WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult males and minor boys. Please do not continue reading if you find this offensive, if you are underage or if this type of story is illegal where you live.
(M/M, M/b con, anal, oral, bi, bear)

  Country Ways
Chapter 23
Parallel Universe

I crawled into my sleeper and put my hand over the crotch of my friend and mentor and felt of his stuff through his khaki trousers. The low rumble of diesels and the occasional squeal and hiss of airbrakes surrounded us as the truckers pulled in to the truck stop for the night.

He’d been with me now for almost two weeks and had worked with me every single day. We’d fallen into a fairly comfortable routine and several of the folks at the truck stop knew him well enough by then that they thought he was my dad.

We just smiled at one another any time we heard anyone ask any question to either one of us like, ‘What does your son want?’ or ‘How long is your dad going to stay with you Bull?’

I’d always say, ‘Oh, just a few days. It’s up to him really, depending on how long he can put up with me’ and left it at that.

I don’t know what held us together for as long as it had. I guess we just saw so much of ourselves in one another that it seemed almost miraculous in a way, and god I loved the smell of that man, every time he sweated up a good fuck, I’d just inhale as much of his scent as I could.

We didn’t do it every single night, but he never seemed to mind lettin’ me grope around on him while we talked at night. Ever since he had returned and had fucked me the way he had that night, I couldn’t help but feel as though he was givin’ me the dick in a fatherly sort of way, and I don’t know if it was the due to the age difference between us or what, but every time I got my hand over his privates, I’d shiver some with anxiety just thinking about the fact that the old boy would even let me do that to him.

We talked a lot of shop to be sure, but we also talked about a wide variety of subjects, and I think the pleasure of one another’s company was what held us together for so long even after we both got our fill of one another from a sexual standpoint.

I guess after the fourth or fifth time we fucked, I begun to realize he really didn’t have enough equipment to satisfy me in the long run, and although I liked his build and strength, he simply wasn’t as big a man as I truly liked.

I often thought back to the first time Hoss and I had sex and how fuckin’ much I enjoyed watchin’ his big self fuck. All the expressions that poured over his face and how he drooled all over himself as he soaked up all the feelings his huge fuckin’ dick gave him were just unforgettable.

I could damn near read him like a book by the way he went about fuckin’ and that was the part I loved the most about it all. He seemed almost vulnerable he was so easy to read, and by the time he ever got his big self worked up enough to start cummin’, it was evident he was in some private world of his own.

I tried to put all of that out of my head as I slowly groped around on the crotch of my companion’s trousers. We hadn’t fucked for three days, and I somehow had the feeling that this might be the last night we’d ever spend together.

I reached down deep between his thick, meaty thighs and got my hand full of his testicles and rolled them around in my palm for a moment before I slowly slid it firm up over his penis and unzipped his trousers. He rolled himself in closer to me and wrapped his arm around me as I slid my hand inside of his fly and ran it down over his groin.

He chuckled once I got myself a good handful of his stuff and said, “You really have been needin’ the dick, haven’t ya?”

“Yeah, I really have. I suppose I’ve had a hard time coming to accept that about myself, but I must say that after being around you, I feel a whole lot more comfortable with myself about it.”

“Fuck, it’s completely normal, son. Hell, every man on earth has that side to him, but few of us are ever lucky enough to meet up and connect in that way with the right man who brings it all out in us.

I’d dare say that most men spend a good part of their life trying to connect with just the right man with whom they can share what all they are made of. We all have thought about it because we know deep down inside how much we need to express that side of ourselves.

When you consider the fact that the majority of us started out our sexual explorations with another fellow, it’s only natural that we’d never forget those moments and what all it brought out in us.”

He rubbed his hand all over my back, then slowly rolled himself over on his back and put his hands behind his head. I kept my hand down in his trousers while he did and after he got himself comfortable, he closed his eyes for a moment.

I could feel his fat cock firm up some, but knew he wasn’t quite in the mood for fuckin’ around, so I just cupped my hand around his tight nut sac and lightly kneaded the underside of them with my fingertips while I ran my thumb over the top of his stubby shaft.

He took a deep breath and said, “You know, where I worked at the garage I did all my life, there was this one big fellow who stayed with the company as long as I did. He actually started working there several months before I came aboard, and through the years I got to know him fairly well, but I never considered him a close friend or anything like that.

We were about the same age, and worked side by side at the far end of the garage. He was a big ol’ cuss and stood a good foot taller than me and every once in a while I’d catch him watchin’ me work with a gentle smile on his face as he cleaned up a part or something in his big, rough hands.

I really can’t stress enough how big the man was and I always figured he was somehow amused by the way I went about my work. He was definitely the quiet type and didn’t say much, but he knew his trade better than the rest of us in the shop combined, and was always willing to share all of his know-how.

He certainly taught me a lot and was always patient and took his time with me whenever I asked him for any advice, and would always give me a gentle pat on the back after he got through explaining what he knew.

I never thought much about any of it until after my buddy I’d told you about had to move out of town because of his work.

In all the years I’d worked with the man, he never went out of his way to befriend me in any close sort of way, but I always had the impression he held a special place in his heart for me even though he wasn’t any more friendly to me than any of the other guys at work.

I don’t know why I ever felt that way about the man, but after my buddy moved away, I have to admit that I dwelled on it more than I had in the past.

