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Amsterdam Part 2 Sweet Dreams A/Y

I thought I was dreaming of my experience at the pool that time long ago, my

rigid dick was straining against the Lycra of my Speedos and my left nipple was

as hard as diamond and jumping at his touch. As I gradually woke and realized

where I was, I knew it was no dream. Don was cuddled warm and close against me.

His left arm under both our heads and his face pressed into the crook of my

shoulder. His right leg was up and over my body and it was his Speedos pressed

against my dick, not my own. His right arm was on my chest and I figured out

that my own breathing was causing my nipple to move back and forth under his

fingers. It was heaven, I felt so safe and warm. I remembered the terrific

orgasm he had just given me, the first in my life caused by another boy's hands.

It had been tremendous and now this cuddle was almost as nice although

completely different.

I realized that there were two rigid poles pressing through the fabric of the

Speedos. One in the center of my body which must be mine, but another just

beside it, poking just as strongly into my pelvis, but not connected to my

sensory grid. As Don purred into my shoulder I decided I had to make him feel

as good as I did.

Wiggling my arm up between us, I slid it into the slight pucker in the swim suit

where his hip bone held the fabric away from his skin slightly. With a little

protest at my movement, he then sighed deeply as I found the object of my search

and made a fist around his stiff member.

I'd never felt another dick before. It was so hot! Hot in my mind and hot in

my hand. As I slowly stroked up and down I marveled at the strength of the

bone. Yeah, I knew it wasn't really bone, just trapped blood, but it was so

hard. I could feel the head in my palm and just as the shaft was hard, the head

was soft and kind of spongy. When the strength of the erection forced the head

into my hand, Don would let out a little grunt. Then the stroke back across the

ridges of my fingers and the movement of the lip of the penis falling into the

valleys and then pushed back by my finger bones caused him to suck in his

breath. Suddenly I was not having to move my hand, his hips were thrusting his

dick into my hand all on their own.

This movement on his part was also felt in my penis because as he thrust in, his

thigh muscle would press down and drive my dick into my own bush and pelvis. I

found I could actually open my hand and then trap both dicks together with just

a layer of spandex between them.

Don's thrusting became more urgent then and his dick was now adding to my

pleasure by sliding up and down my own as I squeezed them together. Just as I

thought I was going to explode again, Don cried out and spiked his dick into my

hand. I felt it swell against my grip and then pump and pump his sperm up and

out. The first shots were so strong, they forced the juices through the fabric

and against my dick head. If I'd thought his dick was hot, the stored juices

from inside his body were positively boiling and as they coated my own dick

head, the heat and the action pushed me over the edge and I shot another load to

mingle with his on my belly. Don never woke, it must have been a super hot wet

dream! We both just cuddled with my hand firmly around his penis and our juices

mingling with our dream waves as I drifted back to sleep.

"Hey, hot stuff," Don said as he shook me with his free arm. "If you don't let

go of my dick and let me up, I'm going to wash all this sticky cum away by

pissing right here!"

"Hum, might be fun," I answered.

"Oh baby, might be indeed!" he said, "But not today, I think we need to do a

little more prep before we play indoor watersports."

"Maybe, but let's go finish our plan to swim now."

"Okay, but you need to wash off all this crusty cum or the whole ship will know

you're just a rabbit in heat."

I giggled a response, "Me? At least some of this is yours, look inside that


"Man, I thought that dream was super real! Come on, let me up, I'll piss and

wipe up, then you can wipe down and we'll go catch some rays."

The rest of the day we lazed around the pool. Don reapplied my sun tan oil

twice, without public incident, but not without a private snicker or two.

Several of the paying passengers stopped and stared. One guy was actually

drooling as he watched. Don gave him a little show, easing the waist band of my

Speedos down to reveal a little crack and to massage the oil into my upper butt.

He giggled as he said, "Watch this guy. Look over at him, smile and wink. I

bet he'll cream his pants."

I looked over and smiled, he was kind of cute for an old guy. Then when I

winked at him I think he did cream. He grabbed a towel and held it draping over

his suit as he scurried away. Don collapsed in a fit of giggles.

"God, I bet you have them all creaming," he laughed. "You don't know how

beautiful you are."

"Really?" I asked, "I'm just a dumb blonde kid."

"Yeah, sure. But right now you're my dumb blonde kid!"

"You got that right!" I laughed.


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