CURIOUS TEEN: Chapter 25

Having Some Hard Time

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Josh, high school freshman - 15 y.o.

Paul, pre-service biology teacher - 21 y.o.

Ahmed, Paul's friend - 23 y.o.

Lucas, son of a friend of Ahmed - 14 y.o.

IN THE PREVIOUS CHAPTER, Ahmed and the two teen boys started playing Twister in their underwear only, with Paul leading the simple game into an erotic experience, primarily for the little Lucas. Anyone breaking the rules – and that meant either of the boys – was to have a sip of beer, while Lucas was getting special strong doses. As the game proceeded, the teens had to put up with the idea of being in constant close body contact with other players. And the younger teen was especially affected, ending up having an uncontrollable orgasm, with Ahmed's leg rubbing against his crotch. With his briefs soaked in fresh boy cum, Lucas couldn't reject Paul's suggestion to play the last round of the game completely naked.

After Paul explained the players' new positions, Lucas thought things were looking up for him. After all, he didn't have to balance with his back towards the floor, having Ahmed's thick piece of semi-hard meat bobbing in front of his face. The hunk was now underneath Lucas, and Josh was in Lucas's previous position. As such, Josh's bare boy butt was only a couple inches above Ahmed's crotch, Lucas's lower leg almost brushed against Josh's hardening cock, and finally Lucas's own crotch sprawled in the Arab guy's grinning face. After having cummed about 10 minutes earlier, Lucas's boy cock was soft, unlike the other two guys'. Although the younger teen had washed off the traces of his little catastrophe, Ahmed could still smell the remnants of the unmistakable musky scent of fresh cum.

"Alright," Paul declared, enjoying the view on the mat in front of him. Sitting on the couch, he was in the best position to observe the state of each player's arousal. Josh's boy cock came back to life, as well as Ahmed's, sensing the closeness of the older teen's tasty ass cheeks above it. The two exposed teen asses were a true delight for Paul's eyes. Lucas was spread over the two other players, bent over and his legs spread wide open; since Josh's upper body leant to one side, he revealed a bit less of it. Watching the younger boy's hairless buttocks, and seeing the entrance to his sweet cherry boy hole, Paul wanted to take his throbbing cock out and rub it against the untouched opening. But he had to continue with the game. "Alright," he repeated, "let's start from the position that caused you trouble last time. But keep in mind that this time, there will be no other chance. Now or never, you have to stick it out. So now... once aga-a-a-ain... your right leg in the air. And off... you... go-o-o-o-o! One minute!"

Paul watched each guy raise his right leg; their muscles tensed up visibly, as they tried to find their balance. Lucas's lower leg finally pressed into Josh's crotch; Josh, for his part, found it easier to poise by pressing his lower body into Ahmed's groin. Having Lucas's still flaccid boy cock even closer in his face now, Ahmed opened his mouth and blew a stream of warm air onto the teen's cock. Lucas looked down at the guy, amazed and surprised, but starting losing his balance, raised his head again. When the minute given was nearly over, Lucas started getting slowly hard again. Ahmed smiled to himself, adjusting his own dick now so that it was sliding exactly between Josh's sexy ass cheeks.

"Oh, you're doing so fine again," Paul said with a crack in his voice, rubbing the edge of the carton spinner over his totally hard cock through his pants. "Come on guys, here's the deal, you're free to do anything to throw the others off balance. A no-holds-barred round. Just use your body, but see that you don't lose it yourself."

Finally, the part that was meant by Paul as the icing on the cake could begin. Little did the young Lucas know that his position on top of everyone, of which he was so happy, would turn out to be a pure torture for him. Not knowing what to do about his boy cock that had completely stiffened during the wait, the boy started thinking of things that would turn him off. Anyway, Ahmed's warm breathing was to ensure that the throbbing five something inches wouldn't go down so fast. Lucas's boy cock was standing boldly at a 45-degree angle, pointing into Ahmed's face, with the foreskin completely retracted and a pearly drop of precum shining on the tip of his piss slit. For Ahmed, the no-holds-barred rule was clear as daylight. He knew what Paul wanted to see, and he wanted it as badly as the younger teen certainly did.

