Cruising Along Day 3


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There was a soft knock on my cabin door that apparently eventually awakened me out of a sound sleep. I managed to pry open one eye and glance at the clock 6:30!!!! I had a pair of shorts on so I threw off the nice warm covers and slowly made my way to the door. Just as I got to my feet there was another soft knock. "I'm coming just a second."

"It's okay TC. It's just me Jame." Then he giggled and said "It's ok to finish up first."

I got to the door and opened it. There was Jame and no Rick. "Hey Jame come on in. What are you doing up so early?" I asked as I walked back to the bed and sat down.

"I was up on the buffet deck getting some early breakfast snacks. Rick is still asleep and our brothers are still snoring they must've really worn themselves out last night. They were talking about the girls they met last night and what they did with them last night. He He and they jacked off at least a couple times. I heard 'm cause they left the door between our rooms cracked open, so I thought I'd come down here to see if you were up yet."

I looked up at him. He was standing there in some of the shortest shorts I've ever seen on a boy. They barely came down to the top of his thighs. and they were very tight on him. "I am not yet, but I could be soon with you looking like that!" He giggled and blushed. "So did you and Ricky jack-off once or twice more too when you heard them doing it?"

"Well sort of. When we got back to our rooms they came over into ours after they got undressed. They were totally naked and hard when they came into our room! They sat on my bed and started talking about what we all had done with you during the day. So we started telling them about everything. They both got even stiffer and started to play with theirs. So had Ricky and me. Then Rob reached over and started to play with mine! That felt so good! As good as when I play with mine. And Jase reached over to Ricky and played with his too."

"Yeah It feels so much better when somebody else hand is doing the playing! Male or female!"

"That's what Ricky said. So I reached over to Robs and played with his too! I saw Ricky was already doing that with Jase. We were laying back and jacking each other and getting to feeling real good! Then I started to get that feeling behind my balls again so I told Robby and he told me "Me Too!" Then I said I'm cumming' and I did! Robby didn't stop rubbing until I was done! That felt so good! Then Robby said "I'm gonna Shoot" and he started to fire his cum on to his belly! I kept on holding and stroking him until he stopped dribbling cum out. Ricky and Jase did the same thing."

I then looked down at my own crotch and then he giggled the beautiful laugh he has in his yet unchanged voice and blushed. "Well I need to pee since I just got up." I got up, dropped my shorts, and walked into the bathroom and was just able to get my piss stream started. He followed me slowly and watched me doing it! I finished and then saw him in the mirror watching me. I felt a flex in my dick as it began to chub up more. "You like watching a guy pee?" He sort of slowly nodded and shrugged at the same time.

"Sort of but I haven't seen yours soft before only when it's hard."

"Aha well look quick because it's starting to chub up seeing and hearing you!" He grinned and blushed again, but looked more closely and indeed it went from chub to full hard in about a minute. We both stood there watching and looking at each other. He reached down to adjust his junk but I saw the tip of his cute hard boydick peeking out of the leg band of his shorts. He was very tented already. "Have you had your shower yet?" He shook his head no. "Well drop your shorts. We'll take one together!" He looked up at me for a few seconds and got that Really? Now? look on his face. I nodded and he kicked off his flip-flops and caught his shorts and pulled them down and after they got down to his knees he let them float down to his ankles. So beautiful a sight to see. He was fully hard. I reached over and put my hands under his t-shirt and lifted it up to help him take it off. His skin was so smooth and soft. Absolutely no hair and so warm. Almost buttery texture. I took his shirt up over his head as he stretched his arms up over his head. Then I brought my hands back down on his chest and slowly rubbed and massaged my way all over his chest. I ran my fingers over his nipples. He gasped and giggled again. I rubbed and massaged for a several more minutes. He moaned, groaned, and purred as I slowly worked my way around and tweaking his nipples which were now hard little points.

"That Feel good?" His head was now resting up against my chest and he was purring his satisfaction. I felt him nod his head. I could feel his very hard boydick resting/rubbing against my upper thigh. He was even slowly and lightly humping my upper leg. "I certainly hope so because I'm having a good time doing it." Then I reached over and turned the shower on and got it adjusted to the right temperature. I told him "Come on. I'll do you if you do me! It'll be a tight fit but we can help each other out." We oozed our way into the shower grabbing the bar of soap and began to make lather in my hands. I turned us so the water was hitting me and began to soap his chest and then his back. I reached down and got his butt cheeks and took my middle finger and ran it down inside his crack over his virgin boy hole and farther down until I found his ball sack. Then I came back up to his hole and massaged around the cute little pucker and the walls of his crack around it. He was by this time moaning and grunting with my massaging him. I made sure my fingers were soapy and wet. then I told him I was gonna do something that might feel wierd but it should feel good real quick, but he was to tell me to stop if I hurt him. "It's ok to tell me to stop if it hurts. because I really don't want to hurt him. "Ok?" He looked up at me and then nodded slowly and mumbled "Ok." "We're gonna play a silly game with your butt and my finger. A simple game of hide and seek. We'll try to hide my finger and see if we can find your "feel good" spot. Its a spot most guys have up inside their butt that feels so nice when you press on it or rub it. Its also one of the reasons it feels so good to take a healthy shit. We're gonna see if we can find it." All the time I was talking to him I was rubbing and pressing on his little button hole with my middle finger. It was getting looser each time I nudged it. I stopped on the little button. I pushed a bit firmer and felt it give a little. my finger went in to the first knuckle before I stopped pushing. I looked down at his face. He had a look of surprised intense concentration.

