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Copyright 2002 by the author. The author retains all rights to this story and requests that you do not alter or post this story in any form without his permission. The following is a work of fiction. The usual disclaimers apply. The characters are purely fictional as are the events. This story depicts acts of love and sex between consenting persons, youth with youth, adult with adult and youth with adult . If stories of this nature offend you or if you are under the age of 18 or it is illegal to read stories of this nature, then please leave now.

This part contains a continuation of Nils exploration of bondage. If you don't like this type of story line, the cruise is short and these new friends will pass out of the story quickly. If this is a good story line, please let me know. We can perhaps look forward to another cruise of a different type.

Amsterdam Part 6

Nils was moaning and groaning and crying with his desire to touch himself, but he couldn't. I could see the wild fire in his eyes as he watched my dick slowly emerge for Peiter's ass and I watched transfixed as he stared at the winking ass hole above him. He begged to let him touch himself, or for us to touch him. I looked at his cock and it was almost popping it was so full and so red, but Peiter wouldn't let me touch it. Instead he took the condom off my cock and pinching the bottom trapped all my sperm and semen. Then little by little, like he was pouring honey in tea he dribbled the contents of the condom on Nils' chest and down toward his writhing cock until just before he got there, he motioned me to take Nils' balls in my hands and roll them while he poured the hot sperm from the condom directly on Nils' dick head.

Nils screamed and bucked and then his balls sucked from my hand back almost into his body and he hit the top. His cock spasmed and shot at least 5 times, leaving a trail of his sweet clear boy juice from his nipples down to his little patch of 20 or so blonde hairs. I watched as Peiter instantly untied Nils' feet and with very deft movements freed both arms and then pushed me down to embrace and hold the boy as he continued to rocket from his orgasm.

As I looked at Peiter through the arms of my Arctic Fox, I realized he was standing there with a raging boner and he had not yet been relieved. I reached up and drew him forward and still clinging to Nils, I swallowed Peiter's cock whole and grabbed his balls swirling both them and my tongue. I wasn't disappointed, the fucking and the eroticism of Nils' flood had Peiter quickly filling my mouth with his precious seed. We all collapsed in a heap of boy, rolling in what had to be the most cum ever produced by Nils' little body.

As we drifted toward heaven or earth, I heard Nils whisper. "Kewl, did you see? Peiter has an earring on his balls!"

From behind us a voice suddenly said, "That's not an earring, it's a guiche (geesh) and those aren't his balls, they belong to me!"

Peiter jumped from the bed and was across the room an kneeling before the man instantly. "Master, I didn't hear you come in. Please forgive me."

"Well, Peiter, looks like you made friends with your nemesis of yesterday. Introduce me."

"Yes Master, this is Erik and the little one is Nils. They found me at the pool."

"Imagine that!," I could hear the irony in the man's voice. "So you brought them back to play?"

"No, Master, er, Yes, Master, er, well, not exactly.....We came to change and then we were going to the disco and eat from the buffet."

"Look's like quite a buffet here." The man said sternly, "Did you come?"

"Yes, Master, I did. I didn't mean to, but I just was lost ..."

"Yes, I see. Lost in the moment. Looks like the little one may have had a little 'training' session. Did you show him how you were punished for cuming yesterday when they were at the pool? Get the paddle, I think you deserve a little refresher."

"No, Master, I didn't, Yes Master, Thank You Master" and suddenly Peiter was up and running into the adjoining cabin from which the man had emerged.

Needless to say, Nils and I were scared. We were both sitting up on the bed by now and trying to cover up a little with the sheets, but they were below us and seemed to be wrapped up in the ropes, I didn't think we were very successful in appearing insignificant.

Then, as Peiter came back in, I heard Nils suck in his breath. Peiter was carrying a large paddle with a long thin blade and a stout handle. It appeared to be some dark wood like maybe teak or mahogany, but I couldn't really tell. I could tell it certainly looked lethal. I glanced at Nils and saw he was whiter than usual and glancing at his lap I saw his balls were sucked completely into himself and his dick was not far behind. I knew how he felt! I was petrified. First we'd been discovered having sex together with Peiter in Peiter's cabin, then the man seemed to know of us and said he had punished Peiter before for when we made him cum yesterday and finally, that paddle and his tone would petrify a tree!

"Now, boy, assume the position. I think five for cuming without permission should help you remember."

"Yes, Master," Peiter fell to his knees sideways to the man and as he put his head down on his hands and his butt in the air he said, "I'm sorry Master, I thought I had permission, please paddle me so I will remember better next time."

Suddenly Nils was flying across the room and kneeling in front of the man actually in the way of the paddle's path toward Peiter's upturned ass. "Please sir, stop sir, please sir. It was my fault. Please sir, punish me, not Peiter. I asked to try the bracelets. I had him show me how they worked. He really was just going to take us to the buffet. I made him do it. It's not his fault sir," and then he turned sideways and put his head on his hands offering his little butt up and in a protective position for Peiter, but clearly available to the paddle.

God, what was I going to do. I couldn't let this happen. I was the oldest of this group. Standing and walking slowly toward the man, I tried to attract his attention."Sir, please sir. Don't punish either of them. I'm the oldest here. It was my fault. I let Nils try the bracelets and then I was the one who made Peiter cum, Sir. I did it, not him, not them." I had continued to walk across the room and now I was in front of the man on my knees offering my butt first in the line.

