he told me about how he used to do that to you the better part of the night. He thinks the world of you.”

“I think the world of him too.”

He rolled his big self over on his side to me and said, “I’m not surprised to hear that he’s told you a good bit about how our relationship evolved through the years. I’m just happy as hell for him that you and he somehow got around to becoming such good buddies.”

“Yes he has told me quite a bit about it from his point of view, but I’d be interested to hear what it had been like for you. I knew him for quite a while before he ever let any of that side of himself show to me. Not that he was all that obvious about it. In fact, I’d have to say that he wasn’t obvious about it at all.

Hell I remember the day I all of a sudden started entertaining thoughts about him that I’d never had beforehand. I didn’t know what to think of myself at the time, but I couldn’t get those thoughts out of my head after that day. There’s just somethin’ about that big, stout son of a gun that’s impossible to explain. I can tell he takes after you quite a bit, now that I’ve gotten to know you the way I have.”

He chuckled and wrapped his big ol’ arm around me and said, “Well to be honest, he was already pretty much the way he is today by the time I ever got to know him all that well. I wasn’t around him much until he was almost out of high school.”

“Yeah he told me that. He told me most everything about that summer he spent with you workin’ on the house and replacing the rafters in your barn.”

He smiled and shook his head as he thought back to it all and said, “Well by the time we started that project, I was fairly certain I knew exactly why my son had asked me to look after him for the summer. I’d suspected somethin’ was up between the two of them not long after they showed up for the funeral, but I couldn’t quite place it until after I’d spent a few weeks with him alone.

You know I didn’t really get to see him grow up much when he was a youngster. I hadn’t seen him in years, and I couldn’t believe how damn big and stout and mature he was.

It wasn’t until after we sort of settled in together I realized just how much love I could have for him. I could see a lot of his father in him, but I could see a lot of myself in him as well. However, I guess a lot of those feelings came about because at times I’d catch him lookin’ at me with the most lovin’ eyes I’d ever seen in my life.

He worked his butt off for me that summer and I was mighty grateful for all he did and wasn’t ever hesitant to tell him how grateful I was, but every time I did, I somehow felt it wasn’t quite enough for him -- that he wasn’t completely satisfied with just hearing me say that.

I don’t know how to explain it, but somehow I knew he was lookin’ for something more from me, something I couldn’t quite figure out at first, but then one day, it just struck me like a bolt of lightning.

I don’t remember exactly what it was or what he’d done that put me on to it, but all of a sudden, it struck me that he might be wantin’ his ol’ grandpa to fulfill some sort of sexual right of passage he was harboring within himself.

Well I immediately thought back to that day in the barn when my son had made his overtures to me and was determined not to ever handle any similar situation I might find myself in with my grandson the way I did with his father back then.

Hell, of course by then I had a whole different perspective about it all. My buddy and I had discussed it a plenty through the years, and I’ll never forget the day a couple of years after we’d first met when he told me that his own son had come on to him to satisfy some of his sexual curiosities.

It all happened while they’d been out on a fishing trip together and after he told me his story, I couldn’t believe how similar it was to my own.

He said his boy had been sportin’ a hard-on off and on ever since they headed out that day and after they got settled in beside one another fishing, the kid got so horned up that he didn’t make any bones about rubbin’ his hand all over it. It was so obvious, he said he finally told his son that he might ought to go ahead and take care of it for himself.

Well apparently the boy didn’t waste a second unzipping his pants and after he pulled his stiff fucker out, he just held his fly wide open and made the fucker throb up and down for his dad to see, then looked over at his dad’s crotch to see if he was startin’ to get hard.

He said the kid seemed so proud to show the fucker off to him that he wasn’t quite sure what to think of it all, but when the boy grinned at him and said, ‘I think my dick is now almost as big as yours is dad’, well he said all he could do was chuckle and say, ‘Well I don’t think it is quite yet son, but I have to say that they do look quite a bit alike.’

Well he said that got the boy’s little fucker to throbbin’ like crazy and the next thing he knew, his son rolled himself over on his side and got his face and hand right up on his dad’s thigh and told him how much he’d love it if he could see his ol’ daddy’s dick all full up hard.

He said the kid just kept rubbing his thigh as he went on and on about how much it would mean to him until he finally got up the courage to reach down deep in his crotch.

His hand went right to his ol’ daddy’s dick and that’s when my buddy realized his boy had been studying every fuckin’ inch of his bulge to figure out right where the fucker was. He said he was so surprised by it all, that the only thing he could do was just let the boy feel around on him while he tried to figure out how best to handle the situation, but what surprised him the most was how his son seemed to know right where his most sensitive spots were.

He said once he felt that fucker of his start to throb, he got up on his feet in a hurry and told his boy that he’d jerk off with him if he really wanted. He told me he figured that was probably what his son was wanting all along, but as soon as he whipped that pretty fucker of his out and his son got an eyeful of it, the boy raised up on his knees and started suckin’ on the head of it like crazy.”

He chuckled heartily and said, “You know, even though he was being serious and showed concern about what had happened, I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself when he said to me, ‘You know, when I saw him suckin’ down on my dick the way he was and saw how badly he needed to do it, I figured the best thing I could do for him was just give it to him the way he deserved. So hell, I just dicked him up the best I could.

I made damn sure he had his fill of it before I finally gave him what he was after, but it wasn’t easy for me to hold myself off for that long, because he sure as hell seemed to know exactly what to do to get my fucker up and ready to unload.

All I could figure afterwards was that he must have the same sensitive spots on his dick as I do on mine, because he sure went right after them like he knew where everyone of them were. They sure as hell looked a lot alike, and he seemed mighty proud of that too.’

Well neither one of us couldn’t help but chuckle a bit about that, but then he looked down at the floor as if he wasn’t sure if he’d done the right thing or not and said almost as if he regretted it all, ‘He swallowed down every last drop of my spunk when I finally let loose on him, and then he started shootin’ off his own load right after. When I saw how much he came all over the fuckin’ place and how damn good and proud he seemed to feel about it afterwards. . .  well I just knew instinctively this had been something that had been building up in him for quite a good while.

After it was all said and done, I got the feeling he’d been expectin’ this from me for quite a long time by how damn happy and relieved he seemed to be, and I didn’t really start to have any guilty thoughts about it until after we got back home.

The more I’ve thought about it, the more convinced I am that maybe I hadn’t been spending as much time with him lately as I should of. I have been out on the road more, so it makes me wonder if this would of ever come to pass had I not been away as much as I have been lately.’