We retired at about the same time and a few years later, just about four years ago now, I was tired of being around the house with my wife all the time, so I decided to go look the man up just to see how he was doing.

He lived outside of town in the country and when I pulled into his place, the first thing I noticed was a big garage off to one side of his house with a couple of tractors in it. He’d just fired up one of them and was pulling it out when I pulled up, but as soon as he saw me, he shut it off and jumped down from it and gave me the biggest hug I ever got from anyone in my life.

He was so happy to see me I couldn’t believe it. He never showed that kind of affection to me in all the years we’d worked together and now all of a sudden, he was greeting me like I was the best buddy he ever had.

Well to make a long story short, after I found out he’d started his own small business just to keep himself busy, I started going out there most everyday and helping the man out just to have the pleasure of his company.

I met his wife and all, and the more we got to talking and workin’ together the closer we became. That’s when I began to sense the man liked what he saw in me from a physical standpoint, because he’d never hesitate to get in real close to me when we was workin’ on something together, and was always ready with that pat on the back to thank me for helping him out.

He’d always put his arm around my shoulder and walk me to my truck at the end of the day and we’d almost always talk a while longer before I headed on home.

He was such a big ol’ fellow that I felt a certain kind of comfort just being around his big person, and after awhile, I suspected he was hung like a horse. I really couldn’t tell for sure cause I always saw him with his coveralls on, and they fit him pretty loose.

Where he found any to fit him that loose was beyond me, but every time he went to use the toilet he had in his garage, it sure as hell sounded like a horse was pissin’ in there.

In all the years I’d known him, I can’t say that I ever had any sort of sexual interest in the man. He certainly was handsome enough for a man of his size and build, but he just so fuckin’ big.

Well don’t ask me why, but after a while I just got curious about just how fuckin’ much equipment the man was totin’ around between his legs and began to take note of him any time he grabbed his crotch when he squatted down to slide his big self under the tractors.

I just happened to catch him at the right angle and right moment one day when he reached down and wrapped his hand around his fuckin’ dick and pulled it up to himself as he squatted down, and I was astonished by how fuckin’ much man-meat he had his hand wrapped around.

I couldn’t believe it. I immediately thought about him and his wife, and wondered how the hell she could ever accommodate what the hell he had. She was a small, petite woman, and the first time I met her, well I have to be honest, I couldn’t visualize the two of them ever getting married to one another much less fuckin’.

I didn’t let on about any of it to him, but as the weeks passed by and we got closer, we got to talkin’ more about our personal lives, and that’s when I discovered the two of them had married way back when they was in high school. He said that they’d been way too young but they ended up getting pregnant before he’d completely gone through puberty and grew to be the size he eventually grew to be.

He chuckled at the time and said that had that never of happened, he doubted he would of ever of gotten his big self married, then he looked up at me to get my reaction.

I didn’t know what to say to him at the time because by then, I wasn’t at all sure exactly what all he meant by that. I knew I had my own personal experiences and perspectives, and I knew he might not be anywhere near to thinking all the things I was, but by then, I had this strong feeling that he liked having me around him and would often catch him lookin’ at me the way he’d occasionally do back when we worked at the shop together.

I was warmin’ up to him myself and the more I was around him the stronger my feelings for him grew, but I didn’t trust my own instincts about him and what I sensed his thoughts might be concerning me.

Anway, after that day I started entertaining all kinds of thoughts about him I hadn’t felt before and couldn’t get it all out of my mind. I guess I just became more enamored with him in a way, and with no possibility of any sort of acceptable resolution to the matter, I decided it’d be best if I didn’t go out to see him so often, so I got back to piddlin’ around the house.

Well, a couple of weeks later, my wife fell ill and he called me around that time and asked me why I hadn’t been out to see him in a while, so I used the excuse of my wife’s illness and said I had been taking care of her.

He expressed his concern, and after I assured him that she would be alright, he just chuckled softly and said, ‘Well my wife finally got sick of me and has gone off to live with her twin sister.’

He said he’d tell me all about it whenever we saw one another again but that didn’t turn out to be until almost a year later, because as things turned out, my wife’s illness became prolonged and she eventually passed away from consumption.

I really didn’t know what to do after that. It had been so long and drawn out, that I had most all of my grieving over with by the time she passed away. I didn’t have any friends any closer than he and I had become, so after a few weeks of being cooped up at home, I decided I’d go look him back up.

Well when I got to his place, I noticed right off that he didn’t have any tractors in his garage to work on, so I knocked on his door and when he answered it, I could tell he was feeling a little low himself.

He stood at the door for a moment and looked at me without saying anything as though he wasn’t sure if he wanted to let me back into his life. It was a strange feeling to be sure and I didn’t expect that at all, but he invited me to join him back in the family room and after he shut off the television, he motioned for me to sit on the sofa, and we sat next to one another and started to talk.

After I told him what all had happened to my wife, he looked even more depressed and told me the reason he never bothered to call me again was because he’d gotten the impression that I’d simply tired of him and his company.

When I assured him that wasn’t the case at all, and told him I had missed being around his big ol’ self, he looked at me and smiled and just shook his head as though he didn’t believe a word of it, then started in telling me about all his years of living with his wife and how he’d always felt as though she didn’t really love him all that much.

