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This part comes in three sections, if you get my drift. So pace yourself and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Amsterdam Part 5 The Best of Nightmares 2

First we made a quick survey of the watch room. I showed Nils the coffee service and where all the supplies were kept. We restocked and straightened the service. Then perusing the room, we picked up and tidied trash and generally made sure the place was spotless.

Heading back into the passageway, we started near our own cabin and as I used my master key, we went from cabin to cabin, changing linens, emptying trash and generally cleaning heads. I could tell that Nils was a little bored by the fourth cabin, but I reminded him that unfortunately, everyone had a job to do. He laughed and then brightened as he said. "Yes, this job is not so bad. I suppose we could have to clean the public heads near the dining rooms. It seems that they are always somewhat stinky!"

"I've never been in them," I replied. "We aren't allowed to be on the passenger side very much. There is a whole dining area, bar, fitness center and other amenities just for the crew. The heads there are always horrid!"

Finishing near our 10 hundred hours deadline, I took us back through the watch room again and we gave it another lick and polish. Reporting to the Officer of the Watch, we were surprised to find the captain and our table mates from dinner.

"We'll, now that the boys are here, let's have that tour of the bridge!" the Captain boomed and nodding to the Watch Officer we were off on a complete tour. The Officer was giving the entire details of each of the items of electronics, showing the main mechanics of the engine telegraph and the ships wheel and answer just about any questions. The only questions that seemed to be dodged had to do with crew numbers and actual watch rotation or duties. Nils was head over heals for the entire electronics and asked about a hundred questions concerning the computerized navigation systems. In fact, the watch officer turned him over to the seamen at that duty station and the rest of us went on to the flying bridge where our guide pointed out the points on the ship where manual lookouts could be posted and how you could see the main points where passengers would muster in case of any emergencies.

As we were finishing the tour, everyone was very appreciative of the officer's attention and the Captain reappeared to give the group a final bit of bon homme. Nils had rejoined us and was glowing with the attention he had received and bursting with what he wanted to tell me about. The Watch Officer had Nils and me escort the passengers from the bridge back to the common areas and as I passed he let me know that Nils and my duties were over for the day and to enjoy the ship.

As the passengers crossed back into hotel territory, Nils grabbed me and dragging me back to our cabin. He chattered on and on about the amazing navigation system and how he had heard about them, but never seen one. He went on and on until as we entered the cabin, he turned and jumped into my arms and began practically ravaging my mouth with kisses, thanks and more kisses. He was not the least inhibited about his kissing, and I could clearly feel his tongue connected to his dick, because it was poking me in the stomach as hard as his tongue was poking at my tonsils.

Finally, breaking the kisses and easing down from my arms, he looked up shyly at me and reaching forward began unbuttoning my blouse.

"God, you are so hot," he said. "I can't believe I'm really here with you."

"Nils," I said hesitantly. "You're just a boy and I don't want to do anything you'll feel sorry for."

"The only thing I'll be sorry for, is if you don't let me do anything!" he said with just the beginning of a pout. "Anton and I have touched a little, but I know I want more. You are my Big Brother, so it is right you should get to teach me," and the grin he gave me melted my heart and my resistance; I reached for the buttons on his blouse.

This could have been a wild frenzied cum fest, but I remembered the tenderness and joy that Don had shown me just a few weeks before and I determined I would do the same for my randy, but sly little Swedish Arctic Fox.

Struggling to undress each other in the small space, I laughed and stopped Nils. "You do you, and I'll do me," I ordered.

"Well, okay, but just the clothes. What's the point of that for the rest?" he asked with his sly little grin again.

"Oh, little brother, you are a randy fox! Let's get undressed and then we can see what comes up."

Stripping and hanging his uniform, he simply kicked off his briefs and shucked the t shirt. Turning to me with hands on his hips, he wiggled his raging boner at me and pronounced, " Already up, brother!"