Well that was when I felt obliged to tell him about how my own son had come to me for the same thing. It did me as much good to get it all off my chest as it did for him to hear about it, and I think he appreciated knowing that even though my son and I were together every single day, he still felt as though he needed to have me share that part of myself with him.

He seemed awfully relieved to hear that, but because he and I had shared a lot of intimate details about our lives and our families with one another, he was a little surprised that I’d never mentioned it to him before, and even questioned if I was telling him the truth at first. It was only after I gave him all the details about what had happened and the consequences of the decision I had made, did he become convinced that I wasn’t making any of it up.

The only question he still had in his own mind was if his son would come back to him for more and if so, for how long. Well I couldn’t answer that for him, but I made him promise to tell me how things eventually worked out, which he did, so when I first suspected my grandson was looking to me for the same, I more or less knew what I might be gettin’ into.

Like I said, I just knew that something had been up between him and his dad when they first showed up at the house, and after it struck me what the boy might be lookin’ to me for, the whole situation became a whole lot clearer in my mind. He was showing all the signs my buddy had said he’d noticed in his son right after he first passed along his seed to him.

I figured if my hunch was correct from all the impressions I was getting from him, more than likely he’d already gone to his dad for what he was needin’, and knowing his dad and our history, I figured he’d handled things a whole lot different than I had, but the boy just hadn’t gotten it all out of his system yet.

Like I said, every time I ever thanked him for all the work he did for me, I could tell it wasn’t enough for him and he’d just work even harder the following day. Hell, between the two of us, we finished up a long list of projects I’d been wanting to get done for a number of years, and we got ‘em done in no time at all.

We had reached a point to where I didn’t have any other light chores that he could help me with and we both knew it, and by then, I figured he might be anxious to get back home to his dad because I just knew the need was burnin’ in him good and strong.

Hell, I’d noticed the past several days that every once in a while he’d look me over good, and just by the way he did it, I couldn’t help but feel as though he was wonderin’ how a big old fuck like me ever went about gettin’ himself a piece of ass.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at that. He looked over at me and chuckled himself and then looked away and said, “Hell, you just know when someone is lookin’ you over that way, but I had no idea if he was really wanting to find out for himself, or if he was just entertaining those thoughts for the pure hell of it.

Well I offered to take him back home the day after we got our last little project out of the way, but he told me he wasn’t interested in that at all, and even though I wasn’t sure about what might come of it, I have to confess, that did my heart a world of good to hear him say that.

The simple fact was that the more time we had spent together, the more attached we became to one another and I really didn’t want him to leave either.

Well I figured I had to come up with something to keep him busy, so I asked him if he thought he’d be up to helping me replace the rafters in my old barn.

Hell, I knew it would be some rough, hot, dirty work, and I wasn’t sure if I was up to it myself, but after being around him for as long as I had, I have to admit I was feeling a lot younger and more energetic myself.

To be honest, I’d thought about it for a couple of days before I ever brought it up to him because I was worried it would be more than the two of us could handle, but I figured if it got the better of us, I could always call in the crew I’d planned to hire for the job all along.

Well he jumped into it like he had everything else.

After we got the scaffolding up and started tearing into the rafters, we were filthy dirty by the end of the day. I had expected we would be, but I had no idea that we’d be as fuckin’ dirty as we were.

Like I told you before, I was in the habit of cleaning myself up out back behind the barn, especially when I ended up gettin’ that dirty doin’ a job, but I thought twice about it considering everything else I suspected was going on with him.

I thought it all over for a moment then figured I didn’t have much choice in the matter considering the alternative. I was already tuckered out, and I sure as hell didn’t want to have to clean up after ourselves in the bathroom every day. I knew it would be a big job considering how dirty we both were, so I figured, what the hell - if the boy is as curious about me as I suspected he was, I’d find out soon enough and just take it from there.

I more or less braced myself for what was to come, but when I showed him out back and let him know that we were going to have to clean ourselves up out there, I noticed he seemed a little reluctant to take his cloths off in front of me.

I figured he’d get over it as soon as he saw me gettin’ undressed, and he did, so I didn’t think anymore about it until I stood up and asked him to hand me his cloths so I could throw them in an old washing machine I had back there.

Well I couldn’t help but notice he kind of froze up, and his eyes were fixed right on my manhood as he handed me his clothes. Hell, I guess I should have been ready for that considering everything my buddy had ever said to me about the size of my fuckin’ dick, but it didn’t even occur to me until I saw the way he was lookin’ at it.

I got me to questioning everything I’d been thinking about he and his dad, because after what my buddy said about how he and his son’s penis’s were so similar, I more or less figured that my own son must of inherited at least some of what I had. Of course, I didn’t know one way or another about that since I hadn’t ever seen my son naked since he’d grown to be a man.

I got to thinking a lot about all that kind of shit while I got our clothes all loaded up in that old washing machine. I guess that even though I’d heard my buddy tell me over and over again how big my ol’ hog was, I didn’t really take it all that much to heart since the only reference point I ever had was his, but when I saw the way my grandson reacted when he laid his eyes on the fucker, I could tell straight away that it had made quite an impression on him.

I have to be honest and tell you it made me feel right proud of myself at the time, especially after I got our cloths started washing and turned back around to him and saw how he looked at me as though he was the proudest grandson in the world.

I didn’t let on about it none to him and just got him busy showering up with me. He seemed a little nervous and self-conscious about it at first, but seemed to relax once he got to soaping himself up.

I couldn’t help but notice he was having a hard time tearing his eyes away from my crotch, and when I started washing myself up down there, he just stopped what he was doing and watched how I went about it.

Had it been anyone else, I don’t doubt I would have been feeling mighty self-conscious and uncomfortable with it all, but since it was my own grandson, I just let him get his eyeful of me.

I noticed a change come over him from that moment on and in the following days, I couldn’t help but notice that side of him that you yourself alluded to when you said you first started entertaining the thoughts that you did about him.”

I couldn’t help but let out a lusty chuckle when he said that, and he responded by rubbing me all over with his big ol’ paw.

“Yeah, I knew exactly what you was talkin’ about when you said that, but it ain’t all that easy to put into words is it? Hell, I don’t doubt you had all of those crossed-up signals goin’ through your head the way I did.

Fuck, I remember the day the thought first crossed my mind. I half-way smiled to myself because the thought just struck me clear out of the blue and I wasn’t sure if he realized what kind of signals he was putting across to me or not. But when I noticed how he kept doing it day after day, it took me back a little and I no longer knew what to think.

