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I was pleased that so many of you could visit my picture of how I believe Nils might look. And the surprise of finding him playing the little game on the beach, isn't it fun! I didn't hear much email though, so I'm unsure of how you want the story to proceed. Over 250 people visited the picture, three emails. Of course I'm not counting the 20 or so destructive emails which seem to just come with the territory. I'm looking for a picture of Erik, but haven't found one yet. If anyone can point me at one, I'd be grateful. OBTW, statistics on the web visitors....270 viewers of which 1 was WebTV, 15 were Mac, the rest PC; 2 unknown browsers, 3 Operas, 32 AOLers, 25 Netscape, the rest IE. Half visited on the first day, a Sunday with 5AM being the busiest hour; the rest over the next few days with 7 to 9 and noon being the busiest.

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Amsterdam Part 7

The man reached out with the paddle and using the blade, he gently caressed first the right cheek and then the left on Nils' little quivering ass. As the blade stroked him almost lovingly, I could see Nils quaking. His checks tensed and you could have put your whole fist into the dimples created there Nils was so tense. Then quicker than lightning, the paddle backed off and whistled down with a decidedly vicious THWACK!

"Ayehhhhh," Nils cried out, then between ragged breaths and sobs he managed to croak, "One Sir, thank you Sir."

Again the paddle started it's caresses. Nils was a quivering mass of nerves now. The paddle's touch caused him to tense, but he also seemed to lean back into the caress. I think he actually sighed as the blade traced his little crack.

Then, the paddle drew back and whistled forward, but it didn't land. Instead, Nils cried out when the caressing started again. I could see he almost couldn't remain on his knees he was shaking and sobbing so hard. The blade was tracing his cheeks and crack and then seemed to reach between his legs and as it gently probed his tiny ball sac, I heard the man say, "You may cum on this stroke."

WHACK! "Yeow!" Nils screamed. His head flew up and I was amazed to see his rock hard dick shooting a string of cum four feet across the room, then another almost as far, and then he was collapsing into my arms and the man said, "Join the hug Peiter!" and we were all hugging and crying together.

As we calmed a little from our terror, I looked and saw the man seated on the edge of the bed. He looked at Nils and opened his arms. Nils flew across the room and into his embrace and the man hugged him and soothed him saying, "Oh, Little One, so brave and so spunky. You did very well. Peiter, come with Erik and let's celebrate how brave you all were."

Peiter grabbed my arm and we too moved into the embrace and caresses on the bed. The man's big soft hands tousled my hair and stroked my back. I could feel the tenderness and compassion flowing out of him and into me. Nils was purring at his touch and Peiter was obviously head over heals in love with him. The attention we were getting was in stark contrast to the previous application of the paddle, but somehow they seemed to be a part of each other and the one was clearly more perfect because of the other.

The man told Peiter to get the ointment, and when he returned the man took him across his knees and gently massaged an oil into his upturned checks. I could clearly see the outline of the paddle in the four fiery red splotches, and could imagine the cooling, yet tingling sensations as Peiter first tensed at the massage, then relaxed and moaned his pleasure at the touch.

Finishing Peiter, the man looked at me with an upturned eyebrow as if to say, "Your choice? Your Turn?" Without a word, I scooted over and straddled his legs presenting my own stinging butt to his cooling hands. He lathered the oil on my smarting cheeks and then as he massaged it gently into my skin, his hand would stray a little and cup and gently massage my balls. My boner began to poke him almost painfully in the thigh were it was trapped by own body weight. I moaned and sighed my pleasure, but as he gave a final squeeze to my writhing nuts, he laughed, "Not yet, young cabin boy. I don't think you've earned the right to cum again."

He pushed me off his lap and I scooted red faced and dripping to the floor at his feet.

Taking Nils in an embrace like one might use for a toddler who had just tripped over his own growing feet and landed splat on the floor, the man continued cooing and soothing as he turned him bottom side up over his knees and began to massage the oil gently into the two ragged impressions of the paddle. Nils too first tensed then relaxed into the soothing caresses of the oil. Quietly indicating to Peiter, the man had us pour more oil on Nils' back and buttocks and join in the massage. As we caressed and massaged, Nils would wiggle and giggle between his moans and groans. I took the lead at a glance from the man and reached between my little Arctic Fox's legs and twirled his eggs in my palm. Reaching even farther, I coated and stroked his straining dick as he arched his back and the man seemed to withdraw his thigh. It was so erotic seeing the other five hands of our massage gliding over the white skin of my boy, easing the stinging and pain of the fading paddle marks.

