Cruising Along Day 01 part 01


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I have the not uncommon fetish, or fascination of simply watching, (all males, straight, bi, or gay are voyeurs) or perhaps even on rare occasions assisting, young boys in masturbation activities. ("Jacking-off", "jerking-off", or "wanking" if you prefer) By "young boys" I refer to boys in the 10 thru 15 year-old age range of pre-pubertal or just beginning puberty, maturity. This range covers both "early bloomers" and "late bloomers". By "assisting" I mean either "coaching" or demonstrating the activity, or providing an atmosphere conducive to the activity, or both (sorry no hands on training here.) To me, the most beautiful sight in the world to watch is a boy pleasuring himself to orgasm (wet or dry)! There, that covers all the boring technical bits. If you have any comments or critques let me have them at Flames will be cheerfully deleted.

If you're still with me, thank you for your patience, and so we begin.

I have become a fan of "Cruising". I mean the, fly to some Caribbean or Southern US coastal port city. Get onboard humungus ships and sail away for 3, 4, 7, 14, or 21 days, visiting various islands and their port cities. Spend your hard currency there, soak up too much sun, and too much alcohol, and basically have the time of your life ("what happens on the cruise, stays on the cruise"), that "Cruising". The companies that own these ships, and produce the vacation cruises, have become "family friendly" over the last few years (or at least many of them have. There are some that are still floating singles bars or "meat markets".) These cruise lines are telling the prospective vacationing couples to bring their children along too, because they are happy to provide "structured activities", or "supervised play" aboard ship and onshore (some for a fee but many for free.) To distract and entertain the kids while Mom and Dad can be separated from their cash, and their progeny without worry and see them at suppertime and breakfast time, and the kids can also have the "time of their lives" while participating in these structured activities. (Sounds like a good time can be had by all, at least in theory.) This plan works reasonably well for children from 3 to 10/11 years old. Younger than that age range and all they really need is a babysitter (which many of these cruiselines will provide.) Older than that age range, these "children" have become more independent and less manageable by a "structured" activity. They are more in need of a troop of guards, (preferably eunuchs, castrati, or vestal virgins of 20 to 30 years of age.) These guards should be muscular, agile, even athletic, have some training in the martial arts and magical arts. They should be prepared (and even willing) to place their bodies in harms way to prevent these "children" from harming themselves, or others, or both. If the "child" is into the mid-teens, all that they are looking to get out of this cruise is to have sex, (perhaps for the first time), and preferably several times. Such is puberty's pathway of hormone overload. The cruiseline will even aid and abet puberty's pathway by giving a dance or rock concert (or other similar events) each and every evening in the "young peoples" lounge, fueled with snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. What could be more fun than sex and sugar?

If you have been on one of these cruises lately, am I describing this "family friendliness" accurately or not?

This was a 21-day cruise, starting on a Sunday afternoon and ending on Saturday afternoon three weeks later. This gives the ship about twelve hours to refuel, replenish, resupply, and repair in its home port. And it gives the cruise staff about twelve to eighteen hours off.

I boarded the ship a little after noon and got settled in. I decided to do a "walk-about" to see what I could find and get myself oriented for the various decks and lounges and activity areas. I eventually made my way up to the pool deck and found four separate areas with pools, one of which was enclosed and had two huge "party" spas along side but set back from the small circular pool. The sign beside the automatic doorway said "Adults Only (18 and older) after 10pm". This was their "Roman Grotto" Area. Complete with classical nude statuary (both male and female.) Various potted plants and shrubbery creating a tropical rainforest environment and shielding from sight each of the spas from the small pool and the other spa.

As I walked thru the Grotto area I could hear several kids in each of the spas and the pool. I stopped for awhile at each place to watch the kids. Then I went outside on the pool deck, stopped at the bar, took my drink, and sat for awhile watching the passing scenery from the comfort of a deck chair in the shade. It began to get close to first sitting dinnertime. With this many cruisers onboard evening meals are taken in one of two sittings (early or late.) First night is casual dress as sometimes your luggage still hasn't caught up with you by dinner time, so I wasn't worried about showing up in shorts and a polo shirt and sandals, besides that, I had chosen the second or late sitting anyway. The crowd had thinned out and most of the kids had gone away, so I got up and went back into the grotto area to spend a little soaking time in one of the spas. The pool was empty and the spa on the right was as well. Just as I was turning to head up to the spa I heard the musical sound of a boys giggle from the other spa, so I headed that way instead quietly. Another set of giggles and an "Oh wow!" followed by another voice "See I told you this feels good. I watched Rob and Jase doing this in the spa at home!" I had reached the upper part of the path where it went around a couple potted palms and other shrubs. I bent down and looked around the edge to see two boys up against the side of the spa with their bellies up against the side facing away from me. They were slowly sliding up and down against the side! "The jet feels so neat on your dick don't it?!"