Hell, I started questioning everything I ever suspected about what was going on with him. For one thing, I couldn’t see how he’d already be at a stage where he knew he’d like something like that.

I thought about how me and my buddy had stumbled into that sort of thing. He sure as hell never suspected that he’d end up wantin’ me to fuck him any more than I did and after it was all said and done, he was as surprised as I was at how much he enjoyed it.

Naturally, I understood later why that was and I always did my best to make sure he got his nut the way any man would want, but it took him quite a while to be able to let me have my ways with him so I could do the same. Of course by then, I’d gotten a lot better at getting’ him good and ready to handle what all I had to offer.

I guess the one thing that had me questioning my suspicions the most was I had a hard time believing his dad would of ever agreed to giving him what he so apparently seemed to want and like. But as the days wore on, and he got more comfortable with showering up with me at the end of the day, I could see how that possibility wasn’t all that remote.

Hell, I remember the day I began to appreciate his big ol’ butt just for what it was. I felt that tingling a man gets in his member right when he starts thinking those kinds of thoughts and was able to catch myself before it got out of hand, but that’s when all of a sudden it just struck me. Suddenly, it became clear to me why my son had asked me to take him on for the summer.

I myself could see the temptation was mighty strong and I figured that he knew that he couldn’t’ keep himself from giving in to it if the two of them were around together.

I began to look at my grandson in a slightly different light from that point on. You know, even though he seemed awfully mature for his age when he first showed up, I’d seen a lot of change in him while he’d been with me. He had proven to me what a man he was, and the fact that he was sproutin’ hair all over his body just made it all that much more apparent to me that he was coming into his own.

Why everyday I could see more and more of that fine, thick hair growing out on him. He was already practically covered with it from head to toe, and all over that big butt of his. I knew then he was going to be one hairy son of a gun when he got older.

I more or less figured that any day now he’d get around to lettin’ me know what he was wantin’ from me. Hell, I don’t have to tell you how fuckin’ manly he comes across with it all and I guess because of that, somewhere along the way I’d made up my mind that if he ever got around to flat out lettin’ me know about it, I probably wouldn’t hesitate to let him have at it.

I still wasn’t a hundred percent sure about that ‘cause I had no idea what it would actually be like for me, but I certainly thought about it quite a bit.

I tried like hell not to dwell on my feelings about it too awfully much, because to be honest, the need in him was so damn apparent that I just mostly wanted to help him get it all right with the world.

Hell, I could sense how damn horny he was and it started rubbin’ off on me to be sure, but as needful as he was, something inside him kept him from ever being direct with me about it.

It started to get burdensome. I could tell how out of sorts he was beginning to get with being as horny as he was, and to be honest, I was startin’ to feel the same way myself.

I didn’t know what to do, and on top of it all, he was getting more and more blatant with those ways of his. At times I’d catch him lookin’ me over like he thought I was the biggest stud on earth, and whenever he bent over to wash up his legs, he’d make damn sure that his butt was only inches away from my ol’ hog.

Knowing what I know now, I’m fairly certain he kept doing that in hopes that I would eventually just grab his big, hairy ass and rub my fucker all over it for him, but at the time I wasn’t sure if he was doin’ it as some kind of gesture or not.

Hell, after a while, the whole damn thing was beginning to drive me crazy. He had to of known damn good and well that I wasn’t the one demonstrating all of this need and I wasn’t ever gonna make the first move for a whole host of reasons. But for some reason, he couldn’t come out with it to me.

Well one night while I was layin’ in bed, right near the end of us finishing up that work in the barn, the last piece of that puzzle fell into place for me. By then, I knew without a doubt that I’d been right about everything I suspected all along - even the part about he and his dad, and suddenly it just struck me.

I thought back to that day in the barn and how I’d turned his daddy down and then it occurred to me that more than likely, he’d told his son before he ever left him with me what he could expect if he ever tried to start something like that with me.

Well the more I thought about that, I figured that was why the boy had been doing all the things he did. He was just trying to get me to react to it in some way, and was afraid to just come out with it and tell me what all it was that he was wantin’ from me.

I mulled that over quite a bit and figured there was at least a fifty percent chance that I was dead on right about it, so I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to somehow let him know that I wouldn’t push him away if he would just be man enough to express to me what all he was wantin’ from me.

Well the following day, he made mention of how he was gonna miss the showers we’d been taking together and I could tell by the way he said it, that was as near as he would ever get to coming clean with me about all the feelings he was harboring.

I wasn’t sure exactly how to respond to that, but I wanted him to know that I understood what he was actually gettin’ at, so I gave him a big hug and told him that would miss them as much as he did and then I told him that I loved him.

That’s all I said to him, but considering the fact that we were both bare-ass naked at the time and I didn’t bother to keep my ol’ hog from rubbin’ up against him some when I gave him a hug, I figured that was more than enough expression on my part to let him know what all that encompassed when I said it.

After that, I just turned away to let the moment pass and give him time to think about it.

He never offered to say anything more to me, but I could tell his mind was preoccupied about something that evening, so I just let him be and turned in early that night.

To be honest with you, I was pretty torn up inside and nervous as hell because I knew that if he was ever going to get up the courage to let me know what all was going on with him, this would more than likely be the night that he would.

I more or less expected him to come to my bed right away, but after an hour or so passed, I seriously began to question everything I’d been thinking over the past several weeks and I had a hell of a time dropping off to sleep.

I did finally managed to doze off some, but I was still about half conscious when I heard him open my bedroom door and walk all the way around to the side of the bed that I was on. He stood there for a moment as if he still wasn’t sure what to do, but when he lowered himself down to get in bed with me, I raised up the sheets for him to let him know I was awake and was perfectly fine with what he was doin’.

I could tell he was nervous as hell and wasn’t all that surprised when he got in with his back to me, but I made damn sure that I kept my groin pulled away from his big butt as he settled in with me until I was a hundred percent sure of what he was wantin’.

Once he got comfortable, I wrapped my arm around him tight and it wasn’t long before he just started to shiver. Everything that I’d been thinking became perfectly clear to me right then and there. I no longer questioned another single thing and just instinctively petted him gently to calm him down.

He barely moved for the longest time, and after awhile, I thought he might just fall off to sleep, so I just continued to lazily pet him and waited to see what he’d actually do.