I was dripping like a broken spigot and as I withdrew my other hand and reached for my own straining cock, the man quickly batted my hand away and whispered, "Not allowed! This is for Nils. He acted the helot, the whipping boy and the penitent all to perfection. He earned release by pleasure as well as pain." Then reaching under Nils' upper body, he flipped him upright and cuddled him back into an embrace making Nils' prong wave in front of his body, glowing with the oil from my massage. A nod to Peiter was all it took, and Peiter was down between Nils' legs taking him fully into his mouth and throat.

Nils moaned as the heat engulfed his once more raging boner. I continued to roll and massage his balls as he began a wild thrusting up and into Peiter's encompassing warmth. Then reaching absolute overload, Nils spiked his body upward and cried out as he came again. Peiter pulled off the waving lance and we watched as it pulsed and pulsed, but couldn't squeeze more than a single clear drop up from his young balls.

I groaned as my own skewer tried to find a hold on something, anything to bring it to its own release, but the man gave me a stern look and I whimpered my acceptance of his command. I saw that Peiter was rock hard too and dripping his own sweet juices at Nils' feet. I knew better, but I longed to reach out and take that spear into my own mouth.

As Nils crashed into the afterglow of his third orgasm in less than an hour, we all just cuddled with Peiter's Master and drifted on the rocking swell of the ocean beneath the boat.


Stirring somewhat later, the man shook us all awake and gently suggested we dress. I couldn't image what was happening in Peiter's body, my own was stiff and complaining gently until I raised my undershorts. Then it seemed to cry out it protest so loud I'd swear the doctor could hear it in the infirmary. I watched as Nils and Peiter both gritted their teeth and pulled on their own underwear. I was amazed to see that not the slightest hint of the paddle strokes was visible outside the incredibly white cotton of Peiter's bikini briefs.

The man watched as we dressed and then tousling Nils' hair he told us to stand in front of the bed. "Now, my name is Johan. You may call me that or Sir while we are out and about the ship. We will go to the Disco for dinner like you planned. I don't think you want to try sitting in the dining room anyway, No?"

We all shook our head no, Nils running a tentative hand across his own backside.

"I thought not," Johan said with a not mean, but knowing smile. "We can get food and stand near the bar or even on the adjoining deck. For this time you may speak and Peiter you may answer freely. I think our friends have questions they would like to ask?" he looked to Nils and me with upraised eyebrows.

"Yes, I have lot's of questions," Nils said. "Can we eat now? I'm starving!"

Placing an arm around Peiter's shoulder, Johan laughed and pushed us toward the door.


Dinner was great, the disco was hopping with young people and the buffet was fabulous. I think Nils ate at least five full plates between discussions. We moved to tall bar tables just outside on the deck and standing and chewing we managed a full interrogation of both Peiter and Johan

Nils was fixated on Peiter's piercing. Johan told him that it was done as a sign of commitment. Peiter agreed that when he had taken Johan as his Master, he wanted to show to whom he belonged. The collar symbolized his position, but with school and other social conventions it had to be discreet. The guich was a way to both mark the territory and proclaim the owner; it was engraved with Johan's name encircled by a chain. It was all Nils could do not to drop to his knees and dig it out to examine closely. Johan laughed and promised Nils his chance to explore the piercing.

Talk turned to what their life was like and Peiter insisted it was the life of a pretty normal teenager. He went to school, swam on the swim team, had homework, and loved his pizza! Johan explained that they had been together for four years and that at ten Peiter had been adrift and lost, bounced since toddlerhood from home to home in an extended family that saw him more as burden than member. When it had come Johan's turn to take the boy for a year, he had at first refused. His own life style didn't seem the place for a ten year old, but the various aunts and uncles had demanded he take his turn and he reluctantly agreed.

He quickly learned that the little hellion of a wildboy everybody had complained about responded immediately to stern, firm, but compassionate direction. The relationship had flowered and Peiter had blossomed as a wonderful, intelligent, disciplined boy. There had been times when it seemed that Peiter had almost demanded control and punishment and although Johan never let the boy see or participate in his domination life style, it soon became obvious that the boy was the best submissive and most satisfying life partner he could ever imagine. There had been nothing sexual in the first three years of their relationship, then as Peiter had undergone puberty, his desires and demands had become more sexual in nature. Finally, Johan had taken Peiter to a weekend retreat and using a collar and leash had let Peiter see, but not directly experience the lifestyle he seemed to be demanding.