"That feels weird ... but it doesn't hurt!" I gave a little more pressure and it slid in to the second knuckle! Still looking at him he just smiled at me so I pushed all the way down to the base of my finger. He grunted and sighed. I had felt the little acorn of his prostate. I flexed my finger a couple times scraping lightly across his joy buzzer. He grunted, groaned, looked up at me, and said "That feels so good! Don't stop."

"See I told you we'd find it!" I slowly pulled my finger back out to the fingertip. He got this disappointed look on his face and told me not to take it out. Then he asked me to push it back in. I pushed it back in to the hilt in one slide to the bottom. He grunted and moaned again and began humping my leg hard. I used my fingertip to massage his acorn. I began to get a fucking motion and rhythm going with my finger pushing in and out of his gloriously beautiful boy hole. His grunts groans and moans were getting louder and much more intense. His humping was more frenzied against my leg. He was shoving his dick against my hip harder and harder.

"OH GAWD TC!!! I'm .... Ungh!! gonna .... CUM!! ... YESSSSS!" He froze up except for his hips that were humping against me as hard and fast as he could thrust and pull his hips against my upper thigh. Through my finger I could feel his chute tighten up around it and clench in time with his cum waves! He tried to pinch my finger off with his squeezing chute. His chute had gotten so tight around my finger. Just before he had started his cum run he had slid his hand up towards my dick and grabbed my dick and started stroking it up and down my shaft. When he started to cum, feeling and hearing him do that was enough to set me off too.

"OH GAWD boy!! Me too! ... UNGH! ... Here ... I CUM!!!! UNGH!!!" I sprayed all over his chest and my belly and thigh as I continued to be pumped. We finally slowed down and stopped throbbing. I leaned back against the wall trying to regain my breath and slowly removed my finger. The water cascading between us beginning to wash the sticky stuff away. After a couple minutes our hearts had slowed down and breathing was almost back to normal. Grinning at him I said "That's the other reason I wanted to shower together!" He looked up at me quizzically. "So all the sticky stuff would wash down the drain. The other reason was so we could enjoy washing each other." He grinned back at me.

"Yeah well at least we didn't have to cleanup like Robby and Jase did after we were done playing. They rubbed it into their skin at the bottom of their dicks and then licked their fingers clean! EEW!"

"Have you tasted the cum?" A head shake and another "Eeew" "It has very little taste but is sweet and salty. Anyway they're gonna have to shower this morning or they're be smelling pretty ripe today and even the smell of pool chlorine won't cover it up. And believe me even girls will smell it and run away!" I said chuckling. "Well how was that for your first butt play? I didn't hurt you did I?"

"No you didn't. It felt so good once you started rubbing that spot up inside my butt. I never felt anything like that!!!"

"Let's finish our shower then we can talk some more." I squirted some shampoo on his wet head and mine and we washed our heads and then rinsed them. Then we both took the soap and scrubbed and rubbed each other clean including butts and dicks. His started to harden up but mine did not. But we just rinsed, turned the water off, got out, and dried each other off. He grabbed his shorts (he had had no undies on!) and we went and sat down on the bed, then layed back against the pillows and headboard and snuggled up together.

"What we did in the shower was called finger-fucking or anal play. You felt me rubbing your prostate gland. It a little gland that's wrapped up around the tube that brings your pee down from your bladder and kidneys to your dick. Later on when you get a little older you balls will start making sperms and your prostate makes a clear sticky juice that the sperms can swim in. they store it in the prostate until you get all hard and excited and have a cum. Then they squirt out of your dick like you've seen mine and Robby and Jase do. And what I did was massage your prostate so you had a hard cum even though you're not making sperms or cum juice yet. Ok?"

"Does that mean Robby and Jase can make a baby?"

"Well that's hard to say but from what I saw yesterday they are both still shooting clear juice so I'd say probably not yet. When their cum starts to get cloudy, thicker, and lumpy like mine is, then they're probably ready to become daddies. But then they'll have to find girls who want to fuck with them to do that." I grinned and chuckled at that and he giggled.

"Okay. Can we play with my butt again?"

"Right now? Probably not. You can see I'm still soft. You wore me out. But later we can play again or maybe you can teach Ricky about this. I think he'll enjoy that game too. Maybe even Rob and Jase. and there are other ways to massage your prostate. Maybe we'll have to teach you guys that too." It was now 8:30. "Let me get dressed and we'll see if the guys are awake yet." I was getting out a pair of shorts, some clean boxer briefs, and a clean t-shirt when there was a quiet knock on the door. Jame grabbed his tee and went to the door pulling it on while I pulled on my box-briefs. He opened the door. It was Ricky!

"I thought I'd find you here Jame. Good mornin' TC!"

"Good morning Rick. How are you doing this morning and are your older brother and cousin up yet?"

"I'm ok and yes they are both up taking a shower 'together'. They sounded like they're having fun 'playing' in the shower!" he said with an evil grin.

"So they're picking right up where they left off last night? So did you get a shower this morning yet?"

"Ummm, nope not really."

"Come here a minute." He came over to me. I pulled him to me and smelled him. "Yep you're right, you haven't! You smell like day old sex and day old pool. Jame told me what you guys did last night after you went back to your rooms. That's something all you guys are gonna have to learn about having sex or playing sexy games when there's cum juice spraying around even if you're just jacking off and it's your own. It means you need to take a bath or shower every day. Otherwise you smell like you do right now from the dried unwashed cum on you. Go jump in my shower and take a quick one. OK?"

