Cruising Along Day 2


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After leaving the Grotto Area I went back to my room and found that my luggage had been delivered. I put most of my things away. I took a shower and put on some slacks and a polo shirt. I caught a bit of the news and then it was time to go down (well actually up) to dinner. As I approached the dining room the doors were closed and there was a line of my fellow late sitters waiting for the doors to open. I stepped up behind the last folks in line and found myself on the railing overlooking the gallery of the ship, which was two decks down. There is more open space of the three decks above us too. The gallery is a collection of shops, bars, and restaurants that are located in the middle of the ship. The casino is also there at the aft end. There are two winding staircases. One on each side of the casino entrance, that comes up to the dining room entrance. They come out onto the deck right next to the glass walled elevators. A very beautiful sight to view from that balcony. As I stood there admiring the view, I heard "Hey TC" from my left from the elevator landing. I turned to see a very lovely vision of Ricky and Jamey bouncing towards me dressed in polo shirts and Dockers slacks. I could see behind them two teenage boys and two younger (well from my viewpoint anyway, probably their mid to late thirty's) couples. They must be the brothers and the 'rents'. I could see the family resemblance. I would also guess that the two moms' were related to each other, also. "Hello guys."

"You just get here?"

"Yes. I am the end of the line. They haven't finished clearing out the first sitting quite yet." Their parents and brothers had caught up with them. The two teens walked right up to the railing.

I looked up to the 'rents' and was starting to introduce myself to them.

"Oh yeah. TC, these are my parents, Rich and Jean and that's my Aunt Sue and Uncle Jack. Those guys are Rob and Jase."

"Hello. I'm Tom, 'TC' to my friends. I met these two at one of the spas earlier this afternoon. I'm afraid they were being a bit rambunctious for some other adults that were there, so I cautioned them that if they wanted to stay they'd need to calm down a bit. I hope you don't mind. We had a nice chat after that and everything turned out fine. The adults that were in there were even older than I am and not as tolerant of kids. After they left for first sitting the boys and I enjoyed ourselves with much splashing and noise. <grinning>"

"I hope they weren't a problem for you. They can be quite a handful."

"No problem at all. I spend a lot of time 'babysitting' several of my nieces and nephews who are around these guys' ages and a little younger. I have a pool and spa and my sister and brother don't, so I let them abuse mine. <another grin> There is a lot of energy there. I wish I could borrow some of it sometimes."

"You're right about that!" The doors to the dining room opened and people started to go in.

"Hey TC come sit with us for dinner?"

"Well I don't want to intrude on a family gathering so you'd really better ask your parents if they wouldn't mind first. Besides that I don't know if they are able to set up a table for nine people." And I headed off towards the doorway to allow them a conversation without me but as I walked away I could hear the boys wheedling.

"Please Mom? Can we have TC sit at our table?"

I followed the end of the line up to the head waiter when I heard the thundering hoof beats behind me. "TC, ask if they can do a table for nine." The head waiter heard the request and looked down at his seating chart, and then back up at me nodding his head and saying "I can accommodate the young mans request. I have one table for ten remaining available as things are set up right now. That way you will not have to wait to have one set up."

Ricky having heard him turns back to his parents and starts to yell to them but quiets back down after only saying "Mom!" Then more normally "They have a table all ready for us." As the group had caught up with us.

"Thank you. That will be fine."

"What are your cabin numbers please?"

"7041, and yours and your cousins, Ricky?"

"7057. 7059 is Robby and Jase. And 7058 and 7060 are Mom's and Auntie's."

"So you guys are across the passageway from your parents."

"Yep. Rob and Jase are connected to us. They're supposed to keep an eye on us and keep the noise down. <giggle>"

I turned back to the head waiter's podium, looking where on the floor map he was writing the cabin numbers. It was in a nice corner window bay. "Thank you, James. That will do very nicely." I let the folded twentys drop from my hand as I pointed to the table on the chart.

"Thank you, sir. George! Please show these nine people to table 27. George will be your Senior Waiter, sir."

