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Cruisin' Amsterdam Part 1 A/Y

It was my first time. I was a little scared, a lot nervous and a whole lot

more excited. I'd been before of course, but this time I was going to be part

of the action.

My father had taken me last time when I was 14. He was the Master and nobody

was going to say no to him. He gave me strict instructions and I had tried hard

to follow them. There had really been only one small incident where I had been

disciplined and even then the punishment was more to scare me than to hurt. Boy,

scare me it did, too!

Well, this time I was on my own.

My name's Erik, Erik Gunderson. My family is Swedish, duh! And I had grown up

splitting part of every year at home in Sweden and at home in Minnesota. Yep, a

bilingual, binational, bisected life. I didn't really know any different, so I

just seemed to flow through life and enjoyed as much as I could. I guess I have

a pleasant personality, at least almost everyone likes me. At 16, I've got a

slight build, being 6 feet and only 130 pounds, so I never could play the

American sports. I was pretty good at soccer though and High School had a good

team which I played on in the spring season. I was really just one of many,

both in Minnesota and Sweden; tall, skinny, ghost white, blonde haired, blue

eyed teenager.

I was shocked when I went that first time. Everybody stared at me! Nobody

looked like me. Almost everyone was older, dark haired and much heavier. In

fact, most of them were just plain fat. Well, I didn't dwell on that. I just

tried to follow my father's instructions and kept silent with my eyes averted

showing respect. It was hard when I could feel their eyes all over me. I'd

never been exposed to that before and while it was really strange, it was also

very exciting. Some of the men practically drooled as they looked me up and

down. Most of the fat ones would lick their lips, but a very few of the

youngest would actually get me to lick mine!

It was really hard (or maybe I should say I was really hard) every time I went

to the pool. Because I'm so fair I have to be careful about sunburn. Sometimes

my father would rub the oil on my back and

sometimes I had to find someone in the pool area to help. That was the most

thrilling, because I was never sure who I could approach and what would happen.

I would look for one of the younger men and silently hold up the Bain de Soleil,

get an inquiring look on my face and slightly turn my shoulders. Usually my

target would practically snatch the oil from my hand as they eagerly applied

themselves to the task. Sometimes it would be just a quick dash and slather, but

more often their hands would move slowly across my shoulders and upper arms.

There would sometimes be audible sighs as hands would caress my shoulder blades

and into my lower back. Occasionally one of them would rub up my sides and along

my rib cage and then back along my spine and down my arms. Each time the

feelings would overpower me and I would lean forward and down a little offering

them my back to caress as they would.

One young guy thrilled me beyond belief when he worked the oil up my rib cage

and he stole a little caress of my nipples. I'd never been touched like that

and when he heard me gasp, he eased his hands down to my stomach and drew me

back into an almost embrace. My butt was actually snuggled into his crotch and

as he ran his fingers back up and around my nipples again I could feel his hard

cock pressed into my Speedos. As my own began to rise big time, I figured I

better escape while I could. Looking around I saw no one was paying any

attention, so I leaned back into him, clenched my butt cheeks against his cock a

couple of times and turned my head to look at him. I was just below his chin

and as he gasped I gave his cheek a little kiss. I gave one last butt cheek

caress and jumped from his arms directly into the pool. The cool water sent my

cock back to its normal, or at least soft, state and as I reached the other end

I looked back, but he was gone, just the bottle of sun oil was lain on one of

the poolside tables, on its side and suggestively, a little drip of oil was

glistening in the sun while stringing from the tip of the bottle down to the

towel on the chair below. I rose again immediately and had to swim 10 laps

before I was cool enough to risk getting out of the water. Needless to say, my

hands caressed my own nipples that night as I dreamed of him and wanked myself

to a stunning climax.

I didn't know what I'd encounter this time, but since my father was not the

Master, I had resolved to follow through if the right opportunity arrived.