"Is that why they both started taking a shower every morning about a year ago even when they slept over with each other almost every night?" Rick mused.

"Yep most probably because that's when they started shooting or at least dripping cum about then. Also it's the easiest and quickest way to have a 'good morning wake up' jack off with your morning hard-on or woody in private. You guys have had those before haven't you? And then you get to take a piss in there when you're done jacking off too."

"Eeew!" They both had nodded at my question about morning woods.

"Oh come on you mean to tell me you've never pissed in the shower? All guys do it. It's just easier and quicker to just stand there and pee than climb out of the tub/stall, go over to the toilet, pee, and get back in the shower, all the while dripping/sprinkling water all over the bathroom floor. ... Now go get your shower young man!"

"I'll help!" Jame offered, starting to peel his t-shirt off.

"Not this time, you won't. You're NO help. You're just horny again. We'll never get breakfast if you do that." I grinned at them both. Ricky flipped his flip-flops off peeled his t-shirt off, dropped his shorts, and stepped into the shower and took a quick one. I finished dressing while he did that. "but I coulda been a big help! Besides that's what our brothers are doing right now!" Jame told me as he rubbed his now tented boydick! "I'm sure you could have, but I'm hungry and would like some breakfast. And it's your fault because I used so much energy this morning and last night!" Laughing at him. He just giggled and rubbed a bit more. "Stop that or we'll never get out of here." The shower shut off. "We'll still have a lot of time for that later. We have this whole day at sea before we get to any islands and we will have several more. We have my room, your room, and the 'big boys' room to play in as well as the two huge pools to play with each other in and maybe even find other young guys (or girls?) who want to play with us or we with them. Hmm?"

Rick came out drying himself. "Besides, he's right Jame. We've got this whole cruise to find some other kids that'd like to play with or be played with?!?! Oh and TC this was the last clean dry towel that you 'had'." He says grinning evilly at me again.

"That's okay just leave it on the floor under the towel rack so the room steward knows to give me fresh towels. If you put them back in the rack all nice and neat they'll just leave them and not put up fresh ones. Did you tell your elderly brothers that you were coming down here?"

"No they were still 'occupied with getting scrubbed clean', or at least that's what it sounded like, in the shower." Grinning once more at me.

"Uh huh. So let's head back to your room and see if they're finished washing up yet!" I grabbed a hold of Ricky and he smelled much better! "Ah much better! Much more the freshly showered boy smell mixed with the all boy smell from his clothes."

I grabbed my key card and sun glasses slipped my sandals on and we were off. We had just got down to the boys doors when we heard the 'big boys' door latch opening, so we just waited for them to come out.

"I thought you guys would go down to see if TC was up." says Rob.

Then their parents doors opened. "Hello TC. Good Morning boys. I hope you guys didn't go down and wake TC up."

Mornings were given all around then Jame says "No Mom. He was already up when I went down to see if he was up yet. The other guys were still snoring when I left. So we had a snack and juice up on the buffet deck and walked around a bit and went back to his cabin and talked and stuff. When Ricky showed up we came up here to see if you guys were up and ready to go yet. So here you are so let's go get breakfast. I'm hungry."

"I'm usually an early riser any way so it was no problem.

"Well we told you to shoo them away if they get to be too overwhelming or overbearing."

"So far they haven't but you never know what might happen. Besides if I get overwhelmed by them I can retire for awhile. I've already told them that if the DND sign is on my doorknob it does mean them too and we'll see each other later at a meal because I may be taking a nap. Old men and small children are allowed to do that." Grinning at the boys while saying this. They giggled at it too.

"Well lets go up to the lounge/pool deck with the buffet cafeteria on it. They serve meals there twenty-four/seven. Besides we aren't really dressed for one of the three main restaurants/dining rooms. They are a bit more informal on the dress code for breakfast or lunch but not dinner. In fact I think that two of the dining rooms are not even open for breakfast or lunch especially when we are in port. I think ours is the one that is though. We'll have to ask George tonite."

So we went up to the pool deck and went aft to the buffet/cafeteria/restaurant. They still had breakfast items out and you could get a chef to make you an omelet from scratch selecting the ingredients to put in it. They were also beginning to put the lunch foods out as it was a bit past ten o'clock. So you could get hamburgs or hot dogs with fries and Cole slaw, the meats grilled right in front of you and fries cooked up within the last few minutes. Also iced tea or lemonade, coffee or hot tea. All other beverages and soft drinks were available for a price. The iced tea was their own brew (it's cheaper). The lemonade was a mix they bought in bulk (50 pound bags its cheaper again) which they also used for the lemon base at the bars. Both were drinkable. There was bottled water or ice water from the fountain. All 'adult' beverages were available from the pool side bars (they opened at ten.) or the Captains Lounge again for a price. Plus last but by no means least there is the Ice cream bar with lots of soft serve ice cream in vanilla and chocolate and the flavor of the day. There were two soft serve machines in the buffet and two more out on the pool deck right by the pools. Those always had long lines of kids from the pools waiting to get their cones filled. If you used the machines inside there were various toppings to put on your ice cream and you could use a dish instead of a cone.