Ahmed stuck out his tongue and slowly licked off the drop from Lucas's cock head, tickling it with the rough texture of his tongue. The boy let out a loud moan, looking down again and seeing Ahmed smile up at him, still tickling the very top of the boy's sensitive spot.

"Knock... it... offffffffffffffff..." Lucas whispered, breathing harder now. Ahmed giggled, looking up at the terrified teen. "You're a perv!.. " With that, Ahmed started moving his tongue even faster, making Lucas moan loudly. "Just... awwww... quit... could ya?"

Josh, watching the show, automatically started rubbing his own cock against Lucas's lower leg and at the same time, fidgeting around with his bare boy butt against Ahmed's fully erect and leaking dick. Lucas tried to back off, but his attempts were all in vain. The boy was panting; his eyes were closing automatically, but he knew he had to calm down – which was getting more and more difficult. To Paul it seemed that the boys completely forgot about his new condition, at least they didn't try to attack Ahmed back.

Feeling Josh's back press stronger into his crotch, Ahmed used the old magic trick he had applied earlier on Lucas. The guy suddenly lowered his hips, bringing the boy completely out of balance. Josh's right leg landed on the floor, which meant he lost the round. Remembering suddenly the new no-holds-barred rule, the teen pushed the leg Lucas was standing on, bringing the younger boy out of balance too. With his eyes closed, enjoying the sensation of Ahmed's tongue, Lucas was now an easy prey. The boy swayed forward, pressing his young cock more into his friend's face, then back, trying to escape the embarrassing contact – before finally falling backwards and landing near Josh. Lucas looked around him, realizing that his hand was now between Josh's parted legs, really close to the older teen's hard and leaking cock – which was bigger than his own. He moved his hand away, because he thought he was "supposed to", although in fact he would have loved to touch the older teen's cock and have a closer look at his trimmed pubes. In front of them was Ahmed with his huge and also hard piece of male meat. The guy stood up, his cock waving in front of him, as he approached the two teens sitting on the floor. Lucas didn't dare to look up, because he knew what was just above him.

"Well, well, well," Paul exclaimed, "the situation looks familiar to me. Seems like none of you is winning either the movie or the pull-up bar. Looking at you guys, I came up with another idea," there was a sparkle in his eyes, as one corner of his mouth formed a grin. "Why don't you guys stand up?"

This was the chance, Lucas thought to himself. He looked at Ahmed's cock, still waving in front of the guy and only a couple of inches away from Lucas's face when the boy stood up. The teen was nervously shifting from one foot to the other.

"Just what I thought," Paul said contentedly, enjoying the view before him. Ahmed's and the two teens' cocks were swinging in front of them at full mast. After Ahmed's special tongue treatment, Lucas's boy cock was drooling more than the others. The boy was blushing and didn't have the courage to look up, but he also wasn't hiding his boner like he had earlier. Josh was checking out the other two dicks next to him from the corner of his eye. Ahmed was rubbing his chest with one hand and wolf-whistled at Lucas, mussing the teen's hair with his other hand.

"Well, put the Twister game aside, guys – you missed that chance," Paul continued, feeling his own cock twitch inside his pants, as crazy ideas were running through his head one after another. "But here's the deal: Any of you still can win, regardless of the Twister score. All you have to do is... get your cock to go down. Do whatever you want, think of whatever you want; you just have to stay here in this room and with your eyes open. And with your hands off your cocks and around each other's shoulders. Here, come over here, sit down on the couch," Paul said, standing up and making room for the three horny guys. "Sit down with your butts near the edge, lean back..." Lucas turned his head as Paul walked by. Did Lucas just imagine it or was that lump in the guy's pants really a boner?

