CURIOUS TEEN: Chapter 23

A Surprising Twist - 1

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Josh, high school freshman - 15 y.o.

Paul, pre-service biology teacher - 21 y.o.

Ahmed, Paul's friend - 23 y.o.

Lucas, son of a friend of Ahmed - 14 y.o.

Mark, the pizza delivery guy - 23 y.o.

IN THE PREVIOUS CHAPTER, Paul did something he had been looking forward to for so long. He fed Lucas his hand-made `medical supplement', which consisted of Josh's seven and one of his own juicy cum loads. Lucas ate it all up and was even eager to use his tongue to clean out the fleshjack that Paul had used minutes ago. After Lucas left, healthy and satisfied, Paul got back to Josh, letting him drink up first his own boy sperm, and then feeding him a load of his man juice. After a short rest, Paul headed out to run errands, and Josh promised to order the pizzas through his pizza delivery friend.

"Wait, wait," Mark interrupted Josh on the phone, "you mean you're alone right NOW?"

"Ehm... yeah. Why?.." Josh was still a bit sleepy and tired after having been tied up and milked by his teacher for many hours. His teen cock was still a bit sore, and his boy hole wasn't yet completely recovered after the dildo and vibrator drill it had passed through. Little did he know that his boy hole was about to receive some more action.

"Oh never mind," the pizza delivery guy said. "So what are you ordering?"

Josh read out Paul's order, adding another for himself. Mark repeated the order to check if he got everything right, and asked Josh what he was up to in the meanwhile.

"Dunno," the boy mumbled, "guess I'll come up with something. Gonna stay in anyway." That was all that the guy at the other end of the phone needed to hear for now. They said goodbye to each other and hung up.

Josh really didn't know how to keep himself busy in his teacher's tiny apartment before everyone else arrived. He lay down on the couch, skimming some boring medical magazines. He then stood up, took off his t-shirt and checked himself out in the mirror, flexing. His body had changed a bit after getting to know his new older friends. Josh moved over towards the kitchen and stopped under the pull-up bar mounted in the doorway. He tried to do some pull-ups, but realized pretty quickly that he was too tired for that. He dropped the idea of doing some exercises, and stepped into the kitchen and browsed the fridge for a snack and a coke. After twenty minutes of wandering around the apartment and mainly doing nothing, except for thinking of what movie would be cool to watch together later, Josh heard the door intercom ring. At first, he didn't want to react, since he wasn't expecting anyone that early. But since the ringing went on and on, Josh answered, and was surprised to learn that it was the pizza delivery.

When Mark came up, Josh opened the door for him and let him in.

"Why are you so early?" Josh said, both surprised and a bit annoyed. "Didn't I tell you that..."

"I know, I know," the guy interrupted Josh. "But actually... today's my day off, so I'm bringing these," Mark lifted the delivery bag, "especially just for you, buddy. There's no one else at the pizza place that knows about the discount I owe you," the guy smirked and winked at the boy. "So can I come in or somethin'?"

Josh said yes and took the delivery bag with pizzas from Mark, asking him how long they were going to stay warm. The guy assured Josh that their warming bags were good and would keep the food warm. They were chatting about why Josh was here, and what was going to happen, and who the guys were. However, Josh didn't tell him that Paul was his teacher. He now realized that he wasn't wearing his shirt, and grabbed it to put it on. But Mark said the boy didn't have to do that for his sake, and that it was warm enough. Affirming his own words, the guy took off his hoody, as he followed Josh towards the kitchen. Josh put the bag with pizzas onto the table.

"Oh," Mark exclaimed after realizing the pull-up bar. "Nice! Already had a chance to try it out? Come on, show me. From the look of your bod, I could tell you work out." Mark's eyes were sliding up and down the teen's half-naked, body that was fairly muscled for his age.

"Uhm, do I really have to?" the boy responded. "I'm tired. I've been..." there was a slight pause before he continued, "doing some exercises earlier."

"Come on," Mark grinned, "you can make it. Gimme 20 and you'll get one of your buddy's pizzas for half price. You see, I'm in a very good mood today," Mark smiled. "20?" Josh asked anxiously; there was no way he could do it, and Mark could hear it from his voice. "Well... how about 15 then? At the least!.. Otherwise it wouldn't be even worth the trouble."

Josh looked determined; he was now challenged after all.

"No assistance from me," Mark added. "And watch your wrists and elbows. No ducking!"