Seizing the opportunity and his cocklet, I dropped to my knees and quickly engulfed his spike.

"GOD!" he gasped and fell back onto the bunk. Thank god he was barely over 5 feet, he would have whacked his head hard on the upper bunk. I realized how gentle Don had been, protecting my head when I too collapsed at the first mouth around my dick. Following the morsel I so wanted to taste, I collapsed forward and began sucking and latheing his cocklet with my tongue. He was jerking and groaning and thrashing and it was over in seconds. His body stiffened and he plunged his dick into my mouth as far as it would go and cried out his ecstasy as his balls crunched together shooting one spurt of sweet boy juice on my tongue.

I knew his newly awakened glans would be very sensitive quickly and I pulled off and then dove for his mouth. He responded from his haze and began a kiss, but when I shared his own cum back with him, his eyes flew open and he paused, then tentatively ran his coated tongue around mine. Deciding that the unexpected was indeed welcome, I could almost feel the grin as he devoured my mouth trying to get every taste of himself and then swallowing and nuzzling into my neck.

Ever the sleeping potion, the splendor of his spume settled into his body and he drifted off to dreamland. My own experience made me realize this was a sleep of pure peace, but that it wouldn't last long. I was content. I held my sleeping kitfox and imagined Don held me at the same time.


Sure enough, within fifteen to twenty minutes, Nils stirred, and looking up at me he beamed and said, "I didn't want to wake, I was afraid it was a dream. Oh, that's was wonderful! I couldn't believe how hot your mouth was on my dick. And then you drank my cum, but when you gave it back to me, I thought it was gross, but it tasted great! I'd dreamed of having you touch me and make me spurt, but I never thought you'd do it with your mouth. I'd heard about sucking, but I couldn't imagine doing it. You didn't stop, you didn't think I was dirty or anything!"

"Little brother, you could never be dirty and the juice of your balls is the juice of heaven to me. I hope I get to taste more and more."

He hugged me and then said, "But what about you? You didn't get to cum? Can I touch you?"

"You can do whatever you want or nothing at all. I love just holding you."

"Yeah, well, I'm going to hold you now!" he gave me that evil little grin and then his hand was snaking down my chest to my eager pole.

His little hand was like a birds wing brushing my straining cock. He pulled away and scooted down where he could see more clearly and then he began to explore in earnest. His fingers gripped me at the base and squeezing, he traveled up the shaft. He giggled and looked up at me with an imp's grin when a clear drop of precum appeared at the head of my prick. Taking his forefinger he wiped across the head, dragging the fluid across and then around the glans; drawing it away he marveled at the glimmering string which still connected his finger to my dick. Like a scientist observing phenomena and wanting to know how far it would go, he eased my cock back down against my body and slowly moving his hand away he stretched the glistening string of semen farther and farther from my dick. When it finally broke his finger was about a foot away. "Wow!" he whispered, and then slowly brought his finger to his nose sniffing the remaining fluid, then reaching out with his tongue and barely touching it as if it might be hot.

"It doesn't really smell or taste," he said, then as if deciding he needed more evidence, he bent forward and stroking another drop up from the well, he sniffed directly on my dick head and then reached his tongue out and licked the entire drop away.

The rasp of his tongue and the eroticism of watching him explore my body had my dick jump and I moaned in unison with his lick. He looked up to be sure it was a groan of pleasure and then he settled back and began a thorough licking of my cock.

"I like this," he pronounced and bent back down, this time taking the entire head into his fiery lips. I groaned again in pleasure and my ass cheeks clenched sending a large drool of precum up my shaft and onto his tongue. I could tell he felt the heat of the semen and seemed to hesitate as to what to do. I reached down and lifted his head off me and gently said, "It's okay little brother, just stroke it and watch. You don't have to do everything first time."

