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Copyright 2002 and 2003 by the author. The author retains all rights to this story and requests that you do not alter or post this story in any form without his permission. The following is a work of fiction. The usual disclaimers apply. The characters are purely fictional as are the events. This story depicts acts of love and sex between consenting persons, youth with youth, adult with adult and youth with adult . If stories of this nature offend you or if you are under the age of 18 or it is illegal to read stories of this nature, then please leave now.

250 viewers visited Nils before the last episode, another 600 visited after it was published. Noon to 4 pm is still the most popular visition period. I guess the sun on the beach is best then! This will end the "unpleasentness" and open new chapters in our Cruisin' Boys' lives.

Thanx Beachkid!

Amsterdam Part 8

We went into the other cabin and I gasped looking at the bed. There were three chains coming to the center from the headboard and three more from the foot. Arrayed on either side were four cuffs and what must have been blindfolds. Guiding Nils first to the other side, Peiter had him sit on the bed and as he attached cuffs to wrists and ankles, I watched with morbid fascination. The leather looked so good on my little Arctic Fox, I almost swooned at how sexy he seemed as they laid him back on the bed and hooked the chains and then tightened them. I did stagger a little as they turned to me and placed me on the bed. Then soon were we both chained together, but separate. I could fell Nils' body heat, but I couldn't feel Nils. I was petrified as the blindfolds were placed on us and darkness seemed to fill my mind.

Nils began a little whimper and I could feel him test the chains against our arms. Our wrists were bound together and I discovered I could just caress his hand with my fingers. I said, "Courage, we asked for this."

"I know, Erik" he whispered in reply.

Just then we heard the paddle whistling through the air and both of us sucked in our breath and tensed, not knowing where the blow might land. It didn't and Nils groaned as the realization struck that we wouldn't know until too late.

I heard Johan order Peiter to undress and then I nearly jumped out of my skin as a feather light touch trailed from one nipple to the other. I sucked in my breath so loud that Nils jumped and shouted, "What is it? Erik, what's happening?"

"God, I don't know," I shouted back.

"Oh, please?!" I heard Nils pleading.

Then from the bedside Johan ordered Peiter, "Suck me boy! And make it good, I want to know you practiced on these two."

For what seemed an eternity we heard the sounds of Peiter and Johan slurping and sucking, panting and moaning. I could tell that Peiter was getting as good as he was giving, sometimes his voice would cry, "Oh God, Johan, that feels so good." Sometimes it was Johan encouraging him on.

Every once in a while Nils would cry out, not in pain, but as if he'd just been touched. I found out what it was when suddenly something grabbed my dick. It wasn't someone's hand or mouth in fact it felt more like a giant spider holding me and walking up my shaft. I cried out, "Get it off, get it off."

Johan laughed, "You'd like to get it off wouldn't you? But not just yet."

Nils was moaning and crying and clutching my fingers in our shared hand.

Then Johan ordered Peiter in the bed. "I'm going to fuck your brains out boy!"

"Please, Master. Fuck me hard." I heard him say.

Someone was lying in the space between us. I could feel feet and legs dangling over our chained feet and a head was cradled just under our shakled hands. It must have been Johan, because suddenly beside my ear I heard him say, "Ride it boy. Ride it hard."

Then the bed dipped again to the center between us and I heard what must have been Peiter lubing up the cock. I could imagine the scene played out beside me by the noises and odors swirling round. Peiter was slowly lowering himself on Johan's cock. He'd grunt and moan and sigh and then the bed would bounce. I could tell he'd put it in and then taken it out because the odor in the room changed. There was the smell of musk, the smell of Peiter's guts, the smell I'd smelled just once before when he'd drawn me from his ass.

Nils was thrashing now and crying out. "God, touch me now! Please touch me now! It's so hard I can't stand it! Please!"

Peiter moaned and sat back down quickly on Johan's straining pole. The bed shook, then jumped, then began a rythmic bounce which could only be Peiter riding on the cock.

My own dick was fiery hot and straining at the sounds and smells around me. Nils was gasping and crying out through tears. "Please, I have to cum!"