Anyway we all settled at a table then went in several directions getting what foods we wanted but bringing them back to the table to eat. I had waffles with bacon/ham and home fries. There are tables both inside and outside on the deck between the nearest pool and the cafe. From there you could watch the passing scenery from behind your sunglasses while reading your book that you promised yourself that you were going to read while on the cruise. We sat inside for a while but finally went outside to find a table there up close to the pool to serve as a base. This was the kids pool that went from wading depth (1 foot) to swimming depth (7 feet). In this pool there were several staff lifeguards who kept watch over most of the kids and tried not to let them drown. The other pool was more forward on the ship. It was actually larger in area, almost Olympic size, and it's depth was from 4 feet to 15 feet. There were two diving boards on the deep end, (a 1 meter and a 3 meter board) that were watched by lifeguards but mostly to make sure that not more than person dived from the boards at a time, and to make sure that the previous diver had gotten far enough from the divers impact zone towards the ladders.

I had finished my breakfast and so had the boys. They got up, grabbed their towels, and started to head to the bigger pool. The Moms stopped them in their tracks saying "Sun screen!" and holding the bottles out one in each hand. The grumbles of "Aw ma!" and "Sheese mom! Ok!" They grabbed bottles and slathered on the gunk and on each others backs too. With a cursory check from Moms they were off. We all settled back for a bit. My coffee got drained so I got up saying "I need more caffine" The two dads got up then and said me too. The Moms reminded them that they needed refills too.

We all grabbed cups and headed in to refill them. Rich asked me as we walked "If I was alright with the boys hanging around me most of the time?"

I thought about it for a few seconds and then asked "Do you think they're taking up too much of my time?"

He quickly grinned at me and said "not at all. I just don't want them to take over your life while we're on the ship."

"As I told you earlier before breakfast. Don't worry about that. I am quite capable of telling them if I need some time on my own for a while and I'll see them at our next meal. I am enjoying having all the boys around, very much, but I won't let them interfere with my time here either. I've already let them know that if I turn up missing after lunch on any day it probably is because I've decided to have a nap and they really shouldn't come looking for me but I'll find them when I've napped or if the 'Do not disturb' (DND) sign is on my door that yes this means you too and I will see you later. Especially if I want to spend some quality time in the casino or in the company of some nice young female acquaintances I've made here." He chuckled and said that he was just making sure everything was cool with me and with the boys seeming to be time-sharing me. I noticed that his BIL was listening intently to our conversation too.

I nodded and asked if the boys Grandads or other uncles are still around. He told me no they had all passed on several years ago. "I am sorry for your losses guys. They are probably just seeing me as the Grandpa/Dutch uncle that they don't have around to spoil them or just pay attention to them. And I don't mind being that at all, it makes me feel younger too. I suspect that's the reason I get along so well with my nephews as well. I'm the adult male figure that isn't Dad and they don't have to behave the same around me as they do their Dads. Don't get me wrong. Those boys love their Dads very much, from all I've seen of their interactions with you guys, but sometimes it's nice to have a 'me' around that they can act like they do with their same-age friends without the fatherly/parental restrictions. Didn't you guys have an older male or uncle that you could be yourselves around?" They nodded. We finished getting our coffees. I told both of them that they have raised some very good kids and should be very proud of that and them.

We got back to the table and saw that the table had been cleared and cleaned so the outside staff had been thru doing their thing. Our table was in the shadow of the "walking/jogging" deck above us but the shadow line was creeping closer. After about an hour of watching and dozing. I got up said my goodbyes 'til lunch, took a piss, and headed for the big pool. I walked over to the bar and there was George behind it. "So this is what you do in your spare time George?" He smiled at me.

"Yes This is what I do in my off hours from the dining room. I take a opening shift up here. I enjoy being outside. Besides, believe it or not the tips are better and more immediate."

"And usually cash too Hmmm? Besides it's a really nice view of passing scenery." As two very nicely filled bikinis walked by! He smiled and nodded.

"What can I get for you? We have a few good wines up here but most of the better hard stuff is in the Captains Lounge."

"That's okay I'll just have a glass of tonic water with a shot of lime, please." He picked one of the beer mugs and rubbed a lime twist around the rim tossed it in the mug poured in a small scoop of ice and poured the tonic water in waited for the foam to subside and filled the rest of the mug, and pushed it over in front of me. I plopped a $5 bill into the tip jar and said "You remember my room number?" He nodded and said

"This one's on me Mr. TC. You just take good care of all those nice boys." He winked and smiled. "Thanks George and I most certainly will." I cocked my head to one side watching him. Aha a fellow BL. That's nice to know. Then something from last nights dinner flashed in my mind. Rich had wanted a beer at dinner so he asked Sean to get him one Sean looked uncertain for a moment and then told him he'd have to ask either of the two older guys because he was still underage. Hmmm? He apparently has good taste though Sean was very good looking indeed he was much too mature for my tastes.

I went and found a lounge chair that was already in shadow and had a good view all around. I made myself comfortable and started looking for any of the boys. There were Rick and Jame with three other boys along the edge closest to me all laughing and giggling and watching the stuffed bikini's in the chairs closest to the pool. Occasionally pointing out one or two of them and then whispering something to one another and then laughing at what was said. Just boys being boys. I suspect the girls in question knew what was happening and were actually laughing about it between themselves too. Several swim suits were that in name only because they had so little material (about 1 square inch maybe) covering (or attempting to cover) aureoles and nipples! And the bottom piece of cloth was just about as inadequate in doing its job too. There were a couple more mature girls whose pubic bushes were peeking over the top of the fabric piece. Very entertaining! And apparently having the desired effect as all the boys occasionally reached down under the water and adjusted junk as all boys are want to do these days!