He confessed that they weren’t all that sexually compatible and he came to realize through the years that she didn’t really much like his big ol’ person, and said because of that, and the fact that she finally told him she wanted to separate, he got all down on himself once I stopped coming around and never considered the reason might be due to my wife coming down with an extended illness.

He told me he felt like a jerk about never calling me again, but he remembered me telling him that she was going to be all right.

Well I could tell how low his self esteem had dropped, and it was hard for me to see him that way. I don’t know why, but my heart went out to him especially after knowing him all the years I had. It occurred to me while I was sitting there with him that all told, he was a man’s man, and whether he realized it or not, he would have been better off had he of lived his life with another man.

I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell him that however because he was such a big sonofabitch, I was terrified how he might react to me even inferring anything of the kind. So I reached over and put my hand up on his huge shoulder and told him I always thought that he was a fine lookin’ man and had always looked forward to seeing his big ol’ self around the shop when we both worked together.

He just looked at me and chuckled and shook his head like he knew I was putting him on, so I gave him a nudge and said, ‘Hell, you was the cutest sonofabitch in the place.’

Well that got him to chuckling even more and I could tell it lifted his spirits some, and then turned to me and gave me a nudge and said, ‘Hell, I always thought you was the cutest sonofabitch in the shop. I always enjoyed the hell out of watchin you work.

The way you got around on those stubby legs of yours and seeing you up on your tiptoes with that big butt of yours all stuck up in the air when you was all bent down in the engine compartments.

I tell you what, no one could tear into an engine the way you could.’

I laughed and felt good about the fact that I’d gotten him out of his doldrums, so I thought I’d carry him on some more and said, ‘So you liked lookin’ at my big ol’ butt did you?’’

He chuckled and turned a little red in the face and said, ‘I sure as hell did. I still do for that matter. Why don’t you stand up and let me get a good, close look at it right now?’

Well I stood right on up and wiggled it in front of him and he started laughing good and hard and said, ‘You’d better stop that right now before I start gettin’ a hard-on.’

I figured he was just puttin’ me on the way he was laughin’ so hard so I sat my big butt right down on his lap and as I did, he slipped both his hands under it and squeezed it good, and said, ‘Damn! It feels better than it looks. Now I am startin’ to get hard. Fuck!’

I started laughing, and he pulled his hands out from under my ass and wrapped his arms around my body and pulled me back to him and got his face right up to mine and said, ‘You little fuck. I haven’t had sex in so long I have half a mind to fuck your ass right now, so you’d better stop messin’ around with me like this.’

I looked back at him and saw that he was smiling big, but his big ol’ hands were rubbin’ all around on me as if he liked what all he had in them.

I guess that was the moment I all of a sudden knew he was being dead serious, despite the fact he was still jokin’ around about it. Why just the thought of that big bruiser fuckin’ my ass put a chill of fear right through me, but I have to admit, I was enjoying how the big man was manhandling me.

I think he all of a sudden realized what he was doing, so he stopped and squeezed my biceps then chuckled and said, ‘You’re a stout little fuck, I’ll give you that.’

He rubbed me all over one last time before he pushed me off of him and motioned for me to sit back down next to him and said, ‘Now sit back down over here before I bust a hole through my trousers.’

Well after he said that, I couldn’t help but take a glance down at his crotch, and sure enough, I could tell that big fucker of his had actually swollen up quite a bit.

I guess my eyes must of got as big as two hot cherry pies, because he chuckled and said, ‘See. I told ya. I was serious when I said that haven’t had any sex in so long that you shouldn’t be messin’ around with me like this.’

That fucker of his had gotten so big around, I just couldn’t take my eyes off of it. He chuckled again when he saw how I was just staring at it, then he spread his legs out a little wider and put his hand down under his crotch and got a good handful of his balls.

He squeezed them a couple of times then ran his thumb over the top of his thick shaft and I could tell by the expression on his face he was just tryin’ to get things settled down some.

I looked up at him and said, ‘Fuck man. That’s one man-sized fuckin’ dick you’ve got, isn’t it?’

He looked up at me almost as if he was in pain and said, ‘Well that ain’t helpin’ one bit. You talkin’ like that about it.’

I saw that fucker throb up strong and push itself further down the leg of his trousers, and that got my fat pecker startin’ to get full up hard in a hurry. Without even really thinkin’ about it, I said, ‘Fuck, now my little fucker is startin’ to get hard.’

He chuckled like he didn’t believe me one bit and said, ‘Awh shut up and sit back down here before I get more embarrassed than I already am.’

Well I sat down next to him and said, ‘Well that sure as hell isn’t anything to be embarrassed of. What’s embarrassing is that mine started to get hard, and you didn’t even notice it.’

He chuckled and said, ‘Awh hell, I’m pretty sure I would of noticed it if you was tellin’ me the truth, I’ve noticed that fat pecker-head of yours pushin’ straight out the front of your trousers many times in the past, and you didn’t even have a hard-on.’

So I stood back up and stuck my crotch out at him knowing full well that I was getting’ damn hard by then and said, ‘You mean like this?’

When he looked down at my crotch, I made the fucker throb good for him just to make sure he’d notice it and he got all red in the face and muttered to himself, ‘Well I’ll be damned!’

