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Amsterdam Part 4 The Best of Nightmares A/Y

Don and I fell into the ship's routine for the next few weeks. We had survived the first cruise and now each time we entered port and the passengers changed we knew the ins and outs. We weren't needed below to either say goodbye or greet the new passengers, but we were required to totally clean the cabin of any of the officers who were rotating in or out. It wasn't hard duty, just tedious for a couple of teenagers, but we adapted and survived.

The Captain never referred to that groper at the table and the Officer of the Watch didn't ever ask me to man the helm again, but I was happy enough. Don and I were in love. Not head-over-heals, goo-goo eyes love, but concerned for each other, watching out for each other, desperate in bed for each other love. We never needed to make two bunks because we invariably collapsed in orgasm together and woke with morning piss hardons poking each other. I was as happy as I've ever been and every one of the Officers seemed to brighten whenever Don or I came on the bridge. We were having a great time and at least once a week had a blast playing our sun tan oil game at poolside.

One afternoon we were in the bridge watch lounge and heard several officers talking about the flu. From their conversations we learned that 30 passengers and several crew had come down with the flu earlier in the week. The doctor was somewhat puzzled because while there would be several cases on most cruises, this seemed like a large number.

The next day the buzz in the lounge was another 50 people were down with the flu. It was the talk of the ship and even came up at dinner. The following morning the count was up to 200 passengers and 50 crew. The doctor was fit to be tied and the captain had ordered sick crewmen together in the crew quarters and sick passengers to remain in their cabins. There were special duty assignments for almost all crew members and while things were not in a crisis mode, they were certainly strange.

Don woke me that night when he climbed out of my embrace and into his bunk and told me he didn't feel well. I dressed right away and went for the duty corpsman. He came and examined Don and immediately said he had the first stages of the flu and he needed to move to the sick bay quarters for the next week. I was devastated, but the corpsman made it plain that no one had died and everyone was recovering, just slowly. I sucked in my fear for Don and put on a brave face as he went off with the corpsman.

I reported to the watch lounge and informed the officer of Don's condition. He clasped me on the shoulder and advised me not to worry, everything would be okay. I went about my duties missing the daily contact with Don and wondering how I could survive a night alone.

After lunch a message came that the Cruise Director wanted me to report to his office. I was shaken. I didn't work on the cruise side and had never had any interaction with the Cruise Director besides seeing him occasionally poolside and when he'd stop by the Captain's table. I couldn't believe he even knew I existed.

When I arrived at his office he was drinking coffee and offered me a Coke. Accepting nervously I sat across from his desk as he told me to relax, I wasn't in any trouble. He said he was sorry to hear that Don had gotten sick and assured me that he'd be well soon. He commented that the Captain had told all the senior officers that Don and I were the best cabin boys he'd ever had and that he figured there wasn't anything we couldn't or wouldn't do for the ship. I blushed and stammered something about being very happy on board and assuring him we would do anything.

"Great," he answered. "I've got a highly unusual situation and I hope you can help me deal with it. With Don being confined to sickbay, you've got an extra bunk and I've got a problem that might fit right into that situation. With so many passengers sick there are a few really different problems and this is one of the most perplexing I've dealt with."

"Yes sir, tell me how to help and I'll try my best, sir," I said.

"I know you will son, I just hope you don't think I'm daft. Well, here goes. I have a husband and wife who are both very sick with the flu. The problem is they have a 13 year old son who is quite well and can't remain with them in the cabin. To make matters even stranger, he only speaks Swedish and has been more or less hopelessly bored the entire cruise so far. If you could share your cabin and take charge of him during the rest of the cruise, we'd offer him a uniform, payment and a chance to apprentice in Don's job. We'd give you both relief from some duties. You'd do the bridge watch as usual and he'd take a turn at cabin boy. Then you'd both have the afternoon and evening off to be like paying passengers with full run of the ship's amenities. You would have an open charge account with all costs forgiven at the end of the cruise. What do you say?"