He slowly kept inching his big ol’ butt back towards my groin but it wasn’t until I let my hand wander down lower on his belly that he finally reached back and started rubbing mine.

His sensuous explorations of my big ol’ hairy belly struck me right off. He rubbed his hands all over it so amorously and ran his fingers all through the hair that covered it as though it was the most precious stuff on earth. He just kept doing it over, and over again, and so much so, that I couldn’t help but understand how much he truly adored the man in me.

That took me back some when that thought first crossed my mind and I dwelled on it some as he continued his explorations. I realized that he was tellin’ me in his way that he hoped he would grow up to be like me and that he wanted to know all he could of me and my ways.

He did it for so damned long, I knew without a doubt what all he was really wantin’ from me, so I pushed my groin out some for him and he tentatively let his hand wander on down to it.

I let my hand wander on down to his to let him know I was perfectly fine with it and from that moment on, he slowly began his explorations of my manhood.

The more he got his hands all over it, the more the man in him began to swell, and after a while I had no longer had any further doubts about the right of what he was doing for himself, not one goddamn bit. I just laid there quietly for him and let him feel around all over me until he finally wrapped his hand around the shaft of my ol’ hog.

I felt his whole body break out in goose bumps once he got a good hold of it, but after I made it throb for him once, his whole body swelled up strong and he uttered all breathy-deep and man-like, ‘Oh yeah grandpa. . . Oh yeah. . .’

I made it throb for him again and he hefted the fucker in his hand then rubbed the head of it all over his big, furry butt and his big body swelled up so powerfully strong that I felt something inside me just break loose. Almost instantly, I felt myself gettin’ hard for him in a hurry and I let my hand wander on down inside the crack of his hairy butt.

He squirmed a little and I felt his butt open up for me until the tip of my finger make contact with the hot, sticky flesh of his pucker-hole.

My fuckin’ hog throbbed so hard when I felt that fuck-hole of his pulsating the way it was, it took me back for an instant. I took a deep breath and then I took my hand away from it and slicked my finger up good with a big wad of spit and then put it right back on the spot.

He moaned and his whole body tensed up, but that throbbin’ sweet pucker-hole of his just relaxed and slowly opened up good and wide for me.

Hell, I had no idea if there was any way he could handle me, but I figured we’d both find out soon enough.

He kept strokin’ and fondlin’ my ol’ hog and the bigger and harder I got, the more he seemed to be able to open up for me. I took it as slow as I could with him, but I have to admit that the more I was able to get my finger up inside that hot ass of his, the more my throbbin’ hog taunted me to just go ahead and fuck him good.

Hell, there wasn’t any question how badly he was wantin’ it, but I made damn sure I had him good and ready to handle me before I allowed myself to give in to all the cravings of my throbbin’ cock.

I guess in the long run I had myself pretty much under control because right when I decided he was good and ready for it, that fucker of mine let loose with goodly amount of pre-cum.

I tell you what, it was mighty welcomed by me when I realized I was gonna need every last bit of it to be able to dick the fucker all the way up in him.

He had one hot, tight ass to be sure, and we reached a bit of a deadlock after I managed to get about a third of the way up in him, but I guess in the long run that was what got my ol’ hog to throbbin’ and spillin’ out all the fuck-juice I needed to finish the job up right for him.

He was certainly doin’ his part as best as he could, and when I felt him relax enough to where I thought we had a good chance at gittin’ good and fucked together, I put the pressure back on.

He let out a soft groan as soon as I did and I was about to ease up on him, when all of a sudden, it seemed as though his whole body just melted into the bed and I was able to fuck my ol’ hog up in him as smooth as could be.

Hell, I hadn’t ever been able to fuck nothin’ right off any better than that in years. Why even my buddy hadn’t ever been able to take the better part of me right off like he had just done, and my fuckin’ hog started throbbin’ so fuckin’ hard, it was all I could do to keep from bustin’ my nut.”

He chuckled all lusty like and put his hand over himself, and that’s when I noticed he was gettin’ awfully fuckin’ hard just thinkin’ about it all. He rubbed his big ol’ paw all over his huge fucker then looked up at me and said, “Fuck, it was almost as good as how you and I was able to couple up right off last night son, but at the time, I was just concentrating on givin’ my grandson what I knew he wanted to try out for himself and wasn’t thinking all that much about my own pleasures.

When he realized I was fightin’ like hell to keep from bustin’ my nut, he turned his head around so he could see me. I’m sure even in the darkness it must have been quite a sight for him to see how I was fightin’ to regain control of myself, because his eyes just ate me up like I’d never seen them do before.

He turned around even more to see what he could of the two of us all fucked together like we were and when I followed his eyes on down to where he was lookin’ and saw for myself how my ol’ hog was fucked up inside that big, pretty ass of his, I almost lost it.

Hell I guess up till then, I hadn’t truly allowed myself to fully come to grips with what the hell we were actually doin’, and all of a sudden I’m thinking back to everything that had gone on between us the past month or so and couldn’t quite believe that it had culminated into this.

It all came to me in a flash, and it was just enough to get my mind off the needful throbs of my fuckin’ hog. I took a deep breath and it struck me all of a sudden how badly he was wanting to watch me and see my ways as much or more than he wanted a good fuckin’ for himself, so I asked him if he was alright, and I couldn’t help but chuckle when he said to me that he never felt better in his life.

Hell, it was just the gruff way the tough little fuck said it that got to me like it did. I was pretty damn sure he was tellin’ me the truth, but I wanted to make certain of it, so I pulled out of him some and asked him if he wanted to get out while the gettin’ was good, then I fucked myself back up in him just good and hard enough to give him some idea of what it would feel like to him if I ever started having my way with him, and asked him if he was sure he wanted his ol’ grandpa to show him my way of doin’ things.

Well he just smiled a lusty smile to himself and his whole body swelled up big and strong and I could tell those words somehow struck a note with him after he fucked his butt up hard over that stiff throbbin’ fucker of mine and ground it around the way he did.

It felt awfully fuckin’ good the way he fucked his ass on me, so I just let myself go and thought to myself as I got to grinding my stiff hog around in him, ‘If this is how you like it boy, I have no problem at all in letting you discover how a big ol’ fucker like me goes about gettin’ himself a piece of ass. You just better be damn good and ready for it once I start in on you.’

Just thinkin’ that got me mean hard and I looked back down at my fucker all fucked up in him good and made it throb big and strong for him a few times just to let him know how much in control of it I was. Then I ground my fucker around in him to get him loosened up good before I rolled him over on his back.