We trailed along following behind George to the table. "Here is your table folks. I'll be back with my assistant waiters in a moment." He removed a chair from the window end of the table as it had been set up for ten and headed off in search of his staff.

I had moved over to one end of the long oval table. "Please pick your seats folks." Ricky had started towards one of the seats when I placed my hand on his shoulder and whispered into his ear to let the adults choose where they wanted to sit first. All four of them moved into the seats on my left-hand side. I removed my hand and he and the three others filled in on my right side. We all sat down and made ourselves comfortable.

Ricky then semi-whispered to me, "Why did you give that guy up front $20?"

I chuckled and heard his dad chuckle too. "It's called a tip and it was $40 not $20. I tipped him because he was very good to us. He had this table set up for somebody else. Because I saw him erase the other cabin numbers and put ours there instead. I saw the place the other large table was at. It is an inside table and doesn't have this nice view out the windows. I wanted him to know that I knew what he did and I appreciated it and that I knew he would take good care of our little party here. Which also means he chose our waiter to make sure we would be well taken care of these next three weeks, because this is where we will be having all our dinners these weeks. We will have the same wait staff as well. In fact here comes George with his table staff now."

"Good evening ladies and sirs. As you already know I am your waiter, George. And these nice guys are Sean, Tomas, and Andrew. We will be serving you for the rest of this cruise. If at anytime you need something, please don't hesitate to ask any of us."

"Thank you, George and gentlemen. I'm sure this will be a pleasant time for us all." Andrew moved down to the far end of the table and removed the tenth place setting. Andrew and Sean were quite young probably just 18. George and Tomas were older probably late 20's. All were quite handsome and trim. They were very pleasant to look at.

After an excellent prime rib dinner and simple custard dessert. We adults sat talking for a bit over coffee and the kids finally got bored enough to get up and go.

Ricky's mom commented "The boys seem quite taken with you. I hope that they won't become a nuisance. Please don't be afraid to shoo them away if they are bothering you."

"They were no problem this afternoon. They remind me of my sisters' and my brother's sons, my nephews. They are about the same ages. I babysit often for them, and they tolerate my being with them. They certainly have a lot of energy. If you need a babysitter don't hesitate to ask me. They are quite well behaved, for kids these days anyway. Better than some of the adults that were around about us this afternoon. You should be quite proud of them."

Grinning she asks, "Whose children are you talking about?"

Smiling also I replied, "Why yours madam, of course. They are pleasant young men. And I mean it about watching them if you guys want to go off on an excursion without them, I will be happy to do so. The older two can probably manage themselves without too much supervision but the other two can probably use at least a cursory glance now and then."

"Thanks TC. That might be fun without the boys once or twice. Even if it's just shopping."

"Or one of the rum distillery or winery tours?"

"Hey that's right, there are a couple of those on the windward islands."

"Also there's the 'Pirate Ship' beach tours with the infamous rum fruit punch bowl refreshments. Hmmmm?"

"Ok, you talked us into it, if you're really sure you don't mind?"

"Nope, not at all. Just give me a days warning if you can. I might even offer to take them along on one or two of the beach excursions if you guys want an afternoon off."

"We may take you up on that too."

"No problem. Just let me know. Are you guys going to the late stage show?"

"We were. What time is it? Oh wow! We've got about ten minutes. Better head downstairs and check on the boys."

"I'll knock on their doors and count noses if you want?"

"Thanks! Rob and Jase may be down at the teen club and that's ok."

"Ok I'll check on the 'little'... er... Ummm... Younger guys and head down to the spa and soak for a bit. Later." I told them as we walked out to the elevators.

I walked over to the stairwell and walked down the stairs to our deck and headed along the passageway towards our cabins. I knocked on the boys door and got a muffled 'Yes?' from within. "Guys, it's TC. I'm just checking on you guys for the 'rents'." I heard feet thumping. Which is a hard thing to do on the thick carpets on these ships. The cruise lines use extra thick carpet to dampen noise.(Sometime, someone is going to have to explain the physics involved in this process of how a 60-75 pound boy can do that to me.) Then the door opened. It was Jamey. All he had on were his bikini briefs which were tented. "Hey Jame! Ricky! See it's just like I told you. Once you learn how to do it and how good it feels you never want to not do it. I don't hear any noises next door, so where are your brothers? At the teen club? Or doing theirs too?" I asked grinning. Jamey blushed as he answered.