Now I was completely stunned. "I don't have any money," was all I could get out.

"That's what forgiven means. You can buy anything and do anything and you simply charge it. When the cruise is done we just ignore the costs and you don't owe any money."

"But how can you do that?" I asked incredulously.

"Well, in a way we are asking you to baby-sit this boy, but we are not going to pay you for that, so it's kind of a trade. Also, we hope you two can be friends, so he doesn't think it's baby-sitting."

"Oh, I get it, and if you give him a uniform and apprenticeship, then if he misbehaves he has to answer to an officer, kind of like a crewman. Pretty neat! I'll give it a try. It might be kind of fun to be a passenger for part of the day."

"Good lad," he grinned. "Let's go meet your new roommate!"

We left the office and went to the passenger lobby. The Cruise Director called out, "Nils?" and a boy peaked around one of the pillars. I thought I was staring into a time warp mirror. This kid looked like I did three years ago. Tall, gangly, skinny and ghost white blonde.

He looked just as scared as I was earlier so I called out in Swedish, "Hi Nils, I'm Erik. The Captain has asked me to help you in your new job. Are you excited?"

"I'm a little scared," he answered honestly.

"Don't be," I laughed, "I was brand new last month and I'm still alive!" I grinned and stuck out my hand to shake.

He grinned shyly back and said, "Thanks, will you help me?"

"You bet! Let's go see the purser and get you a uniform."

In English I asked the Cruise Director, "Does the purser know about this?"

"Yes, it was the Captain's idea, so everybody knows. Thanks for being so friendly right away."

"It's okay," I answered and then to Nils I held out my hand and switching back to Swedish, said "Let's go."

As I hoped, he took my hand and grabbed his bag and we started to the crew area of the ship. After entering the crew area I let go of his hand, but stayed close and chattered about where we were in the ship and what he was seeing and where we were going. After getting a uniform blouse, pants, shoes and socks I asked the rest of his kit to be sent up and Nils and I headed for our cabin.

When we got there he giggled and said it was really small. I showed him the head with shower, moved Don's stuff aside and let him share, putting his few things in the drawer and closet. I laughed that it was so small because the big space was reserved for paying passengers. Nils asked about my roommate and I told him Don was sick and in sickbay. He got real quiet and said yeah, his parents were sick too. I reached out and hugged him around the shoulders and said to not worry, they'd all be fine and before he had to learn all his new responsibilities in the morning maybe he'd like to go swimming before dinner.

"Sure," he giggled, "Where do I change?"

"Right there boy," I laughed. "The space between the bunks and the dresser is the designated changing room."

"Oh," he blushed.

Before he could be any more embarrassed, I reached in the dresser and got one of my Speedos out and turned away and proceeded to change myself. I took it slow enough that he could get the hint and change too, but I kept glancing behind me to see how he was coming. He had managed to get completely undressed about the same time I did, but as I bent to pull up my suit, he froze watching me bend over. Before I turned around, I coughed real loud and saw that he did wake up and hastily pulled up his own Speedos. As I turned he was adjusting himself and gave me a little blush and grin all at the same time.

"You look like you could be my brother," he laughed.

Deciding to be a little daring I replied, "Well, little brother, when we get to the pool let me show you a game my roommate and I play. Some of the old guys around the pool ruin their underwear just watching."

When we got to the pool area it was crowded with all kinds of passengers. The bartender Rick saw us and waved and brought us Cokes without even ordering. He said, "Hey Erik, is this Nils? You and Don are killer here, but you and Nils should be like shooting fish in a barrel. You going to do your sun tan oil game?"

Now it was my turn to blush, "You know about that?"

"Man, I love watching you boys torture those old guys. In fact when you boys come out to play every off duty bartender shows up and we all get together and bet on which mark you are going to send over the edge first. It's a blast."

I giggled and blushed even more, "Well, I was just telling Nils a little about the game, I think he'll play."