Grinning like the cheshire cat, he started a slow stroking of my burgeoning boyhood. This was something he had obviously practiced on himself, and perhaps his friend, because he knew how to draw a finger up and over the head, spreading the juices and pleasure everywhere. He gradually fisted me faster and faster and then as if on cue, grabbed my nuts with his other hand and squeezed. I groaned my own cry of release and shot my wad. What a shot too. I think he gasped when the first blast hit my chin, then the next went completely over my head. Five or six more shots coated my chest and belly with long strings of clear fluids mixed with puddles of white chunky sperm.

"Wow!," he gasped again, but then his hand was playing in the fluids, smoothing them around and rubbing them into my chest and stomach. "It's so much and it's so hot. I've never seen anything like that. Even Anton only gets two tiny spurts. Will I be able to do that too?"

Tousling his blonde mop, then fondling his little ball sac, I laughed, "Yes, little brother, I bet you will shoot as much or more as these little balls grow up."

"Kewl!" he said and leaned against my shoulder as his hand continued its idle play in the juices. "This smells real different too. Kind of spicy in a way. I like the feel," and he drove me nearly over the top by using his cum soaked hand to stroke my softening penis.

We lay there for a while, me recovering my sensibility, him tracing patterns on my cum soaked torso. Then as I revived, I asked, "Okay little brother, was your first lesson worth it?"

"Oh, Yes!" he replied. "I can already think of many other things I want to learn! Can we go to the pool now and see who might like to play our little game?" his eyes were bright and shining with mirth, knowing that most participants didn't even know they were playing until the coup de grace.

"Okay, but I have to shower. This dries into a white coating and everyone will know what we did."

"That's okay, then I can tell them I did that!" he gloated.

"Not yet, little fox. Let's not be too ready to tell the world," and I hugged him to me.

I quickly showered the evidence away and we decided that we were going to play a big game at the pool and see how many we could get. To be ready, we decided a quick coat of sun oil now would help us keep from actually burning, so with deft and chaste strokes we lathered each other up and then headed for the pool.


When we got to the pool it was as crowded as ever. The sun was beautiful, the sky was clear and the temperature was glorious. There were quite a number of women and men that would be considered good looking on the chaise lounges. The pool side tables seemed to be more filled with overweight men and women, taking the warmth, but hiding from the sun. Rick came over as soon as he saw us. "Hey, Erik, did you hear? There are another hundred or so passengers down with the flu! Man, this is the craziest cruise I've ever been on."

I translated for Nils and seeing his stricken look, Rick quickly interjected, "But the first passengers to get sick are recovering and while the doctor is running crazy, nobody thinks there's anything to worry about. Rumor topside though is that a special team of disinfectant guys will be coming aboard in port. I guess they are trying to stop the spread."

He waited while I quickly translated again and then asked if we wanted Cokes or something else. "Coke," Nils replied and I had to hand it to him, he had recovered his composure and followed the conversation enough to actually take control.

"Coming right up!" Rick replied and as he went toward the bar Nils was laughing.

"Did he say 'cuming up'?" he asked and from the glint in his eye I knew how he meant that!

"Down boy!" I demanded. "We've got all afternoon to play!"

He just giggled and got the oil out.

Rick came back and said, "Hey, you remember yesterday? I told you about the kid with his father who shot clear through his Speedos? Well he's here by himself and swimming right now. He's looked really bored for an hour or so, but when you guys showed up I could see he just wanted to be close to the action! He's the young one down by the far end. It's a red Speedo with yellow stripes, if he gets up."

As I checked him out I explained to Nils and he too looked at the young boy. From the portion that we could see he was about Nils age or maybe a year older. He had short sun bleached brown hair, what looked like a diamond glinting in one ear, and a large gold chain necklace setting off strong shoulders tapering to the water line. He didn't give us any opportunity to see beyond that, but I saw Nils' face soften somewhat.

"He looks like I felt before I meet you on this cruise; bored, bored and sick of being bored. Let's go be friends!" and he flashed me a million watt smile.

