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Copyright 2002 by the author. The author retains all rights to this story and requests that you do not alter or post this story in any form without his permission. The following is a work of fiction. The usual disclaimers apply. The characters are purely fictional as are the events. This story depicts acts of love and sex between consenting persons, youth with youth, adult with adult and youth with adult . If stories of this nature offend you or if you are under the age of 18 or it is illegal to read stories of this nature, then please leave now.

Amsterdam Part 3 Wet Dreams A/Y

We splashed, lazed around and generally just enjoyed the pool for the rest of the afternoon. About 6 we returned to our cabin and although we both thought about fooling around there wasn't time. We each showered and changed and reported to the main hall for Captain's table duties.

Supper was always a very formal affair with Don and I waiting on the entire Captain's table alone. This was the only time we'd really see the Captain, and we tried to serve with respect and anticipate every person's needs. It was funny because we heard a lot of the talk between the Captain and that day's guests and we got so we could anticipate what questions they were going to ask. Everyone wanted to know about steering the ship although many of the women would talk about "driving" it. Everyone wanted a tour of the bridge and the Captain was very good at politely telling them no. Many of the fat old guys tried to impress their trophy wives with what they knew about seamanship, or how more important their jobs were than just steering a boat. Many of the wives would try and flirt with the Captain or whichever officer was that nights table companion. Don and I were essentially invisible.

That night one of the men tried to feel me up every time I got close to change his service or fill his water glass. The Captain looked right at me and smiled the first time the guy patted my ass. I blanched but the Captain just grinned and winked at me letting me know he know it wasn't my fault. As the guy had more and more to drink his hands became a little more bold and twice he got a good grope of my package before I could move away. The second time he actually squeezed and I let out a little gasp of shock. A moment later the Maitre d' was calling me over and asked me to take a special selection of deserts up to the watch crew. He told me he'd assign one of the older waiters to finish serving at the table. I didn't know if I was dead meat or what, but when I looked over at the Captain he gave me a thumbs up and a big wink, so I took the dessert tray and climbed to the bridge.

When I got there the officer on duty called out right away, "Hey, Erik, we need some help here. Can you take the wheel a moment?"

"Me?" I asked in awe.

"Yeah, I just sent the helmsman to the head, it'll just be a couple of minutes."

I was floored, but I walked up and sat behind the wheel and then reaching out grabbed it with a death grip.

"Relax, just hold it and basically don't move it," he said.

I sat there for what seemed like an hour and listened as all the reports and conversations went on around me. Then I heard, "Erik, heading 214, correct?"

Glancing at the compass binnacle I replied, "Aye, sir, 214."

That must have satisfied him because he replied, "Very good, seaman resume your watch," and I felt the helmsman tap me on the shoulder.

As I slid out of the post and he slid in I heard him whisper, "Well done boy, salute him and leave the bridge."

I blushed and turned and saluted the officer who saluted back. I blushed again and then scampered from the bridge with my head bursting with all the things to tell Don.

As I turned down the passageway to our room I practically ran the Captain over. I skidded to a halt and as my sphincter closed tight in fear I snapped to the best attention that I could manage.

"Whoa boy, not so hasty," the Captain boomed. "Well done below. That fellow was out of bounds, but you handled yourself well and didn't make a scene. You'd make your father proud! I hope you don't mind I arranged to send you topside?" With that he actually reached out and patted me on the shoulder.

"Yes Sir, I mean, No Sir, I mean, Thank you Sir," I stammered.

"Well, carry on," he said and standing aside indicated I could go.

Trying not to bolt I said, "Aye, sir," and walked down the passage way. As I turned the corner I let out a whoop and ran full blast to the cabin. Don was already there and had his uniform off standing in his skivvies. I exploded with the whole story in practically one breath and then was shocked when Don grabbed me, hugged me, kissed me and began to unbutton my blouse.

"Oh man, that guy grabbing you had me ready to kill him and then the Captain sending you away scared me to death. But now, you are so hot when you're excited," he said, "let's get this monkey suit off and get in bed. I'm bursting!"

"Yes," I whimpered as his hands undid the buttons on my pants. "Yes, yes, yes."

Don dropped my pants to the floor where they puddled around my shoes. Then he went to work for real on my blouse completely unbuttoning it and then easing it back and off my shoulders. He told me to stand still and turned and neatly hung it up then turned back and ran his hand around my waist and up my rib cage and then across my shoulders and down my arms. Arriving at my waist again he eased the t shirt out of my shorts and began to draw it up and over my head. His hands never lost contact with my body and I shuddered as he eased the shirt completely off. In contrast to how he carefully handled my uniform blouse, he tossed the t shirt over his shoulder to land wily nily. Placing both palms on my newly exposed chest he made a couple of large circles and then honed in on my nipples, first teasing them, then softly pinching them into full attention. My dick, of course, was now at attention too and I could feel the beginning of my juices flowing out the end and staining my underwear.