I knew by the way his eyes kept eating me all up that so much of his desire had to do with wanting to see what all his ol’ grandpa went through when he was fuckin’, but I didn’t try to put on any kind of show for him and just went about my business the way I liked to do it for myself.

I guess it was enough for him ‘cause after a while, he started fuckin’ me back and was doin’ one hell of a good job of it. We started riding one another like two galloping stallions and I don’t know how to explain what came over me other than to say that for the first time, that whole world of man-fuckin’ all became crystal-clear to me.

Fuck, I loved seeing what it was doing for my grandson. All the man he had in him just swelled up so big and strong like I couldn’t possibly imagine, and it just set me free. I fucked him like I never fucked anyone in my life and when I finally started cummin’ up his hot ass, my stiff fuckin’ hog shot off like a fuckin’ cannon.

I’d never cum like that ever in my life. It was damn near painful it felt so fuckin’ good. . .”

I wasn’t much surprised when I saw how hard he’d gotten himself by tellin’ me all of this. Hell, I could tell by the way he’d said all that he had, that he meant every word of it.

“Fuck, I think I must of cum for well over a minute. Normally, I’d only be able to get off a couple or three good, strong and long loads, but that night, my fuckin’ hog just kept blastin’ away at the boy.

I never felt so in tune with what all I had between my legs in all my life. I could even feel the seed draining out of my balls as that fucker of mine pumped it all out; and every time it blasted his ass full of it, I could feel them fuckers drop heavy back down in my nut-sack right before that fucker of mine would pull back up on them for more.”

He reached down and grabbed a big handful of his huge testicles and just shook his head.

“I guess after going through all the things I had with him the past months -- the slow build up to it and everything else, I must of wanted him to have an experience with his ol’ grandpa that he could take with him for the rest of his life without really realizing it myself.

Hell, I don’t know for sure why I’d cum the way I had and felt it all the way I did, but when I finally calmed down enough to take note of him and saw how he was lookin’ at me, I knew I’d made quite an impression on him.

His eyes were so wide open, I knew that he’d probably never get off to sleep the rest of the night, and after I got myself laid over on my back, he crawled down between my legs and played with my fucker for the better part of the night.

Hell, I figured after how I’d fucked him the way I had, he’d of had more than enough of it, but when I woke up the next morning, he was still curled up down between my legs with his head resting on my groin sound asleep.

It was about mid-day that day that it struck me how he was going about his work in such an inwardly strong and masculine way. I saw him in a completely different light and couldn’t help but think to myself what a stout, fuckin’ young stud he was.

I couldn’t believe the change in him and couldn’t help but think to myself that I had truly fucked the man right up in him, and just the thought of it got my hog to throbbin’ so hard, I had to make an excuse to get off by myself.

After the way I had cum the night before, I would of thought I wouldn’t be up for fuckin’ out my load for at least a week or so, but it was just the opposite. That fucker of mine just kept gettin’ harder and harder until I finally had to get my hand after it and damned if I didn’t blow off a good three or four long ropes of spunk like I hadn’t been able to do for myself in years.

It was like some flood gate had burst open inside me and I just wanted to fuck him full of all the man he could be, but as I shook the last of my spunk off the head of my cock, it suddenly occurred to me that he never managed to get his own rocks off last night in spite of all his newly found man ways,

I didn’t know what to make of that the more I thought it over, so I figured he might be after me for more later on in the afternoon, and by then, I was certain I could of fucked him any time he wanted for the rest of the summer. Fuck, I looked down at that stiff fucker of mine and the more I thought about it, I just had to let loose with some more of my spunk.

Well as it turned out, he did come and get in bed with me that night, but he’d worked himself so hard, that he fell off to sleep not all that long after he did.

Hell I was half-hard for him when he got in bed with me so it took me a while to get myself off to sleep, but the next day, I knew there wasn’t any way I could keep myself in check if he came to my bed that night.

Well sure enough he did, and I wasn’t all that careful about keeping my crotch away from his butt as he settled in with me that night, and I was grateful as hell when he finally reached back for my fucker after I’d petted him for as long as I did.

I was already damn fuckin’ hard when he took a hold of it, but I took my time with him just to make damn fucking certain I’d be able to have my way with him the way I wanted to.

I tell you what, I came damn near as much as I did the first time, which surprised the hell out of me, and once again, I noticed that look on his face while I was blowin’ my seed up inside his hot ass. Hell, I could tell he was lovin’ it. He had just ate it up and we rode one another like a couple of stallions all over again, but he still didn’t managed to bust out with any of his own nut.

That took me back some and made me begin to question what the hell was going on with him, but fuck, two nights later, I was back at it with him again.

I needed it more that night than ever, and I got so mean fuckin’ hard it almost hurt for how bad my stiff hog was wantin’ to get back inside his hot, hairy ass. Hell he could tell by the way I fucked it up in him how bad I was needing it and he did his best to keep up with me, but I was so butt-fuckin’ crazy that night, he just finally fell back on the bed and let me have my way with him.

I rode his fuckin’ ass long and hard and that was the best I’d ever cum. I could tell by the look on his face as he watched how I fucked my load up in him that he realized it as well, but he still wasn’t ever able to join in with me.

I guess that third time was the charm for me ‘cause after that, I went for several days before the need started building back up inside me. Of course by then, I was beginning to get worried that the boy’s plumbing wasn’t hooked up the way it was supposed to be, and the more I dwelled on it, the more concerned I became for him.

I let myself go for a week or so, and by then, I was needin’ it so bad I was beside myself. I didn’t know what to do. I’d put off the inevitable far longer than I thought I was capable of doing, and I was half angry with myself and frustrated as hell the night I started back in on him, but once I did, hell I knew right away he was wantin’ as bad as I was.

I was so fuckin’ horned up I didn’t spend the time I had before getting’ him ready for it and once I had him relaxed enough to where I knew I could force my way in him, I just let him have it and have it good.

My fuckin’ hog sure as hell was mean-fuckin’ hard that night.

It was so goddamn hard it didn’t throb up one damn bit after it got a good taste of his hot ass. Hell, I guess it just couldn’t. It was already as hard as it could ever be, and I didn’t feel hardly nothin’ as I fucked it up inside of him.

I pounded his ass with that fucker like I was after him with a sledgehammer and didn’t let up on him until I felt that hog of mine finally give in to the heat of his ass and started throbbin’ up to get at the goods.