"No they went down to the club, but we can't go 'cause we're not old enough yet. They went to see how many girls were there."

"Well I'm going to change into my trunks and head down to the spa. Want to come along?"

"But it's way after 10."

"You'll be with me and the worst that can happen is that you'll have to come back here. But I suspect that at this hour and for first night there probably won't be anyone in there." They looked at each other for a second and then ran into the bathroom, grabbed suits, and came back out. They dropped briefs and put on their speedos. "Grab your towels and keycards. Better leave a note for your brothers that you went with me up to the spa." They did and we headed for my cabin. "Come on in guys. I just have to put my trunks on too and we can go." I reached into the bathroom and grabbed my suit. I unbuckled my belt, stepped out of my shoes, and dropped my slacks and boxer-briefs. I peeled off my shirts. As I stood there naked they were both looking me all over but ended up at my crotch.

"Wow you're hairy! And you even got gray hair down there."

"That's what getting older will do to you." I wear a full beard. It and the hair that's left on my head are very salt and pepper. I sat down on the bed and pulled off my socks, pulled the suit up my legs, and stood up pulling them the rest of the way up. "Haven't you guys seen your dads naked?"

"Yeah but they aren't as old as you."

"Gee thanks guys. <Grin> So it's not like you've never seen an adult male naked before."

"No we see the old guys at the 'Y' and at the pool."

"Well like I said this is what happens as you get older." I grabbed my keycard and T-shirt. "Ok lets go." We headed for the pool deck.

When we arrived at the 'Grotto' doors, there was no one in the pool so the boys and I headed up to the left spa and it too was empty. I waved them into it and told them that I'd better check the other just to make sure. I did and it was empty too. It was now coming up on midnight so if someone were going to use this place they probably would have been here by now. Except maybe for the late stage show, which wasn't over yet, but we'd cross that problem if it occurred. I went back up to the boys' spa and quietly slipped into an empty slot. They were both just lying back with their eyes closed. "Nobody here but us chickens. The pool and the other spa are empty. So we can relax, guys." With that, I slowly slid down until only my head was above water. I watched them for a couple minutes and realized that they were slowly and quietly jacking-off because every so often I would catch a swirl of the water and could see a shadow moving under the water. I slowly sat up, got out, and went over to the bubble (air injector) control and turned it up to 'MAX' and got back in the spa. "Is that better, guys?" All I received was two grunts of satisfaction from them. But now their lower bodies started to float up on the surface. They didn't stop rubbing. Their tents were obvious. So were the pleasurable expressions on their faces as they slowly rubbed. A very pleasant sight to watch. I began to gently rub mine too. Then Ricky pushed his harder to make it point up to his tummy and turned over and began pressing up against the jet spray. That brought a low moan and groan from him. It also made Jamey look and see what he was doing and realizing what Ricky had done flattened his boydick up and did likewise. They were both moving much more slowly than the last time they did this. They were taking their time this time and enjoying it more. Jamey groaned. "Oh yeah! That feels so good!" Ricky just groaned an affirmative "Yessss!" I reached down and pulled my shorts leg up to free my cock and began to slowly stroke it under the water. Watching these boys enjoying themselves had gotten me fully hard.

"So you guys didn't get enough of this earlier this afternoon?"

Their eyes opened slightly and Ricky grinning at me says "Nope. I guess not. By the looks you didn't either."

I chuckled and said "You see what I mean when I told you that it's hard not to do it after you've learned how to do it. How many times did you do it in your cabin after you left here and before I came knocking on your door after dinner?"

He grinned and blushed. "Ummm... I ... Twice before dinner in the shower and twice after dinner and it would have been three but you knocked while we were getting there again lying on our beds after Rob and Jase had split." I just laughed.