"Yeah, but it tickles too!"

"It feels a whole lot better after it gets hard. See?" Then he stood up and turned towards his buddy. His speedos were tented out around his obviously very hard boy-dick!

"You guys know that it feels even better when you let your speedos hold on to your dicks for you!" They both turned towards me with that 'shot' look even though I had spoken very quietly. "It's ok guys. I know what you're doing and it's all right. I'm not gonna yell or run and tell somebody. What you're doing is something all guys do. It's fun. Nobody gets hurt. It's a 'guy' thing. I understand. I was your age once. I started doing it too when I was about your age." They both slowly lost the 'deer-in-the-headlights' look as I kept on talking and actually began to shyly smile.

"What do you mean 'let the speedos hold on'?"

Looking down at his crotch I said, "Well I see I scared the stiffy out of you. I'm sorry guys." His tent had indeed deflated. "But if you rub it a bit I'll bet it'll get stiff again." I got very quizzical looks from both of them. "I mean jack-off or jerk-off a little. You know?" Their looks only deepened so I made the traditional pumping fist gesture in front of my own now tenting swimsuit. "You know like hand stroking your dick?"

"Oh like I saw Jase and Robbie doing that a couple times? That's what 'jerking-off' is?" I nodded. "I just thought they were peeing in the spa at home."

I reached down into my shorts and gave my now stiffened dick a couple strokes. "You mean like this?" He nodded. "Yep that's jerking or jacking off. Try it. It really feels good." Ricky slowly pulled his speedos waistband out and down a little and watching me started to try to wrap his hand around his dick but it wouldn't fit. "Try just using your thumb and the first couple fingers." I took my hand out and demonstrated the 'grip'. He nodded and shifted his fingers. He got this look of amazement on his face followed by a look of absolute pleasure.

"OH WOW! This feels so kewl! Try it Jamey. You'll like it!" Jamey slowly reached into his speedos and began copying Ricky's motions. "See? Great ain't it?" Jamey's face beamed with his new found good feelings.

"You guys haven't done this before?" Both shook their heads and kept on stroking. "Feels great doesn't it? That's what I meant by 'doing it' when I first scared you. And all guys do it. Some guys do it more than others do, but we all do it at some time or other while we are growing up and sometimes even when you get older like me. Once you learn how to do it, it's hard to not keep doin' it. How old are you guys, anyway?"

"We're both 11. We'll be 12 in December."

"Ok. You're old enough to know what you're doing and enjoy it too. Now where were we? Oh yeah. 'Let your speedos hold on.' Now that you're stiff again press your dicks up flat against your bellies and pull your hand out of your speedos and let them hold your dicks up against you. Now turn around and put your dicks into the water jet and see how that feels." They both turned and pressed up against the side of the spa and moved their hips down and up and side to side to get their dicks positioned in the jetstream.

"Oh yeah... That feels nice! Ummmm... Yeah real nice!"

"Oh wow! That's so good! " They both were getting into their own rhythms of moving the hips for the best exposure to the water streams. "So kewl! It feels like I was still using my hand!"

I looked around and found the switch that controls how much air is injected into the stream and got up and cranked it up to the maximum.

"Oh... Man! Oh... Yeah! That feels like it's squeezing tighter around my dick! <Umph> That's so good!" Ricky's thrusts were becoming shorter, and sharper, and quicker!

A giggle escaped from Jamey. "That sort of tickles with the bubbles, but it feels so good too!" His movements were becoming shorter and quicker too! "<Umph> it feels funny. Ummmm... Like I gotta pee!"

"Don't worry. When your dick is that hard, you can't pee. Just keep holding it in the bubble stream. It will feel even better in a few seconds. You'll see."

"<Umph> Oh... Me too! Are you sure? It feels like I gotta pee bad! Umm... It sure feels good though!"

"Don't worry. When a guy's dick is this hard and feeling like this good you can't pee. Your body won't let you. You'll see! Just keep going! Like I said to Jamey, it'll feel even better in a few seconds! Better than anything you've ever felt before!"

"Oh... Oh... Umm... God! I never... <Ungh> WOW! Feels like it's... <Ungh> gonna explode! <Gasp>" Then Ricky took a deep breath. He stiffened up, thrust hard against the side of the spa, and shuddered. "Oh... My... God... Yeah! <Ungh> feels... So... Good! <Umph>" He shook again and softly giggled. "That tickles!" He backed away from the jet and sat down slowly sliding onto the seat. "Awesome!"