Fuck that felt good to me when it finally did. It felt so good I just ground the fucker around in him and ate it all up.

I fucked him a brand new asshole that night and he loved every minute of it, but he still wasn’t ever able to get himself off. I kept waitin’ and waitin’ for him, but when I finally realized it was never gonna happen, it frustrated me so much that I ripped into him with a vengeance.

I got my own rocks off pretty fuckin’ good, but it wasn’t nearly as satisfying to me as the other times had been. I think he knew afterwards what was bothering me because after I rolled off him and he crawled down between my legs and began his usual ritual of playing around with my manhood, it was like he was consoling me more than anything else.

The next day I made up my mind that was the end of it. I didn’t know how the hell I was gonna keep myself from it, but I was bound and determined it wasn’t ever gonna happen again on my count. I still let him sleep with me, but I got to puttin’ on my boxer shorts before I went to bed and making sure I gave that big ol’ butt of his plenty of berth when he got in bed with me.

I still would hold him and pet him some to let him know how much I loved him ‘cause I knew he need that, but I took to rolling over with my back to him before I went off to sleep even though I preferred sleeping on my other side.

Well, a good week or so must of passed like that, and by then I have to admit that I was havin’ one hell of a time keeping to my own promise, and he was back at doin’ all those things he did at first that got me to thinkin’ about it to begin with. It was more subtle and manly, but that just got me to wantin’ to fuck him even more.

It frustrated the hell out of me to keep to my promise to myself, but I guess my biggest frustration was that I felt as though he had his own pent up needs that I hadn’t yet been able to satisfy for him and for some reason, he just wasn’t somehow able to express to me what all he really needed.

I didn’t want to pry, but I let it be known I was willing to talk about anything he wanted, but he never opened up to me.

Well after about a week or so, I was so fuckin’ horny I tried getting’ after myself one night while I was taking my shower. I got after the fucker the best I knew how, but it didn’t take me long to figure out that the sexual cravings I was having were as much psychological as they were physical. I tried like hell to fantasize and take myself back to that place I’d discovered within me, but I couldn’t even get half hard, so I finally opened my eyes, and when I saw how I was holding on to the fucker as if I didn’t know what to do with it, I just gave it up.

I rinsed myself off and when I stepped out of the bathroom, I noticed he immediately got up and starting turning off the lights in the house. Normally, he’d stay up a bit longer than I did reading a magazine or what not, so I was a little surprised by that. I hurried on into my bedroom and slipped on a pair of shorts and before I could get in bed and shut off the lamp on the table beside it, he was in there with me.

I could tell something was up as soon as he crawled under the covers with me. He always got in bed with me with his back to me but when he pulled the covers back, his eyes shot down to my crotch and he just dropped into the bed facing me and crawled right down to it without even bothering to turn off the light.

He’d never been that forward with me ever, and it a way, I liked the fact he was finally demonstrating some aggressiveness about what it was he wanted, but after what I’d just been through with myself in the shower, I wasn’t quite in the right frame of mind for it.

I was curled up in the bed and hadn’t even had time to adjust myself to get comfortable so most of my stuff was all squeezed down in between my legs, but for some reason, he seemed to like what he saw down there. He touched it and traced the shape of it all out with his finger like it was some kind of work of art. I didn’t offer to budge an inch and just let him have at it for a while to see what he’d do next.

Well he just kept tracing out the shape of it over and over again until I finally had enough and pushed the covers down to the foot of the bed to see what all he was up to with himself, and when I saw that he didn’t have his other hand on his fat, little fucker, I asked him just what the hell he thought he was doin’.

When he told me that he just liked the way all of my manhood looked all tucked down in between my thick thighs, I figured he was plum off his rocker. Hell, from what I could tell, all of his shenanigans wasn’t gettin’ him hard in the least bit, so I was convinced right then and there I’d never figure out what made him tick.

Fuck, I was so frustrated for him, I just patted him on the head more in sympathy than anything and told him it was time he shut off the light and got off to sleep. I guess when I said it, I hadn’t been very good at hiding my own frustrations, so it came out sounding as though I was pretty adamant about it.

Well he rolled over on his back and just laid there for a moment and I could see on his face how frustrated he was as well, but then I also suddenly noticed that his fat little fucker was stickin’ straight up in the air.

Hell I felt pretty bad that I hadn’t noticed that beforehand, but ever since I took to sleeping with my shorts on, he’d started doing the same, and I just couldn’t tell that fat little pecker of his was hard when he was layin’ on his side and his shorts had been all bunched up around his crotch.

I got angry with myself for having said what I did and was trying to figure out what to say or do to make it up to him when he pushed the front of his underwear down below those big balls of his and just started in on himself.

I was happy as hell that he did it for his own sake so I just watched him get after himself. I could tell by the way he handled that fat fucker of his how badly he was needin’ to take care of matters and I felt my ol’ hog startin’ to get hard right along with him.

He kept looking down at his stiff cock and worked his hand all over it like any man would when he knows how ready he is to bust off with a load, but then he dropped his head back and gazed up at the ceiling and said, ‘Fuuuuck grandpa. I need it bad tonight. I’m so fuckin’ horny I can’t stand it.’

I couldn’t help but give a lusty chuckle to that, but I didn’t say nothin’ to him at the time because I had the impression he was as well on his way to getting’ himself off if he just kept after it, and I didn’t want to say or do nothin’ that might prevent him from it.

Well after he said that, he raised his head back up and got after himself again, and it wasn’t long after, that my ol’ hog was gettin’ as hard as it could get all tucked down in between my thighs the way it was.

I was tempted as hell to pull the fucker out and join in with him, but I kept myself from it, because I somehow got the impression he was enjoying the fact he was puttin’ on a show for me, so I just laid back and let him get after it because I wanted to see him bust his nut more than anything else.

Well he got after it good and I thought any minute he might let loose with it, but when he switched hands on himself, I wasn’t so sure any longer. Hell, I knew whenever I did that, it meant things weren’t working out the way I wanted, but he seemed to be gettin’ closer and closer to it.

All of a sudden, he reached over and wrapped his hand around what he could of my ol’ hog, and I thought that might be all it would take for him to get himself off, but after a while, I could tell he was gettin’ distracted from his own self the way he kept lookin’ over and tuggin’ after my fucker, so I finally lifted up my thigh so he could reach in and get a good hold of it.