I noticed that got his to throbbin’ good, so I sat back down next to him and he looked down over at my crotch and saw how mine was stickin’ up and bobbin’ up and down and he put his arm around me and pulled me in close to him and started chucklin’ all lusty-like and sayin’, ‘Damn little buddy, look at that cute little fucker of yours throbbin’ away like that. Hell, I guess you’re as fuckin’ horny as I am.’

He all of a sudden winced like he was in pain and then scooted his butt out and leaned back a little as he grabbed a hold of the crotch of his trousers and pulled out on it to give himself some more room, then he glanced over at me and said, ‘Now I really am startin’ to get fuckin’ hard.’

Well I wasn't sure what to say, so I just chuckled a little as I glanced back down at his crotch, and I guess him seein’ me lookin’ down at it like I was, just made his big fucker throb up good and strong.

He immediately looked down at himself and ran his thumb down over the top of his shaft and squeezed the head of his fucker then looked back over at me and saw my pecker throbbin’ away, so he chuckled all deep and lusty and said, ‘Now what the fuck are we gonna do?’

Well fuck, I was already deep in some kind of cock-lust like I never felt before in my life watchin’ his big hand pawin’ around on his big ol’ fuckin’ dick. I just kept lookin’ at him squeezin’ on the head of it, and finally, I just had to get a feel of that huge fucker for myself.

I don’t know what possessed me to just go ahead with it without even saying anything to him, but when he saw me hesitantly reach over for it, he just took his hand away and leaned back some and watched me intently as I went ahead and rubbed my fingers down the length of it.

Once I got my fingers over the well-defined head of his fucker, I glanced up at him and I’m sure he could tell by my expression at how impressed I was by the size of it. He just gave me a little smile like he was embarassed by how big it was, and that’s when I felt emboldened enough to go ahead and wrap my hand around it.

Well as soon as I gave that big fucker of his a firm squeeze, he made it throb powerfully strong and that’s when I realized it wasn’t even half hard! I was so shocked by that, I looked up at him and said, ‘Fuck man! How fuckin’ big does this fucker of yours get?’ but all he did was chuckle and pull me in closer to him as he reached down and slowly started pawin’ all around on my crotch and squeezin’ my stiff, fat pecker with his thumb and two fingers.

He looked up at me and we were practically eye to eye and he grinned all lusty as he pinched my fat little pecker and said, ‘Damn little buddy!’ like it was the bestest fuckin’ dick he ever felt in his life.

I was completely under his spell after he did that. He rubbed my back with his left hand like he was so proud of what I had between my legs as he felt of the fucker with his right, and I just fell on into his big lap and got my face right down near his huge crotch and started feelin’ him up like the dick-hungry grunt I was.

As soon as I did, he ran his hand all the way down to the small of my back and pushed it through the back of my trousers and kept whisperin’ ‘Damn little buddy’ to himself. He let his hand linger over the top of my buttocks, then he unbuttoned a couple of buttons on my shirt and started rubbin’ my hairy chest and belly all sweet and gentle like.

I could tell by his touch he’d been needin’ to get his hands on some man-flesh for a hell of a long time, and to be honest with you, I was surprised as hell by that. He kept whisperin’ ‘Damn little buddy’ over and over to himself like I was the most perfect being he’d ever touched in his life, and then he started gettin’ fuckin’ harder than hell.

That big fucker of his was runnin’ down along his thick thigh and pushin’ up so hard against the leg of his trousers, I just knew it was gonna rip right up through them any second just like he said he was afraid it would before things ever got that far.

Well I couldn’t stand seein’ the damn thing lookin’ so goddamn confined and uncomfortable, so I started unzipping his pants and guess that was all he had been waiting for because he reached down and unzipped mine in a hurry and pushed his hand on down in them and pawed around on my stiff little pecker and balls until I finally got that huge fucker of his out of his pants.

It took me quite a while, because he was still mostly sittin’ up despite the fact his huge torso was leaned over towards my stretched out body. He did finally sit up some so I could get all of his huge stuff out of his pants, but he never offered to help with it none. He was too damn busy pawin’ all over my hairy body and whisperin’ ‘Damn little buddy’ to himself as if I was the biggest stud there ever was.

Well hell, once I got that huge fucker out and stickin’ up the way it was supposed to and got my hands all over his fine set of testicles, I just crawled down in his crotch and started lickin’ and suckin’ on everything I could.

There was no way I could get his fuckin’ dick in my mouth, much less down my throat, but I think by then, I already had other things in mind for it. Why almost as soon as I saw that big, beautiful fucker all straight up and throbbin’ hard, I think I knew I wasn’t gonna be right with the world until I had that big man fuckin’ it up my ass.

I don’t know what came over me. I was thinkin’ all kinds of shit to myself. I was thinkin’ what a waste it was that a big fuckin’ man like him had apparently gone most his life not being able to fuck with that big beautiful fucker of his. I got all wrapped up just thinking about the size, strength and power of the man, and thought how beautiful it would be to watch him fuck like only a man of his size and stature could fuck.

After I got his big ol’ dick out of his trousers, he pawed all over my stiff little fucker and down under my nuts until the fly of my trousers were wide open and then he slid his hands over my thighs and butt, and started rubbin’ it until he had my trousers completely down below it and my hairy ass was completely bare to him.