Meanwhile back at the other set of jets Jamey pulled his small body up against the jets and ground his crotch into it! "WOW! Oh... Now I see what... you mean... It feels... like it's going to explode! Oh... God... So... Good... <groan> <Ungh>" He totally froze up against the jet and took a gasping breath and his whole body shuddered! Then slowly let it out and slid down onto the seat. "WOW!"

During the same time that they were experiencing their first orgasms, I reached into my swimsuit, grabbed my own fully hardened dick, and began stroking up and down as quickly as space would allow. I could feel the precum oozing out and spread it around with my thumb over the tip. Watching these two boys pleasure themselves to earth-shattering climaxes, (remember your first orgasm either dry or wet? Didn't the earth move for you too?) had brought me to the edge of my own. Now concentrating on the corona and head with short quick strokes and drawing a deeper breath and holding it in, I pushed over the edge and began spraying the inside of my suit with globs of cum! "Oh yessss... <groan> Here it cums! Yeah! Umm... <Ungh> Oh... Yeah! <Phew> yessss! Oh God yessss!" Winding down I looked over at the two boys who were now watching my hand and me moving in my shorts. A dark stained area was beginning to show through the front of my shorts and it was spreading out slowly.

"I thought you said you couldn't pee when your dick was that hard?"

"I did and you can't and that's not pee. It's cum." From the quizzical looks I was getting from both of them, I knew I had to do some more 'Sex Ed 101'. Oh well. "Hmmm. You guys said you are both 11 right?" They nodded. "Aren't you guys supposed have a 'Personal Health' or 'Sex Ed' class at school?"

"Not yet. We're supposed to have the 'Personal Health' thing in the spring semester. Our parents already sent in the permission slips. We heard them talking about it a week ago when the new school year's letters came in the mail. They were laughing about it."

"Typical parental reaction guys. <Grinning myself> Well I don't want to spoil the surprises, so when you hear about all this stuff in the class, act surprised just like everybody else. <Chuckle> Consider this a 'Sneak Preview of Cumming Attractions' or at least a brief overview of a couple of the lessons. Ok?" A quick nod and a quiet 'Kewl!' from each and away we go. Pointing to the still expanding wet spot I began to explain, "As I said, this isn't pee. It's called semen or cum or jizz or sperm or one of several other names. It's what makes a baby when it's put into a girl from your dick. I know you guys don't make it yet but you will when you get a little older. Actually, probably within the next six months to a year. It comes squirting out of your penis or dick when you have an orgasm. An orgasm is what just happened to all of us. That's the real good feelings and the muscle pulses around and in your dicks. It's called an orgasm or cum or a few other names. You guys used the water jets to make it happen. You can also just keep on rubbing or stroking your dicks like what I just did and the 'cum' will happen too. In fact, that's what most guys do to do it. That's because the spa isn't always available but your own hand is. <Grin>"

"That's like what I saw Jase and Robby doing sitting on the edge of our spa. I thought they were just pissing into the spa funny 'cause they were pumping on their dicks like you just were! The piss came out in spurts."

"Yep. That would be about right. How old are they?"

"They're both 13. They'll be 14 by Christmas."

"You saw them pumping their dicks and you didn't tell me about it?"

"I thought they were just peeing into the spa. I prob'ly would've told you sometime like when we pee in the spa 'cause I thought it was funny how they were making it spurt out."

"You saw them naked. Did they have any hair around their dicks?"

"Yeah. Both of them do but only a little."

"That'll happen to you guys too. I can see that both of you are stiff again and if you want to get that awesome feeling once more, go ahead and give it a try just using your fingers this time. Try it if you want to. Your dicks should already feel good just from getting stiff again. It'll start feeling even better again the more you 'play' with it." As I suggested this to them, they both reached into their speedos and began slowly stroking up and down their stiff shafts. What a sight to see! Happily enough my own dick was stiffening again. Unusual as I had just had such a big cum. I reached in to 'help' it along. They both began to get that absorbed look on their faces. Their eyes were closed down to slits as they explored these new feelings that they were getting sent up from their very tented speedos!

"Oh wow! That feeling is starting up again! Feels so good! I can feel my dick rubbing against my speedos! Oh God! That feels so good! Don't it, Jamey?"

"Umm... Yeah! Oh yeah! It feels so good again!" They were both stroking faster now that their steely dicks were stretched out! I had gotten back to almost fully hard again watching them flog away! Then Ricky takes his other hand and pulls out and down on the waistband of his speedos so we can see his beautiful dark red boydick as it appeared and disappeared between his thumb and two fingers!