"Good lad," he said and he tousled Nils hair as he went back to the bar.

"Do you know everybody?" Nils asked clearly awed by the exchange.

"I guess I know more people than I knew," I answered. "Now, lay down and let me put this sun tan oil on your back."

As he hopped on the chaise, I began the process of oiling him up. I could tell he wasn't used to as much time or as intimate a contact as I was giving him, but I talked to him quietly and had him glancing at a couple of the guys who were mesmerized by our show. He quickly figured out what was going on and told me he had noticed guys looking at him when he was swimming, but had never figured out why. I told him that they wanted to see him naked and to maybe touch him and that this was a close as they were ever going to get, so they were fascinated.

"Oh," he whispered, "I thought I was the only one that thought that way."

This intrigued me, but I didn't want to push too far, so I said, "I like looking at some of them, but the fat ones are the funniest in this game. Look at that guy on your right in the gray baggy swimsuit. I want you to turn over slowly so he can see you and then I'll put some oil on your chest and stomach."

"But I'm all hard," he gasped, "He'll see me!"

Ah, all hard from my touch! Well, that might make things interesting later I thought, but I said, "That's the best. When I run my hands over your stomach and he sees you hard I bet he grabs that towel and covers himself because he's going to cum in his pants."

"Okay, if I won't get in trouble," he asked cautiously.

"No trouble," I assured him. "In fact the bartender will probably come over with something special for us."

"Tell me when," he giggled.

I ran my hands up and down his back again, then slipped his waist band down exposing some crack and massaging across his beautiful cheeks and over his hips toward his pelvis. As he gasped at my touch, I said, "Okay now, slowly!"

As he turned I ran my hands down from his hips and across his thighs. His little stiffy was straining his suit and as I reached up and massaged both nipples he gasped again. I told him, "Okay, kill him, look over at him and when he makes eye contact, smile and give him a wink."

"Cool!" he said as he slowly looked over and winked.

I thought the guy was going to have a heart attack. He was just taking a drink and he coughed and sputtered in his drink as he grabbed the towel and quickly covered his lap. He couldn't get up fast enough. Dribbling the drink as he hunched over the towel, he fairly ran from the pool deck.

Sure enough, Rick came over right afterwards with a tray of chicken strips and two more Cokes. "That was the greatest!," he laughed. "I'd picked him for a hundred bucks, but the other guys thought he'd stick it out, so to speak. Thanks, I'm rich!" and he tousled Nils hair again as he said, "Eat up, then swim a while and try it the other way, with Nils on top. I'll bet some for you!"

Nils was giggling like mad, "I didn't know this could be so fun. I've always been so embarrassed when I get hard I try to hide it. Now I'm going to try this with my friend Anton at home. Thanks for showing me."

"I try to have fun with everything," I said. "Let's go swimming!"

We swam and played for about 15 minutes when I said I needed to stop before I got burned.

Nils jumped right in, "Yeah, let's try the guy with the orange suit at that table to the left. He hasn't been able to stop looking at you anyway. Even waving my butt at him I couldn't get him to look at me!"

Oh man, Nils was a natural.

We got out and went to the chaise that was open near the guy's table. Being a ghost white Swede himself, Nils knew I really would burn, so he started with a quick coat of oil all over and then dove right into our project. He was so cute, sitting beside me, rubbing and rubbing. His hands were naturally moving from shoulders down to my cheeks, seemingly drawing the focus for our mark directly on my buns. Then, without prompting, Nils moved to my thighs and forcing me to open my legs, he began working first my right leg up toward my Speedo and then my left leg. When I thought he was finished, he surprised me with a very sensuous act of running his right hand from my left heal completely up my leg and on the inside of my thigh actually reaching under my body and grasping my package. As I sighed and spread my legs a little more, he did the same up my right leg. As he squeezed my balls, he leaned over and whispered, "Okay, now, kill him as you turn over."