He felt all over it and slowly lowered his head down to it and started lickin’ right at the top of my butt-crack and kept whisperin’ ‘Damn little buddy. . . damn!’ to himself the further he got down in there. By then, my face was smothered by his big belly and his big fuckin’ dick was pushed over to the side by it as he kept leaning over me more and more to get at my ass.

I figured once he got far enough down in there to get a taste of my shit, he’d eventually stop, but he kept goin’ after it until he had himself turned over with one big knee planted on the sofa and had himself stretched out over the top of me.

By then I was face down on the sofa and felt his huge dick and balls rubbin’ over the back of my head, and fuck, when I felt his big, thick tongue lap all around on my shit-hole, I went fuckin’ nuts.

I started shivering and moaning and saying all kinds of shit that I can’t even begin to remember, and he just kept at it relentlessly. Fuck, I never felt anything that felt so good in all my life, and his tender, loving touch was so reassuring and so unexpected, I felt my whole body just melt right into that sofa.

He just kept lickin’ on my ass and lovin’ on it so sweet, that every time he raised up just to get a good look at it, and rub it all over good, it was all I could do to not beg him to get back down on it immediately.

After a while, he just buried his head down in my ass, and I was moanin’ and groanin’ until I wantin’ it so bad I raised my head up and rubbed the back of it all around on his big testicles and cock and said, ‘Fuck your finger in me big buddy. Fuck my ass.”

Well he twisted his finger up in me so slow and sweet that I knew for certain right then and there that I wasn’t gonna be right with the world until I had that big fucker of his all the way up inside my ass.

His fuckin’ cock got fuckin’ bone hard after his finger was all good and deep up inside me and feeling the heat of my ass. It was throbbin’ powerful strong and he was whisperin’, ‘Fuck little buddy. . . fuuuughck!’ to himself like he was ready to fuck me right then and there.

I thought for sure he was going to, but he just kept finger fuckin’ me so good and right and feelin’ around on my prostate, that I had to tell him to stop before I soiled his sofa with my spunk.

He softly chuckled all full of lust and desire and said, “Fuck little buddy, I don’t give a shit. Let it rip if you want to. Why don’t you roll on over and let me suck it all out of you?”

Fuck, I was sorely tempted to do it, but he had my ass feelin’ so fuckin’ good, I was wantin’ more of him in there. So I just told him what I wanted from him.

I reached up behind me and grabbed his dick and said ‘I want you to fuck me with this huge fucker big man. Why don’t we go on back to your bedroom where you can fuck my ass proper?’

Well he pulled his finger out of me and reached under his big belly and grabbed a hold of his throbbin’ fuckin’ dick and whispered, ‘Fuck little buddy, whatever you want. I’d sure be happy to try’, and then he got on his feet and fastened the front of his trousers with his big fuckin’ dick and balls stickin’ out of the fly and waited until I had my pants up around my ass before he led me on back to his bedroom.

I couldn’t believe all the love I saw in his eyes once we were both on our feet. When we got to his bedroom, he started unbuttoning my shirt, and once he got it off of me, he carefully folded it up and placed it on a chair, and then turned back to me and rubbed his big ol’ hands all over my chest and back like I was the most beautiful person on earth.

I sat my big ass down on the bed and he continued to rub his hands all over my hairy back as I unfastened his trousers. I pulled them down over his big butt, and he grabbed on to the waistband of them with one hand as he stooped down to step out of them.

His huge fuckin’ dick was stickin’ through the fly of his boxer shorts and was swayin’ back and forth like some kind of giant counter balance as he stepped out of his trousers.

I was starting to have my second thoughts about all of this as he neatly folded them up and set them on a chair he had sitting next to his chest of drawers. He seemed to be going about all of this so slowly and methodically that I was beginning to think he was planning to fuck me to death.

He turned back to me and lifted up my legs and pulled off my shoes and socks and trousers and underwear and then took his sweet time neatly folding them all up and setting them on the chair before he started unbuttoning his shirt with his back to me.

I’ll tell you what though, after he took it off and I saw all the beautiful fuckin’ hair all over his strong, muscular back all trailing down like a waterfall to his big, hairy butt, I knew I was in for somethin’ special.

The fuckin’ man-lust swelled up in me so strong, I heard myself say to him, ‘Fuck. . . you’re fuckin’ beautiful.’

Well he turned to me as he finished folding up his shirt and half closed his eyes and smiled so sweet at me as if hearing that from me, had made his fuckin’ day. His huge, hairy chest slowly swelled and his big ol’ gut sucked up tight to him, and after he had his shirt folded up, he turned his back to me again as he placed it on the chair, and after he got his big fuckin’ dick back through the fly of his shorts, he pulled them down to reveal the finest, hairiest man-ass I ever saw.

Fuck he was beautiful to look at. What a fuckin’ monster, and so fuckin’ big and studly I just damn near melted. He opened up the top drawer of his chest of drawers and dug around in it for a moment until he produced a tub of petroleum jelly, and then he turned to me and as his huge cock throbbed up, he said, ‘I think we might be needin’ this, huh?’

He seemed so unsure about himself and all of what we’d gotten ourselves into, that I just completely relaxed and chuckled a bit then said, ‘Yeah, I think we might need all of it before it’s all said and done.’