As Jame was looking around he happened to see my face in the background looking at him and the others who were perched on the lip of the pool. He bent his neck over towards Rick and muttered in his ear. He used his eyes and chin to point to me. They both nodded at me. I nodded back. They went on with their fooling around with the other boys. They had picked out a couple interesting looking bookends to be between. Both blondes appearing to be about the same age as themselves. The blondes were both laughing and splashing water with their one hand on themselves and the boys. I was watching other kids as well going thru the usual teen and preteen play-acting role playing that they all do when in the presence of others of their own age groups and both genders. It was a very entertaining way to waste away several hours while allowing the sun to do its magic. It was getting quite warm but the breeze was blowing nicely as we steamed along at several knots per hour. I got up and got a couple more lime tonics over the next three-four hours. The pool got more crowded as did the sunning/lounging area around it. On my last trip to the bar I discovered it wasn't George behind the bar any more but there were two young men who were being kept quite busy. So I changed over to to vodka tonic with lime. I was generous with the young man that served me as I gave him my room key to swipe in the machine. I asked if George had retired for the day He told me "Yeah George has gone down to serve lunch in the dining room."

I returned to my chair to find it occupied by Jame and his new buddy (one of the blonde bookends.). Jame was laying back with his new buddy sitting by his hips on the seat part of the lounge chair. "Hey TC! This is Thor. Thor that's TC he's a friend me and Ricky met in the spa yesterday. He's kewl!"

"Hey Thor." We bumped fists. "Where are you from?"

"Oslo, Norway." in this gorgeous still prepubescent high pitched voice with a smile that outshone the Sun!

"What a beautiful country! I have been there several times. Winter must be giving up its hold and summer is settling in for his brief stay, yes?"

He looked at me for a moment and then said "Ja that is what is happening at home now." His English was quite good and his accent was enchanting but understandable. As he was talking with me he absentmindedly touched Jame's leg running his fingertips of his first two fingers up and down Jame's outer upper hip.

"How old are you, Thor?"

"I will be 12 years at Christmas time."

"And your brother is?"

"He also will be 12 then. We are twins."

"TC have you seen my folks lately?" I shook my head no. "Well if they come looking for me would you tell them I went to my room with my new friend to watch some TV, shower, and get ready for lunch."

"Sure I can Jame." I looked them both up and down. "Don't forget to put the 'DND' sign on your doorknob if you don't want your playtime interrupted while playing." I told him grinning. They both blushed. "Although you both might enjoy playing with your cousins too!" grinning still.

"We might be joined by his brother Jan and Ricky too." I grinned again.

"That sounds like fun but it could be very confusing too. Tell you what: Come and get me if you need help straightening out the confusion! You know I 'love' to help. We'll about it talk later if nothing else. Remember it is getting close to lunchtime too." grinning and winking. They got up and walked away towards the elevators. Oh God the beauty and energy of youth!

I looked around for a bit more then walked back to where we started the morning but none of us was there. I walked over to the other bar and got another vodka tonic. And meandered around the Captains Lounge to the observation deck at the bow of the of the ship on this deck and just settled at the railing watching the passing seascape. Off to my left there was a pod of dolphins keeping pace with the ship.

Then I heard "TC!" from behind me. I turned and saw Rich and his wife. They were both in swim suits. "I don't see your tribe of boys." grinning said Rich.

"Well I talked to them a several minutes ago just before I came out here. They have seemed to have made a pair of new friends from Norway. They were all headed down to the arcade to play silly games."

"We won't see or hear from them until they run out of tokens." says Jean smiling. "That will keep them busy until lunch." grinning even wider.

"Or until they figure they can put tokens on their room bill."

"Nope we shut that off when we came aboard yesterday. I told them they need to come and find me when they run out or they need to win enough to put them on those cards you can buy and charge up with tokens."

"That's a sensible approach. Well there's your answer then. You'll see them when they need tokens." laughing.

"Well we're going back and swim some more and then maybe see if we can lose our daily quota in the casino."

"These guys games are pretty straight. They like to see a few winners each cruise anyways. That keeps people coming back to play."

"If you know what you're doing with a particular game yeah you might make a little money."

"Remember to walk away with your winnings if you get some before you lose it again betting against yourself. You can always come back the next day with that days quota."

"We're headed back to the pool for awhile. Catch up with you later."


I watched the scenery a bit more as we were passing by a couple small islands. Then I headed back in and down the stairs to our deck. I passed by the boys cabins on my way to mine. BOTH doors!! had the DND signs hanging on the door knobs. I paused in front of the doors. I could hear music coming from the younger boys room but there was no shower running in either one that I could hear. So I knocked softly on the music door and waited to see if I would get a response. I waited about two minutes and knocked again and said quietly "It's TC guys. It's ok we'll talk later" I slowly turned to head for my room. Before I got three steps away I heard the door latch opening.

"TC cum on in we're just talking right now." It was Jame. And he was standing behind the door just peeking around it. I stepped thru the door and closed it quietly behind me. Jame was already headed back towards the bed his bare white butt sorta wiggling and hanging out as he walked. When I got to the end of the little entryway/hallway, I almost had a heart attack. There was only one bed (They had pushed the two double beds together. And on the bed were six very beautiful and totally naked boys. I sat down on the chair right by the hallway arch to get my breath back.

"Oh Dear Heavenly Father! Thank you, Lord for blessings received!"

"You guys have surprised me very much. But I am thankful for you inviting me to join you!"

"We told Jame to invite Father Christmas in to join us. Maybe he'll have presents for little naughty but good boys." says one of the Nordic boys giggling delightfully.

