CURIOUS TEEN: Chapter 26

Having Some Hard Time 2

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The characters in my series prefer having bareback sex. Please, use condoms in real life!

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Josh, high school freshman - 15 y.o.

Paul, pre-service biology teacher - 21 y.o.

Ahmed, Paul's friend - 23 y.o.

Lucas, son of a friend of Ahmed - 14 y.o.

IN THE PREVIOUS CHAPTER, Paul made the other guys have a short, but very intense round of buck-naked Twister. After teasing little Lucas's cock with his tongue and tricking Josh to lose his balance, Ahmed won again; letting Paul's horny mind come up with more hot ideas. After the two older guys got them even more horned up, the boys ended up jerking each other off. For Lucas, it was the very first experience ever of being in such a close contact with another guy's hard cock. The boy got to smell Josh's freshly squirted cum, and even got some of it on his nose and lips.

Lucas and Josh came out of the bathroom, still drying off their hair, but with their underwear and pants on. Poor Lucas didn't have any other choice but to put on his cum-stained briefs again.

"Oh, that was quick," Paul said. "What, you guys didn't have some more fun in there?" "I bet they're gonna learn to use any possibility soon. Right, Josh? Would you tutor your younger buddy?"

Lucas gave the older teen a funny look, not knowing what Ahmed was talking about. Josh said something like "drop it", putting on his tee. About ten minutes later, all four of them were going down the stairs. Once outside, they split into pairs and said their goodbyes. Josh sprang into Paul's car, so he could ride the boy back home. Ahmed and Lucas continued walking, since Ahmed's apartment wasn't far away from Paul's place.

"So are you having a good time, little buddy?" Ahmed asked the boy as soon as they were alone. "Uh-m, yea..." "I can tell you my friends liked you a lot. I hope we didn't freak you out with all that sex stuff. It's probably not the kind of things you're used to with your friends. Just some innocent boy stuff, you know. Hope you enjoyed the new company though."

"Yea, I did. And well... it's not really the kind of games we have in our little group, but that was... ehm... a nice compensation. Something new you know." "Yeah sure, that's why I thought to introduce you to my friends, to give you some more time around older guys. But hey, you tell me if you feel uncomfortable about something, alright? You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. Got it?" "Gotcha!.." the boy smiled. He loved the way the Arab guy talked to him, putting them at the same level despite Lucas's age. "Oh, and by the way," Ahmed sounded as if he remembered something important, "it all stays between us, right? The drinks at Paul's place and you know..." "Sure," Lucas answered with a cheerful tone in his voice. He felt so comfortable with the handsome Arab guy. "Just sayin'..."

"If you were wondering," Ahmed continued, "Josh has been our buddy for a while now. Paul knows him from the high school where he's doing his teacher training. And the little guy is a swimmer, so we kinda took him under our wings and help him out any way we can I mean for the physical part of his training. Muscle development, the right diet, the right vitamin proportions and stuff like that."

Of course, Ahmed knew exactly that Lucas had a nice opportunity to learn about Josh's activities. After all, the boy had seen a video where Josh blew his sleeping mate Ryan. This untold knowledge was so sexy in this situation: Ahmed liked seeing Lucas being brought into this and knew that the boy was thrilled about his first steps onto this new, exciting terrain of pleasures he was still unfamiliar with.

"Whoa-a-a-ah, he's lucky," Lucas was in awe. "Well, yeah, it's a part of Paul's study for his thesis on development of teenage guys like yourself. So I guess you could ask Paul if you can be of any use and I bet you can. You do any sports?" "Well, little bit of everything. I really like playing football, but I guess I'll try out for track & field. I'm not sure yet though. My parents and me went on vacation to a ski area a couple of times, and I loved snowboarding, too."

"Oh, so you're also into individual sports like your new buddy Josh?!" "Really? What's he play? He's jacked." Ahmed smiled to himself; of course the younger teen had checked out the older one. "Well, like I said earlier, he's a swimmer." "Yea, I would've put my money on that."


"Phew," Ahmed let out a low moan, as they walked inside his apartment, "my neck hurts. Guess I cricked my neck. Hey little dude, can I ask you a favor?" "Sure," Lucas responded. "What is it?" "Ehm, could you massage my neck somewhat please?" "Oh? I'd be glad to, but I'm not sure I can," the boy shrugged. "Well that's no problem, you'll learn as you go along. Could you, please? I'll guide you, so no sweat, there's nothing you can do wrong." "Ehm, alright, what do I do?"