He smiled and sat it on the bed stand and then looked at me and said, ‘Roll on over and let me get back at that beautiful ass of yours before you change your mind.’

Well hell, I was only too happy to oblige, and after I got myself rolled over on my stomach, he got up on the bed from the foot of it and spread my legs out wide and buried his face in my butt and started lickin’ it, and tongue fuckin’ it so fuckin’ right and so fuckin’ slow, I was lost back to it in no time at all.

His passion for my ass was so complete, he had me wantin’ him to just crawl right on up in it. He had both his thumbs up in it rubbin’ and reamin’ it out, and it felt so fuckin’ good, I never wanted him to stop.

I felt my fuck-hole opening up to him like a nocturnal flower, and when he knew I was as ready for him as I’d ever be, he stuck one of them deep in my ass as he raised up and straddled it and then popped open that tub of jelly with his other hand and got his huge fuckin’, throbbin’ cock all greased up good for himself.

Fuck, I knew I was in for it then, and he had me more than ready for it, but when he first fucked that huge fucker up in me, I didn’t know what to think or what all I was feeling. Hell, a full gambit of feelings poured through me from pure pleasure to sheer pain, and I couldn’t determine at the time which one was gonna win out.

I’m sure he could tell what all I was going through, but all he could say was, ‘Fuck little buddy. . . fuck!’ each time he inched his way further up my hot ass.

My whole body started trembling from head to toe, and by the time he had himself all good up inside me, my little fucker was all soft and squished down against the bed so tight, I felt like a little boy.

He fell over me and wrapped his arms under me and felt of my nipples and then held his weight up on his elbows as he rubbed his hands all over my chest and belly and whispered, ‘Fuck little buddy. . . fuck!’, right in my ear each time his pulsating cock throbbed up good and strong inside me.

I thought for sure he was gonna loose his load, but he kept control of himself and after he had gotten past it all, he pushed his big ol’ thighs up tight to mine and got me spread out even further and fucked himself deeper up in me and whispered and uttered, ‘I could fuckin’ crawl up your hot ass and die little buddy. I’ve jerked myself off a thousand million times dreamin’ about this, and not a single fantasy I’ve ever entertained about it ever come close to how fuckin’ perfect this had all actually turned out to be.. . . Fuck little buddy. . . Fuck. . . Fuck me good. . .’

I knew I’d been a willing player in all of this right from the start, but after he confessed to me what he did, I didn’t know what to think.

I never felt so possessed in all my life. I knew I was now his, and no longer had any control over the situation whatsoever, and I just knew he was gonna have his way with me like I was afraid to even imagine, so I just closed my eyes and embraced it all because I was powerless to do anything different.

My heart poured out to him so much, I wanted him to have it just the way he’d always dreamed it would be and figured the best thing I could do was stay as relaxed as I could until he got it all out of his system.

I knew I’d be completely changed afterwards, but I had no idea how much it would change me.

He just kept fuckin’ me and lovin’ on me and I have to admit, that after a while I was fuckin’ lovin’ it all myself. I had no idea how much I’d enjoy havin’ such a big man like him fuckin’ me. I loved feelin’ smothered by his huge body and feelin’ all the hairs on his chest ticklin’ my back and just the sheer strength of his big self as he manhandled me strong and yet so tender.

I knew that by the time he got himself down to the short strokes, that I might be thinkin’ something completely different, but the way he started in on me was just fuckin’ perfect.

He finally got back up on his knees and started rubbin his big paws all over my ass as he fucked me ever harder and deeper and kept muttering all of his ‘Little buddy’ shit. . .

‘Fuck little buddy. I want to fuck you for the rest of my days. I wanna fuck you every day and every night. I wanna fuck your perfect little body fuckin’ full of joy. I wanna make your cum so good, and I wanna cum right along with you little buddy. I wanna taste your spunk and eat your ass and fuck you and fuck you and fuck you.’

And boy, did he ever. He’d fucked me good and steady for quite a while, but I could tell he hadn’t even gotten down to the real business. Then all of a sudden he stopped and slid his hand down under me and got my squished up balls and soft little fucker in the palm of his hand and felt me up like I was twice the man he ever was.

The way he went about it was so respectful, I just knew he was doing it to reassure himself that he was actually fuckin’ a man. He groped me for quite a while then started muttering to himself as he got back to givin’ me the dick, ‘Awh fuck, I’m fuckin’ my little buddy and it feels so fuckin’ good feelin his fuckin’ dick and balls while I fuck his hot ass.’

He growled and groaned to himself and fucked me good and hard a few times as he felt me up, and then he pulled his huge fucker out of me and said, ‘Roll over little buddy, I wanna suck the spunk right out of that pretty little fucker of yours.’

I told him he’d best not do that until he got finished fuckin’ me the way he wanted, and he just chuckled and said, ‘Hell, I’ll never be finished fuckin’ you the way I want, so don’t even think about that ever happening.’

Well, I rolled on over and he took my little balls and pecker all in his big mouth at once and licked his fuckin’ tongue all around under them and got his teeth full of my pubic hairs and had me harder than a rock in no time.

He sucked my fat little pecker and told me how fuckin’ pretty and manly it was and rubbed his face all over it and just went fuckin’ crazy over it. Well fuck, by then I was fuckin’ horned up good, and I was ready to blow.