Peiter admitted he had been shaken at the brutality of much of what he saw, but that he had also talked to some of the others and found they generally adored and loved their Masters. At the conclusion of the weekend, he had talked long and deeply with Johan and they had decided on a slow approach. They had pledged their lives to each other and took a rare day off of school to find a collar that Peiter believed would show his pledge to Johan, bring the steady peace he sought of knowing Johan would always care for him, and yet not drive him from his own friends and schoolmates.

They now lived and loved each other with a complete conviction that Johan would guide and keep Peiter safe through life's turmoil and that Peiter would strive to learn and make him proud of every action he took.

I could see that Nils was fascinated by the story and deeply moved by the love expressed between the two. He almost constantly kept one hand somewhere touching me throughout the entire evening. Johan could read the youngsters eyes and the story unfolded between acknowledgments of bodily hunger, emotional craving and intellectual thirst.

Sometime during the evening Rick the bartender came by and brought three cokes and a vodka martini. He stopped and talked a while and remarked that we looked like we had had an adventuresome day. I thought Nils was going to choke he was spluttering so hard into his drink! Peiter and I were laughing and Johan toasted Rick and praised him for being sure we were all "introduced properly" today after yesterday's meeting without meeting. I thought Rick was going to pop, his eyes were so big upon realizing Johan knew about the game and it's effects on Peiter yesterday.

As we finished eating and the talking wound down, Johan asked, "Now, there is some unfinished business from your escapades young men. Are we going to proceed? Or is this enough for today?"

"Well, Sir," I began. "I think we owe you a lot and yes we agreed there is still a punishment to pay, but Nils must choose his own course here. We just have to be ready and able to report for duty in the morning."

"Yes, Sir," Nils was answering. "I wasn't thoughtful and it would help me learn. Can we learn from you without betraying our duty to the Captain and the ship."

"Done!" Johan declared. "Boys, attention. Now immediately back to the cabin, strip and wait. I will be ready in a few moments."

We jumped to ramrod positions and answered together, "Yes, Sir. Right away Sir." and Peiter led us to the cabin. When we got there, Peiter was stripping off his clothes before the door was even closed and folding them neatly on the dresser, he took a position on his knees facing the door and indicated that we were take positions either side of him.

"From now we can't speak without permission. You should find a place of peace and hold it. Johan would never hurt you."

"I know," Nils whispered.

Personally, I wondered how the WHACK of the paddle had hurt so bad, but still admitted I didn't feel I had been hurt.


We must have stayed on our knees for over an hour, or perhaps it was just a few minutes. I quickly discovered that if I thought moving after the paddle had been painful, not moving was even more painful. I couldn't believe it was so hard to stay still. My butt began to throb, probably in sympathy pain because the burning had gone long ago during dinner. Then my legs began to cramp. My mind played tricks with me on where I was, and I could hear little groans from Nils, but I couldn't see him.

Then the door burst open and Johan said in a deeply terrifying voice, "So, here we have the miscreants! Are you ready for your punishment? Speak!"

Nils and I both managed to croak, "Yes, Sir!"

"Good, I like fresh meat," he said with a sneer. "Peiter, they will star sleep side by side on my bed. Make it ready!"

With just a nod, Peiter jumped up and ran to the other room.

Johan continued, "Do you know what MAYDAY means aboard ship boy? Speak!"

"Yes, Sir," we answered together.

"Good, then you know how serious a word it is. I am assured that these cabins are sound proof and tonight you will test that. It doesn't matter how much you beg for us to stop, your screams won't do a thing, but if you really are in trouble, we will hear and stop for just that one word. MAYDAY, say it, speak!"

I could barely stammer it out, but I heard Nils fairly sing it, "MAYDAY, sir"

I watched Johan's eyebrows raise and then he said, "Good, now rise and use the bathroom if you need to. Do not touch it! You know what I mean! Then come back here and stand at attention.

Seemingly on command, Nils went to the other cabin's head and I used this one. Then we were both standing at attention and Peiter was beside us.

"Follow me!" Johan commanded.

We went into the other cabin and I gasped looking at the bed. There were three chains coming to the center from the headboard and three more from the foot. Arrayed on either side were four cuffs and what must have been blindfolds. Guiding Nils first to the other side, Peiter had him sit on the bed and as he attached cuffs to wrists and ankles, I watched with morbid fascination. The leather looked so good on my little Arctic Fox, I almost swooned at how sexy he seemed as they laid him back on the bed and hooked the chains and then tightened them. I did stagger a little as they turned to me and placed me on the bed. Then soon were we both chained together, but separate. I could fell Nils' body heat, but I couldn't feel Nils. I was petrified as the blindfolds were placed on us and darkness seemed to fill my mind.


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