"Okay, sounds good to me!" and we both left our towels and Cokes and went in the pool.

Splashing each other and gently horsing around we made our way in the pool until we were down at his end and near him. Before I could even think of what to do, Nils bounced over to him and said, "Hi, I'm Nils! He's Erik and TAG, you're it!" and he exploded away just out of reach.

The boy first looked stunned and as I was about to jump in in English, he grinned, tagged me on the shoulder and splashing away shouting, "No I'm not! I'm Peiter and Erik's it!" and our game was on. We used the whole pool and a couple of younger guys and girls caught on and joined in, either helping the one who was it, or impeding him. We let the good sports play and each of us took a turn tagging one of them and then diving away. I managed to get a few minutes with Peiter at one end of the pool and figured out he spoke English and Swedish. I saw Nils got with him at the other end of the pool for a few minutes too. Finally, in feigned exhaustion, several of our good sports and I just sat up on the pool deck and called it quits. Nils managed to get Peiter over by me and suggested we all go over to the spa and just relax for while. As we did, Rick brought us Cokes apiece and we began a casual conversation. Peiter was indeed a year older the Nils at 14. He didn't really tell us who he was with on the cruise, but we did figure out it wasn't his father. Nils plunged right in with his story of woe: parents sick, bored to death, then finding me for a friend. As we sat and soaked, I saw Nils squirming around a few times and then he seemed to do some sort of engineering trick where his Coke ended up on the wrong side of Peiter and he seemed to slide across to get it. I watched fascinated as Peiter's face went from 'what's up' to 'what's that' to 'what am I going to do now?' I laughed to myself figuring my wily little fox had just gotten a grope of Peiter's peter! From the huge grin Nils sent me, I knew I was right!

We just sat for a few more minutes and then Nils asked, "Erik, can we go to the arcade? I think they have some nice games and I haven't played now for a couple of days. What do you say Peiter, will you join us?"

"Sure," Peiter and I both responded at the same time.

"Great, Peiter, we'll meet you there in 15 minutes, we need to change." I answered.

"No, we don't," Nils interjected. "There's lots of kids there in swim wear. I saw some pretty cool guys last time!"

I don't know who blushed more, me or Peiter at the unknowingly (maybe) telling statement Nils had just made.

"Okay, let's go!" I answered and offering a hand to my little fox helped him up and from the spa. Turning back I offered the same hand to Peiter and he took it, but grabbed his towel and tried to hide the boner in his suit. My little fox turned to us both and almost proudly thrusting his hips forward, made sure Peiter saw he was rock hard too.

By the time we got to the arcade the tension and blood pressure had drained a little and both boys were less shy or proud. Of course the raging boners were gone and they had less to be shy or proud about. Nils was right, there were kids dressed every way here and some were awfully cute in their little swim wear. No one was near Nils' age though so I could see why he and Peiter had been bored. I was a little surprised that they hadn't found each other earlier. Moving into the arcade the attendant gave us power cards and I could see Peiter was impressed we didn't have to sign for them or anything. Moving to one of the car race games, Nils dove right in and we watched and laughed as he crashed and crashed. Seems my fox had only one speed here too, fast!

Then it was my turn and I did a little better. Climbing out of the fake car cockpit, I saw Nils was touching and laughing with Peiter and as I watched them I marveled at what a beauty my 'little brother' was and how he and Peiter looked pretty good together. Peiter was sporting a pretty good bulge, although not exactly wood. When he went into the cockpit, Nils was all over me laughing and sparkling. We played for another hour or so, laughing, touching, joking and ribbing each other over death and poor shooting. Once I heard Nils ask something and Peiter replied, "No, Master says I can have the whole day today and tomorrow to just have fun."

As we began to think about food, Peiter suddenly suggested that we change and head for the disco bar. He said the music was okay and they set up a buffet geared more to the younger set.