I raised my legs up high above me and started strokin’ on myself and shouted, ‘Fuck my ass big man. Fuck the spunk right out of me. Fuck me good and hard.’

Well he raised up and fucked his huge dick back up my ass and grabbed my legs and rode me on out to our final destination. It was so fuckin’ beautiful to watch him fuck and see all the love he had in his eyes for me, I had to hold myself off until I knew he was good and ready to unload that huge, stiff fucker of his.

I felt my guts wrench from fightin’ it off for so long and knew I’d just soiled his big fuckin’ dick as I started blowin’ out my spunk, but I think him feelin’ the fuckin’ heat of it just made him cum all that much more.

He grimaced and then bellowed out like a monster when he first let loose of his seed and then I started cummin’ all over the fuckin’ place.

My spunk was flyin’ up above my head - just the way you do when you let loose with your fuckin’ spunk - and I just kept cummin’ and cummin’ and cummin’.

I completely covered myself with it at the same time he was fillin’my ass completely up with his huge load. He was fuckin’ beautiful to watch as he shot himself off. His big ol’ body was tensed up and all of the muscles on him bulged up and his face was twisted up in a grimace that spoke volumes of how good that fucker of his was makin’ him feel.

He kept bellowin’ out ‘Oh! Little buddy. Oh FUCK YEAH! LOOK AT YOU CUM!!!’ while he pumped me full of his own hot spunk and that just got me to cummin’ even more.

I’d never cum anything like that in my entire life.

I was completely exhausted by the time I shot out the last of my load, and my little fucker went soft in a hurry, but he just looked me right in the eyes and chuckled all lusty-like when he saw how fully spent I was and kept fuckin’ me slow and easy until he finally got off the last of what he had inside of him.

He came three or four more times, and each time he did his groin would tighten up and he would grimace so strong, I knew he was draining his nuts like he’d probably never done before.

I think he could of fucked me the rest of the day just for the sheer pleasure of it, but when he finally couldn’t pump out another drop of his spunk, he looked down and noticed how I was holdin’ on to my flaccid little pecker and then reluctantly pulled his stiff fucker out of my hot ass.

I thought for sure he be all disgusted by how I’d soiled him, but he just chucked to himself when he saw his dirty cock and then got up and went to the bathroom and washed himself off and came back with a wet, warm washcloth in his hand and raised my legs up and wiped my ass like I was his little baby boy without saying a word about it.

After he took it back to the bathroom and returned, he crawled back up to me from the foot of the bed and got his face right up over my spunk-covered belly and looked up at me and said, ‘I’ve been wantin’ to do this for as long as I can remember’, and then proceeded to lick up every last drop of my load that he could.

He finished up by lickin’ all of it off my privates and after he licked all good down under my balls, he crawled up beside me and gently ran his big ol’ paw along one side of my face and said, ‘That’s the sweetest tastin’ shit I ever had in my life’, then he kissed me on the forehead and petted me all over for well over an hour.

I knew he was still having his way with me, but I never felt so completely sated, and calm, and relaxed, ever in my life. I was totally stunned. I just gazed out through my eyes and saw nothing, nothing at all. The whole room seemed to slowly lift and spin around and I was barely aware of myself when he finally patted me on my side and said, ‘I’m gonna go fix us some dinner.’

He didn’t look in on me until he had it all ready and the table set, but as soon as he saw me still laying in the bed right where he’d left me, I think he realized how fuckin’ stunned I still was, so he wrapped me up in one of his bathrobes and walked me into the dining room where he had two candles burning on the table, and we just ate in silence. . .”

He stopped, and then smiled wistfully as all the romantic memories of that evening flooded through him, then he looked up at me and said, “I didn’t leave that place until a week or so later, closer to two weeks.

Every single time he fucked me, it was a completely different experience. His words, the way he fucked me, everything. . . was all completely different. It was like he had so much built up inside of him, I figured it would take him the rest of his life to express it all to me.

I never felt so fuckin’ torn by all of his love and passion and how he made me feel. . . on the one hand, I just loved it, and on the other, I felt imprisoned by it.”

He dropped his head down and took a deep breath, then looked back up at me and smiled and said, “Hell. I couldn’t keep my hands off of him any more than he could me. Every time we got up out of bed and got dressed and I wrapped my arms around his huge body and looked up at him and his loving eyes, I just melted, and wanted to take all his cloths back off of him right then and there.

We spent most of the time in bed, but he did take in some new work during that week as well. We would get busy with it for a few hours and then the passion in us would build up so strong, we be rollin’ around on the fuckin’ garage floor kissin’ and laughin’ and feelin’ each other up like crazy.

Toward the end of that two weeks I was there, we almost got caught at it by one of his regular customers who pulled up before we realized it. I don’t think either one of us would of given a shit about it at the time, but fortunately, we was hidden enough by one of the tractors that he couldn’t see for sure what the fuck was goin’ on between us. He just saw our legs all wrapped around one another and figured we’d gotten into some kind of impromptu wresslin’ match or somethin’.

The old boy got to chuckling to himself as he stepped out of his truck and walked up to us. Then he looked us both over and shook his head and said, ‘What the hell are two old fucks like you doin’ wresslin’ around like that? You could hurt yourselves. What the hell were you fightin’ about anyway? Hell, for a minute there I thought you were fuckin’ or somethin’.’