I have to admit, by then I was ready to jump his bones, but I just kept watching him and thinking to myself that once he got his hands around my ol’ throbbin’ hog, it might satisfy him enough to where he could bust his nut.

Well he got pretty close to it from what I could tell, but all of a sudden, he took his hands off both of our dicks at the same time and pulled his underwear plum off.

He didn’t waste any time with it but after he had them off, he kept his legs up in the air and started fingering his ass with one hand while he stroked that fucker of mine with the other. Hell, I knew damn good and well that he wasn’t ever gonna get himself off like that and it got me frustrated as hell for him as well as myself, because by then, I was more than willing to fuck him good.

Well he kept pullin’ on my hog and fingerin’ himself for a good minute or so and the way that fat fucker of his kept throbbin’, I thought perhaps he could get himself off like that until he finally begged me to mount him up. By then I was more than happy to oblige, but I still laid back until I was absolutely certain he wasn’t gonna be able to take care of matters on his own.

I held off for as long as I could stand it before I finally pushed his hand away from my ol’ hog and grabbed it up for myself. Hell, every man has to do a bit of strokin’ and feelin’ on himself before he gets around to fuckin’ with what he’s got, and I sure as hell ain’t any different.

I told him to get his fat ass rolled over so I could get him good and ready for it, but he refused and just raised his legs high up in the air and spread ‘em wide and told me to just go ahead and mount him up.

I could tell how bad he was wantin’ it that way so I went ahead and mounted him up, but I wasn’t sure if he could handle it like that right from the git-go.

He kept jackin’ hard on that stiff, fat little fucker of his in anticipation of me dickin’ his ass up good as if that was all he was really needin’ to get himself off, but I made him wait until I had his pucker-hole all slicked up good with my pre-cum.

Well I tell you what, when I drove my stiff fucker up in him and felt how fuckin’ hot he was up in there I damn near lost it right off the bat. I felt his ass tighten up around me and saw how that fat pud of his got to throbbin’ up good and that got me to goin’ in the worst way.

I fought that ol’ hog of mine to hell and back to keep it from blastin’ him full of my spunk, but by the time I finally got myself under control, that little fucker of his was as soft as could be, and it just pissed me the hell off.

I got so fuckin’ frustrated I thought to myself, ‘If this is how you really want it for all the good it’s gonna do you, well I’m gonna let you have a taste of me like you’ve never had before.’

I grabbed his legs and spread them out wide so I could get every last inch of my fuck-hungry hog up inside his ass. That fucker inched its way on down in him in short jolts as his pucker-hole gave in to my determination, and I thought for sure he’d beg me to stop, but all he did was drop his head flat on the bed and grimace a bit.

I just knew I had to be hurtin’ him, but all of a sudden, his eyes rolled up to his forehead and his whole body swelled up big and strong and started shivering in ecstasy. I could tell he was lovin’ it and wantin’ more, so I fucked every last inch of my hog I could in him until my groin was damn near touching his hot, sticky pucker-hole.

I had his ass spread out wide and made my fucker throb up good and hard for him and that really got him to goin’. He moaned and squirmed and all the man he was made of swelled up as if he was one hundred percent complete.

I was so taken by what I saw, I just shook my head in wonderment.

I short fucked him a good jolt and said to him, ‘That really makes a man out of you, doesn’t it boy?’

Well he grinned and smiled and shook his head in agreement then closed his eyes and swelled up even more, so I throbbed my hog up in him good and told him how fuckin’ hot his ass was and how I could tell he was needin’ it as bad as he claimed.

He swelled up even bigger and prouder and damn if that fat pud-fucker of his didn’t shoot straight up as hard as a rock. I throbbed my hog up again for him and he did the same with his and then grinned at me so proud that all these feelings and emotions just poured through me right on down to the burning tip of my fuckin’ cock.

I was right on the fuckin’ edge and I fucked and fought it for as long as I could, but I was only half in control of myself. My fuckin’ cock started spilling out my seed in short bursts that taunted the hell out of me, but I kept fuckin’ him the way he wanted for as long as I could until I finally had to give in to it and let the fucker have its way.

It immediately shot out the rest of the fuckin’ load I’d been fighting to hold on to, and then that fucker pulled up so tight on my balls, I just had to rear up on my haunches to let it get at ‘em better.

Damn, I thought it would never stop gorging itself on my seed. It felt like it was sucking it all out of me at once. My groin tightened up so tight it started aching, but when it finally let loose of my nuts and start winding up for the pitch, I hammered the fucker hard up in him right when it let loose with my spunk.

I bellowed out so loud I felt the room shake and then all of a sudden I felt his hot ass clamp around my hog so tight, I thought he was gonna crush the fucker.

I could feel his prostrate throbbing like crazy and right when I shot my eyes wide open, I saw a string of spunk a good three feet long shoot right up past my face.

It startled the hell out of me at first and I kinda jumped back, but when I realized what the fuck it was, I just locked my eyes on it as it arched way up above my head like some kind of trailing fireworks display.

I couldn’t believe my fuckin’ eyes. I thought I was imagining things until I saw it splatter hard against the wall behind him right up near the ceiling.

I could of stared at that in wonderment for hours but felt him blow off another load, and my ol’ hog busted out with one right after he did. Fuck that felt good to me, but I got so wrapped up in fuckin’ all the spunk out of him that I could and watching his amazing display, it wasn’t until he was completely spent that I allowed myself to unload all the rest of what I had in me.”

He shook his head and smiled, “I was so fuckin’ proud seein’ him all covered with his seed, I ended up fuckin’ him full of my own. . .”

That huge fucker of his throbbed up good and hard, and he was gettin’ all flush in the face as he slowly manhandled it for himself. I could tell he was needin’ to fuck himself out a good load and it got my crank to throbbin’ good just watchin’ how he was workin’ his hand on himself.

He let out a a low, lusty chuckle when he saw my fucker start to get hard then he took his hand off of his and wrapped it around mine and said, “Hell, after all the fuckin’ you and I did last night, you’d think we’d be wantin’ to rest up, but it looks to me as though you’re as fuckin’ ready to go as I am.”

I could tell he was mean fuckin’ hard and was wantin’ to go at it just for the pure hell of it, and after he started manhandling my crank with that huge rough, meaty paw of his, it got me to feelin’ like his little boy all over again, so I just closed my eyes and let him have at it.

He worked his hand on my fucker so right and true, I got as hard as a fuckin’ rock in no time at all and he chuckled to himself all deep and lusty as he gave it a good squeeze then got his big self on top of me and started rubbin’ his huge cock and balls all over mine.