Kill him I did! As I rolled over, I reached into my Speedos and adjusted my rock hard boner and then lifted my hand to my lips and licked my fingers as I looked the guy in the eye and winked. As he went into his own cardiac arrest and jumped straight into the pool, I felt Nils put a towel across my privates and say, "Sit up, grab me on your lap and hug me while I kill the guy across to the left."

Always the perfect sailor, I followed my orders and pulled Nils up and into my lap with his back into my chest. As we splayed our legs on either side of the chaise and snuggled back, I saw he too was rock hard. I watched, amazed, as he upped my killer play by reaching for my hand which was idly twirling a nipple and drawing it down to first adjust his raging boner and then draw a towel across us both.

He caught the guy in a full on stare and his wink had the sop rushing from the pool so fast, he caused a waiter to nearly drop a whole tray of drinks. Thank God Nils had his back to me, because after using my hand to adjust his cock, if he'd winked at me, I, too, would have dropped.

Rick came over with more Cokes and a huge grin on his face. "Oh WOW! You guys just made a hundred bucks. I had double or nothing that you'd shoot at least two and in fact you took out four!"

"Four?" I gasped and quickly translated for Nils.

"Yeah, there were the two you targeted, but when you licked you fingers one guy at the bar actually creamed in front of me and when Nils moved his cock with your hand a kid sitting with his dad shot so hard you could see it on his suit. That was the hottest I've ever seen. Only problem is, nobody will ever bet against you again! Guess I'll have to charge them admission tickets from now on. Drink up boys, with the Captain's compliments, he invites you to sit at his table for dinner!"

"Sit at his table?" I gasped, "I can't, I mean I serve there!"

"Not tonight, Erik. You and Nils are guests of the Captain."

Again I quickly translated and Nils laughed and said, "Yeah, it was my folk's night to eat with the Captain, so I guess you and I are it, brother." He happily hugged himself with my arms and giggled, "This was great! Thanks for making this terrible cruise so much fun."

"Hey, little brother, we've just begun to have fun." After playing another half hour in the pool, we decided to get ready for dinner.

On the way back to our cabin, the Cruise Director stopped us and asked how it was going. Nils was practically bursting with smiles and giggles. He had me translate that he was having the most fun he'd ever had and this was perfect. Thank you, thank you, etc. I could hardly calm him down. As we were breaking away, the Cruise Director said, "Oh, by the way, dress whites for dinner." I gasped again and translated for Nils that we had to wear our best uniforms. I could see him tense up so I quickly calmed him with descriptions of the Captain's medals and some of the dinners I had served.

When we got to our cabin we found Nils full set of uniforms hanging in the closet. I flipped the water on in the shower and pushed him in, Speedo and all, telling him to hurry 'cause I needed to shower too. He laughed and quickly sudsed up and then came out dripping with the water still running. I got my first real look at his equipment as he clearly showed off as he pushed me into the shower. He was about 2 inches soft, circumcised with just the faintest hint of blonde hairs at the base. I knew his dick was about 5 inches hard from our earlier game and decided that I was looking at a boy god!

Quickly finishing my own soaping, I came out drying my hair and letting him have a good look at my own dick. I'm cut too, about 5 inches soft, with about twice his amount of blonde pubic hair. He stared and then whistled as he said, "It's big," and then dissolved into blushing giggles.

"Not so big," I laughed. "It was just like yours when I was 13. Let's get dressed, can't keep the Captain waiting!"

He had the skivvies and socks on, so he followed as I donned t shirt, pants and blouse. He struggled a little with the button pants, but didn't object when I knelt in front of him and helped. As we finally buttoned our blouse collars, he stepped back and looked at me.

"Wow," he gasped, "You look great!"

"You too," I echoed. "Let's go, quick."

"Okay," he whispered.