I smiled and told him "I am only one old man but you may have all that I can give or share with you and you are very welcome to every bit of it."

The two Nordic boys stood up on the bed and stepped over towards me then stepped down to the floor and came over to me. "We'll help get you ready to give and to receive our gifts." They stepped over to me and reached down to my shirt hem. I lifted my arms and they pulled my shirt up over my head and removed it over my arms. Their hands returned to my chest and they began to rub and stroke it much like I did with Jame earlier in the morning. They bent over and kissed my cheeks then one kissed his way around to my lips and began nuzzling them and lightly pecking kissing them. Then his tongue slipped out between his lips and began licking mine. I parted mine and his tongue entered my mouth. We began dueling tongues and breathing very hard out of our noses. I felt another warm wet tongue working its way around my chest and of course my nipples. Now two hands began to slide down my sides to my shorts waistband and work their way under it. Towards my now very stiff, hot, and hard dick! They reached it and one wrapped itself around it while the other worked down farther to my balls. Both began a very nice massage. My tongue partner and I were both breathing very hard as I had reached up to caress his hot stiff 4 inch cut! boy dick! I was having trouble breathing as they continued their massage. I pulled my head back so I could catch my breath. I dropped my hands down to my shorts, grabbed the waistband, lifted my ass slightly, and pulled my shorts down to below my knees. "Oh boys that is so damn good!" I brought both hands back up to again caress, squeeze, and stroke both hard boy dicks. All three of us were moaning, groaning, and grunting our pleasure. Our tongue duet resumed, but with short breaks to breathe heavily, panting, groaning, mumbling, muttering our feelings. "Do ... uh! ... you guys ... ungh ... shoot cum yet? ... Ungh!" I asked.

"Jan does ... umm ... a little ... a few drops ... uhh ... but me not yet. Oh my God! ... I'm so close. ... Ungh! ... Going ... to ... CUM! ... Yessssss! Now!!!"

I bent my neck and head down to his absolutely beautifully delicious looking boydick, opened my mouth, dropped my hand off it, wrapped my mouth and lips around it, and began to suck it as hard as I could!

Thor screamed "OH! GOTT! ... CUMMING!!!" He began fucking himself into my face. I could feel his cock expand and begin to throb as he started his cum! Grunting "UNGH!" with each pulsing throb he continued muttering "Oh Gott!" before each grunt as each wave passed thru him. I was almost at the edge of cumming myself. Then I felt something warm and wet on my dick. Jan had leaned down and taken my cock into his mouth and was power vacuuming my dick. I groaned around Thor's boydick and began grunting "UNGH!!" as I tipped over the edge and began cumming into Jan's mouth! He was swallowing every blast. I still had Jan's boydick in my fingertips so I flogged very hard and fast as I blasted into his mouth. He groaned around my dick as he started to cum too! I felt something warm, wet, and slippery on my fingers as he gave up his big drops of boy honey to my hand!

One by one the three of us slowed down to a stop of humping mouths or hands as we finished our cums. Thor began first by slowly pulling back from and out of my mouth. His throbbing pulses had stopped in my mouth. I slowly withdrew my now very sensitive dick from Jan's mouth. I gently released his boydick from my hand, brought them up to my mouth and sucked them clean. Then I brought his face up to mine and kissed him open mouthed. Our tongues sharing our cums back and forth. His was sweet and not very salty. As I had tasted my own many times (easiest way to clean up in a hurry after an 'emergency' JO! With tongue and fingers!) It wasn't much different than the usual. Then he leaned over to his brother and kissed him very deeply, sharing the last of the cum. As I sat back resting from my vigorous workout I looked over on the bed. The two sets of brothers were sharing each other with each other. They were busily flogging each other face to face. They were gasping, groaning, moaning, and grunting their way to explosive orgasms and were getting very close.

Then with mumbled (or shouted) "God!"s and "I'm Cumming!"s, all four of them came at nearly the same time! With more "OH! OH!" and grunted "UNGH!!" they shared their orgasm! Thor and Jan had heard the orgasmic tsunami and were watching them too. We let them wind down to breathing normally again.

"Rob and Jase did you guys get your cum drips this time?" The other two brothers pulled their hands back as Rob and Jase nodded and said "Yeah." They started to go to wipe their hands off on the sheets. All three of us shouted "Stop!" at the same time. The three of us stood up and got on the bed with them. Rob was closest to me so I rolled him onto his back, reached over to Jame's hand which was still in mid-air and told them "don't waste the cum. Rick just don't think about it just stick your tongue out and touch the cum on your fingertip and taste it." As I was doing this with Rob and Rick, Jan was doing the same with Jase and Jame. "You too Jame. Just try Jase's." They both looked at me with that "Eeew" look. But first Jame and then Rick stuck tongues out and slowly moved forward to touch their fingertips. Then they pulled their tongues in and tasted what they touched. They both got that "Hmmm?" look. As they tasted the flavor then they smiled.

"It's got really no taste at all but its sweet." says Jame. Rick just nodded.

"Well clean the rest off your fingers. But I like to go to the source to clean that first." The two boys were licking their fingers like they just had finished a slab of ribs. I bent my head down to Rob and sucked his semi-soft boydick into my mouth and began 'cleaning' it up an down. Jan was doing the same to Jase.