As I said, I was nervous. My father had gotten me the job. The cruise line was

always looking for what was called Hotel staff. This included everything from

dishwasher and cabin boy to entertainment coordinators. On this trip my father

had wrangled me and a friend's son the officers' cabin boy positions. This

meant we would have the job which was a cross between hotel and ship. Our

duties would include cleaning the officer's cabins, serving at the captain's

table in the dining room and maintaining the coffee and refreshment station for

the bridge watch crew. We'd have to undergo seamen safety training school in

the mornings and learn all the Hotel rules for our time in the dining room. The

good news was that this cruise line always evaluated and promoted from this

group and offered successful candidates scholarships to either the best

culinary, hotel or maritime institutes depending on their interests. We'd have

two years under sail before these decisions were made, but first I had to

survive this first cruise.

I reported to the purser's mate at the crew office on the pier and was given a stack of

paper about 2 inches thick to read and sign. He directed me to the waiting room

and told me my roommate, Don, was already inside. "Look for the young English

bloke," he said, "and get that paperwork back to me in a half an hour."

I spotted Don immediately, he was 20 years younger than anybody else in the room

after all. I introduced my self and we shared a table while going through the

tax forms, insurance forms, general releases and list of general rules we had to

sign. As we worked through the mess, Don told me a little about himself. Like

me, his father worked for the line on another ship. His father wasn't Ship's

Master, but was Executive Officer. He'd grown up in England, this was his first

cruise, too. He was just 18 and didn't know what he wanted to do, so agreed

with his Dad to try this and at least earn a little money toward his future. He

laughed when he told me his one promise his Dad had demanded was that he would

NOT get tattooed! "Not that I would want to," he snickered, "I've seen what his

look like after 40 years!"

I admitted I'd never considered it, in fact I couldn't imagine why someone would

want to mutilate themselves with either a tattoo or a piercing. Well, to each

their own, we agreed.

We returned the paperwork and followed the purser's mate aboard. He took us to

our cabin, actually a little room on the same deck as the officers, and gave us

a map of the ship and told us to get packed away and meet him down at the

purser's office where we would be issued uniforms and get our first instructions

and daily schedule.

When he left we joked about the size of the cabin, it couldn't have been more

than five by eight with a combined head, sink, and shower with a closet and dresser

on the side opposite the bunks. We flipped for the top bunk and I lost so I

settled my stuff in the bottom drawer and made up my bunk. Don found he couldn't

work on his bunk while I did, so I stepped into the head and relieved myself

while he stowed his gear and made his bunk. He laughed when I came out and

snickered that we'd probably have to jack off together, because there wasn't

enough room for privacy, moving elbows and passion! I blushed a little, but

told him that would be all right with me.

His smile practically lit up the room as he let out a big sigh of relief and

said, "Great, I was so afraid I'd get a prude for a roomy. I think we're going

to have a great time as shipmates."

"I'm not a prude, but I've never been with anyone before, to share a room or

anything else, but I think you're right. We're going to have a great time!

Let's go below and see what's up."

Wow, we didn't need to worry about jacking off! The Purser, the Chief Steward,

the Officer of the Watch and the Safety Tutor kept us so busy we'd stumble into

our room and simply collapse.

Our fifth day aboard was the first day we got a little break from duties. As

usual we went through the officer's quarters right after breakfast changing

sheets, emptying trash and restocking the heads. Then we had duty on the bridge

lounge changing the coffee, restocking the cream and sugar and going through the

watch area cleaning up cups, trays and general trash.

The Chief Steward was enough to make us quake, but this day he had given us

permission to take the rest of the afternoon off and enjoy the ship. Our only

rules were that we had to change to civvies, paying passengers had right of way

in any situation, that no alcohol was allowed and we had to be at table side at

7 to serve the Captain.

Don and I tore down to our cabin and decided that the pool deck was were we were

headed. Both of us ripped off the uniforms and in nothing flat had donned

Speedos. Coming up for air we were both surprised and a little unsettled by the

sight before us. "Wow," I said, "You look great!"

"Me," he answered, "Looking at you, I think I'm in love!"