"Mon Dieu! A month of blue moons and then, suddenly three little white ones trying to blind me with their radiance and their bravery. Peiter! Take the second position. You two, look at Peiter and do as he does." We watched and then copied as Peiter turned and remained on his knees, but put his butt down and his head up, looking at the man. "Now, let's sort this out and decide exactly who needs punishment! Peiter, what did you mean when you said you thought you had permission. I don't think you've ever lied to me, so let's hear this."

"Yes, Master. No, Master I would never lie to you. That would be dishonorable to you. I thought I had permission because you told me I could have the whole day today and tomorrow to just have fun. I'm sorry Master, I did not ask if you meant I could cum. Please punish me so I will remember to understand your wishes more completely." With this little rush of words, Peiter turned again offering his butt for punishment.

"I did not tell you to move, boy. For that you will receive one stroke. Now return to the second position. You, little one, did you know what the bracelets were for when you asked?"

"No, Sir. I thought they were real neat though and asked Peiter to show me how to wear them. I didn't know about the ropes. He showed me and then he said they could help him be still during punishment, or they could help him sleep, or they could be for pleasure too. I made him and Erik show me. It was so sexy! I couldn't believe how it made me feel. I was just going to explode and it was so very, very sexy. I've never cum so much and Peiter never touched me and Erik barely did. I'm sorry sir. I didn't think about anybody else. It just made me so horny and I felt so good. I'm sorry I didn't have permission sir, but I'd do it again, sir. I felt like I was flying sir."

"And you boy? Do you have a story here too?"

I answered, "No Sir. I should have stopped this sir. I'm responsible for Nils and I let him down sir."

He chuckled as he said, "I think you let him anywhere but down, boy. Nothing that I saw was about down!"

I blushed furiously, "Yes, Sir."

"All right now. Peiter, for moving without permission, one stroke. You are right, I did give you poor directions, so three strokes for failing to clarify them. That's four stokes, boy. Position and count them off!"

Before we could even comprehend, Peiter had swiveled around and presented his ass again and the paddle was whistling through the air. It landed with a load crack and both Nils and I jumped, but Peiter just grunted, "One, Sir, thank you Sir."

Again the whistling paddle and then a smack as it made hard contact with Peiter's right ass cheek. I could see the red and angry mark of the first stroke across both cheeks and then another seemed to magically appear on his right cheek, even as Peiter was grunting, "Arghhh, two Sir, thank you Sir!"

Then SMACK! "Arghhh, three Sir, thank you Sir!" and the red mark jumped out on his left cheek.

As the paddle was slicing through the air again, the man said, "Don't come boy! Count it!"

"No sir!" WHACK, "Yeouch! Sir, four Sir, thank you Sir."

And as Peiter turned and faced us again I could see his dick was hard as a rock and throbbing while leaking a long string of precum. I couldn't imagine the pain on his ass, and he was close to cuming! Wow!

Looking at me, the man said, "One stroke for you. Never forget your responsibilities to those in your care!"

I turned and presented my rear, gritting my teeth. WHACK, it hit me like a steamroller. "Arghhhh!" I managed to cry out, then remembering Peiter, I groaned. "One Sir, thank you Sir."

"Now, you, Little One. I think two strokes should remind you to think of others, too. And maybe tonight, you and Erik will star sleep together. It's not all pleasure when you agree to wear the bracelets. Erik, can you both stay here tonight?"

"Sir, we can stay Sir, but we need to be on the bridge at 0700 hours, Sir."

"The bridge?" the man asked glancing at Peiter and they both raised an eyebrow as they turned back to me.

"Yes, Sir, I am the Officer's Cabin Boy, Sir and Nils is my apprentice."

"Ahhh," the man said. "Well, we'll see how we can help your apprentice learn, but still be in shape to perform your duties."

"Now, position and count them off!"

Nils sucked in his breath and although visibly shaking, he replied, "Yes Sir, thank you Sir," and turned pushing his butt high into the air.

The man reached out with the paddle and using the blade, he gently caressed first the right cheek and then the left on Nils' little quivering ass. As the blade stroked him almost lovingly, I could see Nils quaking. His checks tensed and you could have put your whole fist into the dimples created there Nils was so tense. Then quicker than lightning, the paddle backed off and whistled down with a decidedly vicious THWACK!

"Ayehhhhh," Nils cried out, then between ragged breaths and sobs he managed to croak, "One Sir, thank you Sir."

Again the paddle started it's caresses. Nils was a quivering mass of nerves now. The paddle's touch caused him to tense, but he also seemed to lean back into the caress. I think he actually sighed as the blade traced his little crack.

Then, the paddle drew back and whistled forward, but it didn't land. Instead, Nils cried out when the caressing started again. I could see he almost couldn't remain on his knees he was shaking and sobbing so hard. The blade was tracing his cheeks and crack and then seemed to reach between his legs and as it gently probed his tiny ball sac, I heard the man say, "You may cum on this stroke."

WHACK! "Yeow!" Nils screamed. His head flew up and I was amazed to see his rock hard dick shooting a string of cum four feet across the room, then another almost as far, and then he was collapsing into my arms and the man said, "Join the hug Peiter!" and we were all hugging and crying together.


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