"Sorry about that. I told you who I was when I knocked. You could've finished before you let me in. You could've just yelled 'just a minute' and finished off."

"I was gonna but Jame pulled his shorts up and jumped up before I could yell."

"Well don't let me stop you this time. Just enjoy the water's 'helping hand'." They both giggled as they settled back down against the jets and reentered the 'zone' of enjoying the massage of the jets and the tremendously good feelings that were being radiated out from their crotches.

"Oh God! This is so good! Ummm... Oh yeah! So nice! <Groan> " As he pushed his hips harder against the bubbling jet. His thrusts got shorter and quicker! "Oh yeah! Umph... I can feel it under my balls! It's starting again! Oh... Oh... Ummm... So good! Yessss... <grunt> Here... it... Cums! Oh GOD! Yeah!" He thrust up against the side and stiffened up and held still! "Ahhhh..." Then he just slowly oozed down into the water. "Oh wow! That one felt so good!" He slowly turned so he was sitting on the seat.

Ricky had turned his head to watch Jamey. He had begun to thrust his hips harder against his jet with shorter quicker jabs. He wasn't saying anything just grunting sighing groaning and 'uh...uh' in time with his thrusts into the bubbles. He turned back to the spa wall after Jamey had his cum. Then he took a deep breath and held it. He stiffened up and held his hips in the bubbles. He let out his breath in a long sighing "Yessss!" then slowly slid down into the water.

As he finished his cum, I began to feel my own ready to boil up out of my dick. Watching these two cum pushed me over the edge. I started stroking faster and shorter strokes. Then I felt the first pulse squirting out into the water! "Oh yeah... That's it... There it goes! Another one... Yessss... One more! Yeah! <Ungh> Whew! Wow!" They were both watching me cum. "Is that like what you saw happening to Rob and Jase?"

"Sort of. They didn't squirt as much but it flew out into the middle of the spa."

"Ah the energy of the young! Because I'm older I had more to 'squirt'. Because they're younger than me their body can put more 'pressure' behind it. Although I'm sure sometimes they have as much or even more than me. It all depends on how long ago was the last time they jacked off before they did it in the spa." From the quizical looks I was getting I could see it was time for a little more education. "As you get older and your body starts to make cum or semen it stores it waiting to be 'shot' out when you have a hardon or stiff dick that gets excited enough to cum or ejaculate. The amount stored up depends on a lot of things like time between cums and how long your dick was hard before you cum or what made you get hard in the first place."

"Like what?"

"Like looking at pictures of naked people or naked people doing sex things or rubbing your dick for a long time but not cumming or looking at movies of people doing sex things. Things like that."

"Rob has some of those on his computer. I saw them once when I had to use it for some homework. Both pics and movies. So that's what he uses them for. They gave me a stiffy but I didn't know why."

"Yep that's why." They were both tented again. I don't think either of them had gotten totally soft again. They both had reached into their speedos to shift things around and had just left their hands inside slowly and softly stroking their stiffened boydicks. Ricky reached down with his other hand and pulled the legband up and let his hand covered dick out. Jamey saw him and did his too. Then they began to stroke a little faster and harder. Both of them began to breathe harder and faster. "Try a different grip guys. It's the one I started with. You know how Mr. Spock makes his hand sign." I demonstrated. "Take your hand and put it down with your dick in the open slot in the middle of your fingers. Now slide your whole hand up towards your belly and back down towards your balls. Yep that's it. Now start going faster and see how that feels. Then slow it down a little too, until it feels the best." They were both exploring the new feelings that the new grip was creating. With soft grunts, sighs, and groans the feelings were working their way out from their dicks and flying hands! Apparently I had created a pair of very dedicated jackers. "See how good that feels with the water wrapped around your dick!" I was having so much fun watching these two gorgeous boys that I had reached down and pulled up the leg of my suit again and began stroking my very hard dick! Apparently they were having a good influence on me! "Umph... Oh yesss! Mmmm... So good!" I looked up at their faces. Ricky had his eyes slitted open watching both me and Jamey enjoy ourselves as he continued the 'Vulcan Whip' too. Looks like he's a eager voyeur too! Jamey's eyes were closed and his face had that look of ecstacy on it as he whipped his hand back and forth, strumming his 'instrument'.