Peiter began to moan and sigh, to grunt and groan as the shaft he was impaled upon began to strike his button. He got wilder and the bed shook more. The smells were more intense. Johan encouraged him and started thrusting up. The bed became a wildly pitching beast. Nils and I were anchored to it's side, but in the center of the storm there was no eye of calm. No, there the action heated up and waves of sound and smells came pouring out until with a mighty scream I smelled Peiter shoot his load. I heard it plop on Johan's chest. I smelled it in the room. Nils screamed and cried, "Touch me, touch me, PLEASE touch me now!"

Johan grunted and with two mighty bounces on the bed he must have driven himself a foot inside young Peiter's ass and then he cried out his own release and bouncing Peiter up and off I smelled his juices coating Peiter's back. The smells were so intense, the slightly bleachy smell of sperm, the spice of pubic sweat, the smell of Peiter's musk and ass, not foul but erotically intense. I cried out for my own release, but could not get it.

Nils was whimpering and crying and sobbing that, "I have to cum, I have to, please just touch me once!"

Peiter and Johan seemed lost in kissing and mixing the juices of their cum together down Peiter's back and over his ass. They settled down between us leaving both of us straining and waving our dicks in the air. Desperate for anything to touch them to trigger our explosions. I moaned and groaned and tried to will myself to cum, but I guess even a wet dream needs the friction of underwear or sheet. I couldn't make it pop!

We must have lain there for an hour or more. Nils whimpering and me straining to try and make myself cum. Then slowly Peiter and Johan moved off the bed, still denying us any release. Then a whispered conversation and Johan announcing, "You boys see now that pleasure can be pain. It's not even 11 pm, so we will keep our word. I'm going to let you up. You will not touch yourself or I'll strap you right back down. We've got your shorts, you'll put them on and scamper back to your cabin. You'll get to sleep and be up and ready for the captain and the officers in time for your watch. Do you understand?"

"Yes," I answered.

"Please!?" begged Nils.

"No touching now!" Johan ordered and then I felt Peiter's hands unsnapping my ankles and then moving to my wrists. As he finished there he removed my blindfold and I could see the mussed and soiled sheets where we had lain and they had fucked. I looked at Nils and he was drenched in sweat, but nervously looking round. Peiter shoved my shorts into my hands and Johan gave Nils his. "Dress!" he commanded and we did. As Nils began to reach his waist, Johan slapped his hands away and reaching out lifted the shorts the rest of the way.

Taking Nils right hand, he thrust it into my left and ordered us to the door. Putting a tube of something in my right hand, he opened the door and looked into the hall and laughing, smacked me on the butt yelling, "Run home little rabbits. Get enough sleep you won't be late."

I jumped and then pulled Nils and we flew down the passengers companionway and to the crew area. Crossing into our home territory I pulled Nils along and we raced up to our cabin. Coming at it from the stern end, we didn't meet anyone else in the passageways and suddenly we were in our cabin and panting to catch our breath.

Nils was groaning and twisting in his shorts and suddenly they were off. His little dick was deep purple and thrusting at the air. He was pawing at my shorts and groaning as he pulled them off, then grabbing my hand he led me to the bed but found the tube I held.

"Yes!" he cried. "God, Fuck me, Erik! Fuck me, Fuck me now!"

He grabbed the tube and squirted it in his hand. Then squeezing once he grabbed my dick and coated it completely. Pushing me back on the bed he reached between his legs and wiped his hand across his crack and then he basically jumped my bone! He sat back on my cock with no preliminary and no restraint. He sat down hard and heavy on my pole. I drove up in his ass and he cried out in pain and ectsasy.

"God! Oh God! Oh God! That hurts! Oh God! It feels so good! Oh God! Oh God! I'm going to shoot!" and he cried as I buried myself completely in his fiery hot ass. Then he exploded in my face. His cum shot completely over me against the wall and then again and again slowly coating my face, my chest, my stomach. The wild thrusting shots and clenching of his ass drove me in and out and pounded me over the top. I fired my load and filled him up. If his shot traveled 10 feet, then mine must have tried to straighten out at least that much of his inner guts. If he didn't spit out my cum I can't imagine where it had gone.

He cried again as my turgid pole expanded and pumped into him. My half a dozen shots drove me into his love button again and again and again and suddenly he was screaming as he came once more. Not minutes after coating me he began to shoot again. His gun was firing, but the chambers were empty and even as I saw him hit the top, I could tell his balls were crushing themselves trying to create more juice. Then he collapsed against my chest and we wallowed in his cum and the odors of our sex surrounded us as my juices leaked from his lately cherry ass.


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