I could see Rob's face. He said "Whoa! ... That feels so good TC! ... Keep doing that! ... Oh yeah!!!" He went from spaghetti to steel rod in about twenty seconds. I backed off a second and told him that this is a BJ or blow job and to lay back and enjoy it. I then put his very tasty boy dick back in my mouth and using my tongue treated it like a lollypop licking up and down the sides. Now Rob was groaning and moaning and mumbling/muttering "Oh God! ... Oh Yessss!! ... So Good! ... Sooo Nice!" Jase was getting the same treatment from Jan and having the same 'conversation' with him. Both boys were flipping their heads from side to side as they were 'talking'. Since these boys had just cum a few minutes ago I thought we had several minutes to pleasure these boys but just after I started to use my lips to create the vacuum and going top to bottom and bottom to top, I felt his boydick swell! He was going to cum and that's what he shouted "Gonna ... cum ... ungh ... TC! ... NOW!!!" he arched his back so only his shoulders and lower legs were touching the bed, grunted "UNGH!!" and my tongue felt and tasted his sweet warm boyhoney on the tip of my tongue then he delivered three more drops to my mouth before he layed his back down flat again. I looked up at his face his eyes were closed his chest was going in and out. He had passed out! Must have been a great one. I've had one of those when I was still a tweenager jacking myself to oblivion one night! It was the first time I had used a lube. It was my fifth cum of that night! I had passed out and didn;t wake up for half a minute or so when my best buddy shook me awake.

Jan had gotten the same reaction from Jase but he didn't pass out! Jan got his reward too.

"So did Rob just cum in your mouth, TC?"

"Why yes. Yes he did and it was very good."

"Wow. Can you do that to me?"

"You betcha." I patted the bed beside his brother. "Get up here next to your brother." As he climbed over his brother Rob woke up.

"WOW!!! TC!"

"Indeed 'wow' Robby. You really flew with that one!" He looked down at his brother.

"TC? Can I do that to Ricky? Can you teach me?"

I moved over and let him sit up and take charge of his brother.

"I don't know whether he'll be knocked out or not but you will both have a LOT of `fun! It's real easy. You felt all the things I was doing with my tongue. You can do them too. Just remember to keep your teeth out of the way." He leaned over to get his mouth over the straining boycock. And slowly lowered it down over the hard cock. "That's it! Nice and easy! Run your tongue up and down his dick! Just don't forget about your teeth. That's it! Now wrap your lips around it!" That got a moan from Ricky. "Now slowly work your tongue around his dick both top and bottom." more louder moans and grunts. "now using your lips to seal around his dick, start to slowly move down to the base then pull back up to the tip. Then just repeat that going a little faster each time." At the same time Jase was exploring his brother. Both Jame and Ricky were muttering/mumbling "Oh God!"s and grunts "UNGH!" in time with their brothers actions. They were getting louder and more excited sounding. They were both shaking their heads back and forth. Ricky, then Jame both arched their backs like their brothers had and began pounding fists on the mattress and yelling out "OH GAWD!!!" and grunting "UNGH!!!" with each pulse as they came! After both had settled back on the bed and were starting to get their breathing back to normal, I told them "See how much fun that is?" I looked over at the clock. It read 1:15.

"Ok guys it's getting close to the time we agreed with your 'rents to meet for lunch. You all need showers so I suggest you all use both showers and take a quick one. If you try very hard you should be able to get three in a shower. Don't play too long. You can do that later." The two most recent 'victims' slowly dragged their now tired butts off the bed.

I had been watching the twins while the elder brothers were conducting their tour to the orgasmic peak and they had been flogging themselves for all they were worth, watching the boys. They had managed a quick cum too. Jan was quietly licking his fingers off! Jan, Rick, and Jame headed to one shower the others went thru the inner door and hit the other shower. "Just a quick rinse. We need to be going soon! You can get a longer one after lunch because you'll be needing at least one more before dinner, I suspect!" I heard giggling after I said that. They took about five minutes. Then they gathered in the younger boys room still very nicely naked. "Pick out a polo and some good shorts so we can go down to the dining room and sit down for lunch." I turned to the twins "What dining room are you guys in?"

"The same as you. We saw you last night."

"Ah good. Is your cabin on this deck?"

"Yes about one bulkhead down that way." They pointed towards my cabin. So they were between me and the boys.

"Put your shorts on and head down and get your polo shirts on too if you want to join us for lunch." They nodded.

"We will return quickly and shortly." They headed out. I heard the boys 'rents coming out of or going into their cabins.

"You guys might want to grab the DND signs off the doors because I just heard your parents doors opening or closing. Jase headed to the door opened it stepped out far enough to grab both signs and came back in with them. He hung one on the back of the boys door and came up and tossed the other into their room onto the little desk in the opposite corner.

"Should we split the beds up again, TC?"

"No you're allowed to make one big king sized bed if you want. The room stewards will leave them that way. You're really supposed to ask them to do it for you though. We have to remember to tip them well at the end of the cruise for all that extra work that we will put them through these next three weeks. Alright lets give the twins a couple more minutes then we'll see if you parents are ready. Jase stick your head out again and see if you can hear their showers running." He did and came back nodding and stuck up the 'V' sign meaning both showers were running. "Good that gives us a few minutes." There was a knock at the door. I nodded my head at Rick. Rick went to get it. It was the twins returning.

"Okay guys we need to maybe talk just a bit about some things." from the looks I was getting they thought I was gonna yell at them. "No guys I'm not going to yell or scold any one. You haven't done anything wrong or bad. I just want you all to be on the same page with your sexy play, so to speak. Jan and Thor you are from a different culture than these guys are used to so you have been exposed to many things that these guys have probably never even read about. That's actually a good thing. Very mind broadening. But I gotta ask you for these guys sake and safety. Have either of you had sex with other people, male or female?"