Ahmed sprawled first onto the couch, right in the middle of it, letting the boys no other choice but sit down to his sides. Ahmed spread his legs, touching with them the legs of his teen friends. Now that they were sitting on the very edge of the couch and leaning back, their cocks were on complete display. Paul continued, "... and put your arms around your neighbor's shoulders." The boys stretched their arms over Ahmed's wide shoulders, placing them one over another and feeling the heat of each other's skin. Ahmed had no problems wrapping his either arm over the teens' shoulders, placing his hand just over the boys' nipples. That made the youngsters wince, and their boy cocks reacted immediately. What a lovely picture it was! And what a hot evening! Paul's cock was now really aching inside his pants. Seeing the younger teen get really nervous again, with his head turned away from the guys next to him, Paul added,

"... and no looking away! There certainly will be more use if you follow your opponents' progress every now and then to know where the things stand," he chuckled at that. "I guess that'll help you get your excited little friend down quicker, too."

Speak for yourself, Lucas thought, turning his head back towards the other guys and glancing at Ahmed's gigantic cut cock sticking out proudly. The Arab guy's round, heavy balls were resting on his inner thighs, only adding to the whole hot picture. Ahmed's clearly defined abs were definitely something to aim for. Glancing over at the older teen, Lucas couldn't help but admire his trimmed pubes again. You could also tell that Josh was working out and probably playing sports – his muscles were quite visible, especially his lower body. Of course, Lucas couldn't miss Josh's hard cock and a pearl of the teen pre-cum slowly sliding down the shaft. Jeez, how was he supposed to get his own dick down, Lucas thought; and at that very moment his eyes met Josh's, and Lucas's cock twitched, confirming that doubt.

Josh couldn't overlook the younger boy looking at him and checking him out. Compared to Ahmed's cock in between, Lucas's boy cock looked pretty small, but then again so did his own. Josh estimated that the boy's dick was not even two inches smaller than his. The picture of Ahmed tickling the boy's cock with his tongue was still vivid in Josh's head, and that made him only harder. He also remembered the warm and hard feeling of Ahmed's cock on his own lips from less than half an hour ago, and he didn't want to give up those hot thoughts. Josh didn't know how he could win that round – he wanted the prize, but also he didn't want to get his dick go down, since he had been horny for the whole evening now. The surest way to get it to go down was to just jack off, but the dumb rules didn't include that option.

Ahmed was in control of the whole situation now. His fingertips were resting just over the boys' hard nipples, and he slightly brushed them over the horny teens' sensitive spot, making sure they would stay nice and hard for a longer period of time. And it seemed to be working – after all, it wasn't a great deal to keep a teen boy hard and excited, even if there were two of them.

"All right guys, here it comes, you have ONE minute! The countdown has... started!!! Keep your eyes open, don't look away! Imagine your cock going down as I'm counting down..." Lucas and Josh knew that imagining a cock wasn't a good idea in their position, since it only kept them excited. And if Josh knew it for sure, Lucas now started figuring it out for himself.

Forced to lean against each other and having their arms over Ahmed's shoulders, the boys felt the heat coming from the muscled Arab guy sitting in between them. Not allowed to look away or close their eyes, there was just no way they could escape looking at the thick, long, slightly curved rod that was slowly deflating – to their great disappointment. Ahmed's fingertips still brushed against the teens' hard nipples evet now and then, but it seemed to be absolutely accidental.

"Hey guys, look at Ahmed! It looks like he's going to win again. Just look!" Paul shouted, knowing that the boys would get only harder from it. And right he was, both Josh's and Lucas's boy dicks twitched from the scene, and Paul made it even worse, "Look, it's going down, it's almost resting on his stomach. Come on, guys!" He pretended to be looking at his watch. "Nine, eight... oh, come o-o-o-on!.. Five, four, three, two, one... Stop!" Paul smacked his knee with his hand. "Awwwwwww... I guess you'll all agree it's pretty obvious, huh?"

"Sh-shit..." Josh whispered, glancing over at Lucas, and then, following the younger teen's gaze, down at Ahmed's flaccid cock resting on the guy's thigh. It still was huge, and it was oozing precum. Ahmed gave it a squeeze. Lucas tried to free himself out of Ahmed's embrace, but the guy quickly pulled the boy towards himself in a buddy-like manner.