Ahmed's smirk was barely visible. The show could go on now.

"Alright," Ahmed explained, taking a stool and sitting down at it with his face towards the backrest. "Come behind me and put your hands on either side of my neck. Yea, exactly. Now, use some long strokes. A bit harder, press a little bit more... Oh, not that much. That's good. Yea-ah!" The Arab guy closed his eyes, letting the boy run his small hands with long fingers along his neck that, by the way, wasn't sore at all.

"Am I doing it right?" Lucas asked, with an unmistakable eagerness in his cracking teen voice. "Yes, buddy, that's just right," Ahmed said, knowing how much the boy needed positive feedback to stay motivated. "Take it easy, this is just some warming. Place three fingers together here," the guy poked with his own finger at a certain point on his neck, "and press a little bit, while sliding them down the sides and then sweep over onto the shoulders... You're doing great, little dude! Nice long fingers, too," Ahmed added and thought to himself how nice those fingers must have felt on Josh's teen cock, and how even better they were going to feel around his own huge hard cock.

Lucas slid his hands from Ahmed's neck to the guy's shoulders a few times, before Ahmed instructed him to try using his thumbs to massage his neck. After a few seconds of the boy trying it out, Ahmed interrupted him.

"Wait, wait, I think my shirt is in the way," without waiting for a reaction or response, the Arab guy took off his t-shirt, flexing his back muscles a bit and resuming his previous position on the stool. He guided the boy further into giving him a slow relaxing neck and shoulder massage. Ahmed repeatedly told Lucas how good he was for a beginner and how great it felt. He then instructed the teen to go down to his back and sides, then again up to his neck and the base of his head. Ahmed asked the boy to take some massage oil and apply it onto his hands before continuing doing his back, shoulders and neck.

Looking for the oil, Lucas opened the drawer Ahmed asked him to, and saw lots of other stuff inside. He dug his way through some thick rubber things, hoping to find the lotion between or underneath them. Lucas picked one and took it out a bit, realizing that it was cock-shaped and pretty long. He thought he saw something like it in a porn video online one of his buddies showed him once. Lucas remembered in the video, the woman was having it inside between her legs. But what were they doing here? Did Ahmed have girls over to his place who stuck it up their pussies? There were four or five of those in the drawer, of different sizes, plus some things Lucas had never seen before. There were also lubes and two bulb douches after seeing these, Lucas started to figure out that the long rubber things could also be put up the butt. Anyway, he didn't want to be taking too long, and told Ahmed he couldn't find the oil.

The guy told him then it might be in the upper drawer and apologized for not remembering it right. When the teen opened the upper drawer, he saw lots of magazines. The ones on the top were "Men's Health", but when he looked underneath them, he found a bigger pile of magazines called "Handjobs" with some very realistic cover drawings. Lucas's mouth fell open when he realized there were guys pictured in them men and teen boys, to be exact. The boy quickly glanced at the first few. Some of the pictures were sort of cartoonish illustrations, while most of them were photo-like drawings.

The uppermost showed a black man's hands, one placed on a white boy's throat, another one holding his big black cock and pushing it into the boy's wide opened mouth. The title said: "Let's see how well you are at feeding on a man's cock". Lucas swallowed hard, and could feel himself blushing. The next magazine pictured a Latino teen boy bent over a table, bare ass naked, with his eyes closed and his lips puckered; a Latino man was holding him down from behind, while a white man with a moustache was behind the boy with his pants down. The title said: "Let me cum in his ass, and I'll take his grades up to a 4.0". Lucas felt his heart racing and, what was even worse, his cock was quickly growing inside his pants. Another one depicted two blond teen boys that looked like Josh. They seemed to be brothers and were in a shower cabin, having one hand on each other's shoulder, and another one around their two hard cocks. One teen was smiling at his brother, while the other had his mouth open with a lust-filled expression on his face. The text said: "You're getting ready to blow, Jamie?", and there was sperm shooting out their dicks, reaching over their heads. Lucas involuntarily thought about his jerk-off session with Josh earlier that evening and felt his hard boy cock twitch in his pants.