Mark kept his distance, standing in front of the boy. He watched Josh raise his hands, exposing his sexy teen hairless armpits, and start his attempt. "One... two-oo-oo-oo... three-ee-ee..." the guy counted, adding some sarcastic comments in between to tease the cute teen. "Seven... Eight... Ni-i-i-i-ine... Ten! Come on, buddy, show me what you can do! Don't stop... Hey, don't stop! Don't just hang there, go up! Or your friend's pizza price is going to rise up to what I had it at. Elev-v-v-ven..." Mark was stretching each count for as long as Josh needed to finish each pull-up. The pauses between them were getting longer, and the teen started looking done for. After eleven pull-ups, Josh was only hanging down the bar, unable to bring his body up again, no matter how hard he tried. His arms were shaking; and the boy finally abandoned his attempt. He looked angry now. The whole pizza stuff was not worth it all, he thought.

"Well," Mark started, "seems like no such luck for your buddy then, huh?" Josh remained silent.

"I can normally do twice as many with no problem," he finally said. "How about 15 behind-the-neck pull-ups with your legs crossed?" Mark challenged the boy again. "I've no idea," Josh answered, "never tried these. Sounds like they're pretty hard. Can you show me?"

That was what Mark was driving at. He agreed and started by taking off his t-shirt. He explained that he didn't want to get it all sweaty, while revealing his muscled young body to Josh. Last time they met, Josh didn't have the opportunity to have a good look at the guy's nice body. But now, he was studying and admiring it.

"Hey," Mark threw his t-shirt towards Josh, who managed to catch it just in time, "I thought you'd already seen this body."

The guy chuckled, grabbing the bar with a wide grip. He crossed his legs behind him and started pulling himself up, nearly letting the bar touch his neck each time. In that position, Mark's face was turned towards the floor, and he couldn't see the expression on Josh's sweat-covered face. The boy was standing closer to the doorway as Mark was earlier, and he was now focused much more on the guy's crotch going up and down in front of his face than on the exercise itself. Suddenly, Mark didn't come down and stayed up for a few seconds, having a look at Josh. The guy's words dragged him back to reality.

"Are you counting at all?" Mark must've repeated that a few times earlier, which the boy hadn't realized. Mark let himself down. "There you go, little buddy. Remember how it's done." He stayed in front of the boy for a moment, and Josh could now feel the heat coming from Mark's tensed body.

"Here," Mark said, turning around, "look how good this exercise is for the lats." Mark touched his own back muscles. "Come on, feel them. They got a bit strained now, without the warmup, but it's OK."

Mark felt Josh's one hand on his upper back. The boy mumbled something about how strong his back was and how good that exercise did. Mark instructed the boy to put both his hands onto his back and to massage it a bit. The teen's fingers felt good, although it wasn't a real massage. Mark felt his cock get hard until it was finally straining his low-cut jeans.

"Uhmmmm," Mark slightly moaned, knowing that the moment had come and he could now proceed to the actual purpose of his early visit. "You know, knocking down the price for one of your buddies is probably not that hopeless after all," the guy slowly turned over, rubbing his hard-on through his pants and looking at the teen. "I'm starting to even consider giving you yet another pizza on me. Your friends would be certainly pleased, huh?"

Mark took Josh's one hand into his and brought it down, placing it on his bulge. "Come on, bud," Mark almost whispered now, and his voice sounded urging now. "Let me see those nice lips of yours stretch around my fat cock, and your buddy will be really grateful. Just like me. Come on..." Mark slightly pushed Josh's shoulders down, getting the boy on his knees in front of him. The guy quickly undid his pants. "Come on, pull them down. My buddy is desperate to tell you hi. He's been missing your sweet wet mouth, boy. Come on now..."

Mark's words were hypnotizing the boy. He was really tired by now, his arms were aching; and the last thing he was thinking of now was that someone could come in and catch them in the act. In the back of his mind, Paul's voice was telling him that he had cum so many times earlier today, and now needed extra protein to keep his own semen producing strong. Josh lowered the pants and the briefs with one move, and Mark's thick, throbbing cock sprang into his face. Josh heard Mark moan in relief, and the boy placed his drooling lips around the sticky sweaty cock head, slowly moving down the shaft and working his tongue around its warm thickness.

"Fuck yea-a-a-ah," was all Mark could say at that moment. After a few minutes of delicious pleasure, the guy suggested they move over to the couch, and turned on the stereo. The music filled the room soft, but just loud enough. Mark placed Josh's head so that it was resting on the back pillows, and there was nowhere for him to back off. During the next few minutes, Mark was face fucking the boy, making him gag. After a few times, the guy pulled his cock out of the boy's mouth and slapped it against Josh's lips and cheeks, spreading a mix of his precum and the boy's own spit over his cute face, before sliding it back in to his warm eager mouth. Soon, he filled the boy's mouth with a large load of his fresh cock seed, rubbing its last droplets all over Josh's cute sweaty face.