He started laughin’ and shakin’ his head and grabbed his fuckin’ crotch without even thinking of what he was doin’, then he kinda got red in the face and said, ‘Hell, if you had been, I would of said more power to ya, you old fucks.’

Then he started laughin’ even harder and put his hand out to me and said, ‘I’ve never met you before. My name’s Henry, John Henry’, and after we got all the introductions and the business out of the way, we just talked with him until his ride showed up and took him back to his place of business.

After they were well down the road, we just shut up the garage and got back to fuckin’, but that run-in with John Henry kind of broke the spell we had over one another, and a few days later, I told him I just had to get back home and empty the mail box and gather up the papers and pay my bills.

Well after I did get home and took care of all that mess, I stripped naked and threw my cloths in the wash and filled up the bathtub and soaked in it for over an hour. I submerged myself in it as deep I could and stared up at the ceiling for a while, then I looked down at myself and wondered what the fuck had happened to me.

The thought that I’d let another man fuck my ass non-stop for well over a week just hit me all at once. I must of laid in that tub for over an hour and kept filling it up with hotter and hotter water until I felt completely drained by it.

When I finally got out and dried myself off, I examined every inch of myself in the mirror as if I wasn’t any longer familiar with my person or who the hell I was.

I stayed cooped up in my house for a week and a half, and never answered the phone and only stepped outside long enough to gather up the mail and the newspapers.

I had completely lost my appetite and didn’t care what I ate, so I just emptied the cupboards and kept myself hid away.

One day, about ten in the morning, the door bell rang. I was still lyin’ in bed so I threw on a bathrobe and opened the door expecting it to be the paperboy coming around for his money.

Well as soon as I got it opened, there stood the big man with a huge bouquet of flowers in his hand and this terrified look on his face.

I didn’t say nothin’. I just opened the door and let him in and as soon as he crossed the threshold, he stopped and said, ‘I love you little buddy.’

He slowly raised his eyes up to mine and his grip on that bouquet of flowers was so tight, I thought they were going to crumble in his hands.

I didn’t know what to say. All the hurtin’ love I saw in his eyes and face made me start to tear up. He could barely breath right as he said to me, ‘I know maybe I shouldn’t of come here like this. And. . . And. . . Well I know what all you might be thinkin’ about me by now, but damn it, I can’t help myself. I can’t help it how I feel for you and how I want to express them feelings.

Fuck, little buddy. I never thought we’d end up fuckin’ like we did and don’t question how you must be feelin’ about it just about now, but fuck, I love you.

I’ve always loved you little buddy.

Ever since the first day I ever laid eyes on you.’

A big ol’ tear rolled down his big cheek, and then he broke down and started cryin’. All I could do was cry myself and stare out through my teary eyes at him in disbelief.

The idea that this big man had harbored all of this love for me inside of himself for all these years, confounded the hell out of me.

When he saw how completely baffled I was at how he could be so in love with a little grunt-fuck like me, he said, ‘Look, I ain’t here to force you or nothin’ nor do I want you feelin’ sorry for me, but look at the two of us.

We’ve only got a few more years left on this earth and I don’t think either one of us is lookin’ to get married again. I just want to live out my last days with the only person I’ve ever truly loved.

I won’t hurt you no more. Hell I won’t even touch you if that’s what you want. I just want to be with you and love you. I promise, I’ll do it whatever way you want. Just give me the chance to prove it to you.’

He reached up and wiped a tear off of my cheek, and then looked at me with them loving eyes of his as if it would be his last, then gave me a big hug and handed me the flowers and turned on his heels to open the door and leave, and I said, ‘No! Wait!’. . .

. . .And I’ve never left his side since. Not until I made this trip to come see my daughter.”

He started tearing up and then he looked me square in the eyes and said, “I know I can never love him the way he loves me. It just isn’t possible. And yeah, we’ve had our little ups and downs like any two people livin’ together do, but I’ll tell you what my friend, there ain’t nothin’ more powerful than the love two men can share when they each set their mind to it.

It’s time I get back to him now. I just hope maybe he was able to have a little fun of his own while we’ve been separated. Every man needs a little of that once in a while, it’s just a natural part of our make up.”

He smiled and wiped away a tear, then chuckled a little to himself and said, “Unless of course the man has a lifetime of pent up desire in him that he hasn’t yet had the time to fully get out of him. He still hasn’t finished expressing to me all the ways he loves me. That’s why I seriously doubt that he has had any fun of his own. As for me, well like I said when I first met you, a man’s gotta suck a dick every once in a while, and since his is too big for that, it’s been nice to be able to get that out of my system for a while.

But I tell you what, I’m lookin’ forward to gettin’ back to him and lettin’ him fuck me with that big ol’ dick of his. I miss that big ol’ fucker. I really do. I miss his lovin’ eyes the most. All I can say is if you ever see that in the eyes of a big man with a heart so big it shakes the ground you stand on, don’t ever look back. Cause there ain’t nothin’ else on God’s green earth you’ll ever experience that worth givin’ that up for. You’ll live to regret it for the rest of your life if you do.”

He patted me on the hand and said, “It’s so fuckin’ rare and precious, I question whether you’ll ever experience it in your life the way I have, but I hope you do. You deserve it.”