Lucas kept looking, and the next magazine showed a muscled man sitting with his legs wide apart, wearing nothing but a shirt that was pulled up his chest, and with his big dick completely hard. Between his legs was a teen boy with his hand barely covering the man's balls. The text was: "You've been wanting this a long time, haven't you?". Again, Lucas gulped down, quickly glancing at the next one. There was a naked man sitting, with a boy's mouth wrapped around the tip of his thick erection. The boy's lips were stretched by the thickness, although he seemed to have less than the half of it. The boy's eyes were closed, and the man's mouth was open as if he were moaning. The title was: "Think you can handle it? Is your throat deep enough for this?". Feeling his cock throb now, Lucas closed the drawer and exhaled. With a trembling dry voice he announced that the lotion wasn't there either.

Ahmed stood up and approached the drawers. Lucas could hear his heart pound in his ears, and thought his hands were shaking and cold. Opening the lower drawer, Ahmed browsed a little before taking out a bottle with the desired fluid.

"Here it is, sorry. Sometimes I'm a little bit messy as you see," the guy smiled warmly. "How about going over to the massage table? You could do my back better this way."

Still overwhelmed by what he just saw, Lucas mumbled something and dragged behind the Arab hunk towards the massage table. He hoped Ahmed wouldn't notice the bulge in his pants, as he pulled his t-shirt further down, trying to hide his embarrassment. To the boy's surprise, Ahmed started undoing his pants, as he slowly walked. Stopping in front of the table, the guy let his pants drop down to his ankles and stepped out of them, leaving them on the floor and revealing his strong legs. Rubbing his neck with his one hand, Ahmed partly turned around to the boy, realizing his confusion.

"I just don't want the oil to stain my pants. I guess you should take some clothes off, too, at least your t-shirt," Ahmed said while preparing the massage table and lying down on his stomach, before looking back at the hesitating boy. "Come on, you'll either get lots of oil on it or get it all sweaty while working your way through the massage. It's easier without it anyway." And added, while watching the boy take off his shirt, "just like I massaged you."

Ahmed instructed Lucas how to spread the oil all over his back and how to work his hands, using completely new combinations that the boy had never done with his hands before. He learned how to use his palms, his long boyish fingers, the bottoms of his fists and his knuckles in absolutely new ways, sliding them in certain directions and making another person feel great. Ahmed's approving moans ensured Lucas that he was doing well. Remembering how nice Ahmed's massage from last night felt, the boy was eager to return the favor. It was also a matter of showing the older guy that he could meet the challenge and pick up new things. The Arab guy's guiding voice became noticeably huskier now, as he closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation of a horny teen boy's hands running all over his upper body.

"Hey little dude," Ahmed almost moaned the words out, opening his eyes and waiting for the boy's reaction, "you know what? You're doing just great. That feels so-o-o-o nice, you're better than I thought. You know what's the problem in situations like this?" "Nuh-uh..." the boy muttered. "Well the problem is that you don't want it to end haha." "Oh... well... I guess I could do it for a bit longer... if you like." "That'd be really great, little buddy. You're such a good sport!.. Now, could you climb up onto the table?" "W-w-what for?" the boy asked nervously. "Just kneel by my upper back, place your legs on either side on my back. Wait, wait... You're still wearing your pants? They'll just be in the way, trust me. Get rid of them, dude."

Lucas noticed that with his jeans on, his legs would get uncomfortable pretty soon, when spread to both sides of Ahmed's broad back. The boy quickly took his pants off, making sure his host didn't notice the bulging front of his cum-stained briefs, and hopped back onto the table. Lucas's hairless legs touched Ahmed's waist and hips, with the boy sitting just above the guy's firm and sculpted butt. The boy continued kneading Ahmed's upper body, doing his sides and going further down as his hunk friend guided him. Sitting on top of Ahmed, the small, rangy teen had a much better access without straining too much.

When Ahmed asked Lucas to hop down and come over in front of him, the boy hesitated and tried to win some time and get his raging hard-on down. But it wouldn't work, just like it didn't work back at Paul's place. The boy knew there was only one way how he could get it all the way down, and hoped to take care of that problem later in his bed. Lucas came over next to where Ahmed's head was resting, and followed the guy's further instructions by massaging some more neck muscles, ears and temples, rubbing them slightly and making small pressure circles. Then Ahmed raised his head a bit, opening his eyes, and stretched out his arms that had been supporting his chin. With that, he looked at the teen's crotch in front of his face, scenting the traces of dried cum just long enough to make the boy notice his gaze, but didn't spare a word about it. Instead, he told the blushing teen to work his arms, hands and fingers.