Mark didn't plan to stop though. He rubbed his still semi-hard dick against Josh's stiff nipples, bringing the boy to moaning again. The guy then started rubbing them with his fingers, and finally undid Josh's pants and slid them down to the knees. With his one hand caressing the boy's nipples, Mark slowly stroked Josh's throbbing and aching! erection. As if to tell boy that he wasn't there to get him off, but to be serviced, Mark moved back up, sitting on the boy's chest. He said he wasn't finished yet and instructed Josh to get him hard again. A few times, he let the boy lick and suck in his still full and sweaty balls. When he was hard again, he moved a bit down, again rubbing the head of his dick against Josh's nipples and stroking him with the other hand. Just when the boy seemed to be really about to lose it, Mark stopped and told Josh to turn around. Careful to not let the teen cum yet, Mark collected some of his little friend's precum and lubed his boy hole with it.

After Mark's cock head passed the boy's sphincter, they both were moaning in pleasure. In that moment, they were too absorbed to realize that Paul was there standing behind them, observing the raunchy scene with half of his face past the door. Because of their moans and the music playing, they didn't hear him come in. To get a better view, Paul sneaked in and quickly went into the kitchen, watching from there as his student was being fucked by the pizza guy. So that's how the boy knew that guy, Paul thought. Paul was kneading his own hard-on while watching this young muscled guy ram his student with his balls bouncing against Josh's boy hole. Suddenly, Paul got an idea. He saw the warming bag, opened the closure and studied the pizza boxes inside. He slowly pulled out the one with the `+Ranch dressing' note on it. Oh yeah, Paul thought, unbuckling his jeans and taking his hard cock out. Young Lucas was about to get a special addition to his extra pizza topping. Listening to Josh's groans and Mark's dirty comments coming from the living room, Paul started stroking his dick. He knew he wouldn't last long, since it was the first time he saw his student being fucked outside of their `puberty study test'. When he was close to cumming, he quickly opened the pizza box and squirted several thick shots over Lucas's pizza. It substantially covered the medium sized pizza.

Although he wanted to cry out in relief, he was sure to be quiet. Instead, Paul closed the box and put it back into the bag, zipped up and left as quietly as he came in. He would love to stay there and see that guy filling his student's boy hole, but he knew he couldn't take that risk. He left the apartment and immediately wrote a message to Josh saying that he was coming soon. Back in the living room, Josh and Mark heard the message signal, but didn't pay much attention. Josh had his eyes closed, as his pizza friend was picking up his pace, before tensing up and finally shooting his cum into the teen's used, but still needy boy hole. At the same time, Josh flooded his abs and chest with his own boy jizz. The twitching of his boy hole while he was cumming only added to Mark's intense orgasm, and milked more cum out of his throbbing cock.

"Jeez, kid," Mark was out of breath, "do you know that you're by far the best fuck I've ever had?!" Josh only smiled broadly. He was more tired than ever, but also very happy. With Mark sliding his cock slowly out of Josh, the feeling of emptiness overwhelmed the boy. That was quite a day, he thought to himself. He stood up and grabbed his phone.

"Uh, sorry, Mark, I guess you better go now. My friends are going to be here any minute." Mark put on his t-shirt and wiped the sweat from his face. "Well I suppose I can take the pizza bag then." He quickly put his clothes back on, took the pizzas out of the bag and headed towards the door. After thanking each other, the boy payed Mark (for two pizzas instead of four!) and turned off the music, then closed the door behind his friend and went to take a hot shower. Soon after, he heard the front door open and Paul's voice announcing his return.


Paul didn't tell Josh what he had just witnessed, and just acted as if nothing had happened. The boy was also prudent and discreet enough to have made sure that no unwanted traces were left. Paul only asked why Josh was in the shower again, as he had taken one before Paul left for shopping. The boy told him that he had done some exercises on Paul's pull-up bar and gotten all sweaty.

After a short while, Ahmed and young Lucas arrived. Paul introduced the boys to each other. Josh's face seemed somehow familiar to Lucas; but he couldn't remember why, and he even asked if they'd met somewhere before. Josh said he didn't think so; and Ahmed had to chuckle at this to himself, knowing exactly that Lucas had seen the video where Josh recorded himself as he worshipped Ryan's cock as the guy had slept. Lucas suddenly realized for a moment that Josh looked similar to the boy in that video, but he dismissed that idea, since he couldn't see the face in the vid very clearly anyway. Thinking of the video, Lucas also remembered that he had a large cum stain on his pants because of it. He apologized and asked to use the bathroom, where he wanted to see if the stain was still visible. The one on his pants was dry and not easy to see, whereas the one on his black briefs was really embarrassing. Well, the boy thought, why would he have to take his pants off here? And he'd change his briefs as soon as they'd get back to Ahmed's.