"Oh God! This feels so good! <grunt> Mmmmm... so good! Here it cums again! Oh yeah!" His stroke shortened and sped up. "Oh Wow! Yesss... <umph> <gasp> Uh... Uh... Oh yeah!" You could see his orgasm hit him. His body stiffened up and he took a deep breath held it a few seconds and slowly let it out sighing "YYYYeeeessssss <UNGH> SSSSOOOO niccceee!!" He still strummed but slowed down then stopped. "AAAHHH!!!" Then he too settled back and sank under the water.

I was still stoking mine but just enjoying the view, so I settled down in again and just enjoyed the feelings of a long slow soaking stroke. After several minutes of quiet relaxation they stirred abit but I could see that they were slowly taking an occational stroke and were both hard again and starting to float again. Ricky took a stroke and just left his hand on his beautiful boydick and then began to slowly slide his fingers up and down his small shaft. When Jame opened his eyes once and saaw what his cousin was doing he brought his hand up and began doing the same. "This feels better than the other way TC!"

"More intense?" He nodded. "Yeah you have more contact and more preasure this way but it's nice to use different grips once in a while to get different feelings and it also makes a difference on how long it takes to cum." That got a questioning look from both of them. "sometimes you want to go slow and make it last for a while before you cum. You will enjoy the other great feelings more and longer before you finally cum."

Just then we heard a young voice call out "Ricky? Jame? Where are you?" They both sat up and pulled up their speedos. I just let go and sank into the spa.

"Up here Rob." Ricky called out. Half a minute later Rob and Jase stepped around the plants. They were both in their swim suites. (Not speedos damnit! Just cut offs but rather tight cut! Like maybe a size too small!) They were both at that all-legs-and-arms stage of just beginning the pubertal growth spurt. They were both smooth skinned still with just a small dusting of dark hair at the bottoms of their legs just above the ankles like baseball stirrup socks but very light colored.

"We saw your note so we thought we'd come and see what this place was like. Got room for us too?"

Ricky looked up at his brother and said "I guess so. It's bigger than ours at home. Come on in guys!" They climbed in facing their brothers so I was between the two sets of cousins. All of our legs out in the middle. The younger ones on my right side. I was enjoying the view very much even if we all up to our necks in the water!

We all sat quietly getting very comfortable for several minutes. After a while I saw Ricky move his hand up to the front of his speedo and begin to slowly stroke the length of his boydick with the open flat palm of his hand! Jame must have felt the movement because he opened his eyes a crack and looked at his cousin. Then he did the same thing slowly and silently. They both leaned back and closed their eyes again but their faces showed the feelings that they were generating.

After a few moments of peaceful soaking generating a sensual sumnami by the two younger boys, Ricky opened his eyes and must have caught the movements the boys were making and after several seconds of watching them he slowly moved his right hand up to the front of his shorts and 'adjusted' his dick and began copying his brothers and cousins motions. He then nudged Jase with his elbow and pointed with his chin at the boys and down to his own front, when Jase looked over at him! Jase was not slow on the uptake. He too adjusted his dick and began the very familiar motions. All four were now having a rub fest. I began to hear Ricky and Jame's breathing patterns change and the motions quickened slowly. My own dick had long since gotten fully hard, so I made some adjustments too. I pulled the leg of my swim suit up and freed my dick from both the suit and the inner support liner. I then began slowly stroking and rubbing and getting very good feelings out of them. I didn't know which boy to watch so I kept switching between all four.