"What the heck is the matter with you guys?" Paul said. "Why did you let that old fart beat you for the third time in a row?! I guess I know why... Because you're too..."

"Horny?!" Ahmed suggested. "Yea, I guess that's the reason. They couldn't get their dicks down by the mere power of thought. Right, guys?" Ahmed looked at either teen with a smirk. "I mean just look at how hard their nipples are!" with that, Ahmed started nonchalantly rubbing each boy's nipple between his fingers. "And look at their wieners, too. You're going to be really popular with the chicks, guys! You're both developing really well," he said that with his head turned towards little blushing Lucas,

"It's such a shame to let these nice boners go to waste now," Paul added. Lucas looked up at him. Did he just say `nice boners'? "I mean, from the medical point of view." – "Yeah," Ahmed chimed in, "never waste a boner. Your body is there to enjoy it, right?"

"Alright, I think I have one last round for you guys," Paul said. "But beware: REALLY last chance! Now, let me put it quite plainly... The whole game idea is, of course, for you guys. I guess you figured out that Ahmed doesn't need a door-frame pull-up bar or a movie ticket. So since he keeps winning you all the time, let's play it safe and make a round just for you two. How `bout that?" The boys looked at each other, awaiting a reaction each from another one. "Either you go for it or we'll drop the whole prize subject and call it a day. Which one do you pick?"

"We're in," Josh said quickly, and looking at Lucas again, "right?" The younger teen didn't want to object, and just nodded.

"Great," Paul continued, "so let's make it really easy for you this time. Nothing impossible for you. In fact, it's something that any guy your age is very good at... got any ideas what it might be?" The teens exchanged looks, but remained silent. Paul looked down at the boys' crotches, making sure they followed his eyes.

"No way..." Lucas exclaimed. However, he didn't really mean it. Yes, he thought it was a strange idea to jerk off in front of others. But at the same time, there was something exciting about it – about other guys watching, and about seeing the older teen jerk off, too. Josh looked at the boy,

"Considering the prize..." Josh said thoughtfully, "I'd go for it!" It was on Lucas now.

"C'mon, Lucas," Ahmed butted in, "don't let your new buddy down. After all, it shouldn't be a problem for you to win him this time. Think about it..." – "Oh jeez, you guys are pervs," the boy tried to stay cool, but he was overexcited by now, "ok, I'm in too."

"Great!" Paul shouted. "Anyway, there's a `but'. You certainly know your own technique, the sensitive spots, the pace, the grip... So there would no problem for each of you to shoot your load in a sec. But that wouldn't be a competition. You'd have to do it another way if you really want to win. You'd have to do each other."

"I bet they've done it before," Ahmed said, looking at the boys, then at Paul. "I mean, everyone does it. Come on, don't tell me you never gave one of your buddies from school a handjob or had a circle jerk with them." Lucas slowly shook his head no. Josh didn't disclose anything about his own experience. "Holy shit!.. Dude, you're missing out! You just gotta try this. I mean, it's harmless. It's not like we're playing `soggy biscuit' or something." Lucas choked nervously, not sure what that biscuit thing meant. Paul thought it was a great idea for the next time they met up, and anyway the younger teen had swallowed so much fresh cum so far without knowing it. Making him aware of what he's taking into his mouth would be a nice next step in his education and in shaping of his taste for man juice.

"Alright, here's the deal guys. Since we have a newbie here," Paul looked at Lucas, "we have to initiate him into such simple fun things. Josh is keeping quiet, so I suppose this is nothing new for him," the older teen beamed, realizing a curious look on Lucas's face. "I guess I don't have to tell you what exactly to do – use your hands and imagination, and we'll see how things develop. The first one to shoot his wad loses – and I repeat, there really won't be another chance this time. You have to bring your opponent to the pleasure point, so be really nice to each other."

