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Copyright 2003 by the author. The author retains all rights to this story and requests that you do not alter or post this story in any form without his permission. The following is a work of fiction. The usual disclaimers apply. The characters are purely fictional as are the events. This story depicts acts of love and sex between consenting persons, youth with youth, adult with adult and youth with adult . If stories of this nature offend you or if you are under the age of 18 or it is illegal to read stories of this nature, then please leave now.

Amsterdam Part 9

Nils was groaning and twisting in his shorts and suddenly they were off. His little dick was deep purple and thrusting at the air. He was pawing at my shorts and groaning as he pulled them off, then grabbing my hand he led me to the bed but found the tube I held.

"Yes!" he cried. "God, Fuck me, Erik! Fuck me, Fuck me now!"

He grabbed the tube and squirted it in his hand. Then squeezing once he grabbed my dick and coated it completely. Pushing me back on the bed he reached between his legs and wiped his hand across his crack and then he basically jumped my bone! He sat back on my cock with no preliminary and no restraint. He sat down hard and heavy on my pole. I drove up in his ass and he cried out in pain and ecstasy.

"God! Oh God! Oh God! That hurts! Oh God! It feels so good! Oh God! Oh God! I'm going to shoot!" and he cried as I buried myself completely in his fiery hot ass. Then he exploded in my face. His cum shot completely over me against the wall and then again and again slowly coating my face, my chest, my stomach. The wild thrusting shots and clenching of his ass drove me in and out and pounded me over the top. I fired my load and filled him up. If his shot traveled 10 feet, then mine must have tried to straighten out at least that much of his inner guts. If he didn't spit out my cum I can't imagine where it had gone.

He cried again as my turgid pole expanded and pumped into him. My half a dozen shots drove me into his love button again and again and again and suddenly he was screaming as he came once more. Not minutes after coating me he began to shoot again. His gun was firing, but the chambers were empty and even as I saw him hit the top, I could tell his balls were crushing themselves trying to create more juice. Then he collapsed against my chest and we wallowed in his cum and the odors of our sex surrounded us as my juices leaked from his lately cherry ass.

We lay together sticky with Nils cum between our bodies, my dick softening and plopping from his sweet bottom's embrace. I felt the warm cum streaming out his ass and down into my pubic hair. Nils was moaning softly and nuzzling into my cheek. I ran my hands across his smooth and slender back and hugged him into me with enough force to hear his cum squish where our chests connected.

He in turn wiggled his hips spreading his juices more completely between us and then squeezed those little cheeks effectively cuddling my quickly recharging dick.

"Hmm," I sighed. "I never thought something could feel so good."

"Yeah," he giggled. "I was so hot! I just couldn't wait, I wanted you to touch me or suck me, but then I grabbed your hand and that tube was there. I knew! I wanted you inside me. I wanted you so bad, so fast, so right now!" He gave another little wiggle and my cock rose to semi attention. "It was so cool. I mean really, it hurt right at first, but then I could feel you inside me and your dick was cool against my insides, I squeezed and you seemed to swell up and fill me completely. I wanted you up inside me all the way, I wanted you to touch my belly button, to tickle the inside of my tits. And then you hit something up there and I just went ballistic. There were shooting stars and I started shooting and I know I clamped down. You just rubbed me there again and again and then I felt your hot juices splatter all over inside me. God, it was so wonderful. I want you back inside me!"

I reached over his slippery bottom and between our combined legs and grabbed my dick. It was ramrod stiff again and as I used my fingers to slowly drag it up and down his crack, I felt him open up and almost suck it back inside.

This time our love making was less frantic, but no less passionate. I was inside his door about two inches when he slowly scooted from the position with his knees up by stretching those beautiful long slender legs down the outside of my thighs and legs. I don't know how he did it without pulling me out, but now his legs were plastered against mine for the full length. His toes were caressing my calves as he began to rock up and back. His own dick was pressing hard into the small patch of hair above my dick and into the bones of my pelvis.