Moving his left hand to the center of my chest he rubbed both nipples at the same time in the span between his thumb and middle finger. His right hand he dropped to my package and he took his own free squeeze. Then raising that hand to my head he pulled me into a passionate kiss, grinding his lips with mine and his hips against my risen boyhood. Using his right to pull my head forward and keep it safe, he pushed against my chest and sent me backwards falling on the bunk.
"Okay, Peter Rabbit, hold that thought," he laughed, squeezing my throbbing cock again. Then he dropped to his knees and slowly removed my shoes and socks. Each foot was treated to a thorough caress, if not out right massage. As he lifted and kissed the bottoms of each foot, he pulled the legs of my pants down and off. Taking the same care he had shown before he turned and hung the pants neatly in the closet.

Then he turned back and seeing me up on my elbows, he slithered up my legs running his tongue on the inside of my right thigh.

"Oh God," I groaned and threw my head back as he slowly came up my body. Then I just collapsed back as his lips surrounded my throbbing meat right though the cotton of my briefs.

Mouthing my straining cock, he slowly moved up until his tongue was driving me wild, running on the edge of my dick head under the cotton. His teeth then dragged across the head grabbing the cotton and lifting it up and away. Pulling my pants down with his teeth, he moved his hands to my ass and followed his mouth down taking my shorts with them.

Reaching my knees, he let go with his mouth and as he pulled the underwear completely down and off he asked, "Well, Rabbit Boy, are you excited yet?"

"Ohhhh, yeah.....," was all I could manage to groan.

Then his hands moved back up my legs, flicking both sides of my ballsac and my dripping dick head as they passed.

"Yipes," I squealed.

"Relax, just hold it and basically don't move it," he replied and moved his hands under my armpits drawing me up and to him. I giggled at his unconscious mimicking of the watch officer. As I reached the edge of the bed he stood up and then drew me up into an embrace. As I leaned fully into his body he caressed my back and once again we ground our cocks together.

"Come, back into the shower, you're worky stinky," he laughed. As he backed me in he started the water, but didn't close the door. With the water running on my back he told me "Stay still," and I watched as he stepped back and removed his own underwear. We now stood face to face totally nude for the first time. I feasted on his body and my cock actually drooled as my eyes visually raped his own throbbing manhood.

"Patience...." he said and reached for the shampoo. He started at my head and lathered my hair, then still using shampoo he spun me around and lathered my back with as sensual and as careful a motions as he had used with the sun tan oil near the pool. Next he bent down and did my legs having me lift my feet so he could caress them as before. As he came back up the backs of my legs he reached to my inner thighs and gently ran each hand in turn under and across my sac.

"Oh man," was all I could say.

Don gently ran his hands up my body and turned me around so my back was rinsing. He began the same careful washing of my front as he had my back. When he came up this time he stepped into the shower with me pushing me back and under the water rinsing my head and whole body. Then he grabbed my flowing dick and squeezed and stroked.

My knees almost buckled from the strength of the sensations. After the buildup of the washing I could hardly handle the over stimulation of his hand on my cock. Realizing I was almost gone, Don pulled me by my cock, leading me dripping fore and aft from the shower and once again eased me down on the bed. Kneeling in front of me, he arranged a pillow behind my head and gently spread my legs across the edge of the mattress. Gently pushing me back into the pillow, he leaned in and began to lick the semen now fairly running from my hyper sensitive dick. As I thought I was going to die, he upped the ante and took my cock fully into his mouth. The heat was amazing. The moist warmth surrounding me caused my balls to rise and as he sucked and slathered my dick with his tongue I screamed and shot my load.

Shot after shot, spurt after spurt, pump after pump my balls emptied the load they had built during the afternoon and evening. Don was groaning and sucking, rolling my balls in his hands and as he grabbed his own dick, he lifted away from my cock and one stroke had him shooting from his knees. His first shot hit me in the face and the rest of his load smeared across my chest and stomach in long and chunky lines. Laughing and crying at the same time, I grabbed him and pulled him up against me, and slimed the two of us in his enormous load of cum. He licked my face and then with both his and my cum on his tongue he began to attack my mouth with kisses. The taste was wonderful and as we both came down from our physical peak, we settled into an emotionally complete cuddle and then we fell into a snuggling snooze.


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