Ahmed sprang up and turned to the boys, "OK, you'll definitely have to be next to each other, so move your butts guys," he smiled down at the teens. Lucas couldn't help but look up at Ahmed's cock right in front of him, and it seemed to be growing again, but it was so big anyway that the boy wasn't sure at all. Both boys moved closer to each other, and the Arab guy sat down next to them on the couch.

Paul also moved a bit closer, sitting down on the floor, at eye level with the sofa and the boys' spread legs now. "Now, greet your opponent's little friend," Paul said laughing, "handle it like own – that's always the best way. It's as sensitive and attention-seeking as your own, it just might need a different approach. Alright, lean back just as you were earlier, and slowly rub your palms against the very tip of the head."

Both teens exhaled pretty much simultaneously, when their palms touched the other's cockhead, smearing precum over their hands.

"Now, wrap your palm around the head and massage it a bit. That's right! Yea, you feel the warmth? Isn't it amazing?" Paul asked, not waiting for an answer though. The answer was written all over the boys' faces; they've been hard for a long time now, and were desperate to cum. "I knew you'd love it! But watch out: once it feels too good, there's a chance of losing the game." That was the point, the guys wanted to torture the boys, to tantalize their feelings. They needed to cum very badly, but they knew they had to bear as long as possible.

"Ok, rub your thumb against the frenulum..." – "Against... what?" Lucas exclaimed. "Frenulum, the base of your cock head, it's at the edge between the shaft and the cockhead. Josh, show your buddy what I mean."

The older teen was eager to demonstrate, immediately making the boy moan in pleasure and close his eyes. Josh felt the boy's cock harden against his finger, as a thick drop of precum showed up on the piss slit.

"Hey, hey, kiddo, don't give in, and don't be so selfish – return the favor," Ahmed commented, with his cock spring up to life again. Lucas obeyed, imitating the action and watching how it affected the older teen's bigger cock.

"Look, look, good job, little buddy," Ahmed continued, "Josh looks like he's enjoy the feeling a lot, so you're doing a great job!" He slowly ran his hand over Lucas's upper leg and caressing his own cock with the other. Paul also reached down towards his crotch and started massaging his own cock. It certainly wasn't easy being the only person in the room with clothes on.

"Now, run your thumbs a little bit across the head, spreading the precum all over it. Yeah, that's it!" The boys were breathing harder now. Lucas threw his head back for a short while, showing how much he liked the game, then quickly looked towards Ahmed's crotch, then looking up and meeting Ahmed's eyes, before finally returning to his "opponent" Josh. "It's always nice to use some saliva as an aid. Go on and put your thumb in your mouth, salivating it nicely."

That meant no less that the boys would have to lick up each other's precum. Lucas hesitated for a moment, looking as Josh slid his thumb into his mouth, savoring the other teen's pre-juice.

"See, buddy, Josh really wants to win. Come on, don't give him the chance!" With that, Lucas placed his thumb into his wet mouth, licking the slightly salty substance. He grimaced, even though he was eager to taste it. After drooling on their fingers, the boys continued spreading precum over each other's cockheads.

Paul and Ahmed further guided the horny teen boys to spread their precum all over their shafts, diligently sliding their hands up and down their rock hard cocks. Lucas felt happy and odd at the same time. Anyway, it was a nice feeling altogether having his boy hand wrapped around Josh's big dick. Lucas would estimate it to be more than 6.5 inches long, and it was definitely thicker than his own. Admiration, lust and curiosity mixed together in Lucas while he was gliding his hand up and down the older teen's rock hard dick. It was a nice scene observing them, panting with their mouths half open, licking their lips, occasionally closing their eyes, then remembering they can't lose it so fast. The guys instructed them to caress each other's balls with the other hand or to rub their hard puffy nipples. The boys were blushing, their foreheads were covered in sweat, leaving some of their wet hair stuck to their foreheads.

Paul changed his position on the floor, gaining as much access to his own crotch as possible, boldly rubbing his hard-on while commenting on the boys' actions. He then slid his one hand into his pants, covering it immediately in lots of slippery pre-ejaculate. Ahmed was a bit more restrained now. Another plan for later this evening was taking shape in his mind, and he rubbed his chest instead of his dick, that was nonetheless at full mast again.