They both looked at me and at each other for a moment then nodded to each other, and then shook their heads. Then Jan says "Other than wanking with other guys, our friends at home? But no, neither of us has."

"Whew! Kewl! That's a good thing. And I don't think you boys have either." They shook their heads. "Then I won't have to be finding rubbers in your sizes." They all started giggling and I let that go on a bit as I chuckled too. "They do make them but they might not be available in the ships pharmacy. We won't have to worry too much about safe sex then will we?" I grinned at them. Then Jame asks "Wanking??" "Yes that's an old British schoolboy word for Jacking off or Jerking off. And a guy who does it is a wanker. So that means all guys are wankers. It's also used as a term of affection for ones good friends or derisively as a term for something like idiot or moron."

There was a knock on the door. "Rick? It's Dad." from outside. Rick jumped up and got it. He opened the door and said "C'mon in Dad."

"Oh I didn't know you guys had company."

"I came down a little while ago to see if they were ready for lunch and to make sure they wear something more than their swimwear and t-shirts."

"Dad, these guys are Jan and Thor. We met them at the pool, well actually in the pool." grinning.

Thor and Jan both stood up and shook Rich's hand. "We are brothers and twins." Offered Jan.

"I think I saw you boys at dinner last night, didn't I?"

"Yes sir we were a couple tables away from you. We are on this cruise with our parents and our aunt and uncle."

"Sounds like you'll have a good time then. Well boys are you ready for lunch?"

With a chorus of "Yes!" the boys all jumped up and started thundering towards the door. They almost ran over Rich on their way to the door.

"Sounds and looks like maybe they're ready, Rich." I said grinning. "You could have been run over by that stampeding herd!" He smiled.

"Yeah that was a close one!" wiping his brow. We turned and went out into the passageway where the Mom's were waiting. "I see you survived the thundering herd, my dear."

"Yes Just barely got out of the way in time. They headed for the stairs Ricky said we could catch up with them at our table. Who are the two blonde sons we seem to have acquired?"

"Apparently they met in the pool. They seem like nice boys. They're eating in the same room and sitting as we are. They are just a couple tables over from ours."

"Good. They're making friends."

We headed to the elevators and made our way to the dining room and back to our table. The boys were already there. The twins had camped out in the slot at the end of the table and all of them were entertaining George who was keeping a watchful eye on them. He only had Sean with him. I had seen Tomas up front working another table. The boys and Sean were all talking and laughing as boys do. Then George saw us adults approaching. He indicated that to Sean and they both moved to pull out the ladies chairs to seat them. After they got us settled George stepped to my right side. "I see you've added two more young men, Mr. TC."

"So it seems, George. I believe they're from a couple tables over. The boys met in the pool this morning. And please either just TC or sir if you're more comfortable with that."

"I will do that 'TC'. Yes I saw them last night at dinner and again this morning at the pool while I was working up there. They seem to be very pleasant young men." He told me while smiling at me knowingly.

"I didn't stop to look at the menu by the door when we came in. What's for Lunch?"

He spoke up louder and started his listing of what was on the menu. Starting at soups and working his way down thru the list. The cold cucumber soup sounded good to me as did the cold crab salad. The boys looked at me with that 'Eeew' look again while I was ordering. "You boys don't have to order the cold soups but I recommend trying some of them over the next three weeks. You may find that you will like some of those things even if you aren't used to having them. You will find many items on the menu that you've never even heard of before. Give one or more a try, If you find that you don't like something after you've tried it, They will get you something else to eat."

"He is quite right young sirs. The chef prepares a different cold vegetable soup each day for lunch and dinner. The cucumber soup is made with sour cream and spices and a few herbs like mint, and a bit of salt and pepper."

"You guys can also ask to taste something that I've ordered or you're parents ordered that you just want to sample to see if its as bad as your head thinks it is and you just want your tongue to confirm it. I'm quite willing to share some things in order to give your tongue and mind an education. I'm also warning you that I will be having escargot and frog legs when they are offered." I told them grinning. "But you have to bring your own spoon or fork!" That got a laugh. "And one last thing: If we're having something you really like such as lobster or crab or steak, it is ok to order two of them when George is taking your order at each meal, but if you order extra it is expected that you clean your plate of both of them."

"TC? 'escargot'?"

"Yes ... Snails cooked in much butter, garlic, and shallots." That got a couple 'Eeew's. I grinned at them again. "Just giving you advance warning."

They proceeded ordering and then we waited for the food to start coming. The Mom's were quietly grilling the twins about themselves and family. Which lasted until George ans Sean showed up with the appetizers. I was just about to dig into the soup when Jame appeared at my side with spoon in hand. "May I taste the soup TC?"

"Yes you may Jame." I sat back and he dipped his spoon in and brought it up to his mouth and nose. He sniffed before he tasted.

"It smells like minty onions!"

"George told you that the chef uses mint and shallots in the soup. Shallots are a mild onion. Go ahead and taste it." He did! He got this look of concentration on his face and then smiled. "That's good!" "I assume it is. Would you like more?" He thought for a second and then nodded. He started to get another spoon full, but I said "Get your own, please. I'm sure either Sean or George will be happy to get you some of your own if you ask them politely." He looked over at George and asked "Please may I have some, George?" by then Sean was already walking back to our table with a soup plate in hand. "Thanks Sean and George." (Damn these guys are good at their jobs!) And the meal went on from there. It was an enjoyable meal made even better by the scenery about the table.


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