My dick was sliding just a little way in and out with each rocking motion and it felt so great. I could guess what he meant by me feeling cool inside him, because he was just fire all around my dick. It was so hot, so tight, so soft, so sensual. I couldn't believe that so many sensations could get to my brain at the same time. I could feel every little motion on my dick head. The tip would seem to grow and try to pop each time it went in, then the lip would drag back and pull the entire skin on the shaft with each outward stroke. I could smell the aromas of his cum between us, my cum slowly running down under my balls and across that smooth skin just above my own hole. The musky scent I'd smelt when Peiter pulled me out and then when Johan rode him right next to us. Above it all, the smell of Nils blonde hair, the sweat of his exertion and excitement.

Nils was humming and rocking, using his toes to clasp my shins and move his body more quickly on the pole I had inside him. His arms were under my shoulders and his hands were grasping the back of my head almost massaging my scalp as his fingers grasped and unclasped with each motion. Then he thrust a little harder and I heard him gasp, "Yes!" and I knew I'd stretched up and hit that spot again. I could feel it on the underside of my dick head. It was a little mound of hardness inside the soft, smooth lotion of our juices. I clenched my butt cheeks and that made my dick poke a little harder on the upstroke.

"God!" he gasped, "Yes! Yes!"

I began to squeeze with each upward thrust and he was literally shaking on top of me with each little poke. Then he cried out and I could feel him clamp down hard on my trapped rod. But I couldn't stop. My ass clenched and clenched and I poked up in a dozen or two quick and intense thrusts.

It was a rabbit fuck I was giving him; short, strong, again and again and again and again and then he cried out and my body just rammed up into him. I know I must have lifted us both off the bed and as my ass clamped shut and my cheeks held the clench I shot another gallon or two of cum in five or six strong blasts, each punctuated by another poke from me and another shudder and cry from him.

He practically flattened my cock with the strength of his clamping ass muscles each time he cried out, but my pole seemed made of steel and I'd poke it back against the squashing force and each time I'd feel the juices blast from me and against his tight walls, trying to make a way for me to go another centimeter, another inch, another mile inside. Then my legs couldn't take anymore and my hips collapsed back on the bed my dick pulling Nils down with me. We lay there lost in shooting stars, swimming waves of emotion and dribbling cum from him across the skin of my chest and stomach, from me against the inner walls of his sweet body.

Suddenly my alarm was screaming at me. I jerked awake to find Nils still plastered across my body. I swatted the alarm and began to stroke my lover's back and wake him up. His eyes fluttered open and when he saw me he grinned and then hugged me and landed a giant kiss across my lips. Before I could react, he'd hopped out of bed and dashed to the head where he wiggled his ass once and then shut the door. When he came out I could see the dried cum in stripes across his chest and stomach and down his thighs where it must have dripped off onto me and the bed.

As I giggled and pointed, he laughed and pointed back. "Wow, you filled me up! I thought I was peeing from the back so much liquid came out!" he giggled. "Now, get your business done so we can shower and get to work. I don't think the captain would like us on watch wearing these stripes."

I quickly relieved my bladder and then turned on the shower and jumped in removing the evidence of our escapade. Nils jumped in right after I was out and then we were both fighting in the cramped space to get our watch uniforms on. Nils played a little grab ass, but I swatted his hand away and told him later the Captain and our duty came first. He giggled again and told me we'd see who'd 'cum first' later that night. Then he threw open the cabin door and we both streaked up to the watch room and reported for duty.

Midway through the morning the Captain appeared in the watch room and called us over. "Nils, you have done an excellent job in your apprenticeship. Erik you have taught him well. Tomorrow this cruise ends and Nils you will be leaving us. Today the Doctor has allowed your parents to rejoin the rest of the passengers and I'd like to have them at my table if they are ready. If you to would like, you can serve tonight as your last duty. I'm sure your mother and father would like to see how well you performed your duties. What do you say?"

Before I could even begin to answer, Nils blurted out. "Captain, does this mean I'm not a seaman after dinner tonight? Can't I finish my training and help with the busy tasks of coming into port tomorrow? Don's not back yet and I know Erik might need my help."

Laughing the Captain reached out and tousled Nils hair. "Okay Seaman Nils. You will not be released from duty until tomorrow at 1300 hours. Now will you boys attend the Captain's table tonight?"

"Yes Sir!" we answered in unison.


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