Although the situation was pretty embarrassing to Lucas, with his cum-stained briefs being torn apart by his rock hard teen cock, he liked his position more and more, having Ahmed's half-naked body in front of him, and being able to feel his muscles and what's more make the guy feel good. When Ahmed asked the boy how he felt about doing his legs also, the boy eagerly agreed without thinking too much. Having rubbed enough oil onto his hands, Lucas started with the guy's hips, moving down to the calves and ankles, going over to the other leg and repeating the action. The boy admired the small hairs on his friend's legs; not long or coarse and rather light-colored, they added to the guy's masculine appearance. He also couldn't stop looking at the jock's bubble butt. When massaging Ahmed's upper legs, Lucas became very cautious, not daring to touch the inner thighs or stick his long fingers underneath Ahmed's briefs.

Just as Lucas's fingers brushed once more against the guy's thighs, Ahmed surprised the boy by suddenly spreading his legs wide apart and exposing even more the parts the boy tried to avoid. Ahmed's next comment left no doubt to the boy as to what was being expected from him. Taking some more oil, Lucas followed the instructions and concentrated on the upper legs, kneading them with more pressure and reaching into the guy's thin tight briefs that showed off a lot. Ahmed let out a moan of pleasure, slightly raising his hips adjusting his meanwhile rock hard, aching dick he was laying on.

"Wait, buddy," Ahmed said, slightly raising onto his knees and shoving down the back of his briefs in one go. "Be a sport, give it a good rubdown, little dude..."

Lucas realized the guy wasn't asking his opinion any longer. Not that he could have rejected the request, but that matter-of-factly attitude made the boy feel funny as if the guy didn't even have to ask him anything, since he was sure whatever it may be, the boy would go for it. Feeling the teen's thin long fingers apply some pressure here and there and run over his bare butt, Ahmed continued panting and complimenting on the boy's technique. He told the boy he was a quick learner and that he should probably consider taking a massage course some day and getting qualified. Ahmed went on talking, trying to make the teen feel comfortable, while raising his butt every now and then, making it clear his hard dick was bothering him. When the guy asked Lucas to slide his fingers further down, Lucas first moved them down the leg. But Ahmed corrected himself and said he meant further down between his legs. There was a longer pause, when nothing happened at all. Ahmed was patiently waiting, as Lucas felt his heart dive and pound with excitement and dread, while his boy cock throbbed.

As Lucas's fingertips first touched the guy's hairless heavy balls, Ahmed let out a long sigh of satisfaction and whispered "fu-u-u-u-uck". The guy even arched his back somewhat, allowing a better access and instructing the boy to get a better hold of them and slowly massage them. Not only seeing, but also holding another guy's balls of that size in his hand was too much for the boy. He started involuntarily rubbing his own crotch against the edge of the massage table, listening to his friend's soft husky moans. It was a very special experience for the boy. He had known the Arab guy from an early age, although his parents didn't meet or interact too often with him. And now he had the sexy guy laying in front of him, fondling the guy's smooth huge warm and slightly sweaty balls with his boy hands, and making him moan with pleasure. It was just so overwhelming for the boy's horny teenage mind!

Then suddenly, pulling the boy out of his thoughts and confusing him, Ahmed rolled over onto his back, pulling his briefs back up.

"Whoaaah, little dude," Ahmed said in a low voice, quickly glancing at the boy's hard-on, as it seemed to Lucas, "you don't know how good you are... Now do my chest, buddy, would ya?"

The boy was hooked, Ahmed knew it now. He actually didn't doubt that earlier, but he was glad his plan was working out so smoothly. Seeing how Lucas tried to avoid looking at the clear outline of his thick huge cock in his thin briefs, and how he couldn't help but quickly look at it and blush, Ahmed was overwhelmed with both the cuteness and sexiness of the situation. He knew the boy had by now enough opportunities to see how well endowed he was. And still he wanted to tease the horny teen before finally coming to the highlight of the evening, and certainly of their whole weekend together.

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