"Great," Nils said, and then to me, "Can Peiter come with us to change?"

"No, I'm sorry he can't. Only you can go to that part of the ship."

I saw Peiter's eyebrows raise, but Nils responded, "Okay, you go get our stuff and we'll wait in Peiter's cabin. Okay Peiter?"

I saw him think briefly and then deciding in favor, his face lit up and he said sure and gave me his cabin number. He and Nils went off together and I headed for the crew quarters and our clothes.

Coming to Peiter's cabin, I knocked and Peiter opened the door. Nils of course was into everything and before Peiter could think about stopping him he opened a dresser drawer and gasped in surprise, "Oh God," and then his expression changing to awe, "Oh Kewl! Look at this Erik, Peiter has some neat bracelets and a pair of handcuffs. Wow, these are really wicked! Do you wear these? They're so cool, can I try them."

I think Peiter was first a little shocked that Nils had found this drawer then drawing himself up with some internal pride of person, he answered. "They are mine. I wear the bracelets when my Master wants and the handcuffs are for special times. Come, I'll show how to put them on."

I must admit I was floored. Master? Bracelets? Cuffs? I'd heard about some things like this, but didn't think I'd ever actually be this close! Then Peiter had snapped the bracelets on Nils and as I heard him giggle, he looked at me and said, "See, Erik! Isn't this cool!"

Trying to diffuse my own scattered thoughts, I unthinkingly replied, "Hey little brother, you'd look cool in anything or nothing!"

"Amen!" I heard Peiter whisper.

Nils, of course, didn't hear any of it. He was dancing around admiring the wrist bracelets when he noticed the big rings sewn into the leather. "What are these for?" he asked holding them out to Peiter.

"Sometimes I do the wrong thing and I have to be punished. They help me hold still. And my master protects me and sometimes they help me sleep."

"You mean, like with ropes?" Nils asked clearly in awe.

"Or chains," Peiter answered nonchalantly. "Get on the bed and I'll show you."

As Nils hopped on the bed, Peiter reached under the mattress near the pillow and brought out a rope with a hook which he clipped to the right ring. Moving to the other side of the bed he withdrew another rope and hooked up Nils' left arm. Then moving to the foot of the bed he produced another rope from under the mattress and looped it over first one and then the other of Nils' ankles. This rope was padded with sheepskin and as he tightened it I could see Nils was spread on the bed and basically unable to move.

"Awesome," Nils whispered as he tried first one arm and then the other. Trying his feet in turn he found he really was pretty tightly immobile. "God, this is so sexy," he whispered and as if in tandem with the thought, we saw he was tenting his Speedos with the biggest boner I had ever seen him sprout.

"Yes, this can be punishment, but it can be pleasure too."

"How, show me how!" Nils demanded.

"I can't, but Erik could." I looked at him stunned. "You've touched before I think?" Peiter asked and looked at me. I nodded yes. "Well, touch him again for just a minute and then stop."

"Please, Erik, I need to try this too. Teach me again," Nils pleaded.

"I don't know," I hesitated.

"I won't let you hurt him. I promise." Peiter told me.

"We'll okay, if you're sure?" I asked Nils again. Seeing him nod and take a deep breath, I touched his chest. Running my hand across his nipples, I saw him jump, but he couldn't really move.

"Good," Peiter said. "Now more!"

I moved to Nils Speedos and placing my lips on his straining cock I pressed my tongue to the ridge of his head and flicked it through the spandex. Reaching up I also tweaked one nipple causing him to jump again, but before I could do anything else, Peiter gently pulled me away from him and up into an embrace. Before Nils eyes he kissed me and then dropped and pulled my Speedos down and engulfed my cock to the hilt. I could see Nils straining against his bonds and moaning.

Then Peiter pulled off and said, "Now, pull his trunks down and lick him five times."

I again did as ordered and was rewarded with huge moans and a dribble of precum from Nils' straining cock, but while he clearly wanted more, I had finished my five and waited for more instructions from Peiter.