Just feelin’ what all he had down between his big legs smotherin’ my stiff crank got me so full of dick-lust, my legs started trembling and moving in and out like crazy, and he kept after it until he saw that I was damned near ready to bust my nut.

He reached down and ran his big paw up the underside of my testicles and lifted them up, and I squeezed my thighs tight around his hand and dropped my head down on the bed. He let out a lusty, inward growl then whispered, “Yeah boy” as he kneaded my balls and fingered down between my hot sweaty thighs just to let me know how much he enjoyed the fact that I was so close to cumming.

My crank got to throbbin’ all full of need so he grabbed the fucker and started manhandling it in a way that kept it from busting loose with my load.

I could tell by the way his fuckin’ hog was throbbin’ and bobbin’ up and down that he was wantin’ to fuck my ass in the worst sort of way, and once I felt all of that fuckin’ pre-cum he could produce dribble down all over me, I spread my legs out wide to let him get his knees inside of them.

He looked like a giant fuck-monster the way he raised up one knee and planted it between my legs and then raised up the other to get me straddled around him the way he wanted; and when I saw how he had to deliberately reach down deep under himself to heft up his huge fuckin’ nuts in front of himself before he could push his thick thighs together, I felt my own fuckin’ nuts creep up tight against me as I raised up my butt for him.

He cradled my legs in his big stout arms like they were nothin’ as he got busy doin’ his magic on my pucker-hole, but once he had me good and ready, he gathered up a big handful of his fuck-juice and rubbed it all over my crank until I was back full up hard before he bludgeoned my ass with that huge cock of his.

I almost came right off the bat feelin’ all the muscular ripples of his huge fucker tear up inside of me, but I was so fuckin’ dick-hungry for his cock by then, that alone kept me from lettin’ loose with my nut straight away. I loved feelin’ the way that big, fat dick of his pummeled through my ass and he fucked it so right and true for me, I was on the edge the whole fuckin’ time.

He fucked me full of it a few times, then he made it throb good and strong until he felt my ass clamp tight around it, and then he whispered to me, “Yeah that’s my boy. Feel that fuckin’ daddy-dick. Feel it all good and hard up inside of you son. That’s the way. . . That’s my boy. I’m gonna man you up good tonight son. I sure as hell am.”

He made himself throb so strong I had to let loose of the fucker, then he fucked it in me deeper and made it throb again, and when I wrapped my ass back tight around it, he whispered again to me, “There we go boy. Get that fucker all the way up in there son. Yeah boy. Yeah. . .”

I could feel his throbbin’ fucker spillin’ out its fuck-juice up inside of me, and when I finally loosened my grip on it, he slow-fucked my ass long and steady until a sticky wet, slurpin’ suckin’ sound accompanied every stroke.

He closed his eyes and growled under his breath as he fucked me long and strong, “Awwhrrrgh that’s some good fuckin’ right there boy. That feels good to your ol’ daddy.”

I got harder than a fuckin’ rock after he said that to me, and just seein’ and feelin’ the way the big man was givin’ me the dick got me burnin’ fuckin’ hot.

His big ol’ broad, hairy body had swollen up huge and his giant testicles were sucked up snug underneath his firm groin, and every time I felt them huge fuckers push firm up against me, my groin would tighten and pull up on my own balls until they began to ache.

He just kept givin’ me the dick like it was his born duty, and as his pace broadened and quickened, I felt myself drift off to the other side of that man-fuckin’ place.

I squeezed my ass up tight around his huge shaft each time he fucked it deep inside me, and begged him for more. . .

“Grrahaaah! Dick me up good big daddy. Dick me fuckin’ full of it.”

He grabbed my thighs as he fucked me good and deep, then held me tight with his strong grip and said, “I will son. I’ll dick you full of all the man you need.”

He fucked me a hard jolt then slowly dropped his big self over the top of me and put his entire body into it like a fuckin’ machine.

The more I felt his big ol’ rough hairy belly rub all over the underside of my crank, the harder I got, and the steady, brutal thrusts of his giant man-fucker plunged through me like a piston.

I knew I was as fucked as I could ever be and the heat of his steamy breath poured over me like a blanket until we were both sweaty hot with fuck-lust.

My spunk shot out of me powerful strong and when he felt it shoot up all over his chest and up under his chin, he groaned all deep and proud and growled, “That’s my fuckin’ boy. Let it all out son. . . spunk your ol’ daddy up good boy. Yeah. . . there you go. Get it all out of yourself.”

I fuckin’ came like I never cum before and he fucked and coaxed it all out of me until I was spent, then he raised his big self up and pulled that fucker out of my ass and got the tips of his fingers after the underside of it right up tight near his balls.

That huge fucker throbbed strong and he reared back as it let loose with a thick, long rope that looped out of him like a fuckin’ lasso.

It landed so hot and heavy on my chest and belly, my whole body jolted and he grimaced a lusty, vicious smile then fucked himself forward and blasted another one that was thicker and longer and hotter than the first.

I felt like a little kid seein’ and feelin’ how that huge fucker of his could cum, and I was so much in awe, I whispered, “Awwhoohfuck! big daddy. Fuck out another one for me.”

He shot off another hot load, but I could tell by the way he was lookin’ at my ass he was wantin’ to get himself back up inside of it in the worst way, so I raised my butt up for him so he could fuck me some more.

He didn’t even think twice about it and growled a deep, inward growl as he fucked himself back up in me. As soon as he was good and deep inside of me he dropped himself down over me on his outstretched arms and that huge fucker throbbed hard and long and shot out a steady stream of his spunk like it was pissin’ it all out of his nuts.

I could feel that fucker fillin’ my ass full and he groaned so full of relief after each prolonged ejaculation, I could tell he was feelin’ it like he never had before.

His eyes were shut tight and the spunk just kept pouring out of him in one long, steady throbbin’ stream after another, and he rode it out for all it was worth.

That fuckin’ dick of his just wouldn’t let up and about midway through it all his big ol’ thighs started to tremble and then his whole body began to shake as he squeezed out the last of his spunk in one long steady stream that filled my ass up to the brim.

He just collapsed afterwards and slid his big arms underneath me as his whole body trembled out of control. I could tell he was still half way in the throes of his orgasm when he fucked himself back up in me tight and dropped his head down on me and uttered and growled to himself, “You and I fuck so goddamn good together son, I just can’t seem to get enough of it.”