Ricky was now moving faster and he picked up his hand and slipped it under the waistband of his speedo and resumed his flat hand stroking inside. Jame must have heard his change in breathing or felt the movement change while he was doing this and opened his eyes, saw what Ricky had done, and did it too! But while he was doing this he looked over at his brother and older cousin and saw them moving. He nudged Ricky with his elbow and when Ricky looked over at him repeated Rob's earlier gesture. Ricky saw what they were doing and grinned widely at Jame! Then they settled back to watch their brothers give themselves a pleasant workout while continuing to pleasure themselves. Ricky glanced over at me and saw that I too was pleasuring my own dick and grinned at me. A few more seconds of this mutual pleasuring and then Ricky got this "Aha" look on his face and reached out with his foot and touched his brothers foot as he said very softly "Robby? Wanna do that trick you guys taught me how to do in our spa back home?" Rob opened his eyes wide in shock got that "OhShit" look on his face as his brother was asking him.

"Wha... What trick... 'zat?" By now all eyes were open and on Ricky. The others had slowed their hand motions but hadn't completely stopped moving.

"You know! Where you put your dick in the water jet of the spa and let it make you have a 'gasm by pushing on your dick with the water jet like it was your hand?"

"When did I teach you that? I didn't teach you that! Jase must have taught Jame!" now with a look of fear in his eyes! He looked over at me.

I grinned and said: "Don't worry Rob! He's not going to tell anybody like your Mom or Dad! Besides we're all guys and we all jackoff every chance we get! At least I did when I was your age. I still do now just less often <grin>!" After I told him that he lost the scared look and then realised it was true. Jase was nodding his head and then reached into his shorts and started stroking his dick palm open too!

"But I really didn't teach him how to do it!"

"Well you sort of did and Jase did too because I saw you guys doing it from my bedroom window upstairs. I saw you guys mash up against the side of the spa too next to the jet or over the jet! Then you would stiffen up like a board and shake and slide down into the spa pool! Both you guys! I didn't have a real 'cum?' until we were here though and TC told us to keep on until we cummed." By now the other three were back to heavy stroking listening to this description. Ricky stood up and slowly removed his hand leaving his speedo slightly tented with a small ridgepole running up towards his belly. "See I'm ready to do it!" He turned around and got on his knees in front of the jet and began to move his hips up and down and side to side to get the maximum effect on his now very hard boydick! So was Jame!

"Me too!" And he likewise stood up and followed Ricky's lead and began putting his dick in his jet getting settled into a comfortable position! They were both soon sighing and gasping for breath! Robby watched them for a bit and then looked at me questioningly. I just shruddged my shoulders at tipped my head at Ricky and Jame. He looked down at my hand doing its thing and arched his eyebrows.

"My knees aren't that flexible any more, so I'm just gonna sit like this and get off the old-school way!" With a big shit-eating-grin I resumed my flogging rythym Ricky looked at Jase but Jase had already made up his mind and sat up pulled his hand out and turned around and started making out with the jet on his dick! That did it for Ricky! He copied Jase's motion and started his dance with the jets to get his real blowjob!

We were all now gasping and sighing as the jets worked their magic fingers and lips, and applied the ultimate blowjobs on the boys and my hand was doing its own magic! There were various expessions of "ungh" and "uh...uh" in time with the thrustings, and a couple "OH GOD!"'s, "So goood!"'s, and "Yessss"'s mixed in! Since Ricky had been the first to start he was getting closest to cumming!

"Feels so goooood! Oh I can uh uh feel it behind my balls! It's starting! Here it goes! YYYEEESSS!" he took a deep breath and held it. He shoved his hips right up against the spa wall, then humped a couple more times against it! He stiffened up still and let out a long gasping "That'ssss it!... AAAAAHHHHH..." He shuddered once and then twoor three times more in quick succession. Then took another deep breath and let it out slowly as he turned and sat on the seat again! "Whew that was a good one!"

As Ricky he was starting his final approach and slamming the wall Jame started up his last movements too. "Oh God! So niccce! Yeah! Ricky! Here cums mine too! OH! AH! YYYEEESSS!" He slammed into the wall and began humping against it too! Then he stopped and pressed up as hard as he could took a deep breath and slowly let it out rasping "OH GOD! ... YYYYYEEEEESSSSS ... AAAAAHHHHH!" Like Ricky he shuddered three or four times and stopped thrusting and stiffened up as sighed out his last gasp! Then he slowly turned around as he slid down to the bench with a "Wow!".