Then the boys were told to try some "sword-fighting", standing on their knees on the couch and rubbing their slippery cocks against each other. Lucas was turned with his back towards Ahmed, who was once again admiring the little teen's round butt cheeks. The view and the general hotness of the situation were driving him crazy. Then Paul implied the boys needed some more lube, and suggested them take it from his and Ahmed's cocks. With that, he stood up, unbuckling his pants and sliding them down, together with the briefs, and exposing his cock head, glistening with precum. Seeing hesitation in Lucas's face again, Paul said,

"What's the problem now, buddy? You're holding another guy's cock in your hand, and can't touch mine? I don't see how Josh's dick is different from mine," of course, he knew what difference it made to the teen. "Come on, I just wanna help you win. The more lube you use, the happier a cock is, the faster it will spurt its baby-butter." Lucas tried to stay cool; he reached his hand and scooped up as much precum as possible, making Paul let out a low moan and bringing it over onto Josh's cock. Josh did the same, before they continued with Ahmed's cut cock.

The boys were now sitting again, eagerly sliding their hands up and down each other's sticky rods, applying more or less pressure, as instructed, going quicker or slower, massaging the cock head, the balls or the nipples. The room was filled with the smacking sounds of hands pumping on the precum-covered cocks, with the teens' moans and pants, muffled sighs, and the older guys' cheering comments. Paul commanded them to pick up the pace, reminding the boys not to cum yet and to think about the prize. But he knew that it couldn't last too long anymore. Sheer lust was written on the kids' faces, as they were satisfying each other's need to cum.

Lucas started to moan first, really loud this time. He was steadily licking his puffy lips, giving a first-class show to his older buddies. Josh started getting noisy right after Lucas. Both boys knew they were pretty close to the edge. As much as each wanted and tried to keep going and not to give in and lose, they couldn't help it, as the natural urge overtook their control over their feelings. They just couldn't stop it from approaching. They couldn't postpone their coming orgasms, since neither of them was in charge of his own cock. The last advice coming from Paul was to concentrate their hands on their cock heads. That brought both teens to shivering on the couch. The rough texture of their palms felt amazing on their exposed and oversensitive cock heads. With their eyes closed, they couldn't see how Paul was slowly stroking his own dick in front of them.

It took the boys just a few seconds that seemed like ages, before they felt each other's tension starting to come over the edge. Paul and Ahmed watched the boys' bodies tense up, their legs stretching forwards and their toes curling from the sweet sensation spreading across their young bodies. In no time they were spurting their hot boy cum into the air, on their chests, stomachs and into each other's hands. Still continuing to stroke each other automatically, much slower while trying to deal with their orgasms, the boys were panting and quivering, spreading the fresh boy juice over their still throbbing boners. Coming to their senses now, the boys started faintly remembering the promised prize and the purpose of them jacking off each other. Lucas opened his eyes first, shyly looking around and blushing upon noticing the older guys' smiling faces. He then looked down at his chest, covered in his sperm, then down at his boy cock, soaked in his cum, with Josh's hand still holding it. Lucas looked at Josh and at his own hand around the older teen's dick, checking out the amount of the other boy's ejaculate. Josh's cum seemed thicker and whiter, compared to his own rather watery little puddles.

"Well done guys," Paul cheered, suddenly putting his cock back into his briefs and pulling up his pants, although letting them open. Seeing Lucas's curious glances, he continued, "feel free to compare the outcome. Lucas, can you see any difference between your and Josh's sperm?"

"Ehm," the boy had to clear his throat first. Then, blushing even more, "I guess it's... like... thicker..." Lucas sounded confused. – "Go on and bring your hand closer, have a good look at it," Paul insisted. Not knowing how to react, Lucas obeyed, carefully taking his hand off Josh's softening cock, trying not to drop any cum on the couch. The older teen squirted a much bigger load that was now wobbling on the top of Lucas's clenched hand. Josh looked at the other teen; it felt strange to have the boy study his jizz, but also very exciting to see.