Peiter had me remove his trucks and climb on the bed so I was straddling, but not touching Nils. Then, just inches from Nils face he began giving me a huge blow job. I could see Nils trying and trying to get his tongue another inch closer so he too could get a taste, but he was held just that far away. Peiter whispered in my ear that I should suck Nils just twice and then blow on his cock. As I engulfed him, I could feel him thrusting up into my mouth, but it was almost immediately removed and replaced by a cool string of air.

"Arghhh!" Nils groaned. "Please let me cum! I need to cum!"

Peiter just had me turn around in what would be a classic 69 position with Nils on the bottom, but my height advantage and his bondage kept the boy just where he couldn't reach. At Peiter's instruction, I bobbed Nils cock two more times and then withdrew again.

"God, Please, Please, I can't take this!" Nils squealed.

I was rock hard at the erotic feelings I knew I was giving Nils and at the unbelievable heat as Peiter once again went down on my cock. This time my balls and ass were just inches away, but might as well have been on the moon for all the good it did Nils.

As I thought I was going over the edge, Peiter stopped and again had me take Nils in my mouth. This time I was only to give one good suck and then to drag my teeth across Nils cock head.

I thought the bed was going to raise off the floor as strong as Nils pulled on his restraints. I'd had Don hit me with his teeth once and knew it was a strong but questionably erotic feeling. Then Peiter had me suck my little fox again.

This time Nils fairly screamed with his pleading, "Please, Please, let me cum, let me cum!"

But Peiter was taking no mercy. This time he had me get off the bed and beside Nils' head. He slowly rolled a condom down my own turgid cock, right in front of Nils saucer sized eyes and then he guided my dick into his waiting ass. I tell you, I'd never dreamed of how great that felt. Don and I had sucked and stroked, but we had not considered fucking. My cock in Peiter's ass was on fire. And I knew we were inches from Nils and he could see and practically taste our juices, but he couldn't touch himself or us. I couldn't stop, the fucking muscles in my butt and legs just began stroking my cock in and out of Peiter's beautiful ass. I was way over the top and with a half dozen rapid fire rabbit fucks I was filling the condom.

Nils was moaning and groaning and crying with his desire to touch himself, but he couldn't. I could see the wild fire in his eyes as he watched my dick slowly emerge for Peiter's ass and I watched transfixed as he stared at the winking ass hole above him. He begged to let him touch himself, or for us to touch him. I looked at his cock and it was almost popping it was so full and so red, but Peiter wouldn't let me touch it. Instead he took the condom off my cock and pinching the bottom trapped all my sperm and semen. Then little by little, like he was pouring honey in tea he dribbled the contents of the condom on Nils' chest and down toward his writhing cock until just before he got there, he motioned me to take Nils' balls in my hands and roll them while he poured the hot sperm from the condom directly on Nils' dick head.

Nils screamed and bucked and then his balls sucked from my hand back almost into his body and he hit the top. His cock spasmed and shot at least 5 times, leaving a trail of his sweet clear boy juice from his nipples down to his little patch of 20 or so blonde hairs. I watched as Peiter instantly untied Nils' feet and with very deft movements freed both arms and then pushed me down to embrace and hold the boy as he continued to rocket from his orgasm.

As I looked at Peiter through the arms of my Arctic Fox, I released he was standing there with a raging boner and he had not yet been relieved. I reached up and drew him forward and still clinging to Nils, I swallowed Peiter's cock whole and grabbed his balls swirling both them and my tongue. I wasn't disappointed, the fucking and the eroticism of Nils flood had Peiter quickly filling my mouth with his precious seed. We all collapsed in a heap of boy, rolling in what had to be the most cum ever produced by Nils' little body.

As we drifted toward heaven or earth, I heard Nils whisper. "Kewl, did you see? Peiter has an earing on his balls!"


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