"Beginning to get real scratchy feeling rubbing on my speedos... That's a lot better... Much better... Ahhh... Feels so good! <Umph> so good!" His dick was about 4 inches long but still thin. His thumb and fingers totally encircling it. He must be close to puberty though because his balls were hanging down in their sack. They were about grape sized. He was absolutely bald and smooth too, so while puberty may have gotten started it hadn't taken over yet. When Jamey saw what his buddy had done, he too grabbed at his speedos, but with both hands and pushed them down to his knees and started to flog his very nice 4 incher. His balls were also hanging down in their sack. He was just as bald and smooth as his buddy was!

"You're right Ricky. This feels so good this way... Oh yeah... <grunt> I've got that feeling down under my dick again! Oh WOW!" His ball sac was pulling up tight to the base of his boydick. His stroking got faster and he started thrusting his hips into his hand! "Oh my God! It's cumming again! That feeling... <Ungh> like last time... Oh yessss... It's there! <Umph> that's it... Oh yeah!" His strokes suddenly slowed way down and then he just held his now very purple boydick in his fingers. I could see it throb! "Oh yeah... Man! That feels... So... Good! Ahhh!" He slowly took his hand off his boydick, as it was way too sensitive to even just hold.

Ricky saw his buddy's speedos drop down his legs so he pushed his down too and then as he watched Jamey have his cum that set his off too! "Oh God... <Ungh> Here mine goes again! WOW... Yeah... Oh yessss... Ahhhh... <groan> Yeah!" His stokes slowed down as his dick pulsed and turned a dark purple. He stopped stroking and just slowly rubbed his fingers across the bottom of the corona! (Hmmm. I wonder when he discovered that?)

As I watched these two go through their sweet second cums, my prick had gotten fully hard and I had sped up my stroking. I was amazed that I was this close to the edge again but watching these two was so hot! I squeezed harder and tightened my grip to just the head of my dick. That did it! I leaped over the edge and started pulsing and oozing blobs of cum into my suit again. "Oh wow... Me too... Again... <Ungh> Oh guys! Ahhhh... Oh So Good! <Sigh>" As I slowly recovered my breathing, they were watching me and my 'spot' which was growing again. "Thanks, guys. That was so much fun and felt so good. That hasn't happened like that in quite awhile."

"What hasn't happened?"

"Having two orgasms in a row with so short a time between them." Two very puzzled looks on their faces told me I needed to continue the lessons. "When you get a little older and are able to 'squirt' when you cum, it takes time for your body to recover or recharge between cums. As you get older, like me, it usually takes even longer, sometimes much longer. Like for me it usually takes from 10 minutes to half an hour or more."

"As much as it pains me to say it, you guys better pull your suits back up before somebody comes in here. You've about had your fair share of 'fun' for the afternoon. I assume you're doing the late sitting for dinner. Well so am I. Oh by the way, I now know you guys names but I didn't tell you mine. I'm 'T.C.' and I'm eating late too. I'll probably see you there most evenings as I'm not planning on eating at the specialty restaurants much and I'll bet we'll meet up here again once or twice more before the cruise is over. Are you guys sharing your own cabin?"

"Yeah, But Rob and Jase have the one right next to ours and there's a door between them." Ricky says with a frown.

"Well if I were you I wouldn't let that stop me from having 'fun' together. Just remember what you've seen Rob and Jase doing in the spa. Hmmm? In fact it wouldn't surprise me that if one or both of them 'caught' you guys jacking-off they might feel comfortable enough about it to do it too or at least not worry if you guys saw one or both of them doing it too. Remember it's going to be a long three weeks before you get home again to your own spa and bedrooms and like I said before once you learn how to do it you'll want to keep on doing it as often as possible."

"You think so? Hey Jamey! That might be fun if we were all doing it at the same time!"

"We'll see what we can do about that."

"If you need any help with anything let me know and I'll see what I can do. You might let your brother know about this spa being here and that they could have the kind of 'fun' you've seen them having in or on your spa. That'll prob'ly get his attention. Actually prob'ly scare the shit out of him. I wouldn't talk about any of this to him when your parents are around to hear you. They might not appreciate it as 'fun'. All right guys pull up the speedos and head for your rooms. I've got to get the rest of my suit wet so it doesn't look like I pissed in my shorts." Then I dropped down onto the bench seat and got my shorts soaked. They grinned and giggled and then they stood up slowly, pulled up the speedos covering up those beautiful boydicks, and headed down the path.

"See you at dinner." They called back at me.