"Go on and smell it," Paul said, glancing quickly at Ahmed who seemed curious, too, about how far they could take the boy now. "Why the face, buddy," Paul laughed hearty, "it's not gonna bite." The boy brought his fist closer to his face, inhaling the familiar scent and feeling some strange excitement. He tried to remember where he knew this scent from, and it seemed to come from the recent past, but he wasn't sure. "Now, Josh, could you bring your hand up to Lucas's face, so he can compare them?" Josh willingly obeyed. "You might realize, Lucas, that there's no difference in the smell, rather in the texture. So I tried to tell was that you'll need some more time – maybe just a couple of months – before your own semen is as thick and rich in hormones as Josh's is now, or as mine or Ahmed's is."

The thought of any of the older guys' cum, just imagining it, gave the boy some strange, unknown thrill that was curiosity, anxiety, excitement, shame and horniness all in one. As Josh drew his hand away from Lucas's face, he slightly bumped it – intentionally or not – into Lucas's hand that the boy was lowering at the same time. With that, some of Josh's cum brimmed over onto the younger teen's nose and dripped onto his upper lip. Josh mumbled something like "oops, sorry", as Lucas hurried to wipe it out with the back of his other hand.

"Nothing to worry about, bud," Paul said and smiled. "You'll probably learn it soon in your health class. It's the purest form of protein, which is vital for any living organism. And by the way, you'll learn that you need lots of protein to make your own semen thick and healthy. You see, Josh is a jock and he's consuming lots of protein... uhm... in different forms... So that keeps him and his body healthy and competitive. But we can talk about it some other time. After all, I'm a medic, so feel free to ask anything – also things you wouldn't ask your parents. Ahmed is good for that, too. Right?" Ahmed nodded, slapping Lucas slightly on his shoulder.

"Anyway," Paul continued, "here's the good news. I don't know whether you realized or not –both of you were pretty much in a daze from pleasure..." Paul watched Lucas blush again and look bashfully at the floor. "... but the fact is... that the prize goes to..." Paul made a longer pause, "... to BOTH of you guys!" Josh and Lucas looked at each other, not believing what they heard and also not knowing that this was Paul's initial plan to make the boys have their fun and to make both of them win. "It's amazing, yeah... but you cummed at the same time! I guess you enjoyed it then. So now you can enjoy your new equipment and exercise at home. And we're going to the movies tomorrow, the four of us."

"Who-o-o-oah, kew-ew-ewl," Lucas whispered, puckering his lips and blowing some air out through them in relief. Smiling broadly, he looked around at the other guys.

"Glad you're happy, buddy," Ahmed brotherly slapped the younger teen on his upper thigh. "You did really great today," and glancing over at Josh, "So did you, big guy!"

"And I guess you're buds now, right?" Paul said.

"Of course they are," Ahmed chimed in, "I mean, they just did what only real buddies do with each other," he looked at the boys. "There's no tighter bond other than making sure your buddy feels great and trusting him enough to let him make you feel good. Right, guys?"

Ahmed stood up, not waiting for an answer, walked across the room to where his briefs and pants were laying, and looked at the watch.

"I guess we're ready for today." – "Yeah, you guys wanna go take a shower before leaving?" Paul asked. "I bet you better do, otherwise your all clothes will stink of jizz," he chuckled. "But be quick. My shower is not big, but big enough for you two. So why not take a nice warm shower together? Then I'll drive you home, Josh. You two want a ride, too?" Paul asked Ahmed.

"No, we'll just walk and have some fresh air. I guess the little guy needs it. It's not that far away after all. I'll pick up the car tomorrow."

Ahmed slowly put his clothes on, giving the boys a last show for tonight. At least for Josh. The Arab guy had a nice plan for the rest of the evening with Lucas, back at his place. Now, he put on his t-shirt, leaving his pants still open, as the boys walked by past him towards the shower.

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