Dinner was great. I was super nervous and that made Nils even more nervous, but the Captain had arranged a whole table of Swedish speakers. He introduced the watch officer and then introduced Nils as the newest crew member and apprentice wardroom steward. The Captain soon had us laughing at young seaman stories. As dinner progressed, the other guests were pleased when he invited everyone to tour the bridge in the morning. "After all," he said, "or newest crewman hasn't seen his new assignment yet." I realized when dinner was finished that I never did notice who was serving. Oh well, it'd be back to me soon enough.

Back in our cabin Nils and I changed and carefully hung our uniforms up. I showed him what he would wear in the morning and we talked about what he would help me do. Even though it was pretty boring stuff, he was excited with every new thought. Soon he was yawning and I realized I was pretty tired too. I went into the head and when I came out Nils was curled up in the upper bunk. Thinking he was already asleep, I killed the light and crawled into my own bunk to try and sleep in spite of the days excitement.

About a half hour later I thought I heard sniffles from up above and as I listened intently, I decided Nils was crying. Getting up I reached out and touched his head and patting him softly, I quietly tried to reassure him that it was okay. His parents would be fine. He had done a great job at dinner and that everything would be all right.

Between his sniffles, Nils sat up and giving me a fragile little boy look he asked, "Can I sleep with you? I'm so scared and you've been so nice, I think you really are my brother."

"Yes, little one, I know, I worry about Don too, come down to bed."

He climbed down and in and neither of us even noticed that we were both completely nude. He gave me a huge hug and a sweet little kiss on the lips and then he turned around and spooned into me with his arms clutching my arms to his breast. With a little sigh, he released the tension in his body and I felt him relax completely and fall asleep. The wonderful feel of his warm body and the obvious trust and friendship along with the strong theta waves he was broadcasting had me soon asleep; my new little brother clasped in my arms.

I awoke to the warm glow of my lover spooned into my body and as I softly whispered, "Oh, Don," and leaned forward to kiss him on the neck, I missed. Opening my eyes fully, I saw the mop of blonde hair below my chin and suddenly remembered the events of yesterday and knew it was Nils in my arms not Don. He was still asleep, but cuddled back a little at my words and gave a soft moan.

I softly kissed him on the top of his head and ran my hands up and down his stomach and chest saying, "Wake up little brother, we have a big day ahead of us."

The cheeky little devil opened his eyes and turned his head to look at me as his hand dove between his balls and grabbed my dick head which was pushing up between his legs and peaking out in full morning stiffness. "As big as this?" he giggled.

"Oh babe," I moaned, "you do much of that and we'll be seriously late."

"Hey, you started it," he laughed, "I didn't poke it up there, but I'd love to make it go down."

"Have you been playing games before?" I asked hugging him into my chest.

"Just a little bit with my friend Anton," he shyly answered. "I know I want to do more with you!"

"Well, I need to take care of this in the head," I answered and clenched my butt checks, making my steely dick jump between his legs.

"Okay, but I get to at least dream about it today, don't I?"

"We have the whole afternoon and evening off, we can talk about it when we come back," I replied.

"Humph," he pouted, "Let's skip the talk and just cum!" and he dissolved in a fit of giggles, but rolled over and sprinted to the head first, laughing over his shoulder, "Hey big brother, to old to beat me?"

"I'll beat you all right!" I growled.

The cheeky bastard actually came out of the head waving his little cocklet at me and said, "Oh please Sir, may I have more?!"

Grabbing him, I quickly turned him over my knee and gave him one good swat before standing up and pushing him toward his dresser. "Get dressed, little scamp. If we're late, the Executive Officer will use the cat on that little butt."

"Oh wow," he gasped in awe. "Do they really do that?"

"Let's not find out," I laughed and filled the bowl with the contents of my bladder.

We finished dressing and headed for the wardroom. Right before entering I turned to him and straightened his blouse and told him to stay right with me, stay quiet and not be nervous.

We went inside and I spotted the Watch Officer and reported for duty. The officer looked us both up and down and said, "Show your apprentice his duties and report back here at 10 hundred hours. Carry on."

"Aye Sir," I answered and turning grabbed Nils and led him back out.


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