All four of them were going to spend the next two hours eating up their pizzas and watching some movie that Lucas and Josh were allowed to choose. When they finished their first drinks, Ahmed stood up to get them a few more. He made sure the boys were glued to the TV, as he turned the heat up. Ahmed took four bottles from the fridge, listening how the boys commented on the movie, fully immeresed in it. It would be a very nice evening, the guy thought, thanking in his thoughts his friends who left their son Lucas with him. He went back and, putting the cold bottles on the small table in front of the guys, he addressed Paul in a law voice.

"Can I have a word with you for a sec?" Ahmed and Paul left the room. "What's the program for tonight?" Paul told his friend what he had on his mind. "Oh fuck, that sounds amazing, dude. It's gonna be lot of fun! Alright, I'll be back in a moment. Just have to go quickly downstairs to my car."

Paul got back to the boys. He immediately realized how much warmer it was now in the room. A quick look at the heating system, and Paul smirked to himself at his Arab friend's foresight. He sat down next to Lucas, placing his arm on the back of the couch, slightly touching the boy's shoulder. It caught Lucas's attention, and he quickly glanced at Paul, who smiled at the teen. After a short while, Paul started taking off his shirt, grunting that it was too hot. This time, Lucas eyed the older guy up, still eating his pizza. It was hard not to notice Paul's nice pecs, lean upper body and well developed abs. Lucas certainly had something to strive for. Looking how Lucas was eating his pizza and smacking his beautiful lips from the special extra topping, Paul gave the teen this funny look and asked if that was the kind of sauce he had asked for. Lucas said that it was perfect, and Paul felt his cock twitch slightly in his pants.

Ahmed returned and sat down between the two teen boys. Looking at the meanwhile shirtless Paul, he commented something like "Mmmm, getting comfortable, huh?" After the pizza boxes were empty, the guys saw that Josh had crashed; but only Paul knew why the boy was so tired. They laughed at the sleeping teen, and continued watching the movie that was comign to the end. When it was over, Ahmed asked if they should watch another one; but Paul interrupted him.

"Nope, it's probably too boring," everybody looked at Josh, who was still sleeping, squeezed between them on the couch, where he had been fucked and filled with cum a few hours earlier. "Let's have some fun," Paul shook Josh out of his slumber and left the room.

"Jeez, is it warm in here," Ahmed panted with a crack in his voice, and looked at cute Lucas who was sitting next to him, wearing his hoody. "Hey buddy," Ahmed addressed the boy, "aren't you hot in that? I mean, you don't wanna stew in your own juices, do you?" Lucas agreed reluctantly, although he admitted that Paul kept his place more than warm enough. Ahmed's comment on the boy's juices made him gulp.

When Paul was back, he had a colorful box in his hands that he waved in the air in front of him for the guys to see. He had bought it when he was out shopping earlier

"What? Twister?" Josh piped up. "How boring is that?"

"Boring?" Paul asked, "do you want to spend the rest of the evening snoring like a freight train?" They all laughed. "Well anyway, this version is special. It has two more twists to it; Which I was surprised to learn. They make it so much more fun!" Paul handed the package over.

"Been a long time since I last played," Ahmed said, studying the package, with the two boy heads over his lap where he held it. "Look, guys, there's `Air' where you have to put something in the air and `Spinner's choice' where the spinner comes up with the next move. Sounds like fun, huh?"

"Okay, who's gonna be the spinner?" Josh asked. "Me?" Lucas spoke up. He hated the idea of playing Twister with the cum stain on his pants. "Nope, definitely not!" Paul replied immediately. "You're not here to sit around and watch others have their fun. You're the guest, so... How about me being the spinner? Good!" He added without waiting for the answer. He had made up his mind. The package provided some ideas for `spinner's choice', but they were boring as hell. Paul had much better ideas to make the game especially fun.

"Hey guys," Ahmed said to the boys, "not sure about you, but I'd hate to have to survive the game on that mat with my clothes on, and get all sweaty and sticky," he started pulling his t-shirt off. "Let's get comfy. I mean, we're all guys here, so it doesn't matter."

Josh followed the Arab guy's example, but Lucas hesitated. "Come on," Ahmed encouraged the teen while pushing down his own pants, "now it's only fair! You don't wanna be the black sheep here, do you?" Lucas mumbled something, watching the well-toned guy step out of his pants.

"Yea guys!" Paul backed his friend, "let's have a boys-only Twister!!! But the underwear stays on. I mean, unless it restricts your movement. Haha just kidding!"

Finally, Lucas obeyed and played along. When he took off his pants, he tried to stay in a position where no one could have a direct look at his cum filled briefs. The game and the show could now begin.

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