I blushed furiously and looked away, trying to think of something to say. I saw

the sun tan oil and said, "I burn pretty bad, would you put the oil on my back?"

"Yeah, I'd love to," he replied.

He took the oil and as I turned around he spread a small amount across my

shoulders. Then putting the bottle down, he began to rub the oil across them.

As his hands moved across my back and over my arms I gave an involuntary moan and

leaned back against him.

"Why don't you lay down," he said.

I couldn't lay down quick enough. As I slid over a little Don sat on the edge

of the bed and began to massage the oil across the small of my back. Rubbing

all around and into my sides he had me moaning and sighing. When he had totally

worked my back he splashed some more oil on his hands and started working on my

right thigh. I hadn't expected that move, and my body tensed and I know my butt

checks clenched.

"Relax," he whispered, "relax and enjoy."

He worked my right thigh for a few minutes and then began on my left. I was in

heaven. It felt so good. I couldn't believe that another boy's hands could

make me so relaxed. Just then he whispered again, "Relax, Erik, enjoy!"

At that he hooked his fingers under the waist band of my Speedos and quickly

lifted them up and then down below my cheeks. As I moaned again he began to

massage my ass. His hands felt fantastic. I moaned and made a little wiggle

moving my knees apart and offering him a little more access.

Don moved up a little on the bed and his hands now worked across my hip bones.

Needless to say I was hard as a rock, but I continued to just relax into the

sensations. His hands would alternate between massaging the cheeks, reaching

around my hips and getting teasingly close to my hardness, and then running one

hand down between my legs drawing a finger through my crack and across my


I'd never been touched there before and every time he'd slide across it I would

moan and wiggle a little more to open even farther.

After teasing my hip bones with a solid five minutes of rubbing over and around,

he dribbled a little oil at the top of my crack. With a big sigh he whispered

again and this time rubbed the oil around and then down my crack. He passed

directly across my hole and kept going, running his fingers lightly under my

body and cupping, then gently squeezing my waiting balls. As he moved my balls

around in the palm of his hand, he leaned into my ear and gently kissing me on

the cheek, he whispered, "Turn over."

"Yes!" I moaned and as he removed his hand I turned up and into him and then

over against the wall.

This gave him more room to move and he scooted into the bed sliding his left arm

under my head and using his right, so recently cupping my jewels, to begin small

circles on my stomach and beneath my Speedos, toying with my pubic hair.

"Can we take these off?" he asked as he pulled on the strings.

"Oh, God, yes," I moaned and then sucked in my breath as his hand rolled down

and cupped my sac again. He then moved up my straining cock to the waist band

and used the back of his hand to lift the fabric away from my dripping cock


"Ready for this, aren't we," he giggled as his finger tips swirled the precum

around the head.

"Oh, yes," I groaned again, "Please!"

He pushed my suit below my balls and then hooking his thumb under both the front

and back he shoved them further down my thighs, then lifted my legs and worked

them off completely.

He quickly returned his hand to my balls and again squeezed and rolled them

around in his hand. As I began groaning in earnest, he leaned over and kissed

me full on the lips.

As my mouth opened to accept his tongue, I lost my breath. As we began to

tongue wrestle, his hand left my balls and he began a slow stroke up and down my

turgid penis.

I pulled away from his questing tongue and groaned, "I'm gonna ..."

"Cum," he whispered and ran his tongue inside my ear. I exploded in his hand,

sending shot after shot up and out of my overloaded sac. It seemed it was

everywhere. The first shot was clear over my head and the next ten or so left a

trail of white hot boy cream from my chin to my pubes.

"Awesome!" Don whispered as he leaned over and licked my fresh cream from my

chin. His hand had left my prick and was now massaging my sperm into my body

like he had been massaging the sun oil.

"Sleep baby, sleep," he whispered, as if he knew my senses were beyond

reclaiming. Last thing I knew, he was cuddling up against me as I drifted off.


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Thanks and I hope you enjoyed it. Sorry about the little tease at the beginning, I'm just learning

about Masters and such and couldn't resist. Namaste