I thought Rob would be last but he was next as Jase was still slam humping the wall. Robby just whispered/ rasped out "Oh God! ... Jase! ... I'm cumming! UNGH! YYYEEESSS!" He slammed up into the wall continuing to hump it hard! You could see his body shudder as each shot of boy juice shot into his shorts coaxed out by the jets pulsing water. "UH ... UH ... UH ... UH ... UH!" grunted out in time with each squirt into his shorts! Then "AWSOME!!!" as he slid down to his seat.

Jase started his end run as he watched Rob go through his last two humps. "Almost Robby! ... UNGH! ... There! ... YYYEEESSS! ... NOW!" He humped the wall just like Rob with an "UH!" accenting each shot of his boy cream! Then with a "The best!" sliding down to his seat.

Ricky saw that I was still flogging under water. "Hey TC! Are you close to cummming yet?"

"I'm almost there! ... I can feel it building behind my balls!"

" Wait! Show us how far you can squirt it! I'll bet you hit the middle of the spa with your cum just like Rob and Jase do at home!" He laughed out.

"You saw us do that too? Jase I told you we had to be more careful!"

"Too late for that now boys! ... 'Cause here I cummmm! ... UNGH! ... UH! ... UH!... UH! ... UH! ... UH! ... UH! ... UHM!" But I managed to get my dick above the water's surface anyway and fired five shots into the air towards the middle of the spa almost hitting Ricky in the head on the first two because he had moved out into the pool to watch my cum! The last two were oozes onto my hand and into the water! Then I slowly sank back into the spa. " WHEW! Thanks guys! That was so good! I think the best I've had today! And certainly the most long shots I've done in awhile! Usually it's just one or two and rest are dribblers. That's what happens when you get old!"

"I'll say! You almost hit me in the eye with the first one! But I moved just in time." He giggled.

Rob asked with brotherly concern. "Do you or Jame squirt yet? I didn't think you were old enough."

"Nope not either of us do. When did you and Jase start squirting?"

"About a year ago. In the summer when we were 12. And you won't start out squirting. It'll just be a drop or two when you first start making cum. It slowly gets to be more and more. It builds up over time butit may not build up much at first, especially if you cum four or five times a day. But you won't be able to stop yourself." Grinning as he finished.

"Why how many times a day do you do it now?"

"Mostly twice. Once in the morning when I take a shower and once when I'm in bed just before I go to sleep. It helps me to sleep better. Sometimes once or twice during the day if I really get all hard and can't make it go down soft because some girl has been flashing her boobs or her skirts too short and she's got no underwear on and doesn't care who sees it!"

"Or you look at some of those pics or movie clips on your computer?" Ricky asked giggling. "Now that I know about doing this I'm gonna have do more 'homework' on your computer! still giggling.

"Huh uh! You gotta get your own!"

"Maybe you or you and Jase can 'help' me with my 'homework'? Hmmmmm?"

"We'll see."

"You too Jase?" His brother asked.

"Yeah that's about right. Sometimes I've even done it in the boys bathroom at school because my dick won't go down soft and if it stays hard for too long my balls begin to hurt!"

"How much do you squirt?"

"Usually its two shots and the rest dribbles out when I squeeze my dick to get it all out. Because if you don't squeeze it out it makes a mess in your underwear and when it dries it gets all scratchy. And that's why I take a shower atleast once a day. Because when it sits on your skin it starts to smell really weird."

"Well guys this has been fun but you've about worn me out for today. I will sleep very well tonite." I could see that all this talk about sex was starting to get a 'rise' out of them. "We should be heading to our rooms. I can see that you guys are rising again so being tired probably won't stop you from playing once more before you go to sleep. But remember what your brother said about taking a shower every day. Otherwise your room will start smelling like a locker room. OK?"

"Yep. 'K. We will." With that we pulled ourselves together and pulled ourselves out of the spa and headed out the door and back to our rooms.


More to cum!